One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on OLTL
Todd saved Blair from falling off the roof at the Palace. Roseanne had a nightmare about Colin. Bo tried to help Nora regain her memory. The Cramer women plotted against Max. Todd put an explosive device under Bo's chair at the station.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, March 19, 2001


Bo talks to Melanie and Sam outside of Nora's room while Nora wakes up to find Lindsay in her room. Lanie tells Bo she had gone to Colin's because she was worried about Nora, but that Colin was out of control. Sam tells Bo that Lanie must have scared Colin off, but Bo thinks otherwise since Colin's car is still in the garage. Bo tells Lanie that he's putting a 24-guard on her just to be safe. Sam and Lanie share weird looks of guilt. Just as Nora is telling Lindsay about her ever-increasing memories and how she looks forward to the thrill of taking Lindsay down all by herself, Bo decides to interrupt and Lindsay leaves visibly shaken. Nora admits that she doesn't know what happened to Colin, but when Melanie takes a turn at a private chat with Nora, Melanie admits with confidence, "He's gone now. He can't hurt any of us anymore."


Cristian pays Jen a visit to check on her. She tells him to get lost, and then changes her mind and asks him to stay. They decide to go out and catch a movie, but Sam comes home and asks Cristian to leave. Afterwards, he tells Jen, "We have to talk about what happened last night."


Viki continues to overhear Gina and Rourke finish their discussion of Gina's leadership in the organization. Viki calls home, intending to tell Ben, but decides to leave a more cryptic message that she's on her way home and they need to talk. But before she can leave the garage, Gina appears at Viki's car door and takes the keys. When Viki stupidly admits that she knows all, Gina admits that she's going to have to make Viki disappear.


Following up on Gina's "lead", Ben and his mob buddy sneak in and find some incriminating evidence in an accounting book. Before they can leave though, Rourke appears with a gun and takes back the paperwork. Rourke then decides to let them go, much to the confusion of Ben.


Much to Todd/Officer Starr's dismay, Blair jokingly walks along the roof's edge as she giggles about her plot of insanity. When she accidentally slips and falls, Todd catches her arm. He tells her to trust him. She screams in fear, "Like you trusted me, Todd?" After he pulls her to safety, Kevin, Kelly, and Cop #2 arrive. Todd cuffs himself Blair despite the Cop #2's objection of protocol. Todd agrees to take Blair down to the station, but heads to the penthouse instead. Kelly tells Kevin that she has to help Blair, but he warns her that helping Blair to fake craziness is not the right way.


Todd tries to apologize but Blair tells Todd that he should have let her fall because that's what being in love with him is like. He refuses to undo their cuffs until she agrees to listen to him. He tells her he's going to get the evidence back and then they can get married. Blair tells Todd that they can never go back; she can forgive him for what he did at the wedding, but she can never forgive him for keeping her clothes from the shooting. Todd tells Blair that it's fate for them to be together. When she protests that he doesn't believe in fate, he defends, "Come on, you gotta work with me here...I believe in anything that gets me what I want and what I want is us and that's what you want too, isn't it?"

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Renee has a change of heart and decides it is time to mend fences with her "son". Ben is very happy as Renee tells him she wants to build a relationship with him. She is hopeful when she hears of Asa's attempt to protect Ben. However, Ben doesn't care if Asa wants a relationship. Meanwhile, Gina threatens Viki if she goes to Ben with the truth. When Viki asks if Gina is going to kill her or Ben, Gina denies it. However, Gina knows Jessica's schedule and promises she won't make it to her next English class if Viki doesn't follow her every instruction. Fear stricken for Jessica's safety, Viki agrees to wear a wire and convince Ben that she has to go out of town for awhile, while Gina listens in. Viki comes up with a story about speaking with cancer patients as part of her healing process. Ben is skeptical and offers to go a long with her. In the car, Gina calls one of her goons and orders him to stay on Jessica. Viki holds her ground and insists that Ben stay behind. Concerned, Ben thinks there is more that is going on with Viki then she lets on...

Bo thinks that Lindsay knows something about Colin's disappearance and questions her as to his whereabouts. Lindsay plays dumb and Bo responds by calling her a pathological liar! She lashes out at him for treating her this way on the anniversary of their miscarried baby. Lindsay suggests he go to Lanie if he wants someone to interrogate. She explains how Lanie came to the gallery late that night acting crazy and saying she had done something horrible. Lindsay stalks off and then rushes over to Sam's. He is demanding answers from their daughter about where she went the night before. Lindsay steps in to defend Jenn and demands that Sam back off. "We need to get to the bottom of this," Sam yells. "No we don't!" Lindsay responds. After Sam leaves, mother and daughter have a private talk in which Jenn admits she has something to tell Lindsay.

Blair and Todd share an intimate moment and almost kiss, but Blair pulls away, still to hurt to give into Todd. Todd admits thinking that everything can go back to the way it was if he just gets rid of the evidence. Even thought she still loves Todd, Blair points out that it is too late for them, and demands that he unlock the cuffs. Unfortunately, Todd has lost the key and they are stuck together. Just then Bo arrives at the penthouse with the rookie officer. The rookie had earlier informed the commissioner of his "partner" with the scar on his face—Sergeant Starr!

March 21, 2001

At the Penthouse, Bo knocks on the door impatiently for Todd while he and Blair argue and he tries to struggle out of the policeman's uniform. Bo and the accompanying cop finally break down the door, as Bo explains there's reasonable cause for a suspected crime. They find the pair wrapped in a blanket; Bo wants to arrest Todd for impersonating an officer but though Officer Childs at first identifies Todd (and Blair as the crazy woman at the luncheon) he becomes unsure as Blair describes someone totally different as the cop she left with. Blair and Todd are ecstatic as the cops leave, Bo stating that there will be another time for him to get Todd. Manning wants to know if he'll be forgiven and presses the issue but Blair is not ready for that now. She orders him to get the clothes in the evidence room. After she leaves, Todd retrieves a box from the fireplace and opens it...looks like equipment to make an explosion.

Viki informs Ben that she has to leave to help other women with breast cancer while Gina listens to the conversation via Viki's wire. Ben is suspicious of Viki's story which in turn spurs Gina to call someone on her cell phone, telling the person to keep on tailing Jessica. When Viki mentions that she needs to leave because of too much stress Gina suddenly walks into the house, claiming she knocked. She wonders why Viki is so upset and coyly says that she hopes all of Viki's children are ok, especially Jess. She'll come back tomorrow, she says, and wonders if Viki and Ben will be there. Viki assures her she'll be away. After Gina leaves, Ben insists the entire mess will be cleaned up with Gina's help before Viki's return. He wants to make love before Viki leaves and as Viki bluffs her way through, the phone rings and it's Gina, ordering her out of the house immediately. Ben and Viki kiss as she tells him her car is ready and she dashes out, into the waiting car where Gina is sitting. Viki orders her to call off the tail on Jess which she does. She won't divulge where they are going.

At Break Bar, R.J. tells Cris that things are looking up but refuses to give him any information, especially when Vega questions him on the "inside source" at the police station. R.J.'s ready for another delivery and he'll be the one to worry about everything. Cris and Will mention the fact that Colin has disappeared and Cris questions Will's facial injuries, wondering if he had something to do with that. The two have words, especially when Jess and Jen are brought into the conversation. Cris notes that he was concerned about Jen when she was missing the previous night. Jess wants the guys separated and tells Will not to keep secrets from her. He assures her he has none. He decides to look for Jen and as Jess prepares to leave after him, she's approached by a young man who makes conversation regarding school. He tells her his name is Richard Wallace and as they're talking he receives a's Gina telling him he can back off for now.

Lindsay is at Sam's place, telling her daughter that she doesn't want to hear any details of her previous evening's activities. Jen accuses her mother of bringing Colin into everyone's lives and of making Nora forget the past. Lindsay claims the whole incident with Nora was merely an accident but Jen wants to tell Sam everything. Her mother thinks it best that no one know and besides, she thinks it's better for people to be happy sometimes rather than know the truth. Colin is gone, Lindsay states...Jen agrees not to talk...Will arrives in time to hear. He asks his sister what's going on but Lindsay just announces that they're all a family and she leaves. Jen tells her brother that she's been waiting for things to get better since she's been a child.

Roseanne has a nightmare that Colin has paid her a visit. She screams out and both Antonio and Sophia burst in with guns drawn. Bo has ordered a detail assigned to everyone who was at Colin's dinner, they inform her. Sophia attempts to find out exactly why Roseanne was at the dinner and what her relationship with Colin is but she verbally attacks her and Antonio suggests she find other work to do. Antonio grills Roseanne himself and she finally relates how she met up with Colin and reveals that she slept with him. She insists that Colin showed up on his own after that and wanted to sleep with her again. She was at the dinner to give him money instead. Antonio almost breaks down as he spits out that Colin took advantage of her. It will take time for him to get over this but he only wanted the truth.

Thursday, March 22, 2001

Sam's house

Cris brings Jenn breakfast and they discuss Sam grilling Jenn about Colin. Sam and Rae then arrive as Sam has asked Rae to counsel Jenn. Rae is reluctant but agrees to try. Jenn tells Sam it is a bad time, and then is furious when Cris tells her Rae is a psychologist. Cris leaves as Jenn agrees to talk to Rae, but then she changes her mind and says she just wants to forget Colin. Sam unsuccessfully questions her some more and she leaves after saying Colin got what he deserved. Rae tells Sam she thinks something is going on with Jenn besides the divorce. Sam asks Rae how to face bad choices and how to live with guilt. Rae then asks if he's talking about Jenn or himself. Sam thanks Rae and she leaves. We then see Sam cleaning a pair of muddy shoes.

Break Bar

R.J. is unhappy to see Lindsay and tries to get her to leave. They then question each other as to Colin's whereabouts and both deny knowing anything about it. R.J. tells Lindsay to be happy Colin's gone, but Lindsay worries about the letters. On her way out, she talks to Cris and tells him to stay away from Jenn, saying he is a part of Jenn's problem and her family can handle it. Cris becomes angry and defends the friendship, saying he stopped Jenn from leaving. Jenn walks in and tells Lindsay to back off and forces Lindsay to apologize to them both. Lindsay then leaves and Jenn tells Cris she wants to have fun and Cris takes her somewhere. R. J. is then alone, and he picks up a napkin from the floor with a suspicious look on his face.


Lanie dreams of Colin taking Nora and wakes up assuming it was real. She then panics and tells Antonio that Colin took Nora when she finds Nora's bed empty. Antonio gets ahold of Bo, and tells Lanie that Nora is fine. Antonio becomes suspicious and questions Lanie after Lanie says she knew Colin couldn't have taken Nora, however she then says she's not sure if he's gone and doesn't know where he is.

Colin's house

Bo finds Nora alone in Colin's bedroom and they argue about Nora being there. Bo says he'll help Nora if she'll keep him involved and Nora shares how frustrated she is about not being able to remember. She then remembers Colin bathing her and she asks Bo what kind of drugs Colin gave her the other night. Bo tells her it was a muscle relaxer and something unknown. Nora then asks a reluctant Bo to role-play as Colin. They find a syringe in a drawer and Nora lays down and asks Bo to come at her with it. She then says she is remembering something as they are startled by an intruder.

Friday, MARCH

Kelly's House

Kelly is reading an article from The Sun to Blair about her behavior at the Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. Kelly praises Todd for printing the article and says she almost believes that Blair is crazy. Blair says that the article in the Sun is not nearly enough. "Not nearly enough to sway potential jurors or not nearly enough to get him (Todd) back and forgive him?" Kelly asks. "Both!" Blair replies. Kelly agrees that it will take more than a story to convince everyone that Blair did not know what she was doing when she shot Max. Max walks into the room and throws a package in the floor. Both Kelly and Blair put their hand to their nose and Blair asks Max what it is. Max tells Blair she knows what it is and that he has had it and he has taken all the bull he is going to take.

Todd Manning's Penthouse

Starr is holding Max's credit card and checking off an order of manure she had ordered over the Internet and apparently had sent to Max. Then she wonders what else she can order.

Sam comes to see Todd and tells him that the only reason he came was because of the message Todd left regarding Blair. Sam asks Todd if he has something that will help Blair's case to which Todd replies "Maybe." Sam starts to leave, but Todd stops him. Sam tells Todd that Blair is facing serious jail time and he is not into playing games and he doesn't know why he came since Todd gave the D. A. his case and he is the State's chief witness. "Exactly!" exclaims Todd "And how credible am I? I mean, think about it, if anyone can turn me into a mass of quivering jelly on the stand, it's you." he tells Sam. "The only undisputed evidence they have are Blair's clothes, right?" Todd continues. Sam agrees and Todd asks "What if they didn't have it?" Sam responds that the State does have it and that Todd gave it to them. Again Todd says "But what if they didn't (have it)?" Sam catches on to what Todd is trying to say and immediately tells Todd not to even think about it!

Video Arcade

Jen and Cristian walk into the arcade, but Jen is a little hesitant. Cristian says that maybe the arcade wasn't such a good idea, but Jen insists that they stay. She says she wanted to get away from thinking about Colin, her family and all the other things that she didn't want to think about.

Colin McIver's House

Bo is moving toward Nora with a syringe in his hand. Nora says she sees something and all of a sudden a woman screams "No!". It is Lindsay.

Llanview Police Station

Antonio shows Lanie into Bo's office and tells her she can wait for the Commissioner until he returns. Antonio tells Lanie not to worry, that Colin wouldn't try anything in the police station, but Lanie reminds him that Colin stood in the Commissioner's office and talked himself out of charges for Nora's kidnapping. Antonio says it almost makes you appreciate why people take the law into their own hands, even though he does not condone such actions. He tells Lanie that the justice system works eventually and that it will catch up one way or another. Antonio leaves and Lanie sits down at Bo's desk. She finds a folder that says "Preliminary Investigation" and has several files folders inside. She notices one at the back of the folder and takes it out and starts reading, being very careful to see if anyone is watching.

Colin McIver's House

From the look on his face, Bo is obviously wondering what Lindsay is doing at Colin's house. "What are you doing?" Lindsay asks. Bo tells her he is investigating Colin's disappearance. Lindsay looks at the syringe in Bo's hand and says "Like that?" Bo says he will investigate any way he can, then asks Lindsay what she is doing in the bedroom of a wanted fugitive. Lindsay explains that she came back to get a ruby necklace that Colin had taken from Lanie to give to Nora. Bo is hesitant in believing Lindsay, but Nora says she has the necklace and that she will see that Lanie gets it. Nora asks Lindsay why she screamed and Lindsay says that Nora and Bo frightened her and that she was so startled that she thought Bo was Colin. Nora explained to Lindsay that she and Bo were role playing in order to try to trigger Nora's memory about what might have happened the night Colin disappeared. She told Lindsay that she was glad she had come because she thought Lindsay might be able to help them.

Kelly's House

Kelly says she doesn't know what the package is and asks Max to tell them. Max says it is cow manure and that two dozen 20 pound bags had shown up in his bedroom that morning and that they had been charged to his credit card. Max tells Blair that he wants his credit card back. Kelly thinks sending Max manure was a brilliant idea since "he is so full of it!". Blair says that she wishes she had thought of it, but that she didn't and that she didn't take his credit card and did not have time to play games. Max accused Blair of putting on an act at the luncheon and warns her that her plan will not work.

Todd's Penthouse

Sam shouts at Todd to shut up and tells him that if he tells Sam anything, that Sam will be obligated to turn Todd in for obstruction of justice, tampering with the evidence and that Todd would have to recant his entire sworn testimony. "That's what I'm talking about" says Todd "I want to do that." Sam tells Todd that his meddling in Blair's affairs is not going to help her and that he should just stay away from her, but Todd says he can't seem to do that. Sam tells him to try. As Sam is walking out, Todd says "Ok, since you're not going to help me I guess I have no other choice." Sam stops and asks Todd what he means by that. Todd tells Sam that if he is not going to be his friend, then he is his enemy and that he is writing Sam off. Sam gets a big laugh out of that and tells Todd that he can stick their friendship. "You stay away from Blair. Do not interfere with my case!" Sam tells Todd and walks out. After Sam leaves, Todd reaches under his desk and gets a briefcase and says "Looks like I'm on to plan B." and walks out.

Kelly's House

Blair tells Max that she will get out of this because she was crazy when she shot him and that he drove her to it. Kelly agrees and says that she can't wait to testify to Blair's state of mind, how Max hurt Blair, cheated on her and how he gave her months of pain and grief. Kelly said she could also testify how Max had tried to marry Kelly for her money. Max finds it amusing that the Cramer women are willing to go up against a Buchanan. He says that if Dorian were there it might mean something, but they should quit while they were ahead. (Oh, PLEASE let this be a hint that Robin Strasser is returning as Dorian!) Blair reminds Max that he is not a Buchanan and wonders why the police have not charged Max for faking brain damage. Max reminds her that the police would also have to charge her and asks if the attempted murder charge is not enough to keep her busy. Blair says that seeing him in bed with Skye Chandler had driven her over the edge. She reminds him of all the crazy things she did and says that he could go to the police and tell them how crazy she really was. "You could be a witness for me Max. You could get me out of this." Blair tells Max.

Video Arcade

Jen is happily playing one of the games while Cristian watches. She tells Cristian he is bringing her luck. When Cristian tries to play the same game, he is unable to flex his wrist and stops in frustration and snaps at Jen, who had been cheering him on. He tells her it is no big deal, but she reaches over and caresses his wrist. Cristian looks at her and smiles.

Colin McIver's House

Lindsay says she doesn't want to play the game and starts to leave, but Nora stops her and says "Come on, Lindsay, why don't you give us a hand. That hand, holding this syringe. It might trigger something." Lindsay says she thinks Nora has been through enough and that she thinks Nora needs to be put somewhere she can get a "long term" rest. Nora turns on Lindsay while Bo just stands back and watches. She tells Lindsay that it is her fault that she can't remember anything. "This all started with you and if it is the last act I do on earth, it will all end with you." Nora says to Lindsay. Bo stands with his arms crossed and waits to see what will happen next, but when Nora continues to choke Lindsay he finally breaks them up. Lindsay tells Bo she wants Nora arrested, but he tells Lindsay that it is a crime scene and that she has no business there (and Nora does?). After Lindsay leaves, Nora tells Bo that they both know Lindsay convinced Colin McIver to keep Nora captive in his house and that she probably drugged Nora. Bo asks Nora what she accomplished by attacking Lindsay. Nora tells Bo she feels great! Bo warns Nora not to come back to Colin's house or he will arrest her. Nora says that is fine and promises she won't, but she is not giving up. Bo promises her he will get to the truth for Nora and for all the rest of the people Colin hurt.

Video Arcade

Jen tells Cristian that she had wanted to ask him about his hand, but that when she looked at his sketches and he "freaked out" she was afraid to ask him. She says she realizes now that Cristian's art was him, like Sam and the law, but that now he couldn't do it anymore because of his hand and she asks him what happened to his hand and if it had something to do with Jessie. Cristian explains how when Jessie moved out of his life and into Will's life, he had a really hard time handling it and that he got drunk and got into a car. He said that he didn't expect Jen to understand, but Jen reminds him that she is the girl he found in the park with alcohol poisoning because she had been unable to deal with her problems. Cristian says that she does understand and now she knows why there are certain things he can't do anymore. Jen says that she can think of one thing he can still do and asks if he wants her to prove it to him.

Kelly's House

Max tells Blair "You know me too well. I do remember and I could get you out of this." Blair looks very relieved and happy when Max continues "and so I will...When Hell Freezes Over!" He says he will testify that Blair was calm, cool and collected and that they were planning a divorce and that they had fought over money and that Blair had threatened him. Blair says she did not threaten him and Max asks who they (the jurors) are going to believe since she is "crazy". Kelly says that if Max gets on the stand and lies that Sam will rip him apart, but Max just laughs and tells them to take their best shot.

Llanview Police Station

Todd walks into the squad room of the police station, but sees Sam and ducks out again. Sam thanks Antonio for a file but Antonio says he is not sure that there is anything there that will help Blair. Sam startles Lanie who is still in Bo's office reading the investigation file. They discuss Colin and how sick he is then Sam leaves. Todd walks into Bo's office and starts verbally attacking Lanie until she walks out of Bo's office. He then closes the door to Bo's office and puts on a pair of gloves.

Video Arcade

Jen is helping Cristian play the video game by being his "right hand". Cristian is using his left hand and Jen is using her right one to play the game. They each have the hand they are not using behind their back. When they win the game, they do a "high five" and clasp their hands together for a very long moment. When they start playing again, they catch hold of each other's hand behind their backs.

Llanview Police Station

Todd is leaning over Bo's chair when Lanie comes back into Bo's office with Antonio. Todd quickly starts throwing things back into the brief case and closing it up and tells Antonio that he is waiting for Bo so he can interview him. Antonio tells Todd that if he wants to see Bo he has to make an appointment and tells Todd to get out.

Palace Hotel Bar

Nora comes in with her police escort and runs into Max. While they are talking a young lady enters the bar saying she has a telegram for Max Holden. Max ignores her, insisting that he is Max Buchanan, but Nora calls her over. The young lady removes her jacket to reveal a strapless top and starts to sing. At the end of the song, she throws a cream pie in Max's face.

Llanview Police Station

Bo returns and Antonio tells him that Lanie is in his office, but does not mention that Todd was there. Lanie says she guesses that he hasn't got any news on Colin and tells him she couldn't help but see the file on his desk. Bo asks her if Colin ever mentioned a place that was special to him. Lanie says she would rather not talk about her past with Colin, but would rather think about her future with Bo. Bo puts his arms around Lanie and says he is glad she is there because that way he knows that nothing is going to happen to her. Lanie looks very unsure of that statement.

Colin McIver's House

Lindsay returns to Colin's bedroom, puts on her gloves and starts searching fruitlessly for something. When she doesn't find what she is looking for right away, it looks as if she is going to leave.

Palace Hotel Bar

Max is at the bar wiping the pie from his face while Nora laughs hysterically. He tells Nora that Blair has gone too far and that she will be very sorry.

Kelly's House

Todd walks in and tells Blair "Good news. I fixed everything." He continues by telling Blair that in a few minutes all of her problems will be gone away.

Llanview Police Station

Attached to Bo's chair is some kind of explosive device and Lanie is sitting there kissing Bo.

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