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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, October 1, 2001

Molly, Carly, Abigail and Donna are making final plans for the wedding. Jake walks in and Donna tells him that he can't be there the night before his wedding. Jake tells her that he is just going to call for a carry out and then he will disappear into his bedroom. The women all jump on him and tell him that he can't stay there. Carly hands him his tuxedo and the keys to her apartment and pushes him out the door. As he is leaving, Jennifer walks in and tells Abigail that she needs to talk to her. Molly tells Abigail that she has done enough and if she wants to go with Jennifer, she can leave. Abigail gives her mother a kiss and tells her that she won't be out too late. Abigail and Jennifer leave and in the hall, Jennifer tells Abigail that she has some amazing news to tell her. Back in the apartment, the ladies go back to work discussing something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Molly tells Donna that she is going to pin that Scottish coin that belong to her family to her dress. Donna has tears come to her eyes and tells Molly that she is grateful that she is so sensitive to her family. "Something new will be her Carly Original dress that she will wear." Carly states. Donna asked about something borrowed. Molly looks at Carly and says that she doesn't have something borrowed. Donna tells her not to worry, she will take care of that. Then they go on to something blue. Carly pulls out some blue underwear and twirls it around. Molly asks how Carly knew that she needed that. She looks at Donna and tells her that she didn't have enough time to do the laundry. With all that done, Molly tells Carly and Donna that it is time for some chocolate. Carly says, "A chocolate sundae!" Donna tells them that they can't eat ice cream the night before the wedding; they won't fit into their dresses. Carly tells Donna that it won't affect Molly and Donna says that she will stay with the girls and the two cousins go out the door giggling all the way.

At Carly's apartment, Jake goes to the refrigerator and takes out a juice box. He asks if this is what Carly calls a stocked fridge. He takes a few sips of his juice and there is a knock at the door. When he opens the door, Hal is there with a toy police car in his hand. Jake takes the toy and asks Hal how he knew that he needed this. Hal takes it back and tells him that Parker doesn't know how to share yet. He asks Jake why is he at Carly's apartment and Jake tells him about getting booted out of his home because he is getting married tomorrow. Hal and Jake sit together on the couch and talk about the pains of having women in their lives. Hal asks Jake if he likes it and Jake replies, "I love it!" Hal tells Jake that he doesn't think that he will be coming to the wedding tomorrow. Jake asks why and Hal tells him that he is seeing Emily and he knows that she won't be accepted at the wedding. Jake tells Hal to bring Emily and he will make sure that he covers it with Molly. Hal thanks him and leaves. After he is gone, Jake says to himself that he needs human contact. He adds, "I need Al's diner!" Jake runs out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

Jennifer and Abigail go to the rooftop where they had watched the fireworks on the Fourth of July. Jennifer tells Abigail that "it" had happened. Abigail's mouth drops open and the only thing she can think of to say is, "How was it?" They both laugh and Jennifer tells her that it was amazing. Abigail says that she and Adam are still holding hands but she had done it. Adam walks in and asks Jennifer what has she done. When the girls start to giggle, Adam realizes and asks if she has told their father. Jennifer tells him that she doesn't think that is the type of thing a girl tells her father, but she thinks he knows something is up. Bryant and Billy walk in and Adam sees his cousin and says, "Billy!" Jennifer twirls her head around and sees Billy and Bryant. Bryant gives Jennifer a peck on the cheek and Adam reads between the lines. Bryant asks Billy if he saw the view and the two cousins walk over to the wall to have a look. Adam looks at Abigail and makes a motion toward Billy and then to Jennifer. Abigail gets it and when Adam walks over to his cousins, Abigail leans in to Jennifer and asks if it was Billy that she was with. Jennifer explains that she had broken up with Bryant and then Billy was there and everything got out of control and she just let it happen. She tells Abigail that after that, Bryant had come back and explained a lot and they decided to be together again. Abigail looks at Billy and says, "Well, he is cute." Jennifer says that she knows. She tells Abigail that it has to be over because Bryant had come back to her and told her everything that he was giving up and that he would do anything for them to be together. Bryant walks over to the girls and asks what they are whispering about. Abigail covers and says that they were talking about wedding stuff. Adam looks at Billy and asks what it was he was thinking about. Billy says that he knows it was wrong but he never felt like this before. Adam tells him that the best thing for him to do is finish Bryant's deck and then leave.

When Simon gets back into town, he goes straight to Craig's hotel suite. He asks Craig where Katie is and Craig tells him that he hasn't seen her. He tells Simon to go see Margo and maybe she knows where Katie may be. After Simon is gone, Craig picks up a package wrapped in wedding paper and leaves. Craig goes to Molly and Jake's apartment and Donna answers the door. Craig tells her whom he is and that he is just dropping off a wedding present for Molly and Jake. Donna asks why he is not attending the wedding and Craig says that he didn't get an invitation and he is sure it was just an oversight on Molly's part. Donna tells him to wait and she gets him an invitation to the wedding. She tells him that she knows that Lucinda is his mother-in-law, but he won't have any trouble with the invitation. Craig thanks her and leaves. Out in the hall, he puts the invitation in his suit jacket and says, "I'm in!"

Simon goes to see Margo and Margo fills him on Katie getting arrested for stealing the seaplane. She tells him about this Italian looking man made some phone calls and then the charges against Katie were dropped. Simon asks if she knows where Katie is now and Margo tells him that she hasn't seen her since that day. Simon leaves and goes to Java underground. He talks with Isaac and tells him that he is looking for his wife and asks if Isaac has seen her. Isaac says that he has and points to the corner where Bruno and Katie are sitting. Simon looks up just in time to see Bruno kiss Katie. Simon says that he is too late.

Jack goes to Holden and Lily's house and tells Holden that he has missed him. Holden tells Jack that he wants the whole house wired for an alarm system and all new locks on the doors. Jack asks Holden if he is still worried about someone trying to kidnap Luke and Holden looks at him and says, "Oh, yes!" Holden tells Jack about Dante and describes what Dante looks like. Jack tells him not to worry, he is on the case and he will take care of everything. Holden tells Jack that he needs to get back to Lily and the kids. Jack tells him to go ahead and he will lock up. After Holden leaves, Jack looks around the house and then turns off the lights and leaves. After he is gone, Dante walks around the corner and walks over to the window. While he is looking out the window, he asks, "Where are you, Luciano?"

At Al's Diner, Molly and Carly are enjoying their huge sundaes. Jake walks in and sees them there. He yells, "For this I had to leave my apartment?" Carly jumps up and tells Jake that he has to leave. Jake says that he wants a cheeseburger. Carly tells him that if he doesn't leave, Molly won't ever let him go. Jake goes out the door, but looks back in the window and makes faces at the two women. Molly starts to laugh. Carly tells her to ignore him. Molly says, "I intend on doing just that. Until death us do part!"

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Paul tells Barbara that today is the day - he wants to see her design sketches. She tries to dodge him, but he insists on seeing them. He says if she doesn't have anything for him, he'll call someone else in. She reluctantly shows them to him. Paul tells her they are useless. Barbara starts making excuses, but Paul dismisses them. They start yelling at each other, and Paul tells her he spent so much time worrying about her and her feelings that he neglected the company. Barbara insists that she is perfectly capable of taking care of her own company. Paul picks up the phone and Barbara starts flipping out, thinking he's calling Carly. He tells her that he's calling to see if their junior designers can get something out for fall. Paul refuses to lose the company to Craig. He begs her to give up control for one season. She says that she can't design because she can't see herself in the clothes anymore. After Paul leaves, Barbara receives a phone call. The person on the other end won't say anything.

Katie tells Craig she's not thrilled with Bruno anymore. Craig stuns her with the news that Simon is in town. She's miffed that Craig told Simon she was with Bruno and worries that he saw their kiss. Bruno shows up to escort her to the wedding and she can barely conceal her contempt. Bruno makes veiled threats about Simon and suggest that they 'have their own honeymoon' after the wedding.

At the Walsh estate, Rose complains to Mitzi that she doesn't fit in. Mitzi convinces her to go shopping. As Rose leaves, Mitzi bumps into Dante, who is disguised as a waiter. Margo, Nancy and Lisa are upset when Hal shows up with Emily. Kim wonders what Barbara would think. Adam wants to know how Jen is going to handle Bryant and Billy. Before she can answer, they show up together. Everyone is happy to see Holden and Luke back alive and well. Simon arrives and tells Lily he came to say goodbye.

Lucinda wishes Molly well as they prepare for the wedding. Jake shows up outside, and tells a nervous Molly that he loves her. She says that she doesn't think that they would have reached this day without Vicky, and she doesn't want him to forget her. Carly and Isaac interrupt and separate the bride and groom. Nick eavesdrops on Molly telling Abigail that she had a lot of bad relationships before she hit the jackpot with Jake.

Jake shows up outside Molly's room again. He tells her he understands how she feels today, since he married Vicky after she had lost Ryan Harrison. After he leaves, Molly tells Carly how happy she is and wishes that Carly would be this happy with Jack. Carly says that it will never happen.

Mitzi shows up looking for Rose at Holden's. Jack is there checking out the new security system. Mitzi asks about Julia, not knowing she went insane. She mentions the waiter with a ponytail and Italian accent, raising Jack's suspicions about Dante. He decides to go to the wedding. The first person he sees at the Walsh estate is Carly. He tells her she looks beautiful, and so does the dress she designed.

Paul runs into Carly while looking for Rose. Lucinda insists he stay and sends him outside. Rose arrives, looking extremely classy. Paul asks for advice about BRO. Katie & Bruno arrive and she tries to talk her way out of going away with him. Jake grabs Simon on his way out and guilts him into staying. Marley and Jake talk about Vicky. She tells him she feels that Vicky is happy for him today. Donna arrives and offers to be Molly's mother for the day as her 'something borrowed'.

As the wedding begins, Katie sees Simon stepping out the back and runs after him. Paul is impressed with the bridesmaids' dresses that Carly designed, much to Rose's chagrin. Outside, Mitzi tells Jack that she found a dead body in the dressing room. Recap --->

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Jake & Molly's Wedding Day at Lucinda's Mansion:

Mitzy told Jack that there was a dead body in the guesthouse. Jack and Mitzy walked in the guesthouse and saw a body on the floor. Jack felt his wrist and said he was still alive. The guy woke up and asked where he was. Jack told him he was in Lucinda's guesthouse and asked who he was. He said his name was Harvey. Since there was an empty bottle of booze on the floor next to him, Jack thought that the guy drank too much and passed out. Jack was still suspicious though and said he wanted to check it out further. Officer Slocomb came to help Jack. He told Harvey that the officer was going to take him to Memorial hospital to get a check up. Jack whispered to the officer to be sure to get a blood work-up and a Breathalyzer test. Mitzy asked Jack what they were going to do now. Jack told her that Harvey could be a drunk or could have been KO'd by the guy with the ponytail. She asked if he was going to stop the wedding. Jack said he hoped not, but admitted there may be no other way.

Dante was hiding behind a doorway when he saw that Simon and Katie were coming inside by the side door. Simon told Katie that Craig told him that she was happy and starry eyed being with Bruno. He asked if it was true. Before she could say anything, Bruno walked in and said that Katie was as happy as a clam. Katie told Bruno that Simon was still her husband and she had the right to talk to him. Bruno told her to go ahead and talk, as long as it's "goodbye." He told Simon that he and Katie had a wedding to attend to. As Bruno led her out of the room, Katie looked over her shoulder and mouthed the words "don't leave" to Simon.

Katie told Bruno it was nice knowing him but her husband was back now. He said the marriage that she and Simon have was nothing but the agreement that they have means everything. She promised to pay back the quarter million that he bailed her out of jail with. She tried to tell him that there were plenty of girls out there that would really appreciate what he had to offer. He said he's had a lot of girls but there weren't her, that she was his unattainable little object. She said that she didn't think it would cut the ice with her husband. He said it wasn't a problem and that he would have a nice long talk with Simon.

Simon was waiting for Katie in the house when she showed up. She told him they only had a minute that Bruno was at the bar and would be looking for her. She asked him to tell her again that he came back for her. He admitted that he did and that when he got to Tahiti that he found that everything was boring without her. She was happy to hear that but was angry that he didn't realize it sooner before everything got messed up with Bruno. She began kissing Simon when Bruno walked in. He asked if the kiss for Simon was a good by kiss. Simon said it wasn't. Katie was afraid of what Bruno would do to Simon and told him that she was with Bruno now and walked out of the house with him. Simon couldn't believe what Katie was saying.

After Simon left the room, Luke, Curtis and Will ran in and started playing games. Holden found Luke playing with Curtis and Will. When Holden told Luke to come and watch the wedding ceremony, he begged to stay and play games with the other boys. Holden said he could but to not go anywhere without letting him and Lily know. Luke promised. Dante was still hiding and listening to what was being said. As the three boys played games, Dante watched. Curtis said he couldn't concentrate on the game with all the people around. Luke said he knew of a place where no one would bother them. Curtis asked about him having to tell his dad where he was going if he left the house. Luke was afraid if he asked Holden, he would make him stay and watch the wedding. He told Curtis he would tell Holden later. When they left, Dante started to follow, but he heard Lucinda talking and got back to his hiding place.

Molly walked down the isle while Jake smiled with delight. Paul said to Rose that Molly's gown was amazing. Rose was miffed and said that the gown on the girl next to him (meaning herself) was great too. Paul ignored what she said which didn't make Rose happy. Rose told Paul she cried at weddings. Paul still ignored her and only had interest in the wedding dresses. He asked Rose if she could find out who designed them. She got disgusted with Paul and got up and changed seats. She sat in front of Nancy who remarked how lovely her dress was. Rose told her she was glad that someone noticed and glared at Paul.

Lucinda wasn't happy that Jack called her away and said that she was missing the ceremony. Jack told her about one of the catering people being passed out in the guesthouse. Lucinda said "so what", until Jack mentioned that Mitzy saw someone with a pony tail and an Italian accent earlier. Lucinda realized it could be Dante. Lucinda wanted to announce that fact to the guests but Jack told her not to upset them until they knew for sure. He wanted her to round up all the staff members to make sure there were no impostors. As they went outside, Dante began taking off his tie. Mitzy and Jack began looking for Dante. They saw one waiter with a ponytail and asked Lucinda if she recognized him. She said it wasn't Dante and wanted to announce that he was around somewhere and wanted to warn everyone. Jack still wanted to keep it under wraps.

The minister said that this was a special day for Molly and Jake and that they would start by having Abigail sing a special song for them. After Abigail was done singing her song, she hugged both Molly and Jake. Jake and Molly were going to say their own vows, but first they had words to say to their family. Jake said special words to Abigail and then Molly said special words to Donna and Marley. Then standing alone, Jake and Molly said their vows to each other. The minister then told them to look at him as he began the wedding ceremony. He then pronounced them Husband and Wife. As Molly and Jake were kissing, Carly and Isaac were standing by watching. Isaac told them that they had a receiving line waiting for them.

Jennifer told Billy that she didn't expect to see him there. Billy told her that he was leaving as soon as he told his relatives goodbye. Nick had been filming the wedding ceremony and all the guests when he walked up to Jennifer and Billy talking. He thought they were a couple and asked them to kiss for the film. Bryant walked up and Billy said he had to leave and left Jennifer and Bryant alone. Abigail and Adam walked up to talk to Jennifer and Bryant and offered them some hors d'oeuvres. Adam asked where Billy was. Jennifer said she had a headache and went to find an aspirin. Bryant went after her. Adam told Abigail that her singing voice was fantastic. As he started to kiss her, Nick showed up with the camera and wanted to film them kissing. Adam was upset and walked away. Nick started to leave but Abigail suggested he take a break.

Jennifer ran into the house and sat down on the couch. Bryant ran in after her to see if she was OK. She told him she just needed some time alone away from the crowd. Bryant left and shortly after Billy showed up.

Paul stopped Rose as she was walking by and apologized for ignoring her. He said he was preoccupied with the BRO business and he was so sorry that he didn't even tell her how beautiful she was in her dress. She told him he could tell her again. He said he'd get some champagne and toast her. Paul brought the champagne but when he saw Molly, he put the glasses down on a table and didn't notice that Rose started to walk towards him. Rose asked Mitzy where she had been all day. She told her that she was hanging out with Jack Snyder. Mitzy asked where Paul was. Rose told her he left for champagne months ago and hadn't returned.

When Rose saw Simon, she asked what he was doing there. She said that she thought that he was still at the South Seas. He said he probably should have stayed. She asked if Katie and Bruno were still an item. He said that Bruno thought so, but Katie wasn't making any sense at all. When Simon asked if she thought Bruno would be good to Katie, she realized that Simon was really worried about her. Simon asked Rose to distract Bruno for a few minutes so he could talk to Katie.

Bruno asked Katie if she had something on her mind. She noticed the gun under his jacket and wondered why he had it. Rose walked up and told Bruno she needed to talk to him. When they left, Katie looked for Simon. She spotted him across the room and walked towards him saying for him to stay away from her, that she was with Bruno now and that he was good to her. Simon was hurt and told her to have a good life and walked away.

Emily asked Lily and Holden where Lucinda's rose garden was. Hal said that the Intruder had a home section now and that Emily wanted to take some pictures. Lily said she thought it would be OK, but wondered if they should check on the kids first. Holden said they were fine, that Luke promised not to go anywhere without checking with them first.

Jake and Cass embraced and Cass told him that he was happy that he could make it to the wedding. Jake said to give Lila and the girls their best. Cass said to Molly that he was sure that wherever Vicky was; that she was happy that Jake was lucky enough to be with her. He also said everyone from Bay City wished them well.

Lisa told Molly her dress was divine and asked who designed it. When Molly told her that Carly did, Lisa couldn't believe it. Ben congratulated Molly and said he loved what she had to say about Jake and the kids. Bob told Molly that the ceremony was wonderful and that he stayed awake through the whole thing. Paul walked up and introduced himself to Molly. She reminded him that they met when she tried to interview him during the trial. He told her congratulations then asked about her wedding dress. He said that the dress was amazing and that he wasn't easily impressed. He asked if Vera Wang or some other famous designers designed it. She told him to read the label. He couldn't believe that Carly was the designer and said that she was incredible. Molly agreed that Carly was incredible and said that Carly also designed the bridesmaid dresses too. Molly wanted Paul to give Carly a job. She told him that he owed her for the stunt he pulled with the picture of Carly and Craig at the trial.

Carly asked Jack if anything was wrong. She said he had a worried look on his face. He told her he was checking on the security for Lucinda. She asked if he was staying for the reception. Before he could answer, Paul walked up and asked if he could talk to Carly for a minute. At the same time, Lucinda motioned to Jack and he left to see what she wanted. Carly told Paul that she didn't work for the Intruder so if he wanted to talk to her about that he's wasting his time. Paul assured her that wasn't why he wanted to talk to her. He said that Molly told him that she designed the wedding dress. When she said "so", he asked if she would design for BRO. She brought up the fact that he threw her designs away when she offered them to him earlier. He admitted that he didn't even look at them, but that by looking at the wedding dresses he could see first hand what a great designer she was. Carly couldn't believe that he wanted her to design for BRO and asked him if he had too much champagne.

Lucinda showed Jack the caterer's uniform that she found in the shrubs. They smelled chloroform on the jacked and Jack said that Harvey must have been knocked out. Lucinda wanted to know why Dante would get rid of the uniform. Jack told her that Dante knew they were on to him posing as a waiter and got rid of it. Lucinda was upset to know that Dante was there at the wedding.

Jake and Molly began to dance to the tune of "This Guys in Love with You" as everyone watched.

The boys ran into the guesthouse with Dante right behind them. The boys were trying to decide what game to play and decided to play hide and seek. Curtis and Will ran out the door and when Luke started after them, Dante opened the door. Dante told Luke that he was a very bad boy. He said that he just talked to his parents and that they were looking all over for him. He told Luke to come with him and that he would take him to his parents.

Thursday, October 4, 2001

As the reception continues, Mitzi leaks to Rose about the knocked out waiter. Dante grabs Luke when he refuses to leave with him and causes the little boy to plead for his life. Rose enters the pool house and when Luke announces that the man holding him is Dante, Rose vows to stop him. Instead, Dante grabs Rose and orders Holden and Lily to hand over Luke or else he will kill Rose. Impressed with Rose's bravery, Paul kisses her.

Billy takes a moment to report to Jennifer that he'll be leaving Oakdale in another week or two after speeding up the work on the deck. He tries to say goodbye but ends up expressing his desire for her. Unable to separate, the two kiss passionately.

Craig catches Paul talking with Carly but can't find out what they're discussing. He does take a moment to warn Carly about Paul and any offer he may make. Paul asks Carly to design for BRO and asks for a quick answer. Worried that Carly might get hurt as Jack shoots at Dante, Craig knocks Carly down.

While dancing with Emily, Hal confesses that he finds her attractive. He surprises her with a passionate kiss only to be taken away by Margo who explains the problem with Dante's possible presence. Jack lets Hal and Margo know he shot Dante, but tells Margo he isn't ready to come back. She tells him she will meet him at the station. While guarding Dante's lifeless body, Jack is shocked to imagine seeing James Stenbeck during a flash of lightning.

Abigail asks Nick to dance with her.

Friday, October 5, 2001

After Hal questions Jack about the shooting, he assures Jack that he doubts the D.A. will file any charges against him. Hal then tries to talk to him about dealing with the emotional aftermath of killing someone. Jack interrupts and quietly explains that he thought he saw James Stenbeck while watching over Dante's lifeless body. Hal's doubtful and Jack admits that he was upset after the shooting and may have been seeing things. Later, Mitzi brings Jack "lobster puffs" and calls him a hero. Simon approaches Margo for help finding out what Katie is up to. Bruno is upset to hear Katie constantly talking about Simon. She manages to trick him so that she can sneak out of Craig's hotel suite. Simon finds Bruno there and punches him. Thankful that he saved her from being hurt earlier, Carly massages Craig's aching back. She offers to kiss him in thanks for saving her life. Instead, he claims he'll wait until she actually wants to kiss him. Paul is uncomfortable when his mother apologizes for accusing him of conspiring with Carly to take over BRO. Paul then calls Carly and asks her to finish Barbara's designs but Carly refuses. Carly runs to see Jack who asks her to stay with him. Finding Hal about to kiss Emily, Margo accuses her of scheming for a story and then warns Hal about getting involved with the liar. Hal angrily orders Margo to get out and then apologizes to an embarrassed Emily.

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