One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on OLTL

Blair refused to believe that her baby had died. Jen accused her mother of causing the breakup between Jen and Cristian. Hank and Keri discussed Keri's paternity. Bo demanded that Melanie tell him the truth. Max was dismayed over Al's rejection.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, October 15, 2001

Bo reacted to Melanie's appearance in her wedding dress by giving her a string of pink pearls. Lindsay excused herself so she could try to do damage control. In the hospital lab, Lindsay stopped Troy from spilling the beans regarding Melanie's clean blood sample. Lindsay told Troy that she didn't want him to bother Bo with the results on his wedding day. Further, she offered to "spend time" with Troy if he did things her way. Troy reluctantly agreed to let Lindsay tell Bo the "good news," but then phoned Bo as soon as she left. Troy told Bo that the blood sample showed no trace of leukemia.

Natalie handed Viki the results of a DNA test that she had conducted to confirm her identity. Natalie smugly explained that she stole samples of Viki's hair from her brush, and she took strands of Clint's hair from Jessica's locket, all while working under the guise of being Jessica's new "best friend." Natalie left Viki to study the results, as she pulled Seth into the foyer to berate him for showing compassion for Jessica. A disgusted Jessica confronted them about their betrayal, and she revealed to Natalie that she found out about her and Seth all on her own. Natalie blasted Jessica for taking what was rightfully hers. Seth was repulsed by Natalie's treatment of Jessica, but Jessica rejected his sympathy. Viki demanded that Natalie submit to another DNA test under her watchful eye, and a defiant Natalie was happy to oblige.

Todd tried to comfort a hysterical Blair, who was sedated with an herbal tranquilizer. As Blair laid unconscious, Todd revealed the depth of his love for her. Todd also told a resting Blair that they can now be a family again. Privately, Todd commented that Max's brat was standing between them, so he had to go. Later, Paloma confirmed to Todd that the baby was gone.

Cristian continued to dismantle his relationship with Jen by saying that he had been sleeping around with other girls. Cristian told Jen that Lindsay was right about him all along, and that the kiss Jen witnessed between he and Shawna was real. An unseen Keith watched as Cristian wreaked havoc on Jen with his lies that he had never loved her. After Cristian left, a shattered Jen broke down, but rejected comfort from Antonio and Carlotta. Meanwhile, Cristian barged into R.J.'s apartment, demanding payback for costing him the person who meant the most in the world to him — Jen.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001


Troy calls Bo to inform him that there are no signs of leukemia in Melanie's blood sample that he had tested. Troy also tells him that he knows it's not Bo's blood, but whomever the blood belongs to is very healthy.

Bo asks Melanie if there is anything he should know about her illness. Melanie tells him that there isn't, and that she is trying to forget about it on her wedding day. Bo continues to give her a chance to confess, but she doesn't. Melanie by this point realizes that he knows something isn't right. Bo angrily tells Melanie to tell him the truth. He tells her that he has been blinded by love when it concerns her. He can usually pick up on deceit a lot quicker than he did this time.

Lindsay arrives for the wedding, Bo tells her to leave. She leaves quickly.

Bo then tells Melanie that he had a doctor test her blood sample. She tells him that a doctor will not test blood given to him or her from someone else. He tells her that he lied to the doctor and told him that the blood sample was his own. Bo went on to explain that his profound love for her and his wanting to help her through her illness prompted him to have the test done. Bo then informs Melanie that the blood is negative for leukemia.

Melanie continues to lie suggesting that she is probably in remission. Bo still wants to hear the truth. She finally admits that she isn't sick. Bo tells her that the wedding is off.

Melanie tries to blame Bo for flying to her when he said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Why did he want to marry her when he thought she was sick, but not now that she is healthy? Melanie tries desperately tries to get him to reconsider by telling him that she was wrong and that their lives together will be wonderful.


While getting ready to be the best man at Bo's wedding, he is seen looking through a payment ledger with all the entries for an Elizabeth Reynolds.

Rae comes in, he tells her about Bo and Melanie's wedding. He also tells her about a father that has an abandoned a child. He asks her should someone tell a child who his or her real father is under those circumstances? Rae, drawing on her experience with Skye asks him to consider which hurts more, the truth or withholding the truth. Rae leaves.

Hank gets a call letting him know that Bo and Melanie's wedding has been called off. Keri arrives wanting to talk. Hank tries to put her off, but she insists he tell her the truth.


At R.J.'s apartment, Cristian confronts R.J. with a proposition. Cristian wants Carlotta protected from harm. He wants him to stay away from the diner and anyone in his family. He also tells R.J. he is leaving Llanview for New York City. R.J. asks him about Jen. He continues the story that he is no longer in love with her. He tries to convince a skeptical R.J. that his relationship with her is unimportant. As Cris is leaving he threatens R.J. if Carlotta is hurt in anyway.


At Carlotta's diner, Jen searches her soul for reasons why Cris broke up with her. Antonio tries to comfort her the best he can, knowing it all a lie. She is determined to find out what is going on. Antonio stops her by saying Cris is seeing someone else. She doesn't believe him. She can't believe that he is that kind of person. The entire time Antonio and Jen are talking, Keith is watching from outside the diner.

Keri comes to Jen's rescue after overhearing Antonio telling Jen about the other woman in Cristian's life. Keri gives her a shoulder to cry on and objective ear. She and Jen talk together at the diner. Keri, being a stranger, can be more objective listening to her problems as Keri is also thinking over her own problems with finding her father.

As Keri and Jen talk at a table, Carlotta and Antonio are torn apart by Cristian's leaving and Jen's devastation. Antonio thanks Keri for helping Jen and Keri tells Antonio off for being so cruel to Jen. Cristian calls Antonio on a cell phone and says he's ready to go. Antonio assures him he is doing the right thing. Antonio leaves to meet him at the park.

Jen tells Keri she will not give up on Cris. Keri leaves soon afterward because she is also not giving up on what she wants; Hank to admit he is her father.

Lindsay arrives at the diner. When she finds out it is true about Jen and Cris breaking up, she hugs her daughter and tries to comfort her as well. Although Carlotta has told Lindsay never to return to the diner after her internet fiasco, she could not stay away when she saw her daughter crying from outside the diner.


At the park, Antonio and Cristian meet to say goodbye. Cristian and Antonio hope Keith follows him to New York City after R.J. most likely will tell him where Cristian has gone. However, they keep wondering, how did R.J. find out about Cris working undercover?


Keith arrives at R.J. apartment. R.J. tells Keith that Cris is leaving for New York City and he is not taking Jen. Keith seems very interested in the fact that she isn't going with him. He then reassures R.J. that the hit out on Cristian is all over since he has left town. Keith leaves R.J.'s apartment, but in the hallway, he pulls out a picture of Jen from his jacket and tells himself aloud he's glad she is now alone.


In the park, Nora explains to Sam that she doesn't want him at the hospital when Matthew is getting his blood tests done, since he cannot control his temper around Troy. He admits to Nora that Troy is a great doctor. He came to this conclusion after Troy helped Todd and Blair through the birth of Blair's baby over the phone. Nora tells Sam that he is welcome to come with them to the hospital.

Sam and Nora take Matthew to the hospital for the blood tests. Troy assures Nora that he will personally oversee his case.

Troy later finds Nora and Sam to tell them the results of the blood tests.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Lindsay feels bad that Cris has broken it off with Jen while Jen wonders what Lindsay said or did to make Cris take such an action. Lindsay denies it all though she admits she's happy that they are no longer together. Jen repeats everything that Cris said to her about not loving her and using her though she refuses to accept it. After talking it through however, Jen realizes that it really must be true because no one would have been able to get Cris to act so differently. Lindsay wants to help her daughter get through this but Jen practically spits in her face. She could never forget everything that her mother did to her and Cris. She runs off while Lindsay meets up with Carlotta, who tosses her out of the diner after first having words with her regarding their children. She starts to tell her that Cris broke up with Jen for a good reason but stops herself short. Lindsay can only accuse Cris of being loose and of being taught by his mother. Carlotta remarks that God will repay her.

Antonio meets up with Cris in the park as they await the arrival of the plainclothes cops who'll escort Cris to NYC. They are still unable to figure out who clued R.J. in on the fact that Cris was working undercover. Antonio suggests that it could have been Lindsay but Cris knows that Jen would never have said anything to her. He's only concerned that he's treated her so badly even though Antonio suggests that he'll be able to tell her the truth later on. He'll just be happy that Jen is safe while Antonio has her watched without her knowledge. As they hug goodbye Jen appears and watches. Antonio walks away so the two can have some privacy. She urges him to hurry to NYC so that he can be with all of his girls. She admits to having looked all over for him so that she can hear him say the whole thing is a joke, a lie. He never loved her, Cris tells her. She rips off the necklace he gave her, throwing it at him. She hates him, Jen sneers.

Lanie wants to make it up to Bo but he advises her that he was tricked and that can't be changed. He goes on to compare his losing Drew to his fear of having to go through it again losing her. Lanie blames her lying on the way Colin treated her during their marriage and how she would have said and done anything to keep him. Bo can only think how she put him through hell, thinking that she was dying. Lanie accuses him of changing from the time he first learned what she did to her father and that he never trusted her after that. He doesn't deny it but tells her it's over, too much has happened and he can't marry her. Lanie agrees to move out and Bo urges her to seek help. She asks that he leave her alone to pack, asking if he has any regrets. He only has one, he says. As he goes out the door, Lindsay arrives to see her sister. She's truly sorry for Lanie but they have each other, she reassures her.

Keri wants the truth from Hank but though he admits to having known her mother, he still denies that he is her father. She confronts him with the fact that he's been making child support payments all of these years, he's paid for everything, even her college education. She should know because she saw all of the bank statements. Hank insists that he and her mother were just good friends and he wanted to help her. She accuses him of just feeling guilty and storms out after Hank agrees he'll feel guilty if that's what she wants.

Nora and Sam want the plain facts from Troy regarding Matthew's tests. He tells them that their son has Pediatric Robins-Wyler Virus which affects the neuromuscular system and that it will cause him eventual weakness and loss of muscle control. He further advises them that the transmittal method is unknown and there is no cure. Sam wants a second opinion though Troy mentions that he's already had one. He tries to reassure them by telling them they caught the disease early, there are lots of tested treatments and Matthew has a good chance of recovery. Sam asks the doctor to leave them alone-Nora can only cry on Sam's shoulder.

As a beautiful song plays, Antonio walks into Keri's office. He sees her crying and turns around and walks back out. She stares at a picture of Hank and slowly rips it up. At the same time Hank is in his own office, looking at a picture of a young Keri. Bo enters his office and Hanks pulls out two glasses and a bottle, pouring each of them a drink. At Bo's apartment, Lanie picks up the broken necklace that Bo had given to her earlier. Jen walks away from Cris at the park as he remembers their past. He picks up the necklace that she threw at him.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Max expressed his frustration to Gabrielle about Al's rejection. Gabrielle said that Al also resented her now, and Asa was enjoying gloating about it. Gabrielle cornered Max and told him it was time that they killed Asa. Believing Gabrielle's idea was ludicrous, Max refused to assist with her deadly plan. After Max left, Gabrielle decided that she would go through with her plan to kill Asa herself. Bo arrived and saw Gabrielle and Asa handling his bottle of pills. Bo wondered if something was wrong, but they covered by saying Gabrielle was just reminding him to take his heart medication. Bo told Asa that he canceled his wedding to Melanie and broke off their engagement due to her lies. Alone, Gabrielle replaced Asa's heart pill capsules with sugar. Believing he would be merely going away to an island, Asa commended Bo on being such a great son, unaware that Gabrielle was plotting his actual death.

Blair dreamed that her baby was alive, and that she and Todd were living happily ever after with their children. When she awoke, Todd comforted her after reminding Blair that her baby had "died." Refusing to accept that her baby was gone, Blair insisted that she heard him crying for her. Paloma contacted Max after overhearing Todd declare to a spaced-out Blair that Max was the baby's father. Max hightailed it to San Blas upon learning that Blair had given birth. Todd was horrified to discover that Paloma hadn't gotten rid of the baby, as she claimed. Paloma begged Todd to give Blair her baby, but he refused to listen to her pleas. Todd then tried to sneak out with the baby, just as Max was about to enter the hacienda.

Larry berated Allison for the problems she had brought into Viki's life, and he informed her that he was conducting the new DNA test. Viki, Ben, and Jessica arrived at the hospital to await the results. Viki remained absolutely certain that Natalie was not her daughter, and she worked to reassure Jessica. Viki told Natalie not to believe crazy Allison, who was only out for Viki's money. Allison assured Natalie that she was indeed Viki and Clint's daughter. Seth tried to reach out to Jessica, but she wasn't interested in his explanation. Alone, Ben confronted Allison about her scam, and she accused him of having feelings for her. Later, Larry returned with Natalie's DNA test results.

Antonio brought Keri an apple to cheer her up, saying that it seemed as though she had a rough night. Antonio told Keri that he would be attending her sociology class undercover to protect a student. Hank called Keri to apologize for the previous night, but Keri didn't want to hear it. Keri turned down Antonio's invitation for a coffee, saying that it wouldn't be appropriate, given that she's still waiting for his term paper. Antonio then vowed to get it done.

Thursday, October 19, 2001

Dr. Woleck tells Viki that he personally supervised while the DNA tests were run three different times -- and Natalie was her daughter. Ben belligerently questions Larry about a possible mistake or mix up in the blood samples, but Larry assures all of them that the samples never left his sight during all three of the tests that were run and that Natalie's DNA matched Viki's in the mother-daughter model. Natalie says that the tests say Viki has to accept her, but Viki responds that all the tests say is that she is her daughter and tells Natalie to go away and leave her alone. Natalie continues to whine that she deserves more from Viki when Seth tells her to back off and that not everyone is happy about the results. As they are leaving, Natalie steps in front of Viki and Jessica and asks "What about me?" Viki tells her that she couldn't care less about her and tells her to get out of the way. Ben tells Natalie that all the DNA tests in the world are not going to make her Viki's daughter. After Natalie and Seth have left, Ben confronts Allison. Allison tells Ben that she was on her way to see Viki to tell her the truth about switching the babies when the car hit her. Natalie shares her dreams of "being somebody" with Seth and tells him that Jessica will never forgive either of them. Seth, obviously ashamed of his part in the scheme, goes to Llanfair but hesitates outside the door. Jessica asks Viki not to tell Clint what is going on yet. Viki insists that Natalie will never come between them, but Jessica reminds her that Natalie is her real biological daughter and asks, "Who am I?"

Melanie tells Bo she has decided that she needs distance and is moving to Seattle. She explains to Bo that she needs a fresh start since there is nothing left for her in Llanview. Lindsay, who has just come into the room, says, "You have me. I'm still here." Then she looks at Bo and tells him it is his fault (of course) that her only sister is leaving town and asks him if he is happy. She plows into Bo about why all the women in his life end up lying to him. She tells him it is because he sets such ridiculously high standards and that when they make a mistake, they tell a little lie to cover up for it because otherwise they know he will walk out on them. Then the little lie requires a bigger lie and so on. She goes further and tells him that the women know they are not perfect because they are human beings but that he apparently thinks he is perfect. (Go Girl!!) Lindsay says that she thought Lanie might have a chance at being the perfect wife for him and that was why she supported her. Saint Bo gets real defensive and attacks Lindsay by asking her if she was part of Lanie's making up the lie about dying then says it doesn't really matter because he could not think any less of Lindsay than he already did. Lindsay asks him how he feels about Lanie and he doesn't answer, but leaves the room. Lindsay tells Lanie that she needs another chance with Jen and asks her not to tell Bo that she was the one who convinced Lanie to lie to him. Lanie says she is not going to lie to Bo or anyone else ever again. Lindsay and Lanie say their good-byes and Lindsay leaves. Bo comes back into the room and asks Lanie if what Lindsay about him was true. Lanie tells Bo that she expected herself to be perfect and that until she learned to like herself, she would never be able to have an honest relationship. She wishes Bo happiness for the rest of his life and leaves.

Blair begs Paloma to tell her that the baby is not dead. Todd is in the hallway very gently holding the baby when Max knocks on the door. Todd locks Max out. Blair continues to beg Paloma to tell her if her baby is really dead and Paloma breaks down and tells Blair that the baby is not dead just as Todd bursts into the room. Paloma explains to Blair that she meant the baby was alive in her heart, then leaves the room. She has the baby in her arms when she realizes that Max is at the door and she tries to open it, but Todd stops her. Todd tells Paloma that if she wants to live, she will take the baby to the airport and wait there. After she leaves, Todd opens the door to Max and the police who start searching for the baby. Blair comes out of her room and tells Max to tell the police to leave. After the police leave, Blair tells Max that the baby is dead. Todd goes to the airport to find Paloma and the baby, but they are not there.

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