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Passions Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on PS
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Monday, October 1, 2001

A group of fisherman rush to revive Sheridan before strong-arming the drunken captain into turning the boat back toward shore. Luis grieves for Sheridan and remembers his father telling him to respect the sea as it gives and takes away equally. He then prays for the sea to somehow bring his lost love back to him.

Pilar overhears Charity and Grace discussing Luis and Sheridan and demands to know what they are talking about. Pilar becomes distraught and Charity tries to reassure her but only makes matters worse when she mentions her visions of Theresa making a terrible mistake. Pilar tells Grace that Theresa went to Bermuda and worries Julian has taken advantage of her.

Julian gives in and takes Rebecca to the Chapel for their wedding after Whitney reminds him what would happen and threatens to tell TC and Sam what he has done. Theresa is put on the spot when Luis agrees that she and Ethan marry. Ethan takes Theresa to the chapel to have a double wedding with Julian and Rebecca.

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Sam tells TC that he believes David is Grace's husband. Sam worries what Grace thinks after hearing him trying to help Ivy pull though after the surgery. TC questions whether Sam really is over Ivy and tells Sam his marriage to Grace can't take another lie. Pilar and Eve urge Grace to find Sam to talk things through. Grace finds David in Ivy's room. David is urging Ivy to be strong, to fight to win Sam. Grace is astonished and tells David if he really loves her he would not say such things.

The fishermen continue to look after Sheridan and make her comfortable. One of the fishermen named Brian believes someone is looking for her. Brian puts her in dry clothes, seeing she is still chilled he goes to look for anything to help warm her. The drunken captain comes to Sheridan and tries to take advantage of her. Brian returns and tussles with the captain. He chases the captain off and tells Sheridan he will not leave her again. Brian sees land and announces that he thinks he is going to make someone very happy.

The wedding is interrupted by a bellman. He tells Julian that Ivy was in an accident and may not make it through the night. Julian uses the opportunity to stop the wedding, insisting they all go back to Harmony. He demands a plane, but must wait for it to be fueled and checked. Rebecca insists they find the Justice of the Peace and be married while waiting for the plane. Theresa finds the Justice tied and gagged in a closet. Luis, meanwhile, insists on staying on the island. He continues to hope Sheridan is alive and has been rescued.

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Gwen offers Ethan support and comfort as he worries about his mother's condition. Gwen assures Ethan that Ivy is not alone. She tells Ethan that both Pilar and Sam will be at Ivy's side.

Theresa and Whitney come across the Justice of the Peace tied up in a closet. Rebecca almost stumbles upon him as well but Julian, Whitney and Theresa manage to cover up so they can take off for Harmony without Julian or Theresa committing bigamy.

Theresa asks Whitney what she should do. Whitney says that normally she would say to tell Ethan the truth but she says in this case, Ethan will never understand. Maybe he will be able to forgive her for the drunken wedding, she says, but he will never forgive her sleeping with Julian.

Julian has Rebecca convinced that he loves her and really wants to marry her in a nicer ceremony that the 24 hour wedding chapel can provide. Theresa warns Julian to get an annulment. Julian calls her a harping little wife and reminds her that they are still technically on their honeymoon.

Brian manages to get Sheridan to a hotel, where the hotel manager named Liz calls a doctor for Sheridan.

While on the plane to Harmony, both Rebecca and Theresa answer to the name "Mrs. Crane."

Tabitha and Timmy toast their good luck in finally being rid of Norma. Tabitha is worried over the fact that Charity had the power to communicate with the magic tree on the island. She tells Timmy Charity may soon know the full extent of her powers, which would mean doom for them.

Thursday, October 4, 2001

Back in Harmony, Luis tells everyone that Sheridan is dead. He tells them that he heard her scream and then the boat exploded. Pilar takes the news especially hard because Sheridan was like a daughter to her. Luis confesses to his mother he still has a feeling in his heart not to give up hope because she could be out there somewhere. Pilar tells him to pray because god could bestow a miracle.

The doctor that Brian and Liz called for Sheridan tells them that she will make it because she seems to have an incredible will to live. Liz can see that Brian seems to care for the nameless woman. Liz tells Brian that the woman has got him...hook, line and sinker.

Eve questions Whitney and Theresa about their trip to Bermuda. She tells them that Julian is a user and they are not safe around him. Grace is still upset with David after hearing him talk to Ivy, saying that she should be with Sam and Grace should be with him. Grace tries to tell David that Sam is being noble. She tells David that Sam is only trying to save ivy's life.

Ethan rushes to his mother's side and is glad that Sam is there too. For the first time, he calls Sam "Father." Ethan and Sam open Ivy's locket to see both their pictures. Ethan realizes that Ivy never got over her love for his father or the hope that they could be a family.

Pilar worried that Charity's premonition about Sheridan came true so her premonition about Theresa may have as well. Pilar questions Theresa to find out the horrible truth. Theresa slept with as well as married Julian Crane. Pilar faints dead away at the news.

The doctor tells Brian to brace himself because he knows the identity of the woman Brian plucked from the sea. Doc tells him that her name is Sheridan Crane. Brian seems visibly upset at the news.

Friday, October 5, 2001

The Doc tells Brian and Liz that he believes the woman is Sheridan Crane. He explained what happened to Sheridan and that her fiancÚ went back out into the hurricane to look for her. Liz remembers where the Cranes lived and calls information for a phone number for the Cranes. They hope to contact the Cranes and get a photo of Sheridan. Liz believes they would give Brian a reward for saving her life. Brian tells Liz he would never take money for saving someone at sea. Liz cannot believe this. Brian reminds her it is bad luck, he could lose his life the next time he went to sea. Brian believes he is going to make someone very happy. He picks up the phone.

Kay is keeping her word that she is going to be good; she tries to comfort Charity. Kay tells her she will never lose Miguel. Kay goes into the house, but comes rushing back out yelling for Miguel. She has the newspaper. She tells Miguel Sheridan is dead. Charity reads the article and becomes hysterical. Her vision was correct. Distraught, Charity asks Miguel what if her vision of Theresa was correct also.

Tabitha tells Timmy to wait until everyone finds out that her prediction for Theresa came true. She told Theresa she would marry a Crane. She reminds Timmy what will happen when Luis finds out. Timmy sees the basement door is not glowing red and smoking. He tells Tabby maybe they are in the clear. She agrees, and thinks their friends in the basement will leave them alone. Timmy has spoken too soon. The basement door opens. Tabitha is told to go downstairs and bring her doll with her.

Julian meets with Harper and he explains what happened on the island. Julian wants Harper to file for an annulment in the name of John and Jane Doe. Harper should then fly to Bermuda and destroy all records of the marriage. Harper informs Julian that Alistair wants Julian to go to the hospital to see Ivy. She has become quite the heroine, and Julian is to keep up appearances. When Julian inters Ivy's room she calls out Sam's name. Julian starts punching buttons on Ivy's machines to see what will happen. Ivy comes to and becomes distraught when she sees Julian. A nurse comes in. She asks Julian to leave. He throws the flowers he brought on Ivy's bed and huffs out.

Pilar is afraid Luis will find out why she fainted. Luis tells Pilar he knows why she fainted, her grief for Sheridan. He tells Pilar she thought more of Sheridan than Julian did. He voices how much he despises Julian. Luis tells Theresa she should never have anything to do with Julian again, Ethan agrees. Pilar ask Luis to take his own advice, and forget about Julian. She asks him to go pray for Sheridan.

Luis goes to the chapel, where he bargains with God. Luis tells God he will do anything if he would bring Sheridan back to him.

Ethan and Luis leave. Pilar tells Theresa she has done some stupid things before, but this is the worst. Pilar adds that at least the marriage could be annulled. Theresa tells Pilar she found out she married Julian when she woke up and saw a ring on her finger and Julian was in bed with her. When Julian suddenly walks in, Pilar charges and attacks.

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