One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on OLTL
Nora agreed to let Troy treat Matthew's illness. Viki assured Jessica that Jessica would always be her daughter. Niki made appearances as the dispute between Jessica and Natalie grew. David blackmailed Todd after seeing him giving away Blair's baby at the airport.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, October 22, 2001

Todd prevented Paloma from telling Max and Blair that the baby didn't die, and Todd handed over the child to a black-market dealer. Blair revealed to Max that the baby was Todd's, and she asked him not to tell Todd the truth. Blair called the hospital, hoping to arrange to see her baby. Viki continued trying to assure Jessica that she was still her daughter. Seth did his best to apologize to Jessica, but a distraught Jessica could not get past his betrayal. Ben lashed out at Allison and Natalie for their cruel intentions, but they stuck to their plans. Later, Natalie arrived at Llanfair and shocked Viki and Ben when she announced that she was ready to move in. Meanwhile, Sam comforted Jen after she broke down over losing Cristian. Sam's life appeared even more in turmoil when he later found Nora telling Troy that she wanted him, unaware Troy had just presented a radical treatment to help Matthew.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Max remembered Blair's desperation, so he decided not to tell Todd the truth about her baby. The baby broker got cold feet and returned the baby to Todd, after Max left for Llanview. Determined to find an agent with less ethics, Todd was surprised to run into a face from the past, David Vickers. Meanwhile, Paloma kept up the deception by telling a confused Blair that her baby went to another hospital, where it was cremated.

Jen approached Shawna to uncover the truth regarding Cristian. However, Antonio enlisted both Chad and Shawna to lie about Cristian and Jen's heart broke further. Keri had another frustrating encounter with Hank.

Sam lashed out at Nora for moving forward with Matthew's treatment without including him, but later Sam concurred with her that Troy's expertise and approach were the way to go. Troy spied Sam and Nora renew their bond with a kiss.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Shawna makes a play for Antonio as repayment for helping him out with Jen, as Keri looks on nearby. He doesn't do one-night stands, he tells her, though apparently she does. Keri encounters Vanessa, a policewoman, who unknowingly turns Keri off from Antonio by mentioning his way with women. After Antonio parts company with Shawna, he's ready for his coffee date with Keri but she tries to get out of it. He assures her his meeting with Shawna was purely professional but she's not buying it. He won't deal with this, Antonio growls. Keri is just as ticked off, considering that Antonio had a fit when he didn't know she was on the phone with her father. Antonio apolgizes but doesn't really feel that he should since Keri didn't apologize to him. After Antonio departs, Shawna approaches Keri and mentions what a nice guy Antonio is. Keri states that they're not together.

Jen receives a phone call from someone who doesn't answer. She knows it's Cris and tells him she's not mad at him. He gently hangs up the phone.

Bo visits Llanfair at Viki's request; she tells him there's an intruder. Bo is confused when Natalie greets him as "Uncle Bo" and Viki as "Mom." Viki informs him of the DNA test and of what Alison did, along with how Natalie and Seth lied and took advantage of Jessica. Natalie orders Viki to make an announcement soon on her arrival or she'll have to call Todd. Bo makes a phone call to have someone check out the legalities so that Viki can get rid of her "guest." Mrs. Davidson tells the police commissioner that she'll never accept this girl as her daughter, she's evil and horrible. She can't even look at her at all, let alone as a mother. Bo indicates that Natalie could have found a better way to do this but Natalie only blames Viki, for not realizing it wasn't her baby when Alison returned her. Viki empathizes with Natalie and tells her she knows she's hurting because she didn't receive any of the material things that Jess has but she should blame her, not Jess. Jess didn't do anything and she will not allow Natalie to hurt her further. Natalie insists that Jess must have done something to have made Viki like her better. Viki insists that she received the same baby back. She wants Natalie gone and will even give her money. Bo announces that he has obtained a restraining order so that he can take Natalie off to jail now. Natalie claims to be able to prove why she doesn't have to leave.

Blair is unable to accept the fact that her son has been cremated. Paloma expresses her sympathies and takes her to see the baby's room where Blair can definitely feel his presence.

At the airport Todd runs into David Vickers and the two men exchange snide remarks. David tries to pry into why Todd is holding a baby and wonders if it's his and Blair's. Todd only wants him gone. David admits to looking for investors for a deal he has going and if Todd will invest in it he'll be gone just like he wants. During this conversation Todd receives a phone call from Blair, crying from the baby's room. She becomes further agitated when she hears a baby crying in the background and wonders if it's hers. She knows her baby will be back, she insists to Todd. He suggests that she pack so they can leave Mexico right away. He turns back to David and writes him a check to get rid of him and denies still being with Blair. David accuses him of kidnapping so Todd takes out some cash and hands him that as well. Suddenly a couple of nuns appear and they're collecting money for poor children without parents. After David takes money OUT of the jar, Todd gives them the baby and takes off. David reappears and offers to take the baby off their hands.

Seth looks for Cris at the diner but Carlotta discloses that he's left Jen and gone to NYC. He wanted advice on making things better with Jess, he tells her. Jen arrives and demands to know where Cris is because he's called her and he really loves he, even if he didn't say anything on the phone.

Antonio receives a frantic phone call from Carlotta, asking him to get to the diner because Jen is asking questions about Cris. When he arrives at the diner, Carlotta tells him that she really wants to tell Jen the truth, she hates lying. Her son explains that she could die and she can't know. Jen tells him she received a phone call from Cris and she knows he wanted to talk with her. He tells her to go home and let Cris go.

Blair pretends to hold her baby and wants Paloma to look at him. She sobs that she only wants to hold her baby. Todd returns as Blair is pining away. He wants to leave now and Blair can see Starr. She tells him she is not leaving without her baby.

Jen rips up a picture of Cris and tosses out some matches and her birth control pills. Cris calls Antonio who gives him a difficult time for calling Jen. He needs to give Jen time to get over him. He only wanted to hear her voice, Cris says, and he needs to get over her too.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Llanfair-Bo attempts to remove Natalie from Llanfair, and Natalie tells him that she never has to leave and that she has proof. At this moment, the doorbell rings and it is Allison with Hank in tow. Hank produces a copy of Victor Lord's will which states that any of Viki's children are entitled to live in the house and enjoy all the benefits of Llanfair life. Allison taunts Viki with this info, saying there's nothing she can do and that Allison will be back as Natalie's guest. Hank and Bo then leave, and Viki goes into the living room alone. She then sees Niki Smith who tells her that she should never have forgiven Allison.

Jess's room-Ben and Jess discuss who Jess really is, and Jess wonders aloud who her biological parents are. Ben tells her it doesn't matter, and tries to further comfort her. After he leaves the room, Jess is looking in the mirror trying to recompose herself, when Natalie walks up behind her.

Mexican Airport-David at first tries to convince the nuns that he is Todd's brother, and that Todd is crazy, just to get them to give him the baby. When the nuns panic and start yelling for the police, David says he will tell them the truth. He then tells them that he and Todd are lovers and have adopted the baby together.

Blair's house in Mexico-Todd arrives to find Blair distraught over the cremation of the baby, and crying about how she never got to hold him. Todd then steps outside and grabs an outdoor decoration that resembles an urn, and gives it to Blair, saying it is her baby's ashes. Blair holds it and says a few words about how short his life was, and asks Todd to do the same. Todd then uncomfortably asks her if she has a name for him, and she tells him she was going to name him Todd. When Todd asks why, she considers telling him the truth for a moment, but then just says because he delivered the baby. Todd and Blair are preparing to pack their things and leave when Todd hears someone at the door. When he opens it, David is standing there with the baby.

Asa's house-Gabrielle switches Asa's heart meds with sugar pills, then calls Troy McIver in. She asks the doctor how many doses Asa can miss without harm, and Troy tells her it could be only one, or it could be a few. Gabrielle thanks him, then he exits. Troy then goes to see Al and asks him how he is doing. Al tells him fine, and Troy leaves. Max and Al have then been talking about Max's supposed loss of his son, and Al tells Max how sorry he is for him. They are just about to bond when Asa comes storming in and reminds Al what a liar Max is, and tells him not to forgive him. Max tells Asa to shutup or he will shut him up for good, then Asa leaves the room and goes storming downstairs.He then tells Gabrielle he wants to execute the plot today, and storms out. This puts an obvious kink in Gabrielle's wait and let Asa die plan, so she is obviously upset. Max then goes downstairs to Gabrielle, who begins to tell Max of she and Asa's plot against him.

Thursday, October 26, 2001

Blair joined Todd and David, just after Todd managed to hide the baby. David figured out that Todd had pulled one over on Blair. He used the knowledge to his benefit and threatened Todd that he would tell Blair the truth about her baby.

"Niki" continued to gain ground on Viki's psyche, as Natalie taunted Jessica and revealed that she was moving in. Jessica volunteered to move out, but Viki convinced Jessica to stay at Llanfair. Rae took the blame for Allison's behavior. Hank defended Rae's actions, but Ben arrived and demanded that Rae put Allison back in St. Ann's. Unfortunately, Rae revealed the unconditional terms of Allison's release, and they could do nothing to reverse the situation.

Meanwhile, Max reeled as Gabrielle revealed Asa's plot. Max declared his hatred for Asa, suggesting that it would serve him right to die.

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