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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, September 24, 2001

Paul welcomes Barbara back home after her time in the hospital. Paul is optimistic about her recovery. Barbara doesn't feel the same way. Paul asks if she wants help with her designs. Barbara wants to know what is going on. He tells her that he saw her designs. He tells her that she gave him no choice. Barbara is upset and tells Paul she can't trust him and to get out. "Fine turn me away to," he says. "Don't judge me for my decisions", she says. He tells her the same thing. He doesn't want to see her spirit wither away. He tells her they can start over. She agrees. She starts to sound optimistic about the skin grafts and that once they are out of the way she will be back full force. She tells him to give her a week and she will pound out great designs. If not she will allow him to call in reinforcements. Paul hesitant at first agrees, saying she has one week. Paul leaves and goes to the gazebo to think, sees James again. James starts berating him for leaving Barbara manipulate him. Paul gets angry and starts yelling, he looks around and sees James is gone. Barbara too gets upset when her drawings don't go as planned and she starts to scribble.

Jack shows up at Margo's and is upset that she sent office Shanks over to his apartment to check up on him. Margo tells him that his suspension is up. She also tells him that he should get himself to a doctor. Jack says that he is fine. "You don't seem fine," she says. "You don't eat, you don't answer your phone, you're not taking care of yourself," she says. She tells him that she know what he is going through. He tells her that she doesn't. She tells him that he shouldn't blame himself and that punishing himself is not the answer. He says that he is not doing that. He tells her that nothing is right anymore and that he wants what he can't have. He goes to leave and Margo says please clean up and come to his meeting with the commissioner. He says he will and leaves. He goes to see Barbara, who allows him to come in. She asks how he is doing. He says that his 30-day suspension is over. He starts to talk about Julia and how she could have killed many people and he did nothing. She tells him that Julia had them all fooled. She tells him that she doesn't blame him for anything that happened. He tells her that he blames himself for not being objective. She tells him that they have both made mistakes for loving the wrong people. He says that they will be okay; they are strong and will move on from their mistakes. He leaves. He goes to the station where Margo happily welcomes him back. He declines and she says to stop joking around. He says that he can't accept it, because he says that he doesn't trust his objectivity. He thanks the commissioner for having faith in him, but he just isn't ready to come back.

Lily and Holden look at death certificate. They plan to go to the church in search of Luke. Holden goes to look around and Lily sees Dante. She pretends that she hasn't seen him. Holden returns and she starts to cry on Luke's casket. Holden drags her aside and she tells him that Dante is there and they must pretend that Luke is dead. They go back out and Lily continues to cry. He mustn't know if Luke is dead or alive either. They realize that Damian is trying to flush out Dante. Dante leaves the church. Damian comes to Luke who is in the bell tower with food. He tells him that he has a plan. He must trust him. Damian also tells him that if his plan fails that he will not get to see him family again. Luke says that he doesn't want to go with him, he wants to see him mommy and daddy. Damian tells him a story about how he was sent away when he was a young boy to a boarding school. He says that at night he would close his eyes and he would be with them again. He asks Luke to do the same thing. Luke imagines life again in Oakdale. Damian says it will be that way again soon. Damian gets stern with him when he says that he must be ready. Luke yells that he hates him and that he isn't going anywhere with him. Damian apologizes and says that he just wants him to be safe. Luke says that he wants him in his life, but only with mommy and daddy. Damian tells him that after he is reunited with Lily and Holden he will never see him again. Luke asks why. He tells Luke he had many dreams but that they will never be. Damian tells him to never tell anyone that he is a Grimaldi; he is now only a Snyder. This is the only way he will ever be safe. Damian tells Luke they will always be a part of each other and he will always be looking out for him. "I will always love you", he says. They hug. Damian gives Luke a recorder and tells him to play a few seconds after he leaves. Damian leaves and Luke starts to play music. Lily and Holden realize it's from the opera house and rush up to the bell tower. They find Luke and rush him out and head back to their room and plan to leave the country. Dante returns to look in Luke's casket. Damian walks up to him and sticks a gun in his back.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Damian holds Dante at gunpoint, ordering him away from the casket. Dante wonders if Luke's body is really in the casket. Damian prepares to kill Dante, who asks him to forgive him for never loving him as a brother. Damian can't kill him and lets him go, promising that he will kill Dante if he ever sees him again. Dante believes that Luke is alive, otherwise his brother would have pulled the trigger.

Billy shows up at Jennifer's, telling her that Bryant still loves her. He doesn't want to be the one to get in their way, and tells her he's leaving town after he finishes Bryant's deck. He tells Jen he's sorry and hopes he didn't do anything to hurt her. They start to kiss when Bryant knocks at the door. Billy hides. Bryant tells Jen that he gave up his trust fund and he'll do anything to get her back. She doesn't want him to give anything up for her. He asks if she still loves him. Jen admits she does, but feels like she's making him do things he doesn't want to. He says all that matters is her, then leaves, telling her he'll be waiting to hear from her.

At the television station, Nick, Abigail and Adam talk about Jake and Molly. Abigail observes that Molly was feeling pressured, but seemed to calm down after the dinner they all had together. Nick and Abigail bond after Adam leaves to get food. She asks about his past with Molly. He dodges, and tells her he sees a lot of Molly when he looks at her. When Adam returns, he is a little disturbed at Abigail's newfound closeness with Nick.

Jake arrives at Java Underground to see what Isaac has planned for his bachelor party. He hints around that he wants a stripper, and Isaac plays with him before telling him that one of Rose's friends will be the entertainment. Bonnie stops in periodically to whine, complain, and insult them. She tells them how a 'civilized' bachelor party works, complete with a game of polo. Jake enjoys how the shrew gets under Isaac's skin. Isaac tells Jake how wonderful he thinks Molly is and lucky Jake is. Lisa asks Bonnie to take is easy on Isaac, then asks the same of him. Isaac asks Bonnie if her juvenile personality traits are really ploys to get his attention.

Molly is thrilled with the wedding dress that Carly designed for her, and shares with Carly all that has happened with Nick. She feels guilty for blaming Nick for harassing her, and for not telling Abigail about her past with him. Carly urges her to tell Abigail. As Carly makes alterations on her veil, Molly has doubts that she deserves the happiness that she has. She wants to pay Carly for the dress. Carly refuses, so Molly offers her the chance to use the wedding to show off some of her designs, since there will be a lot of press there. When Jake arrives, they scramble to hide the dress. When he mentions the bachelor party, they decide to make sure that he doesn't have a stripper. Recap --->

Wednesday, August 26, 2001

Nick cools Adam's jealousy by admitting that he told Abigail earlier that he was impressed with Adam's video work. Molly confides in Carly her vow to make sure Jake has no stripper at his bachelor party tonight and sends her to the After Dark as a spy. Meanwhile, Isaac asks Mitzi if she'd help him out with a favor and be the surprise guest for tonight's bachelor party. Carly finds Rose at the club and blasts her for her scheming with Paul during Craig's trial. The two eventually agree to put aside their differences for the sake of Molly's bachelorette party. Tired of her attitude, Isaac gets even with Bonnie when he makes her believe that Lucinda's butler Matthew is a rich man of aristocracy. Guido stops Lily, Holden and Luke at the airport and insists that they come with him. They refuse until Guido points out a nearby Dante who is looking for the three of them. They eventually put their faith in Guido to get them out of the country safely even after he claims that they must board the plane without their son. Molly and Jake are uncomfortable when Abigail asks Nick to videotape their wedding. Nick assures Molly that he'll refuse the offer if she doesn't want him there on the happiest day of her life but she nervously accepts the offer.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

Katie returns from St. Martin and finds her brother stewing in his darkened hotel suite, nursing a drink as he listens to a Billie Holiday song. She reveals that she walked out on Bruno and is disappointed to learn that Craig hasn't seen Simon. Katie agrees to talk to Carly on his behalf if he protects her from an upset Bruno.

Emma is overwhelmed when Holden shows up at her kitchen door. At the same time, Lucinda is emotional to find Lily with Luke at her front door. Holden and Emma bring Faith to the Walsh mansion where the Snyder family is reunited. Meanwhile, Dante snoops nearby. Rose was also surprised when she saw Luke and Holden home.

At Molly's wedding shower, Rose is forced to reveal that a giant cake has been ordered and Mitzi is the surprise filling for that creation. As Molly stews about Jake trying to pull a fast one on her, Kim suggests she teach him a lesson. Deciding to replace Mitzi with someone else, Rose comes up with the perfect replacement and quickly heads to Java with her guests. At the bachelor party, Bonnie gives Isaac a hard time causing the men in attendance to guess that she's the woman for Isaac. Jack leaves early but not before informing a disappointed Hal that he's quit the police force. Carly decides to leave the party because Jack is with Jake's bash, unaware that he's outside her place.

Friday, September 28, 2001

Katie presses a suspicious Carly to hurry to Craig's hotel suite to help her despondent brother. Carly refuses to fall for the story at first, but then decides to check out her story. Craig manages to work out an acceptable friendship arrangement with her. Finding Jack cleaning out his desk, Shanks admits to Jack that he's sorry he's leaving the force. Shanks calls Margo about an arrest warrant issued for Katie for stealing the airplane on which she came home from St. Martin. Bruno bails Katie out of jail and hints that he'll think of a way for her to repay him the $248,000 he's paying to the airplane leasing company. Mercedes enjoys a drink with a flirtatious Simon as she buys him drink after drink. When the woman notices his wedding ring he quickly yanks it off and claims he has no wife. Unable to shake his feelings for Katie, Simon decides to return to Oakdale. Jake and his fellow bachelor party goers are thrilled when two "women" hop out of the oversized cake at the After Dark. Isaac and Bonnie are the first to notice the women are men in drag. The others catch on after the "guests" remove their wigs after giving Jake kisses. Isaac denies setting Jake up though Bonnie claims he was behind the scheme. Molly and her gal pals have a big laugh as they watch the reaction to their surprise and finally come clean.


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