One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on OLTL

Cristian was attacked. Ben was caught sneaking around St. Anne's. Gabrielle daydreamed about killing Asa. Jen refused Lindsay's overtures of friendship. Todd kept track of Blair's whereabouts. R.J. denied hiring a man to kill Cristian.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, October 1, 2001

Todd takes the video tape to Asa, and demands a progress report from a conflicted Gabrielle, who admits that she has not yet obtained Max's fingerprints and blames Al's accident for the delay. When Todd informs her that Blair has left town, her reaction makes Asa suspicious, and after Todd leaves he gives her an ultimatum: go along with the plan or lose her home and her son. Alone, Gabrielle prays for guidance, imagining first that the plan has worked and Max is under arrest, then that she has double-crossed Asa and actually poisoned him, leaving her free to be with Max. The second idea appeals to her far more than the first.

R.J. meets his employee, who assures him that Cristian has left town, but agrees to check when R.J. isn't convinced. R.J. stresses that he only wants Chris gone, not dead, which would give Antonio more excuse to harass him.

At Cristian's apartment, Jen unknowingly pours the poisoned drink into a glass and prepares to take a sip. Cristian interrupts her with a kiss, then a knock on the door interrupts them both. It is Antonio, bringing mugshots for Chris to look at, in the hopes he will identify his attacker. As they scan the photos, the phone rings, and Jen spills her drink when she leaves to answer it. Al is on the line, upset over his encounter with Max, and Jen agrees to go cheer him up. Cristian walks her out, and R.J.'s enforcer is lurking outside. When Antonio also leaves, the assailant enters the apartment and tries to strangle Chris with a length of rope.

Ben gets caught sneaking around St. Anne's, first by a nun, then by Rae Cummings, who questions him about his actions. He relates his suspicions about Allison to Rae, who reassures him that Allison is well enough to leave. From a distance, Allison observes their discussion. When Rae leaves, Allison approaches Ben and tells him she knows what he is up to: that he, her friend Dave, was pleading her case with Rae. Ben plays along, and is shocked when Allison suddenly kisses him. He pulls away, claiming shyness, then tells her they probably should not be involved because she is leaving; Allison hints at big things that will happen when she is out, and wants Dave at her side for them.

Max visits Al in the hospital, and Al asks him about Blair and the new baby. Max tells him the wedding is off, but that he wants to be a good father to his new child; Al wonders if Max is now interested in Gabrielle again. Max tries to convince Al that his priorities are different, that he wants to have a good relationship with his firstborn as well, but Al angrily orders him out of the room.

Blair visits Addie with a birthday present, but accidentally drops the letter for Todd, which Addie picks up. After Blair takes the letter back, she imagines a less than perfect reunion for her, Todd, and the new addition, where Todd takes the baby as he did Starr. She resolves not to tell him and rips up the letter, then says goodbye to her mother. After she leaves, Addie retrieves the pieces of letter from the trash and begins trying to reassemble them, like a puzzle. When Todd arrives later with a birthday gift from Starr, he asks Addie about her puzzle, and her cryptic answer intrigues him. Addie gives him the letter, telling him that it is for him from Blair. Meanwhile, Blair boards a plane to leave Llanview.

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Addie handed Todd the letter from Blair, which she had taped back together. A frustrated Todd couldn't understand the letter, so he ripped it up. After Todd left, Addie pieced together the words, "it's your baby, Todd." Addie incorporated the scrap with the phrase into a collage that she was crafting. Meanwhile, in the park, Starr wanted Todd to bring Blair home, but Todd said that Blair left to be alone with Max's baby. When Todd took Starr to see Addie, she gave Starr the collage with the phrase from Blair's letter. Blair arrived at the Mexican airport, and someone took note of her entrance.

Gabrielle fantasized about turning Asa's fake death into a real one, while Asa continued to pressure her to frame Max. Gabrielle attempted to tell Max the truth about Asa's plan, but was interrupted by Asa's news that Jen had brought Al home. Al was cold to Gabrielle and Max, and he blatantly rejected Max yet again. Asa threw it in Max's face, prompting a threat from Max. Gabrielle decided to go ahead with her new plan — the one to actually kill Asa. Gabrielle considered bringing Max into her plan, after Max's hatred of Asa suggested that he might be willing to cooperate.

Keith strangled Cristian from behind with a rope. Cristian struggled to get the upper hand as Keith wished out loud that Cristian had made everything easier by drinking the soda. During the brawl, Cristian managed to pull Keith's mask up to catch a glimpse of his face. Antonio's return spooked Keith into retreating. Antonio busted through the door, and Cristian revealed that someone was trying to kill him. Cristian told Antonio about the comment his attacker had made about the soda, so Antonio slipped the bottle into a plastic bag to get it tested. Cristian reeled at the thought that Jen almost drank it. Antonio and Cristian tried to figure out who was behind everything. They finally surmised that R.J. was responsible for the attack, just as R.J. appeared at the door.

Allison decided to let "Dave" in on her plan once she was out of St. Ann's. Ben confided to Sam his findings about Allison thus far. Sam had misgivings about Ben's plan, but Ben was determined to do things his way as "Dave." Later, Ben overheard Allison making another cryptic call regarding Viki.

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Jen waits for Cris at the park where she is watched by Keith. As she waits, who walks by but Lindsay. Jen realizes that it was her mom who sent the message to meet Cris at the park, not Cris himself and immediately wonders what Lindsay did to him. Lindsay denies that she did anything with him and insists that she only wants to be a mother and daughter again. Jen wants her gone, out of her life-she will never regret it either. Jen takes off for Cris' apartment.

In his apartment Cris speaks with Antonio, deciding that R.J. could definitely be the one who is after him. Just then R.J. appears at the door just checking up on things. Cris tells him about the attack though Antonio states that it was just a mugger with a ski mask who also attacked him in the hospital parking lot and must have followed him home. R.J. plays concerned and interested and leaves. Cris tells his brother that he wants to handle this himself but Antonio insists that he will handle it once he gets the bottle of soda checked out. R.J. returns after Antonio is gone, tells Cris he should have called him about the mugger instead and then receives a phone call from Keith to meet him at the park. He takes off with Cris in close pursuit.

R.J. meets up with Keith and wants an explanation on why Cris is still around as Vega hides nearby.

Bo returns to his office to find Lanie still waiting for him. He's still angry about her lie though she confronts him with his own lie, that of pretending to like the china she picked out. He explains that there's a difference; he only wanted to make her happy while she used her lie to manipulate him. He's not ready to talk, even when she tells him that her lie was strictly an impulse, a mistake. He thinks their marriage would be based on a lie but she can't believe he'd call the whole thing off because of her pretend aunt and gift she sent to herself. He compares Lanie to Lindsay, she tells him he's acting more like an investigator and he should let her know if he wants to call the wedding off.

Keri moves in with Nora but when Hank stops by to visit and to see if Matthew is ok, she disappears before Nora can introduce them. Hank has to get back to the office so Nora invites him to dinner later that evening. Keri picks up a picture of Hank and acts disappointed when she hears that she missed the D.A.

A stranger watches Blair in the airport in Mexico as she is met by Paloma, a woman hired to help her. Once the pair leave, the man follows them and then places a call to Todd who has returned to the penthouse with Starr. The man provides Todd with Blair's whereabouts and tells him she's at a local house. He also informs him that Blair appeared to be experiencing some kind of stomach pain which causes Todd some concern but he knows it couldn't have been labor pains yet. He hangs up abruptly when he realizes that Starr is eavesdropping. She wants to know why her father is so upset about her mother being in pain when he supposedly hates her. They have an avid discussion which Todd really doesn't want to have with a 7 year old as he denies her accusations. She thinks he would have married Blair if it hadn't been for Max's baby. He finally sends her to her room and makes a phone call to have the plane ready to head for Mexico.

At the station, Antonio fills Hank in on test results that he's waiting for and will give him further information on once he can build his case. Hank wonders what's wrong with Bo but the police commissioner takes off. In the meantime, Antonio spots Keri and acknowledges her presence, believing that she's there to either apologize to him or trash his paper. She thinks he owes her an apology but she's there to see Hank, not him.

Lanie gets home, hysterically crying and finds Lindsay waiting for her to help her with Jen, according to the deal they made but Lanie bursts out that she's lost Bo. Lindsay can't believe they'd break up over a make-believe aunt and gives her sister a pep talk. Lanie says she will die without Bo and Lindsay agrees-she should die.

Bo visits Nora claiming it's because he wants to see how she is. Nora can see through him and finally gets him to admit what is going on between him and Lanie, saying his fiancée is not herself. Nora actually admires Lanie for her determination and defends the doctor and her awful past with Colin. Nora advises him to keep Lanie away from Lindsay when he confesses that he can't put up with any lies and schemes.

Antonio gets his lab results-there was rat poison in the bottle of soda but unfortunately no fingerprints to work with. He receives a call from Cris at the park who tells him that R.J. is right there meeting with his mugger. Antonio dashes off and as R.J. and Keith finish up, R.J. hears a sound. He turns around as Cris walks from behind the bushes.

Thursday, October 4, 2001

Bo and Lanie's apartment-Lindsay tells Lanie that she needs to take action to keep Bo,and makes reference to the fact that Lanie works at the hospital and it would be easy to pretend that she's dying. After Lindsay leaves, we see Lanie accessing hospital records on her computer. After a while, Bo comes home to find Lanie packing her things and begs her not to leave. Lanie tells him that things will never be the same between them, and says that the only reason that she told the lie was that they were running out of time. When Bo questions her about this, she runs out of the apartment. While she is gone, Bo notices a hospital report with a leukemia diagnosis sticking out of Lanie's bag. When Lanie returns, Bo asks her if that is what she is looking for.

Carriage house-Jess tells Seth and Natalie that she has to go up to her mom's cabin, and goes upstairs to get the keys. While she is gone, Natalie tells Seth to keep Jess out of the house for a few hours, and Seth is reluctant. He defends Jess to Natalie, saying he wants to be kept out of the plan. Natalie is angry, but at that moment, Jess comes back down. Seth then tells Jess he will go to the cabin with her. When Natalie is alone, she says that Jess had better have a nice day because it will probably be her last for a while.

Cris's apartment-Jenn is inside setting up a surprise dinner for Cris, and we then see Keith about to go inside. When someone knocks at the door, Jenn answers it and it is the super estimating the door damage. He leaves, and we then see Keith once again about to enter when his cell phone rings. It is R.J. with an urgent message to meet him in the park.Later, when Cris returns,Jenn asks him what happened and he only tells her that nothing is safe except their love, and that he doesn't think he can wait much longer to be with her. She agrees and they begin to undress each other.

Park-Cris confronts R.J. about his conversation with Keith, and R.J. denies having hired Keith to kill him. Antonio then walks up and threatens R.J., and R.J. comments on how the brothers have reconciled. Cris tries to play like they still hate each other, but R.J. isn't buying it. When R.J. walks away, Antonio chastises Cris for not following instructions and staying away from R.J. Antonio then tells him that they will have his building patrolled and round the clock protection for him. He also says they are going to catch the mugger(Keith) and make him give up R.J. After the Vegas have gone, R.J. meets Keith in the park, and tells him that the job is over and to take the money he was given and leave town. Keith tells R.J. it's not over and he's not giving up.

St. Anne's-Ben snoops in Allison's room and finds her diary, stuffing in his pants. Meanwhile, Allison learns from Rae that she will be unconditionally released tomorrow. Allison enters the room and asks "Dave" what he's doing, and he says he was looking for Allison's copy of Viki's book. They then look at pictures of houses, and Allison tells him that she is going to buy one of them and asks him to come live there with her. Ben then makes a hasty exit, saying he will see her tomorrow. Later, Allison is telling someone on the phone that she is getting out, and we then see that it is Natalie. Natalie tells Allison that this is her chance to be happy, and that they are going to take away everything important to Viki.

Viki's cabin-Seth and Jess enter and Seth is covered with mud from trying to dig out Jess's car. Jess goes to call a tow truck on her cell phone and realizes that her phone is dead and she doesn't have the charger. Since there are no phones at the cabin, Jess concludes that they will be stuck there all night.

Bo's office-Keri tells Hank she needs to talk to him about something personal, and at that moment Bo storms in. Hank asks Keri to wait outside, and asks Bo what is wrong. Bo says he thinks he was too hard on Lanie, and tells Hank he is going to go home and tell her that the wedding's on. Bo then leaves and Keri reenters. Hank is confused as to what she wants to talk to him about until she tells him she is his daughter.

Thursday, October 5, 2001

Cristian and Jen made love amid the romantic, candlelit loft. Afterwards, the two reaffirmed their love for one another and promised nothing could split them apart. Meanwhile, an unsuccessful R.J. tried to persuade Keith not to kill Cristian. Alone, Lindsay questioned R.J. after she saw that there was a cop stationed at Cristian's building. Nervous, Lindsay reiterated that she merely wanted Cristian ran out of town. R.J. assured Lindsay that Cristian would be out of their hair soon — but he left out the part about Keith going off the deep end. Cristian and Jen reveled in their afterglow as the patrolman made sure all was well in the building. After tricking the patrolman into taking off, Keith lurked outside with a gun as Cristian and Jen were about to make love again.

Natalie and Allison discussed Viki and Jessica's downfall on the phone. Ben walked in, and Natalie thought she was caught, but Ben was merely warning her about Allison. Ben confided his suspicions to Natalie that Allison posed a threat to Viki once she was released from St. Ann's. A smitten Allison called "Dave" and revealed that people would be destroyed when she got out. Natalie phoned Allison to warn her that Viki's husband Ben was on to her, but Allison wasn't concerned. She was too preoccupied with her excitement over celebrating her release with "Dave."

Bo confronted Melanie as to whether the patient on the chart who had been diagnosed with leukemia was her. Melanie evaded Bo's questions as she feigned symptoms of leukemia, and then she rushed out. Lanie met Lindsay at the park to report her success, and Lindsay gave her a bridal magazine to peruse. Lindsay went to Bo's garret, and he grilled her for information about Melanie. Lindsay "reluctantly" confirmed that Melanie had been diagnosed with leukemia and only had months to live. After Bo left to find Melanie, Lindsay phoned her sister to inform her that the ploy had worked.

Stranded at the cabin, Seth and Jessica grew closer as Jessica confided that Allison's visit frightened her. A guilt-ridden Seth told Jessica that he would protect her, as the two of them curled up to sleep in front of the fire. Thinking Jessica was asleep, Seth muttered out loud that he "can't go through with this." Meanwhile, Natalie told Ben that she was "worried" that Jessica and Seth hadn't returned yet. When Ben said that Jessica was safe with Seth because he really cared for her, Natalie became privately jealous. After Ben left, Natalie pulled out a locket of Jessica's.

Hank vehemently denied being Keri's father, until Keri uttered her entire name, which stopped Hank cold. Hank copped to knowing who Keri was, but insisted that he was not her dad. Hank urged Keri to speak with her mother, but Keri told him that her mother wouldn't give her a straight answer. Keri was crestfallen at Hank's denial, and he asked her to leave. Alone, Hank made a mysterious call asking how Keri Reynolds had figured out the truth.

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