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Passions Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on PS
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Monday, September 24, 2001

Charity screams in horror to see her friends swept away by a thunderous flood. At the hospital, Eve assures a worried Pilar that the doctors are doing everything they can to save Ivy. Grace has to intervene again to prevent Sam from throwing another punch at David. Luis and Ethan steel themselves to view the body of the woman who was pulled from the sea in the wake of the storm. Norma and her "dad" come face to face with the jeering warlocks while Timmy works to free Tabitha from her ropes. Though the teens fight frantically to keep their heads above water, the raging current threatens to carry them away. Julian uses his sister's "tragic" demise as an excuse to keep Rebecca at bay when she presses him to marry her immediately. Sam hurries off to Ivy's side after Pilar brings word that she needs him. Norma escapes from the warlocks and succeeds in cornering Timmy and Tabitha once again. Eve cautions Sam that Ivy's life is in his hands. Luis finally views the remains but insists the corpse is not Sheridan. Charity receives a message of encouragement from a talking tree.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Rebecca whispers to Gwen her suspicion that Julian has something going on the side with Theresa. The talking tree urges Charity to summon her powers and save her drowning friends. Unsure how to effect the rescue, Charity entreats her strange new acquaintance for guidance. Despite Luis' insistence that the corpse is not Sheridan's, the captain decides to send back to Harmony for dental records and fingerprints. Rebecca tries to force Julian's hand by demanding that he marry her immediately. The enchanted tree cautions Charity that she must choose between Miguel's love and the lives of her pals. Norma misses her aim with the ax, giving Timmy and Tabitha another chance to escape. Whitney is tempted to take Chad into her confidence about Theresa's drunken nuptials. Charity strikes a bargain with nature and the other teens are finally rescued.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Tabitha and Timmy rejoice that they have escaped the cave and left Norma behind. They think they are safe but Norma calls it just a stay of execution. Charity stops the storm and faints. When she comes to, she tells the others that the tree came to life and that she used her powers to stop the storm.

Kay tries to get everyone to think that Charity is crazy.

Hank and TC show up to get the kids off of Warlock Island.

David is still trying to get Grace to see that Sam has feelings for his first love.... Ivy. Ivy is still very weak. Eve sees that Ivy thinks that she is living her life as it would have been if she had stayed with Sam. Eve tells Sam that is the only way to save her life. Sam must act like he is in love with Ivy and tells her about their wonderful life. Pilar even urges Sam to try to save Ivy's life.

Rebecca, complete in her white wedding dress tells Julian that if he doesn't put a weeding ring on her finger today, he'll be wearing handcuffs very soon. Gwen even tells her mother that what she is doing is in bad taste.

Tabitha finds the others and Simone tells her father how Norma was a psycho trying to kill Tabitha.

Everyone wonders where Norma has gone. Tabitha tells the others that she saw Norma battling the warlocks. Hank says that they will send police to pick up Norma. Norma tells everyone that they will be staying and starts swinging her ax. Norma confirms Reese's suspicions that Tabitha is a witch and Timmy is alive. Tabitha claims that Norma is crazy but Norma claims to have proof.

Sam agrees to help save Ivy's life. Grace overhears him talking lovingly to Ivy.

Luis is crushed and heartbroken when dental records and fingerprints confirm that the dead woman pulled from the sea is actually Sheridan. Luis goes into denial. Theresa threatens Julian to get the annulment soon or she will tell both Ethan and Luis they are married so they will kill him. That way she can be free of him.

When Rebecca hears the news of Sheridan's death she tells Julian everyone will know he killed her if he doesn't go to the altar now. The Justice of the Peace is shocked to hear Rebecca is marrying Julian Crane.

Alistair orders Sheridan's body cremated immediately. He wants everyone to know that her death is final and she won't be coming back this time.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

Sam tells Ivy how much he loves her.

Ivy believes that Sam is only saying these things to help pull her through. Sam is does his best to convince Ivy and in the process convinces Grace as well. Grace is standing in the doorway listening to Sam's profession of love.

David tells Pilar and Eve that he would bow out and leave Grace alone if he really believed Sam loved her more that he does Ivy.

Alistair and Julian plan an immediate memorial service and cremation for Sheridan. Ethan convinces Luis that it would be best to not drag out her funeral and to bury her in Bermuda where she was so happy.

Rebecca threatens the Justice of the Peace to marry her and Julian as soon as possible.

Bruce interrupts her and tells her that the memorial service for Sheridan is to begin. Rebecca shows up for the service in her white wedding gown, planning on marrying Julian as soon as the funeral is over.

Alistair orders Julian to marry Rebecca immediately, especially since she knows many of the Crane secrets.

Reese is delighted that Norma believes that Tabitha is a witch and Timmy is alive. Norma insists she has proof.

Hank and TC bring everyone back from Warlock Island. Kay realizes that her sabotaging their rescue efforts endangered her father's life and promises to turn over a new leaf.

Sam tells Tabitha that if she has anything to do with the strange happenings around his family and Harmony, he'll put her in jail for the rest of her natural life.

David pays Ivy a visit.

Friday, September 28, 2001

Tabitha is afraid her and Timmy's number is up when Norma claims she knows a respected businessman who has seen Tabby's doll come alive. One-by-one citizens chime in with strange stories of the two. Reese is thrilled and chants, "Witch-free Harmony." And then Norma pulls out her Father's head, proving she is a lunatic. Reese is made to apologize, though he is almost to embarrassed to speak and Tabby and Timmy thumb their noses at Norma as she is led off in a straitjacket vowing revenge.

Luis tries to come to terms with Sheridan's death. After he pays his final respects, Sheridan's body is cremated. Julian is astonished at Rebecca's callousness and blackmail, as she demands to be the second Mrs. Julian Crane after the funeral. Bruce chides the Justice of the Peace to marry Julian and Rebecca, but he has had enough and states he is going to tell Rebecca the truth about Julian and Theresa. Sheridan's ashes are given to Luis, who vows to love her forever. Tearfully, he whispers a final good-bye to his love.

Charity tells Grace about the tree, her visions of doom, and remembers she promised to give up Miguel to save her friends. Grace and Charity decide to pray for good to come from their powers and to help people in need. A light appears above their heads and moves to a boat on the sea. There, a fishing net holds the body of an unknown woman. Upon closer examination, the body in the net is revealed to be Sheridan.

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