One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 31, 1998 on OLTL
Starr pretended to have another identity. Todd admitted to Blair that he had faked his psychiatric disorder, and later, Blair realized that Starr's tape recorder had been running. Barbara was stalked. Max and Blair talked about their best use of the tape.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 31, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, August 31, 1998

I. (i): Carlotta's Diner: Roseanne and Will interrupt Cris and Jess's romantic interlude over a soda. Roseanne is restless, so Jess suggests they all go the Buch Lodge. The fact that Georgie was murdered there just adds to Roseanne's sultry enthusiasm.

(ii): the Banner: Barbara angrily stuffs Kevin's love letter to Cassie in her purse, and goes to fidget nervously at the elevator. She jumps when Zach approaches her to compliment her on the interview she gave Mel about the mugging. The elevator doors open to reveal Cassie, who mocks Barb, noting she can't "stay away from him."

(iii): A Banner Office: Kevin and Viki continue their confrontation. She wonders if he wants her to fire him, and he freely admits that he sometimes feels like walking out. Naturally, they argue about Todd. Viki deplores his tactics. Kevin believes he is trying to save Viki from a monster. Viki kindly tells Kevin that she doesn't need his protection, but Kevin lists all the reasons he has to find Todd ever so dangerous and evil.

(iv): Todd's Penthouse: Starr sounds like a siren, chanting "Suzy Suzy Suzy" non-stop into her new tape recorder. When Blair asks her to stop (please!), Starr insists that she -is- Suzy. Blair is horrified when Starr says that "Starr went away." Blair accuses Todd, who has been in the background trying to hold his "innocent" expression, of doing this to their Little Girl.

II. (i): A Banner Office: Kevin reveals that he learned that DID is often caused by traumatic childhood sexual abuse. (updater is surprised that he didn't know this already) But Kevin is far from sympathetic towards Todd, since he refuses to believe Todd suffered from that kind of abuse. He adds that therefore Todd's faking is particularly cruel to Viki. Viki defends her brother, for she knows Todd loves her and would not be so mean to her. This inspires Kevin to deny that Todd has a soul (!), but Viki is worried over the state of -his- soul, since he has become so obsessed over Todd. Kevin decides to take a leave of absence from the Banner. Before he walks out the door, Viki tells him not to forget that she loves him.

(ii): the Banner: Cassie and Barb are catty with one another. Barb snottily informs Cassie that she was there to see Mel. Cassie: "Oh? Moving on? I oughta warn you, I may pack a punch, but my mother will scratch your eyes out." (perfectly delivered) Barb relates that she was telling Mel that her mugger is stalking her, then goads Cassie by mentioning Cassie's attack in the Ladies Room the other night. Cassie retaliates by telling Barb that while she usually finds victims to be innocent, she makes an exception in Barb's case, even suggesting that Barb provoked the mugger. Cassie steps back to watch Barb get nervously into the elevator, turns, and Kevin is suddenly in her face, telling her he missed her the other day after they "made love."

(iii): Todd's Penthouse: Starr continues to siren "Suzy Suzy Suzy" while Blair and the updater hold their heads in agony. Blair blames Todd; Todd says he didn't tell Starr to do it. Blair points out Starr's behavior is because of Todd's charade, and he better come clean with Starr for the sake of Starr's sanity. Blair promises to do anything if Todd will tell Starr that he's faking.

III. (i): The Lodge: Will asks where exactly Georgie "got whacked," and Roseanne "psychically" touches the very spot. Will is impressed, but Jess thinks Roseanne just saw the bleached stains. Cris ogles Roseanne. In search of fun, Roseanne finds a ouija board which is INEXPLICABLY lying right under the couch, not even in a box. (updater pictures Bo, Asa, Clint and Hank playing with it, and nearly passes out from laughter) Roseanne ogles Cris. Will and Roseanne play with the board. Roseanne asks Georgie if she's there. Yes. And is she at peace. Yes. The board is set aside, and Roseanne turns on the radio, which is conveniently tuned to salsa music. She is going to teach Will how to dance to it. Roseanne swivels, Will bungles. The lights go out!

(ii): the Banner Newsroom: Cassie tells Kevin that she knew he wanted her to stay the day they had sex, but she had to think. Kevin wishes she'd think faster. He looks for the letter he wrote, which Barb now has, and when he can't find, recites it to Cassie... that he sees here everywhere he looks in the Millhouse, etc.

(iii): Todd's Penthouse: Todd/Tom doesn't know what Blair wants him to tell Starr. Blair grabs Starr and threatens to take her away forever if he doesn't say that it's all a game. Tom/Todd/Pete agrees that it's a game, that Tom isn't here, that he hates Tom, the "pathetic little runt." "I am what I am. And I am and will always be Todd Manning"

IV. (i): The Lodge: The electricity is apparently back on, though candles are everywhere, and Will and Jess watch, open-mouthed, as Cris and Roseanne dance gracefully. Cris leaves Roseanne mid-dance to dance with a reluctant Jess. Roseanne refuses to dance with Will and leaves the room. Will follows. Outside, Will berates Roseanne for not accepting that Cris is blind to her. Inside, Cris paints a "C" on Jess's arm, to show the world that they are connected. Cris wants his directly on his heart, where it belongs, and takes off his shirt.

(ii): Carlotta's Diner: Carlotta serves Drew a plate of food, asking if there are any leads in tracking down the mugger. Nope. They talk about Barb, and Drew asks the name of the guy she was talking to "yesterday." Barb skittishly enters the diner. She nervously brushes off Drew's attempts of friendliness, sits, and takes Kevin's letter to Cassie out of her purse. (btw, it is dated 8/27)

(iii): the Banner Newsroom: Kevin continues reciting his letter from memory: the house needs rebuilding; the foundation is strong; can't build it alone; "without you I am nothing." Cassie wants to have the letter because it¹s from his soul, speaking directly to hers. She thinks his soul is intact, but just doesn't think she can trust it. She needs time. Kevin complains over this, but agrees to it, then starts packing a box to take his leave of absence, complaining about Viki. As he leaves the room, he tells Cassie that if she finds it in her heart to forgive him, she knows where he'll be. Viki enters the room to watch Kevin walk out, then looks at Cassie.

V.(i): The Lodge: Outside, Will continues trying to convince Roseanne that her pursuit of Cris is a lost cause. He has her look through the window to see Cris standing bare chested before Jessica. Inside, we see Jess has painted a "J" and a heart on his chest. He tells her about Lindsay's encouraging visit, and Jess is happy for him. The lights go out again and he heads for the basement, with a candle to light his way, to get more candles.

(ii): Todd's Penthouse: Blair, returning from putting Starr to sleep, asks Todd how he thinks Viki and Sam will react to the truth. Todd doesn't think they need to know, and, not knowing, they will continue to defend him, since that¹s what they want to do. He rants about how the Buch's were so hell bent on pinning Georgie's murder on him, and he's sorry that the "Bleh! Bluh! Blih!" is all he could come up with. He refuses to go to jail, even if he has to come up with another 50 people to run around in his head. He holds Blair's head in his hands, and tells her that she's not going to breathe a word about it to anyone.

(iii): The Diner: Barb crumples Kevin's letter back into her purse and skedaddles out of the diner, under Drew's worried regard. Carlotta remembers to Drew the name of the guy Barbara was with yesterday. They call him "Monk", and he was in Statesville when Antonio was, for selling stolen goods. Anything anyone wanted.

(iv): Banner Newsroom: Cassie blames Viki for Kevin's departure. Viki suggests that Cassie might want to make her own decision to walk away from Kevin, instead of leaving him hanging. When Cassie protests, Viki assures her that she sees that Cassie and Kevin are still in love with each other, so perhaps Cassie should just accept Kevin, flaws and all. "Can't you do the same?" Cassie asks. "I just did," Viki replies.

(v): The Spooky, Foggy Docks: (To the music which I think is the same as what played when Kevin and Barb had sex in the cellar) Barbara jerkily walks around, looking over her shoulder. She stops, pulls out her gun, aims, and shouts to someone (unseen) to "Stop! I know what you're doing; it's called stalking! . . . But I'm not running from you anymore!"

VI. (i): The Lodge: Alone upstairs, Jess asks the ouija board if she and Cris will always be together. No. Meanwhile, Cris is searching (guess where?) the cellar for candles. He discovers Roseanne, and without a word, they kiss passionately.

(ii): The Millhouse: Kevin enters, with his box, out of which he pulls pictures and remembers loving things Cassie once said to him. Cassie enters, smiling, and they look meaningfully at one another.

(iii): The Docks: Barb demands of whoever she sees, "don't move!" Then, she hears footsteps from another direction, points her gun that way, freaks, trips, drops the gun, and makes a frantic call from the nearby pay phone. She calls the Millhouse, where Kevin and Cassie stand frozen, listening to the panicked message she was leaving, pleading for help.

(iv): Todd's Penthouse: Blair asks Todd what else she has to do to prove to him that he can trust her. She begs him to stop the charade for Starr's sake. He asks her to keep her mouth shut, for which is worse for Starr? The charade, or knowing her mommy sent her daddy to jail? Blair calls him sick. Todd plays on her hatred for the Buch's, who he can now pick off one by one through his paper, through Blair, and they'll never suspect "Tom," who could never do anything so nasty. Blair won't stand for it! But Todd threatens Blair with sending Starr to the loony-bin if Blair doesn't go along. He goes upstairs. Blair hears a click. Starr's tape recorder just turned off. Blair takes the tape, not believing her good fortune.

Tuesday, September 1, 1998

Written by: Cheryl Patack

The Sun

Blair is listening to the tape. She looks troubled and calls Sam and leaves him an urgent message. The phone rings, Blair answers it with "Sam?", unfortunately it's Max. He tells Blair he can't stop thinking about her and is coming to The Sun. Blair says no, she's too busy. Max is persistent. Just then Kelly walks in. Blair hangs up on him, not before Max says, I'll be there in a minute.

Buchanan Lodge - Winecellar

Cris is feeling around in the dark when he brushes up against a wall and there is Roseanne. They start to kiss passionately. Meanwhile, upstairs, Jess is playing with the ouija board. Apparently it's not giving her the answers she wants because she tells Will that her and Cristian belong together. Jess asks what Will and Roseanne were doing outside. Will tells her Roseanne was blowing him off. Back downstairs in the wine cellar (this wine cellar sure sees a lot of action!) Cris and Roseanne continue kissing until Cris breaks it off. He tells Roseanne no, she says yes and they begin to kiss again.

The Millhouse

Cassie enters the house and tells Kevin that she's ready to forgive him, just as they are about to kiss, the phone rings. (Do I even need to tell you who's calling?) Of course it's Barbara calling from the docks, hysterical saying she's being stalked, please come help her, he's going to kill her, she tells Kevin. Just as a shadow is approaching her, she drops the phone. Kevin tells Cassie to call the police and he is going to find her. Cassie is afraid to trust him with Barbara so he tells Cassie to come with him. They leave to go find Barbara. Meanwhile, down on the docks, Barbara is crouching in a corner screaming "Leave me alone. I have a gun". Just then Drew shines his flashlight in her eyes and tells her to calm down. Bibi insists that she is being stalked. Drew says he's going to look around, but Barbara doesn't want to be alone. Drew asks her where the gun is.


Jessica thinks Roseanne is lost in the woods and is nervous for her. She tells Will to go out looking for her, but Will says this time she can find him, he is through chasing her, but he will go downstairs and look for Cris. Meanwhile, downstairs, Cris and Roseanne continue to kiss, Cris pulls away. Roseanne tells him that "it's" always been there. She tells him they were meant to be together. Cris tells her he was meant to be with Jessica. Jess is his soul mate. Despite his words, they begin to kiss again, of course, just as Will enters and sees them. They stop.

The Sun

Kelly tells Blair of her plan to buy The Sun to live out Ian's dream for him and keep Blair on as editor with Kelly as publisher. Blair tells Kelly that the Buchanan's will never let Cramers run the paper. Kelly promises Blair that she got it all in writing. Blair laughs at her. Blair said there is no way she's getting the paper away from her. Kelly asks her where she's going to get the money to buy it. Blair looks at the tape and tells Kelly she has a way.

The Docks

Drew asks Barbara again where the gun is. She tells him she was only saying that to scare away whoever was following her. Drew tells her to come to the station with him to give her statement. She begs him not to make her go to the station again. She's too embarrassed (and hysterical if you ask me) Just then Kevin appears and she runs into his arms. She tells him that someone is trying to kill her. Kevin promises to help her get to the bottom of whatever is wrong. Bibi says, "Yes, you and Drew can help me" as Cassie appears from the shadows and says "and me".

The Lodge

Will comes upstairs and asks Jessica to leave with him. Forget about Cris and come with him. Just then Roseanne and Cris come upstairs and Cris tells Jessie not to listen to what Will is saying. Will says if Cris doesn't tell Jess, he will. Cris doesn't say anything and Jessica runs outside, Cris follows and admits he kissed Roseanne. Jessica runs off. Roseanne and Will are talking on the porch after they see Jess and Cris leave together. Roseanne admits that she's always loved Cris, that's why she came to Llanview. Cris was supposed to wait for her, she pledged herself to him when she was six. He promised her he'd never fall in love with anyone else.

The Sun

Kelly keeps asking Blair where she's going to get the money to buy the Sun. Blair tells her not to worry, Kelly will never own the Sun. She tells her not to be naïve and listen to the Buchanans. Kelly gets fed up and goes to leave, but Max catches her outside and brings her back in. Blair once again tells Kelly that she'll never own The Sun. Kelly becomes frustrated and leaves again, while telling Blair she hopes she gets her magic beans.


Bibi wants to know what Cassie is doing there. Kevin convinces Cassie to give him a few moments alone with Barbara. He tells Barbara to stop the calls, the visits to the Banner. He never promised her anything in the wine cellar. Basically, he tells her it was just sex. He can't be the answer to her problems and he doesn't want to be. He loves Cassie, but he'll help Barbara get help. He asks her if she understands. She nods. Drew comes over to help her and Kevin returns to Cassie and they hug as Barbara looks on.

The Sun

Max wants to know about these "magic beans". He then sees the tape and plays it despite Blair's objections. After he hears what's on it, he tells Blair she can't use for evidence, it's their "meal ticket".

The Lodge

Will and Roseanne discuss Jessica, Will tells her he likes Jessica, she's cool and real. Roseanne says that Jess is vanilla and Will tells her that vanilla is still a pretty popular flavor. Roseanne wants to know how they're getting back to town. Will calls a cab.

The Diner

Cris begs for Jess's forgiveness. Jessica can't stop thinking about Cris painting Roseanne nude. Cris says that if it bothers her, he'll trash the painting. Cris says he's painting Roseanne to get a scholarship so him and Jess can be together. If they are going to break up because of it, then what's the point, he asks her. Jess tells him, she'll lose him if she asks him to stop and she's afraid she'll lose him to Roseanne if he keeps painting. Cris promises her that won't happen. He asks Jessica to tell him she still loves him. She does and they hug and Cris promises again that everything will be ok.

The Millhouse

Kevin and Cassie return home to "pick up where they left off" Cassie forgives Kevin and they kiss as we see Bibi on the dock retrieving her gun. She aims it and says "You're going to pay, both of you" . Oooohhh.

Wednesday, September 2, 1998

Club Indigo

Lindsay, Renee, Bo and Asa are all having drinks. The conversation comes around to children and Renee, who thinks of Max as a surrogate son, gently upbraids Asa for deceiving Max. Bo brings up Blair, but Asa is not interested in keeping her. While they discuss taking over the Sun, Lindsay has her antennas up and sees what they are up to. Bo asks her to keep it on the QT. Just then Kelly and Drew show up to join them.

Kelly fills them in on Blair and Bo figures out that Max had to have told Blair about their plans. Renee remarks that they can't blame Max for doing to them what they did to him. Asa encourages the in love Kelly and Drew to consider taking a page out of Clint's book and marry quickly. Drew receives a message to meet with Sykes.

Sykes has read Drew's report about Barbara's behavior on the docks. While he agrees she probably is faking being stalked, he asks Drew to sign a report that has eliminated any mention of her state of mind or that she was acting out of control. He reminds Drew he is not a trained psychologist. Drew smells a rat and tells his boss that Barbara's father is definitely calling the shots here.

At the bar, Bo expresses confidence that his son can handle Sykes. Kelly says she is so proud of the turnaround Drew has made. One track mind Asa again tells Kelly to marry Drew and have a mess of kids. Lindsay brings up Bo having a baby with Nora. He says they are exploring the subject and nothing is definite yet. Lindsay wonders about the fertility clinic.

Sykes tells Drew that he owes Barbara his job. Drew does not think he is doing Barbara a favor by tuning his back on her. Don't Sykes and the Congressman want to help her? Sykes says who says they aren't. Besides this is not like Drew is lying. It is just a matter of certain parts of the report being eliminated. When Drew refuses to sign, Sykes accuses him of being as stubborn as his father. He can also be on the outside looking in, Sykes tells. Is that a risk he wants to take? Drew replies he guesses it is and walks away.

Max and Blair at the Sun

Max listens to the tape Starr made until Blair turns it off. He has heard enough to know Todd is faking and that the Sun is there for the picking. Blair mentions she wants to tell Sam. He is a good guy who believes in the truth. Max says he believes in her and he really knows her where Sam does not. Blair agrees that he knows the worst of her, but Sam knows the part that tries to be a better person and she does not want to lie to him. Oh, Max retorts, so you be happy to lie to me and I too you, but that just proves we are perfect for each other. Blair says that Starr is the reason she must tell Sam the truth. Her "little girl" has to be put before and above everyone.

Max says Blair is making all the wrong moves. Todd will go to jail and it will tough for Starr to deal with the fact that her mom sent him there. She better use the tape for insurance. If she sends Todd to Statesville, he might get off on good behavior or he may escape, he has done both before. Can she imagine the trouble she would be in then? Better to use the information to her advantage. She could have the Sun and have the power to make and break people.

The Penthouse

Todd/Tom is all alone and slugging beer quicker than a frat boy at a keg party. When Sam calls and reminds him to go over the DID material Viki sent from Banner, he is even more speedy to switch to Tom and innocently ask if this is to help him give the state psychiatrists what they want to hear. Sam says to just answer truthfully. Tom agrees and hangs up the phone. Todd picks up the research and says this is why Tom can't go to jail for something Todd did. He collapses on the couch, beer in hand and reads that a single alter has not been noted in DID and may indicate that the patient is mimicking to avoid punishment for crimes committed. Todd realizes he must come up with more personalities to be safe.

Téa arrives and she tells him that she went to the law school library to research his case. In his Tom voice, Todd tells her that Coach said that he will have to speak to a lot of doctors. Like Sam, Téa just says that Tom should tell the truth. Todd offers Téa some wine while he drinks juice. She asks about Starr and he explains that Shorty is getting confused with all his different names and she has been calling herself Suzie. So from now on his name is just Dad. He asks Téa about the future and if after the trial she will still be his wife.

The Mill House

Cassie and Kevin have just made love. She says she trusts him now and loves him so much. The door opens a crack and someone is spying on them, but they don't notice. Kevin is happy that Cassie kept the engagement ring and is wearing it on a chain around her neck. He hopes she will put it back on her left hand again soon. He assures her that this house, his life, none of it means anything without her there. They are kissing again when the door opens. Barbara is standing in the doorway.

The Sun

Sam shows up and asks Blair what her urgent message was about. Max hovers around distracting her from telling the truth. Blair just tells Sam about Starr and Suzie and how worried she is that it is affecting her daughter. She frets about Todd going to jail if the DID goes into remission. How will Starr take it. Sam assures her that she has a good mother and that Blair will do what is best for both Starr and herself. If she trusts her heart she will do right for everyone.

The Penthouse

Téa says that whatever happens at the trial, Tom can count on her. Tom gets the message that she means to be friends and not his wife. Téa tells him they must take one step at a time. "Tom" says he is a lot older than she thinks and he is growing up and he loves her. Téa replies she loves him too in a platonic tone. Tom wants them to be married. What does she dream of? She always wanted to be successful and rich when she was younger. Well, Tom replies, Pete already made the deal with her and she has all the money she needs, so what does she want now. Téa says: "I want someone to love and be loved back, someone kind and gentle who will make me better and more kind". Tom replies she is already kind. Téa admits to making a lot of mistakes and Tom blames it on Pete. Téa turns the tables and asks him what he wants. Tom says he wants to be himself and be on his own and be with someone he loves. It is almost like they have the same dream. Only she can't be with him because of all the people running around in his head. Tom takes her hands in his. Téa says this is all too sudden. Tom replies that it is not too fast for him. He knows what he wants and what he needs. He quickly shoves her hands away and goes up the stairs, leaving her puzzled. She asks Tom where he is going but he does not respond.

The Mill House

Kevin hears a sound, but Cassie has not. He does not want to alarm her so he makes excuses that he needs a glass of water. Cassie basks in the afterglow, closing her eyes. Barbara is somewhere in the hallway where Kevin can't see her. After he goes through the door, she skulks back out of the shadows and opens the bedroom door. Meanwhile, Kevin is downstairs looking all around when there is a knock on the door. It is Drew. He questions his cousin about what happened on the docks. Kevin says that Barbara called him and he and Cassie raced down to the docks. She was a little unglued, but he thinks he calmed her down. She has always been a private person, but he did not consider her jumpy. Anyway, he told Barbara not to keep calling because he was in love with Cassie and he was going to marry her. Drew replies that was pretty blunt. Kevin admits Barbara was not happy, but he thinks she accepted it. From now on it should be smooth sailing for him and Cassie. Upstairs, Barbara is standing in the open doorway, gun leveled at the resting Cassie.

A few minutes later, Barbara is gone as Kevin gets back in bed with Cassie and tells her about Drew's visit. Cassie does not want to talk about her on this perfect night. Kevin decides to make it more perfect by removing the ring from the necklace and placing it back on her left hand. He swears Cassie will never have reason to take it off her hand again. Barbara is outside the door listening to their cooing and kissing.

The Sun

Sam says that Blair can't protect Starr with lies. Blair asks what if Todd was lying, he has done it before. Sam admits at first he thought that too. But Tom is very much a part of what Todd was as a boy. He loves him and can't help it. But for now he is worried about Blair. She must know that she is a wonderful Mom and that she will be fine. Honesty with him is not the best policy, but the only one. The phone rings and it is Max . He tells Blair she is blowing it. She better not give Sam the tape or she will regret it. Sam, may he remind her, is in love with another woman. Blair is visibly off balance and hangs up. Sam guesses it is Max. Obviously the man does not give up. Blair replies that Max is not even in the game. She looks at the tape recorder and her hand wavers over the play button.

The Penthouse

Téa is reaching for the phone when Todd comes back downstairs in a black robe with his hair back in a ponytail, but there is something different about him. He has an Italian accent. "Mama Mia, he says, No Compare". Nonetheless he does have wine to offer and he pours it for her. He tells her that she has been working hard for the others and takes off her shoes and begins to rub one of feet saying that he read a book on acupressure. She has magnificent feet. Téa wonders if he is Tom or Todd, but the man before her says his name is Rodney but she can call him Rod. He did not mean to frighten her, he says, standing and clutching her shoe like a man with a foot fetish. "I have admired you", Rod says looking her up and down, "all of you, for a long time." He admits he is another alter, although he hates the word. However the shoe does fit. Téa watches as he strokes her shoe and asks why he Rod is here. "Tom is sweet", Rod says in his Italian accent,"but you can't send a boy on a man's job". Téa is overcome by this overly enamored character and makes a beeline for the door, but just as she escapes, Rod disappears and a frantic Tom begs her frantically to come back.

Club Indigo

Renee tells Max that she gave Asa a good piece of her mind for the ambush Asa gave him. Max says he will have the last laugh. He and Blair will get the Sun from Todd yet.

Drew comes back from the Mill house and Bo asks how his hunch is going. Drew says he is just trying to stop trouble before it happens. Bo suggest the three generations-Asa, Bo and Drew go to Asa's secret lake for some fishing. Bo thinks a week from Friday would be ideal but Lindsay wants the family to attend the opening of the gallery she and Dorian bought. The three Buchs agree they will reschedule the fishing soon.

Max grabs Blair at Club Indigo and tells her she is spoiling everything if she tells Sam the truth. One look says that Blair couldn't do it. It cheers Max to know that the old Blair is in there. There is no way she could tell Sam about Todd. Sam overhears and gives them both a look. Blair slugs Max with her pocket book.

The Penthouse

Téa comes back when she hears Tom's voice. He tells her that Rod is not so bad. Téa admits she cannot deal with one more. Tom understands that she did not expect so many of them. Téa replies that she is just surprised, but she will be back in the morning. Does he need anything? Tom says he wants Jelly doughnuts. After she walks away, Tom's face turns into Todd's snarl. "You are going to have to do better than this", he says. He did think the part about the Compare was good. Then he looks down at Starr's recorder and realizes the tape is gone. UH OH!, he says, suddenly worried.

Thursday, September 3, 1998

Dorian told R.J. to keep tailing Kevin. Dorian told Mel that R.J. was catering the gallery opening. Mel asked R.J. to arrange a meeting with Munk. Mel wanted Munk to track down a gun. Meanwhile, Nora returned home from the clinic and was irritated when she found Bo with Lindsay. Later, Dr. Conklin gave Nora and Bo the good news that Nora was still able to conceive a child. At Club Indigo, Dorian saw Lindsay joke with Mel and warned Lindsay to stay away from her husband. Lindsay agreed to cover for Dorian about her involvement with R.J. as long as Dorian would agree, if anyone asked, that Lindsay was a good wife to Clint. At the penthouse, Blair, Viki and Sam all met "Rod." Viki wondered why "Rod" had emerged and it became obvious that "Rod" was the sexually secure alter that wanted a physical relationship with Téa. When they were alone, Todd questioned Blair about the tape in Starr's recorder, but Blair feigned ignorance and said she didn't know what he was talking about. Blair wanted Sam to tell her how he felt about her the way Max did. Sam accused Blair of not being able to choose between them. Todd warned Blair again that she had better keep her mouth shut about him. Sam walked in to tell Todd that the doctor had arrived and asked if there was something wrong between Todd and Blair. At the diner, Viki asked Téa about her unease with "Rod" and advised her to accept his invitation to the opera.

Friday, September 4, 1998

Nora and Bo

Nora is absolutely thrilled to learn that she is able to conceive, but the doctor advises caution, they need to take things one step at a time. "Are you sure you want to have a baby", she asks them.

They say that they have tried not to let themselves think about it too much, at least not until they were sure it was possible, so that they wouldn't be disappointed. The doctor says that for now they will assume that Nora has decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. There are certain risks for pregnant women over 35 which they will have to discuss and the doctor warns Nora that it won't be the same as her pregnancy with Rachel twenty some years ago. And if she does decide to go ahead with the pregnancy, the sooner the better, the clock is running. Bo asks if there's anything he can do and is surprised when the doctor says yes. She wants to get a sample from him and do a semen analysis. Bo seems less than enthusiastic about the idea, but Nora goes on and on about the grueling days worth of tests that she went through and guilts him into it.

Bo looks at the container he has to fill with distaste. Nora teases him that he'll have a very nice room, with some nice magazines and videos... What does he need with magazines and videos, he asks when he has the most beautiful woman standing in front of him, smiling like she hasn't in months. Nora suggests that they go talk to the doctor, maybe they can get the sample someplace else, like in the privacy of their bedroom. Bo likes that idea very much and they head off to find the doctor.

Now back at home, Nora thanks him again for the sculpture, even if Lindsay did make it, and thanks him for being so great. Nora reminds him that after they get the sample, they have to bring it back to the hospital within an hour. Is he still alright with this, she asks. Yes, he tells her, but he'd rather make love to his wife without an ulterior motive. Nora takes his hand and they head upstairs.

Viki, Jessica, Cris and Will

Jessica is in bed, ignoring the ringing phone. The answering machine shows that 15 messages have already been left. The machine picks up and Cris leaves yet another message, trying to convince her to pick up the phone, that they can work this out if she'll talk to him. "I love you Jessica, I'll always love you", Cris says, but Jess still won't pick up. She calls out to Viki, who is lurking in the hall, that she can come in, Jess knows she's out there. What's wrong, Viki asks, but Jessica doesn't want to talk about it, just go on your trip to China, she says. Viki has no intention of leaving until Jessica is doing better. Jess responds by putting the pillow back over her face. Viki doesn't give up and Jessica finally tell her that Cris is in love with someone else.

Jess tells Viki about Will seeing Roseanne and Cris kissing up at the lodge. Jessica wants to believe Cris when he says he still loves her, but she can't, all she can think about is the two of them kissing. Viki says that Jess and Cris have been together for three years and have been through a lot together. Maybe you should believe him when he says that he loves you, advises Viki, and have a little faith in him. Jessica isn't so positive, from the moment she saw Roseanne, she knew that Roseanne would take Cris away from her, she just knew it. There's a knock on the door, it's Cris. Cris asks if he can talk to Jess a minute and Viki leaves the decision up to her.

Jess agrees to talk to him and Viki leaves, warning Cris before she goes that this is a one time exception to the "no guys in this room rule". Cris agrees. I thought you were going to let me make this up to you, he says after Viki leaves. Jess thought she could, but she can't, not right now anyway. It was just a kiss, he tries to tell her, but when Jessica doesn't agree with him, he tells her to "Grow up". She doesn't know what it's like to have to fight for something that she wants. So, I'm a spoiled little brat, she asks, hurt and offended. She didn't mean to be such a burden to him. She's not, Cris tries again, but Jess has heard enough and tells him to leave. He goes.

Jessica is sitting on her bed, brushing her hair when she hears a knock at the window. At first she thinks it must be Cris, but it's Will hanging onto the ladder. She opens the window and lets him in, he just wanted to see how she was doing. He takes her into his arms and holds her.

Cristian, Roseanne and Will

At Cristian's apartment, Roseanne is sitting in her robe, but Cris is too upset to paint. What happened at the lodge should never have happened, he tells her, they are just friends, they should never have kissed. Roseanne thought they were more than friends. Cris informs her that he can't lose Jessica and when she asks about the painting, he replies that they don't have to finish it.

You have to finish the painting, Roseanne insists, it's your future. Cris says he will finish the painting, but not with her. The painting's almost done and he doesn't need her to model for him anymore. Roseanne tries to blame his decision on Jessica, but he tells her that Jessica told him to finish the painting, that's how much she loves him. It's Cris's own decision, it's not fair to Jessica, or Roseanne. Why won't you admit your feelings for me, Roseanne pressures him. Cris ducks the question and heads over to Llanfair and Jessica, leaving Roseanne behind, crying. She picks up a knife and is about to slash the painting when Will arrives and tells her "Don't".

He grabs her hand to stop her and she asks why he even cares. He doesn't care about Cris, he came over to tell him what a jerk he is, but the painting itself is beautiful. Roseanne doesn't agree, it's all a big lie she says sadly, referring to the painting and her relationship with Cris. "He's captured you Roseanne, you're beautiful, you're perfect", Will tells her, getting closer and closer to her. Will asks her to see how much he cares about her and to forget about Cris. "No", Roseanne replies, turning away from him, "I love Cristian". He was there for her when her mother died, "I'll never love anyone but Cris", she insists. Will gives up and leaves, telling her, "Fine, you can just sit here and wait for him to come back from his girlfriend's".

Cris arrives back home to find Roseanne sitting there and the place a mess. "I sort of wrecked the place because I got mad", she tells him. Cris asks her if she wants to continue with the picture and she agrees, but just sits there. "Well, come on, get undressed", Cris urges her.

Todd, Sam, Blair, and Dr. Boyd, the psychiatrist

Sam again questions the tension between Blair and "Rod", but Blair covers and claims that it's nothing, Rod was just coming on a little strong. Todd, however, is taking the tie out of his hair and letting it down. He's not Rod anymore, now he's Tom again. Sam makes it clear to Tom that the psychiatrist's evaluation today will determine where Todd spends the rest of his life. Sam leaves to go back downstairs, and Blair, after glaring hostilely at Todd, follows him. Todd pulls back his hair again. "Showtime", he declares, determined to fool the psychiatrist.

But when Todd heads downstairs, his hair is down and he is "Tom". Sam introduces Dr. Boyd to Todd Manning. "No", Tom tries to correct him, and Sam goes on to explain that right now he's "Tom". Sam and Blair reluctantly go upstairs and leave Todd and Dr. Boyd alone. As they are walking up the stairs, Todd ties back his hair and watches Blair go. "Great gams", he comments as Rod. "I've been going through your files, Tom", Dr. Boyd begins. "Rod", Todd corrects him. The doctor continues that he's gone through the files and Todd is something of a criminal master mind, certainly shrewd enough to have made the whole thing up.

Dr. Boyd is skeptical, to say the least, but he questions Rod. Rod is the alter that deals with Todd's sexuality, he asks. Yes, Rod agrees and asks if the doctor has met Téa, she is exquisite. "So you're a real ladies man, that right Rod? Is that why you raped Marty Saybrooke". That was Pete, Rod explains, Pete has no idea how to treat a woman. Why didn't Todd bring up the DID at Marty's trial then, the doctor wonders. Rod explains that Todd doesn't know of the alter's existence. Dr. Boyd accuses Todd of reading that in some psychological journal. I don't even know how to read, Rod replies, "I have better things to do". "You have very fetching eyes", Rod tells the doctor. You're very clever, Dr. Boyd, replies, but I shouldn't have expected less from a sociopathic rapist. Rod doesn't say anything, then gets up and walks over by the stairs, his back to the doctor. When he turns around he says, "You know, I have had quite enough of your cynical and impertinent attitude, young man." Who is this alter supposed to be, asks the doctor. "I am Ms. Perkins, and I insist that you leave those boys alone".

Dr. Boyd asks Ms. Perkins to tell him a little about herself. "You would do well, Dr. Boyd, to mind your own business. I have had my share of impudent, over-inquisitive young men in my day", Ms. Perkins replies, then goes on to comment about how dreadful the decor of the room is. Dr. Boyd then tries to question "her" about "her boys". "My boys are no longer available for questioning", Ms. Perkins informs him.

Upstairs, Sam is pacing, wishing he had bugged the room downstairs so he can hear what it going on. If Todd goes to jail for life, Sam will never forgive himself. Blair, knowing that Todd is faking, takes the whole thing much more lightly and says Todd's probably singing the doctor an aria. Sam doesn't appreciate the humor right now, not with everything that Todd's going through. Blair tells Sam that she's sorry about everything that Todd is putting *him* through. Sam defends Todd, saying that he can't help it, but Blair is not convinced. Blair turns the topic to her relationship with Sam and mentions that he doesn't seem to care that she's wearing Max's ring. That's not true, Sam replies, he does care and he's been open and honest with Blair, which is more than she's been with him. She won't even tell him what she was arguing with Max about at Club Indigo. Blair admits that he's right and is about to tell him the truth when "Ms. Perkins" enters the room. "She" tells Sam that the Dr. is being rude and asking all these hostile questions and Sam should go down and deal with it right now. Sam, shocked, doesn't move and asks who he's talking to. Ms. Perkins introduces herself, then grabs him by the ear and tells him to get himself downstairs. After Sam leaves, Blair confronts Todd, "Mrs. Perkins?" It's Ms., Todd informs her, instantaneously snapping out of his characterization and back into being Todd. "What were you about to tell Sam", he asks in a most Todd-like way.

Todd warns her that if she ever wants to see Starr again she should keep her mouth shut. Blair just laughs at him, she doesn't think he has any chance of pulling this thing off, and just who is Ms. Perkins, anyway? Todd replies that he doesn't know, the doctor was firing questions at him and it was hard to keep everyone straight, so he invented a character to be in control of all of them, a "gatekeeper", the books call it. Just how many personalities are you going to come up with, Blair asks angrily. Viki had seven, Todd tells him. Blair tells him to just keep all of his little personalities away from Starr. Todd agrees, "If I can just get by the shrink, I'll be home free".

Downstairs, the doctor is telling Sam the same thing, that Ms. Perkins appears to be the gatekeeper, a kind of house mother for "her boys". Sam comments that Dr. Boyd sound dubious and has been biased against Todd from the beginning, Sam plans to get him taken off the case. "Tom" and Blair come down the stairs. "Ms. Perkins?", Sam asks hesitantly. "Where?", asks Tom, looking around, then tells Sam that it's Tom and asks if he's going to talk to the doctor now. Dr. Boyd says that he has to leave and that they'll talk more in the next session. The doctor tells Sam he'll be sending his preliminary report to Mr. Gannon and then leaves. "I didn't do very good", says Tom with a worried look on his face. Sam reassures him that he did fine.

Sam is on the phone with Hank, asking Hank to let him know as soon as the doctor's report comes in so that he can get a copy. After he gets off the phone, he asks Blair what she was going to tell him about the truth earlier, but she is interrupted again by Todd, this time coming down the stair while still zipping up his pants. "Tom", Sam guesses, but it's Rod. The doorbell rings and Rod goes to answer the door. It's his opera tickets being delivered. Sam puts a damper on his excitement by explaining that Rod can't go to the opera, he's under supervision. Rod soon gets around the problem by convincing Sam to come to the opera, bringing Blair as his date. Blair finally agrees, saying that she'll try anything once. Sam asks her to try not wearing the ring that Max gave her when they go out that night. Sam leaves and Blair looks furious with Todd. "How can you look that man in the face, that man has shown you nothing but love and support and concern, and lie to him?", Blair asks. "It's easy", Todd replies, "I just imitate you and what you are doing. Believe me, Sam is going to figure out that you're not who you're pretending to be long before he figures out that I'm not who I'm pretending to be."

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