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Port Charles Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on PC
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Monday, October 15

Jamal told Jack that Livvie went willingly with Kyle into that motel room to have sex with him. Jack couldn't believe what he was hearing as Jamal told him that nurses saw Livvie invite him up to that motel room. Jack was in denial. Eve packed up to leave Ian after discovering that Ian had contacted her doctor to get information on her. Eve was distraught that Ian thought she would intentionally try to harm Daniel. An angry Ian showed up at Kevin's and punches him. Kevin fell down onto the ground. Meanwhile Eve was telling Daniel that Ian can be the most loving man in the world even though she can't trust him. Ian asked Kevin for the information he has on the kidnapping. Ian thought that Kevin wanted Eve back and that he would do anything to get her back. Lucy overheard everything that Kevin and Ian were saying. As Eve was deciding that she would throw Ian out, the window blew open mysteriously and knocked over a picture of Daniel smashing the glass in the frame.

Karen had Frank paged to the on call room. Frank entered and saw Karen there in panties and a bra looking good. She lured him into bed where they made love until she is paged to the emergency room leaving Frank breathless for more. He wanted to set up another time to continue what they were doing but she said no - she'd surprise him.

Livvie told Alison that she couldn't remember inviting Kyle up to that motel room and that she is loosing huge amounts of time and doesn't know why this is happening. Alison told Livvie that Jack was going to propose to her and Livvie was visibly shaken. Jack and Livvie talked and Livvie asked Jack if he would propose to her. Jack said no, he can't do that because he is going back to being violent and he doesn't want that kind of life anymore and that she needs to figure out what is going on and get a handle on it. Jack said that he still loves her and Livvie said she was sorry.

Jamal and Alison talked and work things out about Valerie and the relationship that Jamal once shared with her. Valerie took a job as a waitress at the Recovery Room. A distraught Eve showed up at Kevin's with Daniel saying that she was leaving Ian. Ian stepped forward and Eve couldn't believe that Ian was there.

Tuesday, October 16

Livvie told Caleb Jack had left her and why. She asked if he'd done it and Caleb said no. He told her that if Jack left her after one mistake he couldn't have loved her truly. The same with the others; only his love is forever. Ian demanded to know why Eve was leaving him. She didn't want to discuss it then but Ian persisted and accused Eve and Kevin of wanting to be back together. Rafe was frustrated by no response from his boss when he suddenly was with him. Rafe angrily insisted he was done following the rules and would do what he needed. Kevin left Eve and Ian alone to talk. Lucy told him she thought Ian may be right and walks away. Livvie began to believe that Caleb's love was eternal. She said she couldn't be alone and he said she wouldn't have to. Rafe outlined his plans for his boss who told him he'd blown it by rushing and letting revenge be part of it. Rafe must let people make their own decisions and have faith in the good in people's hearts. Rafe needed only to remind them of that. Kevin found Lucy and tried to convince her he didn't want Eve back but wanted to marry her. Ian apologized for doubting Eve and asked her to believe in their love and to come home. She agreed but Kevin didn't. Eve left with Ian. Lucy told Kevin she was leaving too. Rafe's boss decided to fire him from the job but Rafe strenuously objected and was told his friends were on their own for now. Ian went to the hardware store and Eve turned around to find Anne Marie in the loft.

Wednesday, October 17

Alison and Jamal share a booth at the Recovery Room while discussing their need to take one night for themselves. Valerie approaches to take their order. Jamal and Alison are surprised to see her there. Valerie explains that Frank gave her a job. Jamal leaves to speak with Frank and tell him the situation with Valerie. While Jamal is gone, Valerie takes the opportunity to tell Alison that she does not like being threatened. It is only going to make her fight harder for Jamal. Alison responds to Valerie saying that she and Jamal are happy and in love. Valerie can stick around and watch while Alison rubs her relationship with Jamal in Valerie's face. From a distance, Frank and Jamal are watching Alison and Valerie who appear to be having a friendly conversation.

Karen arrives and asks Frank if he would like to play doctor again. He wants to know where she is getting all the energy and remarks that she is acting like she is on some kind of drug. Karen pulls back, offended. Frank quickly explains that he did not mean that literally, he only meant that she was acting differently and he liked it.

Lucy went into the bar at the Port Charles hotel and sees Jack there. She sits at the bar next to him and orders a drink. The bartender recognizes her and Jack from six months ago when they were in the bar together. He makes a remark about the two of them "fogging up the mirrors together" and asks if they are still together. Jack and Lucy emphatically deny it. Jack reveals that he and Livvie have broken up. He feels he doesn't "know" her anymore. Lucy shares with him that she has left Doc.

Lucy begins to see a connection between the couples: Eve and Ian, Jack and Livvie, and herself and Kevin. Each couple is having problems and seem to be heading towards a break. She wonders if Caleb has put a curse on them

Anne Marie visits Eve at the apartment. She wants to warn Eve saying that Eve will wind up dead if she doesn't listen. Anne Marie went on to explain that everything she told Kevin was true. Eve doesn't want to hear it. Anne Marie says to Eve, "Ian said he wanted me not for one night, but for always." It was also something Ian had once said to Eve. Anne Marie also told Eve that there have been other women fooled by Ian.

When Ian returns from the hardware store, he asks Eve if anything happened while he was gone. Eve repeats the sentence: I wanted you not for one night, but for always. She told Ian that when he said that to her at the cabin, that was when she fell in love with him. He replies, "Works every time." Eve asks Ian to leave.

Thursday, October 18

Jack bumps into Ann Marie, which causes her scarf to fall. As Jack went to pick it up, he looks up to see Livvie. He asks her if he saw the woman but Livvie told him no. They go into the restaurant only to see that it is being robbed. The robber becomes upset when there is hardly any cash to take. Karen offers to get the robber drugs, the robber told her to back off pointing the gun at her swearing he'll kill her. She told him to go ahead and try, Frank knocks the gun down and takes down the robber. Police and Chris arrive to help. Chris went to take care of Karen's wound only to find that it has healed.

Livvie attempts to plant some doubt in Alison's mind about the relationship between Jamal and Val. And questions the true paternity of the baby. Alison doesn't believe that Jamal is the father but Livvie keeps baiting her. Jack told Livvie to stop. He tries to tell Alison not to listen to what Livvie said but Alison still wonders. Outside the restaurant Livvie wonders what she has done.

Lucy tries to convince Ian that there are evil forces afoot trying to bring down Port Charles and the ones they love. Ian is having a hard time believing all this. Both begin to drink a little too much. As they are sitting ont he bed, Ian gets up and spills Lucy's drink all over her. She asks for a change of clothes but only can find a very short robe. As they talk further Ian told Lucy that he is grateful that they are friends. Sitting in his lap, she give him a hug, only to have the door open and Kevin walk in.

Eve told Kevin that she kicked out Ian because of Anne Maries accusations. Kevin begins to doubt the truthfulness of Anne Marie, explaining to Eve that the woman seems to show up at the right moment with the right thing to say. He wonders what her true motives are. He no longer believes Ian is guilty. He told Eve they must concentrate on what they know as fact and their love for the ones they are with. He decides to go to Ian and compare notes with him, trying to find the truth.

Friday, October 19

by JON

Rafe visits his "boss" and told him that the situation in Port Charles has gotten worse. Rafe told him that if he can go back, he'll play by the rules. Rafe says that Lucy, Kevin, Eve, Ian, Jamal, Alison, Livvie, and Jack aren't just names to him anymore- they're his friends. His "boss" gives him a second chance, and warns him that the people that he is guiding have to find the power in themselves to win this battle, because good is much stronger than evil.

Livvie visits Caleb in the catacombs. He asks her why she's upset, and she told him that if he leaves everyone alone, she'll go away with him. He says he can't go until everyone who challenged him is ruined. She explains that when she isn't with him, it feels as if she is sleepwalking and she is lost to the world. He told her that she shouldn't feel lost because he is always with her. He says that everyone is against them. He summons a hot bubble bath for her, and told her that he's impatient to be with her. Caleb told her that he has to stop the forces that know he is coming back.

At the Recovery Room, Alison asks Jack if he thinks Livvie was right about Valerie's baby belonging to Jamal. Jack says that it can't be true since Jamal wouldn't keep something that big from her. Alison went to Jamal and asks him when he and Valerie had their one-nightstand. Jamal told her that Val and Cedric were on again/off again. Cedric bet on a football game (1st preseason game - 49ers and Cowboys), lost, and beat on Valerie. Jamal took her home, and things happened. He told Alison that it was only that one night, and she forgives him. Alison went back to the bike shop, where she figures out that nine months after that football game, Valerie had her baby. Jack talks to Valerie, and she shows him the note that brought her back to PC. It was signed "A Friend".

In Ian's hotel room, Lucy told Kevin that it isn't what he thinks. Kevin informs Ian that he came to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he finds him shacked up in a hotel room with the woman he loves. As Lucy tries to explain, Ian grabs her and told Kevin that they couldn't wait to be together. Kevin asks if he thinks it is funny. Ian sarcastically confirms that Kevin was right about kidnapping Eve to steal her away from him. He jokes that as he stopped the mayhem to watch Danny be born, he gave Kevin and Lucy some time to get to know each other better so he could steal her too. Kevin applauds Ian on his brilliant performance, but claims he believes every word of what he said. Lucy interrupts to say that it isn't remotely funny. Ian apologizes to her, but says that it's either this or kill Kevin. Kevin agrees with him, and told him that Anne Marie said that Ian killed her husband in cold blood. Ian claims that Anne Marie is dead and the person he talked to was an impostor. Kevin told him what she told Eve, and Ian says that they are all lies. Lucy starts to tell Ian that this proves that Caleb is behind everything. Kevin yells that a dead vampire can't be behind all of this, and accuses her of cheating on him just like she always does. She kicks him out. As he's leaving he told her that he'll leave them alone but "not just for one night, but for always". Ian asks where he heard that, and Kevin says that Anne Marie said it's his best line, and he gives Ian the note from Anne Marie. When Kevin leaves, Ian told Lucy that he only said that to Eve. Ian reads the note from Anne-Marie. It is signed "A Friend". When Kevin is walking home, he runs into Rafe. As Lucy leaves to go after Kevin, she hears a child's laughter. She follows the sound to find Christina!

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