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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 15, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, October 15, 2001

Jack meets Hal at the diner and Hal tells Jack that it was Stenbeck that he saw at Lucinda's. Jack asks if Hal is going to have him picked up. Hal says that he isn't because Stenbeck has made a deal with the authorities and all charges against him have been dropped.

Holden and Lily and the kids walk into their home. Lily says that it is so great to finally be home with the whole family. Luke is apprehensive when he sees the security cameras around the house. Holden explains that the cameras are there for just in case. Luke questions, "Just in case?" Holden tells him that they don't expect any more trouble, but they will be prepared if something else happens. Holden tells him not to worry and sends him up to his room. Jack stops by to see how Holden and Lily and the kids are getting along. Jack tells them that the charges against him had been dropped. Lily tells Jack how much she appreciates him and thanks him for saving her son's life. Luke walks in and Lily tells him that she is sorry. Luke says that it is ok, but he tells the adults that it is his fault that Dante was shot. Jack explains to Luke that it was not his fault. He tells him that it is scary to see someone get shot, but Dante was a bad man and he had to shoot him. Jack tells Luke that he doesn't have to worry because he has his back. Jack tells him that he just wants him to go on and be the little boy he was before. Luke says that he will and he and Jack go off to see the security system. After they are gone, Holden tells Lily that none of this would have happened if he wasn't Damian Grimaldi's son. Lily says that he is Damian's son. Holden tells her that there is something that he can do about that. Lily asks, "What do you want to do?" Holden tells her that he wants to give Luke his name. He wants to make him a Snyder. Lily hugs Holden and tells him, "Yes, let's do that."

Simon goes to the police station to see Margo about Katie. He tells her that he is concerned about Katie missing. Margo shows him a note from a sister at a convent. She says that it seems that Katie had gone there looking for sanctuary. Simon starts to leave and Margo stops him. She tells him that they know Katie is ok and she had checked out this Bruno guy, but now she has some questions for him. Margo tells him that she knows that her sister can be a hand full, but when he finds Katie, she wants him to be honest with her. Simon says that he will. Margo says that he must put an end to their relationship. Simon shakes his head no. Margo says, "What?" Simon tells her that he loves Katie. Margo says, "What?" Simon says that he doesn't want to end it with Katie. Margo tells him that if he doesn't end it with Katie that he had better get ready for fifty or sixty years with her and that means a house and kids and a white picket fence. Simon smiles and says that he wants to go get her. Margo is stunned but she gives Simon the address of the convent. Simon tells Margo thank you and gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves. At the convent, Simon talks to a sister and tells her that he is there to get his wife, Katie Peretti Frazer. The sister rolls her eyes and tells him that he will have to talk to the Reverend Mother Sister Mary. She tells him that she is in her office talking to the other guy. Simon asks, "What other guy?" The Reverend Mother comes walking out with Bruno. She informs the two men that Katie is no longer with them. She tells them about Katie giving make-up tips to the other sister for people who wear only black and white. She tells them about how she called the Pope, the Popester. And she ends with when she took communion; she told them that the host would be better with guacamole on it. The two men smile and Bruno says, "That's my girl." Simon reminds him that she is not his girl, she is his wife. The Reverend Mother tells the two men that before they had arrived that Katie had left and they hope that she does not come back looking for sanctuary at their convent. The Reverend Mother leaves. Simon tells Bruno that he doesn't have to chase after Katie and he can just leave. Simon says that he is going to go find Katie. Bruno asks, "Where?" Simon tells him to mind his own business and he starts to leave. Bruno grabs him and tells him that he is not going anywhere. Simon pushes him away. Bruno tells Simon that he never told Katie how beautiful she was and he only used her to stay in the country. Simon tells him that he is a gambler and he should just go back to his blackjack. Bruno gets in Simon's face and tells him to stay out of his way. He adds that if he does get in his way, they will see who has the luck. Bruno walks out and Simon shakes his head.

Paul walks into his mother's room and she is arranging flowers. She questions how late he got in the night before. Paul tells her that he got back to Oakdale early, but he wanted to give her time with the family. Barbara tells him that he didn't have to do that. She questions him about who he went to see and alludes to Rose. Paul tells her that she was one person he needed to see. He asks her what is going on. She hasn't questioned him like this since he was a teenager. He tells her that she is different and he asks her what went on with her last night. She tells him that last night was a disaster. She goes on to say that the meeting with Will and Jennifer did not go well. Then the storm came and the light went out and she was there alone. Paul says that he should have stayed with her. She tells him that she put all that to work for her. She had started to sketch and she sketched all night long. She hands Paul her portfolio and says, "Here it is, the new spring line."

Carly and Parker arrive at home with packages from shopping. Carly tells Parker how their life will be different now that she is going to design the BRO collection. There is a knock at the door and she peeks out and sees Craig. She opens the door and asks, "What?" Craig walks in and sees the packages all around and sees that Carly has bought some expensive wine. He asks if she has hit the lottery. Outside her window, someone is taking pictures of her and Craig. Craig sits down on the couch with Parker and makes comments about his new toys. He starts to look in one of Carly's bags and she grabs it and tells him to stop it. He questions her about her late night visitor last night and she tells him that she is acting like a jealous boyfriend. Craig reminds her that she promised to have dinner with him. She tells him that she is going to be busy all week. He asks what is going to keep her so busy. She tells him to back off. She goes to the door and opens the door for him to leave. He tells her that if it is important, he will find out. She says, "Not if you want to have dinner with me, you won't." Craig says goodbye to Parker and walks to the door, stops and looks at Carly and says, "toodle-lou." She waves goodbye and closes the door. She looks at Parker and tells him that he gave up way too easy, he must have a plan.

At the police station, Emily walks in and sees that Margo or Hal are nowhere in sight. She walks over to Margo's desk and sees the file on Dante Grimaldi. She picks up the file and starts to read it. When she hears Margo and Hal coming, she ducks behind a file cabinet. Margo walks to her desk and says that the file for Grimaldi was lying right here and now it is gone. She sniffs the air and asks Hal if he smells that. Hal asks, "Smell what?" Margo says that she can smell obnoxious perfume. She reaches over the file cabinet and pulls Emily up by her hair. Emily is still holding the file and Margo grabs it from her. Margo starts to complain about Emily to Hal and her phone rings. Craig is calling Margo and asks if she can meet him for coffee. She looks at Emily and says that she needs a break. She hangs up the phone and goes to the diner to meet Craig. When she gets there she tells him that if he is worried about Katie, she has found her at a convent. Craig says, "That's good." Margo says that their baby sister goes off and is missing and all he can say is that's good. Craig says that she goes off missing once a month, it is hormonal. Margo asks what is up with him. Craig tells her that Carly is lying to him. Margo laughs. He tells her about Carly designing for BRO and keeping it a secret. As he thinks out loud, he tells Margo that he wants to be the one who gives Carly her own label. Margo tells him that he doesn't have that kind of money. Craig tells her that if he can take over Worldwide, he would have more than enough. Margo asks if he bought enough shares to knock Lucinda off her throne. Craig says yes, but half belongs to Barbara. He adds that he needs to get Barbara to vote with him. Margo tells him that he has a snowballs chance in hell getting Barbara to vote her shares with him. Craig says that he just needs to find a way to keep Barbara from voting with Lucinda. Margo looks at him very strangely. He smiles at her and says that he always loves their little talks and adds that her advice is always on the money.

Back at Carly's apartment, Paul shows up to tell Carly that he couldn't tell his mother about Carly designing for her company. Carly tells him that it was the deal that he would tell her up front. Paul shows her the designs that his mother had worked on all night. He tells Carly that his mother thinks these designs are good. Carly tells him that it won't work. She reminds him that when the designs are shown they won't look like anything in her sketchbook. Paul tells her that his mother won't leave the house and she won't be there when the sketches are shown. Carly looks at Parker. She turns to Paul and says that she wants a contract stating that she will have her label. Paul says that he will get that for her. Paul says that they have one last problem; she can't let Craig find out about their arrangement. Carly tells him that she can handle Craig. As they walk to the door, Paul tells her that he is counting on her and he is counting on a brilliant line from her. She tells him that he will have that by the end of the week. As she opens the door and Paul steps out to leave, someone is taking pictures of them from the bushes.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Jen tells Emily over the phone about what happened when they went to visit Barbara. Emily reassures her that she'll get through this. As Jen hangs up, Billy knocks on the door, telling her he couldn't wait to see her. Billy tells her that Bryant asked him if he thought Jen was seeing someone else. He feels guilty betraying his cousin. He says that he wishes it could be different, but he's going to California. Will calls out for Jen, and Billy leaves. He's packing his things when Bryant comes home, wanting to know why Billy won't tell him what's wrong.

Paul's happy to see Barbara relaxing. He lies that he sent her designs into production. Barbara can't stop thinking about her visit with Will. Paul says that next time it will go better, then prepares to leave for his date with Rose. Barbara starts accusing Rose of using Paul to get control of her Worldwide stock. Paul tells her she agreed to butt out of his relationships. She reminds him that she warned him about Emily, too, and he had to leave the country to get over her. Paul refuses to listen and tells her that not everyone is out to hurt her, and promptly leaves.

Rose prepares for her date at Lily's so that Lucinda won't try to interfere. When the doorbell rings, Rose is expecting Paul, but Lucinda barges in. She announces that Craig has called an emergency meeting of the Worldwide stockholders to try to oust her. Lily offers to help, since Rose has plans, but Lucinda insists that Rose cancel. Rose refuses to cancel her date. When Lucinda finds out she's seeing Paul, she wants Rose to convince him to get Barbara to vote in Lucinda's favor. When he arrives, Rose hustles him out as Lucinda tries to manipulate him.

Emily barges into Fairwinds and Barbara immediately tells her to get out. Emily asks if Paul's around, and Barbara tells her not to even mention his name. Emily tells Barbara she knows she's not the martyr she pretends to be. She accuses her of using her injuries as a license to hurt people, even her own children. When Barbara protests, Emily snipes that Barbara dropped the kids for Craig Montgomery without a second thought. She tells Barbara that she'll be there to support Hal, informing her that "Your son and I didn't work out, but your ex-husband and I are doing just swell."

Paul and Rose share a romantic kiss and he tells her she doesn't know how wonderful she is. Rose blurts out that they should get a room. Before Paul can respond, Lucinda interrupts, telling Rose they have work to do. Paul plays along when Rose tells her they were just discussing the stockholder's meeting. He assures Lucinda that she can count on his mother to be there and vote for Lucinda, then ushers her out. Paul tells Rose that he wants more than a one-night stand with her, and promises her that they'll spend some time alone together soon. Craig sits unseen at another table, eavesdropping.

Emily tells Barbara that she left a disaster area - Will thinks it's his fault that his mother is miserable and Jen has to be the mom while Barbara licks her wounds. Barbara accuses Emily of starting a confrontation so she can go crying to Hal. She states that he would never let his children spend time with a tramp like Emily. Emily informs her that she took Jen to her gynecologist. Hal walks in and wants to know what's going on. The women keep hurling insults at each other. Hal tells Emily she shouldn't have come to see Barbara, and informs Barbara that Emily is a part of his life. Hal is surprised to hear about Jen's appointment and not pleased that Emily kept it from him. She tells him that Jen is eighteen and it's her decision as to what she tells her father. After Emily and Hal leave, Barbara is horrified to receive a phone call from Craig. He tells her he's watching a cozy meeting between Paul, Rose & Lucinda, and manipulates her into believing that Paul is voting her stock without her.

Ben arrives at Java Underground with a beautiful young woman. Isaac assumes this is the blind date that his brother was setting up for him. Bonnie rallies the waitresses to ask for raises and interrupts Isaac to insist he meet their demands. Isaac agrees, then privately fires Bonnie for trying to embarrass him in front of his brother and his date.

Hal arrives home with Emily. He starts to ask Jen about her gynecologist appointment, but Emily stops him. When Jen goes upstairs, Hal insists that either Emily tell him why she was there, or Jen will. Rose tells Lily that she just had the most romantic night of her life. Paul arrives home and encounters a frosty Barbara. He tells her about the stockholder's meeting and reminds her of the agreement he made with Lucinda. Barbara accuses him of going behind her back and informs him she will not back Lucinda because she will not be going to the meeting. Recap --->

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Lily's House:

Rose told Lily how much she enjoyed the date she had with Paul. Lily asked about her job with Lucinda and was surprised that Lucinda wasn't paying her. She told Rose she'd never have a chance with Paul if she continued to let Lucinda run her life. Rose didn't think that Lucinda was that bad and Lily told her to wait until she knew her better. Rose said she had seen Lucinda's other side. She said she had to get to the board meeting. Lily suggested that she not go since Lucinda wasn't paying her. She wanted Rose to let Lucinda flounder without her and then she would see what and asset she really was. Rose said she wasn't going for Lucinda -- she was going for herself. She told Lily that she was in heaven when she went to the last meeting posing as her. She said she loved how everyone there paid attention and listened to her every word. Lily told her love it or not that she deserved a salary for her work.


Paul was mad at Barbara for going back on her word regarding her voting her shares with Lucinda. Barbara told Paul that she wasn't voting the shares with Lucinda unless he stopped seeing Rose. He wanted to know what Rose ever did to her. They continue to argue about her going back on her word and when he got mad enough, he told her that he was moving out and left.

The Honeymoon Suite:

Jake and Molly kissed as Jake tried to hide some papers behind his back. He tried to distract Molly with kisses but she managed to get the papers from him. They were drawings by the twins that Donna sent them. Molly thought they were wonderful and began to cry from happiness and sadness because she missed them so much.

Molly and Jake were enjoying getting massages together. They talked about how great their honeymoon was. They both agreed that that was the life. Molly told him that she knew he missed their family and couldn't take this kind of living forever. Molly told him if he admitted that he missed the girls that they could go home. Jake admitted that he missed the them. Molly said she missed them as much as he did. They decided that they could finish their honeymoon at home and planned to leave in the morning and surprise the girls.

Bryant's Cottage:

Bryant and Billy argued about Billy wanting to leave. When Billy insisted that he was leaving, Bryant told him not to leave before he told Jennifer goodbye. They told each other goodbye and Bryant left for work.

The Munson's House:

Emily asked Hal what crime she committed by taking Jennifer to see a gynecologist. They argue about it when the phone rang Jennifer answered it. It was Billy and he asked Jennifer to meet with him one more time. She told him that she'd meet him at Al's.

Later Jennifer walked down the stairs into the kitchen and Emily remarked that she liked her dress. Jennifer asked if there was something wrong between her and Hal. Emily said that they survived on arguments and asked what was up with her. She wanted to know if it was something to do with Bryant's cousin. Jennifer told her that Billy was leaving town and wanted to see her one more time. She said she didn't know if she should go or not. Emily asked her what she wanted to do. Jennifer said she didn't know and wanted to know what Emily would do. Emily said she didn't know and suggested that she talk to Hal. Hal walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about. Will came down stairs and said he was ready to go on his sleepover at the O'Mally House. Jennifer offered to take him. Hal asked when she would be home. She said she wasn't sure but not to worry.

Hal was proud of how that went with Jennifer and told Emily that, that's the kind of relationship he had with his daughter. Closing her eyes, Emily remarked "yes, open and honest", knowing that Jennifer was going to meet Billy. Hal said Jennifer didn't use to lie to him and Emily asked if he thought that Jennifer started lying since she was around to influence her. She told Hal that teenage girls are naturally secretive when it came to boys and sex. They continued to argue about Emily taking Jennifer to a gynecologist. He asked her why she took her to that kind of doctor when she wasn't having sex. Emily told him to wake up that Jennifer wasn't a little girl anymore. Hal grabbed his keys and said he was going to kill Bryant. Emily almost told him that it wasn't Bryant but managed to keep it from him. He told her that when Jennifer moved back from living with Bryant, she told him that they never had sex. Emily said, "maybe she changed her mind." Hal wanted to know if Emily changed her mind for her.

Hal and Emily continued to argue about Jennifer being interested in sex. Hal said that it seemed to coincide with the time that Jennifer had been around her. He made it clear that he didn't want her to interfere with his family. Emily stated to leave but Hal stopped her, saying that he wasn't through with her. Hal told her that they needed to set some ground rules in their relationship. Emily cried as she told Hal that she got his message that she wasn't good enough for him and his family. Hal told her to shut up, grabbed her and began kissing her. They continued kissing and Hal suggested that they take it upstairs.

World Wide Board Room:

Lucinda discussed business with one of the board members as Craig walked in and listened, standing behind her. She turned and saw Craig and told him that without Barbara's votes, that he doesn't have a chance to take her company. He didn't think she should count her blessings just yet.

When Rose walked in, Lucinda asked her where she had been, then she asked where Barbara was. Rose said she guessed she was coming with Paul. Paul walked in and told them that Barbara wasn't coming. Rose wanted to know what happened. Craig overheard and was delighted that Barbara wouldn't be there. He said it was time for the meeting to begin. Lucinda told Rose that she was going to stall and she wanted Rose to get Barbara to the meeting. She told her that if she failed to bring Barbara to the meeting, she might as well go back to Atlantic City.

Craig told the board members that World Wide was long overdue for a change. Lucinda closed the door to the boardroom in Rose's face. Rose looked at Paul and he told her that he wasn't adding any more pressure to his Mom for anyone. Rose said she didn't think that he was the kind of guy that would turn his back on somebody. She then reminded him that Craig dropped the lawsuit against them because of her. They continue to argue about Barbara not being there and Paul finally told her that Barbara had reservations about his relationship with her. Rose said that she was going to talk to Barbara. He didn't want her to do that. He said he was going to tell the board members about the awful things that Craig did to Barbara and that Craig would be dead in the water. Rose told him OK and to go in the boardroom and she'd be there in a few minutes.

When Paul walked in the boardroom, Lucinda wanted to know where Rose was. She immediately thought that Rose went to see Barbara. Paul told her that she wouldn't do that. Craig again asked for the meeting to begin so that the members could get home.


Rose thanked Barbara for seeing her on such short notice. Barbara told her that she thought she'd be at the stockholder's meeting and wanted to know what she wanted. Rose reminded Barbara that she did her part by making Craig drop the law suit against her and in return Barbara said she was going to help Lucinda hold on to World Wide. Barbara said she didn't sell her stock to Craig and that tonight Lucinda was on her own. Rose couldn't believe that Barbara hated Lucinda that much and was siding with Craig after what he did to her. Barbara told her there was no love lost between her and Lucinda, but it wasn't the reason she's withholding her votes. Rose wanted to know why then and that she was ready to fix it, whatever the problem was. Barbara said she'd give Lucinda her votes if Rose stopped seeing Paul. Rose's jaw dropped as she stared at Barbara.

Al's Diner:

Abigail and Adam just finished eating and then discussed their video project. When she told him that Nick was helping them, Adam changed his mood. He didn't like the idea that Nick was involved with their project. He left just before Nick walked up. Abigail told Nick that she was sorry that Adam didn't want his help.

Abigail suggested that she and Nick both edit a piece and she'd show it to Adam. Nick didn't think that was a good idea but Abigail thought that once Adam saw the video he'd flip. Nick said he couldn't help because he didn't have time that he was booked. Abigail said he wasn't busy right then. He told her that the only way that it would work was for them to pull an all-nighter. Abigail thought that was a great idea. She said she was 18 now and no one would worry about her. Nick said OK, but that he had to check to make sure the equipment was ready. As he left the table, Abigail saw Billy and then noticed Jennifer walk in. Abigail ran over to Jennifer and told her that she was hoped that she wasn't there to see Billy. Jennifer didn't even look at Abigail; she had her eyes glued on Billy. She told Abigail that she just came to tell Billy goodbye. Abigail and Nick left as Jennifer and Billy took each other hands.

Billy said he was surprised that she came. She admitted that she almost didn't. Billy said she could come with him if she wanted. He poured out his heart about how much they belonged together. Jennifer got up to leave but Billy stopped her. He said he wasn't going to leave without kissing her one more time. She told Billy to come with her. As they left Al's, Bryant spotted them and followed.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Barbara announces to Rose that she'll sell her shares of Worldwide to Lucinda as long as Rose agrees to end her relationship with Paul. Rose can't believe it but Barbara won't back down. Though Lucinda tries to delay the Worldwide meeting as she and Paul wait for Rose's return, Craig successfully gets the meeting rolling. Craig is nominated for new CEO of Worldwide. Before the voting is finalized, Barbara arrives and throws her votes behind Lucinda. With Lucinda safely installed as CEO, Rose announces to Barbara that she will not keep her agreement with her and has a dinner engagement with Paul tonight.

Searching the Fairwinds' grounds, Jack is astounded to find photos of Carly meeting with Paul hanging from the rafters of the gazebo. Meanwhile, Carly receives a call from James but is unaware it's him. James instructs her to hurry to the gazebo to meet Paul. Jack advises Carly that he thinks the meeting was a set up to let Barbara know about Carly's secret job. He urges her to quit her BRO position because of the danger.

Bryant follows Jennifer and Billy to the old mill where he spots them kissing and realizes they are going to make love. He grabs a hammer and heads for the cottage. After making love, Jennifer agrees to end things with Bryant so that Billy will remain in Oakdale. She is shocked to discover the cottage has been trashed.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Rose refuses to honor her agreement with Barbara and tells her she has no intention of giving up Paul. She tells Barbara she has no class and doesn't appreciate all the things Paul has done for her. Neither Rose nor Barbara tells Paul about the agreement they made. Paul gives Rose a beautiful rose and kisses her. They plan a romantic dinner for the next night. After Paul leaves the room, Barbara tells Rose she should never have double-crossed her. Later, Paul asks Barbara what happened between her and Rose, but she won't tell him. Instead, she tells Paul that she doesn't think Rose is a very nice person. Barbara decides she wants to go outside for a walk and asks Paul if it looks like rain. He opens the curtain and sees Jack and Carly in the gazebo.

Carly doesn't believe Jack when he tells her that he has seen James Stenbeck and that James is after her. Carly tells Jack he is "losing it" because he has been under so much stress and wound up killing Dante at the wedding. She tells Jack she thinks he is obsessed with James. Carly agrees that taking pictures of her and Paul and leaving them in the gazebo is creepy, but she doesn't believe James left them and she intends to continue designing for BRO. She tells Jack that she still loves him, but that doesn't give him the right to tell her how to run her life. Jack reminds Carly that someone put the photographs in the gazebo and someone is trying to cause trouble for her. Carly then assumes that Craig is the guilty party. Jack tells Carly he is not going to argue with her and she reassures him that nothing is going to happen to her. Jack insists on walking her out to her car and she calls him a paranoid pit bull. Paul intercepts Jack and demands to know why he is there and why Carly just left. Jack warns Paul that James may be in Oakdale and that he is no longer wanted by the Feds. He also lets Paul know that he is aware of the agreement between Paul and Carly. Jack shows Paul the photographs and tells him he thinks James left the photographs in the gazebo so Barbara would find them. Jack tries to convince Paul that James left the photographs, but Paul, like Carly, also assumes Craig is behind the scheme. He tells Jack to take his paranoid ideas and stay away from Fairwinds.

Jen and Billy confront Bryant, who is incredibly hurt and angry. He tells Jennifer and Billy he saw them together at the old mill. Jennifer tries to tell Bryant how she feels, but Bryant is so angry he won't listen. He yells at Billy about how ungrateful he is after all that Bryant has done for him. Jen finally tells Bryant he wants more than she could ever give him and she is sorry for hurting him. He tells her she has destroyed him. Bryant tells Jen he trusted her and loved her and was willing to wait as long as he had to for her to be ready to make love. She agrees and tells Bryant that he has always been there when she needed him, but she doesn't love him enough. Bryant pours out his angry feelings and tells Jen he tried not to be like his dad because Jen didn't want him to be. He reminds her that he turned down a trust fund for her and that still wasn't enough. He then asks her how many places there were where she and Billy had sex. Jen starts crying and Bryant yells at her and tells her to get out. Billy comes in and Bryant asks him how long he and Jen have been seeing each other. Billy tells him it just kind of happened and that they both love him, which makes Bryant really angry. He tells Billy that they have no chance of ever being friends. Billy leaves. Craig goes to see Bryant and realizes that Bryant is really upset and unhappy. Bryant won't talk about it with Craig and asks him why he has come to see him. Craig tells Bryant about losing his bid to become CEO at Worldwide and tells him he needs money because he wants to bankroll Carly. He asks Bryant to sign a release form so he can take one million dollars from Bryant's trust fund. Bryant signs the release and Craig tries to reassure him that whatever is wrong will work itself out. He asks Bryant what happened to the deck he was having built and Bryant tells him it turned out to be rotten. Craig knows something is wrong with Bryant and offers to be available to talk about it whenever Bryant is ready.

Hal and Emily bask in the afterglow of making love. Emily tells Hal she is really happy. They begin to talk about Jennifer again, but Emily doesn't tell Hal that Jennifer is sexually active with Billy, not Bryant. Instead, she tells Hal that Jennifer is entitled to a private life. They kiss and Hal tells Emily that the previous night was amazing for him. Emily agrees and they kiss again.

Lucinda is delighted with the outcome of the vote at Worldwide. She compliments Rose and tells her Rose has come through for her again when Lucinda needed her. She asks Rose what she can do for her and Rose tells her she thinks Lucinda knows. She tells Lucinda that she wants a salary and a title at Worldwide and does not want Lucinda to treat her as "Lily by proxy." Lucinda assures Rose she will find an appropriate place for her at Worldwide and will let Rose know as soon as she does. At first, Rose is delighted, but after Lucinda leaves, she realizes that Lucinda has actually just put her off again, instead of making good on her promises. Rose thinks about it and promises herself to be just as tough as Lucinda if she doesn't keep her promise. She then begins to have a romantic fantasy about Paul.

Jennifer talks to Billy about how guilty she feels about hurting Bryant. Billy tries to reassure her that everything has turned out for the best, but Jen doesn't agree. She also worries about what other people are going to think about what she and Billy have done to Bryant.

Bryant signs legal papers about his trust fund and stuffs them in an envelope. He mutters to himself, "here goes your mother's blood money, Jen" and leaves the house. He goes to see Adam and tells him he caught Jen and Billy "in the act." Adam tells him that it's better that Bryant knows now. Bryant is astonished and angry as he realizes that Adam already knows that Jen and Billy have been seeing each other behind his back.

Paul assures Jack that if James comes back, he will finish the job he started years ago. Jack tells him James may not be back for him and asks him if James has had any contact with Barbara. Paul insists that if James tried to contact Barbara, she would first tell him and then call the police. Jack warns Paul not to ignore the problem and lets him know that if James is back, he surely has a plot brewing.

Barbara talks to someone on the telephone, telling him she has changed her mind. She assures the person that she does need them and tells him to get her all the information he can about Rose D'Angelo.

Carly is brooding about why Craig would have taken photographs of her and Paul when she thinks she hears something outside. She looks around, but doesn't see anyone. She goes back inside and locks the door just before the doorbell rings. It's Craig, who tells her he has the answer to her prayers. Carly tells him she knows what he has been up to and slugs him in the jaw!


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