One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on OLTL

Sophia asked Kelly for help. Blonde hair was found under Colin's fingernails. Todd decided to take Starr away from Llanview. Max planned to take Blair's baby while she was in jail. Asa visited Alex Olanov. Gina was confused when she saw Niki.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, April 30, 2001

After they leave the warehouse, Jen asks Cristian about his work with R.J., and Cristian asks her about what has been troubling her lately. Neither opens up, but both agree that they trust each other, and they kiss.

After finding Colin at the warehouse, Bo discovers that Sophia has been badly injured saving Antonio's life; a worried Antonio accompanies her to hospital. When Roseanne believes that Antonio has been injured, she rushes to see him.

Max, Blair, and Kelly arrive at the hospital, where Max demands that Blair take a pregnancy test. Blair eventually agrees, but asks Kelly to fix the test. When the results come back positive, Blair believes that Kelly did her job, but Kelly reveals that she did nothing: Blair is really pregnant!

John hauls Todd down to police headquarters for breaking into Rae's house. When Ben arrives to talk to Bo, he and Todd argue over Viki, and Todd figures out that Ben does not know where Viki is.

At Gina's, Niki Smith confuses Gina with her wild behavior, even offering her pointers on how to seduce Ben. Later, Viki returns and remembers nothing, but is stunned at Gina's mention of Niki. Gina sneaks into Llanfair, hoping to find out who Niki Smith is, and is caught by Todd, out on bail and demanding to know what she has done to his sister.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

An upset Blair contemplates being pregnant by Max. Kelly urges Blair to use the situation to stay out of prison. Max comes in the room concerned for her health, but Blair lashes out at him. He tells her being shot in the back is pretty hard to get over, but Blair reminds him that seeing him in bed with Skye is hard to get over too. Her "plan" takes a turn as her real feelings come to the surface.

Todd continues to threaten Gina, and demands to know where Viki is. He warns her that she doesn't want to see what happens when Viki gets really mad. He tells Gina that she doesn't want "all seven" of them after her. Gina begins to realize that Todd is talking about Viki's multiple personality disorder. When Todd becomes too forceful, Gina pulls a gun on him. Todd backs off just as Ben walks in. Ben orders Todd to leave and Gina questions Viki's sanity. Ben blows her off and refuses to leave with her even as she begs him.

Back at Gina's, in the basement, Niki comes on to a confused James. He turns her away, but monitors her on his television. Later, Viki wakes up and sees the red lipstick on her wineglass. She looks at her clothes and realizes her "alter" is emerging.

Antonio hovers over the injured Sophia. Just as Sophia is about to spill her guts about the mole in the department, Roseanne walks in. She asks Sophia about the bust and wonders why they didn't catch R.J. at the docks. Sophia informs her that Colin's body was found in a crate at the warehouse. Antonio wonders why Roseanne knew anything about the bust. When Antonio and Roseanne leave together, she asks him if it seemed like Sophia was looking at her funny and if she had said anything about her earlier. Kelly comes in afterwards and Sophia confides in her that she is absolutely positive that Roseanne is the snitch.

Melanie runs into Bo and he tells her about the body. When she is alone she imagines a dead Colin laughing at her when everyone finds out her secrets. Bo pushes Hank to press charges against R.J. for being involved in Colin's murder, but Hank is hesitant without enough hard evidence. Bo and Hank barge into Break Bar, and Bo accuses R.J. of having the crate with Colin's body. R.J. denies it and Cris covers for him. R.J. reminds Bo that Lanie was married to Colin, Lindsay had an affair with him, and Nora was kidnapped him. A sarcastic R.J. tells Bo to ask one of his paramours what happened to Colin. Later, R.J. gets angry with Roseanne for giving him false information. Word of Colin's body being found slowly spreads over the news. Jess and Jen are together as they hear the official announcement. Jess notices how nervous and suspicious Jen is acting. Cris arrives and admits that the body was found in a crate at the warehouse.

The coroner tells Bo that a blond hair was found and Lanie, Jess, Lindsay and Jenn all flash in his mind...

May 2, 2001

As Jess bids Will goodbye (or was it hello as she didn't hear him come in the previous night) Ben shows up at the apartment looking for Viki. Unfortunately, Jess has no clue to her mom's whereabouts as she hasn't heard from her either. She promises to find out during their next phone call so that Ben can fly out to surprise her. Ben is troubled that Jess hasn't spoken with her.

Gina obtains info on DID (dissociative identity disorder) from James the bodyguard while downstairs in her house, Viki is having nightmares regarding her imprisonment. Later, Gina views tapes of some her previous conversations with Viki and Niki while James pays Viki a visit. She doesn't remember their last conversation until he calls her Niki and she realizes why. She begs him to let her out and if he does, she'll give up Ben. She begins to hyperventilate and while James rushes off to get her a glass of water, he returns to find Niki waiting for him.

At the Palace, Max is having remorse over his treatment of all of the people in his life while Renee wonders if the new expected child will change him. Max insists he will be the best father ever but Blair still has to go to jail. Asa wanders over and begins to tell Max what a lousy son and father he's been, wondering when the last time was that Max has even seen any of his kids. Max tries to convince Asa that he always loved and admired Asa as opposed to the real Buchanan sons and he will be a better father thanks to him. Asa scoffs at him and tosses down his divorce papers to Renee, convinced that it's a mistake because he knows she still loves him. She denies it, stating that besides him lashing out and shutting down, he also tried to kill her son. Asa makes a phone call to someone-he wants the person to put something together.

Kelly wants Blair to get Max to drop charges against her. Blair is quite unhappy that she's pregnant with Max's child as she wants nothing to do with him. Her cousin suggests that maybe the baby is really Todd's but Blair is quite sure it's Max's and that it's going to kill Todd. Todd arrives to speak with Blair so Kelly leaves them alone. He congratulates Blair for stabbing him in the back and twisting the knife, especially after he was willing to go to jail for her. Blair wants to go back to their wedding day but Todd calls it a fairy tale. They argue over the pregnancy though Todd insists he never really wanted a baby, that he would have done it for Starr. Blair wants to be the one to break the news to Starr; Todd promises that he has plenty of new ways to hurt Blair, which he'll reveal soon. Max shows up to see Blair (who has taken off to hide from him) and rubs salt in the wound by taunting Todd with the pregnancy. He calls Todd a loser but Manning insists that it always turns out the other way-he compares their games to chess and states that he's the master of the end game.

While Antonio is visiting with Sophia in the hospital, Roseanne pays a visit. After Antonio leaves them alone to chat, Sophia mentions that R.J. has been caught and wonders why he wasn't tipped off again. Roseanne suggests that perhaps either the traitor is outside of the department or maybe they got the wrong information. She leaves the room with a sigh of relief when Sophia doesn't say anything further on the matter and runs into Antonio. She lies that she's upset because she thought he was the one who was hurt. Kelly looks perplexed when she sees the pair in a hug as she exchanges snide comments with Antonio. She's brought some gifts and gives them to an upset Sophia who has decided to enlist Kelly in helping her to get Roseanne.

After Ben leaves, Jess peruses the newspaper article on Colin. She receives a visit from Gina who claims she's been trying to reach Viki. Jess invites her in when she begins to cry. She has a cousin who has just been diagnosed with DID, she says, and wanted Viki to tell her how to handle it. She gets Jess to talk about Viki after revealing that "her cousin" has a problem very similar to the Viki/Niki personalities. Jess confirms her mother's problems but insists that she worked very hard to be cured and nothing could ever bring the problem back. Jess seems confused by the conversation but once Gina leaves, Will returns. They decide to make up by no longer talking about Colin and to start their lives over. As they head towards the bed, the phone rings. It's Bo and he wants to see Jess down at the police station.

As Niki flirts with James, he tries to refuse her advances. She grabs him to dance and manages to get a key out of his pocket. Back upstairs, Ben has returned to the house. He believes he knows what has happened to Viki.

Thursday, May 3, 2001

Will and Jess's apartment

Jess is worried about going to talk to Bo, Will reassures her and tells her to stick to the story. Will wants to go with her, but she convinces him it would look better if she went alone. She leaves, and a few minutes later Will leaves, looking worried.

Sam's house

Jenn dreams that she is being interrogated by Bo about Colin, and that when she tries to run, she bumps into Colin. She wakes up scared, and Cris walks in and comforts her. Jenn once again tells Cris how she wishes the Colin nightmare would end and Cris says it will soon. He tells her he will end it by going to Bo and saying R.J. must've killed Colin. Jenn becomes upset and stops him, and Cris asks if Jenn is afraid R.J. will implicate Lindsay. Jenn then tries to tell Cris everything, but Lindsay barges in and demands that Jenn come help her with her party planning. Will then comes in and tells them that Jess is back at the station being questioned, and Jenn and Lindsay leave, we later find out , to go there. While Will and Cris are alone, Cris says that he thinks Jess will crack, and Will argues. Cris asks how long Jess has been at the station and is angry when Will says an hour. They then head for the station at Cris's urging.

Police Station

John asks Bo if R.J. is out as a suspect, and Bo says no, but he wants to concentrate on blondes. John then volunteers to get the hair sample from Lanie and leaves. Nora comes in, unaware Colin has been found, and says she thinks she knows where they could find him. Bo tells her it's too late, and Nora, assuming Colin's still alive, asks if he talked. Bo tells her Colin is dead and she is upset because she thinks now she can never get Lindsay. Nora begins to ask Bo who he thinks killed Colin but Bo won't tell her anything. Jess then arrives and Bo asks Nora to leave. Bo asks Jess what she's hiding, who she's protecting, and even shows her Colin's autopsy photos, but Jess sticks to the story that she only saw a scarecrow. Bo finally tells her they're done and hugs her, but as she starts to leave, he asks her for a hair sample. Meanwhile, Jenn, Lindsay, Cris, and Will all wait for Jess outside. When Jess comes out, Bo tells them that she voluntarily gave a hair sample and tells Lindsay and Jenn that he needs one from them.

Hospital Lab

Lindsay walks in and invites Lanie to a party, to which Lanie asks if they're celebrating Colin's death or that his killer is still free. Lindsay says she's glad he's dead, and then begs Lanie to come to the party. Lanie is reluctant at first, but agrees to go for the family. Lindsay leaves, and then Nora shows up trying to see if Lanie knows anything about the Colin investigation. Lanie tells her she doesn't, but Lanie gets nervous when Nora brings up the possibility of DNA evidence. Nora apologizes and says that Lanie and she are the only ones who saw the good in Colin. She then asks Lanie who she thinks killed Colin. Lanie just says it's a tragedy he's dead but it will be a tragedy for the murderer as well. John then walks in and lets Nora stay while he asks Lanie for a voluntary hair sample. Lanie looks nervous and John tells her he will get a warrant for the sample if he needs to.

Sophia's hospital room

Sophia again talks to Kelly about her suspicions of Roseanne, and she worries what Antonio would think if she just came right out and told him. Sophia then tells Kelly she has to go to Minnesota for rehab, and they say an emotional goodbye. Meanwhile, outside Antonio is questioning Roseanne about Colin in a suspicious manner. Roseanne becomes defensive and says she didn't kill him. Inside, Kelly promises Sophia she will prove Roseanne is the mole while Sophia's gone. Kelly then sends in Antonio so Sophia can tell him goodbye. Antonio again thanks Sophia for saving his life, and tells her to call if she needs anything. They say an emotional goodbye, then Sophia asks him to send in Roseanne. Roseanne warily comes in, and Sophia tells her goodbye. At the sight of Roseanne's relief, Sophia asks Roseanne what she was expecting to hear. Roseanne just says she'll love and take care of Antonio. Then after one more round of goodbyes, the orderlies wheel Sophia away.

Gina's house

Ben tells Gina he suspects that Rourke has Viki prisoner and he wants to go after him, but Gina stops him, saying she has people watching Rourke. Later, James comes up from his encounter with Viki/Niki looking flushed, and Ben appears suspicious.

Gina's basement

Viki/Niki flirts with James and takes the keys when he tries to leave. She starts to strip him and they begin kissing. Gina then walks in and orders James to leave. Gina says hello to "Niki" and tells her she did her research. Gina then asks "Niki" to help her get rid of Viki for good.

Friday, May 4, 2001

Llanview P. D.

Bo asks Lindsay and Jen for a sample of their hair. Jen accuses Jessica of telling Bo something to implicate herself and Lindsay. Lindsay asks if she and Jen are suspects in Colin's murder. Bo tells her about the blonde hairs found on Colin's body. Lindsay refuses to give the hair samples.

Melanie's Office

John asks Melanie for a hair sample. Melanie almost faints. Nora advises that Melanie wait until she can go into the police station to give the hair sample just to make sure that everything is done by the book. John asks Melanie to please get the hair sample taken that day because Bo wants all the hair samples by the weekend. After John leaves, Melanie tries to tell Nora that she got shaky because she hadn't eaten, buy Nora isn't buying that line. She tells Melanie that she thinks she knows why Melanie nearly fainted.

Buchanan Mansion

Asa places a telephone call, telling the party on the other end that he is on his way to see them. We see all but the face of what is surely a beautiful woman. Max walks in and asks Asa who he was talking to. Max mentions that he noticed that Asa had the company airplane ready to go out and thought he might tag along if it concerns Buchanan Enterprises. Max tries to convince him that he and the baby Blair is carrying are the only family Asa has left.

Todd Manning's Penthouse

Todd fantasizes that he sees a happy Max and pregnant Blair. Starr comes down the stairs and asks Todd how long they are going to be gone on vacation. Todd tells her to pack two suitcases because they will be gone for quite awhile. Blair shows up and wants to talk to Todd about what he saw between she and Max. Todd tells Blair that he actually thought that her saying she was pregnant by Max was some sort of scam to keep her out of prison. Blair tries to make Todd understand that it was originally a scam.

Buchanan Mansion:

Max continues to badger Asa about accepting him as a Buchanan as well as his new grandchild. Asa finally says that there might be something to what Max is saying.

Melanie's Office

Melanie continues to insist that she was upset because she hadn't eaten and finding out that Colin was truly dead. Nora insists that she got upset when she found out that there were blonde hairs on Colin's body. Nora asks Melanie if she is afraid of what Bo will find out when he tests the hair. Then she asks Melanie if she thinks Lindsay killed Colin.

Llanview P.D.

Bo explains to Lindsay that the hair found was imbedded under Colin's fingernails and that would suggest a struggle. Lindsay continues to refuse to give the hair sample and tells Bo he will have to get a court order. Bo goes into his office to call Hank Gannon to secure the court order when Cristian disconnects the call.

Buchanan Mansion

Max asks Asa if he was saying he could see Max as a Buchanan. Asa admits that he is not a grandpa to anyone anymore and suggests that, if he did come around to Max's way of thinking, that Blair could not be part of the deal.

Todd Manning's Penthouse

Todd is obviously happy that Blair's being pregnant with Max's baby is a scam. Blair tells him that she never meant to hurt him and he tells her that he believes her. He thinks that she is not really pregnant. Blair, who is clearly devastated, has to tell Todd that she really is pregnant. Todd is crushed and lashes out that he doesn't care about Blair or what she wants.

Llanview P. D.

Cristian has disconnected Bo's call to the D.A. regarding a court order to obtain hair samples from Jen and Lindsay. Cristian tries to convince Bo that since Colin's body was found in a crate at R.J.'s warehouse and that Bo himself had seen the crate at R.J.'s Break Bar, that it would be the natural conclusion that R.J. was the murderer. Bo explains to Cristian that there is absolutely no evidence to tie R.J. to the murder and that the only evidence he has are the blonde hairs. Max tells Bo that R.J. and Lindsay are good friends and that he has seen them together.

Lindsay tries to contact Sam. She leaves him a message that his family needs him and asks him to call her as soon as he gets the message. Lindsay then attacks Jessica about the hair samples and Jessica (Yea! She does have a backbone!) retaliates by saying she gave her hair sample voluntarily because she knew she wasn't the killer, but that someone else wasn't so lucky.

Melanie's Office

Nora is convinced that Melanie is afraid that Lindsay is the one who left the blonde hair on Colin's body. She urges Melanie to go to the police station immediately and give Bo a hair sample so that he can rule Melanie out as a suspect and concentrate on the real killer. Nora tells Melanie that if she doesn't go voluntarily to give the hair sample that Bo will have to get a court order and asks her if she wants to risk her relationship with Bo in order to protect Lindsay. After Nora leaves, Melanie has a flash back of Colin answering his door on the night he was murdered.

Todd Manning's Penthouse

Todd tells Blair that he is taking Starr out of town. Blair repeatedly tells Todd that she is sorry for everything that has happened, but that he can't kidnap her daughter. Todd says he's not kidnapping Starr, but rather he is protecting her from the sight of her mother being hauled off to prison.

Buchanan Mansion

Max tells Asa that he is working on a way to keep the baby without Blair, but Asa thinks that Blair will get out of the charges against her and raise the baby herself.

Llanview P. D.

Bo finds the Lindsay/R.J. conspiracy an interesting theory, but says he isn't sure they could use anything Cristian says because he doesn't think Cristian has been totally honest with him. Bo tells Cristian that he doesn't think Cristian was totally honest about the grave in the woods close to Colin's house. He tells Cristian that he still has a reasonably good opinion of him and that if Cristian isn't going to tell him the truth, he doesn't want him to tell him anything.

Cristian walks out of Bo's office just in time to overhear Lindsay attack Jessica about accusing her of murdering someone when Jessica ran Dorian down after losing Meagan. Will jumped all over Lindsay and she apologized to Jessica and asked she and Will to go to the gallery and make sure everything was alright for the party Lindsay was having later.

Jen asks Cristian if Bo is going to make her give a hair sample.

John walks into Bo's office and tells him how unnerved Melanie was when he asked for a hair sample.

Melanie's Office

Melanie has a flash back of the night of Colin's murder. It was Melanie at Colin's door and she pushes her way in demanding to know where Nora is. Her cell phone rings and snaps her out of it, but when she sees Bo on her caller id, she does not answer.

Llanview P. D.

Bo hangs up the phone and tells John that Melanie is probably on her way to the police station.

Cristian tells Jen that Bo is fair and that the hair sample is something he has to do.

Nora walks into the station and runs into John and is surprised when John tells her that Melanie isn't there. She overhears Lindsay telling Cristian to stop upsetting Jen and asks Lindsay if Jen is the one who has something to worry about or if it is really Lindsay who should be worried.

Buchanan Mansion

Max calls and leaves a message with Nora saying that he needs an attorney.

Todd Manning's Penthouse

Blair tells Todd that Max will not let the mother of his child go to prison. Todd tells her that she could "take care" of the baby if she wanted to, but Blair says that the baby is her ticket out of prison and that if Todd takes Starr away from her she will come after him.

Backstage Dressing Room

Asa walks into a room with a sign that says "Queen of the Nile" on the outside. He speaks to the woman sitting at the mirror. When the woman turns around we see Alex Olanov. Asa tells Alex that he has a little business he wants to discuss with her.

Buchanan Mansion

Blair walks in just in time to hear Max leaving Nora a message telling her that he wants to know what to do to get sole custody of the baby Blair is carrying while she is in jail. Blair is shocked.

Todd's Penthouse

Starr asks Todd if they are going to wait for Blair before they leave.

Lindsay's Gallery

Jessica asks Will why he isn't talking to her. Will says that Jessica called his mother a murderer and insists that his mother did not kill Colin. Jessica asks him to please tell her what he knows.

Llanview P.D.

Bo leaves a message for Melanie to please call him just as she walks into his office.

Lindsay starts arguing with Nora and they start physically shoving each other and Nora pulls Lindsay's hair out.

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