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In a fit of rage, Laura threw out her heart medicine. She later concocted a bogus excuse to get Jake to issue her an emergency refill. Gillian possessed Opal's body in order to arrange for a meeting between Ryan and Chris. The pair didn't recognize each other, but Chris was fixated on a photo of Ryan's mother and father. Mateo received mysterious calls from someone who wanted him to allow the sale of drugs at SOS. Erica's car grazed a young woman. Laura became violent when Greenlee's face was launched on an Enchantment ad campaign.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, September 24, 2001

Hayley and the baby arrived at SOS to surprise Mateo. Mateo was happy to see them, but worried that the music was too loud for the baby. He was not happy that he had to work late because Chris had not shown up. Others wandered over to have a look at the new baby. After several people asked what his name was, Hayley explained the baby was being baptized the next day and they would choose a name then. Noticing Ryan, Hayley turned to let him look at the baby. Ryan had a soft look on his face as he stared at the child. Just then, Jake walked up to Hayley and asked to hold the baby. Ryan watched as Jake held the baby and Mateo and Hayley stood by proudly beaming. Then turning, he walked out of SOS. Later, Hayley asked where Ryan had gone. Mateo felt if Ryan needed them, he'd let them know. Jake's pager went off and he handed the baby back to Hayley. Noticing the baby needed his diaper changed, Hayley asked Mateo if he would change him in his office. Just as Mateo was about to take the baby, Chris Stamp walked in. Mateo told Hayley he needed to talk to Chris. As she walked away with the baby, Hayley told Mateo not to be too hard on Chris. Chris apologized to Mateo for not coming in. Mateo didn't like to be blown off and not called by his employees - even if it was a cover. Chris wanted to know if he had been busy. Mateo said no, but he had received several strange phone calls. When he answered the phone, it was a mechanical voice congratulating him on the success of his club. He felt Chris should check into it. Chris felt it was nothing serious and then asked for the rest of the night off. Mateo sarcastically agreed Chris should have the night off. He added that Erica had called for him [Chris] and seemed upset that he wasn't there. Chris joked about "the old ball and chain", but then decided he'd better find out what Erica wanted.

Once outside, Ryan banged the garbage can as he walked by. As he sat down, Gillian stood by sadly watching him. Seeing Mia step into the alley, Gillian tried to communicate with her. She wanted Mia to wait. Gillian said Ryan was so desperately alone. Just as Mia was about to approach Ryan, she appeared to sense something and stopped. Ryan noticed Mia and said that people keep telling him he has to take Gillian's death as a way to give his life more meaning. Mia seemed to understand Ryan and knew that nothing was working for him. He told Mia he had seen the baby and realized that was how they would go on. He was amazed that the baby had been there only two weeks, but Hayley and Mateo would give their lives for that baby. Mia was sympathetic and told him to think of it as a good thing - not a bad thing. Ryan said it only reminded him of what he'd lost and what he'd never have. He told Mia that Gillian had been pregnant, but miscarried. He thought at the time he might lose Gillian then and wondered how he would ever live without her. Mia (and Gillian) listened as Ryan continued to talk. He was beginning to feel angry again. He felt nothing mattered anymore and walked away. This time Mia stood there as Gillian tried to make her follow Ryan. Again, Mia seemed to sense something and then followed Ryan.

Hayley and the baby were ready to go back home. Mateo cooed over the baby when he got word that he was needed in the back. He told Hayley to be careful. She assured him that Arlene was far away. After Mateo had gone, Ryan returned. As they chatted, Hayley asked Ryan to come to the christening the next day. Ryan felt that was only for family. When Hayley told him she thought of him as family, Ryan agreed to come. With that, Hayley and the baby left. Mia sat at the bar and took it all in. Later, when Ryan and Mai left SOS together, Mia told Ryan life was funny. "A few minutes ago you had nothing to look forward to. Then Hayley called you family. Kind of nice - hey, buddy?" Instantly irritated, Ryan reminded Mia he didn't like to be called buddy. Mia asked why. Ryan finally told her his father called him buddy every time he hit him. Gillian watched and repeated to herself, "his father."

Jake found Greenlee sitting outside of SOS looking very dejected. He apologized to her for his harsh words earlier. He felt bad he hadn't been as sympathetic as he should have been when she tried to talk to him about Leo. At the mention of Leo's name, Greenlee went into a frenzy. She shouted that Jake should never mention that name again. Just as Jake suggested they should take a ride to the beach, Greenlee's cell phone rang. She eagerly answered it only to find it was Erica. Erica wanted Greenlee to return to Enchantment. Surprised at Erica's demand, Greenlee said no. Erica would not take no for an answer and demanded that Greenlee return to Enchantment in no more than fifteen minutes.

After ending the conversation with Greenlee, Erica listened intently to a tape of Greenlee betting Leo she could get him back into her bed before his three-month anniversary. Erica shut the recorder off and said, "Oh, Greenlee Smythe! You aren't going to know what hit you!"

Minutes later, Greenlee burst into Erica's office. She said she had been having a bad day and would just like to get to whatever it was Erica wanted so she could go home and sleep for four days. Erica asked Greenlee if she thought her job at Enchantment was a joke. She went on to say that she needed to make money and Greenlee was not generating any money. Then she let Greenlee have it. She told Greenlee she was boring, useless and only good to fetch coffee. Greenlee was shocked by Erica's words. Erica didn't stop there. She told Greenlee she was devoid of passion and she fired her. Holding up a folder of campaign ads, Erica told Greenlee she should work with her "former" ad people because she was as "milquetoast" as they were. Taken aback by her words, Greenlee begged Erica not to fire her. She told Erica she had lost everything else; she couldn't lose her job, too. Erica wanted to know what Greenlee could do for her. Desperately, Greenlee said she would work her tail off for Erica. Erica looked sternly at Greenlee and told her she wanted ideas, fire - a proactive employee - not someone who just hung out to collect her paycheck. She told Greenlee she hired her as a target demo, a prototype of the girl who has everything. Erica told Greenlee she would give her five minutes to show some fire and strength - or she would be out of a job. After studying the ads Erica had handed her, Greenlee agreed they were bad and old-fashioned. Erica asked her how she would sell Enchantment perfume to the woman who had everything. Greenlee replied she wouldn't. In her opinion there was no one who had everything. For instance, a woman could have money, but no love - or she could have love, but no money. She pointed out that Erica didn't have a love in her life - and neither did [Greenlee]. But, she felt the bottom line was that there was no such thing as an unavailable man. As Erica listened, Greenlee continued to explain that anyone could be available and any man could be enchanted. Erica seemed interested in Greenlee's idea. Sensing this, Greenlee excitedly hurried on. Looking right at Erica, she said if you wanted to make a man crazy, you enchant the SOB. It was hard to tell what Erica was thinking as she quietly listened to Greenlee. After she finished her spiel, she patted herself on the back for a job well done. She wanted to know how Erica liked it. Erica didn't respond immediately. Then she told Greenlee to be sure to write it down, just like the ad department would do. Greenlee apologized for her excitement, and explained that it was the first time she'd been happy all day. Erica told Greenlee to grow up. She was giving her a great opportunity. Now it was up to Greenlee to either seize it or waste it. Erica explained that she wanted a good ad campaign - and she wanted it on her desk by 9:00 a.m. the next morning. Greenlee excitedly promised that she'd have it there.

After Greenlee had gone, Erica dictated a memo to herself in her recorder. She reminded herself to contact Brooke English in the morning and tell her she wanted her spring ad campaign writer for 2002 - Greenlee Smythe - to work with Leo du Pres because he inspired her. She wanted them to specifically work together on the Tempo spread. Smiling to herself, she shut off her recorder. Then the smile faded and she put her face in her hands. She said to herself, "What might this do to Bianca?" Getting up, she walked around the office straightening perfume bottles on various shelves, when Chris walked in. He asked if he was in trouble. Erica was angry with him for lying. Then she said she had a question for him. She wanted to know if Greenlee was involved with the drug deal. Chris told her Greenlee was clueless, but felt her father was using her for his own purposes. Erica was relieved that her instincts had been correct. She told Chris she had just given Greenlee a rather important assignment and hoped it was worth the risk. Chris felt Enchantment was Erica's life - that there was nothing more important to her. Erica disagreed, stating that nothing was more important than her daughter. She went on to relate that she had built the company from nothing when no one thought it would work. She was happy her mother had lived to see her succeed. Chris quietly listened to Erica as she told him there was a moral dilemma she was working on. It would be very good for her and the company, but she wasn't sure how good it would be for Bianca. She told Chris she quite frankly didn't know what to do. Chris wanted to know if she was asking for advice. Erica said no - just an opinion. He told Erica his advise was to never put anything before your children. When Erica asked him if he had children, Chris abruptly walked away saying he'd see her in the morning.

Jake was leaving SOS just as Greenlee burst through the door. She was gushing with the news of her job. Jake asked if it would take her mind off Leo. Greenlee jokingly answered, "Leo who?" She happily told Leo she would have never thought Erica would be her savior.

Leo entered the house just as Laura rushed from the bedroom. Seeing Leo, she pretended she was tired and was going to bed. When she turned to leave the room, Leo asked her to wait. He had something to tell her. Laura asked if he was leaving her for Greenlee. Leo got upset, but proceeded to tell Laura that he had been with Greenlee that evening. He added that he told Greenlee it was over. Looking at Laura, he told her he wanted to make the marriage right for them. He didn't want Greenlee. The more Leo talked, the more panicky Laura looked as she remembered she had thrown her medication out the window. Leo noticed and asked if anything was wrong. Laura turned away so he couldn't see her face. Leo assumed she was upset with him and apologized for not telling her where he was going. He repeated that he just wanted to end it with Greenlee. Then he confessed that he had taken Greenlee to the same place he and Laura had made love. He did it to prove to Greenlee that it was over between them. He assured Laura he was going to be there for her. Laura became more agitated as she listened to Leo. She recalled David's words cautioning her that she had to take her pills on time everyday or she would die. Realizing the danger she was in, she gasped, "Oh, my God!" Leo assured Laura that he loved her and wanted to make love to her to prove it. Laura nervously said no. She said she had to do something first and told Leo to wait for her in the bedroom. As soon as Leo was out of the room, Laura raced outside and was soon on her hands and knees searching through the shrubs for her medication. As she searched the ground, she heard David telling her she had to take every pill and at the exact time everyday - or she could die. She frantically felt the ground for her pills, but only found one pill and an empty bottle. She jumped as she heard Leo calling for her. Running away from the bushes, Laura quickly stuck one pill into her mouth and shoved the empty bottle in her pocket. As she brushed herself off, Leo found her and asked what she was doing outside. She told him she just needed some fresh air. When Leo continued to question her, she admitted she'd lied. She had been feeding a stray cat, but was afraid to tell him for fear he'd think she was too domestic. Leo smiled and asked where the "little bugger" was and what she named it. She told him she named it Keith. Leo laughed at that and told her he loved her. He apologized for all the harsh things he had said to her. As Leo held her, Laura told him she wanted to make love to him all night. Leo took her hand and they walked back into the house.

Later, after they had made love and Leo was sleeping, Laura carefully slid out of bed and called David Hayward. She got his service and was told David wasn't available. They switched her to the doctor on call. Laura was surprised when Jake answered her call. Jake was equally surprised to hear Laura. Laura asked why he was taking David's calls. Jake told her he was working with David now. Laura explained that she needed more anti-rejection pills, but her prescription wasn't up. She told Jake she lost her medication and asked if she could get more. Jake assured her she could get more, but asked why she didn't want Leo to know. Laura didn't answer, but asked again if she could get the medication. (As Jake talked to Laura, Greenlee stood in the background listening intently.) After she hung up, Laura crawled carefully back under the covers. Leo stirred and asked if she had been on the phone. Laura said she had, but it was nothing. As Leo went back to sleep with his arm around her, Laura stared wide-eyed into the darkness.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Bianca is being shown the new Enchantment campaign by Erica: "Enchant the unavailable man." Bianca tells her mother it looks like a great new campaign, and Erica admits it was Greenlee's work. Bianca makes an off-hand remark that the "unavailable man must be Leo." Erica asks Bianca what she knows about Greenlee and Leo. Bianca answers by telling her mother Leo says "they're over." Erica wonders aloud if Bianca is troubled by that news, since it would mean that Leo and Laura would stay married. Bianca says she's "so OK" with Leo and Laura working out, and her mother needn't worry. Chris is waiting downstairs at Enchantment to take Bianca to school and Bianca asks to leave so she won't keep Chris waiting. Erica tells her she pays for Chris to wait, and she has one other thing to ask of her. She wants Bianca to return to Enchantment after school so she can help edit the copy on the new ad campaign, since the writers don't know how to speak to young people. Bianca says she cannot, because she has plans to go to the lesbian bar, The Blue Angel, after school. Erica tells Bianca she is not allowed to go to any bars after school. Bianca reminds Erica that the two of them had just been to a "straight bar" the other day with Myrtle and Opal, and that she's only going to The Blue Angel to meet people. Erica is aghast that Bianca would think of meeting people in a bar. Bianca retorts by sharing her thoughts on Erica's recent love life. She wonders aloud if the new Enchantment campaign might not be called "Enchant your underlings" since her mother has so obviously flirted with her employee, Chris Stamp. Erica is stunned by Bianca's approach. Bianca asks Erica if Chris is an example of her "blue collar phase" and tells her mother she'll be taking a cab to school and won't be returning home or to Enchantment after school is over.

While Chris waits for Bianca downstairs in the limo, Anna hops into the passenger side and tells Chris she remembers him. She tells him she knows he's a fed and asks if he remembers her. He replies, "Of course I remember you! Didn't I almost kill you once?" Anna says she does remember him pulling a gun on her once, but also remembers immobilizing him fairly quickly afterwards. They had worked together once in Port Charles, and she had once done a background check on him. It appears the FBI had put him on desk duty for two years while under investigation for something. He asks if she plans on blackmailing him. She indicates only that she wants to get back in the game, and wants to work with him on his current assignment. When in NYC, she checked with the WSB about getting her old spy job back but they wouldn't hire her for undercover work since she's become such a celebrity. Thus, she wants to get in on Chris's action. He tells her the FBI doesn't hire "freelancers" and that she needs to get out of the limo. As she exits the limo, she walks into Erica who demands an explanation for why they were just both in her limo. Anna jokes around by telling Erica she and Chris were "doing it" in her limo. Nonplussed, Erica tells Chris that Bianca has taken a cab to school. Chris attempts to introduce Anna and Erica, but Erica tells him they've already met, and since Anna has all the bad qualities of her sister, Alex, plus she's "crude," so she doesn't need to be introduced again. She tells Chris to come with her to her office and leaves the parking garage. Anna tells Chris she'll be watching him as Chris follows Erica to her office. Once they return to her office, Erica demands an explanation from Chris. Chris jokes that he could have the limo "fumigated" if Erica would like that. She reminds Chris that Anna used to be a spy and, therefore, cannot be trusted. She tells him that Anna best not be working on the investigation with him since she doesn't want Anna anywhere near Enchantment. She goes on to opine that women like her, with daughters, shouldn't be spies, playing "fast and loose with their lives," and that she'll never understand a parent like that. Chris becomes very upset and tells Erica she should stop judging people whom she has no right to judge. He then storms out of her office and returns to the parking garage very angry. There, he realizes that the limo is gone.

Mia arrives at Stuart's and Marian's house. She's gone there after having received a message from Marian. She doesn't find Marian or Stuart, though, only Adam, who tells her the message was from him since he couldn't get her to meet with him under any other circumstances. He offers her $50,000 just to stay and discuss what he'd like for her to do in regard to his "Ryan problem" and another $50,000 if she actually does it. Adam wants Ryan away from Liza, and he's offering Mia the money to seduce Ryan. Mia threatens to track Liza down and tell her that Adam isn't staying out of her business at all, but is in fact trying to buy Ryan out of Liza's life. Adam tells Mia if she doesn't want the money, she can throw it away. He offers instead to get her Liza's acceptance. She becomes very upset and tells Adam to keep his money, because she doesn't want it or to be part of his family. As she storms out of the cottage, Stuart arrives, having heard the end of the conversation. He tries to stop Mia, but she breezes past him. He asks Adam what they were talking about, and Adam admits that he was seeking Mia's help in getting Liza back. Stuart wants to know why Adam was going to Mia for help and not to him. This gets the wheels in Adam's head turning. And he says, "Perhaps you can help me after all, Stuart."

A little while later, Adam, posing as Stuart, finds Mia in the park. He tells Mia he wants to apologize for his "brother's behavior," and for Liza not accepting her as family. Mia asks 'Stuart' why he's being so nice and trusting of her and he tells her she needs someone on her side. He asks Mia if she wants his help in finding a place to live. She declines, despite his attempts to earn her trust. She tells 'Stuart' that there isn't much to trust in Pine Valley, but he reminds her that she trusts Ryan. She then gets to talking about how she worries for Ryan, since he seems so "messed up" since his wife's death, and after learning that his father used to abuse him. While she talks, 'Stuart' pulls a hair off her clothing and grins. Mia tells 'Stuart' she needs to go. After she leaves, Adam stops impersonating 'Stuart' and puts the hair he secured into a handkerchief. He then says, "Thanks for the piece of your DNA, Mia. Now we'll see if you're Liza's sister or a gold-digging tramp." Back at Stuart's cottage, Stuart returns to find a pile of Adam's clothes sitting on a chair and his own clothes missing. It appears as if Adam's done it again!

Ryan cruises into the alley behind SOS on his motorcycle. Gillian and Jesse beam down into the alley. She explains to Jesse that she communicated with Ryan in his sleep and told him to come to that place this morning. She says she also tried to communicate with Chris Stamp in order to get him to come to the alley. Chris was not receptive, however, so Gillian went to "the one sure thing" she had in Pine Valley: Opal. Just then, Opal enters the alley and sees Ryan. They each ask the other why they're there, and neither has an answer. Before their conversation can go any further, Gillian takes over Opal's body. Ryan immediately recognizes Gillian in Opal's eyes, which isn't what Gillian wanted. So, Gillian, talking through Opal, tries to talk like Opal. She tells Ryan that she's been having trouble with her car, specifically with her tire pressure. Ryan remembers talking with Gillian about tire pressure, and still seems confused about with whom he's talking. Gillian, as Opal, finally convinces Ryan that she's only Opal and only needs him to help her out by checking on her car. He takes her car keys and agrees to go take a look. As soon as he's gone, Gillian, as Opal, gets on his motorcycle and tells Jesse she has a meeting to make happen. She speeds off on the motorcycle, much to Jesse's chagrin. After checking on Opal's car, Ryan returns to the alley and finds his motorcycle missing. Opal, on Ryan's motorcycle, has now arrived in the Enchantment parking garage. Jesse has followed. He asks Gillian what she plans on doing, and if she recognizes that her reckless behavior could be endangering Opal's life. Gillian, still inside of Opal, says that she still has a second part of her plan, and that she knows her task is to make a meeting between Ryan and Chris happen. She then gets into Erica's limo and drives off. Again, to Jesse's chagrin.

Erica, still traumatized by her latest argument with Chris, calls Val and begs for him to get her masseuse, Sven, in to see her right away. Just then, Bianca storms in with a disheveled and frazzled Opal. It seems that Bianca saw Opal wandering through traffic downtown by her school. She brought her to Erica because she didn't know what else to do. When asked if she's okay, Opal just says that she can hear the song "Born To Be Wild" playing in the office. But, no music is playing.

Gillian and Jesse beam into the police station. Jesse wants to know why they're there. Gillian says they're about to see her task being completed. Ryan walks in and reports his motorcycle as stolen. Chris walks in behind him to report the limo being stolen and the two meet for the first time when Ryan turns to him and says, "Hey, I was here first, Buddy!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

In the Pine Valley Police Station, Gillian was very excited that she got Ryan and Chris Stamp together. Chris told Ryan not to call him "Buddy" and Ryan turned away from him and described his motorcycle to the cop. Chris listened and then said "You're in luck, it's out front!" He proceeded to tell Ryan that the bike was parked in place of Erica's limo so he drove it to the police station. The two men looked at each other with disgust and Gillian wondered to Jesse why they hated each other. Chris began giving the limo information to the cop as Ryan started to walk away. Chris stopped him and said maybe since Ryan's bike was where the limo was supposed to be the limo might be where Ryan's bike should've been. Ryan told Chris he lives at the Pine Cone Motel and limos aren't usually found there. Ryan's cell phone rang and he turned away to take the call. He looked upset and thanked the person for calling, then hung up. Chris asked if he got bad news and Ryan told him his mother just died. Gillian started to go to Ryan but Jesse stopped her. Chris said he was sorry about Ryan's mother and Ryan told him she died of lung cancer. Chris asked if he'd be ok to drive and then offered to call a family member, maybe Ryan's father, to come get him. Ryan went off, telling Chris all about his abusive father leaving the family when Ryan was 12. Chris said "that's a tough way to grow up" and then offered to take Ryan out for a beer just to talk. Ryan turned him down and walked out of the police station. Chris signed the paperwork on the missing limo and followed Ryan out the door. Gillian told Jesse she was glad the two men finally met. Ryan went to his room at the Pine Cone and flung himself on the bed. After a minute he got up and went to a drawer, where he removed a photograph of his parents. Someone knocked at his door and as he walked to the door he dropped the picture in a trashcan. When he opened the door he found Chris Stamp standing there. Ryan was not happy to see him and walked back into his room. Chris followed him and said he brought his keys and the bike to him and wondered how Ryan got home. Ryan said he'd taken a cab and thanked Chris for returning the keys and bike. Ryan told him he was right about the limo, it was parked outside the motel. Chris saw the picture lying in the trash can and asked who the people were. Ryan told him it was his mother and father and Chris picked the photo up and looked stunned as he gazed at the faces.

Leo met Brooke in the park with lunch. As they began eating she told him she was on her way to Geneva. She told her son in law she didn't want to go and wondered if Laura would be ok while she was gone. Brooke told Leo that Laura said their marriage was in great shape and Leo asked "You don't believe her?" Brook said she was worried about both of them. Leo said he was fine; it was Laura they should worry about. He explained that Laura doesn't laugh anymore, "It's like she's down in the dumps and wants me down there too." Brooke offered to talk to Laura but Leo said no, Laura would go postal on him. He said he's the problem.Brooke told Leo it's not him, that Laura is just having a hard time believing things are actually going her way. Leo said Laura has too much spare time on her hands and Brooke agreed. They discussed what Laura could do to fill her days and Leo had an idea. He said Laura could keep a journal about her heart transplant experience and help other people going through the same thing. Leo handed Brooke something Laura had written the night before and Brooke began to read it out loud. It was a description of how Laura felt while in the hospital waiting for a transplant and it touched Brooke deeply. Leo thought maybe Laura could write an advice column for Tempo. Brooke lit up at the suggestion and said it was a great idea. She hugged Leo and thanked him for taking such good care of Laura. She left to go to Mateo and Hayley's baby's christening and Leo stayed to finish his lunch.

Laura walked into the hospital and found Jake. She told him she just needed the refill on her drugs and she'd be out of his hair. But Jake insisted on checking her out first. Reluctantly Laura followed Jake into an exam room, insisting though that she was short on time and it would be better if he'd just give her a new prescription. Jake refused to bend the rules and began listening to her heart. Outside the door Greenlee looked through the window, eavesdropping. Jake told Laura her heart sounded good and then questioned her about losing her meds last night. She gave him a different story than she'd told him last night on the phone, which made Greenlee's ears perk up. Laura told Jake she'd accidentally dropped the pills down the sink. Jake reminded her that she must take all her meds on time. He asked her if she was having problems getting all her pills down and she denied it. Laura said the pills are saving her life and she'll keep taking them faithfully. She asked Jake not to mention this to Leo because he'd "freak out" over it. Jake agreed but then told her this refill wouldn't be on her insurance. Laura said she'd pay cash and it would be "all over." Outside the door Greenlee snarled "This is so not over!." Jake wrote out the prescription and handed it to her along with some advice. He told her that the more Leo knows, the more Leo can support her. She agreed and said "Ok, no more secrets!." Jake tried to talk to her some more but Laura blew him off. He finally said sometimes the least complicated thing is to be honest. Laura thanked him and left the room. Jake finished the paperwork and left the chart on a cabinet, then walked out. Greenlee snuck into the room, found the chart and began trying to decipher it. Jake came back in and yelled "What the hell are you doing?!." Startled, Greenlee tried to make up a story about being worried about Laura, but Jake saw right through it. Furious, he walked out of the room but Greenlee followed him. She said she'd heard him talking to Laura on the phone last night and wanted to know what Laura wanted. Greenlee said she knows something weird is going on and that Leo should know about it. Jake yelled at her to stay away from Leo and stormed away from her. Greenlee said to herself that this was the second time Laura messed up on her meds and wondered "What's that whiney little wench up to?" as she left the hospital.

In the park Laura found Leo eating his lunch on the bench. He told her about showing what she'd written to Brooke and that Brooke wants her to work at Tempo. Laura was thrilled and said they could walk to work together, eat lunch together, "be together 24/7!" Leo seemed happy too and they hugged then shared a passionate kiss. Greenlee came into the park at that moment and witnessed the kiss.

At the Wildwind Chapel Hayley, Mateo, the baby and the rest of the Santos clan arrived for the christening. Hayley told the baby it was his big day and that he was finally going to get a name. In walked Edmund and his kids and he was carrying a large brown box. Hayley, Max, Rosa and Isabella took the baby to change his diaper and Edmund handed the box to Mat. He told Mateo the box had been delivered to Wildwind but had Mat's name on it. As Mat began to open it, Sam told his dad he wanted to light a candle for his mom. They left Mat alone and he read the first card he found, "As promised from your phone friend." He dug further into the box and found another card that read "A down payment on your son's future, keep your cell phone on for further details." Under the tissue were bundles of cash. Mateo looked worried and quickly covered the contents up as Hayley returned. She asked about the box but Mat told her it was for the business. Before she could quiz him further she was distracted by Stuart and Marian's arrival. Adam joined Mateo and was asked if he knew where Arlene was. Adam said as of this morning she was still out of the country. The Priest told everyone the ceremony was to begin and as Mat moved toward the front of the chapel he stopped Edmund and asked if he knew where the package had come from. Edmund said no but he could have the box traced later. Mat agreed and joined Hayley and the baby. The priest began the ceremony and welcomed the baby into the Christian family while tracing a cross on the baby's forehead. As each parent and godparent did the same, Mateo's cell phone rang. To Hayley's horror, Mat answered the call and went to the back of the church to talk. There a disguised man's voice asked if Mat had received the box. He then told Mat there was more to come if he'd agree to "market our product through your club." Mat asked what product but the person hung up. He went back to the ceremony and was met with a furious Hayley. The priest continued while Hayley glared at her husband. While family and friends looked on, the priest baptized the baby, who didn't make a sound. The priest congratulated the family and Hayley and Mateo took the baby to join the rest of the family. Edmund popped up with a camera and took a photo of Hayley, Mateo, the baby, Rosa and Stuart, then handed the Polaroid picture to Mat. The very proud father invited everyone to a celebration at SOS. Brooke rushed in and apologized for missing the ceremony. When she asked what the baby's name was, Edmund told her "latecomers get no names!" and took her to the foyer. She told him she was on her way to Geneva and asked if he would miss her. "I'll cry into my pillow every night!" Edmund joked. He told her to be careful and she told him to do the same. In the chapel Hayley jumped on Mateo for taking that phone call during the ceremony. He sweetly apologized and Hayley accepted but told him to turn the cell phone off. She went over to talk to Adam, who said he was so happy for her. They shared a father/daughter hug and he left. Hayley rejoined Mateo and was not happy to hear his cell phone ring. Mat told her to go on ahead and he'd catch up, which she did. He answered the phone and it was the same man as before. Mateo told him to take his money back and to go to hell. The man said to Mat "Before I hang up, compliment your sister Rosa. She looked stunning in her blue dress." The phone went dead and Mateo looked down at the picture Edmund had taken earlier. Rosa was wearing a blue dress. He started to run out of the chapel, calling for Rosa.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

Laura spotted Greenlee eavesdropping on her conversation with Leo in the park. However, Greenlee told a skeptical Leo and Laura that she was merely there to apologize. Greenlee said that seeing Laura at the hospital with Jake really hit home and that she didn't want to play any more games. Further, Greenlee told Leo their bet was off, and she wished the couple well. Alone, Leo berated Laura for lying, but she covered by saying that she didn't want to worry him. At the Pine Cone, Ryan didn't notice Chris staring at the photo of his parents. Chris then questioned Ryan about his surviving family members. However, Ryan had no recollection of the last time he heard from his father. Ryan was puzzled when Chris stopped him from throwing the photo away, but Chris covered by saying that Ryan shouldn't do anything rash while he was upset. Chris was interrupted by a call from Erica, who ordered him to SOS. When Chris turned around, Ryan was gone and the photo was in the trash. Chris retrieved the photograph before taking off. Hayley and Adam arrived at SOS with the baby for the baptism celebration. Edmund wondered where Mateo was, and a peeved Hayley remarked that he was on his cell phone again. A frantic Mateo cautioned Rosa about possible danger, leaving Rosa bewildered. Mateo grew suspicious of Chris as he waited for him to show at the party. When Mateo questioned Erica about Chris' whereabouts, she told Mateo that her limo had disappeared along with Chris, and she had no idea what his story was. Meanwhile, Adam tried to bait Marian into revealing Liza and Colby's whereabouts, but she thwarted his attempts. Mateo and Hayley thanked all their guests for coming and introduced their son, Lorenzo Hector Santos. After Mateo's speech, Greenlee toasted Laura and Leo's three-month anniversary, and Erica exclaimed that she had good news of her own. Erica announced that she had promoted Greenlee because of the new ad campaign. She then unveiled posters featuring a sexy Greenlee and copy suggesting that Greenlee had every intention of winning back Leo by "enchanting" him. A furious Laura slipped away and shredded Greenlee's poster in the bathroom, while an angry Leo confronted Greenlee. Mateo questioned Chris when he finally arrived, and Chris ended up creating a spectacle when he carried Erica out after she scolded him in public. Later, Mateo received another call, asking Mateo if he thought the FBI agent could protect his sister. Upon the caller's urging, Mateo ran to check Rosa's purse, and he discovered a bag of marijuana. In the park, Chris warned Erica to stop treating him like a chauffeur. Erica accused Chris of being incompetent, saying that he had done nothing to stop the drug smuggling at her company. Erica demanded Chris hand over her car keys, and she stormed off. Alone, Chris pulled out the photo of Ryan's parents and stared at it emotionally. Meanwhile, an upset Erica sped off in the car and ended up hitting a pedestrian.

Friday, September 28, 2001

A furious Mateo confronted Rosa about the marijuana he discovered in her purse, but she denied having any knowledge of it. Rosa admitted to Mateo that she left her purse unattended, and the two speculated over who could have planted it. Rosa accused him of keeping information from her, and Mateo apologized for jumping to conclusions. Hayley confided to Edmund her suspicions that Mateo was keeping something from her, but Edmund downplayed his odd behavior. Hayley interrupted Rosa and Mateo and demanded an explanation. Upon hiding the marijuana, Rosa and Mateo fabricated a story about having a surprise for Hayley. Back at the party, Edmund toasted Mateo, Hayley, and their family. Upset by Edmund's touching words, Rosa slipped away, and Ryan followed her. Alone, Ryan and Rosa shared a tender moment. Rosa admitted that she wished she could run away and start her life over, but Ryan said that you could never outrun your past. Further, Ryan told Rosa that she was lucky to have a family that loved her so deeply. Rosa hoped that she would see Ryan again, and he said he had no place else to go.

Mateo confided his predicament to Edmund, and he revealed to Mateo that someone named "Proteus" wanted to set up a drug ring in Pine Valley. Edmund told Mateo that the name "Proteus" came from Greek mythology, and meant that the person could change his appearance at will — he could be anyone. Ryan returned to his motel room to discover the photo of his parents missing. Upon recalling Chris' strong reaction to the picture, Ryan suspected Chris snagged it, and it piqued his curiosity.

Greenlee listened as Jake explained to Leo that Laura slipped off to the restroom to take her medication. A suspicious Greenlee headed off to the bathroom to check on Laura herself. Greenlee interrupted Laura as she submerged pieces of Greenlee's ripped poster in the toilet. Greenlee called out her name prompting Laura to quickly hide the evidence in her purse. When Laura emerged from the stall, Greenlee noted water dripping from Laura's purse, but Laura covered by saying that her water bottle exploded. Greenlee patronized Laura as she "apologized" for spilling the beans about her hospital visit. Greenlee told Laura about her conversation with Leo, insinuating that Leo didn't really love her. Laura's fury raged as she hauled off and slapped Greenlee.

Meanwhile, Jake confessed to Leo his fears that Laura needs psychiatric treatment. Jake told Leo that it wasn't uncommon for transplant patients to fall into a depression. Laura returned, covering about where she had been the whole time. Alone, Jake berated Greenlee for "accidentally" telling Leo about Laura's exam. Jake also told Greenlee that she looked like a fool for still chasing after Leo. Upset, Greenlee went back to ladies room to collect herself and discovered remnants of her poster. Realizing that Laura was insane, Greenlee privately commented that Leo had no idea who he was sleeping next to. In their bed, Leo demanded the truth from Laura about her hospital visit. Laura covered by saying that she wanted a clean bill of health so that they could have another wedding — this time it would be a dream wedding in front of all of Pine Valley.

Erica called Jackson immediately after hitting Frankie, and she promptly accused Frankie of faking the accident. When Jack arrived, Erica conveyed her suspicions that Frankie was running a scam by throwing herself in run of the car. Upon learning Erica was in an accident, Bianca and Chris rushed to the hospital. Later, the cops arrived and accused Erica of driving in an emotional state, but Chris got them to back off. Jack took note of Chris' legal knowledge when he was speaking to the police. Erica still maintained that Frankie was a con artist who was trying to swindle money. Concerned, Bianca went into Frankie's room and explained that she didn't agree with her mother's assessment of the accident. Joe gave Frankie a clean bill of health, and she went to walk off. Bianca told Frankie that she couldn't just leave in the state she was in, and Frankie thanked Bianca for caring. Erica watched in horror as Frankie kissed her own fingers and placed them to Bianca's lips.



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