One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on OLTL
Blair and Max made love. Lindsay suggested that Jessica meet Will. Todd ran away with Starr. Georgie's ghost was haunting Rachel's apartment. Todd summoned several suspects to the Lodge; he had dynamite strapped to his chest. He wanted a confession.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, June 15, 1998

No episode of OLTL was shown today due to a World Cup Soccer game.

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

Written by: Molli


Barbara is standing outside of the new home of Cassie and Kevin, gazing up at the night sky. Kevin joins her, since he's too wired to sleep. (and, as we all know, he's made of wood, so needs no sleep!) Amidst ever so jocular shoulder-bumping friendliness, Barbara compliments Woody on what a good thing it was for him to do for Cassie in having her father stay there with them. This naturally leads Woody to boast about how angry Viki is going to be when she sees tomorrow's headline for the Banner. He seems to think how Viki runs the paper (imo, with integrity) is "stuck in the 70's". He also mentions that Viki has a blind spot when it comes to her baby brother, and is apparently proud of the fact that he's making these headlines without any concrete proof. His feelings about Todd are enough, and what he's doing is "fair". Barbara asks what if he's wrong?

She reminds him that she accused Todd of raping her, and was wrong, and what if he's making a mistake? Woody won't hear of it. Todd could never be called innocent. He's done bad things to lots of people, including him (Kevin), and never lost a night's sleep over it. He leers at her that Todd doesn't deserve to have someone as sweet as Barbara defending him. Barbara admits she's actually worried about Kevin. She says that when she falsely accused Todd, she lost her credibility. "You don't have to worry about that with me" Kevin woodenly tells her. Now, I thought he meant that she didn't have to worry about HIS credibility, but Barbara says that was sweet of him to say, then expresses concern about his full plate of worries. He again insists he knows what he's doing, and says the only thing bothering him is anticipating Viki's reaction to his headline.

They are again ever so jocular, this time about parents. She's not looking forward to telling her father about her new job, and her new home. He says something about that being the reason she came outside to star-gaze. More shoulder-bumping ensues as he complains about how few stars one can see through the haze of city lights. I guess one of the few bulbs in his head goes off because he suggests he take her outside the city lights so she can really see the stars.

They arrive outside of the city, on Llantano Mountain, where he goes with Cassie all the time, in Kevin's shiny red convertible sports car (I don't know. I think it's a Porsche). They admire the sky, discuss Greek mythology a bit, and he admires how she's able to be out in the country without her gun and not be afraid. She looks deeply into his eyes and tells him it's because he's there with her. He thinks she may be right. She returns her gaze back to the stars, while he continues to examine her face, then looks up at the stars too.


At the hotel lounge, Nora admits to Bo she had an easier time imagining peace in the Middle East than that she and Bo would be sitting down to talk about the problems in their marriage. Bo sits down beside her to suggest that they continue at home. Nora's afraid, not of Bo, but of what comes next. To Bo, what comes next is that they keep talking, that communication is the key to any relationship. Nora reminds him that they have only spent one night together since Georgie's murder, and that though she wants to go home with him, to have him hold her all night long, the last time they did that they woke up to the police knocking on their door, and what will they wake up to tomorrow?

"So you're afraid the nightmare isn't over", says Bo. The next step will be the probable trial of Drew. Nora says she'll stand by Bo, "but not by Drew", says Bo. Bo can accept that Nora thinks Drew is guilty, even though he doesn't like it or agree with it, for sometimes marriage is about respect. Even when the subject isn't about Drew, Nora points out. They admit how they've hurt each other recently. Bo wants to get past it by working through it together, under the same roof, which is what Nora thought was going to happen when Bo got out of jail. He admits not coming home, staying at Asa's instead, was a stupid thing to do, because it gave resentments time to build, and apologizes. He offers her his hand, saying he wants a chance to correct it. Slowly, Nora puts her hand in his.

They get up to leave and run into Hank, who is happy to see them together. He has just seen Rachel, who he calls "a wreck". When Nora asks why, Hank explains that the whole murder, and everything that's happened, has got Rachel all jumbled up. Nora realizes that Rachel needs her, and though Bo tries to convince her to go home with him, and Nora is torn, she just has to go see how her daughter is doing. Bo is good about it, and will hang out at the bar keeping Hank company for a while to wait for her.

Bo catches Hank up to speed about the progress he and Nora have made, and won't let Hank feel bad about bringing up Rachel and ruining the evening. He tells Hank he supports Nora going to care for her daughter. Hank brings up Bo's "confession", and tells Bo that he should trust the justice system. If he wants to get Drew out of jail, and find the real killer, he should play it by the book. Bo asks Hank if it was his daughter in jail, would he play by the book?

Rachel had gone to bed when her mom knocks at the door. Rachel turns on the lights and looks suspiciously at the door as she asks who's there. "It's your mother". Rachel opens the door and they hug. Rachel knows Nora spoke with Hank, and wonders why it is that they only speak to each other when she asks them not to, since she asked Hank not to tell Nora anything. Nora comforts her daughter, and wants to help. Rachel admits that she's having a bad day, but Nora knows it's more than that. Rachel admits that she's maybe, sorta, kinda, out of sorts. She feels like her life is one big merry-go-round. She wishes it would all go away. Nora promises that soon it will all be over, and they can go back to having a normal life. She suggests that they find a good old movie on tv and pretend that they've never ever heard of Georgie Phillips. A while later, after Rachel has gone to sleep with her head on Nora's lap, Nora calls Bo to tell him where she is. Bo understands.


In the locked wine cellar at the Buchanan lodge, Blair and Max break from the kiss they started Friday, breathless, and though they attempt to blame it on the champagne, one look into each other's eyes is all it takes for another passionate lip lock. But before they make love, Max has some doubts about whether they should go that far. He doesn't want to do anything that would jeopardize their friendship, but Blair reminds him that they just agreed that the ideal lover would be both a lover and a friend. He still hesitates. Don't I fit the bill? Blair wonders, kissing his chest. What's missing? Max is having trouble knowing what to do. He looks into her eyes and says "nothing." Blair smiles at him, and wonders if he's nervous, or if he's worried he had too much champagne (lol). Max just doesn't want to do something they might regret when they're not locked up in Asa's wine cellar. Blair doesn't either. She says that they've been through so much together, and he is her best friend, and it feels right to her. Doesn't it feel right to him? (They kiss better than I think I've ever seen any two people kiss on screen) Max gives in and they make love. Afterwards, they eat champagne soaked "yummy" bears. Blair weeps as she tells Max that if yesterday someone had told her she would be in a cellar making love to Max Holden, she would have told them that she wouldn't want it any other way. Max's eyes are teary as he embraces her. They tenderly, passionately make love again.


At the hotel close to the Canadian border, Téa holds one hand on her hurt tummy, and the other on the damp cloth on her head and winces in pain. Todd's worried about her, and is cuter than hell as he asks how she's feeling, and offers to get her a "big warm towel or something". aww. Téa just asks him to hold her hand. He does. Téa tells him she'll feel better after a night's sleep, but Todd tries, gently :-), to talk her into sleeping in the car, which works for Starr. He stands up and keeps trying, mentioning fresh air, and that "anyone would want to puke looking at these curtains". ( lol ). Téa laughs too, but stops, wincing in pain, which Todd sees, and he relents. He says they'll stay there as long as they have to, until her gall bladder starts "doing whatever it is gall bladders do". He holds her hand again. Téa thanks him for taking such good care of her, which he says is what husbands are supposed to do. Bang bang bang bang! goes a knock on the door. Todd thinks it's the cashier who's after him, or the Buchanans, but Téa insists that she called for towels earlier. It takes some doing to convince him, but he opens the door to Sam's adorable mug. "Hey, Boomer". Todd glowers at him, then turns to glower at Téa, who's standing behind him with no more pretense of calling for towels or gall-bladder attacks.

"You faker", he growls at her. How could she do this to him? Sam steps into the fray, following the couple into the bedroom of the suite, and tells Todd that they are only here to help him. Todd keeps yelling at Téa, venting his feelings of betrayal. Everyone tells everyone to "shut up!". Todd calls himself an idiot for believing her when she told him that she loved him and wanted to help. Téa insists it's true. Todd tries to get Shorty to leave, but Sam stands in the way. Todd isn't going anywhere until he tells what it is he's running from. He's trying to get away from people who stab him in the back.

Sam keeps after him. He wants to know how Todd knows so much about Georgie's death, and questions why Todd paid for her funeral, flowers, and tombstone. Todd thinks about it, then explodes, throwing something against a wall that splinters everywhere. He has a question for Sam and Téa. Do they think he's the killer? You tell us, Sam replies. No one is calling you a killer, Téa tells him. Todd scoffs and accuses them both of being paid off by the Buchanans, ignoring, in typical Todd fashion, their very good arguments against his accusations. Sam and Téa insist that they love him. Téa knows how hard it is for Todd to trust them, but please try. They will deal with it together, the three of them, she tells him. Sam says that there is nothing so bad that he can't talk about it (Todd looks doubtful) and that secrets fester and ruin our judgment and our lives. Téa presses the point a little more, reminding Todd of how strong he is, how he's won battles with his father, and for Starr. Todd, who had been quietly listening, says "I'm going to regret this..." but at that moment Starr calls for him from the front room. He goes to check on her, and while he's gone, Téa tells Sam to brace himself, because she thinks Todd is about to confess to murdering Georgie. Some time passes, and they go into the front room to find Todd had taken Starr, but left a note. In it he says that he guesses he has to do it his way and p.s. check Asa's lodge. Sam goes after him, leaving Téa in the room, just in case.

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Bo, Sykes, Drew and Kelly

Bo and Sykes are talking in the police station, they have just come from the courthouse, where Drew was granted bail. Bo wishes Sykes would step down and let him be commissioner, but Sykes reminds him it wouldn't be possible. Even if Sykes did step down, Bo has too much conflict of interest and Graham would make sure someone else got the job, someone much less willing to share information with Bo. Drew is brought upstairs, but refuses to go home with Bo. He makes a big scene, loudly confessing his guilt for everyone to hear and trying his best to push Bo away from him. Drew insists he came to town and plotted with Georgie to hurt Bo. Not so easily dissuaded, Bo doesn't believe a word and asks Drew again to come home with him. In the meantime, Kelly has arrived and offers to let Drew stay with her. Drew at first turns her down, then eventually agrees. After Drew and Kelly leave, Bo gets a call from Max telling him that Todd is on the run with Starr. Zach, the reporter from the Banner overhears this news. Bo convinces Sykes to put an APB out on Todd. After leaving the police station, Drew and Kelly sit on a bench in the park. Drew really appreciates the sun and the wind and the birds after being locked up in jail, he was afraid he would never see them again. Drew and Kelly kiss.

Blair, Max, Sam and Téa

Still in the wine cellar, Blair thinks maybe things are different from before, maybe something is happening between them, something "happily ever after". Blair still wishes though that Todd isn't guilty of Georgie's murder, how's she going to tell Starr her father is a murderer. Blair doesn't know how she could have been so wrong about him, not so long ago she trusted Todd the way she trusts Max. Maybe you shouldn't trust anyone, Max warns, but Blair doesn't take him seriously. Max says "there's something I have to tell you", but they are interrupted by the sounds of footsteps above. Téa and Sam have arrived at the lodge and start looking around for the lock that matches the key that Todd left behind with his note. Téa hears something(Blair banging on the door), but decides it was nothing.

Téa's kicking herself for betraying Todd, and that's how he sees it, as a betrayal. Sam tries to convince her she did the right thing, she was only trying to help Todd, even if he can't see that. They hear the pounding again and look around for the basement. They find it and the locked door and let Max and Blair out. Max and Blair insist that Todd locked them up, even though they didn't see him. Why would Todd do that, Téa asks. Because we have proof that Todd killed Georgie, Blair informs her. They go upstairs, but the fireplace gloves with the blood on them are gone. Blair tells them that she found them in Todd's desk and they also have a witness at the Gas and Sip that can prove Todd was in the area the night of the murder. Téa continues to defend Todd, none of this is proof that he killed Georgie. Sam tells Blair and Max that Todd took Starr and Blair starts crying that she'll never see "my little girl" again. Téa and Sam leave to head back to town. Max calls Bo to ask him to have Sykes put an APB out on Todd and he assures Blair that Starr will be safe with Todd. Téa tells Sam that Todd had the gloves in Niagara Falls. Téa has an idea where Todd might be.

Jessica, Lindsay and Sam

Jessica runs into Lindsay in the park. Lindsay thinks that Jessica should meet Will when he comes to town. I'm sort of seeing someone, Jessica explains. That's OK, Lindsay replies, they could be just friends, Will's about Jessica's age. Just then, Will call from Las Vegas. Lindsay has Jessica say hi to him on the phone and tries to use Jessica as an incentive to get Will to come to Llanview. When she starts pressing Will for details and asking when he's coming home, he hangs up on her.

Sam is in his hotel room trying to track down Todd when Lindsay arrives with the news that Will called. Lindsay thinks that Sam should go to Las Vegas and bring him back. Sam says he can't go right now and she accuses him of not wanting to leave because of Nora. Sam tells her to take her stuff and get out. Lindsay leaves, but not before telling him that Bo Buchanan is a terrific guy and Nora will never leave him for Sam.

Viki, Kevin, Téa and Cassie

At the Banner, Cassie and Kevin are excited as they look over the improved circulation figures for the Banner. Cassie compliments his brilliant writing, but unfortunately for Kevin, Viki doesn't agree. She throws the paper with the headline "Evidence Mounts Against [Murderer?] Manning" onto Kevin's desk. Viki is not impressed with the circulation figures, she's appalled by Kevin's tabloid approach to the story. Kevin doesn't see anything wrong with what he's printed, they have facts to back up everything. But they're making wild accusations based on a few facts, Viki complains. From now on, everything that Kevin prints needs her approval first. Kevin accuses her of protecting her brother, Viki tells him she's just following the morals and ethics she thought she had taught to him, but obviously she was mistaken. Viki demands that Kevin write a retraction and have it on her desk by 4 o'clock. Kevin flatly refuses to retract anything he's said. He accuses Viki of trying to sensor him. Viki, on the other hand, sees it as upholding the standard of the paper. Kevin tells her not to throw everything away, her family, her paper, for the sake of Todd Manning.

Viki may be protecting Todd in her own way, but it's only because Kevin has gone so far in the opposite direction. He has allowed his hatred of Todd to rule his judgment and has tried and convicted Todd in print. The worst part, Viki feels, is that Kevin doesn't see that it's morally and ethically wrong. Jessica walks in while Kevin and Viki are arguing and begs them to stop. Kevin leaves after telling Viki that she can print what she wants, but he has no intention on ending his investigation of Todd. Jessica tries to show Viki a dress that she bought, but Viki is distracted and Jessica gives up trying to keep her attention in frustration. Téa arrives and asks if she's heard from Todd. Viki hasn't, she didn't even know Todd ran off with Starr. If Viki doesn't know where Todd is, then no one does, says Téa. Viki doesn't understand why Todd is running. Téa thinks Todd knows more about Georgie's murder than he's willing to admit. She asks Viki to keep news of Todd's disappearance out of the Banner, but Viki doesn't think that's possible. She's right, at that moment, Kevin is on the phone with Zach, who tells him the news that Todd is on the run with Starr. Kevin, of course, is thrilled by the news. Téa goes over to Kevin and demands that he back off Todd. She calls him a selfish, arrogant brat with no compassion. He says she's lucky she has no job, that way she'll have plenty of time to drive back and forth, visiting her husband in Statesville.

At Llanfair, Viki comes in the back door, yelling Jessica's name. No one answers. Suddenly, Viki is grabbed from behind and a hand is put over her mouth.

Thursday, June 18, 1998

R.J. was serving his 1,000 hours of community service at the Community Center to help drug addicted teens. R.J.'s old pal from Atlantic City, Jackie McNaughton, showed up. Jackie offered R.J. money to get Club Indigo started again, but R.J. refused the offer. Rachel arrived and was in bad shape. Rachel told R.J. that she hadn't been able to eat or sleep and felt that Georgie's ghost was haunting her apartment. R.J. comforted Rachel and told her that if she needed anything, he would be there for her. Later in her apartment, Rachel had delusions that Georgie was still alive. Meanwhile, Asa commended Kevin for using the Banner to shift suspicion from Drew to Todd. Blair and Max returned to Dorian's and were surprised when they found Starr there. Cassie realized that Todd may still be in Llanview. Asa met with Max for an update on Todd. Max wanted to back out of the deal, but Asa promised that Blair wouldn't find out that Max was spying on her. Sykes questioned Téa about her reason's for being at the lodge. Téa said that she and Sam had gone to the lodge to meet Bo, but Sykes didn't believe her. Blair showed up at the police station and got into an argument with Téa At Llanfair, Todd scared Viki when he grabbed her. Viki said she never had any doubts when Todd said that he hadn't killed Georgie. Todd told Viki that he returned to town to ask if she would help him find out who the real killer was. Todd hid when Kevin interrupted to apologize to Viki about their earlier fight. When Kevin asked, Viki denied seeing Todd. Kevin said he was leaving, but burst through the door and caught Viki and Todd together. Kevin tried to call the police, but Todd grabbed Viki and held her at knife point.

Friday, June 19, 1998


Kelly and Drew are sunbathing by Dorian's Pool. She is wearing a beautiful bikini. He discusses the trial with her. Kelly is certain that it will never come to that and remains positive that the glass is half full, not half empty. Drew says it is overflowing for him. Kelly chooses this moment to say "I think I love you" (Quick, get Dorian back as Mrs. Partridge, Mel as the manager, Joey as the irksome Danny, Drew as Keith, and Starr and River as the kids with the tambourines. I see a multi million dollar deal in their future. Next stop Club Indigo!) No, she amends, she is sure she love him. Although Drew still insists he killed Georgie, Kelly does not believe him. She can see his soul in his eyes. He may be guilty of other things, but not of murder. He is only protecting his dad. It is all in his eyes: his bravery, his gentleness, his kindness. His are not the eyes of a killer!

Kelly says that the one thing she learned the past year is that the future you think may happen may never come. Ian died, Joey left, a lot happened. But Drew is with her this moment and if feels good to have him with her on this beautiful day. Drew worries about the pain he has caused her, but Kelly philosophizes that pain and joy are the same thing. "Pain is like the water that runs against the rock until it forms like a bowl and it can accept the water of joy. The more pain, the deeper the bowl, the more joy.". If she didn't go through the pain with him, she would not feel the joy she feels with him now. They start to kiss passionately.

The Palace- Asa, Bo, Lindsay, Sam, Nora

Asa is willing to go to jail before he allows his grandson to be put away for life. Drew needs a tough criminal attorney. Nora and Sam bailed on him. Bo says that is not so. Asa rants on about Nora and Sam, Viki holding Kevin back from going after Todd. His sons can't seem to control their women.

At another table, Sam gives Lindsay some flowers. He did not buy them, he just picked them up from the vase. She teasingly accepts them for her birthday, but she is just kidding. It may not be her birthday but their 18th anniversary is coming up if they count the years since the divorce. What would Sam like as a present?

Sam says he just wants a truce and she holds up a napkin like a white flag. The kids are moving further away from her just like he did. First out of bed, then out of her house, then out of Chicago. Sam says he can't help being in Llanview, something is always going on. Right now it is Todd and Sam is his only friend. Lindsay asks if it is his turn to watch Todd. She wonders if it would have been better if she was his friend. But then friends don't get alimony!. Sam counters that maybe when the checks stop, they will have a chance for a relationship. Lindsay says he is being cute. Sam accuses her of establishing a beach head in Llanview because if she is not Mrs. Sam Rappaport and if she is not a mother, then she does not know who she is. Lindsay replies that he has a colossal ego and denies that she does not have her own identity. Sam advises her to swim to shore and rediscover herself. If they don't have to renegotiate about the kids, there is not a lot for them to discuss. Lindsay remarks that once she is out of the picture, just what is Sam going to do about all those Buchanans.

Nora walks by and Lindsay tells her what a coincidence it is that she and Sam were just talking about her. She catches the looks between Nora and her ex and comments how amazing it is how much they can say to each other without a word. Lindsay reminds her that her husband Bo is right over there at the other table. How is he doing with his son accused of murder? Sam tells Lindsay to let Nora go and see for herself. Again more looks are passed between the two former lovers and Lindsay does not miss a beat. They have an entire vocabulary of looks! Sam offers Nora any assistance she might need with Drew and she thanks and heads toward Bo.

Lindsay stares knowingly at Sam and tells him that it is obvious he can't keep his eyes off Nora. Sam counters that Nora is going through hell. A jealous Lindsay remarks that it is too bad she didn't have an assistant who was murdered. Then she would get Sam's attention. She then grills him about his love life. He tells her he had a date with a very nice lady and he will be seeing her again soon, in fact tonight. She accuses him of being transparent and suggest he might want to actually buy this lady some flowers instead of stealing them. Where will he be? Should she tell Nora if she asks?

Meanwhile, Bo tells his father to lay off Nora and Viki. Asa says he has no use for Viki, but they need Nora and her slick Chicago boyfriend to defend Drew. Bo warns him he is asking for it. Asa is just issuing a wake up call. Bo replies he and Nora are working things out. "By hiding in my place", Asa says smugly. Bo explains that he and Nora were heading home last night when Nora discovered her daughter needed help. All Asa wants to know is why Nora is not there with Bo right now!

As if on cue, Nora arrives and Asa asks what Sam had to say to her. Nora feigns astonishment that Asa did not have the table bugged. She and Bo catch up on the doings of their children. Drew is at Dorian's with Kelly. Hank is with Rachel. Bo asks what she would like to order. She looks at Asa and sarcastically replies, Iced Coffee, hold the arsenic. In fact she is just about ready to leave and questions Bo whether she interrupted some family pow-wow. Bo says she is family and Asa mutters "Oh right!"

Dorian's House- Cassie, Starr, River and Blair

River and Starr are getting ready for their graduation from kindergarten. Dorian is not going to be able to make it because she had a snafu in travel plans. Starr asks Blair where her Daddy is and Blair says he will be coming later. Starr asks if Todd will be at the graduation. Blair replies that she knows her Daddy would not want to miss it. Starr is certain that her father will be there. Cassie and Blair tell the children that Ming has cookies for them in the kitchen and then sit down for a private conversation of Todd's whereabouts. Blair can't help but worry about Starr and the possibility her father is guilty of killing Georgie. Cassie replies that Kevin seems to think so and he also believes that Viki is protecting her brother. Blair wonders why Todd would just drop Starr off with her. Cassie says that he knows that Starr is better off with her mother. Blair says that Todd really loves Starr. Even after all he has done, he would not let his daughter suffer for those things. Why wouldn't he show up for the graduation knowing how important it is to Starr. Cassie replies that Todd would not want the police to arrest him in front of his daughter. Blair admits she used to fantasize about having her little girl all to herself. Cassie blames that on Dorian's influence.

But now, Blair continues, she realizes the importance of having a father. She remembers back in school when they studied family groups she had to leave the name of her father blank. And still to this day when she applies for a passport, she cannot fill in the information. Cassie is not so sure Starr knows the real Todd. Blair disagrees. Starr knows a part of him none of them will ever know. The other day she was reading Starr a Bible story and there was a picture of a dove with the caption God is love. Starr looked at her mother and said that Daddy's love too. They wonder if Todd could have killed Georgie?

Llanfair- Todd, Viki and Kevin

Todd is holding a knife to Viki's neck. He is very hyper and he shouts for Kevin and Viki to shut up so he can make up his mind about his next move. Viki tries to reason with him about letting the police question him. She tells him she believes in his innocence. Kevin demands Todd to let his mother go. Todd says this was not part of the plan. Kevin asks just what was his plan. "DAMN!", Todd swears. He hesitates a beat and then continues, "Fine, you're part of my little plan now, Wonder Boy. We're all going for a little ride". He tells Kevin that they must keep moving, but he will not tell them where they are going. He orders Kevin to drive and at first Kevin refuses. Viki says Todd is her brother, he won't hurt her, do as he says. Todd tells him he is starting to feel really ugly and Kevin finally complies. With Kevin out the door, Todd's face relaxes and he removes the knife from his sister's throat. He looks confused. Viki again asks where he is taking them? Todd replies that they are going to talk to a killer.


Kevin is needling Todd about how the killer always comes back to the scene of the crime. Todd tells Viki he did not plan on having Kevin along. Kevin asks if Todd would like to get rid of him like he did Georgie. Does he feel the noose tightening around his neck. Is that why he has to take all of them down with him?

Todd calmly tells Viki that he is sorry but now he is going to have to kill Kevin. She stands between them. If Todd does that, there will be no way out for him. Todd insists he is already there. Viki pleads that the knife is really making her nervous. She can't listen with an open mind. Todd sincerely doubts anyone has an open mind about him. Has Viki read her newspaper lately. Viki tells him he should tell them what happened that night. Kevin sarcastically adds that he can't wait to hear it. Viki reminds Kevin of how he felt trapped and desperate when Marty accused him of rape and says that is how Todd feels now. Kevin replies,"Don't forget who raped her to begin with- your precious baby brother." Viki remarks that Kevin until recently thought Drew as guilty of Georgie's murder and then it was Todd he saw as the culprit. He has to stop letting his emotions rule him. He must start thinking like a newsman. This could be a real scoop for him. No one has heard Todd's side of the story. OK fine what happened, Kevin asks Todd unenthusiastically. Todd smirks and says he does not think he will tell him now. Again, Viki tries to use reason. She explains to her brother that people accuse her of being biased in Todd's favor but no one could accuse Kevin of that. That makes her son the ideal person for Todd to talk to.

Viki tries to get him on track about what happened the night of the murder. She prompts him to remember Bo's birthday party at the Palace. Todd says Viki gave him that dumb ring of her ancestors. Viki says yes, it was the night he proposed to Téa and she was beaming. Todd contradicts her, she wasn't beaming, she was crying. What kind of person cries when they are happy? Viki replies that would be someone who loves you very much. She tells Todd that Téa is as stubborn as he is and thankfully so since she refuses to let him push her away. Starr and Téa are his future. He always thought he was alone and that he had to fight his battle alone, but he is not alone, when is that going to sink in?

Kevin has been watching carefully for just the right moment and when he sees that Todd has relaxed his grip on the knife and that it is dangling loosely by his side, Kevin grabs Todd and they battle for possession of it. Todd is stabbed but holds the bloody knife in his hands and lets out a sickly laugh, glaring at Kevin ominously.

The Palace-Nora and Lindsay

Lindsay meets up with Nora in the ladies room and accuses her of ruining her marriage. Nora denies this since she and Sam were long over before he married LIndsay and in fact until he came to Llanview, she had not seen or heard from him in years. Lindsay says maybe if they had seen each other, Nora would not have been such an icon to Sam right now. She tells Nora she could compete with flesh and blood, but in this case Sam had built a shrine to Nora chock full of emotional memories not leaving a lot of room for Lindsay. Nora replies that it is easier to blame her than for Lindsay to take responsibility for her own failed marriage. Lindsay says that she knows she had some responsibility for the divorce but that was because she could not accept what was left of him. She is not good at sharing when she has to come up short. Nora replies that Lindsay will soon be back in the swim of things. She will find another guy. Lindsay comments that Nora and Sam even use the same imagery. Nora tells her to get a life. "Tell Sam that", Lindsay replies, "He is in limbo. He needs to move on so I can. I want you to set him free". "I already have", Nora tells her and walks out of the bathroom, Lindsay closely following her, making it clear that she is not about to go back to Chicago. Lindsay will be staying in Llanview.

The Lodge- Viki, Todd and Kevin

Viki wants Todd to call for help. He is sure that this is just another move to distract him. Viki is concerned he may have cut an artery and he could bleed to death. Todd replies that would make everybody happy. Viki wonders why Todd cannot accept that she cares about him. Todd's only concern right now is that everyone who was at the lodge that night be called. He wants Drew, Bo, Nora, Hank, Rachel, Asa and Clint there pronto. Viki reminds him that Clint has an alibi. He was at the Palace bar with Sam and that was confirmed by the bar tender. "Never liked Clint anyway", Todd says. Kevin can see that Todd is gathering all the suspects. Viki begs for him to let the police investigate. Todd will have none of that- "Bo and Drew are cops, Hank is the DA. We are going to do it my way". He orders Viki to make the calls but she says no. Kevin says he will do it. Todd says that this will be a hell of a story for him. But he warns his nephew, "No funny business cause I would like to stick you and your whole stinking clan".

Back at the Palace....

Bo receives a call from Kevin that Drew needs help and to get to the lodge right away

At Dorian's.......

Kelly and Drew's lovemaking is interrupted. Kevin tells Drew to come to the lodge and not tell Kelly where he is going. Drew asks her to trust him and she says she will but is puzzled by this mysterious departure.

At the Lodge....

Todd refuses to take off his jacket and won't let Viki look at his wound. What will he do if the suspects come and he passes out, Viki asks him. He needs medical attention. Kevin says that what Todd really needs is medicine for the head. Todd tells him to shut up and that he does not want any doctors. He wants Nurse Barbara, he smirks, "She'll do anything for you Kevin"

Dorian's- Blair, Sam, Cassie, Kelly

Sam came with flowers for Blair, but something tells him to say they are for Starr. Blair says she has not heard from Todd. She invites him to the graduation, but Sam feels this is a family thing. Blair reminds him that Todd considers him family. And that if he shows up, he may need Sam to deal with his legal problem. Sam is curious just what she feels for the father of her child. He is trying to figure out who is with who. Blair gives him the score card. Todd with Téa and she with her very, very good friend Max who Todd locked with her in the wine cellar. Sam jokes that wine cellars will do that. He admits that the flowers were really a bribe for her to accept his dinner invitation, but he guesses she will be saving her free time for Max. He is a little disappointed but Blair tells him he is the nicest guy she met in a long time. They hug as Cassie comes down the stairs with River. Sam tells Cassie that Blair and he are just friends Cassie replies they mind their business in this household (Right!). Starr is changing into yet another dress. Like mother like daughter, Sam jokes. Cassie can't wait any longer. She was expecting Kevin. He was at Viki's a little while ago, she supposes he will meet her at St. James for the graduation.

Kelly tells Blair and Sam about the call Drew got. Blair mentions that Kevin is supposed to be at the graduation. This is so strange. They wonder if this has to do with Georgie's murder. Kelly goes off to find Drew. Blair worries about Todd showing up at the graduation. Sam agrees to come in case Todd and the police show up.

The Lodge- Todd and the Usual Suspects

Kevin is unwilling to bring Barbara into this. Todd says that it is nurse Barbara or nothing. Viki says he is risking bleeding to death. Todd asks what does manslaughter go for these days? Viki could be visiting her first born son for 10 years at Statesville and that sounds like a good deal to him. Kevin relents, agreeing that the sooner he gets what he wants, the better. Todd comments on how awfully cooperative he is being. He warns Kevin he screws it up, Todd will kill him.

Barbara answers the phone at the Mill House. She was about to take David to River's graduation. Kevin gives her directions to the Lodge and says for her to get there as soon as she can that someone is injured but he is OK. She should bring her bag. Medicine bag, she questions. The one you always carry (READ the handbag she carries her gun in). Is he trying to tell her something. Yes I am, Kevin replies before Todd grabs the phone and slams the receiver on Barbara.

Suddenly, there are footsteps. First Bo, Asa and Nora, then Hank and Rachel, followed d by Drew. Todd says, Welcome to this is your life. Nora realizes for everyone that they walked into a trap. Asa blusters that he always knew Todd was the killer. Todd says he better hope not and holds the knife to Viki's throat. He wants to know who killed Georgie.

"You Buchanans wanted me to take the fall and why not, I'm not any loss, but that is not going to happen to me."

"Then who killed her, Manning", Bo inquires.

Todd replies that this is what they are going to find out. One of them is going to confess. Asa says that Todd can't take all of them with just one knife and Hank comes forward to hold the old man back as Nora states the obvious that Viki could die if they make a move. Viki says she is quite sure Asa would not mind sacrificing her. Hank says that he is sure they could work this out with Todd.

Todd has a surprise for them all. He tells them:

"Everyone stay calm. I would really like an excuse to blow you all to kingdom come". He opens his jacket and shirt to reveal several sticks of dynamite strapped to his chest!

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