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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 24, 2001 on GL
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Monday, September 24, 2001

At the Springfield University Dorm:

Josh and Olivia are helping Marah move in to her new digs. Josh is upset that his daughter is growing up but Marah is excited about the change. Josh is glad that the mess with Vreeland isn't putting a dark cloud over Marah's festivities. Marah tells him that he was innocent and that is why the Harbor Project mess is over with. Marah sends Olivia to get a registration form while she goes to get the last of her things from the car. Josh starts unpacking Marah's things when a guy dressed only in a towel comes in and hands him a paper inviting Marah to a kegger that evening. Josh is shocked at the naked teen that tells Josh the coed dorms are the best. Marah comes back to find Josh talking to Remy. The boy tells Josh he is on the orientation committee and there to help Marah. Marah introduces them and Josh tells her he doesn't appreciate the naked boys coming in there. Marah thinks its funny but Josh tells her it isn't. Olivia comes back with the forms and she and Josh wish Marah well and leave. Marah and Remy talk about her CD's and his athletic pursuits but he insists he is really interested in the arts; singing and acting but does the football thing for his dad. Remy takes Marah to register. When they get back, Marah's things are moved and she is excited that her roommate has arrived. Remy leaves and Marah goes to put things in the closet when her roommate walks in, it is Catalina.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie apologizes to Richard for overreacting to the adoption idea. He asks if she has reconsidered but she tells him she hasn't, she was just upset that she upset him. He tells her that he was just sad and wants whatever she wants. She tells him that she just can't handle someone else's child right now. He hugs her and they go to breakfast.

Dax and Mrs. Mayhew come into the garden and talk about giving Cassie that extra nudge so she will want to adopt the true heir. Camille comes in with the baby and they go over the plan. Mrs. Mayhew tells her to trust them and do what they say.

Cassie comes back into the garden and sees the baby lying on the table rock. She goes to him and picks him up asking about his mom. She comforts the baby while she looks around. Camille comes in and is short with Cassie. Cassie tries to tell her that something can happen to a baby in minutes and she shouldn't leave him unattended. Camille tries her best to make Cassie see her as unfit and insults Cassie over and over. She acts impatient and Cassie asks if she knows how to take care of her baby. Camille thinks Cassie has a nerve to tell her what to do with her own kid. She doesn't know what it is like to be a single mother. Cassie tells her she was a single mother of two but always but her children's needs first. Dax interrupts them and apologizes to Cassie. Richard comes in and Cassie tells them both that Camille is not fit to care for her child. Richard tells Dax to take Camille to the sitting room. Cassie tells Richard she knows he wants to help the girl but she treated the baby badly and Cassie doesn't trust her to raise the baby. She wants to know what will happen to the boy. She tells Richard that he is the same age as their baby would be and whatever else may happen the baby should be thought of first.

In Chicago:

Ed is singing when and tells him it is safe to return to Springfield. Soon after Lorelei comes in and asks Ed to tell her about Beth. He shows her the newspaper with his picture as Prince Edmund and tells her their story. He tells her that he and Beth were supposed to rule San Cristobel together but now she is gone. Lorelei tells him how she wished she was a Princess and Ed gets an idea. He tells her with a little hair dye and voice lessons they can both have what they want. She can become a princess and he can become rich again. Lorelei tells Ed he is nuts and leaves. Ed goes back to playing the piano until the woman reappears and tells Ed he has a new partner.

At Infierno:

Rick comes in for a cup of coffee and has to wait because Mel got the last cup. He goes over to her and tells her that she has been right under his foot for the past few weeks. They discuss a patient and Rick tells her that she must learn the pecking order at the hospital. They have a friendly argument and learn that they both wanted to order the same tests for a patient. Rick apologizes for overreacting and Mel tells him that she was overreacting as well. She thought that he wouldn't be as protective over a maternity case as she was because he was a man. He tells her that maternity cases are very special to him and very personal. He tells her his history with children and about Harley but asks her not to spread it around. He tells her how excited he is about his son that will be born any day now. He leaves and Mel thinks that Rick may not be the jerk she thought he was.

At the Inn:

Holly shows up and surprises Reva. She tells Reva about Buzz showing up in Chicago and the two of them laughing at Eddie the lounge lizard. Holly tells her that it was nice for Buzz to show up and she thinks she had been hiding from men and that part of her life. She wonders if Reva came to that remote inn for the same reasons. Reva tells her that everyone needs to take a break from time to time and she isn't hiding. She admits that Josh told her to butt out of his life. Holly wonders if Reva is upset that he is still with Olivia but she denies it. Reva says she realizes she doesn't have to be there at the inn anymore and starts packing to leave. She tells Holly that disappearing is not the way she solves things. It is time to go home and face her problems head on. Holly says she will follow Reva's lead. Reva tells Holly about the painting and they take it down off the wall. Reva wants to take some time and figure out why she is so drawn to it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

At the University Dorm:

Marah and Catalina learn that they are new roommates and right away start arguing. The arguing turn to Tony and Marah tells Catalina tells Marah that she and Tony are friends and Marah hates her for it. Catalina tells her that she was wrong for the way she strings people alone and use them. Marah wants to go to student housing and ask for another roommate. Remy comes in and introduces himself to Catalina. They tell him they want to change roommates and he tells her his history with roommates and how it is better just to leave things as they are. Remy talks to Catalina about her freshman bio and seems to be very interested in all that she has to say. He mentions the party to Marah and asks Catalina to come. Marah tells him that isn't Catalina's scene, which makes Catalina all that more interested in it. Sam comes in and learns about the roommate situation. He is glad to see "Cat" and hugs her. Remy leaves. Marah tells Sam about the party and asks him to be her date. Sam is shocked and tells Catalina that she is his witness; he is now officially dating Marah Lewis. Tony comes in and tells him congratulations. Tony walks by Marah and Sam to see Catalina, who tells him about the living arrangements. Marah and Sam leave. In the hallway Marah tells Sam that Catalina probably invited Tony over to make her jealous. Sam tells Marah she was doing the same thing asking him out to the party. Marah tells Sam that it was more than that. She really likes him; he is sexy and dependable as well as a good friend. She kisses Sam. Inside the room, Catalina asks Tony to go to the party with her. He doesn't want to and tells Catalina that she will be the life of the party and will soon be running the school. She asks him again and he agrees to help her out. She hugs him just as Sam and Marah come back in the room. Catalina tells Marah and Sam that she and Tony will be at the party as well. Sam tells them it will be great and Marah mentions to him that she will give him more that the party to be happy about. Tony isn't amused.

In Chicago:

Edmund and Lorelei talk over the plan. She cant wait to tell her mom and he tells her for this to work she can never tell anyone. She tells him that the deal is off. He tells her that it is illegal to impersonate another person and she should think of the money they will get. She is angry and starts to leave. Edmund tells her that he misjudged her and she probably could never pull it off anyway. Feeling challenged Lorelei says she will do it and wants some more details. He tells her a little about Beth but decides they should go to Springfield so she can see what he is talking about. Lorelei wants 30% of the take and then a very public divorce. He tells her he doesn't want to divorce Beth but finally relents. Lorelei finishes by telling Edmund that she will play his wife but she will not be his wife. No sex in the deal. Edmund tells her that is fine with him. He goes to get them some traveling money and tells her he will meet back up with her.

When Edmund gets back he finds Lorelei playing poker with two men. She has cleaned them out and has a hand full of cash. She and Edmund leave for Springfield.

At Company:

Michelle and Danny are having breakfast when he gets a call. He checks his caller ID and doesn't answer it. Michelle wonders why and he lies and tells her it was a wrong number. She is suspicious but lets it go. Danny leaves for the office and forgets his phone. Michelle picks it up and goes after him.

Ross is doing paper work when Tory, the student comes in and sits with him. She apologizes again for the way she acted during their first meeting and tells him that he was perfectly justified in thinking she was divorced instead of a young widow. She tells Ross that a drunk driver that got off of the charges killed her husband. Stu was on his way to becoming a brilliant lawyer and she has decided to pick up the pieces and go ahead with his dream. She tells Ross that she was so particular about him as a teacher because she didn't want to waste her time with a class that she wasn't going to learn from. She thinks they both can get benefits from the class. Ross agrees.

At Infierno:

Bernardo leaves a message for Danny to get back to him with 12 hours. After he hangs up he tells Carmen that Danny doesn't know she is pulling the strings on the deal. Carmen tells him that Danny will go for it, she knows her son. Bernardo tells her that her son has changed and she should also be thinking about her grandson. Carmen tells him she knows what she is doing. Tony comes in and greets Carmen. Carmen tells Tony that he doesn't know her very well and she thinks they should do something to change that.

At Spaulding:

Danny goes to his computer and in moments has access to Alan's personal accounts. Phillip comes in and asks him what he is up to. Danny tells him he is doing his job. Phillip thinks Alan's personal accounts are off limits. Danny tells Phillip if he has a problem to take it up with Alan. Phillip tells Danny not to underestimate Alan or he will regret it. He asks Danny to go down to personnel for some security questions.

When Danny gets back in his office he finds Michelle there bringing him his phone. She tells him that she listened to his messages and she wants to know why Bernardo has called him. He tries to lie at first but she wants the truth and tells Danny that they have to be honest to be in a marriage. Danny turns on a scrambler and whispers to Michelle that the other families want him back and he doesn't know any way out.

Phillip goes to Alan with his concerns about Danny. Alan tells Phillip that he is right about Danny and Phillip doesn't want to admit it. Phillip recognizes Alan has had a spring in his steps lately and asks him how Olivia is. Phillip tells him that the company of a good woman is just what he needed and Phillip could benefit from it as well. Phillip tells him that he has enough to do with the children. He is just glad that Edmund is out of the picture and can no longer hurt Beth.

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

At Company:

Outside, Lorelei is about to rush into Company to get some chili she has smelled but Ed stops her. He tells her that people in Company knew Beth and she just couldn't run in there. She puts on a pair of glasses and tells Ed no one will recognize her. She goes in with Ed following.

Buzz watches Ed and his new friend walk to the back of the room and take a booth. He teases Ed calling him "Eddie Ivories." Ed tells Buzz that he is having a private business discussion and not to disturb them. Sam comes over with menus and says a few teasing words to Ed. Lorelei likes Sam and talks to him a bit but Sam doesn't place her face. Sam leaves and Ed orders Lorelei some food. Ross and Tory the student walk in and Ed tells Lorelei not to look that direction. Ross tells Tory he must be seeing things. Sam brings the food over and talks to Lorelei again. Ed tells him to box the food to go. After Sam leaves, Ed tells Lorelei that they will start her Beth lessons right away. He wants to get her alone to immerse her in Beth's history and style.

Ross talks to Tory about their fieldtrip to court. She was impressed with Ross and his technique. He talks about Ross spilling apple juice on her and about his family van. He thinks he should get a new car.

Sam and Buzz talk about Holly and the trip. Buzz tells Sam that he is taking Holly out to Tower's. Buzz goes outside wearing a suit and meets Holly. She is dressed very casual and wonders why Buzz is dressed up. He tells her he is taking her to towers. She doesn't think she is dressed appropriately but Buzz is sure Holly will be the best-looking one there. They leave.

In San Cristobel:

Richard finds Cassie in the garden and asks her about the festivities at the Children's Museum. She is a little depressed about seeing all the kids with their parents. Richard tells her he knows how she feels and she doesn't have to put up a front for him. Cassie goes to take a nap.

Dax and Mrs. Mayhew are watching and talking about what to do with Richard or Cassie. Dax tells Mrs. Mayhew that she will have to give Richard a push. The monarchy depends on it. Mrs. Mayhew approaches Richard and tells him that he seems troubled. She thinks that Richard is upset about not being able to change Cassie's mind concerning the baby. She tells him that he may not know what is best for his wife and he should be a little more forceful. She is sure that Cassie needs this baby and he shouldn't let this opportunity slip by.

Cassie comes back out and hugs Richard. He tells her that he did what he could for Camille and she is heading back to the states. Cassie asks about the baby and Richard tells her that the baby will have to go with Camille unless she, Cassie, can think of something else to do with him.

At Spaulding Enterprises:

Danny tells Michelle all about the 25 million that the families are wanting. He is upset and tells Michelle that they will never be free. Michelle tells Danny if they only knew who was behind the extortion they could plan better. Danny tells her that he only has 12 hours left. Michelle tells him they have no choice; he should call Bernardo and tell him that he will do it.

At Infierno:

Gus comes in and Carmen takes him into Danny's office. She tells him that Tony is away so they have some time. Carmen talks about the set up for Danny. They get him to take money from Spaulding and Gus puts him away. Gus wonders why Carmen doesn't mind setting her son up. She tells him that she is only interested in her grandson now. Gus thinks they should try to get Michelle involved too, so they can put them both away. Carmen tells Gus that Michelle is too goody-goody and won't go for it.

Blake and Ross meet up and he gives her a big kiss. She tells him about a red Porsche she saw in the parking lot and calls it a "middle-age crisis" vehicle. Ross tells her it is his and she tells him that she likes it. They go to take it for a ride.

At the Hotel:

Ed is quizzing Lorelei on Beth. Lorelei has bleached her hair out and looks like Beth. Ed is dumbstruck and speechless. He quizzes her some more but can't take his eyes off her. She tells Ed she doesn't know if she will be able to do the lovey-dovey marriage stuff. She lies down on the bed and asks where Eddie is going to sleep. He points to the bed and she tells him that he can sleep there with her but no touching. Ed stares at her and starts to touch her hair. Lorelei tells him to get his hand away from her before she breaks it.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

At Company:

Michelle and Danny are taking about Carlos and the 25 million. Frank comes in to meet them and they tell him that Danny is going to have to take the cash from Spaulding and they need his help. They discuss the plan and Frank tells them he will talk it over with his boss. Michelle and Danny think it may be best to keep it between the three of them. Frank is reluctant but finally agrees. Danny tells him it is the only way they will be able to flush out the person behind the blackmail. Frank leaves and Danny tells Michelle that she and Robbie need to leave town. Michelle tells him that he isn't going to shut her out. Danny tells her that he knows better than that and just wants her to go to NY to pick up a few pieces of high tech equipment he will need. Michelle kisses Danny and goes home to check on the baby. Danny thinks to himself a moment and knows who is behind the whole mess.

Carmen comes in to meet with Danny. He tells her that he knows she is behind the extortion deal and asks her what she has on Carlos to make him do her bidding for her.

Josh and Olivia are kissing and talking about Marah and her new digs. Josh apologizes to Olivia about doubting her and tells her he will make it up to her. They kiss again just as Olivia's pager goes off. It is Alan. Olivia goes outside to call him and Alan tells her to come see him at Infierno right away. Olivia reluctantly agrees to be there. She goes in and makes up a story and leaves.

At the University:

The kids are drinking and Marah is making rude comments to Catalina. Remy and Catalina go off to talk as Sam comes in and greets them. He hugs Marah and they dance. Tony comes in and Catalina runs to him and asks him to dance. Later, Tony and Sam have a few words while a couple of dorm guys are whispering about Tony being, "Mr. Soprano." One of the guys is really drunk and approaches Catalina. He touches her arm and Tony throws him up against the wall. He whispers something to the guy while the guy's friend tries to explain that the boy just had too much to drink. Tony tells Catalina he has to go and he leaves. Catalina follows. Sam and Marah go back to her room for a break. She is a little drunk and tells Sam how great she is. He mentions Tony and she hasn't a clue what he is talking about. He is impressed that her mind isn't still stuck on Tony. Marah tells Sam that she was a fool to waste time on her silly crush with Tony when Sam was there all along. She is glad he didn't give up on her. Sam kisses Marah.

In San Cristobel:

Richard tells Cassie the baby needs a good home but he doesn't know what to do. She asks him if he has been manipulating her and trying to trick her into adopting the baby. Richard admits that he was. Cassie is angry and demands to know how Richard could do something like that to her. Richard apologizes but tells Cassie that the baby came out of nowhere and he didn't have time to wait on her to come around. He thinks they can be happy if she would just choose to be. Cassie walks off in tears. Mrs. Mayhew and Dax come in with Camille and Richard tells them they will not be able to adopt the baby. Richard tells Dax to get the girl out of there and on a place back to the states. They start to leave as Cassie comes back in and tells them to wait. She holds the baby and tells them that she thinks the baby knows where he belongs after all.

At the Lewis House:

Reva shows Shayne her new painting. He tells her it is really dirty. Claire calls and asks Reva to come to Infierno for a big story. Reva unenthusiastically leaves as she tells Shayne to look for a place to hang her picture.

Shayne is looking for a place to hang the picture and talking on the phone. His friend tells him that he should clean it with nail polish remover. Shayne tries it and the paint starts to rub off. He gets off the phone and tries to get the chemical off the painting. When Reva returns he apologizes and shows her what happened. She tells him the damage is done and sends him to look up how to clean oil paintings on the web. Reva looks at the picture that is hiding under the picture and starts feverishly rubbing at the painting. She sees something underneath that shocks her.

At Infierno:

Reva comes in and Claire shows her Alan and Olivia having a drink. She tells Reva they are up to something and she thought Reva could help her figure it out. Reva tells her that she has to stay out of Olivia and Josh's life.

Catalina comes in and tells Tony that she didn't want to be at the party without him. He apologizes for his actions but Catalina tells him that she isn't ashamed of him and never will be. He tells her that she was beautiful and in her element at the school and he will never fit in. Catalina tells him that she only wanted to be with him, not those school people. Tony touches her cheek and tells her that she is always there for him. He asks if she will always be and she tells him she would. Tony kisses her.

Friday, September 28, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Reva finishes removing the top layer of paint on the portrait and finds a picture of Olivia, or at least a woman who looks like Olivia, wearing an old renaissance dress. Reva calls Holly for a reality check and she comes over. She tells Reva that it may be a coincidence but she somehow doubts it. She tells Reva that she was out with Buzz and she thinks she is going to give the relationship a chance. Holly leaves and Reva covers the painting and goes to take a nap on the sofa. While she is asleep she dreams that the woman in the painting steps out and puts a gardenia on Reva. Reva wakes up and smells the fragrance of gardenia blossoms but sees nothing.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie wants to adopt the baby but tells Camille that she and her husband will have to be involved. The girl tells Cassie that she has to leave and she has to leave right away. Dax tells Richard he can cut through the red tape since he is president. Richard talks to Cassie and they agree it is the best thing for everyone. They take the baby and Camille leaves. Richard and Cassie hold their new baby and are happy. Dax and Mrs. Mayhew watch and are glad that they are happy but hate that to restore the monarchy they will have to hurt Cassie and Richard in the process.

Alonzo asks the bartender about his wife. He tells him that he missed her and that thinking back, their wedding night was the best night of his life. He was away at sea and felt that he was missing a part of him. Now he is back and ready to claim what is his. Camille comes in and thanks the barkeep for helping her the past year and tells him that she is going home. She is glad to be leaving and hopes that the man won't tell Alonzo about the baby if he ever comes back. The bartender tells her that Alonzo is back and Alonzo greets his wife. She tells him that she has to go and tries to leave. He tells her that he just got back and it isn't fair for her to just leave without saying goodbye. He grabs her as she is leaving and gives her a big kiss. She tells him she can't; she has to go home. She runs out of the bar.

At Company:

Danny tells Carmen that he knows she is behind this. Carmen tells him that she is in trouble with the law and would never do anything to mess up her chances. Danny thinks she wants revenge on him for choosing Michelle over her. Frank comes in and tells Carmen that she is a free woman and removes her tracking devise. Danny can't believe it and asks Frank what is going on. He tells him that he doesn't know yet. Carmen tells Danny that she is free because of God. She tells him about her work with Ray and how she prayed for another chance. He doesn't buy it. He thinks she offered him up to the prosecution.

Holly and Buzz are dancing outside company. They are having a good time and kiss. Reva calls and Holly has to leave. Buzz tells Holly he had a great time and she leaves. Buzz sits on a bench and thinks about his night with Holly. Sam comes up and asks him if he has ever broken the rules for love. Buzz tells him of course. Sam feels terrible for not being totally honest with Marah. Buzz tells him that love is the most terrifying thing on the planet. It might not be the right thing to do but rather the right person to be with.

Frank gets off the phone and tells Danny that Johnny Machado and his group were busted with a mystery witness. Carmen denies that she is the witness and tells them that she has a lot to live for and she is going to go enjoy her new found freedom. After she leaves, Danny says he thought Carmen sold him out but he doesn't know what to think now. He thinks the Machado bust is a smokescreen and that Johnny probably owes Carmen a favor. Carmen of course will have amnesia when it comes to the trial. Frank tells Danny they will go ahead with their original plan.

Outside Company, Carmen makes a call and tells someone that she thinks Danny has fallen for her plan.

At the University:

Sam and Marah are kissing. Sam keeps seeing himself telling him that he is bad for not being honest about clearing Josh. Sam ignores it and continues to kiss Marah. Things heat up and he starts to pull up her shirt. Marah tells him she wants to go slow and make things right. They kiss some more. Sam tells her that he doesn't want her to feel she owes him anything but Marah tells him she does owe him.

After Sam leaves and Marah gets in the bed, Catalina returns to the dorm room. Marah is happy and asks Catalina how her night went. Catalina tells her it was fine. Tony calls and Marah answers the phone. She hands it to Catalina and listens as Catalina tells Tony how special he made her feel.

At Infierno:

Tony and Catalina kiss. He apologizes and tells her that he doesn't want to mess things up between the two of them. Catalina tells him that they should see where this would go but whatever happens he will still be her friend, her best friend. They kiss again just as Maria comes in. She tells them that they have her blessing even if they don't want it. Tony gets a call and leaves. Catalina starts to head back to the dorm but Maria stops her and tells her she likes her style. Catalina tells her that she will not manipulate Tony; he is free to see whomever he wants. Catalina leaves

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