One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 26, 2001 on OLTL
Todd made an anonymous call to the police station. Ben gave Renee a photo of himself as a child. Skye tried to learn about her biological father. Will fought with Cristian over the fake I.D.s. Jessica saw a hand sticking out of the dirt.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 26, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, March 26, 2001


Todd tells Blair that he's going to get her clothes back. He places an anonymous call to the police station to warn them about the bomb. Blair thinks his plan of pretending there's a bomb to get the station evacuated is a great idea. Todd plays along, letting her think that there is no bomb. After he leaves, Kelly arrives and shares her creative ideas on how Blair can look crazy. Blair defends that Todd is taking care of it, but Kelly is worried that Blair's trust in Todd is poorly placed.


Max enters Bo's office and tells Bo and Lanie that he's not leaving until he's dealt with and that he wants to press charges for Blair's theft of his credit card. Max is miffed that Bo won't take his complaint, but Bo encourages him to file a complaint and to communicate with his lawyer. Sophia tells Bo about the bomb threat and Max exits to safety. Bo tells Lanie to leave but she refuses and sits her pouting self in his bomb-decorated chair. After the bomb squad arrives, Bo agrees to leave with Lanie and wait outside. As they leave, Todd hides under a desk to avoid being seen and then later sneaks into the evidence room. He finds the what he was seeking, but unintentionally locks himself in with the evidence! Bo receives a call on his cell phone that the bomb has been located on his chair. Bo realizes that his office is right above the evidence room and he tells Lanie that he knows who's responsible. Blair, worried that Todd was taking so long, arrives to find her beloved caged. He yells at her to leave. She's shocked when Todd tells her that there is a real bomb!


Ben gives Rene a childhood photo of himself and she appreciates the sentiment. Asa enters and greats the "Vegas Madame and her Bastard Son." Ben threatens Asa to leave Rene alone. Asa defends that his attempt to reach out to Ben with a gift of bodyguards was rejected. Ben tells Rene that Asa has the son he deserves and that Max is still living at the mansion. Rene questions Asa, but he bluffs. Ben is approached by one of Gina's thugs and is told that Gina needs to see him right away. After mild protest, Ben obliges and exits. Rene tells Asa that she's ready to finalize the divorce but she's sad because they were finally finding each other again and she can't understand why he's forgiven Max. Asa offers no explanation. When Max enters the bar, Renee approaches him and tells Max that she knows he's got to be blackmailing Asa. Max confesses his love for both Rene and Asa, but Rene leaves unimpressed. Max accuses Asa of treating Rene like livestock and tells him that Asa's in the situation he's in because of his own actions.


Gina pays Viki a visit and Viki asks about the long-range plans of her kidnapping. Viki accuses Gina of being trapped in the past, but Gina shows no concern. She explains that she's going to "team up" with Ben to find a disappeared Viki and she believes Ben will come to see that they still belong together. Before leaving, Gina offers to get Viki medical attention, but Viki assures her that Gina's loss with reality proves that Gina is the only one who needs a doctor. Viki paces alone in her room when her television pops on. Gina has hidden a video camera in her office so that Viki can see everything. Ben arrives and Gina fanes distress and embraces Ben. Viki is shocked and worried!

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Max runs into Skye who is sitting alone in a coffee shop. When he offers to buy her a mocha, she blows him off. Max doesn't give up, and he tries to compare their recent situations. Skye quickly points out that he lied and she was lied to. She softens a bit when he makes a sincere effort to reach out to her. Rae shows up and Skye makes it clear she doesn't want to talk. Max pulls her aside and reminds Skye that Rae is her mother and desperately wants a relationship with her. After Max leaves, Skye reluctantly sits down with Rae. She abruptly asks, "Who is my father?"

Asa catches Starr sneaking upstairs in his mansion with a huge pair of scissors. When he demands to know what she is doing Starr tries to fib that she was just going to cut some flowers for Max. Asa calls her bluff and she finally admits that she is getting her revenge on Max because he ruined her family's happiness. Starr's plan is to cut up all of Max's fancy suits because he thinks he looks so good in them. She also admits to being the one who has been charging Max's credit card. Asa seems touched by her loyalty to her parents, and agrees to be her lookout. After the deed is done, he quickly hides her when Max shows up. Asa and Starr share a laugh as Max screams when seeing his destroyed wardrobe.

Viki interrogates her guard as to what kind of woman Gina is. When he replies that she is a great boss to work for, Viki responds, "Of course she is. If you tried to quit you would disappear." Viki is forced to watch on a TV monitor as Gina lies about her intentions to Ben. She urges him to stay at her house so he can be safe from the "hit" put out on him. Ben reminds her that he is a newly married man and doesn't think it would be appropriate. He is also concerned he would be giving her the wrong idea. Gina acts as if the very thought of her having ulterior motives was absurd. After Ben finally agrees to stay with Gina, she brings up their past and they reminisce together. Later, Ben leaves Viki a message telling her how much he loves and misses her. Frustrated, Viki watches the whole scene fold out in front of her.

Lindsay arrives outside the precinct and learns of the bomb. When Bo is called inside, Lindsay and Lanie beg him not to go in. Bo explains that he can't let all that evidence be destroyed because so many criminals would go free. When Lindsay tells Bo no evidence is worth his life, he become suspicious and asks what it is inside that could incriminate her. Lindsay denies it, and against Lanie's wishes rushes in to help the bomb squad. Lanie verbally attacks her sister, and then rushes in to be with Bo. Meanwhile, Todd is still locked in the evidence locker. Blair is furious at Todd for planting a real bomb. She tries unlocking the gate, but to no avail. She and Todd bicker back and forth about what to do. Fed up, Blair storms out. Todd is disappointed to think he isn't going out in a blaze of glory, but decides to accept the fact he is going to die. Suddenly Blair appears with a large fire axe. She begins hacking at the gate...At the same time, Bo is having difficulty diffusing the bomb. When Lanie shows up she refuses to leave and is determined to help Bo. Finally he agrees when she convinces him that as a surgeon she has the steady hands to do the job. As Lanie goes to work with Bo instructing her, one of the red lights on the bomb begins to blink!

March 28, 2001

While imprisoned at Gina's, Viki is forced to watch while she tries to steal Ben. Viki later assures her rival that she doesn't stand a chance as Ben has no feelings for her and her plan is doomed. Gina disagrees and says that Viki will lose, one way or another. Gina wants Viki to give up Ben if she wins him but Viki wants to make a deal that whoever loses Ben will agree to give him up. Viki knows that Jess is still being followed so she has to give in to Gina's demands and Gina advises Viki that she can't be underestimated. Viki wants to know who ordered the hit at her wedding but Gina refuses to tell her. Viki is convinced that Ben will look for her so Gina agrees to provide the telephone but will have Viki watched. Gina is convinced that Viki has made Ben a smaller person by having him live her lifestyle.

At Hallowed Grounds, Skye is sitting with Rae. She demands to know who her father is but Rae refuses to divulge any information since he has his own life and family. She will have to find a way to tell him about Skye. Cris and Jen arrive and she spots the women but is not happy to see Rae. Cris tells her that Skye is the one who found her in the park. Will and Jess also arrive and though Will is angry that Cris is with his sister and they argue about it, he later accepts it and admits to Jess that maybe Cris does like Jen after all. Jen mentions a party in the woods and all agree to go. Will warns Jen against drinking which is sure to occur there but she admits she's done with all of that. Jen approaches Skye to thank her for saving her; Skye returns the thanks since she herself had contemplated drinking that night. They both admit that parents can be the cause of a lot of problems. Cris admits to Jen that he wants to take her to the party, that he's not just doing it to bother Will.

Blair is still trying to free Todd and refuses to leave him even though he tosses her the envelope with the evidence. Lanie tries to disarm the bomb with Bo's instructions. Both women finally succeed at their tasks. Bo checks the evidence room to see if anything is missing but all still seems to be intact (except for the envelope marked for the Holden trial), even the earring found in Colin's house. As Bo heads for his office, Lindsay begins to mouth off to Lanie about how Bo had the nerve to actually keep her in danger while they defused the bomb. Lanie yells at her sister to shut up, she knows the earring belongs to Lindsay as she saw her wearing them the night of Colin's dinner. In his office, Bo opens a safe to remove the real Blair Cramer clothing evidence. He overhears the sisters' conversation and when he questions them Lindsay says they were talking about a sweater but Lanie says she has something to tell him.

At the nearby park, Blair and Todd rush out of breath to a bench where they are encountered by Kelly. She wants to know why they were running from the police station and why Todd has an ax. Though they give her far-fetched reasons, she tells them she knows that Todd was behind the bomb and warns Blair to stay away from him. Blair opens the evidence envelope to pour out nothing but shredded paper. Meanwhile, Todd just wants to know why Blair risked her life for him; it must mean that she still wants to marry him. Blair claims that she rescued him for Starr but he's too dangerous for her to be near him herself.

Max finds his clothing cut to shreds and questions Asa who claims to have no idea on what happened. He suggests that Max see his tailor for new clothing since Max has him "over a barrel." Once the coast is clear, he calls Starr out from hiding. She wants to know when Asa will get his own revenge on Max. Kelly pays Max a visit later to try to talk him into dropping the case against Blair. He comes on to her and as she pushes him away disgustingly, he tells her that he's conning her the same way she is conning him by trying to get him to forgive Blair. She threatens to harm him if he continues his revenge against her cousin and tells him that no one cares about him anyway. Asa later offers Max money to leave but he refuses. Soon after, Asa makes a phone call and orders an unknown party to track someone down for him.

Todd arrives at the coffee shop in time to hear Skye begging Rae one more time for her father's identity. After Rae leaves her, Todd offers to learn the identity himself, if Skye will do a favor for him.

Gina makes a toast with Ben to their "mutual success." Suddenly, he receives a call from Viki who tries to disclose her location with various hints.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Coffee Shop

Will demands an explanation from Jess about how Cris hurt Jenn, so Jess tells him about the fake I.D. A fight between Will and Cris ensues and they take it to the park.

Meanwhile, Todd promises to find Skye's father if she will find out from John Sykes where Blair's clothes are. Skye says she won't help him, and Todd stops her from walking away, causing Blair to overhear. Skye then leaves and Blair tells Todd to stay out of her life.

Rae's house

Sophia shows up at Rae's and Rae cancels their plans, saying she has to take a trip to Port Charles. Nora shows up, saying she's lost her mind and Sophia leaves. Nora tells Rae about her dreams of Colin and asks Rae to hypnotize her. Rae agrees, and they begin not knowing that Lindsay is watching. Rae hears a noise upstairs and goes to investigate. We later find out it was Skye ransacking Rae's bedroom. Meanwhile, Lindsay has gone to sit by Nora and started talking to her while she's hypnotized.

Police Station

Lindsay denies knowing the earring to Bo and Lanie and leaves. Lanie covers for Lindsay, saying she doesn't think Lindsay was involved in Colin's disappearance. Bo swears to put Colin away, and while he's talking Lanie mistakes Antonio for Colin and hears Colin trying to spill her secret. She then leaves in a hurry and Antonio tells Bo about Lanie's suspicious behavior. Bo thanks Antonio and Antonio leaves.


Nora's guard leaves her alone and she has a frightening dream about Colin. Nora leaves, and Will and Cris show up to fight. Cris then accuses Jess of caring who he sees and Will is angry at Jess for not telling him about the I.D. sooner. Cris and Jenn leave for the party in the woods and Will and Jess follow.


Jenn and Cris show up at the party and Jenn is upset because they are close to Colin's house. We then see someone watching them from the bushes.


Sam is looking at defenses for murder when Blair shows up. Sam chastises her attempt at an insanity defense, and Blair blames Todd. She also asks for Sam's help in staying away from Todd. Lindsay shows up and she and Sam fight about Jenn and about Rae treating her. Lindsay then leaves and Blair then leaves, saying she has to do something drastic. Lanie then shows up and asks Sam to be her lawyer. Sam agrees, and says once again that Colin is gone for good. After Lanie leaves, Sam continues to look at murder defenses.

Friday, March 30, 2001

Llanview State Park

When Jen gets freaked out because Colin's house is so near the park, Cristian offers to leave, but Jen says she is just cold. Cristian takes her close to the fire and puts his jacket around her shoulders just as Will and Jessie get there.

Roseanne's Room

There is a knock at the door and Roseanne assumes it is the delivery of the dinner she has ordered for she and Antonio. She takes some money from the stacks of bills she has hidden under the bed and hurriedly throws the money back under the bed. When she opens the door, it is Antonio and he has intercepted the delivery of the special dinner Roseanne has ordered for them. Roseanne explains she wanted to do something special because Antonio had been so great when he learned that Roseanne had had sex with Colin. Antonio told Roseanne that he was just glad she had told him the truth about why she was invited to Colin's dinner party. He said he had expected to get information about R. J., but that hadn't happened. Roseanne said that the night was about she and Antonio, not Colin McIver or R. J. Gannon and asked him to drop the subject of the two men. Antonio says he doesn't want to drop it until he has all the answers and Roseanne asks where he intends to get them. Antonio replies "I was hoping I'd get them from you."

Rae's House

Skye has somehow gotten into Rae's house and has ransacked her bedroom, obviously looking for some clue to who her biological father is. Rae tells Skye that if she had come to front door she would have been welcomed. She explains to Skye that she has a patient downstairs and she has to go. Skye immediately assumes that Rae thinks the patient is more important than she is to Rae. Rae asks her to stay until she finishes, then they can have tea and talk. Skye doesn't want tea and conversation; she wants to know who her biological father is. Rae tells Skye that her biological father doesn't even know that Rae had a baby by him and asks Skye if she doesn't think it would be wise to let him know of Skye's existence before she gives Skye his name. Skye tells Rae that if she really cares about her and really wants things to get better between them then Rae should tell her the name of her father.

Lindsay is downstairs with a hypnotized Nora, and she tells Nora that she is her best friend and that Nora should do everything Lindsay tells her to do and remember everything Lindsay tells her. Lindsay begins by testing Nora. She tells Nora to go back to when she was five years old, then snaps her fingers. Nora behaves like any typical five-year-old. Lindsay also tells Nora that when she wakes up she will quack like a duck every time she hears the word "red". Then she tests Nora to see if the suggestion worked. Next, Lindsay tells Nora she is going to bring her back to the current time. Lindsay tells Nora that it is her lucky day, because she is going to give her something to remember.

Rae explains to Skye that she was not still with Skye's biological father when she found out she was pregnant. Skye asked if Rae decided that the man didn't need to know that he had a daughter. Rae tells Skye that she had been told that Skye had died and asks what would have been the point in telling her father about her. Rae, with tears in her eyes, starts telling Skye how much she enjoyed carrying her and that she had such plans for them. She told Skye her name was going to be either Rebecca or Richard and that she was inconsolable when she was told that her baby had died. She explains that a woman can get past losing a child, but she can never get over it. She tells Skye that she knows Skye feels like she has been used and is the victim of lies and deceit and that is something the two women share. Skye also has tears in her eyes as she listens. It is obvious she is moved, but she says nothing.

Llanview State Park

It appears that someone is watching the goings on of the party from the trees surrounding the area where the party is being held. Jessie asks Will if he wants to leave, but he indicates that he is cool and they start to dance. While they are dancing, Cristian tells Jen that she looks like the music takes her to a private world and that is what painting used to do for him. He pulls Jen closer, but after a minute, Jen pulls away to get something to drink. Jen runs into Jessie while getting something to drink and thanks her for getting Cristian into trouble over the fake id's. Jessie tells Will that he doesn't have to go to the police about Cristian because she has already talked to Antonio. Will accuses Jessie of protecting Cristian by going to his brother rather than going to her Uncle Bo or Detective Sykes. He tells Jessie that if she wants to protect someone she should help him protect Jen. He doesn't like it that Cristian has not been arrested and is still free to get closer to Jen and he holds Jessie responsible. Jessie asks him to explain how she is responsible, but Will just walks away. One of the party members shoves two beers into Cristian's hands. Jen says she doesn't thinks she ever wants anything alcoholic again. Cristian tosses the beers to someone else and tells Jen that she was just trying to forget her problems and that (since Colin is not around) maybe she won't have to do that again. Several of the party members start gossiping about Colin and each has a different story about what he did to Nora. One of the guys pretends to be Colin and starts walking toward Jen. She sees the young man as Colin and screams and shoves him away. Cristian takes Jen into his arms to protect and comfort her.

Jessie catches up with Will and he finally tells her that if she had told him about Cristian making the fake id's, he could have talked to Jen and made her see what kind of person Cristian was. Will then accuses Jessie of lying to him in order to protect Cristian. They get into an argument about truth in their relationship and Jessie asks Will why he doesn't tell her the truth.

Roseanne's Room

Antonio tells Roseanne that he thought Colin might have talked to her about R. J. but Roseanne reminds him that she and Colin didn't talk and that she is trying to forget that it ever happened. Antonio says that R. J. has a long history of going after him and his family and that he want's R. J. stopped. Roseanne asks Antonio if this is about Cristian and R. J.

Rae's House

Lindsay tells Nora that she wants to help her fill in all the blanks of her memory. She reminds Nora that she has many enemies, but that she (Lindsay) is her best friend. She tells Nora that when she wakes up she will remember how much she mistrusts Sam, and that she can't believe a word he says. She continues her litany by telling Nora that she won't remember ever having loved Bo and that she will help Bo realize that he belongs with her best friend, Lindsay. "Most important of listen very carefully. When you wake up, you will forget that you ever thought I had anything to do with your kidnapping." Lindsay tells Nora. Nora responds that Lindsay is her best friend and then says "But you did kidnap me, didn't you?" Lindsay once again tells Nora that she did not do anything to her and that Nora will remember that when she wakes up and that she will leave Lindsay alone. Nora does not understand, so Lindsay tells her that when she wakes up she will think that Lindsay is totally innocent and had nothing to do with Colin or his plan to kidnap Nora. Nora gets up and starts out of the room, but Lindsay stops her asking her where she is going. Nora says she is going to the police to tell them everything Lindsay said. Lindsay is shocked.

In a very emotional scene, Skye lashes out at Rae and asks her if she thinks Skye should feel some kind of bond. Rae says she doesn't care what Skye feels as long as it's not hate. Skye screams at Rae that she had no right to go looking for Skye and once again, Rae tries to make Skye understand that she was told Skye died. Rae is very hurt and completely frustrated and says that maybe she and Skye will never have a relationship, but that maybe Skye could have a better relationship with her father. But Rae will not tell Skye who he is until she has had the opportunity to tell him about Skye's existence. She says that she knows Skye, to which Skye says that Rae was not there to know her and Rae tells Skye that was not her choice. She says she knows that Skye would run off to find her father and infuriate him the same way she infuriates Rae.

Llanview State Park

Jen tells Cristian that she thought the party member was Colin and that she wanted to get rid of him "again". Cristian asks her what she means by "again". Jen says that since Colin went away, she wants him to stay away. Cristian asks Jen to wait a minute and excuses himself. He comes back with the young man who was taunting Jen and makes him apologize to her.

Since Will has accused Jessie of lying to him, she reads him the riot act about his own habit of lying to her. She asks him how his face got rearranged on the night of Colin's disappearance. She then asks him why Colin asked Will to his dinner party in the first place. Then she asks him about the really big secret he is keeping from her about Lindsay. Will tells her he can't tell her about Lindsay and Jessie laughs and says she knows he can't tell her but she is going to guess. "Your mom is involved in Nora's kidnapping isn't she?"

Rae's House

Skye accuses Rae of punishing her because she did not immediately bond with her. Rae denies this and tells Skye that she will tell her the name of her biological father as soon as the time is appropriate. Skye tells her not to bother that she will find out by herself. Rae begs Skye to give her just a few days. She tells Skye that she will meet with her father and she will tell him about Skye and at that time she will tell Skye what she wants to know. Skye finally consents to giving Rae three days. As she is about to leave, Rae notices that Skye has cut her hand and tries to clean the wound. While she is attending the cut, Rae looks at Skye lovingly.

Roseanne's Room

Roseanne and Antonio argue over Cristian's involvement with R. J. Roseanne insists that Cristian is legitimately working for R. J., but Antonio feels that Cristian is messing up his life. Roseanne says that it is Cristian's life to mess up. While Roseanne believes that Cristian is only managing the Break Bar, Antonio is convinced that there is more to it than that. Roseanne tells Antonio that Cristian will come to his senses and surprise him. Antonio says his jaw can't take anymore surprises. Roseanne tells Antonio she wants the night to be about them and romance. Antonio says they have to take it slow and Roseanne thinks that he wants to take it slow because of Colin, but Antonio says that it is about a lot of things. She asks him if that means he won't be spending the night and he replies that it means they will discuss it over dinner. Roseanne excuses herself to step into the bathroom to change her clothes. Antonio goes to get matches to light the candles and drops them on the floor. When he stoops to pick up the matches, he finds Roseanne's money.

Llanview State Park

Jessie continues to ask Will what the big secrets are, but Will becomes very defensive and says he doesn't have to take the third degree from her since she lied to him about Cristian and he walks off, leaving Jessie dumbfounded.

Rae's House

Nora tells Lindsay that she is going to tell the police that Lindsay is her best friend and everything else Lindsay told her. Lindsay tells Nora that she doesn't have to tell the police anything, then she tells Nora that the most important thing is that when she wakes up she will not remember that Lindsay was there. Lindsay starts to leave but Nora grabs her arm and asks Lindsay "Where are you going? Don't you want to play hypnosis with me anymore, Lindsay?" Lindsay realizes that Nora was never hypnotized.

Roseanne's Room

Roseanne comes out of the bathroom in a beautiful red dress to find Antonio sitting on the bed with the money. He asks Roseanne if she wants to tell him where the money came from.

Rae's House

Lindsay denies ever thinking that Nora was hypnotized and said that she had just come by to see Rae. Nora, of course, knows better. Rae and Skye come down stairs and while Lindsay and Nora banter back and forth, Skye starts to walk out the door, but sees the paper that Rae has written the flight number she was planning to take to see Skye's biological father. She takes the paper and leaves.

Lindsay continues to double talk her way out of the spot she is in and attacks Rae about not going near Jen. She threatens to sue Rae for every dime she has if she goes near Jen and flaunts out the door. Nora is furious and swears that she will see to it that Lindsay fries for what she did to her.

Llanview State Park

Jen and Cristian are sitting around the fire talking about things they collected when they were young. Jen has found a piece of granite that looks like diamonds and she shows it to Cristian and asks him if he has every seen anything as beautiful. By the way he is looking at her it is obvious that he thinks Jen is quite beautiful.

Jessie starts to follow after Will, but she trips and falls on her face. When she raises her head, she sees a hand sticking out of the dirt and she starts to scream.

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