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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on GL
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Monday, October 15, 2001

Buzz finds out he is a Grandpa again. Holly, Blake, Frank, and Buzz wait at company for Rick, Harley, and the babies arrival. Blake expresses concern to Holly regarding the whereabouts of Ross. Harley, Rick, and Gus come in. As everyone gathers to see the new baby, Harley explains how & where he came into this world. She tells them all that Gus helped deliver the baby. Frank and Buzz both thank Gus. Gus walks outside and Rick follows. He told Gus this would not have happened had he told him Harley called. Gus told Rick that he did not know that Harley was in labor. Rick told Gus that when he is around bad things happen and he does not want him around his son with all of his bad energy. Gus asked Rick, "Do you mean your son or his mother?" Gus walked back in Company. Phillip walks up and sees Rick. He tells Rick that he has some good news, Beth is alive and in Springfield. Rick ask if she is ok. Phillip says yes, she is alive, ok, and with Edmund. Rick and Phillip were going inside Company when Phillip noticed a stork it's a boy sign. He asked who had a baby. Rick told him that Harley had their little boy. Phillip peeked in the window, obliviously upset. Rick asks Phillip how much longer this is going to go on. Phillip says he is glad everyone is ok and leaves. Rick goes back inside and they begin discussing baby names. Gus pipes in and tells Harley to follow her heart. He asked her what her favorite song is. She said it is Hey Jude. They liked the idea and named the child Jude Cooper Bauer. Harley apologized to Rick for leaving and he accepted. He tells her that she and Jude should stay with him for the next few days so Madia and Michelle can take care of them. She agrees and Rick is happy. They share a hug and Harley looks at Gus.

Blake continues to look for Ross. She calls one of his associates and he tells her Ross left a message for him earlier saying he would not be in he was going horseback riding. She tells Holly. Holly tells Blake that it is unlike Ross to go without her. She tells her that she was supposed to go but she got tied up with Ron so he went with Troy. Holly gives Blake a suspicious look.

While Dax is hiding he listens as Cassie talks to Richard about reaching out to Alonzo. She tells him that she wants him to be a part of Williams's life. Cassie goes to find Alonzo. When Cassie finds Alonzo she offers him a job being the Skipper on the Presidential Yacht. He turns her down and reiterates that he does not want to be a part of Williams's life. He tells her he really feels good about them and that his conscience is clear. Alonzo tells her that his boat leaves in 1 hour and that he would have to go. Dax was listening and arranged the Harbor Master to send the boat out without him.

Reva was bandaging Jack and they were discussing why she was there. Regina walks in and asks Reva if it was time for her to go back to the dispensary. They discuss needing a full time nurse and decide to hire Reva to stay. Regina tells Reva to draw Jack a bath because they are having a dinner party with Gen. Hudson. A man that looks like Sam knocks at the door. Reva hides and listens as he says he has messages for Jack and that he needs to give them to him. Regina convinces him to give her the papers. She assures him she will give them to him. He leaves. Reva watches as Regina hides the documents in the stairwell. Reva later sees Regina give something to the maid and tells her to take it to Gen. Hudson. Reva thinks about going back home but changes her mind.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Ross limps into Company with Tory and finds Blake waiting for an explanation about his whereabouts. Ross describes how his plans to go horseback riding with Tory were met with disaster. Holly is suspicious of Tory and fishes for information about her past. When Blake and Ross leave, Holly invites Tory to join her for lunch the next day. Danny and Michelle prepare for the heist. Danny shows her the layout of the "white room," Spaulding's most tightly secured area that Michelle will be breaking into. Meanwhile, Carmen arrives at the Santos mansion with a birthday gift for Tony. When Carmen asks Tony if she can move back into the house, Tony refuses and orders Romeo to escort her out of his home. Carmen threatens Romeo that she will tell Tony about an incident from Romeo's Chicago days if he doesn't get Tony to change his mind about Carmen staying in the Santos house. After Romeo discusses it with Tony, he agrees to let Carmen move in. Later, Romeo offers to kill Sam for Tony, but Tony tells him that he has to take care of Sam himself. In San Cristobel , a nurse asks Cassie and Richard about Will's parents' medical history. Cassie goes to the Rusty Anchor to find out any information from Alonzo that she can. Alonzo accompanies her to the palace to answer the nurse's questions. When Richard enters, he informs Cassie of some of the problems with the Harbor Project. Richard and Cassie are impressed when Alonzo chimes in with his solution to the situation. Cassie thinks Richard should hire Alonzo on as a consultant. Richard is hesitant, but offers him a position. Alonzo accepts. Later, Richard becomes concerned about Alonzo's presence in the palace and asks Dax to look into Alonzo's background.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Harley and Rick come home to the Bauer house and introduce Danny and Michelle to their son, Jude. Danny and Michelle leave for Tony's party and Rick leaves to go buy diapers. While he is gone, Gus shows up. He tells Harley that he has her phone. She accuses him of being sentimental. When he denies it, she reminds him that she is the only one in town who knows that he has a heart. Gus asks Harley why she came back to Springfield. She says it is to be with her family and Rick, but he tells her he thinks she came back for him.

Marah and Sam are about to leave for Tony's party. She suddenly gets a chill. She tells Sam that she has a bad feeling and that they should skip the party. He convinces her to go. Later, Marah and Tony dance as Catalina and Sam look on. Cat tells Sam that he is right to keep quiet about him not being the one who saved Josh's reputation. Later, as Bruno and Marah are dancing, he tells her that Sam didn't save her daddy; he did. He dares her to go ask Sam about it.

At the Robicheaux house, Jack (Josh) tells Reva how lovely she looks. He tells her that the beast is coming for dinner. Reva is stunned when the "beast" is none other than Alan (General Hudson). Later, Reva hears Regina (Olivia) telling Alan that they must be careful. She watches as they kiss.

Lorelei, posting as Beth, is reunited with Alan, Lillian and Lizzie. She tells them that her ordeal made her realize that she and Edmund are meant to be together. She tells them that she would like for she and Edmund to stay at the Spaulding mansion. She also tells Phillip that she wants Edmund to have access to all of her accounts. When she sees how Edmund is treated by the rest of the family, she wonders what Edmund has been hiding from her and swears to find out.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Civil War Era Reva goes back to the present through the painting. Staring at the painting, she asks what just happened. Reva is still trying to figure out if it was all a dream when she is interrupted by a knock at the door. It is Felicia, who has been trying to reach Reva for hours. Reva tells Felicia about her time travel, and together they try to figure out an explanation. Felicia encourages Reva to try to go back through the painting while she is there, but Reva can't. Reva tells Felicia about the affair between Regina and Col. Hudson, and how they are the same likenesses as Olivia and Alan. After Felicia leaves, Reva starts to wonder if perhaps the present is reflecting the past, and if Olivia and Alan are having an affair. She thinks that it has to be something more than that. She spies a book on the end table about New Orleans. As she is looking through it, she sees something shocking. She bookmarks the page and heads out of the room.

Outside Company, Rick and Mel are discussing their relationship. Mel tells Rick that she is breaking it off before it can go any further. Rick tries to talk her out of it, but she won't listen. She says that Rick has the baby and Harley living at his house now, and there isn't room for further complications. She kisses his cheek and says goodbye.

In the Bauer kitchen, Gus tells Harley that she came back to Springfield for the same reasons that she left... because of him. She says that she left to get away from Buzz and Frank's meddling. Gus tells her that he was expecting her to come back, but she replies that it was a spontaneous decision. He tells her that she came back for him, and that he cannot be convinced otherwise. She asks him if he is nuts, tells him that he is delusional, and that she is not in the mood for his mind games. She tells him to leave, but he won't. He tries to get her to admit that their "almost kiss" the night after the trial meant as much to her, as it did to him. She says it was all sympathy. Harley flashes back to the night in question. She remembers how she touched his check and he touched her hair. She becomes more defensive after this, and calls him a self-absorbed jerk. A flash of pain comes over his face. Harley stalks across the kitchen and he comes up behind her and touches her on the neck. She turns to him and tells him he needs a hobby. He starts talking very softly, remembering that night, and getting closer to her. She closes her eyes, and leans into him. They kiss. When she realizes what she is doing, she pulls away. She accuses him of taking advantage of her when she is confused and weak. She denies responding to his kiss. She says she fell forward in exhaustion. Again, she orders him to leave. He leaves his card, and says that she knows where to find him. And, that he knows she will.

Harley is asleep at the kitchen table when Gus comes over to her. They kiss passionately ... but it is only in her dreams. Harley awakens to keys in the door--- it is Rick. Rick brings in the baby supplies from the store. He tells her that his paternity leave has been covered. Harley asks Rick if he knows why she came back when she did. He responds that she returned in order for the baby to be born in Springfield. Harley says that she has come to a decision that will be good for the baby. She asks Rick to marry her.

Josh barges in on Alan at home. Alan is his usual charming self. Josh says he is there to return the money clip that Alan left at his apartment. Alan plays innocent. Josh accuses Alan of trying to lure Olivia away to Spaulding. "Is he talking business, because it is starting to sound personal," states Alan. Josh says that Alan always thinks he can buy anything that he wants. "Everyone has their price," retorts Alan. He asks Josh how well he REALLY knows Olivia, because it takes someone like him to appreciate her special qualities. Alan advises Josh to leave it alone. He then tells Josh that Beth is alive and back in Springfield, and that has made him believe anything is possible. Alan admits his interest in Olivia. He challenges Josh for Olivia...his power and influence versus Josh's love. "May the best man win." Josh replies that the best man has already won.

Reva goes to Alan's with book in hand. She runs into Josh on his way out. He accuses her of snooping into the Harbor Project again. She says that she is not exactly there for that purpose... she is there looking for the truth.

At Tony's birthday party, Romeo tells Marah that he is her hero, not Sam. She doesn't believe him. She tells Romeo that Sam wouldn't lie to her. He challenges her to ask him. Marah interrupts Sam dancing with Catalina, and asks to speak with him privately. She tells Sam that she has been told a lie about him, and she needs verification that it is untrue.

Tony explains to Romeo, that he had to let Marah find out about Sam's deceit so that Sam would leave town alive. Meanwhile, Marah pushes Sam for an answer. Just as he is about to tell all, Ray comes in with the birthday cake for Tony. Tony makes his wish and blows out the candles. He says he hopes that wish comes true.

Sam does admit, with tears in his eyes, that what Marah heard was true. He explains that he tried many times to tell her the truth. That he only did it because he wanted to be with her. He says that he is not a hero, he is just Sam, and Sam screwed up. He swears that he will never keep the truth from Marah again. Marah asks Sam, if the hero wasn't him --- who was it? He says it was someone that didn't want her to know. She pushes him and he admits that it was Tony. Catalina is horrified that Sam told Marah. Marah looks over at Tony, who is standing in the doorway

Friday, October 19, 2001

Reva runs into Josh while waiting to see Alan. They discuss why they are both there. Josh tells Reva he was talking to Alan about business. Reva says she wants to see Alan for the same reason, business. Josh tells Reva that he believes they are there for the same reason...OLIVIA. She tries explaining that the reason she is there has to do with the past. Josh asks her if it has to do with the painting. Alan enters. Reva shows him the History book that she brought in. She turns to the chapter on the Civil War and shows him a picture of General Hudson. Alan sees the resemblance. Reva asked Alan if he had any relatives in the war. He cannot think of any. Reva tells Alan that she wants to do a genealogy piece for her show. Alan says absolutely not on the Spaulding's. Reva smiles. Nolan walks in with a gift of Gardenia perfume, wrapped in nice paper with a Gardenia on top, he gives it to Alan. Alan tells her it is for a business associate. When Alan leaves Reva checks the card and discovers the package is for Olivia. Reva leaves and meets up with Felicia. She tells her that she is going to New Orleans to research whatever happened to Jack and the nurse.

Sam tells Marah that he is not the one who saved her Dad, Tony is. Marah leaves upset. Catalina goes over to Sam and they argue about why he told Marah. Tony comes in between them and Sam punches Tony. Tony warns Sam to leave while he can. Olivia gets involved and asked what's happening. Sam tells her that she ruined his life and that he really loves Marah. Carlos goes over to Tony and said, "I thought you were going to take care of Sam." Tony assures Carlos that he did take care of him and there would be no more problems. Carlos tells Tony that if Sam does not disappear then they will have to do it the old fashion way. Marah goes back to the dorm. She throws a fit and starts knocking things down. Sam cries as he watches.

Harley proposes to Rick. He asked her why now when a couple of months ago she turned him down. She tells him she has been thinking about it for a long time and when she saw him with the baby for the first time she knew she wanted it to work. She tries to convince Rick to marry her and he tells her it is all to confusing but he would sleep on it.

Gus is at Company remembering the kiss between himself and Harley. Carmen comes up wanting to know when they were going to get Danny. He tells her soon. He asks her how she could feel that way about her son. She says, "He is as dead to me as Nick."

Mel has lunch with her father and they discuss Rick and the baby. He warns her that things are different when a child is involved.

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