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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, October 8, 2001

Jake carries Molly into their hotel room in Hawaii. As he goes to open champagne, she sees that there is a pile of papers in the fax machine. She tells Jake that work is following them and she wanted to only think about their honeymoon. Jake tells her to go look at the papers. He has made it possible that they got the next morning addition of The City Times so she could see her beautiful face on the social page. She starts to read the article and tells Jake that he is so handsome. Then she gasps and tells Jake that there was a shooting at their reception after they had left. Jake thinks that she is joking, but when he sees the look on her face, he can tell that she is not. She starts to call Abigail and Jake tells her not to call all upset like she is right now. She doesn't listen and she dials anyway. She gets the answering machine and tells Abigail to pick up. Abigail does not answer the phone. She hangs up and she is very upset. Jake calls Donna and Donna tells him that everything is alright. She tells Jake to tell Molly that her daughter is eighteen and a freshman in college. When Molly hears this she takes off in a huff. Jake tells Donna that didn't help and he hangs up the phone. Molly is packing her suitcase. Jake says, "I guess that we will be honeymooning in Oakdale." There is a knock at the door and when Jake answers it a bellhop is there with a big fruit basket and a bottle of champagne. Jake accepts it and tips the bellhop. He takes the gifts in and sets them down. He takes out the card and reads it out loud to Molly. It is from Lucinda. She tells them that everything is ok and that they should stay in Hawaii and celebrate their honeymoon.

At Jake and Molly's apartment, Abigail and Adam come in. They discuss the events of the evening. Adam makes a comment about the apartment being so quiet. Abigail tells him that Donna has taken the twins back to Bay City with her. She adds that Donna had asked her to come along, but she couldn't pass up having the apartment all to herself. Adam realizes that they are alone and takes advantage of the moment. He leans in and kisses Abigail. They discuss Jennifer's situation with Billy and Bryant and they wonder if "it" happens that way. They kiss some more. Abigail lies down on the couch and Adam lies on top of her as they make out. Adam stops and asks if Abigail if she is ok and she says that she is. They start to kiss again and then Abigail stops him. She is not quiet sure she is ready. Adam says that he understands and he can wait. Then he adds, "But not too long." They stand up and start to kiss. The phone rings and it is Molly. Abigail tells her that everything is fine. Abigail keeps changing the subject on Molly and then she cuts the conversation short. When Abigail hangs up, Adam asks if she didn't want them to know he was there with her. She tells him that she didn't have to lie that way. They start to kiss again and the phone rings again. Adam says that the phone is not his friend tonight. Then the doorbell rings. Adam and Abigail laugh and Adam tells her to answer the phone and he will get the door. Abigail answers the phone and it is Donna. As Abigail talks to Donna, Adam answers the door and Nick is standing there. Nick asks if Abigail is ok, then he sees her on the phone. Adam says that she is fine and she is busy. He tells Nick that he will tell Abigail that he was here and starts to close the door. Abigail looks up and sees Nick and tells him to come in, she will just be one minute on the phone. Adam reluctantly lets Nick in. After Abigail hangs up the phone she smiles at Nick and says hello. She had heard Nick asking Adam about getting the footage at the shooting after the reception. Abigail tells Nick that Adam got the whole thing on the camera that he had left. Adam tells Nick that he had given the tape to his mother who is a police officer. Nick jumps on him and says that they need that footage for the news. Nick scolds him and says that he should always make a copy of the tape before giving it to the police. Adam says that the police need to start the investigation and he wasn't going to make them wait until he could make a copy of the tape. Abigail tells Adam to settle down. Nick says that they can go to the station and get started until they get their tape back. Adam yells at Nick again and says that he wasn't there to get famous and then he walks away. Abigail apologizes to Nick and tells him that it has been a long day and they will be at the station first thing in the morning. After Nick is gone, Adam and Abigail start to yell at each other. All the sudden they stop and look at each other. Adam asks why are they yelling at each other. Abigail says that she has been up a long time and she needs to get some sleep. Adam puts on his tuxedo jacket and they walk to the door. They kiss again and Adam says that he is going "patiently" into the night. Abigail laughs and closes the door.

Back in Hawaii, Jake comes in after making arrangements for he and Molly to go back to Oakdale. He sees Molly standing in the middle of the room with nothing on but a short grass skirt and a lei around her neck. Jake tells her that she will make quit a stir in the airport dressed like that. She tells him that she got to thinking that this will be their only honeymoon and thinks it would be better to stay and celebrate their marriage. Jake walks over to her and kisses her. He picks her up and takes her off to the bedroom. She says that she hopes he is not allergic to grass and they both laugh.

Jack brings Carly a mug of coffee. She has come to Jack house to see if he is all right after the events of the evening. He tells her that his instincts are to take her upstairs and take all her clothes off and make love to her. She tells him that they should have their coffee and see what happens. He tells her about quitting the police department. She tells him that being a cop is something that he loves. He tells her that he just can't do it anymore and he is trying to think of something else to do. He tells her that one thing he will be doing is watching her back. She informs him that she doesn't need anyone to watch after her. She tells him about working for BRO. Jack is surprised and then he tells her to watch out for Craig. Carly tells him to please not go there. Jack reminds her that Craig is after the company and if he knows that she is working for the Ryan's he could do something to her. Carly reminds Jack that she can handle Craig. Jack is not convinced. Carly decides it is time for her to leave. Jack walks her to the door and tells her to be careful. She touches his cheek with her hand. He takes her hand and kisses it. She tells him that she has always loved the way he looks out for her. He says that he has always wanted the best of all worlds for her. She says goodnight Jack and he tells her good morning. They look into each other's eyes and she tells him to stop it with his eyes. She says that he is messing with her head. He says that it is fair game because he can't get her out of his head. He tells her to take care of herself. Carly walks away with a big smile on her face.

At Craig's suite, someone knocks at the door and when Craig opens the door, Margo walks in. She tells him that she saw him leave the reception with Carly. Then she adds that Jack saw them too. He asks if it put a bee in his bonnet. Margo asks if that was the intent. Craig says that he doesn't need to make Jack jealous. He adds that Carly has always been attracted to him and now that he has saved her life, you know. Simon comes walking in and announces that Katie is gone and she took her pet rabbit Snickerz. Craig asks if she has left with Bruno. Simon says that he doesn't know. Margo says that she will check out some things and get back to him. Simon says that he would appreciate that. Margo gets a call and when she hangs up, she tells Craig and Simon that she was having Bruno checked out and it seems he did have mob ties in New Jersey. Margo leaves and Simon tells Craig that he was wrong about Bruno. Craig tells Simon that Katie gets into trouble on a regular basis and she will be ok. Simon reminds him that if he had listened to him before, Katie would still be on that island. Craig starts to laugh and tells Simon that all this is for his benefit. Simon tells Craig that if he knows something he had better tell him, because he is in the mood to beat it out of him. Craig tells him that Katie is doing all this to make Simon jealous. He adds that it seems to have worked. Simon says that she seems to be a little over the top with this guy. He tells Craig that when she saw him at the wedding she was all over him and then when Bruno showed up she went ice cold. Craig asks if Simon thinks she is afraid he might hurt her. Simon says that he is not sure. Then he adds that now that he thinks about it, maybe she is afraid of what Bruno might do to him. Later, Margo comes back in and says that they have no evidence that Bruno made Katie leave against her will. Simon says that they all know that Bruno forced Katie to go. Craig tells Simon to trust his wife. He adds that Katie will find a way out of this mess, she always does.

A big wooden door opens and Katie is standing outside. She says, "Hi, my name is Katie Peretti and I have found myself in some trouble and I was wondering if you would offer some refuge for the night?"

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Paul quickly sends Carly out when she stops by Fairwinds to discuss their deal. Barbara almost sees her and thanks Paul for giving her life back to her. Carly finally gives Paul her answer and agrees to design for Barbara. However, she insists that Barbara be told about her involvement and that she be given her own line for the summer release. Unbeknownst to Paul, a business call forces him to leave town. He's unaware that James arranged the call. Kim is taken aback by Jennifer's attitude towards her mother and decides to warn Barbara about what's happening to her children. Shocked to find her friend in the dark, hiding her face, Kim encourages her to lean on her friends and family. Barbara finally asks Hal to bring the kids to Fairwinds. Abigail advises Jennifer to come clean to Bryant and confess that she slept with Billy. Nick approaches Abigail about doing a video project without Adam's assistance. Bonnie presses Bryant to dump his girlfriend if she doesn't want him to use the money that belongs to him. She's amused to hear he's dating her childhood friend Jennifer. Ben approaches Isaac about going out with someone from the hospital but Isaac wonders how attractive she could be if she's willing to going out with a stranger. Bonnie's amused to learn that Ben has set up Isaac on a blind date and makes a bet with Bryant.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Carly's Apartment:

Carly and Parker were listening to the weather report on the radio. The report was that there would be a lightning storm. Carly told Parker that they didn't care about the storm because they were going to celebrate the check she got from Paul Ryan for redesigning BRO's Spring line. She drank a toast to the two of them and then she and Parker began to dance.

Craig walked in. Carly told him he couldn't just barge in any time he wanted. He looked at the bottle of wine on the table and asked her what they were celebrating. He offered to cook dinner for them. After Craig sweet talked Carly, she told him that he should show his soft side more often, that maybe everyone wouldn't hate him so much. He said he didn't care about anyone else, he only had one person he cared about. He started to kiss her when she noticed that Parker knocked her sketches on the floor. Craig offered to help pick them up, but she said she was teaching Parker responsibility and he should pick up things that he knocked over. She asked Craig if he didn't have things to do in the kitchen. As she was picking up the sketches, Craig saw her from the kitchen and didn't like that she was keeping secrets.

When Carly was sitting on the couch with Parker, Craig came out of the kitchen and asked if it wasn't about time for Parker to go to bed. When Carly left to put Parker in bed, Craig began looking for what she was hiding. Carly came back in the room and wanted to know what Craig was doing at her desk. Craig said he was sorry. She said she smelled something in the kitchen. His chicken dinner was burned and he suggested Chinese food. Carly suggested that it was time for him to leave. When he asked to stay, she told him he could, but only until he cleaned up the kitchen. The city lights went out. Craig held out his hand for Carly and she took it.

Lucinda's Guest House:

Jack was outside the guesthouse with a flashlight, looking for James Stenbeck. Mitzi heard him and opened the door and asked, "Who's there." Jack said "it's me" and he was sorry that he disturbed her. She wanted to know what he was doing. He told her he was checking out the property to make sure it was safe. She wasn't buying it and asked him to clue her in. They went inside and he told her that on the night of Jake and Molly's wedding, he thought he saw someone he knew in the shadows and he was trying to make sure that he didn't imagine it. Mitzi wanted to know what would happen if he didn't imagine it. He said that a lot of people could be in danger. Mitzi wanted to know how Jack knew so much about James. He told her about working undercover for the FBI years ago. She was impressed and told him that he was a G-man and a hero for what he did at the wedding. He didn't think he was a hero and explained that what he had done recently, he now realized was stupid.

The Munson's House:

Will asked Hal if his mom really wanted to see him and Jennifer. Hal said he was sure. Will asked Hal if he thought that his mom would want to move back with them. Hal said he didn't think so. Will then asked if Hal thought he would be afraid of Barbara because she looked different. Hal told him that Barbara has some scars and that it will be strange at first but he'll see that inside she is still the same Mom and she still loves him very much. Will wondered if Barbara would like it if he made her a get-well card on the computer. Hal thought that Barbara would like it a lot.

Java Underground:

Jennifer told Bryant that she had something to tell him about Billy. She asked him if he knew how upset she was when he told her about the trust fund. He told her that he did. She said she didn't want him to feel that way about her if she kept something from him. He said he didn't think she would ever do that and he wanted to know what it had to do with Billy. She asked if he remembered the day she moved out of the cottage. He said he did and she told him that something happened that day and that she and Billy didn't plan it. She began to tell him what she and Billy had done, when Billy walked in and told them that he should be the one to tell Bryant. He said that he's had a tough time telling Bryant, but he was going to leave and to go California. Jennifer's cell phone rang. It was Hal telling her that Barbara wanted to see her and Will. She was elated and said she'd be right there. She told Bryant about Barbara wanting to see her and Will. He was happy for her. After she left, Bryant asked Billy why he really was leaving.

Later, Bryant asked Abigail why he was the last to know about Billy. She thought Bryant knew about Billy and Jennifer having sex and was surprised when he asked her to try to convince Billy to stay in town. She told him that she could talk to Billy but she was sure he had made up his mind to leave. She felt uncomfortable knowing that she knew about Billy and Jennifer and Bryant didn't. She said that she had to leave and asked him to tell Adam to give her a call when he got there.

WOAK TV Studio:

Nick was showing Abigail how to edit her film. She was thrilled with the results. Nick told her how much talent she had. She couldn't wait to show Adam the film.


Barbara was walking in her garden thinking about her children. James was hiding and watching her. She smelled his cigar and though it was another fire and panicked. When Hal, Jennifer and Will arrived, he heard Barbara in the garden. She told him she heard someone and was frightened. Hal tried to comfort her and said they should go inside. Barbara told Will and Jennifer that she was so glad to see them. Jennifer gave her some flowers, which made Barbara happy. Will gave her the card that he made. She read what he had to say in the card and was thrilled to hear that he missed her. When she bent down to give him a hug, he backed away from her and said he wanted to go home. He and Hal left the room and Barbara was crushed. Jennifer tried to comfort her. Hal and Will came back in the room and said that they were ready to visit. Barbara held her hand out for Will but he was scared and wouldn't take it. Barbara started to cry and said that it was a mistake for them to come and told them all to leave. Jennifer told her it wasn't a mistake for them to come. Barbara told her that she and Will were better off without her. Jennifer asked her not to push them away and that if she didn't stop; she may not ever come back. Barbara told her that she was looking forward to that day. Jennifer ran out. Barbara told Hal to go after her, that she and Will will need him more than ever because their mother was dead.

Bryant's Cottage:

Jennifer walked in and saw Billy. She told Billy what happened with her Mom. She felt guilty for yelling at Barbara. When Billy told her that Bryant wasn't there, she told him that she came to see him not Bryant.

The Munson's House:

Will asked Hal if he'd ever see his Mom again. Hal tried to explain it was going to take some time and that it wasn't his fault that Barbara wanted them to leave.


Barbara was frightened by the storm and was trying to yell, "help" but the words wouldn't come out.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Due to a thunderstorm, the power is out all over Oakdale. Claiming she's afraid of thunderstorms, Mitzi convinces Jack to stay with her. Uncomfortable with her unending flirtation, Jack advises Mitzi about his love life implying his heart still belongs to Carly.

Paul stops by to check on Rose and learns that Jack is investigating a mystery man in Oakdale who sounds a lot like Paul's father James. Jack evades his questions and then heads to Fairwinds to see how Barbara is doing, Barbara thinks Paul came back however she quickly realizes the intruder is none other than a past love...James.

Abigail offers to leave WOAK so Nick can work but Nick insists that she stay and help with his editing. He sheepishly admits that he's attracted to her and she thanks him for the compliment.

Billy pulls back from Jennifer as they talk in the dark. Jennifer asks him if leaving town by the end of the week is a good thing to do. She's touched when he offers her a handmade box as a present. She admits she has feelings for him and a quick kiss leads to another and the two make love again.

Craig jokes to Carly that he bets that she'll ask him for a kiss before the night is out. A snooping Craig finds the sketches Carly's been working on for Paul. When Paul arrives for the sketches, Carly tries to get rid of Craig and realizes the only way he'll leave is if she asks him for the kiss.

Friday, October 12, 2001

Jennifer and Billy wind up in bed again, but get interrupted by someone knocking on the door. Jen is scared, thinking it's Bryant, but it is a stranger asking for directions. She and Billy talk about what they would do if Bryant caught them. Jen tells Billy she needs him and does not want him to go back to California. He tells her he's not leaving until the end of the week and they will be able to see each other again as long as they are careful.

Paul and Carly argue because she lied to him about Craig being at her apartment. Paul tells her he can't work with her unless he can trust her, so Carly tells him the deal is off. She then points out that Craig is naturally curious about what might be going on between her and Paul. Paul tells her he needs her and wants their deal to continue. He asks her why she has been willing to sacrifice so much for Craig. Carly insists that she and Craig are just friends and that she doesn't feel anything else for him. Paul admits that he really doesn't understand why women are attracted to Craig. He warns Carly that Craig will get under her skin in order to get what he wants and then he'll discard her. Carly insists that nothing like that will happen because she doesn't have romantic feelings for Craig. Paul tells her she is not being honest with herself and her face gives her away every time she talks about Craig. Paul then asks Carly for some kind of guarantee that Craig won't be able to go through her to destroy BRO. Carly shows Paul her designs and tells him that if he doesn't like the sketches, she'll resign, return his check, and they will end their agreement. However, if he does like the sketches, she wants him to butt out of her relationship with Craig. Paul really loves Carly's sketches and tells her he will trust her from now on. Carly then tells Paul she wants him to give her some kind of guarantee that she can trust him and asks him if he has told Barbara yet about their agreement. Paul makes numerous excuses, but Carly insists that Paul has to tell his mother about their agreement as proof he can be trusted.

Barbara tries to convince Jack that nothing is wrong and that he doesn't need to search her house or grounds. Jack is suspicious and asks Barbara why she is trying to get rid of him. Barbara lies and tells him she was just shaken up by the kids' visit, but he can leave because she is okay now. As Jack leaves, James comes back in the room and tells Barbara she is a magnificent liar. Barbara orders James to tell her what he knows about Paul's behavior and then get out of her house. She tells James she is not going to play games and he can either tell her what he knows or get out and leave her alone. She promises to destroy James if he tries to double-cross her and lets him know that she doesn't trust him. James plays on Barbara's insecurities and warns her that the woman Paul is talking to will manipulate him and use him to steal BRO. Barbara thinks James is talking about Rose and he does not tell her she is mistaken. James then tells Barbara that her sketches are marvelous and he doesn't understand why she hasn't shown them to Paul. Barbara can't figure out why Rose would want to steal BRO from her and James reassures her they will find out. Barbara again tells James she doesn't trust him and will call the police if he ever comes back to her house. As the lights come back on, Barbara turns around, but James is gone! Abigail goes over to Jennifer's house looking for Adam. She thinks he might be at Bryant and Billy's cottage, but Jen insists he isn't. Abigail asks how she knows and Jen confesses that she and Billy had sex again. She tries to explain what is going on to Abigail, but admits that she doesn't really understand it herself. Abigail tells Jen that she has to tell Bryant about Billy, but Jen says she doesn't want to hurt him. She finally agrees that she will talk to Bryant after she talks to Billy again.

Bryant returns home to find Billy lying in the dark. Billy lies to him about seeing Jennifer and tries to get Bryant to go to Yo's with him. Bryant refuses because he has bought Jen a gift and wants to give it to her. He asks Billy if he thinks Jen might be seeing someone else. Billy lies again and says he doesn't know Jen well enough to answer. Bryant tells Billy that Jen seems very preoccupied all the time and is very distant with him when he sees her. He asks Billy what he would do and Billy avoids the question by trying to get Bryant to go play pool with him. Bryant turns him down.

Jen tries to justify her behavior with Billy to Abigail. Abigail advises Jen to tell Bryant the truth and be with Billy out in the open as a couple if they really feel so strongly about each other. Jen tells Abigail she loves Bryant, but her feelings for Billy have caused her to feel really confused. Abigail asks Jen what she really knows about Billy and she shows Abigail the box Billy made for her. She tells Abigail that she doesn't know how she would feel if Bryant slept with someone else, but she would kill Billy if he did. Bryant shows up at Jennifer's and Abigail leaves. He gives Jennifer a silver heart-shaped locket and she tells him she wishes he had not done that. He gets affectionate with her, but she avoids his embrace. Jen uses the excuse that she is still very upset about her mother. Bryant reassures Jen that she can talk to him about anything and he wants them to have some time alone as soon as Billy leaves. After Bryant leaves, Jen takes off the necklace and gets out the box Billy made for her. She holds one in each hand and looks from one to the other.

Carly tears up her revised sketches. She tells Paul that their agreement is over unless he tells Barbara about it. She also tells him she doesn't want to talk to him again until he has told his mother about their agreement. As Paul leaves, Carly looks at herself in the mirror and says, "Who says I can't bluff?"

Barbara looks for James, but he is gone. She looks at her sketches and tells herself that Paul will like them. She also intends to make sure that Rose doesn't see them.

Jack examines the grounds around Barbara's house even though she told him not to. As he searches the gardens, he discovers the cigar James threw on the ground.


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