One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on OLTL
Lindsay burned Colin's letters. Starr let piranhas loose in Max's bathtub. Todd confessed to shooting Max but changed his mind after hearing that Blair was pregnant with Max's child. Niki Smith emerged. Colin's body was found in a crate.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, April 23, 2001

Bo and Nora were too late to stop Lindsay from setting Colin's letters on fire. Nora was furious that the evidence against Lindsay she had been hoping for had been destroyed. Lindsay lied that the letters only contained a lascivious account of what Colin did to Nora while he held her captive. Andrew arrived and asked for time alone with Lindsay, who confessed her role in Nora's kidnapping and declared that she wanted a chance to redeem herself. After their talk, Andrew told Bo and Nora that he would not reveal what Lindsay had confessed and would not press charges against her. Meanwhile, Jen wanted to confide in Will about the night Colin disappeared, but he convinced her it was better for both of them if they each kept quiet about what they knew about Colin's death. Will and Jen also promised each other that they would not say anything to Cristian, Jessica, Sam, or Lindsay.

At the mansion, Starr entered as Nigel was drawing a bath for Max. Starr blackmailed Nigel into leaving her alone so she could put piranhas in Max's bath. Later, Max screamed after he entered the bathroom. Kelly's arrival prevented Todd from taking Blair away. Blair reiterated that she did not love Todd and forced him out the door. Alone, Blair tearfully admitted to Kelly that she does love Todd. Kelly argued that Todd would never change and advised Blair to forget about him and stick to their plan to keep her out of prison. Todd went to Rae's house to get advice from her, and tried to "shrink" himself when he could not find her. After confronting his dark side, Todd was even more determined to save Blair.

Gina admitted to Ben that she is the Russo family boss and had faked a few of the hits on Ben, but insisted Rourke was out to kill Ben and beyond her control. Ben wanted Gina to turn state's evidence against Rourke and her family, and she reluctantly agreed to consider it. Gina reiterated that Rourke wanted Ben dead, so he agreed to stay at Gina's house. Meanwhile, an agitated Viki, having watched Ben and Gina's confrontation, tore through her suitcase and started altering her clothes.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Todd can't think of any other way to save Blair, so he decides to confess to shooting Max. He goes to Nora and makes her an offer: she represents him, and he'll go to prison. Nora knows he isn't guilty, but decides to do it anyways. She is stunned that would go to prison for the woman he loves.

Lindsay pulls out a bottle of champagne and toasts herself for destroying Colin's letters. R.J. shows up and she shares her victory with him. Smirking, R.J. asks Lindsay what she would do if his dead body showed up, but Lindsay asserts that he is still alive. Lindsay asks if R.J. knows something, but he just insists that Colin will never be found-dead. The two decide that their business is over, and count on not seeing each other again any time soon.

After storming out of Sam's, Cris goes straight to Jessica's. She tells him that she and Will had a fight and didn't know if he was coming back. Cris explains that he also had a fight with Will after he accused Lindsay of being involved with Colin's death. Jess and Cris both agree that Will and Jenn are covering for their mother. Will shows up and flies off the handle at the sight of Cris, so he leaves. Jess and Will argue over his deception, but Will demands she stop questioning him and accept the way he is. Although they can't come to a resolution, they both agree that they love and need each other.

Roseanne looks for R.J. at Break Bar, ready to sell her soul to the devil. She finds Cris instead who calls her "Rosie." When she remarks he hasn't called her that in a long time, he responds that they have been friends for a long time and always will be. She can't believe that he has forgiven her for all the things she did to him, but he says that it is too hard to hold a grudge. He leaves after giving her a quick peck on the cheek. When R.J. arrives, she feels guilty and tries to tell R.J. there never was a secret. However, R.J. doesn't believe her...

Max grabs Starr by the arm and figures out it has been her all along playing the pranks. Asa pulls a gun on Max and demands he let Starr go. Max makes threats to expose Asa, and calls Blair. Meanwhile, Kelly and Blair talk about their plan and worry about the effect it will have on Todd. Blair knows she has to give up Todd for the plan to work, but can't stop loving him. Just then Max calls and Kelly answers and puts the plan into action. She whispers that there is something he has a right to know. Confused, he demands to know what is going on, but Kelly says Blair is coming and hangs up. Max rushes over. Asa and Starr get to know each other better and bond over their animosity for Max. Starr wants to know how his plan for revenge against Max is going, and he assures her it is in full gear... Later Asa makes a secretive phone call...

When Max arrives at Blair's she is in the bathroom. Max asks Kelly what is going on. Blair comes out with a pregnancy test behind her back, and pretends to be furious with Kelly for inviting him over. Kelly repeats that Max has a right to know. Max grabs the bag behind her back and discovers what is inside. "Reluctantly", Blair informs Max that she is pregnant with his child!

April 25, 2001

While looking for Sam, Lindsay learns that he's out of town and left Jen alone. She tries to convince her daughter to move in with her during these stressful times but Jen refuses. Lindsay becomes angry when she realizes that it's because she's still seeing Cris who is apparently turning her daughter against her. Lindsay is concerned that both Cris and Jessica believe it was her who killed Colin though Lindsay swears she spoke to him recently when he called from a beach somewhere. Jen accuses her mom of lying about her dealings with Colin especially when they both know he's really dead. Lindsay blames her daughter's attitude on Cris and vows to put him in his place.

While Cris and Chad are unloading stock in the cellar of Break Bar, they come across an upright, casket shaped box marked perishable. Believing it to be food, they move it upstairs along with the rest of the boxes.

Nora advises both Hank and Bo that her new client, Todd, claims to be Max's shooter and will confess to the crime. They can't believe that Nora actually believes Todd and though they discuss various possibilities, Nora refuses to divulge anything due to lawyer-client privilege. Hank thinks Todd would just be trying to throw reasonable doubt into the mix and then perhaps with a plea the culprits would both get off. Nora disagrees and though Hank tries to pry more information from her, she's adamant that Todd is the guilty party who hurts people all of the time, like at his wedding. Just then Lindsay shows up to report the fact that Cris is making fake IDs at Break Bar.

Todd arrives at Dorian's place, searching for Blair, who is upstairs trying to convince Max that she's pregnant with his child. Max accuses Kelly of being in on the whole scheme though she denies it and manages to excuse herself from the room to answer the door. She tries to get rid of Todd and prevent him from going upstairs but it's no use. Todd storms in on the two and Max quickly leaves, though not before mentioning their daughter and the tub fiasco. Todd informs Blair that he has admitted the crime so that she won't have to go to jail. Blair is astonished by the fact that Nora is his attorney and that he must really love her very much. She begs him to call Nora and tell her that he lied because she has her own plan. Downstairs, Kelly pretends to be on the phone talking in hushed tones about Blair's situation. She quickly hangs up and admits to Max that he should have been told about the baby sooner. Max announces that the baby has to be Todd's. Kelly tries to get Buchanan to think that the whole marriage idea was just a scheme to make him jealous as Blair really wants him back. He doesn't buy it but seems to become more unsure the more Kelly tries to convince him.

At Break Bar, R.J. demands to know Roseanne's secret; if she tells him he'll fund an early retirement for her. Rosie wants a guarantee first and after he tosses a patron out for privacy, she'll only suggest that perhaps the cops know about his shipment, perhaps because R.J. may have mentioned it to someone. He's stymied since he hasn't told a soul about it. Just then Cris and Chad dump the large box on the floor and ask R.J. where it should go. R.J. is speechless but gets his composure back while Cris is busy asking if Roseanne is ok. R.J. demands to know why they've brought the box and quickly orders Cris not to open it. Cris is thinking it's food but R.J. wants the box returned immediately to it's original spot. In the commotion, Roseanne dashes out, but is replaced by Jen who wants to warn Cris that her mom is going to the police about his fake IDs. Again, R.J. demands that the box be moved and as Chad has already left, Cris requests his help in moving it. As both men lift the box, the police with Lindsay close behind burst in. Bo has a search warrant to cover every inch of the place.

As Blair is telling Todd that she has a plan, Max reappears. She wants him gone but instead Max tells Todd that Blair is having his baby. She's none too happy at the turn of events.

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Thursday, April 26, 2001
by April Nehren

Break Bar

Bo begins to execute his search for the fake I.D.'s and R.J. becomes very agitated due to the fact that Colin's body is in the room. Bo seems a bit suspicious, but goes into the storeroom with Cris. Meanwhile, Jenn and Lindsay argue about Lindsay bringing the police there and Jenn says Lindsay is just upset because she is afraid that Jenn will tell Cris the family secrets. Jenn then walks away and R.J. tells Lindsay that Colin is there and convinces her to call off the search. In the storeroom, Cris convinces Bo to let him help bring R.J. down that night. Then Cris says they have to come out looking angry and asks Bo to hit him. Bo doesn't want to, but hits him with the door instead. As they are coming out, Jenn questions Lindsay as to what she and R.J. were talking about, and is upset to hear Lindsay say Colin.

R. J. then gets a call from a frantic Roseanne, still wanting out. He again tells her one more job and hangs up. When Bo and Cris come out, Jenn is very upset about Cris's face , but Cris convinces her to drop it. Lindsay then tells Bo she made a mistake, and to call off the search. Bo says he knows that Lindsay and R.J. have secrets, so he's going to stick around and search some more. However, R.J. convinces him to leave by saying his warrant isn't valid since Lindsay dropped the search, so Bo leaves after saying he will be back with another warrant. Lindsay then finally figures out that Colin is in the box she's sitting on and jumps up. R.J. and Lindsay then accuse each other of knowing Colin was dead all along and then accuse each other of killing Colin. Meanwhile, in the storeroom, Jenn tells Cris he's a good person and they kiss.

Kelly's house

Todd is very upset at the prospect of Blair being pregnant with Max's baby, and begs Blair to say it's all a scam. She is just about to say something when Nora, Hank, and Antonio show up to get Todd. Blair stops Todd from going by telling him she is pregnant with Max's baby. Todd recants his statement about shooting Max and leaves. Blair goes upstairs crying and Max comes in. She tries to further convince him by saying she could've let Todd go to jail and gotten off by lying and saying she wasn't pregnant, but she couldn't lie. Max still looks unconvinced but leaves. Downstairs, Nora chides herself about believing Todd, and she and Hank leave together. Kelly tells Antonio that Blair can't help who she loves and goes upstairs to comfort Blair. Blair talks about how she's destroyed Todd, but she couldn't let him go to prison and she can't trust him with the truth because he'll gloat to Max. Later, Blair decides to go tell Todd, and bumps into Max in the doorway, and Max asks her to prove she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Sophia comes in and tells Kelly she's searched Roseanne's room and found lots of cash. She tells Kelly she believes Roseanne is R.J.'s mole, and she's going to prove it.

Rae's house

Todd goes to Rae's to try to figure out where she went, and again begins to read her books and self-diagnose. He then becomes enraged about Blair and begins to trash Rae's house.

Police Station

John asks Roseanne questions about Colin, and Sophia joins in. Roseanne says she knows nothing, then John gets a phone call. While they're alone, Sophia questions Roseanne about where she got the cash to buy her nice clothes. Roseanne says she's a bargain hunter, but Sophia is suspicious. John then returns and tells Roseanne he has no more questions, and Sophia leaves, saying she has a "lead to follow." Meanwhile, Hank and Nora argue about whether Nora wants to put Todd away for the right reasons, then they enlist Antonio to help bring Todd in. When they return, they tell Bo about the whole Todd fiasco, and Bo tells them he thinks Lindsay and R.J. are hiding something and he's going to find out what it is. Outside the office, Antonio comes in and trashes his desk in frustration about Todd and about R.J. Roseanne sees this and offers to buy him dinner.

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Friday, April 27, 2001
by Wanda Liford

Dorian's Mansion

Max insists that Blair take the pregnancy test and Blair refuses. Sophia is convinced that Roseanne is the mole at Llanview P. D. and begs Kelly to help her trap Roseanne. Kelly suggests that Sophia feed Roseanne some bad information and if that information got back to R. J., then Sophia would have Roseanne.

R. J.'s Break Bar

Lindsay and R. J. accuse each other back and forth of murdering Colin. R. J. tells Lindsay that he is granting Colin's last wish by sending him far, far away.

Commissioner's Office at Llanview P.D.

While Roseanne watches from outside, Bo tells Antonio that Cristian told him that R. J. would be shipping goods out of the South Street Warehouse later that night. Bo says that when the police bust into the warehouse that R. J. and anyone else there is not going to know what hit them.

R. J.'s Break Bar

Cristian and Jen are still in the storeroom kissing passionately when R. J. yells for Cristian to hurry up. Jen overhears when R. J. tells Cristian that they have to move everything over to the South Street Warehouse tonight.

Jen is still in the storeroom daydreaming about kissing Cristian when Lindsay slips in and shuts the door. She tells Jen that Cristian is going to hurt her and Jen retorts by asking if he has kidnapped anyone or if he knew what had happened to Colin. Lindsay asks her what she means.

Dorian's Mansion

Max and Blair are still arguing about the pregnancy test. Max even offers Blair money, which she refuses. Max tells Blair to take the test and Blair tells Max to take a hike. Kelly bursts into the room and asks if they know what stress can do to a pregnant woman and tells them to think of someone other than themselves.

Llanview P. D.

Antonio tells Roseanne that he can't have dinner because he has to work late. Sophia comes in and tells Antonio that Commissioner Buchanan wanted to see them as soon as she got there and takes Antonio away from Roseanne quickly. Bo tells Sophia and Antonio that other than himself, Antonio and Sophia, only two other officers know about the bust on R. J. He tells them the bust is scheduled within the hour and that they should get ready, but as they leave the office, he asks Antonio to stay for a minute. Sophia tells Roseanne that they are going to bust R. J. – at the docks.

Gina's House

Ben is in the middle of leaving a desperate message on Viki's cell phone when Gina walks up from behind and startles him. He turns quickly and grabs her and she gives him a sultry look and tells him she knows exactly what he wants to do to her. She says part of him wants to strangle her because she isn't Viki and that the other part has not forgotten his first love. She "tries to help" by telling him to give Viki some space and Ben tells her not to help him. Gina goes to Viki's room and tells her she does not see what Ben sees in her, and then she notices how Viki is dressed.

Llanview P. D.

Roseanne tells Sophia she was out of line and apologizes to Sophia. Sophia walks away and from the next room watches as Roseanne walks out into the hall and calls R. J. and tells him that the police know he has something going down on the docks, but R. J. says he doesn't have anything going down on the docks. Roseanne doesn't believe him and tells him she never wants to hear from him again.

R. J.'s Break Bar

In the storeroom, Lindsay asks Jen again what she meant when she suggested that Lindsay knew something about what had happened to Colin. Not unlike her mother, Jen quickly double talks her way out of it by reminding Lindsay that she knows about Lindsay helping kidnap Nora. They continue to trade barbs with Lindsay insisting that Cristian is no good for Jen and Jen insisting that Cristian will not hurt her.

South Street Warehouse

Cristian and some of R. J.'s goons are bringing the box with Colin's body in it into the warehouse. One of the goons tells Cristian that R. J. is on his way and that there will be no problem with the cops because they all think they are at the docks.

Llanview P. D. – Commissioner's Office

With a very worried expression, Antonio listens as Bo tells the four officers to remember that there will be a civilian in the warehouse and that every effort is to be made to insure his safety, but that no matter what goes down, he wants R. J. Gannon.

R. J.'s Break Bar

Still in the storeroom, Lindsay continues to bash Cristian and Jen continues to throw insults in Lindsay's face. Lindsay tries to convince Jen that she nearly died because of the fake ID and that she would never have found it if Cristian had not made it. Jen defends Cristian and says he is not into that scene any longer. Lindsay continues to tell Jen how much she loves her and they both end up crying. Lindsay tells Jen she does not want her to see Cristian anymore and if Jen won't do it for her, to do it for herself.

Dorian's Mansion

Max and Blair continue to argue until she pushes him out of the room and she and Kelly rush around trying to get the rigged pregnancy test when Max walks back into the room.

Gina's House

Viki appears to be having a breakdown while Gina torments her about how she is dressed and the mess the room is in. She tells Viki to call Ben and tell him she wants a divorce or people in her family are going to start dying. When Ben answers the phone, Viki cannot speak. James comes in and tells Gina that Ben is leaving and she tells Viki to pull herself together and to think about every member of her family, then runs out. She is unsuccessful in stopping Ben from leaving and heads back to Viki, who is standing in front of the closed circuit T.V.

Dorian's Mansion

Blair finally consents to taking the pregnancy test if Max promises to get out regardless of the results. Kelly quickly slips Blair the rigged indicator.

South Street Warehouse

R. J. comes in and sees that everything is going well, assures a very disappointed Cristian that he can handle it, then leaves. Just as R. J. leaves, one of his goons drags Jen into the warehouse. Cristian drags her off and tells her she has to leave right then, but the police burst in. Cristian and Jen duck and hide.

Dorian's Mansion

Kelly and Max pace while waiting for Blair to finish the test. Blair walks out and shows Max the indicator saying she is pregnant then tells Max to get out. Max drags Blair out of the room and says he is taking her to the hospital to get an examination.

Gina's House

Gina, not realizing yet that Viki has become one of her alter egos starts threatening Viki with killing Jessica. The alter Viki tells Gina that Ben will have nothing to do with her if she kills Jessica and that "killing that kid" will get her a big fat nothing and walks away. Gina grabs Viki and Viki slaps her hand and tells her to lay off. She tells Gina to sit down and when she doesn't Viki throws her into a chair. Then Viki tells Gina that she is not Viki, but Niki Smith.

Llanview P. D.

Lindsay goes to see Bo, but Roseanne tells her he is not in. Roseanne thanks Lindsay for helping her the night Colin was hassling her. Lindsay asks how Roseanne how she and Antonio are and Roseanne says that if no one gets in the way she thinks things will work out. Lindsay tells Roseanne that she doesn't think Colin will ever bother anyone again.

South Street Warehouse

As R. J.'s goons try to escape, one of them runs into the box with Colin's body in it and knocks the lid off. Bo finds Colin's body.

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