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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 1, 2001 on GL
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Monday, October 1, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Reva is still thinking about the painting and wondering why she has such a connection to it. Marah calls to check in and Reva tells her that she is fine. Marah tells Reva she will stop by after her classes to do her laundry.

Marah comes in and talks to her mom. Reva tells her about her dreams about Sarah while she was at the bed and breakfast and how she can't shake the feelings she is having. Marah has two big laundry baskets with her. Reva takes them to another room just as Sam shows up. Reva mentions they have been spending more time together. Marah starts to tell Reva what Sam did for Josh but he stops her. Reva leaves to get some drinks and Sam tells Marah that for his safety she shouldn't tell anyone else about what he did. Marah agrees and she and Sam go out for a walk.

At Company:

Rick and Mel are talking about the rewarding experiences they had helping people in the ER the night before. They seem to be getting along great and discuss going to the movies together. They like opposite things but decide on an animation festival. They both love cartoons.

Lorelei arrives wearing a hat and sunglasses and yells out for someone to bring her a menu. Rick turns around and starts to head over to her when Ed calls and distracts him. He says he has an urgent message for Rick but when Rick answers he doesn't say anything and uses the opportunity to get Lorelei.

At the Hotel:

Ed is testing Lorelei who is eating again and not paying attention. Ed tells her she has to concentrate but she doesn't want to. She asks how much money they are talking about in Beth's estate. Ed tells her there is a lot but no specifics. Lorelei asks him to go get her some study materials: pens, papers, and tape recorder. Ed leaves and Lorelei leaves soon after, saying there isn't enough money to make her go through this.

Ed comes back and can't find Lorelei. He is frantic and goes to search for her.

When Ed comes back with Lorelei they start testing again. He tells her Rick almost caught her. She asks him again about the money and he admits that there may not be millions but if she can play the part she can get in good with Phil who has more money than God. He will give anything to Beth. Lorelei says she is in and goes back to her studies, telling Ed to get her something to eat.

At the Dorm:

Marah calls her mom. When she is through Catalina asks if Reva is all right. Marah tells her not to eavesdrop and that she should stay out of her social life. They both agree not to get involved in the others life. Catalina asks Reva to leaves so she can make a call. Marah leaves and calls Sam from outside. Sam tells Marah he enjoyed being with her last night. Catalina calls Tony, who tells her the same. Rimy comes to get both Marah and Catalina for their history class. He tells them that his dad is the teacher and he is tough.

At the University:

In the history class, Clayton comes in and introduces himself as the teacher. He tells them that they will recreate history in their own minds and asks Marah a question. Her answer appeals to Clayton who tells the class if they feel like Marah they are in the right place, otherwise they should leave. He talks about the civil war and about some of his ancestral land. He tells the students that they will need to examine their own prejudices and learn from them. Rimy asks him if they need to be mindful of the teacher's prejudices. The teacher grants that and tells Rimy to stop grandstanding. Marah wonders if Rimy's dad is always so hard on him. He tells her that he is only while he is awake.

Felicia comes in to see her hubby and asks how the first class went. He tells her it was fine. She asks about Rimy and Clayton isn't too positive. She tells him that the boy only wants his father's respect. Clayton tells her that if Rimy would ever finish what he starts he would have his respect. Felicia says he is just exploring his options in his own way. Clayton tells her that he only wants to show his son how to get there.

At Infierno:

Tony and Romeo are in the office when Sam pops in. Sam wants to know why Chavez would confess. He thinks Tony knows or had some say in what happened. Tony tells Sam that it doesn't matter; Sam is the hero in the Lewis eyes now. Tony reminds Sam that he wasn't good enough for Marah but he is so he should just go for it. He tells Sam his sister is lucky she was cleared as well. Sam takes the hint and leaves.

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

At Company:

Holly comes in with flowers looking for Buzz. She runs into Billy instead who starts his flirtation talk with her. They talk a little when Buzz comes out of the back and spots them. His jealousy gets to him and he is rude to Billy and Holly. Holly tries to get Buzz to join her and Billy but he isn't interested. He walks away. Billy tells Holly he tried to call her but she wasn't home last night. Holly tells Billy that she and Buzz went out on a date and they had a good time. Billy tells Holly that he won't be giving up on her but he will give her some space. Billy leaves. Buzz comes back over and accuses Holly of being scared to get close to others. He tells her that the day after they went out she is pushing him away by talking to Billy about going out. Holly throws the flowers at Buzz and tells him that they weren't making a lifetime commitment. Holly and Buzz argue and she finally admits that she enjoyed herself last night. Buzz kisses Holly and tells her they should fight more often.

Rick and Mel are back from the animation festival and seemed to have a good time. They talk until Mel's dad arrives. Clayton and Rick talk about Mel's ambition and how she is a good doctor. Clayton tells Rick he wants the best for his daughter. Rick starts to leave when Phil comes up. He asks if Rick knows where Harley is. Rick tells him he doesn't and they start calling around to find her. She has left her cousins house in California and they have no idea where she is. Someone from the hospital comes with a telegram for Rick. It tells him that Harley is driving back with her cousins to have the baby in Springfield. Phil and Rick still have great tension between them.

At the University:

Ross is teaching his class and ends the day by asking if Tory's friend had seen her. The boy gives Ross a note that Tory wrote to him and leaves. The note tells Ross that Tory had to drop out of law school and thanks him for his help. Ross is upset when Clayton walks in. He tells Clayton that Tory was his most promising student. Clayton tells him that things like this happen and he shouldn't let Ross down. Ross thanks him and Clayton leaves. Shortly after, Tory comes in and tells Ross that she didn't think a note was enough so she came by to thank him in person. Ross asks her why she is leaving and she tells him she doesn't have the money. She says that the insurance company is trying to circumvent their liability and not give her any money for her husband's death. She tells Ross that they are making a big deal out of her husband having one glass of champagne when the drunk who hit him was legally intoxicated. She thanks him again and runs out in tears. Ross calls after her and she returns. He tells her that there has to be another way out besides leaving school. He doesn't want her to give up. She cries on Ross' shoulder and tells him that the only one who could help her is gone.

At the Hotel:

Ed comes back in and can't find Lorelei. He has bags of junk food and thinks she has ran off. She comes out of the bath in a towel and goes through the bags of goodies. Ed is affected by her semi-nudeness and asks her to put her clothes on. She does and they start to work. Lorelei can't get any of the names right and Ed tells her they are giving up and he is putting her on a bus to Chicago. She asks for another chance and then tells Ed that she thinks they should work on Beth from the inside out. She got very close to Ed and talked seductively about how Beth felt and smelled. She goes to kiss him and it really blew Eddie away. She asked him if that was like Beth and he tells her it was. She is proud of herself and starts being loud again.

At Towers:

Michelle is at the bar when Phillip comes in. He asks if she knows where Harley is and Michelle tells him she doesn't. They talk about Zach missing his mom and Phil leaves.

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Frank and Danny meet and discuss the sting operation to trap whoever is behind Carlos' ultimatum. Danny tells Frank he is still convinced that Carmen is behind it. Danny later meets with Carlos and tells him that he has decided not to steal the money. He tells Carlos that he knows that Carmen is behind the extortion and he is calling his bluff. Carlos tells Danny that he needs to think about his family. Danny says he IS thinking about his family and that is why he won't do it. Carlos tells him that he is afraid for him. After his meeting with Danny, Carlos talks to Carmen. He tells her that Danny knows that she is behind the order and that Danny won't steal the money. Carmen says that Danny is a stupid boy and that he must learn the extent of her power. Later, outside Company, Danny talks to Michelle and tells her that the sting is off for now. He tells her that he will wait for her at Company. As he goes in, a mysterious man in a leather jacket watches him and then follows him in.

Josh and Billy have drinks and discuss women. Billy tells Josh that he has competition for Holly with Buzz. Josh tells Billy to stop playing games and tell Holly that he wants to be with her. Josh tells Billy how much he appreciates Olivia now for sticking around even when she knew that he wasn't totally committed to her. He blames Reva for making him doubt Olivia. He says now that he knows how loyal Olivia is and that he can trust her completely.

Olivia goes to Inferno to offer Tony an opportunity to invest in the San Cristobel Harbor Project. She promises him that the deal is legitimate and that it will make him very rich. Tony questions why she needs him when she has Alan Spaulding's money behind her. She tells him that Alan will soon be out of the picture. Tony wonders why Alan would walk away from such a good deal and says he doesn't want problems with Alan when he realizes that Tony is the one investing in the deal now. Olivia tells Tony that she will take care of Alan. She also tells him that he must be a silent partner because the Santos name would be bad for business. Tony is insulted, but considers the offer. Olivia meets with Alan at Company and tells him that she no longer needs his money. She tells him that she has another investor and that he won't be blackmailing her into his bed again. Alan looks amused and then tells Olivia good luck and leaves. Olivia is surprised that he gave up so easily. Later, Olivia goes to Towers to meet Josh and finds him sharing a drink with Alan.

Richard and Cassie happily discuss baby names. They decide to name the baby William after Richard's half-brother that died. Richard reminds Cassie that if his brother had lived, the monarchy in San Cristobel would still be alive. Outside the door Mrs. Mayhew tells Dax that Richard and Cassie will be devastated if Prince William (Alonzo) ever comes back. He tells her that they all must make sacrifices for the greater good. Dax then receives a phone call from Camille who is calling to check on the baby. She tells him that Alonzo is back in town but that she didn't tell him about the baby. She begs Dax never to tell Alonzo that she had his child. Dax promises her that the baby will be well taken care of and that when he grows up he will appreciate the sacrifice she made in giving him up. He hangs up and tells Mrs. Mayhew that Alonzo has returned and that it is time to "bait the hook."

Blake walks in as Ross is comforting a distraught Tory with a hug. Tory leaves and Ross explains to Blake why Tory has to drop out of law school. Blake tells Ross that they should help Tory. Ross leaves for a faculty meeting after they make plans to meet at Towers to discuss Blake's trip to LA. Tory comes back to get the book she left in Ross' classroom. She meets Blake and they begin to discuss Tory's situation. Later, Ross comes to Towers and finds Blake and Tory together. Blake tells him that she has decided to hire Tory as Ross' personal assistant. She says she needs to know that Ross is being taken care of now that she will be flying out to the coast quite often to work on the screenplay for her book. Ross thinks it is a great idea. The three of them toast to the future.

Thursday, October 4, 2001

At the Springfield Inn Edmund arrives with packages of stylish clothes to transform Lorelei into the personification of Beth. He is dumbfounded when Lorelei emerges from the bathroom wearing an exact replica of the gown worn by Beth for her and Edmund's wedding. She explains that she surfed the web and found a website all about Eddie and Beth and was able to order a knockoff gown, and watch the wedding. Lorelei displays her aptitude for Beth's speech patterns by reciting Beth's wedding vows to Edmund. Eddie just stands there stupefied.

After changing out of Beth's gown, Lorelei is wearing another "Beth" type outfit. She can remember all of the pertinent information on all of the citizens that are important to Beth with the exception of Phillip, who she refers to as "Freddy." Lorelei can't figure out why Phillip's name is such a mental block for her. Eddie leaves her to concentrate while he goes out to get her some more food for her unending appetite. Meanwhile, Phillip comes to the door at the Springfield Inn after garnering the information that Edmund is back in town from Alan. Phillip hears someone moving around in the room (Lorelei), and bangs on the door demanding that Edmund let him in, or he will knock down the door.

In San Cristobel , Cassie and Richard are getting ready for the Christening. Meanwhile, Dax instructs the driver to bring the limo for him, and tells Mrs. Mayhew that he is going to tell Alonzo about the baby, as the most important thing is to save the monarchy. Mrs. Mayhew tries unsuccessfully to talk Dax out of it, pointing out how devastating it will be to Cassie and Richard to loose another child. Dax takes off to find Alonzo anyway.

Cassie talks with Richard about how she is uncomfortable about the way the adoption was handled, as she does not know if she can trust Camille's word that the father really didn't want the baby. She does admit that she really wants the baby and thanks Richard for making her see it. A knock on the door interrupts them, and Mrs. Mayhew comes in. Richard thanks her for bringing the baby to them and asks her to be part of the ceremony. She accepts.

Meanwhile, Dax arrives at the bar, and finds out from the bartender that Alonzo had re enlisted with the Merchant Marines, since Camille dumped him. Dax is on his way out when Alonzo walks in. Dax tells Alonzo that he has news for him that will change his life.

Cassie is explaining to Tammy about her job as a role model for her two little brothers. Richard cannot understand where Dax is, and Mrs. Mayhew goes to look for him. When Dax arrives, Richard asks him to be baby William's Godfather. Dax is speechless, but eventually accepts the news and the Christening begins. Suddenly, the doors burst open and Alonzo announces that the baby is his.

Blake is having lunch at Company with Holly. She is filling Holly in on finding Ross in his classroom with his arms around Tori, and all of the circumstances surrounding that. Holly questions her about being jealous, which Blake adamantly denies. After a little more prodding by Holly, Blake finally does admit she was jealous, but has come up with a way to solve everyone's problems by offering Tori a job as Ross's legal assistant. That, she says, will give Tori her tuition, and free up Ross's time so he can spend it with Blake.

Reva comes into Company lugging a mountain of books on American Civil War Art History. Blake is fascinated with the story of the "Olivia Look alike" portrait story. Blake and Reva begin to talk about past lives, and Blake explains the circle of friends around a person won't change through past lives, and can be used to help solve problems in the current life. She suggests trying to go back through hypnosis, and agrees to hypnotize Reva at Reva's house. Reva, Holly and Blake leave and go to Reva's house to see the portrait, and get started on the hypnotism.

At Reva's house, Blake begins the hypnotism with candles, incense and meditation. Blake is really serious and into it, but Reva is struggling to stifle a laugh. Blake instructs Reva to stare into the candles, and then at the portrait and say the first thing that comes to her mind. Reva says "Spaghetti", Blake says perhaps Reva was Italian in a past life... Reva says no, that is what she is going to make Shayne for dinner. Blake then suggests word association, but Reva doesn't think that will help either. Reva apologizes to Blake and Holly. Holly thinks that Reva needs to put the portrait in the attic and forget about it... but Reva can't. She has to find out the connection it has to her. Blake and Holly leave.

Reva returns to the living room and continues to stare at the portrait. As she leans over to pick up something from the floor she notices something in the portrait that she had not seen before. She goes upstairs.

Reva returns with her locket that was a gift from her mother Sarah, that Sarah said was bought new, and not an antique. Funny thing, it is an exact duplicate of the locket in the portrait with Olivia. Reva reaches out to the portrait to touch the locket and her hand goes through the portrait.

When Olivia enters Towers to meet Josh for dinner, she sees that Alan had beaten her to it. She flashes back to her night of passion with Alan. Alan tells Olivia he was updating Josh on his and Olivia's relationship. She is momentarily panicked. Alan continues to tell Josh about Olivia getting private investors for the Harbor Project, and that he is now a minor player. When Josh answers his cell phone, Alan tells Olivia that she may not need him for the money, but she will be back in his bed.

As Josh returns, she overhears Olivia telling Alan that he doesn't know what she wants, and Josh questions the statement. Alan covers by saying that Olivia wants what they all want... for the Harbor Project to proceed. Alan continues by praising all aspects of Olivia as a businesswoman, making Olivia extremely uncomfortable.

Josh questions why Olivia wanted to cut ties with Alan.. and who the new investors are. She pussyfoots around the questions by saying that the new investors wish to remain anonymous. Josh says that since he owns the company that he would really like to know. As Josh keeps pushing the subject, Olivia gives him very vague answers about the investors being from a web company that was going down, being from the west coast, and not being completely organized as a group yet... this seems to satisfy Josh, for the time being.

At another table, Alan peruses the documents he pilfered from Olivia's brief case earlier. The papers do not reveal the names of the investors, but Alan calls someone to research it. They can't come up with the answers, yet, but Alan swears he will find out who the investors are.

Back at Company, Michelle comes in to meet Danny. She has several bags with her, one containing a sexy negligee. After some small talk, Danny explains to Michelle that Carmen is free, and that she is the one who orchestrated the set up against Danny. That is why he is not going to steal the money from Spaulding. He surmises that this is the deal that Carmen made with the Feds to get her "Get out of Jail Free" card. Upon hearing that Carmen is free, Michelle starts to worry about Robbie. She gets up to go outside to call Meta to check on him, but runs into a suspicious looking guy in a black leather jacket. Upon returning to the table, she points the guy out to Danny. Danny thinks she is being paranoid.

Michelle tells Danny that while she was on the phone, she called Carmen and requested that Carmen meet them at Company. Danny isn't very happy, but the suspicious guy in the leather jacket appears to be. Michelle explains to Danny that she thinks if she pushes Carmen hard enough, that Carmen will slip and expose herself. Michelle gets up and goes outside to await Carmen's arrival, and the suspicious guy in the leather coat fingers the holster on his gun.

Carmen arrives at Company. Danny comes out after Michelle, but is pushed aside by the suspicious guy in the leather jacket who is pointing the gun in the direction of Carmen and Michelle. He exclaims, "This is for Johnny Marchado!"

Friday, October 5, 2001

Reva can't believe it when she tries to touch the painting and her hand seems to pass into it. She calms herself and then reaches out again and feels the canvas this time. Reva runs to Blake and Felicia about her obsession with the painting and decides to ship it back to the inn. Alonzo's arrival at the palace stops the christening as he announces that William is his baby. Richard and Dax assure him the adoption is legal while Cassie asks Alonzo what he intends to do. After seeing his son, Alonzo agrees to let the adoption stand. Edmund arrives in time to prevent Phillip from finding Lorelei in his motel room. Phillip warns Edmund that if he stays in town, he will make him pay for what happened to Beth. Later, Phillip's knocked out after breaking into the motel room. Harley returns to Springfield and suffers a bizarre nightmare about Gus being the father of her new baby. Danny chases off the gunman outside of Company and is relieved that Michelle is fine. Carmen announces that she is bleeding. While Carmen's wound is treated, the police nab the gunman and Danny recognizes him as one of Machado's henchmen. Gus arrives and offers to accompany Carmen to the hospital. Thinking about "the hit," Danny begins to think that Carmen is not behind the Spaulding extortion threat. Meanwhile, Carmen warns Gus that she'll make Machado pay for betraying her.

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