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Passions Recaps: The week of October 8, 2001 on PS
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Monday, October 8, 2001

When Brian places the call, Harper picks up. Harper tells Brian he will not give him Julian's number. Brian tells Harper if he does not get Julian's number he will call all the news stations about Sheridan, and Julian is going to look very bad. Harper quickly gives him Julian's cell phone number. Brian calls, but Julian doesn't answer. Brian visits Sheridan. He whisper's that he wishes she was a mermaid, and they could live the rest of their lives on the island together. He daydreams of the life they could have, before trying to call Julian again.

Tabitha and Timmy try to run from their friends in the basement. A red light pulls them to the basement before they can escape. They are told they have disobeyed and will pay the price.

Ethan visits the chapel and finds Luis praying. They talk and Ethan reveals how happy he is not to be a Crane. He tells Luis he can't believe how selfish Julian is, or that he ever loved Julian as a father. Luis confides in Ethan that he prayed for God to bring Sheridan back. Ethan tells him it is impossible, but he understands. Ethan then tells Luis that he would give his life for Theresa.

Pilar tries to gouge Julian's eyes out. She leave's a set of nail scratches down one side of his face. Pilar manages to bust Julian's mouth before she is pulled off by Whitney, Theresa and Eve. Julian is crying out he is bleeding, and Eve tells him to go to her office. Eve guess's why Pilar has attacked Julian, she ask how. Whitney tells her than Julian got Theresa drunk. Eve flashes back on Julian doing the same thing to her. She takes off to find Julian. Eve inters her office and decks Julian square in the nose. Eve hit's Julian again and chases him around the room with a scalpel. She tells Julian than Luis and Ethan will cut him up and there is not a jury in the world who would convict them. Julian begs Eve to keep his secret. She finally stops and tells Julian if he can bring Sheridan back she will not tell. Julian's cell phone rings.

Luis and Ethan walk in to find Theresa and Pilar sobbing in each other's arms. Luis demands to know why they are crying. He tells Pilar he knows it is not about Sheridan.

Tuesday, October 9, 2001

Tabitha must give a report of all she has accomplished. Her report includes carnival predictions coming true, splitting Luis and Sheridan up, Sam and Grace, even the fall of the dot coms. She goes on to say that as she speaks, Luis and Ethan are about to find out Julian married and slept with Theresa. She declares she has stopped enough true love to save her. Tabitha is told the only love she needed to stop was Charity and Miguel, she failed and will be sent to the "pit." Hearing this Tabitha tells Timmy their only hope is to beg.

Brian finally reaches Julian, but Liz brakes the connection. She proclaims the lady is not Sheridan as she hands him a copy of the newspaper. The headline reads. Sheridan Crane laid to Rest. Brian, Liz and the Doc enter Sheridan's room and crowd around her. Sheridan wakes up to find three strangers staring at her. Frightened, she tries to talk but cannot. Doc checks her throat and sees a bruise. He tells Sheridan a bowl of soup should fix her up. Liz brings her soup and tells her Brian saved her. Brian confides to Doc he does not want to lose the lady he saved.

Eve continues to berate and beat Julian. She tells Julian she can't wait to tell Ethan and Luis. Julian grabs her as she reaches the door, he begs her not to for old time's sake. Disgusted, Eves turns to leave but stops when Julian declares he will tell everyone about their past. She agrees not to tell. As Julian leaves, Eve tells him Ethan and Luis will find out anyway.

Luis tells Pilar he has never seen her so upset. While holding her hands, Luis notices blood under her nails. He turns on Theresa and Whitney demanding they tell him what happened. Pilar tells Luis she will tell him why she is so upset. Terrified, Theresa drags Pilar to the side and begs her not to tell. Pilar loudly argues with Theresa. Luis overhears Pilar mention Julian's name, he explodes. Theresa pleads for Pilar to tell Luis that Julian did not hurt her. Unfortunately, Julian walks around the corner. Luis and Ethan grab Julian, as they drag him over they see the scratches down his cheek. Luis turns to Pilar. She is imagining what Julian did to Theresa. Pilar screams. "Damn you, Julian. You ruined her."

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

At the Book Cafe Sam and Grace talk to David. Sam finally concedes that David and Grace are in fact legally married. At the cafe, Beth is back and shows he photographs to David wanting an opinion from a professional. When David sees one photo in particular, he asks where it was taken. Beth replies "It's Hartford."

At the hospital, Luis and Ethan attack Julian because they can see that he upset Pilar even though they do not know the details of the story. Whitney and Theresa begs Pilar to stop them before they kill Julian and end up in prison. Whitney is especially baffled by her mother's attitude when Eve says that Luis and Ethan should kill Julian because he deserves to die! As they continue to beat on Julian, hospital security steps in. When the security officers see that it is Julian getting beat up, they step back and tell Luis and Ethan to take it outside. They offer no help to Julian because he hurt their families in some way. Whitney's pleadings get to Eve and she helps save Julian from being beaten to a pulp.

Sam and Grace decide to tell their kids about the situation with David Hastings. Tabitha buys some time for herself and Timmy by promising E.F. that Kay will turn evil to help them break up Miguel and Charity. Tabitha is sure that when Kay hears the news about her parents, all her good intentions will be gone forever.

Sheridan speaks and cannot remember her name or anything about herself. She tells Brian how afraid she is. Brian tells her not to worry because she can stay at the hotel indefinitely. Liz hears this and realizes Brian will pay the bills because her cares so much for her already.

A nurse tells Ethan that Julian was tampering with Ivy's I.V. and Ethan goes into another rage at Julian.

Thursday, October 11, 2001

Luis tells Hank that he lost his soul mate forever. He asks Hank how will he ever get on with the rest of his life as he looks at photos of himself and Sheridan. Hank worries that Luis will mourn Sheridan forever. He sees Beth and tells her to try to cheer Luis up because he can tell that she still cares for him.

Tabitha cannot wait for Sam and Grace to drop the bomb about their marriage on Kay. Tabitha is sure that the news will push Kay over the edge and help turn her to the dark side. Sam and Grace visit the site of their new house and Sam asks Grace to marry him. They plan their future and write their names in a heart on one of the beams as a symbol that their loves is strong. Kay gets upset and nasty over the news of her parents' marriage. She swears that she is done trying to be good and that she will get Miguel at any cost! She tells her parents that she is tired of being the laughing stock of Harmony. She says that now everyone will call her a bastard.

Brian tells Sheridan that she needs to come up with a name he and the others can call her. Sheridan wants to be called "Diana." Liz is upset over the fact that Brian offered to let "Diana" stay at the hotel indefinitely without asking her. She asks Brian who will pay her bills. When he says that he will, Liz then confronts him with a stack of his own unpaid bills. She questions Brain as to why he doesn't leave the island and get a better job. She accuses him of hiding on the island and wants to know who he really is and what he is hiding from. Brian turns the tables on Liz and asks her the same question. They both decide to give the other the courtesy of keeping their own secrets.

Doc examines "Diana" and sees that she is fit to be up and around. He has a theory about her being an alien from another planet. This unnerves "Diana." We later find out that Doc is on the island because his crazy alien theories helped him to lose his license to practice medicine in the states.

Liz worries that Brian has fallen too hard for "Diana" and feels he is setting himself up to be hurt.

As Kay pledges she will never be good again, Charity hears the wind warn her to "Beware!"

Friday, October 12, 2001

Hank tells Luis he will not get over Sheridan by looking at photos of her. He ask Luis to join him at the Lobster Shack. Luis tells Hank he will meet him there, and goes home. Pilar, Ethan and Theresa are in the kitchen. Pilar has been trying to cook supper, and Ethan is discussing wedding plans with Theresa. Pilar drops a pot when she hears Ethan tell Theresa he can't wait to marry his dear, sweet, innocent Theresa. While Theresa helps Pilar clean up the mess, Ethan and Luis talk. Ethan announces that Luis had a great idea. The four of them should drive to Hartford, Theresa and Ethan can be married there. Both Pilar and Theresa cannot disagree fast enough. Theresa explains that it would not be romantic, she tells Ethan he has worked too hard on the wedding plans. Ethan decides she is right and agrees. When Pilar burns supper, Luis decides to keep his plans with Hank.

Rebecca reminds Julian that she will sing like a nightingale when he tries to get her to postpone the wedding. Harper arrives, he tells Julian and Rebecca that Ivy is out of their lives. When Rebecca leaves, Harper tells Julian if he marries Rebecca he will be a bigamist. Julian tells Harper he is more worried about being a murderer than a bigamist. Harper is aghast when Julian explains about Sheridan and threatens to leave until Julian tells him it was Alister's idea. Julian then explains that Rebecca knows, and is going to the police if he doe not marry her. Harper informs Julian it could take months to get a overseas divorce.

Ivy is served papers while she is recuperating in the hospital. She is outraged to find out she has been barred from the mansion. She begs Eve to let her out of the hospital, so she can kick Rebecca out of her house. Eve finally agrees, she tells Ivy she could become permanently paralyzed if she leaves now. Ivy leaves the hospital in a wheelchair. Eve accompanies her to the mansion, and Ivy finds she is locked out. Rebecca answers the door. Furious, Rebecca tells Ivy she is not allowed on the property and she is not coming in the house. When Ivy threatens her, Rebecca grabs the wheelchair and pushes Ivy away from the house.

Luis arrives at the restaurant and is not happy to find Hank, his date, and Beth waiting for him.

Pilar goes to Theresa's room. She cannot stop thinking about what Julian has done to Theresa. In a rage Pilar screams and knocks something off the desk. Theresa and Ethan rush in to find Pilar on the floor sobbing. Theresa's wedding dress is covered with red stains.

Brian has asked "Diana" on a moonlight picnic. While they are gone, Liz and Doc talk about how Brian is so taken with "Diana." Liz looks happy when Doc states that "Diana" could remember who she is, and leave the island. He tells Liz that anything could trigger "Diana's memory.

Brian hands "Diana" a sandwich that has been wrapped in newspaper. "Diana" reads the headline about Sheridan Crane, she repeats the name aloud.

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