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Monday, October 8

Karen was upset that Chris stuck her with the needle with the vampire blood. As she was running from him she ran into Alan Quartermaine. Jack asked Livvie why she didn't go to see Rachel. Jack knew that Livvie couldn't remember where she has been. Livvie said that she knew she wasn't there but was walking. Lucy was in the recovery room trying to get Rafe to come to her but she couldn't seem to summon him. Ian came into the Recovery Room and told Lucy that he was tired. Ian told Lucy that Eve was waiting for something bad to happen to Daniel. Ian also said that Caleb was gone but Lucy told him what had happened at the lighthouse with the mirror and that she thought that there was still evil lurking around Port Charles. Eve came home with Daniel and saw Kevin inside their apartment looking around for clues as to what Ian is up to. Kevin told Eve about Ann-Marie. Rafe came to the Recovery Room looking for Lucy but he knew she went to the woods. He sensed that she was in danger there. Rafe envisioned Caleb attacking Lucy. Rafe went to the woods in search of Lucy. Lucy tried to bring the evil spirit out again but it didn't materialize in front of Ian. Ian decided to leave the woods and thought Lucy had gone too but Lucy came back and knew that the evil wanted her there alone. Eve told Kevin that she knew all about Ann-Marie. Kevin gave her the picture and she reads the back that said " Ian you didn't have to kidnap me to make me fall in love with you." Alan asked Chris what made Karen faint. Karen covered for Chris and told Alan that she just didn't have enough to eat that day and never said a word about being stuck with the needle containing the vampire blood. Livvie told Jack that she couldn't bare to see Rachel in that condition with her not knowing anyone or anything and that she needed to get that vision of Rachel out of her head that Caleb put there... Jack told Livvie that they could have that family together that neither of them had while growing up. Eve threw Kevin out of the apartment but was left to ponder a big question as Ian came into the apartment with flowers. Livvie told Jack that she was tired and wanted a hot bath and to go to sleep. Lucy feared danger while in the woods and was startled by someone she knew.

Tuesday, October 9

Eve questioned Ian about the picture. Lucy found Rafe in the woods and he was annoyed with her for repeating her error. Jack told Alison to catch up with Livvie later because Livvie was tired. Jamal met them and Jack told them he was going to propose to Livvie. Livvie heard Caleb's music while showering and demanded he show himself which he did and thanked her for inviting him in. Livvie asked how he got in and he said she made it possible. She insisted she wouldn't let Caleb succeed but he said it was too late to stop him. Ian explained to Eve about Anne Marie which made her realize she didn't know him that well. Jamal had reservations about Jack proposing but Jack is determined. Alison offered Jack her grandma's yacht to propose. Livvie told Caleb she'd never stop loving Jack but Caleb said Jack would never get over them being lovers. Caleb said he needed her to give him life. Lucy and Rafe argued and Rafe told her to look in his eyes where she saw her own death. Ian wanted to reassure Eve that she knew him and that he would always love her. She told him she didn't doubt him and apologized. After Jack left, Jamal and Alison discussed their own problems. Alison told him she'd gone to see Valerie but Jamal just smiled. Lucy finally understood what Rafe was telling her and went home. Rafe promised Caleb he would be finishing what was started. Livvie kissed Caleb and who became solid and then she fainted. Caleb told her it wouldn't be long and that she had a lot to do the next day.

Wednesday, October 10

Karen comes to Chris and told him she has turned him in to the DA's office. When he begins to freak out, she told him it was a joke. She hasn't told anyone that he injected her with his vampire serum. When he asks what she wants, Karen says she wants to know everything about his research. She says she feels incredible. Stripping off her lab coat, she told Chris she is ready for anything. Karen continues to undress then wraps herself in a towel. Chris is amazed. He has never seen her so uninhibited. Karen says she is feeling great and offers to let Chris examine her in his office. She leaves while visions of fame and fortune dance in Chris's head.

When Chris went to his office, he finds it in disarray. Papers are everywhere; pictures are askew on the wall. Karen is there going through his files. When confronted, Karen admits she took his serum and put it in a safe place. She says she did it because she doesn't want to share the "good stuff" with anyone else.

At Eve and Ian's apartment, Ian hears the baby crying and went to check on him. He returned out and told Eve she forgot to turn on the monitor. They argue. Ian is concerned about Eve's forgetfulness; Eve accuses Ian of not telling her everything about his past. She flashes to a memory of Kevin telling her about Anne Marie. Ian is summoned to the hospital by a phone call. When he leaves, Eve calls Kevin. She wants to talk.

At the lighthouse, Lucy rushes in to tell Kevin she saw a vision of her own death. She says Rafe showed her what would happen if she continues to fiddle with evil. Kevin demands that Lucy stay out of the woods, and she agrees. Kevin receives a phone call from Eve. He agrees to meet Eve. Lucy is angry that Kevin is leaving when she is so rattled about seeing her fate. He promises to be right back. When he leaves, Lucy remembers the vision Rafe had shown her. She wonders why she can't see the face of her attacker when a vase falls from the mantel and crashes on the floor.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Ian is reading a case file on Munchausen's by Proxy. It is a syndrome where a mother causes a child's illness in order to get attention for herself. A nurse comes by and hands Ian Eve's medical report. He thinks about Eve and her irrational behavior. He reads the report on Eve's first baby looking for clues into why it died.

Kevin arrives at Eve and Ian's apartment. He and Eve discuss Anne Marie. Eve says she believes Ian's account. Kevin has his doubts. He thinks that if Ian caused his divorce from Eve, they have a right to know. Eve, however, believes Ian. She loves him. Lucy walks in to see Eve and Kevin in an embrace.

Alison and Jack are sitting together in a restaurant. She told him everything is set for his date with Livvie on the Barrington yacht. Livvie appears and Jack told her she looks tired. She says she is sleeping, but her nights are filled with dreams. Jack says he has something for her that will put an end to the dreams. A surprise.

Livvie is delighted to hear about a surprise. Jack won't give any details, so Livvie grills Alison for information. All Alison will say is that Livvie should wear a really great dress. Alison leaves, and a guy walks up to Livvie. He introduces himself as Kyle saying he was a classmate of hers. He asks Livvie if she would like to have dinner sometime. She told him she is involved with someone and Kyle leaves. Jack overhears the conversation. Livvie told him Kyle is not her type. When asked what her type is, Livvie describes Jack. When Livvie leaves, Jack shows Alison the ring he plans to give Livvie. It belonged to his mother and is the only thing he has left of her.

Outside the restaurant, Livvie hears Caleb's music. She is standing quietly, listening, when Kyle approaches. She says hello to him then takes his arm while asking seductively, "Remember me?"

Thursday, October 11

An argument ensues after Kevin explains to a disbelieving Lucy how his encounter with Anne-Marie has made him highly suspicious of Ian. As Jack spruces up for his big night, Alison encourages him to practice his proposal on her. Following an awkward start, Jack finally finds the words to make an eloquent declaration of love and brought a dazzled Alison to tears. Rafe confronts Caleb, who gets caught off guard by a small taste of the vampire slayer's accelerated powers. Lucy suggests to an angry Kevin that his rash actions could end up ruining the lives of the entire Thornhart family. Meanwhile, Eve and Ian agree to kiss and make up. Jack heads to Livvie's place with high hopes and a dozen red roses but is shocked to find her in bed with another man. Caleb dares Rafe to kill him, then chortles with glee to realize that the slayer is himself dead.

Friday, October 12

Caleb laughed when he realized that Rafe was an angel because Caleb had killed him in a struggle they'd had long ago. He knew all the rules that Rafe labored under as an angel including the one that didn't allow Rafe to tell anyone that Caleb was alive. He wondered exactly how Rafe planned to defeat him when Rafe's time on earth was as limited as his powers. Rafe pointed out that until Caleb's powers were fully restored, there was still a chance to defeat him. To that end, Rafe offered Caleb a chance at redemption. He said that if Caleb would come over to the good side, he would have everlasting peace. Caleb pretended to choose between peace and power, and then scoffed at Rafe's offer. He triumphantly declared that he was growing stronger by the minute, and that there was nothing Rafe could do to stop him.

Alone, Rafe called out to his "boss," confessing that he didn't know how to defeat Caleb. He felt powerless and helpless, and he worried that Caleb was going to win.

Eve lashed out at Ian after a fax came in for him that was a status of her psychiatric history. She was incredulous that he would actually think that her first child died because of neglect on her part. Ian tried to explain that initially he did have doubts, but ultimately he realized that he trusted Eve. She maintained that he was wrong for doubting her in the first place, and he pointed out that she had been behaving irrationally of late. Sitting in his stroller, Daniel started to cry, and Eve asked Ian to leave them alone because he was upsetting the baby. Infuriated, Ian did leave, but later remorsefully looked at a picture of Danny and Eve.

Jack was stunned to find Livvie in bed with Kyle at the PC Hotel. He asked her what was going on, and she said she didn't remember. Kyle asserted that she had told him that she was finished with Jack, and had invited him to the hotel. Jack believed that Kyle had taken advantage of Livvie's confusion and seduced her. He punched Kyle and threw him into the wall, knocking him out. The hotel manager called the police, and Jack told Livvie to leave before they arrived, so she wouldn't get into any trouble. She left, and the police arrested Jack for causing a disturbance.

Livvie fled to the woods and tried to remember what had happened. Caleb materialized and told her that her lack of memory was a blessing. He caressed her cheek and assured her that everything was going just as he had planned.

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