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Passions Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on PS
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Monday, October 15, 2001

"Diana" asks Brian if she could be Sheridan Crane. He tells her they thought that, until they found out Sheridan's body had been recovered. "Diana" is disappointed and worries no one is looking for her. She asks Brian if he will help her find out who she is. Brian agrees to help her.

When Beth goes to the powder room, Luis tells Hank off. He asks Hank to inform Beth something came up and he had to leave. Outside, Luis imagines he sees Sheridan and tries to hug her. Beth comes out and tells Luis she would not have come if it was supposed to be a date. She was only there to help him as a friend. She admits she never got over him and was hurt, until she realized he and Sheridan were so happy together. Beth tells him she liked Sheridan and they had many long talks. Luis asks Beth to tell him everything. She agrees to, and tells him they will morn Sheridan together, as friends. Luis and Beth go back inside the restaurant.

Ivy and Rebecca continue to argue until Julian comes out and pushes Ivy down the drive. Once inside Rebecca tells Julian she almost wishes Ivy had gotten in so she could see how she redecorated the house. Ivy crashes through the study door. Ivy can't believe the decor of the house, she informs them she is going to her room. Rebecca follows her to the foyer and they cuss each other. Ivy calls Rebecca a slut and tells her Julian will have a mistress ten minutes after they are married, if he doesn't already have one. Eve informs Julian she will tell Luis and Ethan if he does let Ivy stay there and recuperate. Julian declares he does not care; he is tired of it all. He tells them that he will just get more security.

Pilar claims she thought of Luis and Sheridan, got violently angry and knocked a jar of ink of the desk. After she leaves, Theresa tells Ethan they should wait to be married. Ethan thinks everyone will feel better to see love reconfirmed.

Father Lonigan visits Pilar. Pilar tells him she is losing her faith in God. She explains what happened with Theresa, and states she will never forgive Julian. Ethan and Theresa come into the kitchen where Pilar and the Priest are. Ethan ask Father Lonigan to set a date Theresa and he can be married. Father Lonigan informs Ethan he cannot marry them.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Before Ethan learns the truth, he is stopped by the ringing of his cell phone. A housekeeper informs him that Ivy is using her wheelchair to attack Rebecca. Theresa begs Father Lonigan to keep her secret before following Ethan. Pilar ask the same of Father Lonigan. She expresses her fear that Luis and Ethan would kill Julian. She tells him she never questioned God about her son and husband and thanked him for what she does have, but she cannot take her children being hurt.

Tabitha breaks the news about David and Grace to Charity. Miguel calms Charity by reminding her that Sam will not give up without fighting for Grace. Tabitha declares she has always had special feelings for the Bennett's, and she will stand behind them. Tabitha asks Charity to have a snack with her, and Miguel can go try to calm Kay.

Kay has just vowed to do whatever it takes to get Miguel when he finds her. He asks Kay if she is all right. She tells Miguel it was stupid to think everything would be all right. Kay tells him she learned a valuable lesson tonight, do what you want to make yourself happy. Kay is disgusted when they are interrupted by Charity's screams.

When her threat doesn't work, Eve announces she is going to inform Rebecca about Julian marrying Theresa. Worried, Julian rushes after her.

Rebecca manages to slap Ivy, who slaps Rebecca back, much harder. They are interrupted by Eve, Julian and Harper. Rebecca runs to Julian and claims Ivy tried to kill her. Eve tells Rebecca when she learns what Julian has done, she will kill him. Eve is interrupted when Ethan and Theresa rush in. Ethan announces he is representing his mother; he voices concern that Julian and Harper tried to take advantage of Ivy, and declares they are going to contest the divorce. Ethan informs them he will also place a call to the island to check out the divorce. Julian begins to voice his thoughts when Harper pulls him aside and tells him to shut up. Harper informs Julian that his problems are solved; he cannot marry Rebecca while the divorce is contested. When Rebecca finds out Julian and Harper are not going to do anything she picks up a vase, throws it on the floor and demands to know what is going on.

"Diana tells Liz and Doc she had a moment when she thought she was Sheridan Crane. Doc tells her the more she worries the harder it will be for her to regain her memory. Brian checks in on "Diana" as she is getting ready for bed. Diana" tells him it is crazy, but do they have any hot cocoa. Looking out the window at the moon, drinking her hot cocoa, "Diana" wonders if anyone is looking for her.

Leaving the restaurant, Luis runs into a woman who looks a lot like Sheridan. He grabs her and calls Sheridan's name. Embarrassed, Luis tells Beth he would be drinking hot cocoa with Sheridan if she were still alive. As Beth leaves, Luis looks to the moon, and tells Sheridan goodnight.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Pilar is not intimidated by Rebecca's threats when Rebecca tells her she doesn't work at the Crane mansion anymore and she should be fired for attacking her employer. Pilar tells her that what happened is between her and Julian and she refuses to get Rebecca's bags from the foyer. Pilar says she is not her slave; she is the housekeeper.

Harper threatens to walk out on Julian and go to Alistair to tell him everything. Harper reminds Julian that if his divorce from Ivy is contested and if he goes through with his marriage to Rebecca, he'll be married to three women at the same time. Alistair gets angry when he hears Ethan is helping Ivy to contest her divorce. He also orders Julian to marry Rebecca soon. He says that she knows too many family secrets. Ethan wants to start his own law office since no one will hire him. He and Theresa plan to use her home to set up the practice. Then Ethan realizes that even if they start the practice at home, he still does not have enough money to get law books and the other supplies he needs. Theresa tells Whitney that she knows where she can get the money they need. She plans on using her clout as Mrs. Julian Crane to get the money. Whitney is horrified at the idea.

Rebecca frightens Gwen when she talks about how she will stop at nothing to become Julian's wife. She tells Gwen that she did not divorce her father only to be left with empty promises from Julian. Rebecca is livid over Ivy living at the mansion. She thinks Julian only wants Ivy around so she can contest the divorce and stall his marriage to her. Rebecca gets a rifle and takes a shot at one of Ivy's vases. Gwen fears what her mother may do. Pilar tells Rebecca she had better not get any ideas about using it on Ivy but she won't care if she uses it on Mr. Crane. Pilar overhears Julian saying he would give anything for 10 minutes in bed with Theresa. Pilar goes crazy and attacks him. She calls him a pig and swears if he ever touches Theresa again, she'll kill him herself. She promises to poison him so he will die the slow death a pig like him deserves. Harper has to pull her off Julian but he says he doesn't blame her.

Luis dreams about Sheridan giving him a rose. He returns to work as his co-workers offer their sympathy. He receives a stack of sympathy cards. One card has a rose with it. The message says " Whenever you and I are apart just look at this rose and you'll know I'm thinking of you and that I haven't forgotten our love." Luis takes it as a sign that Sheridan is alive.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Pilar threatens Julian that he will die by her hand if she catches him anywhere Theresa again. Julian is outraged to be threatened in his own home by a servant and calls the police even though Harper warns him against it. Luis is the officer to answer the phone and Julian hangs up.

Theresa is more determined than ever to get the money for Ethan's new law practice from Julian even though Whitney tries to warn her against it. She warns her that Rebecca will get even more suspicious of her if she sees Theresa lurking around the Crane mansion. Whitney screams after Theresa "You are making the biggest mistake of your life!"

At the Book Cafe, Ethan tells both Chad and Beth his future plan for a law practice. They both tell him that they will help him in any way they can. Beth even has used law books in the basement of the cafe and tells Ethan to take them and pay her wherever he can. Ethan tells Beth and Chad how excited he is that he and Theresa are starting out together. He tells them that it feels right not using Crane money for his career.

Rebecca continues to shoot at Winthrop family heirlooms in the Crane mansion. Julian is surprised to find that she has moved into his room lock, stock and trunk. She tells Julian that she is protecting her turf by moving in. She intends to get Julian to marry her even if she has to threaten him by using a rifle. Julian tries to stall Rebecca by swearing his love and that he will wed her as soon as he can. Rebecca again threatens to tell all about Sheridan's death. She also says for him to stay away from Theresa or her suspicions will grow.

Luis tells Sam about the rose that he found on his desk. He tells Sam that it is a sure sign that Sheridan is still alive. Luis then calls the police captain in Bermuda and tells him to open up the investigation. He tells the captain that they must continue to look for Sheridan because he has a rose as evidence. The police captain tells Luis that he is crazy and they cannot open up an investigation based on a rose. Sam intervenes and gets the captain to agree. He tells Sam to fax Sheridan's picture so he can show it around.

"Diana" gets frightened when she remembers crashing into a police car. She cannot remember the policeman or why this is so important. "Diana" feels that it somehow changed her life. Liz warns Brain that "Diana" may soon be getting her memory back. She tells him he may end up hurt. Pilar threatens Julian to get an annulment from Theresa today or she will tell Rebecca everything just so she can watch Rebecca blow his head off. Liz gets the news that she will be receiving the emergency fax from the States. Julian makes a resolution that to stay alive he will never see Theresa again. As he says it out loud, Theresa goes into the library. Pilar is also ready to go in and find them together.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Sam calls Grace, she tells him she is going to get an annulment and a civil divorce as soon as possible. She hangs up to give the construction crew lemonade. David is one of the guys working on the house and Grace questions why he would help rebuild their house. David insist he just wants Grace to be happy. She tells him to move on with his life. He follows Grace inside, and ask if it is her love for Sam, or her fear of Sam going back to Ivy that made her forgive Sam. Grace tells David she will do whatever it is to help him move on with his life. David takes her in his arms and kisses her.

Luis tells Sam about a dream he had of Sheridan during the Civil War, he believes they were always together. He tells Sam you don't give up on the one you love, when you have finally found them. Luis ask Sam if he ever thinks about his first love, Ivy. Sam denies this and flashes back on his life with Grace. He tells Luis he only wants Grace. Luis asks if Sam is afraid Grace will remember her love for David.

While smelling the rose, "Diana" remembers the face of someone who loves her, but not his name. She tells Brain she must have a husband, she knows someone loved her. When she hears they are waiting for a fax, she is sure it is about her. She tells them she hopes she will be home by tomorrow. Brian tells Liz he knows if he had enough time with "Diana", he could make her love him more than anyone else. As the fax starts to come in, they tell "Diana" not to get her hopes up.

Ivy tells Ethan the only way she is going to fell better, is if he does not marry Theresa. She declares if Theresa could lie about his paternity, there is no telling what else she has lied about. Ethan tells his mother he has complete faith in Theresa. They are interrupted by a crash coming from the library.

Pilar hears Theresa's voice in the library. She burst in to find Julian trying to kiss Theresa. Pilar pulls Julian off, and declares she will gladly spend the rest of her life in jail to keep Julian away from Theresa. Theresa tells Pilar that Julian misunderstood; she is there to ask him for money for Ethan's law practice. Julian writes her a check, as she explains. The annulment is faxed, and they both sign it. Pilar tells them the annulment is not enough, the only way she is going to sleep is when Julian is dead. She knocks a lamp over, and chases Julian with a letter opener. Julian reaches the door, and finds Ethan and Ivy outside. Ethan grabs the letter opener and demands to know why Pilar is chasing Julian. Ivy wonders if Pilar is upset about her, or is it someone else, as she looks at Theresa. When Pilar tells them they need to know the truth, Theresa tells Ethan she came here to ask Julian for money to start his law practice. Pilar goes along and declares that she started thinking about everything else and got mad. Ethan tells them he does not ever want money from the Cranes. Ivy grabs the annulment papers they signed, and shows them to Ethan. Bewildered, Ethan wants to know why Theresa's signature is on annulment papers to Julian. Ivy tells Ethan they must have gotten married in Bermuda, but one of them has changed their minds. Ethan turns to Theresa and demands to know if this is true.

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