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Max cancelled his wedding plans. Al accused Gabrielle of betraying him. Nora was shocked to see Troy. Ben admitted that he was suspicious of Natalie. Nora was pleased to see Keri. Antonio suspected that someone was after Cristian.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 24, 2001

At the Palace, R.J. tells Lindsay that their public meetings will actually throw suspicion off them later; when she asks what he intends to do about Cristian Vega, he tells her that he will get rid of him. Nora enters, back from vacation, and R.J. recounts for her Lindsay's actions regarding the website. Nora tells Lindsay that she is happy to see her paying for at least one of her crimes, and leaves; afterward, Lindsay stresses to R.J. that she does not want to see Cris hurt, and R.J. assures her only that Cris will be out of their lives. After leaving the Palace, he meets with a stranger in his apartment, and orders him to "relocate" Cristian.

At the hospital, Todd taunts Max about his affair with Gabrielle, but Blair interrupts them and tells Max that she is not bothered by his fling with Gabrielle. Todd watches, visibly stunned, as Blair reaffirms her love for Max. After Todd stalks off, Blair and Max talk about Al, and Max tells her that he cannot think about marrying her while his son is hurt.

Sam leaves a phone message for Nora, wanting to tell her that Troy is staying, and Troy overhears. He and Sam argue, and Sam angrily tells Troy that Nora will not believe his altruistic reasons for staying in Llanview.

Jen and Cris get good news from Troy regarding Al. Jen apologizes for ruining their trip but still does not want to leave, and Cristian understands and moves their reservations to the next weekend. While Jen goes to visit Al, Sam and Cristian discuss Troy's visit to Llanview; Sam is alarmed when Blair rushes into the waiting room looking disturbed. She tells him Max has cancelled the wedding and will soon realize the truth about her pregnancy, and Sam urges her to tell Todd that the baby is actually his. Becoming upset, Blair begins to have stomach pains, and Troy runs in to assist her, finally diagnosing mere false labor. Blair sees her own doctor, who agrees, then thanks both Troy and Sam for their concern, and tells Sam that she is no longer afraid of Todd or what he knows. Alone, she starts to leave the hospital, but is confronted by Todd, who asks where she is going. She tells him that he has won, that there is no longer reason for her to remain in Llanview, and that she is leaving town for good.

Gabrielle is at Al's side when he wakes up; however, he is not pleased to see his mother after spying her with Max, and tells her to leave. Gabrielle tries to reason with him, telling him that his father gave him blood he needed to survive, but Al refuses to listen. Later, Max visits him and tells him that, even if Al chooses to hate his father, he should forgive and love his mother, and Gabrielle hears from the doorway. She enters and reciprocates, telling Al that Max loves him unconditionally. After Max leaves, looking thoughtful, Al realizes that his mother is in love with Max once more.

In the park with Matthew, Nora is stunned to see Troy.

Back at the hospital, Sam walks in and finds Todd, who tells him that Blair is gone for good. Sam insists that Todd go find her; when Todd says that it is too late, Sam urges him to tell Blair that he loves her, and to ask her for the truth. Meanwhile, alone, Blair writes Todd a goodbye letter, telling him the truth, and promising to give their child all the love she would have given him.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 25, 2001

Out in the hall Max told the doctor he wanted only the best for his son, physical therapy, recovery, everything. The doctor assured him that he would do everything for Al. Jen and Cris found Max and asked him how Al was doing. Max told them that he was doing better, and thanked Jen for saving Al. But Jen being modest told him all she did was called 911, Max told her she also stayed with him and talked to him until help arrived. At Llanview Hospital, Gabrielle begged Al to forgive her. Al told her that he had betrayed him by falling in love with Max again. Gabrielle told him that she didn't love him, that she hated him. He told her to leave; he didn't want to talk to her. She told him that she was telling the truth that she didn't love Max, but Al got more upset and yelled at her to leave or else he would call the nurse. Gabrielle who didn't want Al to get upset anymore left. Later Max found Gabrielle curled up in an armchair, thinking the worse he rushed to her side and asked her what happened to Al. Gabrielle told him that Al was fine, but upset with her. Max asked her about a plan she was starting to tell him before they heard about Al's accident. She debated in her mind to tell him the truth, but instead told him that she was going to have Max fall in love with her, then leave him just as he did with her. Max tells her that he will talk to Al. Asa interrupted Max and Al, who were coming to a near thaw in their relationship. Gabrielle who tells herself that she has indeed fallen in love with Max, but now she wonders how she is going be able to go through with the plan. She looks up and sees the sign leading to the chapel. At the chapel, Gabrielle confesses the whole story to the priest and asks him what she should do. He tells her that she should abandon her plan to frame Max for the murder. Later, Asa tells Gabrielle that he has obtained the pills that will "kill" him, so they can frame Max and Blair.

Nora, who was shocked to bump into Troy at the park, asked him what he was doing there. He told her that he was walking home, she replied to Africa? He says no, Front Street. Shocked, Nora tells him that when she went on vacation he said he was going to go back to Africa. He informs her that he has decided to stay in Llanview because of her. He tells her that he is not Colin, but he knew if he stayed he would have to pay for what Colin did. He is using the money that he got from Colin to open a free clinic, to try to make up for what Colin did to give back to the people. She says that Sam didn't say anything to her about this, which is strange. Troy tells her that Sam thinks he is going to hurt her. She tells him that Sam is usually a pretty good judge of character. He explains to her that his only reason for staying is to make up for what his brother did; he has no plans on hurting anyone. Nora tells him that he is, anyone who looks at him they see Colin. Troy tells her that if his being here is going to hurt her in anyway, he will leave town. She says, just like that? Because I asked you to? He tells her that he will since this is not his home, but hers. He asks her do I stay or do I leave? She says that it's a hell of a responsibility having his fate in her hands. He tells her that it sure is. She tells him that it was just a shock seeing him here. He tells her that yeah, especially when no one warned her. She says that she doesn't think that she can get over the horrible feeling she gets when she sees him, and he says that he guesses he got his answer. Suddenly Matthew falls, and Troy and Nora run to see if he's ok.

Ben tells Natalie that he has to go to the bar for a couple of hours, since the manager didn't show up. Natalie says to herself that a couple of hours are all she'll need. She then stops by the sitting room and spy both Jessica and Seth enjoying themselves studying. Just as Seth leans in to kiss Jessica, Natalie walks in asking if she is interrupting anything. Suddenly the phone rings, and Jessica goes to answer it. While she's gone Natalie makes her jealousy obvious to Seth. He tells her that the plan is to make Jessica comfortable with him. She says yeah, and once it's over, they can stop hiding their love for each other, and she goes to give Seth a kiss, but he stops her, fearing they might be seen. Jessica comes back in, and says that was Cris on the phone, and that Al Holden has been in an accident. She says she's going to the hospital, and Seth offers to go too. Natalie tells Seth this is the perfect opportunity. After Seth and Jessica leave, Natalie grabs her purse, and heads up the stairs. After arriving at the hospital, Cris fills Jessica and Seth in on Al's condition. Jessica commends Jen on what she did for Al. After some small talk Jen tells Jessica that she and Cris were going to the cafeteria, and tells her she can come if she wants, but Jessica says she'll stay in case there is news on Al. After Cris and Jen leave, Seth commends Jessica on how she acted with Jen, saying that he knows they weren't the best of friends. Jessica tells him that she misjudged Jen in the past. Seth asks Jessica where she learned to be so forgiving, and Jessica tells him from her mom. She tells him that she's been misjudging people a lot lately. She brings up the fact that she assumed that the website idea was Cris'. Seth tells her we all make mistakes, and she tells him that she also misjudged him. He asks how so, and she says that when he first met her, he acted weird, so she didn't trust him because of his nervousness. She goes on to say that she now trusts him completely. Seth tells Jessica that he misjudged her too. He says that at first all he saw was a rich girl. Nothing more. She asks him if that's all he thought she was, then why'd he decide to hang out with her. He tells her that he also thought she was cute. He says he's beginning to realize she's a person, not a Buchanan, she's Jessica, and he says he's beginning to like her a lot.

After going upstairs, Natalie enters Viki's room, and proceeds to name off all of Viki's previous names. She then begins digging through all of Viki's desk and dresser drawers. Soon she finds something in a desk drawer, and puts it in her purse. She starts to leave the room, but as she gets to the door, Ben is standing there, and asks her what the hell she's doing. Natalie tells him that there were no stamps downstairs, and she promised Viki that she would get some letters out today, so she came upstairs to look for stamps. The phone rings, and it is Viki. Viki tells Ben that when she called the bar, Ben wasn't there. He tells her that the manager showed up right when he got there. Ben signals Viki that Natalie is in the room, and Viki asks what she's doing there at that hour. Ben tells her she's working for you. Viki asks to speak with Natalie, so Ben hands Natalie the phone. Natalie convinces Viki that she has been working really hard for her, and Ben seems convinced too. After Ben finishes talking to Viki, Natalie starts to leave, but Ben stops her. He gives her a cell phone and tells her that there are free minutes on there, so she can keep in touch with Viki herself. She tells him that he's terrific and heads down the stairs to go home. As he walks through the room, Ben notices an open desk drawer. He looks inside and realizes something is missing. As Natalie is about to go out the door, Ben stops her saying that they really do have a problem now.

As Jen and Cris talk, Keith is in the shadows, looking at the picture of Cris and Jen. He pulls out his cell phone and calls R.J. He tells him to have the rest of the money ready, that this job is going to be a snap. R.J. tells him just to let him know when the job is done. After they go back to the waiting room, Jen goes to see Al. Cris then tells Jessica and Seth that he has to go deposit some money at the bank, and asks them to tell Jen to wait for him. Keith is in the background, and says, "You won't be coming back here pal."

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 26, 2001

As Jess and Seth walk through Llanfair's front door, they encounter Ben trying to prevent Natalie from leaving. He's convinced that Natalie has been playing Jess and he wants her to tell everyone what she's done. He informs Jess that he found Natalie in his bedroom, supposedly looking for stamps but just noticed that an emerald and diamond bracelet is missing from an unlocked drawer. He demands that Natalie open her purse but just then Jess holds the bracelet out-her mom asked her to get it fixed. He apologizes profusely to Natalie while Jess stands up for her friend. Ben goes off to take a phone call with Jess close behind. After the call, Ben explains that he has bad feelings about Natalie, that she's off and there have been too many other awful people like Gina and Allison in their lives lately. Jess defends her friend once again. In the other room, Seth praises Jess for believing in Natalie while she comes down on her. Seth wonders if Natalie was really stealing anything. She has something that they need and they can't be stopped now, she gloats.

Lanie leaves a message for Bo that she wants to make plans for the weekend. She sees Jen who fills her in on all of her mother's latest doings and confesses that she is no longer speaking with her. Lanie tells her that she may be getting married over the weekend.

Lindsay visits R.J. and reminds him again that she wants Cris and Jen broken up immediately. He is annoyed but tells her it'll happen soon.

Sam decorates Nora's house to welcome her back and leaves her an urgent message to get in touch with him about Troy. Lindsay happens to drive by and spots Sam's car so she pays him a visit. She wants to speak with him about Jen but Sam wants no parts of her and admits that he has even given the couple his blessing. She mentions that Cris is due for a fall soon, then denies knowing anything specific when Sam presses her for more information. He keeps trying to get rid of her and reminds her that she's cut off from everyone because of things she herself has done. He will never forgive her for her "mind games." She alludes to the fact that she's seen Nora and Sam immediately tenses up. He wants to know where and when; he's afraid she's in danger from Troy. Sam escorts Lindsay out of the house after checking his messages and learning that Nora is at the park with Matthew.

At the park Nora and Troy look closely at an unconscious Matthew. Troy wants to examine the boy but Nora doesn't trust him. She finally relents and they manage to wake him up. He's in pain and Troy asks for permission to help him. After instruction from Troy, Nora is able to help reset a dislocated shoulder and a call is made to the hospital to set up further examination.

Sam arrives at the park but Nora and Matthew are nowhere to be seen. He leaves her a message once again to get in touch with him. Just then he sees a cop who he knows who informs him that he saw Nora and his son with Troy and the boy looked like he was hurt

Once at the hospital Matthew goes off for an array of tests which the nurse has questions about-these are not routine tests. Troy ignores her and merely tells her to give him the test results personally. Nora peers into the room and feels better watching her son and the doctor getting along so well. Once again she tries to get ahold of Sam and leaves another message. Troy assures Nora that Matthew is fine and takes off for home. Matthew informs his mom that he wants Troy to be his doctor from now on. Nora rushes out to speak with Troy and finally encounters Sam as he's rushing in. Sam wants to know if Troy hurt Matthew and wonders what he was doing in the park in the first place, if he was following Nora. Nora explains what happened and how he helped but Sam still thinks he's playing games. He wants to check on his son and after he goes, Nora calls Troy at home. She thanks him again and admits that she can't ask him to leave Llanview now, that it wouldn't be fair.

As Cris gets off of the elevator in the hospital on a lower level, he is hit over the head with a pipe by a man wearing a ski mask. As he roughs him up he tells Cris he has a message for him. Cris manages to trip the man and throw his own punch. A fight ensues and Cris tries to ask why the man is after him. As they fight, Jen gets off the elevator and the man runs off. A cut and bruised Cris refuses to see a doctor but admits he has an idea of why the man was after him. He thinks the man was after his wallet he tells Jen, and was probably following him. He needs to call the cops but he'd like to see the bruise on his attacker's face. Jen soothes him with a kiss.

A bruised Keith advises R.J. that Cris was saved by his girlfriend but reassures his boss that he will take care of this problem, R.J. doesn't need to call anyone else. He will have Cris begging to leave Llanview. R.J. receives a call from Lindsay who wants to know if they are rid of Cris yet. She reminds R.J. that she just wants him out of town, not hurt. R.J. tells her that Cris will be convinced. Later, Keith takes out his gun and mutters that Cris is a dead man.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 27, 2001

Cris's loft-Cris awakens from a bad dream about the attack to find someone slowly turning his doorknob. Fearing the worst, he grabs a baseball bat and jerks the door open. It is Jenn, who has brought him a care package. They discuss the attack, then decide to head for class at Llanview U.

Llanview U-Antonio walks up on Keri, who is searching for someone's address in her computer. Antonio tells her that he has decided to rewrite the paper, and shows her the proposal that he supposedly stayed up all night working on. Just then, a blonde walks up and tells him it was great to see him at the party last night, and asks how late he stayed there. When she leaves, Antonio apologizes to Keri for bending the truth, and says he truly is committed to rewriting the paper. Cris and Jenn then walk up and tell Keri they want to be part of her sociology experiment. Antonio then gets a call on his cell, and steps away for a moment. We then see Cris's attacker, Keith, setting up with his gun at a nearby table. Antonio returns, having just learned about Cris's attack, and is furious with Cris for not telling him about it. After examining Cris, Antonio says he is going to the station to try to get leads on the incident. As he leaves, Sam and Matthew arrive to give Jenn a book she forgot for class, and Matthew asks her if she will come out to the car and see his new backpack. Jenn leaves with them, and Cris sits down on a nearby chair. We then see Keith point the gun straight at Cris's head.

Park-Lindsay meets R.J. and asks him if the job is done yet, and R.J. tells her to have patience. Keith then arrives, and R.J. tells Lindsay to leave. After she has gone, R.J. gives Keith a copy of Cris's schedule, and tells him to take care of it. Keith says he will and R.J. leaves. Keith then says to himself that the next time people see Cris will be at his funeral.

Hospital-Lanie awakens from a dream of Colin taunting her about Bo, only to find Troy standing in front of her. She is startled at first, but then tells Troy she is just tired. Troy offers to cover her rounds, but Lanie declines. Lindsay then walks in spouting sarcasm at Troy, and he leaves. Lindsay asks Lanie what is wrong, and Lanie shares her frustration about Bo not setting a wedding date. Lindsay tells her she will talk to Bo about the wedding and try to speed it up a bit if Lanie will talk to Sam about forgiving Lindsay. Lanie reluctantly agrees. Later, Lanie bumps into Hank, who accidentally spills the beans on Bo's surprise for Lanie-that he already wanted to go ahead with the wedding.

Bo's office-Bo tells Hank that he is ready to set a date with Lanie, and asks Hank to be his best man. Hank accepts, then leaves, saying he is running late for a doctor appointment. Bo tries to catch him to warn him that the news is a surprise for Lanie, but is too late. Bo reasons to himself that Hank probably won't even see or say anything to Lanie. Then, Lindsay arrives and begins to question Bo about when he is going to marry Lanie. Bo tells her that he has decided to set a date, and that it will probably help Lanie by taking the family pressure off her. When Lindsay asks who he means, he tells her about the gift from Aunt Louise, and Lindsay tells him that she and Lanie don't have an Aunt Louise.

Nora's house-Sam arrives and he and Nora discuss Troy. Nora begs him to forget about the past and move on. Sam looks unconvinced, but agrees and asks Nora out to dinner. She accepts, then Sam and Matthew leave. Nora calls Mary Ann to set up babysitting, and the doorbell rings. It is Keri, and Nora looks quite surprised to see her and says,"It's you!"

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 28, 2001

Keith takes aim at Cristian and is about to fire when Jen walks into the line of fire.

Keri Reynolds tells Nora "I've finally found you" and they hug each other.

Melanie is joyous about the fact that Bo has told Hank he intends to set a date, but Hank feels guilty for letting the cat out of the bag.

Bo questions Lindsay about "Aunt Louise" and learns that there is no such person.

Troy shuns the advances of Claire, the hospital administrator, and explains that he just got bad news about a patient that he never wanted to hurt. She questions his being involved with a patient and he explains that the patient is a little boy whose mother he owes a lot because of what his brother had done to her. Claire admits she was questioning him because she wanted to know if she had competition.

Keri turns out to have been a very good friend of Rachel's when the two girls were small. She and Nora reminisce about the old days in Chicago and Nora asks what she is doing in Llanview. Keri tells her about her position at Llanview University and tells Nora that she played a very big part in her career choice. Nora shows Keri a picture of Rachel and Hank together and Keri asks who Hank is. Nora explains that Hank is Rachel's father and Keri gets a peculiar look on her face when Nora says that Hank lived in Llanview.

Melanie tells Hank not to worry because she will not tell Bo that she knows he wants to set a date but Hank tells her that she must always tell Bo the truth because he hates dishonesty. Meanwhile Bo asks Lindsay if she is trying to drive a wedge between he and Lanie and asks if she is lying about there being no Aunt Louise. Lindsay assures him that is she were trying to hurt him she would come up with something better than that.

Keith continues to try to take aim at Cristian without hitting Jen, but Antonio walks in and causes a distraction. Antonio tells Cris he has a bad feeling about the mugger and wants him to come look at mug shots.

While at the hospital, Hank overhears Troy trying to get Nora's telephone number and grabs the phone from him and hangs up. He tries to intimidate Troy by informing him that he is the D.A. and telling him that he is Nora's ex-husband as well. He warns Troy that if he hurts Nora he will answer to him. Troy tells Hank that he was calling Nora for medical reasons and Hank asks if he is treating Nora. Troy tells him Nora's son is his patient and that was all he was going to tell him and tells him to go harass someone who has actually done something wrong.

Melanie bursts into Bo's office and throws her arms around him and tells him that Hank had told her about setting the wedding date. She can tell Bo is disturbed about something and asks what is wrong. Bo tells her that he is confused about Aunt Louise and that Lindsay had told him there was no Aunt Louise.

Antonio is talking to Cris when Jen brings each of them a soft drink. Antonio continues to insist that Cris go look at mug shots, but Cris makes light of the mugging and says he doesn't have time. Antonio says his instinct tells him that this is more than just a mugging and that he thinks someone may be after Cris. Keith decides he doesn't need a gun to get rid of Cris and gets out a vial of liquid while looking at Cris' drink. Cristian finally agrees to go to the police station after his class and Antonio says he will wait for him. Cris and Antonio argue back and forth, but Antonio won't budge. He is determined to wait and goes to call the station to tell them what time they will be there. Amber asks Cris and Jen about Al and during the conversation mentions that the building where Cris' class is has been closed. While Jen, Cris and Amber go over to the bulletin to check it out, Keith walks over and picks up Cris' drink and pours the vial of liquid into it.

Melanie continues to profess that she does have an Aunt Louise and that Lindsay was only trying to hurt her. Bo confronts Melanie and insists that she tell him the truth. Melanie finally admits that there is no Aunt Louise.

Lindsay goes to Cristian's apartment and beats on the door trying to talk to Jen. R.J. walks up and offers her the keys, but she refuses and says that it would only make matters worse if Cris found her in his apartment. R.J. asks her how she knows that Cris will be coming back and Lindsay asks if Cris is gone. R.J. says that this time is charm meaning the current attempt to convince Cris to leave.

Keri tells Nora that she had never met Mr. Gannon. She prepares to leave and mentions that she has an appointment with an exterminator for her apartment. Nora convinces Keri to move in with her and Matthew.

Cris tells Antonio that he will take Jen to his apartment then go to the police station. Antonio is obviously very worried about Cris but agrees telling Cris that he expects him there is twenty minutes. As they start to leave, Jen picks up Cris' soft drink and asks him if he wants it. He takes the drink from her and they leave while Keith watches.

Claire tells Troy that she is very sorry about Mrs. Buchanan's son and gives him Nora's phone number. She tells Troy that here is no hurry on that cup of coffee, but that she is looking forward to it.

Matthew brings his mother a gift of chocolates from he and his Daddy. Nora tells him that a friend of his sister's is coming to live with them.

Hank has left the hospital and gone to the University to give a lecture. While waiting, he collides with Keri and she drops a box. While he is helping her pick up the contents, Keri looks very closely at Hank as if she knows him.

Bo continues to interrogate Melanie about the gift from an Aunt that doesn't exist and Melanie makes bad matters worse by saying that, not realizing that Bo hated the china, she made up the story just because she wanted the china. Melanie keeps saying that her making up a fake Aunt was no big deal, but Bo says that she lied to him. He starts to go to a meeting, but she stops him and asks him "What about us?" and he just looks very sad.

While Lindsay and R.J. are standing outside Cris' apartment talking, Cris and Jen walk up. Lindsay explains that she was leaving a note and Jen rips the note off the door and throws it at Lindsay saying she doesn't want her note and that she never wants to see her again. Cris and Jen walk into the apartment. Lindsay turns on R.J. and says she thought that Cris was leaving town. R.J. is obviously furious that Cris is still not gone. Cris slams his soft drink down on the counter and tells Jen he will go to the police station later then takes her into his arms and kisses her.

Sitting in the park, Keith cuts Cris out of the picture he has of Cris and Jen and leers at Jen. R.J. calls Keith and starts yelling at him, but Keith tells him that it is just a matter of time before Cristian is long gone. Jen is still upset about seeing Lindsay and sits down. Cris asks if she want anything and she says something to drink would be nice. Cris turns and spies his soft drink.

Hank asks Keri if he knows her, but Keri tells him that she has just moved to Llanview. Hank smiles and says she looks familiar and apologizes again for bumping into her. He offers to help her with the contents of her box, but she quickly and nervously says no. He walks away, but turns to look at Keri again with a puzzled look on his face. Keri is shaken by the encounter.

Matthew is feeding Nora chocolates when the phone rings. It is Troy and he tells Nora that they need to talk.

Bo tells Melanie that they will have to talk about their situation. As he leaves for his meeting, Melanie asks if they are ok and the look on his face tells her they are anything but ok. Melanie calls Lindsay and screams at her that she is going to pay for having told Bo that there is no Aunt Louise.

R.J. tells Lindsay that Cristian is going to get exactly what he deserves. Inside the apartment, Cris hands Jen his soft drink and tells Jen that he loves her. She responds saying that she loves him too and looks as if she is about to take a drink from the soft drink.

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