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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on GL
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Monday, October 8, 2001

Catalina insist on throwing Tony a birthday party. Tony gives Catalina a ride back to the dorm.

Marah continues pressuring Sam to tell her how he cleared her Dad. Feeling guilty, Sam changes the subject. Marah senses something's wrong with him. Sam says he is feeling guilty because he feels he has rigged it to make her feel grateful to him. She explains that she really likes him. They kiss and Olivia comes in with a plant for Marah. She tells Marah she is proud of her. They hug and as she goes to leave Sam stops her at the door and tells her they need to discuss his papers for college. Sam tells Marah goodbye and leaves with Olivia. Catalina and Tony walk in while Marah is studying. She notices them holding hands. Someone comes in and asks to meet with Catalina for a minute. While she walks in the hall she reminds Tony they need to plan his party. Marah and Tony talk and as Catalina walks back in she overhears Tony inviting Marah to his party. Catalina kisses Tony and Marah leaves. Tony thanks Catalina for thinking of him.

Olivia tells Sam to relax. He is upset about lying to Marah she assures him telling the truth will only cause problems for everyone. Sam leaves. Vreeland overheard Olivia and Sam talking. He warns Olivia either Sam leaves town or he will find another way to keep his silence. Sam goes back to see Marah. She had bought him a stuffed dog with a collar that read HERO. He kissed Marah.

After being knocked out and tied up, Phillip wakes up. The bad guys want to know where Edmund went. They told Phillip that Edmund stole a silver mine that belonged to a blonde and then to them. Phillip tells them he knows where the mine is because Edmund showed him. They did not believe him and he admitted he was bluffing. Phillip told them he would pay them a lot of money if they could tell him how Edmund got his hands on the silver mine. Phillip tries to get his hands loose. Phillip continued asking how Edmund got the mine. He told Phillip the blonde lady was not in the position to refuse, she was in the desert. He told Phillip that Edmund paid him to kidnap Beth. Phillip says he understands what happened, "he paid you to kidnap her so he could get his hands on the deed and once he did, he killed her." Phillip says he will never forgive himself. The bad guy tells him to get over it. Phillip tries to talk the bad guy into telling the police what happened. The bad guy refuses and says he is going to kill Phillip. Phillip gets his hands free and they fight. The man runs out. Later Phillip sees Lillian and tells her they have what they need. He tells an upset Lillian that Edmund killed Beth for the silver mine.

Holly is at Company talking to Buzz. Tory comes in looking for Ross. She meets Holly and they start talking. Holly calls Ross and lets him know Tory is waiting. He tells Holly to have her wait a little longer and have a drink and put it on his tab. Holly relays the message. Tory says good idea, I'll surprise him by getting his scotch ready for him. Blake and Ross walk in together and go over to Holly and Tory's table. Ross notices the footnotes are missing from the brief Tory prepared. He said he gave another copy to his associate at Towers he would go try to get it. Tory insists on going with him. Blake agrees Tory should go help. While they were gone, Blake received a call form her producer. He is going to fly to Springfield to meet with her and her agent. Blake panics because she does not have an agent. Buzz overhears and decides to become her agent. Ross and Tory got the footnote and finished the brief. Ross invited Tory to stay for a nightcap she agreed and he called Blake to invite her also. Blake turned him down. Ross and Tory talk about his first case and are laughing and having a good time. Ross then gives Tory a key to their house in case of an emergency.

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Blake's perturbed when Buzz uses his own special attitude towards a movie producer while posing as Blake's agent for her novel. She's finally impressed when he manages to complete an attractive deal for her. When Blake cancels a horseback riding date with Ross, he invites Tory to go riding with him. Mel tries to talk to her father about Remy but Clayton's more interested in directing her personal life again. Rick overhears Clayton pushing Mel on a date and urges her father to back off. Later, Rick worries when Mel runs off after fielding a mysterious phone call. Realizing that Tony was responsible for saving Josh's reputation, Olivia decides to approach him. Tony meets with Carlos who orders him to "take care of" Sam. Sam confides to Catalina that Tony is Marah's hero, not him. Hoping to keep Marah away from Tony, Catalina convinces Sam not to tell Marah the truth about clearing Josh.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Edmund worries when he finds Alan flirting with Lorelie at the Towers Bar. Calling her Josephine, Edmund quickly escorts an amused Lorelei to a table and warns her about what might have happened if he recognized her. She demands info about the stakes involved and realizes he's talking millions. Alan takes Edmund aside and boasts that Phillip has proof that he murdered Beth. Alonzo decides to hop the next ship out to sea unaware that Cassie has suggested to Richard that they give Alonzo a job so he'll be near his son. Reva's rocked when the painting she had shipped back to the inn is returned to her with a sticker claiming the addressee is unknown. She makes a call to Riverview, Illinois, and finds the inn does not exist. Felicia tries to uncover Reva's relationship with the past and suggests she needs to find a key. Reva's curious when she receives another strange message from her dead mother. Mel advises her ex-boyfriend Sean that since he can't control his anger, she wants nothing to do with him. Finding Mel arguing with Sean, Rick plays the hero and steps in to protect her, claiming to be her fianc‚. After he runs off, Mel thanks Rick with a hug. On her way back to Springfield, Harley is caught speeding and tossed into jail when the arresting officer doesn't believe that she's a police detective. There, she begins to suffer contractions. She tries to call Rick but ends up chatting with Gus instead.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

After a heated exchange with Alan, Edmund calls Lorelei to tell her that the debut as Beth will have to moved up, and he will be up to help her study because she has to get Phillip's name right, or she will blow the entire ruse. After Edmund hangs up, Lorelei tells herself that she has had enough practicing, and she leaves the room. Edmund goes to look for Lorelei, and again runs into Alan. He asks Alan if he has seen "Josephine." Alan advised Edmund to find her before she finds a man who will treat her well. After Alan leaves, Edmund says to himself that Lorelei is not ready to be Beth, especially for Phillip. At that time, Phillip walks into Towers. Phillip comments that Edmund looks worried. He says that he now has evidence that Edmund did kill Beth for the money he would get for the silver mine. Phillip says that Gomez told him how Edmund promised to give them a cut of the silver mine if they kidnapped Beth. Edmund replies that Phillip has no proof, and that Gomez and his friends were hoodlums and couldn't get trusted. Phillip says that Edmund had motive, means, and opportunity, and that is all a jury will need to convict him of Beth's murder. Just as Phillip goes over to the bar, in walks Lorelei, dressed as Beth. Phillip spies her, and his jaw drops.

Danny and Michelle are having lunch at Company. They are talking about him having to steal the $25,000,000 from Spaulding. They say that Frank will be able to have all of the software, and flag the money that goes to "Mr. Big", and then arrest him. Danny explains that it will weaken the "Family", and then they will not have the power to hold anything over him or his family. About that time, a special delivery from Spaulding comes for Danny. He tells Michelle the game just got tougher. Phillip has sent Danny the information that Danny's new computer security system has started being uploaded that day. That will make it difficult, if not impossible for Danny to be able to access the accounts without being caught, unless he can get to the main computer system. He says that he can't be lowered in, but Michelle can. He stresses that it is important to keep it between them.

While Rick is talking with Michelle and Danny about Harley, Rick realizes that Harley's cell phone number has appeared on his cell phone. He figures out that Harley called when he and Gus had switched phones, and that Gus didn't tell him. He tries to reach Harley, but she can't reach the phone through the jail cell bars. She tries to use a blanket to get the phone closer, but that doesn't work. Rick can't understand why Harley would call and then turn her phone off. Gus shows up at the jail, and asks Harley if it is her 1st visit to Brewster Falls. She tells him she is in labor and is having contractions. At first he doesn't believe her. Then when it dawns on him that she is being truthful, he becomes very flustered. He tells her she can't have the kid in jail. He wants to call 911, and she refuses. She tells him to shut up and find the keys or she will cut him up in pieces small enough to fit through the jail cell bars. Rick tries to call Harley again, and this time Gus answers. Harley yells to Rick where she is and that the baby is coming. Rick takes off to Brewster Falls, so he can be there for the birth of his child. Gus, meanwhile, is telling Harley that he will have to do if Rick doesn't get there. Gus finally is able to get Harley out of the cell, and wants to take her to the hospital. Harley tells him there is no time for that... the baby is coming. Gus tries to soothe her, and tells her that he does think that Rick, as the father, should be there for the birth of his kid. She tells Gus that he will have to deliver the baby.

Olivia and Josh are settling in for a nice romantic evening at home. The phone rings, and Olivia tries to talk Josh into not answering it. Of course, he answers it anyway. It is Shayne. He is worried about how weird Reva has been acting since coming home from her vacation. He tells Josh about the painting that he ruined. Josh asks what was under the original, but Shayne says that Reva keeps it covered, and won't let anyone see it. Josh replies that he can't get involved in Reva's problems, but Shayne is persistent. Josh finally promises to look into it. Again, the phone rings, and Olivia answers it this time. It is Alan. He wants to see Olivia immediately. She tells him that she and her husband are not interested, and pretends Alan is a solicitor. Alan says he will be there within an hour, and that she better get rid of Josh, or he will tell Josh all about Olivia's dirty dealings. When Olivia sees how concerned Josh is about Shayne's call, she encourages him to go take care it.

Alan shows up at Olivia's and confronts her about her dealings with the mob. He starts to undress. She gets angry, throws his coat at him, and attempts to kick him out. She tells Alan that he won't expose her because then he would loose her forever. At first she begins the seduction routine, and then tells him that she won't have sex with him in her husband's bed. He informs her that she won't get away with rejecting him, and plants something just under the pillow of the chair. They kiss before he leaves.

At Reva's house, Reva is staring at the portrait when Josh knocks. She hastily covers it. Josh asks for Shayne, who has gone to a movie with friends. Josh apologizes to Reva for coming over and butting in, but Shayne was worried about her. They talk for a while, and Josh tells Reva to "trust her heart", which is what she keeps hearing her mother Sarah telling her. She and Josh talk about how Marah and Shayne have come around to accepting Olivia. She reassures Josh that she isn't nuts, and he leaves. When Josh arrives home, he and Olivia try to pick up where they left off, but he spots something under the pillow of the chair. He goes to retrieve it. It is Alan's money clip with a wad of bills in it. He asks Olivia what it was doing there. She doesn't answer.

Meanwhile Reva looks at the picture, and then her hand goes through it. She keeps repeating the word "trust", and walks through the picture. On the other side of the picture, Reva finds herself in the Civil War era, staring at the same portrait of Olivia. She tries to get Sarah to give her a clue as to where she is, but at that time Civil War era Olivia walks down the steps. They look at one another, but no one speaks

Friday, October 12, 2001

Reva goes into the picture. While she is looking around a woman that looks like Olivia comes down the stairs. They begin talking and the woman introduces herself as Regina. She tells Reva that she is there to care for her husband that was wounded in battle. Regina/Olivia comments on how interesting Reva's necklace is. She leaves and Reva finds a needle and thread. She pricks herself to see if she is dreaming, she bleeds. A boy walked in and started talking to Reva. He looks like Shane but introduces himself as Bo. Bo/Shane tells Reva that Regina is his stepmother and that his real mother died when she had him. Reva asked him why he didn't care for Regina. He said he does not like the fact that she brought the beast into their home. Reva asked who the beast was. He couldn't believe she didn't know who he was talking about. He said it was General Morticahi Hudson. Bo tells Reva how he would like to fight in the war. Reva was clearly upset and called him Shane. She apologized and told him she was bad with names. A man walks in. He is the painter of the portrait. His name is Mr. Cardia, but he looks like Buzz. He tells Reva that he would like to paint her. Regina/Olivia came back down and introduces her husband Jack to Reva. Jack has a wounded shoulder and looks like Josh. Jack says he can take care of himself and that he doesn't need a nurse. He and Regina argue and she tells Mr. Cardia that she will have to reschedule their appointment to finish the portrait. Jack was upset about that. He and Regina kept arguing and he agrees to let Reva stay as his nurse. Regina tells Reva to treat him like her own husband. While Reva was doctoring Jacks shoulder he tells her she has a gentle touch.

Josh finds Alan Spaulding's money clip at their house. Olivia tells Josh it is time he knows the truth about her and Alan. She tells him that Alan is upset because they got new investors. Josh comes to the conclusion that Alan wants to take over Lewis construction. Olivia tells him that is not the case that Alan wants her to come to work for Spaulding.

Lorelei runs into Phillip. She she's Edmund and kisses him. Phillip questions Beth on where she has been. She explains to Phillip that she grabbed onto a branch, hit her head and blacked out. When she woke up she was in a clinic. She said she could not remember a thing and that she is still suffering from memory lapses. Phillip continued to question her on her whereabouts. She told him the reason she didn't call was because she was focusing on get home to her husband, Edmund. Phillip said that he has heard plenty but wasn't convinced. Edmund tells Phillip that he insulted Beth. Phillip said that Gomez and Crews did not see things that way. Edmund tells Phillip that Gomez and Crews tried to rape Beth. Phillip asks Beth for five minutes alone. Edmund says no but she agrees.

Gus accidentally locks himself in the jail with Harley. Rick shows up and helps Gus sterilize his hands so he can deliver the baby. As he walks Gus through it they discover the baby is breech.. She gives birth to a baby boy...Rick and Harley are excited and they thank Gus.

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