One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 7, 1998 on OLTL
Viki and Clint learned that Will was the father of Jessica's baby. Will wanted to fight for custody. Blair, Kelly, and Max tried unsuccessfully to work together as new owners of the newspaper. Clint wanted Cristian arrested. Will landed in the hospital.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 7, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, December 7, 1998


Blair and Kelly argue over who gets the publisher's office. Max casts the deciding vote in favor of Blair. Later, Blair suggests to Kelly that they start agreeing in order to take away Max's power. Max overhears.


Roseanne purposefully locks herself and Will in the cooler at The Diner, fairly sure that someone is going to come fix it shortly. She did it to prevent Will from going over to Llanfair to tell Viki that he's really the father of Jessica's baby. Will and she argue about the meaning of "destiny", but neither seem to have a solid handle on the subject. She tries to seduce him into forgetting about truth-telling, then becomes panicked when she discovers he's burning up with fever. She cries for help.


Jessica and Cris are getting cranky at the cabin. Cris makes quite a jerk out of himself, spitefully venting to her his jealousy about her baby and the circumstances in which she got pregnant. He leaves in a huff. Alone, Jessica frets, and calls her mom, but hangs up without saying anything. Cris returns with a paper sack of stuff. He has brought her a gift, apologies, promises to take care of her and not be so jealous.


The Banner newsroom is strangely deserted. Clint tells Lindsay he has called the police to press charges against Cristian for kidnapping Jessica. Lindsay tries to defend Cris to Clint, but somehow Clint turns the potential argument into a love chat. Lindsay has the grace to look guilty, and tries to tell him what she knows about Will being the father, but chokes on the words. He decides he better hightail it to Llanfair to tell Viki the news of what he's done before someone else does. He invites Lindsay along.


Sam arrives at Llanfair, expecting to meet Will there, but it's just Viki. He listens compassionately to her as she expresses her worry of, and even anger towards, Jessica. Once she gets going on that anger, and with encouragement from Sam to let it all out, she vents her anger not only at Jessica, but also at Cristian, at Todd, and she even spits out her anger with Clint for marrying Lindsay.

Once she gets that out, she apologizes like crazy, but Sam's very cool about it all. Calm, Viki thanks him for allowing her to get out all that emotion. He's as charming about it as one would expect. He invites himself to stay longer, since he's waiting for Will. Viki becomes suspicious of Will's role in Jessica's drama. Sam squirms. he tells her that Will knows that Jess's return is the best thing for everybody.

At this point, Jessica makes her silent phone call, and Viki pleads uselessly for her to talk to her. The call leaves Viki very upset, and she turns that emotion onto Sam as heightened suspicion about Will's part in things. Sam is as honest as possible, but doesn't reveal what he knows. She figures out something is up, but he tells her Will needs to say what he has to say to her himself.

The doorbell rings. Clint and Viki step into the foyer. There, Clint spills the beans about his charges against Cristian. Viki freaks. She takes Clint into the drawing room (?) (library?) (family room?) to yell at him. He tries to justify himself, showing Viki the "wanted" flyer he had made. On it are pictures of Cristian the Kidnapper, and Jessica the Victim. Viki is highly annoyed, quickly realizing the obvious, that if Jess sees this it will only serve to drive her further away.

Meanwhile, in the foyer, Sam assures Lindsay that he will tell Viki the truth if Will doesn't show up.

Back at the cabin, as Cris and Jessica kiss and make up, the camera pans s-l-o-w-l-y to reveal (surprise!) the very flyer Clint had made. It's resting in full view, on top of the groceries in the bag Cris had brought that evening.

Tuesday, December 8, 1998

Written by: Grace Alumno

At Club Indigo...

Bo and Nora go to Club Indigo and there they see R.J., who points out to them that Hank is also there with an off duty Detective Lisa West- the detective that was on his and Dorian's tail when they were hiding out from the police. Hank sees Bo, Nora, and R.J. and introduces her to them. R.J. becomes defensive. Nora then signals to Bo that he has to talk to Hank about "fly fishing" and the two men go and discuss Drew's murder (they cannot discuss Drew's murder in front of Det. West because she is very close to Sykes) and how Bo feels that Barbara could possibly be the killer. Nora and Det. West are left at the bar with R.J., who acts very defensive around Det. West. She notices his attitude and questions him about it, but he sarcastically answers her that that is how is really is. Det. West then takes notice to the background music playing in the club and names the artist performing the song. Her knowledge of the music impresses R.J.

At Kevin and Cassie's...

Kevin returns home to find Cassie in front of the fireplace. He apologizes for walking out on her earlier and she then informs him that she will be moving into the downstairs bedroom and that one of Dorian's maids had just left from helping her move her things from the upstairs bedroom to the downstairs one. Kevin them tells her that is she moves into the downstairs bedroom, he will move into that room, too, to be with her. Cassie tells him not to bother and that she wants to be alone. Kevin then pleads to her about trying to make their marriage work out. She then tells him that she has nothing to offer him (sexually). Frustrated, Kevin tells her that that's not important to him and he then tells her that he has done everything he could to make her happy and it is time for her to help herself and walks out.

At the Diner freezer...

Will and Roseanne await help to get out of the freezer. There, Will asks her if Roseanne locked them in the freezer on purpose so that he would not got to Viki's and tell her that he is the father of Jessie's baby. Roseanne tells him that she has nothing to hold on to him with since Jessie is pregnant with his baby. He tells Roseanne that she has his heart. But Will is coming in and out of consciousness because he is seriously sick. Outside the freezer, Téa walks into the Diner and finds it odd that the signs says that the Diner is closed, but the door is still open. She is about to leave, but then hears something in the back and goes to check it out. There, she frees Roseanne and Will from the freezer. Will runs out to go to Viki's, but Téa hold back Roseanne to keep her from chasing after him.

At Viki's place...

Viki lets Clint have it for putting an arrest warrant on Cristian for kidnapping Jessie. She is furious and lets him know that he just now made Cristian a criminal. She points out how would Jessie feel if she were to see the 'father' of her baby taken away to prison and how would Carlotta feel. Angrily, Clint tells her that he doesn't care how Carlotta would feel and that his main concern is Jessie and getting her back. Sam then walks in that tells him what the retribution would be if the FBI or some trigger happy bounty hunters got word of that arrest warrant. Clint tells Sam to mind his own business and Sam says that he is 'half' involved. Lindsay then tells Sam that they should leave Clint and Viki alone to discuss this.

Sam and Lindsay leave the room and Sam has decided that they should tell them, but is concerned that Will hasn't arrived there yet. They approach Clint and Viki again. Sam takes Viki aside and Lindsay tries to talk to Clint in the foyer. Viki tells Sam that if Will has no idea where Cristian and Jessie are, she pretty much has an idea of what Sam is trying to say to her. Lindsay tries to tell Clint, but is interrupted by the doorbell. He answers it and it is Will. Clint assumes that he will drunk, but Viki, Lindsay, and Sam are quick to notice that he is not well. Will then tells the four of them what happened- in detail, and that he is the father of Jessie's baby.

Back at Club Indigo...

Max comes in and informs R.J. how great it actually is to have only 2% of The Sun: watching Kelly and Blair bicker is fun for him. He also tells R.J. that he is free to pursue anyone he wants to. Max then goes to the table where Bo, Nora, Hank, and Det. West are and starts 'hitting' on Nora and Det. West. Then he also declares that he no longer with Blair. Barbara arrives and joins Bo, Nora, Hank, and Det. West at their table. Bo and Nora explain to Barbara that since Joey is in New York looking for Jessie and Cristian, they didn't want her to be alone and that Bo was concerned about how she was acting when he saw her at the docks. Barbara then comes up with an excuse that that is how she feels when she goes to the docks- the place where she was mugged. Barbara feels uneasy with all of the attention and questions and excuses herself saying that she needs to get back to Cassie. When Barbara leaves, Bo and Nora decide to go home, too. Det. West asks Hank why they were treating Barbara like that, but he keeps quiet.

Back at Kevin and Cassie's...

Andrew arrives at Kevin and Cassie's. He sees Kevin outside his own front door. Kevin tells Andrew to try to see if he can get through to her and leaves. Inside, Andrew tries to talk to Cassie about how she has been acting lately. He asks her why she treats Barbara like that and if she thinks that Barbara might be responsible for killing Drew and paralyzing her. She then tells him that she was in the church when Barbara confessed everything to him and that she has every right to hate her.

Back at Viki's...

Clint is about to take a punch at Will for what he just said, but Will collapses. Lindsay asks someone to call for help. Sam then tells Clint that if he's got something to settle with Will, settle it with him instead. Just as they are about to fight, the doorbell rings and Roseanne walks in on the chaos and sees Will unconscious.

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Club Indigo

Kevin questions Barbara about what is going on between her and Cassie. Why is Barbara always hanging around his wife and why is the atmosphere always so strained whenever he sees them together? Barbara suggests that he go asks Cassie. I did, Kevin replies, that's why I'm asking you now.

Barbara says that she comes to his house and helps Cassie because that's what Cassie wants. Kevin orders Barbara to quit her job, he doesn't want to have ask Cassie to make the decision to fire her, not in the helpless state she's in. "Cassie has all the power, can't you see that", Barbara says and tries to leave. Kevin grabs her by the arm and R.J. has to come over and break it up. Kevin says he'll send Barbara a severance check, but she insists she won't take orders from him, he's not her patient. Barbara runs out and R.J. stops Kevin from following her. R.J. suggests that Kevin go home, to his wife. Kevin leaves.

Cassie and Andrew

Andrew doesn't understand why Cassie won't turn Barbara in. Cassie claims it's because she's afraid Senator Graham and Sykes will use their influence and Barbara won't be prosecuted. So you're taking the law into your own hands, Andrew asks. Cassie says she'll do what she has to do to see justice done. "If it's the last thing I do, I am going to make sure Barbara Graham pays for her crimes!", she declares. Andrew begs her to tell the truth and let this out before it eats her up inside. You can't possibly know how I feel, Cassie tells him. Andrew replies that he does, he knows how he felt when she told him about her affair with Kevin and left him alone, without the woman that he loves.

What is he trying to say, that this is retribution for her past sins? No, that's not what he's saying at all, Andrew explains. Andrew begs her again to give this up, for her sake, she won't be able to live with herself. How can Andrew live with himself, Cassie wonders, keeping Barbara's secret. It's not easy, he tells her, in fact it's agony, but he took an oath to God and he can't break it. "Well, then I guess we're both trapped, Andrew, you by your collar and me by this chair."

Barbara arrives at the Millhouse to find Andrew and Cassie there. "Speak of the devil", Cassie greets her. Barbara informs her that Kevin asked her to quit and begs Cassie to let her go, this isn't doing either of them any good. Cassie refuses, obviously enjoying torturing Barbara. Andrew is disgusted and begs her to stop it, it isn't worthy of her. Kevin walks in on the tense scene and asks what's going on. Cassie says that Barbara informed them that Kevin wants her to quit. Andrew tries to back Kevin up, but Cassie vehemently insists on keeping Barbara as her nurse. She's the best and Kevin wants the best for her, doesn't he. Kevin thinks that having Barbara there is creating a wall between himself and Cassie. "I don't know what you're talking about", Cassie says innocently.

Jessica and Cristian

Jessica and Cris huddle together in their cold cabin. Cris wishes he could afford a better place. Jessica's not complaining, and if it seemed like she was, she was just scared. Cris offers to take her home if she wants to go, but Jess turns down his offer. She'll be 18 soon and then they can get married. Cris starts to unpack the groceries, but neither he nor Jessica see the wanted flyer. Jess and Cristian share some cocoa and a kiss, but then Cris backs away. Jess asks him why and Cris says he's afraid of letting it go to far. They decide it's time for bed and Jess climbs in bed and Cris lays the blankets out in front of the fireplace. Jess brings up the subject of their wedding night, how it will still be her first time because no one but Cris has ever been in her heart. Cris seems OK with this at first, then declares that they had better wait, he might hurt the baby. Cris gets up and throws some more newspaper on the fire, not noticing the "wanted" flier, which bursts into flames.

Cris is on the floor, asleep and Jessica is sitting on a bench, looking out the window. She starts talking to the baby, hoping he/she is safe and warm in there and tells the baby about the snow outside and the stars. "I'm your mommy and I'm going to take good care of you, OK", she says, and sings "Twinkle, twinkle, little star". She looks over at Cris and sees he's awake and looking at her. Later, Jess and Cris climb into the bed together to keep each other warm. "I love you", Jessica tells him.

Llanview Hospital

Will is now in a hospital bed and Lindsay is frantically demanding that a doctor examine him immediately. Dr. Xiao arrives to examine Will and tries to get Lindsay and Sam to step outside, but Lindsay refuses to go. Roseanne arrives and stops to talk to Viki and Clint at the nurses desk. Clint doesn't believe her story about getting locked in the freezer and claims that Will is high on something. Roseanne defends Will, he does not do drugs. Clint doesn't believe her, then starts wondering how long Lindsay has been keeping the secret that Will is the father of Jessica's baby from him.

The doctor tells them that Will has pneumonia, and Lindsay and Sam leave Will's room. Viki tries to talk to Lindsay, but Lindsay rudely tells her "not now" and goes to talk to Roseanne. She accuses Roseanne of doing something to cause Will's illness. Téa, who is just stepping off the elevator, comes to Roseanne's defense.

Téa explains the freezer latch was broken and Carlotta had arranged for a repairman to come, but Lindsay doesn't seem interested in the explanation and continues to blame Roseanne. She orders that Roseanne stay away from Will and accuses her of golddigging, just like Téa did, marrying Todd for his money. Roseanne stands up to her, firing back that Lindsay is guilty of the same thing, marrying Clint after she knew him "what, five minutes?". Sam and Dr. Xiao come over to where Téa, Lindsay and Roseanne are standing. The doctor explains that while the freezer didn't help, they didn't cause Will's illness, he has a mild case of pneumonia and strep throat. Roseanne looks relieved that she's not to blame. Sam goes in to see Will. "Don't think you've heard the last of this", Lindsay warns Roseanne before walking away. Téa grills Roseanne about the truth behind Will getting stuck in the freezer. Roseanne finally admits she did it, but only to stop Will from telling Viki the truth about Jessica's baby. She knew that as soon as the truth came out, things would be over between her and Will.

Sam talks to Will, reminiscing about when he was a little kid. He was fearless and impulsive back then, just like he is now. Sam is proud of him for trying to take responsibility for his actions, and promises to be there for Will from now on. Lindsay watches silently from the doorway, a tear running down her cheek.

Viki is standing on the roof of the hospital, talking to Jessica. She wishes she knew where Jess was and could hold her in her arms. Before Jess was even born, I used to talk to you and sing "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" to you, Viki says, looking up at the sky. "Come home, baby, please come home", she begs. She turns to find Clint standing in the doorway. Clint joins her and says he was worried about her. He gives her his coat to wear. Clint is furious with Will. Viki tries to get him to not be so hard on Will, retaliation isn't the answer, she tells him. Clint isn't convinced, but since Will is sick right now, he decides to take it out on Sam. Viki rushes after him to try to stop him.

Roseanne tries to visit Will, but Lindsay stops her, declaring that Will is off-limits to her from now on. She informs Roseanne that her son is a flirt and he's had lots of girls like Roseanne, but he's never going to love a girl "of your sort".

Clint starts making a scene with Sam, despite Viki's protests. Clint accuses Will of being an amoral con artist and says he thinks it has something to do with the way he was raised. This annoys Sam, who starts defending his son. The nurse comes over and threatens to call security if they don't be quiet. Will comes out of his room and yells at them to "Stop it!" "Maybe if you guys weren't so busy fighting, Jessica and I would have come to you from the beginning. Look, I'm not making excuses for what happened, I regret it and I fully intend to stand by Jessica and do what's right. Like it or not, we're all in this together, so just stop it, please, stop it."

Thursday, December 10, 1998

Viki realized that she had to find Cristian and Jessica before they did something drastic. Clint and Lindsay continued to argue over Will. Soon, Clint and Lindsay's argument escalated to be about their marriage. Later, Lindsay urged Bo to talk to Clint before he did anything rash. Bo told Nora that he was sure Barbara was Drew's murderer and they decided to trap her into a confession. Will forgave Roseanne when she confessed that she deliberately locked them in the freezer. Roseanne felt excluded when she overheard Will say that he, Cristian and Jessica were the only ones that mattered regarding the baby. Barbara called her father and told him that she had confessed everything to Andrew and that he had been counseling her. As Andrew was leaving Club Indigo, two shots were fired at him from a moving car!

Friday, December 11, 1998

Written by: Marina Lawson

I have to apologize that the Recap for Friday is incomplete, but Clinton's speech and the vote for impeachment interrupted the regular programming schedule on the West Coast. Needless to say, these interruptions were frustrating. They are a necessary evil, but cause the plot lines to become disjointed, both for those viewing and for those trying to read a recap because they've missed the episode altogether.

That said, here goes:

Club Indigo

Detective West and Sykes are questioning Andrew and R.J. at Club Indigo. As Andrew relates the events leading up to the shooting, he tells Sykes and Detective West that he heard two shots ring out and that R.J. pushed him to the ground. As West turns to Sykes to tell him they have recovered one of the bullets, Sykes asks R.J. what he knows about the shooting. R.J. tells Sykes that Club Indigo is legit. When Sykes asks R.J. how he knew the shots were coming, R.J. tells him that it was instinct. Sykes again questions R.J. how he knew the shots were coming, R.J. tells him that he saw a car approaching and what looked like the barrel of a gun. Detective West starts to jump on the "let's accuse R.J. bandwagon" by asking him if anybody was holding a grudge against him or if he had any past due debts. Andrew defends R.J., saying R.J. saved his life. Detective West persists, asking R.J. who was mad at him. R.J. insists that he was not the target. When West asks, "who were they aiming at, the good Reverend?", Andrew stares hard at both Sykes and the Detective.

The Banner

Clint has his head in his hands as Kevin walks into his office. Kevin tells Clint that he was told that Clint wanted to see him. He sees his father looking haggard and asks Clint if he spent the night at the Banner. Clint waves the question away and his face sets when Kevin tells him that he's heard about the situation with Will. Clint starts to call Will names (mealy mouth, Mama's boy, spoiled) and says that Will is lucky that he wasn't sick or he would have "taken him apart". Kevin asks if there is any word on Jessica. Clint says he's worried sick about her. Kevin says he too is worried, but now that Cris isn't the father of Jessica's baby, maybe Clint could "call off the hounds." Clint gives Kevin a hard stare and says he isn't going to do it, because he's hoping it will prevent the kids from doing something stupid. Kevin tells Clint that Cris isn't a kidnapper. Clint says that he's had enough grief on that particular subject. Kevin changes the subject and tells Clint that Joey called from New York. He says that Joey has been looking around Columbia for Jessica and around the Art Institute for signs of Cris but that there were no leads. Clint tells Kevin that if he really wants to help, Kevin should focus on the Banner since he and Viki are too tied up with Jessica's situation to be running the newspaper. Clint then tells Kevin about the drive by shooting at Club Indigo and that it involved Andrew. Kevin looks surprised and concerned, says he will check it out, and then tells Clint to call him if he needs anything. Clint gives him a thumbs up and Kevin leaves. Clint gets on the intercom and says, "If my wife calls, I'm still not here".

The Hospital

A nurse is giving Will discharge instructions when Will overhears his mother on the telephone asking Nigel if he has heard from Clint. From the conversation it is obvious that Clint has not been home. Will asks Lindsay if she and Clint have had a fight. Lindsay tells Will it's nothing she can't handle. Will tells her he's responsible for ruining her marriage. When Lindsay protests, Will asks her how bad it is and then goes on to tell Lindsay that Clint is lucky to be married to her. Lindsay tells Will that Clint said some awful things but so did she. Will says that he doesn't think that Clint should take it out on Lindsay. Lindsay tells Will it is not his problem. Will tells his mother she is smart, talented and beautiful and that Clint would be crazy to let her go. Lindsay looks at Will gratefully and tells him he always says the right thing. She tells Will to go get his prescription and goes to the desk to see the nurse. The nurse is still explaining Will's discharge instructions to Sam. Sam signs the discharge papers and then tells Lindsay she is more than welcome to come to his house to spend time with Will. When she hesitates he asks if she's worried about Clint. Sam then asks what happened. "You do the math", she says, "I told him to go to hell and have a nice flight".

HERE IS THE FIRST ANNOYING INTERRUPTION!! I suppose I could give you the details but I wouldn't want to bore you. Let's just say it's Clinton apology #2,192.

The Banner

Clint is looking at a picture of him and Jessica (which I have to say is a really attractive one of the two of them) and says, "she's a baby, she's my baby girl". He goes on to say that he is angry at Cristian for taking her. Bo is in the office with Clint (I've missed a huge portion because when I last left Clint, he was alone in his office at the Banner) and he is trying to reason with him about Cristian and Jessica being on the run. Bo tells Clint that the kids have to know that it is safe for them to come home. He tells Clint that having a baby doesn't have to be a big disaster and the important thing is that Jessica is okay. He asks Clint to call off the manhunt. Clint stares at Bo, angry and unsure about what decision to make.

The Hospital

Boy, I really missed a lot because Will is talking to Nora, telling her he's worried about Jessica. He says he thinks he will never be able to see "his kid". Nora reassures Will and tells him that Jessica is a hometown girl and could not stay away from her family. Sam walks in and I GET A SECOND ANNOYING INTERRUPTION!

Now we're at Capitol Hill in Washington listening to the Judiciary Committee vote on the articles of impeachment.

Sam's House

Will is laying on the couch at Sam's house and Sam is telling Will that Jessica is not an idiot (Sorry for the disjointed dialog, but ABC cut into this scene without any intro). Sam tells Will that until Jessica and Cris return, there isn't much he can do. Will agrees and says (in a tone of wonderment and disbelief) that he's going to be a father. Sam reassures him that he will be there for him. Will says he can't turn his back on the fact that he's going to be a father. Sam reminds him about the complicated nature of the situation. Will asks him what his rights are. Sam tells Will he has to put his name on the birth certificate. Will says he wants more. Sam tells him that it's more than a name, that there are ramifications, Will asks if Sam is trying to discourage him. Sam asks Will if he has custody in mind. Will says it's exactly what he has in mind.

Club Indigo

Again, sorry. It's obvious there is something heavy going down between Andrew and Barbara. Barbara is desperately denying that she tried to shoot him and that she no longer has the gun. Andrew says he wants to believe her, but he doesn't know what to believe anymore. Barbara continues to plead her case, but Andrew tells her she must confess in order for her to be free. Detective West approaches them and asks if they can pick up where they left off. Barbara tells West that she feels like a jinx and Kevin tells her she is not responsible for every bad thing that happens in Llanview. Sykes walks up and says he has to talk to Barbara.

Sykes looks at Barbara and she tells him not to start in about Drew. He tells her that he knows she confided in Andrew. Barbara denies it and says that Andrew is her friend. When Sykes presses on, saying that he knows she confessed to Andrew and then told her father, Barbara continues to deny it, saying she doesn't speak to her father these days. (Kevin is looking on suspiciously in the background). Sykes then says he traced her phone call from the pay phone "last night" and Barbara tries to cover. Sykes says, "you spoke to your father and 20 minutes later, someone shot at Andrew". She says "no!" in horror and disbelief, again denying her involvement. Sykes pleads with her to confess as Kevin looks on.

The Banner

Clint bullheadedly refuses to drop the charges, saying it will help find Jessica and Cris. Bo realizes that Clint is not going to give in and says okay. Bo asks if Clint if he can sit down and work things out with Lindsay and Will, but Clint emphatically says no, he can't get the mental picture of a drunk Will seducing his "little girl". (Side note: Don't Blair and Clint have any other ways of describing their children other than "little girl"?) Bo says he understands, but it won't bring back her innocence. Clint continues to disparage Will and begins to berate Lindsay for sticking up for Will. When Bo asks Clint who he's really mad at, Clint says, "everybody, but especially both of them". Bo says that he knows Clint cares for Lindsay and Clint tells him he wants to be honest with him, he married Lindsay because Viki turned him down.

Lindsay is outside, eavesdropping on this conversation, as Clint goes on, saying that he didn't have to marry Lindsay because it turns out that Viki was going to agree to marry Clint. He says if he hadn't married Lindsay in Las Vegas, Jessica wouldn't be in this mess. Bo says that Clint is not married to Viki, that Jessica is pregnant, and can he give Lindsay another chance. Clint stubbornly says he can't give her another chance, he can't be supportive anymore because his marriage is missing something Bo and Nora have, "trust", and he can't trust Lindsay anymore. Lindsay bursts in the room and tells Clint he doesn't know what trust is.

Sam's House

Sam tells Will he is moving too fast and that getting involved in a custody battle will not help things. Will says it's important to him. Sam tells him he's been through it and it's not worth it. Will tells Sam it's important because he went through it with him and Lindsay, and even when things were bad, he knew who his parents were. Sam again tries to dissuade him, telling Will that Cristian wants to raise the baby. Will says he wants the baby to know who his father is. Sam implores Will to wait and see what happens. Will refuses to give in and says, "think about it, how would this kid feel if someone walked up to him and said, 'you know what your whole life is lie, your Dad isn't your real Dad', I couldn't let that happen, could you?" Sam nods in agreement (with an exasperated and knowing look on his face).

Club Indigo

Sykes looks at Barbara and turns to Detective West. He tells her they're finished there for now. Sykes tells R.J. that he should talk to some of his associates who might be holding a grudge against him. Kevin asks Sykes how he should categorize the investigation for his articles. Sykes says the investigation is ongoing and they would wait for the forensics on the bullet. He asks Barbara if he can take her back to the hospital and Barbara and Sykes leave. R.J. asks Kevin not to use the articles on his front page. Andrew shakes R.J.'s hand and thanks him. As Andrew gets his coat, Kevin asks him what is brewing between him and Barbara. Andrew says it's not that he doesn't want to tell him, but he can't.

Sam's House

Will is still laying on the couch, looking at a book when the doorbell rings. Roseanne is at the door and she has chicken soup for Will. She looks at Will and asks if it's over between them.

The Banner

Clint tells Lindsay not to get girly and throw one of her tantrums. Lindsay says it's not a tantrum and says she knows something about trust. Bo tries to get her to calm down. Lindsay angrily says that here Clint and Bo are going on about marriage, honesty and trust, and "if you only knew what was going on". Clint prods and goads her. Lindsay starts to say something and stops. Bo tries again to get her to calm down and says that he doesn't want her to say something she may regret later and can't take back. Clint again baits and goads her (someone put a gag in this man's mouth) and tells Lindsay to go ahead, "cut Bo off at the knees, hell, cut me off at the knees". Clint tells Bo it's another one of her grandstand performances. Lindsay says she doesn't want to hurt Bo. Bo wonders what it's all about when Clint says, "what did I tell you, she's shooting blanks, another empty threat". Lindsay says she's tired of it and for Clint to draw up divorce papers. She leaves the room.

The Hospital

Nora is looking at the babies in the nursery and is startled to see Sam standing behind her. Sam and looks at Nora and it is obvious Sam has something on his mind.

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