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Laura was rushed to the hospital after suffering a panic attack. Brooke found a letter from Leo to Laura, which said that he wanted out of their marriage. Leo went to New York and flirted with a dancer. Proteus continued to harass Mateo. Roger was revealed to be working for Proteus. Chris agreed to do a background check on Frankie, as Erica feared Bianca's friendship with the young woman. Gillian and Ryan shared a last dance before Gillian left for heaven.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, October 1, 2001

Erica sat at her desk at Enchantment talking on the phone. She was leaving a message for Bianca, who she had missed that morning. She said she knew there was no school today and hoped Bianca was having a fun day. Before she hung up, she told Bianca she wasn't checking up on her. After hanging up, Erica looked at Bianca's picture and sighed, "Where are you?" Just as she was about to make another phone call, Chris Stamp burst into the room and handed her a copy of the Exposer and showed her the headline - "How Erica Kane Mowed Me Down!" Erica threw the Exposer in the trash and exclaimed the story was a lie filled with inaccuracies. The victim claimed Erica had total disregard for her safety and actually called her lawyer first. Erica knew it was a scam. She felt the girl had targeted her in order to get money. Erica swore if the girl sued her, she'd demolish her. When Chris told Erica it all sounded too calculated and rehearsed, she decided to call her in-house detectives to research the girl. Suddenly, she changed her mind and asked Chris if he would do the research - as a personal favor to her. She told him she was concerned for Bianca. She saw the way Bianca responded to the girl at the hospital. Erica felt Bianca was an easy target for a con artist. She was very serious about having Chris do this personal favor for her because somewhere along the line she had learned to trust him. He agreed to find out what he could about Mary Frances. Erica started to tell Chris what she wanted him to do first, but he stopped her. If he was going to do the research for Erica, he was definitely going to do it his way. Chris informed Erica that he now had a different opinion of her than he had when he first met her. He knew that when she cared about someone or something, she didn't hold anything back. He knew she would give anything for her daughter or her company. He was pensive for a moment. Erica asked what was wrong. Chris told her he was wondering what it would feel like if she felt that way for him. Erica was speechless for a moment. Chris then told her to forget it. He said she had a way of getting men to say what they don't mean. Erica wasn't fooled. She knew he meant it. She didn't think he was presumptuous, but he wasn't being fair. He knew lots about her, but she knew nothing about him. Chris said he'd tell her. Erica sat down and said, "Who is Chris Stamp?" Erica invited him to sit down, too. Then she asked him if he had ever been in love. He stated that he had been married too long to his badge to have a real relationship. He had no regrets, though. He could get the bad guys. Just then Erica's phone rang. The call obviously upset Erica and she rushed from the room. Chris started to follow her, when his phone rang. He answered telling someone, "No problem - everything's right on schedule." With that he left behind Erica.

At the Rest Stop, Frankie Stone searched the side of the road on her hands and knees. Looking up, she saw Bianca watching her and swinging her backpack from her hand. As Frankie grabbed for her backpack, Bianca stepped backwards. Bianca was amazed Frankie had no scratches as a result of the accident. She now felt her mother may have been right about Frankie pulling a scam. Frankie wanted an apology, but Bianca said she wasn't there to apologize. She came to see if Frankie was ok. Frankie asked for her backpack, but Bianca still held on to it. Then Bianca stated that she knew Frankie had called Donald Steele and she thought it stunk. Frankie said she called the Exposer. It was freedom of press. She had talked to Donald Steele and he actually cared, which was more than Erica did. Bianca marveled that Frankie had been left for dead, and then twelve hours later she was a cover girl. When Bianca found out that Donald Steele actually called Frankie first, she was surprised. She told Frankie she hoped Donald had paid her well. Frankie stated she had received a grand. Bianca said Donald probably charged the magazine twenty times that. Frankie didn't care. Her real intention was to expose Erica for what she was really like. Bianca warned her she'd find that out after Erica read the article. Frankie felt Erica's real "thing" were the two hunks she had around her - her lawyer and driver. Bianca laughed at that. Frankie warned her to be careful. She might end up not hating her. Bianca responded that she never hated her. Thanking Bianca for her backpack, Frankie walked away. After walking a few feet, she staggered and had to sit down. Bianca went to assist her; concerned that she really had been hurt in the accident. Frankie told her she was just faint from hunger. Hearing that, Bianca lead her away.

Leo approached David at the hospital and told him he needed to speak to him alone. David steered Leo into an empty room. Leo immediately launched into his concerns. He told David he didn't know what was wrong with Laura. He felt it wasn't her heart but something else. He asked David if a person could go crazy after a heart transplant. David wanted to know how Laura was acting. Leo explained that Laura now wanted the big wedding she never had earlier. He felt it was a life or death thing to her. Leo feared it would be too much for her to handle. David looked at Leo and said, "Too much for her - or for you?" David told Leo to let Laura have her wedding. Leo argued that it would be an emotional strain on Laura. David wanted to know what the real problem was. Outside the room, Laura could hear David and Leo. She stood quietly outside the door and listened. David wanted to know what the big deal was to let Laura have her big wedding - or maybe Leo didn't want to be married to Laura any more. Leo argued that he was committed to Laura. He didn't want to change that commitment. He was just afraid something would go wrong. Laura was very emotional, extremely jealous and very irrational about Greenlee and Leo. Leo was adamant there was nothing going on between himself and Greenlee, but what Greenlee would do was out of his control. That's why he didn't want a big wedding. He was having trouble dealing with Laura now when she wasn't acting like herself. Leo told David that Laura had been in to see Jake while [David] was out of town. He couldn't understand why Laura was being so secretive about it. David said her behavior could be normal or due to her medications. He wasn't really sure. Leo asked if things would get better. David told him if the meds were causing the problems, yes, she would get better. If it was the family - but before David could finish, Leo interrupted. If the family were the cause of her problems, Leo would handle it. David wanted to know if Leo would be willing to make Laura happy - even if it killed him. Then David said Leo used to be a happy guy - now he was miserable. It started when he married Laura. Why was he putting himself through this? Leo wanted to set the record straight. First of all, he didn't matter. Laura mattered and she had almost died. She faces heart rejection and had to wary of a virus. David told Leo he was not Laura's nurse. He wasn't responsible to keep her from everything. Leo insisted it was. He assured David he wanted the responsibility and didn't want it taken away. It was the best thing that ever happened to him, even if he wasn't happy. That didn't matter. David noted that Leo was miserable - a mess. It seemed like the old Leo was trying to come through. David wanted to know what would happen when old Leo got tired of the new "Saint Leo." Leo was very upset. He regretted coming to David. He felt he didn't have to prove anything to anyone. He was doing it to make Laura's life better because he wanted to. David suddenly walked over and hugged Leo. A surprised Leo wanted to know why David did that. David didn't know why. He said Leo just surprised him. Leo said David surprised him, too, and not to do it again. David praised Leo for trying to do the right thing, but warned him not to kill himself in the process. He would try t convince Laura not to have a big, splashy wedding at this time. As David told Leo he'd tell Laura as a doctor he didn't think she should have a big ceremony now, Laura lurked outside the door again listening to their conversation. As she entered the room, David got paged. When he was gone, Laura told Leo she had good news. She booked the Valley Inn for their wedding.

At S.O.S. Mateo told Rosa he was sending her to El Paso. Rosa refused to go. She told Mateo he had no trust for her. She denied the marijuana was hers. Mateo told her again she was going to Texas. Just as stubborn, Rosa told Mateo she was not going and angrily walked out. As she went out the door, she brushed past Edmund. He came in and handed Mateo a package he said he found outside the door. Mateo opened the package and found a newspaper article from El Paso. It stated that "tough drug law nabs honor student" and that a search of her locker revealed a small plastic bag of marijuana. Mateo was shocked. He had called for reservations less than an hour before. He realized someone must be watching and listening to him. Edmund told Mateo that was how Proteus worked. When Rosa returned to wrap a present, Mateo and Edmund quit talking about it. Rosa asked Mateo when Chris Stamp was coming in. She told Mateo Chris could convince him she wasn't a pothead. She admired Chris because when she talked to him, he listened. On her way out, she told Mateo one more time that she wasn't going to Texas. Once she was gone, Mateo said, "It's Stamp!" Mateo explained that Chris claimed he was an FBI agent. Mateo also thought it was strange that when his regular bartender left, Chris was there immediately to fill the position. Chris supposedly was using SOS to go after the drug ring. Mateo felt Chris could be part of the drug ring. He couldn't believe he hadn't known this before, but Chris was there when the fire started and also helped with the wiring. He was great with a crowd - great with everyone. Edmund cautioned Mateo to hold on. Mateo didn't listen and decided to find Chris Stamp and get the truth out of him. He was worried about his family. He had opened up to Chris and told him everything about his family. Edmund told Mateo it wasn't Stamp, but someone else. Mateo worried about what to tell Hayley. Edmund to him he'd have to lie. He asked Mateo if he could go along with Proteus. Mateo stated that he couldn't do that. Edmund said if Mateo said no to Proteus, he would kill all of Mateo's family. He wanted Mateo to know what he was up against - what "they" were facing. Mateo protested that he didn't want Edmund involved. Edmund dismissed his protests and said if they were going against Proteus they'd have to be smarter than ever. It would be real dangerous and they would probably die. Nevertheless, they'd have to try.

Erica arrived home and rushed to Bianca's bedroom calling her name. The bathroom door opened and Frankie stepped out wrapped in a towel.

Chris hurriedly searched Ryan's room. Not finding what he was looking for, he slammed his fist into the palm of his hand. Just then the door opened and Ryan entered.

Mateo's phone rang. Upon answering, Mateo heard the familiar voice say, "Ready to do business with us now, Mr. Santos?" Mateo replied he was and asked what they wanted him to do.

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Ryan was upset to find Chris Stamp in his room at the Pine Cone Motel. Chris claimed to be returning the photo of Ryan's parents and Ryan wanted to know why he'd taken it in the first place. Ryan then questioned Chris on the reason he's been hanging around him at all and grabbed Chris by the arms. Gillian and Jesse come in and she said she thought she was meant to bring Ryan and Chris together but that it wasn't working out. Jesse told her to be patient and let it play out. Chris told Ryan to give him a second to explain. He said that the last time he was there Ryan was very upset about his mother's death and he was about to throw the picture away. Ryan told Chris that what he throws away is his business, not Chris's. Chris told him he'd been in the same situation and almost threw everything away and didn't want Ryan to make the same mistake. But Ryan didn't want to hear it and told Chris that the next time he throws something in the trash to just leave it there. He ushered Chris out the door and went to lie down on his bed. Gillian told Jesse that Chris has to be connected to Ryan's parents, she could tell the picture meant something to him. Jesse said she has to let them work it out but Gillian said she's not finished yet. "No one ever is on this side. You have to accept whatever comes next for your sake and Ryan's" Jesse told Gillian. She leaned over a sleeping Ryan and Jesse asked her to tell him what she saw. She said she saw her husband and he's alone. Tears began to flow as she said Ryan used to curl around her and hold her. Jesse asked her if that would ever happen again and she said no because "I'm gone." Jesse told her to tell Ryan what to do and wondered if she wanted Ryan to wait for her. Gillian said Ryan can't wait for her, he'd never be happy if he does and he's not happy now. Jesse said Ryan doesn't want to live without Gillian but she said he has to because there are people who need him and he has dreams that can go on without her. Jesse put his arm around Gillian and said it didn't mean it would be easy, Ryan will never stop missing Gillian. Gillian said she knows that while she's around and Ryan can feel her presence it's harder on him. She realized she must let go and Jesse told her to take her time, he'd go check out his "old stomping grounds" and then come back for her. Jesse left and Gillian sadly watched Ryan sleep. She told him it was time for her to say goodbye. She stroked Ryan's hair and got into his dream with him. In the dream Ryan saw Gillian and said "Princess, we're together!." They held hands and she told him that every moment she had with him was a gift. "I wanted to stay longer but couldn't.." She told Ryan to hold onto the memories and love they shared and to hold onto this moment. They gazed at each other and Ryan took Gillian into his arms. They swayed to heavenly music and then Gillian took both of his hands in hers. They looked at each other with tear filled eyes. She gently touched his face and says what she has to do now is the hardest part, she has to leave him behind. "I love you and always will", she told her husband. Ryan told her he loved her too and Gillian began backing away until just their fingertips touched. Back in the room Ryan was moaning in his sleep and Gillian leaned over and kissed him on the lips. "Goodbye my love, my heart" she told him. Ryan had tears running down his face and Gillian blew him one final kiss. Then she began to slowly fade away. In his sleep Ryan called out for Gillian. Outside his room Chris Stamp paced back and forth. Gillian appeared near him and told him not to leave Ryan "You have to take care of him." Chris was distraught and had tears in his eyes as he said "Dear God, help me!"

In the hospital lounge Tad and Jake discussed Joe's health. Jake told Tad that he didn't give their father a heart attack or any other heart problem. Jake warned Tad not to mention David Hayward to Joe though and went on to tell him that he'd accepted the job with David. Tad was disgusted and said to just drop the subject. Joe walked in as Jake was called away. Tad saw that his father was quite upset and asked if it was his heart. Dr. Joe said no, he was upset because he'd nearly lost a patient earlier. David walked in and said "You're right, you almost did and I have to report it!." Tad turned to look at David with hatred. Joe asked David why he needs to report the incident and David said the patient almost died because of Joe's poor judgment. He started to question Joe's medical ability and Tad jumped to his father's defense. But Joe told Tad this was between himself and David and to stay out of it. David said this situation has to be presented to the formal board of review. Very dejected, Joe said he needed to be alone and left the lounge. Tad told David he was doing this out of revenge and that he wants Joe out of the way so he can take over the hospital. David said it wasn't his fault that Joe was getting old and that maybe it is time for Joe to retire. "And I'm the only one qualified to take his job!." David walked away from a seething Tad. Jake returned and Tad told him about David reporting Joe to the board. Jake said "That won't happen!" and told Tad to stay put and stay calm. He stormed off while Tad tried to maintain his composure. Jesse appeared and said "Tad the cad! You don't look so good!'. David walked in and Tad asked if he'd reported Joe yet. David said it was his duty and that Joe was a great doctor but his time was over and walked out of the lounge. Tad saw a maintenance box sitting near the corner of the room and found a hammer. He picked it up and followed David. Jesse yelled at him "You gonna crack that man's head open? You better think about what you do!" and followed Tad. Meanwhile in the admitting area another doctor handed David a patient's chart. He asked David if he should notify Dr. Joe but David sarcastically said no, let Joe have his nap. David went to the exam room and Tad tried to follow him with the hammer raised. But something unseen stopped Tad and jerked the hammer out of his hands. Tad was knocked to the ground and Jesse appeared. Tad opened his eyes and saw Jesse kneeling by his feet. Jesse looked at his friend and said "Boo!." Tad fainted.

Greenlee came into the hospital looking for Jake. A nurse told her Jake had been called away. Greenlee looked put out but then spied Laura and Leo. She inched her way near them and listened to their conversation. They were talking about their second wedding and Leo wasn't happy. He told Laura they should've discussed it some more before she made plans. She said she thought they'd decided to go ahead with it but Leo said "No, you decided!." Laura was hurt and asked if that meant he didn't want to go through with it. Leo told her he just didn't want her getting worn out and that she should check with her doctor to make sure this won't be too much for her. Laura said she could handle David. Leo caved and asked what date she booked the Valley Inn for. Laura wouldn't tell him, she said she didn't want to jinx it. Leo was not happy about that but gave up arguing with her. He said he needed to find David to fill out some insurance forms. He walked away from Laura and Greenlee heard everything. While Laura waited for Leo to return she called the Valley Inn and asked to talk to someone about booking the dining room for a wedding. Around the corner Greenlee raised her eyebrows at hearing this. While Laura was on the phone and Greenlee was intent on listening to her, Jake walked up. He saw what was going on and busted her at her game. Greenlee tried to pretend she didn't know Laura was there but Jake saw right through her. He said she was stalking Laura and he called a guard over to escort Greenlee out of the building. Greenlee was dragged out while a smiling Jake watched. Laura came into the waiting area and asked to use a hospital phone. She dialed David's office and was told that Leo had left a message for her. She was to meet him at the Tempo office. Laura thanked the person and left the hospital.

Leo was actually walking along the road outside Pine Valley. He looked lost and kept remembering things he and Laura had said concerning the wedding. He got upset and flagged down the first car that came along.

In Bianca's bedroom Erica grabbed Frankie by the arm and tried to drag her out. Bianca stopped her mother and Erica yelled that Frankie had broken into their home. Bianca corrected her and told her that she'd invited Frankie to their house. Erica reminded Bianca of their agreement that Bianca wouldn't bring home "any more strays." Frankie piped in and said she'd had all her shots and just had a flea bath so she was ok. Bianca sent Frankie back into the bathroom to get dressed. Erica lashed out at Bianca, saying Frankie was a grifter and a sleazy con artist. Bianca stuck up for the girl, saying she'd had a very rough life. Erica showed no compassion though and was very angry about the story Frankie gave to Donald Steele. Bianca said "Frankly, if I were in her position I'd have done the same thing.." Erica was dumbfounded. Bianca said Frankie could've been hurt and Erica just went into attack mode at the accident scene. She explained that she had only invited Frankie to their house to get cleaned up and have something to eat, that she wasn't staying with them. Erica said she didn't want to leave Bianca alone with Frankie, she didn't trust her. Bianca asked "Why, because you're afraid she'll rip me off or try to kiss me?" She went on to ask her mother if she really thought she was so desperate that she couldn't resist anyone, "including your accident victim!." Frankie came out of the bathroom and asked if she'd missed a mother-daughter moment or a catfight. Erica flew out of the room and Frankie told Bianca she was impressed with how she got rid of "Mommie Dearest." Bianca asked Frankie to tell her about her past and Frankie clamed up, saying it doesn't matter. She's starting her life over and if it doesn't work out she's "out of here." But Frankie told Bianca that she's getting a strong feeling that Pine Valley is the place for her. She's already enrolled at PVU but has to get her own place and is looking for a job. Bianca was impressed but Frankie took it the wrong way and got very angry and left the house.

At Enchantment Erica was looking at the cover of the Intruder when Greenlee bounded in. She said she was an idiot for the way she reacted to Erica's announcement at SOS, and Erica agreed. Greenlee said she was back on board the campaign but wanted to work with someone who can think "outside the box." She wants Leo and told Erica to make it happen. Erica looked at Greenlee and said "You're giving me orders? You work for me, not the other way around!." Greenlee explained that she wants to work with Leo because he inspires her. Erica said she can arrange it if Greenlee can get rid of a very troublesome problem. She held up the cover of the Intruder with Frankie's picture on it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Ryan wakes up in his Pine Cone motel room. Having just said his final good-byes to Gillian, he's surprised to find Liza sitting at the foot of his bed. Liza explains that she got in because Ryan was asleep and had left his room door unlocked. She tells him to be more careful in the future, since he could get robbed. He reminds her that he has nothing to rob, and says he couldn't have been asleep because Gillian had been there saying good-bye to him. Liza says it's good that Ryan has been thinking of Gillian again, because she'd been thinking of her too. She suggests to him that he set up a foundation in Gillian's name and build a playground in her honor, since she loved children and was such a free spirit. Ryan embraces the idea and Liza goes to leave. Ryan stops her by telling her his mother died. As Liza embraces Ryan, Adam appears in the window.

Tad wakes up in a hospital room with a big welt on his head. Standing at the edge of his bed is Jesse. Tad recalls having gone after David with a hammer, but has no explanation for why there's a man impersonating Jesse in his room. Joe enters, but doesn't see Jesse. And that gets Tad wondering. Tad asks Joe what is wrong with his head, and if hallucinations go with concussions. Joe decides to seek a neurological consult, and leaves Tad alone with Jesse. Jesse explains that he's there because Tad was about to ruin his own life by trying to kill David, and now Jesse can't return to heaven until he figures out Tad's "Hayward problem." Joe returns with the neurologist

Jake saunters into Greenlee's Enchantment office looking for her advice. He tells her of David's plan to get the hospital board to declare Joe incompetent, so David can become the new Chief of Staff at PVH. He asks her what she thinks he should do. Greenlee tells him to think "more like a Hayward and less like a Martin," in other words, telling him to respond to David's attack just like David would respond if Jake were the one doing the attacking. Jake likes Greenlee's suggestion to challenge David in terms he'll understand and thanks her for her advice. As they hug, Roger walks in and asks, "And Erica's policy on romance at the office is what exactly?"

A drunken Leo leads a bar full of New Yorkers in singing "La Marseillaise," the National Anthem of France. The young woman that picked Leo up while he was hitchhiking, and brought him to New York, asks him where he's headed. He replies, "Anywhere else." The woman tells Leo that she is a painter and exotic dancer. She shows him some of her exotic moves, and soon the two are heating things up on the dance floor. In between turns on the dance floor, Leo and the young woman continue to drink and get increasingly intoxicated.

At Tempo, Laura has Brooke's temp, Mary, searching for Leo. Mary explains that she's called all the numbers Laura gave her and hasn't been successful in finding Leo. Laura remembers that Mary was the person who told her that Leo and Greenlee had left Tempo together a few nights earlier. Mary mentions that she found Greenlee to be nicer than Laura, and Laura promptly fires her. Or, she attempts to, but Edmund interrupts.

Edmund asks Mary to leave, and asks Laura what's going on. Laura explains that she can't find Leo and wants to know if her husband is leaving her. Edmund tries to get Laura to calm down, and she temporarily seems to be OK. Edmund leaves, and Laura goes to her phone. She calls Greenlee at her Enchantment office. Greenlee answers, while Jake and Roger size one another up. Laura asks for Leo, and Greenlee, for a moment, pretends Leo is there. Laura becomes very upset and starts crying and screaming. Greenlee then admits that Leo isn't there, but pretty soon he will be because Erica wants she and Leo to work together on the new Enchantment campaign. Laura hangs up the phone and begins screaming even louder. Jake tells Greenlee that she was awful to Laura on the phone and stalks out of her office, leaving she and Roger alone.

Roger stops Greenlee from chasing after Jake. She asks how he got to her office since he's not allowed in Enchantment. Before he can answer, she's called away to the Production office. Left alone in her office, Roger goes to the computer to check on the software he'd installed. He calls someone and tells him or her that it's working and they're "back in."

Joe returns to Tad's room with the neurologist, who proclaims Tad in good physical health. Tad again asks if hallucinations go with his condition, and says, "I see dead people." Jake, having come to the hospital from Enchantment, enters as Tad admits he was joking. Joe takes this opportunity to remind both his sons that he plans on fighting his own battles with David and both Jake and Tad best stay out of it. Joe and Jake leave, but Jesse stays put. Tad screams at Jesse that he can't take anymore of his presence, and leaps up from his hospital bed. As he runs off into the hospital Jesse proclaims, "You can run, but you can't hide!" Tad doesn't get very far before Jesse pops up in front of him again. Tad starts screaming at him again, but, this time, Dixie comes up behind him and asks, "Tad? Who are you talking to?"

Back at Tempo, Laura's fantasies about Leo and Greenlee working together have her hunched over her desk unable to breathe. Edmund hears the commotion, grabs her and rushes her to the ER. A nurse grabs Laura and leads her to Jake. Edmund rushes to the phone and calls Greenlee. He asks where Leo is. Greenlee tells him she doesn't know where Leo is. Edmund tells her that Laura's in the hospital. As Laura continues to hyperventilate and scream out for Leo, Leo continues to dance and drink at the NYC bar.

Brooke is at her daughter's apartment. She expects to find one or both of them at home, but instead finds only a note addressed to Laura sitting next to Leo's wedding ring.

Thursday, October 4, 2001


Adam barges into Ryan's room at the Pine Cone Motel and confronts Liza. Adam accuses his wife of renewing her affair with Ryan and claims that she did not take Colby on vacation, but instead remained in Pine Valley to be with her paramour. Liza quickly denies her husband's accusations and maintains that she returned from vacationing with her daughter only a few hours prior. Ryan interrupts the feuding couple to urge Liza to return to Chandler Mansion with Adam. Liza does not want to argue with either man so she agrees to go home with her husband. Once the two arrive at Chandler Mansion, Liza admits that she wants Adam back. As Adam turns to leave the room, Liza drops her purse and a home pregnancy test falls out.

At the hospital, Dixie worries about Tad's erratic behavior. Tad attempts to convince his wife that he was rehearsing what he could say to David about Joe, but Dixie still fears that Tad is suffering from lingering effects of his concussion. Meanwhile, Jesse continues to visit Tad, which distracts the Martin from wholly communicating with Dixie. Once Dixie leaves to look for David, Jesse confronts Tad about revealing what he can see to other people. Jesse tells Tad that Jenny sent him to ensure that he does not do something as foolish as killing David.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Brooke is concerned about her daughter. She hesitantly opens the letter she found in Laura and Leo's condominium and is disappointed to read that Leo has left his wife. Jake approaches Brooke and suggests that she arrange for Laura to see a psychiatrist. Evidently there is nothing physically wrong with Laura's heart, but she is exhibiting symptoms of a panic attack. Unbeknownst to anyone, Laura is eavesdropping from within her hospital room. During a brief visit with Phoebe, Laura procures some of the elderly woman's medicine and ingests it, hoping that Leo will come to her rescue as he has always done. Once Laura feels the effects of Phoebe's medication, Jake must alter his diagnosis and inform a relieved Brooke that her daughter is in fact suffering from some type of physical ailment. Brooke then reads the letter that Leo had left for Laura. Brooke later goes to check on Laura. When Laura asks her mother when Leo will be coming to see her, Brooke softly replies that Leo won't be coming.

Leo, unaware of his wife's scheming or medical predicament, continues to have fun in a New York nightclub with Indy. The two flirt and dance and even tease about Laura waiting at home.

Friday, October 5, 2001

A pair of feet shuffled up to the SOS delivery area but walked away from it just as the lightbulb blew out.

Hayley joined a spaced-out Mateo in his office at SOS and he reluctantly agreed to let her start working on the books. The phone suddenly rang and when Hayley went to answer it, Mateo lunged for it and picked it up. The distorted voice was on the other end and it explained to Mateo that they had to "get down to business." With Hayley looking on, Mateo pretended that the call he was having was about tequila glasses and carried on a normal conversation. After he hung up, he confessed to Hayley that he felt guilty that neither of them were with their son and asked her if she would go home to be with him. Surprised and slightly hurt, Hayley reminded him that it was her "only night out" and wondered why he now had a problem with it. Mateo admitted that he didn't know so Hayley angrily picked up the books and got ready to leave. "I'll be home before the midnight feeding," he promised her but Hayley didn't take his word for it. Alone, the phone rang again and Mateo answered it to the distorted voice. It told him to never hang up on him again and confided that the first shipment would be coming in tonight. Mateo asked what it was but the voice told him that if he knew, he would just become another unwanted "loose end." He instructed Mateo to go out into the alleyway in 20 minutes, collect the package and store it in his safe. When Mateo seemed reluctant, the voice reminded him that they could get to his family anytime and asked him if Rosa enjoyed the "gift" they left in her purse. Before he could reply, the voice hung up. Frustrated, Mateo picked up his cell phone and called someone. "It's going down tonight," he confided.

With his back turned to the front door, Ryan walked up to Chris and asked the "bartender" to get him a drink. "You will not believe the day I've had," he sighed, as he placed his head in his hands. Chris turned around, walked over to him and asked a surprised Ryan to tell him what was wrong. Chris placed a water in front of Ryan and asked him if he wanted to talk. Ryan stated that he was there to meet a friend and rose to greet Hayley when he saw her exit the back office area. Chris watched as the pair made their way to the couch and saw down. Ryan confided that he had a dream about Gillian and that they had finally said their goodbyes. Distracted, Hayley assured him that they wouldn't be apart forever and Ryan asked her what was wrong. Hayley admitted that she had been deeply affected by what he had said about his mother at her son's Christening. She reminded him of when he told her that a "bad mother can haunt you forever." Ryan explained that he meant that her son would never have to experience that but Hayley was unconvinced. She told him that she felt bad being away from her baby and wondered what would happen if he needed her and she wasn't there. Chris crouched down to clear some glasses away as Ryan assured her that all would be fine when he saw her and a huge smile lit up his face as he outstretched his arms to her. Hayley smiled and thanked him as Chris headed back to the bar. Curious, Ryan wondered what "the deal" was with Chris and confided that he was always trying to his "new best friend." Hayley assured him that his time may soon be taken up by Erica and explained that the sparks were flying.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam rushed in to help Liza pick up the contents of her purse. She quickly grabbed the pregnancy test and hid it behind her back. Once everything had been collected, Adam stood up and told Liza that he had been "waiting for this for a long time." He extended his hand to her, but Liza couldn't accept it because she was hiding the test. "Adam, I can't," she nervously sighed. She explained that she wasn't ready yet and thought they should give themselves some more time. Confused, Adam declared that he needed her "in (his) bed" and "in (his) life" but Liza wouldn't back down. She admitted that she was probably just tired from the jet lag and asked Adam to wait a little longer. "Do I have a choice?" he wondered. Quietly, Liza walked to the door, hid the test under her jacket and turned around. "I really do love you," she stated and left. Alone and angry, Adam picked up the phone, dialed a number and demanded that the person on the other line get over to his house ASAP.

At the hospital, Greenlee approached Jake, who was flipping through the Yellow Pages. She asked him if had considered what she said about David, but Jake impatiently told her he had "real" problems to deal with. He explained that Laura was back in the hospital and that Leo had disappeared. Surprised, Greenlee told him she was sorry to hear that. Slamming shut the Yellow Pages, he quickly asked Greenlee if she would help him find Leo.

In her hospital room, Laura nervously asked Brooke why Leo wasn't coming to see her. Fumbling for the right words, Brooke reached into her purse for the letter so Leo could explain it "in his own words." Suddenly, the door burst open and Leo strolled in. "Sounds like a plan to me," he declared, as he shot Laura a wide smile. Leo walked over to Laura's bed and explained that he had been "fact finding" for an article and lost track of time. He promised her it would never happen again and she readily forgave him. Edmund suddenly burst in, saw that Leo was there and stepped out again. As Brooke looked on, Leo asked his wife if she was alright. Laura explained that her heart rate had fallen for no apparent reason and that she felt fine. As she held his hand, she confided that she just wanted to go home. She suddenly gave out a little cry as she held up Leo's hand and asked where his wedding ring was.

Jake told Greenlee that he had been calling Leo's cell phone all day but that he wasn't answering. Greenlee stated that he turned it off when he wanted "quiet, like the beach." Edmund suddenly walked in and informed the pair that Leo was visiting Laura. He apologized to Greenlee for "barking" at her when he called her office looking for Leo and left. Alone, Jake turned to Greenlee and declared that she had lied to him again because she had pretended not to know that Laura was in the hospital. Greenlee tried to explain, but Jake wouldn't listen to her. She wondered why he always thought the worst of her but Jake just told her that he was sick of her games. Greenlee confided that Laura had torn her ad into tiny pieces and flushed it down the toilet at SOS but Jake was unfazed. He told her the ad was a "slap in Laura's face" but Greenlee was unforgiving. She told him that Laura lied about booking a time for her and Leo to renew their wedding vows but Jake only replied that she was under stress and taking a lot of medications. "Or not taking them!" Greenlee exclaimed, and reasoned that her "little spells" always made Leo return to her. She declared that Laura should "spend her second honeymoon in a padded cell with a shrink," but Jake only retorted that maybe she was the one who needed a psychiatrist to figure out her paranoid thoughts. "Maybe you're right," Greenlee slowly replied.

Leo searched his pockets and reasoned that it was probably at home. He kissed her and left to find it and Brooke followed him out into the hallway. She coldly presented the "missing ring" and the letter to him. Brooke admitted that she had opened the letter and cringed to think about what would have happened had Laura seen it. Angry, Leo told her she should thank him for coming back because he had planned to leave for good. As Laura looked on from her hospital room, Brooke told Leo that she wasn't going to thank him for returning after his cowardly act. Leo explained that he had been in a "fun" place before he decided to check the "fifteen messages" on his phone. He asked her to not tell Laura and Brooke suggested that they go back to the way things were. Leo only replied that he wasn't going to act like someone else and demanded the ring and letter back. Reluctantly, Brooke passed them over, told Leo she would be back and left. Leo balled up the letter and threw it into the janitor's garbage then walked away. Laura quickly ran into the hallway, retrieved the letter and went back to her bed. Leo returned a few moments later with a bouquet of flowers. He noticed her hanging and asked her what happened to it.

Edmund met Mateo at the back room at SOS and Mateo confided that he still suspected Chris. He reasoned that it was too much of a coincidence that the first delivery was going down on a night Chris was working. Mateo explained his instructions from the distorted voice and Edmund went to wait in the office. Mateo made his way to the alleyway and tried to turn the light on but it didn't work. Suddenly, a person shuffling their feet appeared and approached Mateo. He walked up to Mateo, hugged him and walked away. Thinking he was a homeless man, Mateo wiped his jacket then noticed the bag of drugs that had been placed in his pocket. He went back into the office and tossed the bag of Ecstasy pills to Edmund. Edmund asked him what the man looked like but Mateo admitted that he couldn't tell because it was so dark. The only thing he could remember was that the man was wearing dark gloves with the fingertips cut off. Mateo confided that he was nervous about being caught by the police but Edmund assured him that "Proteus" wouldn't let that happen. Mateo crouched down and placed the pills in his safe just as Hayley walked in and wondered if she could "crash" their "party." She explained that she had gotten sidetracked and hadn't left for home yet. Edmund asked Hayley to tell him about the baby and Mateo tried to usher them into the club. Hayley stayed back to call to call Rosa and check on the baby and told the pair that she would be right out. Alone, she tried to open the safe but quickly realized that Mateo had changed the combination.

Greenlee reasoned that she needed someone to see her objectively and Jake suggested she see Dr. MacMillan. Before they could continue, Jake received a page and left. Greenlee went over to the phone and called for Dr. MacMillan.

Laura assured him that a nurse would be in to fix it, just as Jake walked in. He quickly mended it, told Leo to look after her and left. Alone, Leo told her that he was going to stay with her for the night and pulled the ring out of his pants pocket. "It must have slipped through the lining," he lied, as he placed it on his finger and rejoiced the "happy ending."

Adam ushered Barry into the library and angrily explained that he needed "Ryan Lavery damage control." He told Barry that it was personal, not business, but shot down all of Barry's retaliation ideas. Adam instructed Barry to dig up all of the dirt he could possibly find on Ryan, "since the day that loser was born."

Roger went up to Chris at the bar, ordered his drink and took it back to his table. His phone rang and he answered it to the distorted voice. Roger assured him that the drop went off smoothly and that there were no cops around. The voice told him he'd keep in touch and hung up. Roger went to put the phone back into his jacket and didn't notice a dark glove fall to the ground. A few seconds later, he looked down, saw the glove and nervously picked it up.

Ryan went up to Chris and gave him money for the drink. He told him to keep the change and advised him to stay out of his life. After he left, Chris sighed that it was "a little late for that."

With the unopened pregnancy test sitting on the bathroom counter, Liza thought back to the night she had slept with Adam and then a few nights later when she had slept with Ryan. Nervous, she walked over to the box and picked it up.

Liza sat patiently as she waited for the test to be ready. She rose to look at the results just as Adam knocked on the door and asked if she was okay. Liza assured him that she was fine and that she just needed some time to be alone. Adam told her to get him if she needed him and left. Quietly, Liza picked up the test, gasped when she saw the two lines and sighed. "What am I going to do?" she cried, as she slowly sat down.



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