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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on GL
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Monday, September 17, 2001

In San Cristobel on election day, Richard takes Dax into his confidence and reveals that Cassie cannot have anymore children. After admitting that Cassie would never consider adoption, Richard leaves, giving Dax a chance to ask Mrs. Mayhew what she intends to do with her secret. He pushes her to talk with Richard in hopes that he'll change his mind about convincing Cassie to adopt. Reva turns to Holly for advice about clearing Josh's name and then decides to leave town for awhile. Sam boasts to Tony that he has the original photo disk that will clear Josh and quickly win him Marah's heart. Tony quickly calls a meeting with Carlos and announces that they must straighten this out even if it means "giving up one of their own." Sam runs to Olivia with his good news and is taken aback to find his sister shaken. She finally confesses that she bribed Vreeland, not Josh, and it's her with Vreeland on the photo disk. With tears in her eyes, a frantic Olivia pleads with him to destroy the disk. He tosses it into a dumpster outside Company unaware that Romeo has followed him and retrieved the disk. A desperate Edmund convinces a bar manager at a Chicago hotel to hire him to play the piano in the lounge. "Eddie Ivories" take his seat and starts playing for tips.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Sporting a shiner, Shayne finally admits to His father and Olivia that he punched a guy in the face after he make a remark about Josh. When Romeo reveals he's got his hot little hands on the photo disk, Tony guesses that Sam changed his mind about saving Josh in order to protect his sister. Tony advises Romeo that while he's going to save Josh's neck, he doesn't want Marah to know that he was behind the clearing of her father's name. He then doctors the photo, replacing Olivia's picture with Felix Finger's, one Carlos's mobsters. Thanks to Maria, Catalina is thrilled to learn that she's ben accepted into Springfield U. Marah's upset when she watches Tony congratulate Catalina with a hug. Admitting to Blake that he wishes he had never agreed to this, Ross nervously begins his first day lecturing at Springfield University and struggles to gain the respect of the students. By the end of class, he feels more relaxed in the classroom. Claire stops by to see Danny in his new office and complains that she lost her standing at the mansion in the attempt to get him the job. Alan interrupts and points out that he earned the job in spite of Claire. Phillip's upset later when Alan decides to side with Danny instead of him about the encryption upgrade. Claire's jealous to see Alan with Olivia and decides to hire Gus to follow her rival. While advising Sam about his trouble with women, Buzz decides to follow Holly to Chicago. Michelle agrees to let Claire throw a baby shower for her.

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

At the University:

After all the other students have left, Ms. Granger, the co-ed, is talking to Ross and bragging on his skill as a lawyer and his prolific career. Ross tells her that he started teaching there because his wife that he was in a rut. He asks her why she became a lawyer and she goes on to tell him about her husband going to law school. When Ross asks the status of her marriage Ms. Granger breaks down and tells him that her husband past on. She runs out of the room just as Blake arrives. Ross tells her how well he did and brags on himself. Blake is pleased and asks him to go out to dinner with her. They start to head out when Ms. Granger comes back and apologizes to Ross for being emotional.

At Infierno:

Romeo tells Tony he should have told Marah how he was helping her dad. He should go and collect his reward from her. Tony tells him that he cleared Josh for business purposes only. Romeo doesn't buy it. Tony tells him that whenever he does something good and right, Marah goes further away from him. Tony goes into his office. Reva comes in and gets a glass of wine and calls Richard. She tells him to take care of Cassie while she is out of town. She has to get away from everything.

Romeo tells Tony he saved a copy of the original photo just in case Tony needs it. Tony puts it in the shredder and then breaks the disk with the original picture on it. Tony tells him they don't need it and leaves. Romeo pulls out a second copy and says to himself that the truth comes in handy sometimes and he has to watch Tony's back. The press conference comes on the television and Romeo goes out into the bar with Tony. He sees Marah kiss Sam in the background and tells Tony that it appears Sam is reaping the benefits of all Tony's hard work. Tony tells Romeo things are just as he wanted them.

Carlos calls Tony and tells him that things went as they planned. Tony tells him they did what they had to do and hangs up. Tony looks sad.

At Company:

Josh, Olivia, Marah and Shayne are about to have dinner at Company. The press will be there shortly for a press conference and they want to put forth a united front. Sam comes in but doesn't come over. Olivia goes over to him and they go outside to talk. She apologizes for putting him in the middle of this but he is angry. He wanted to help Marah and her dad but he couldn't because he had to protect his sister. He wonders if she can truly love Josh and betray him like this. She tells him that she would confess if it would help but she has to try to save her marriage. Sam just wants her to get them both out of this mess. They go back in and Sam goes to the bar. Marah goes to talk to him and asks him to join them and he finally agrees to. At the table, Sam, Shayne and Marah talk about school starting. Alan comes in and asks to speak to Olivia. At the bar, Alan tells her that he knows Sam broke in his house and he was thinking of calling the cops. Olivia tells Alan that she is responsible and was just covering her bases. She goes back to the table and leaves Alan, angry.

Gus asks Frank about Harley and sends his regards. He watches the interaction between Alan and Olivia and gets on the phone with Claire and tells her he thinks he has something for her. Claire heads to Company. Claire shows up and asks Gus what Olivia is up to. He tells her about the communication between Alan and Olivia and tells her he is on the job. Claire tells him to get busy.

The press comes in and asks for Josh's reaction. He starts to tell him that he isn't guilty but they stop him and tell him that "Fingers" Chavez came forward and admitted he was the one in the photo laundering money with Vreeland and all the charges have been dropped against Josh. Everyone is shocked and happy. Olivia, Sam and Alan can't believe it. Olivia asks Sam if he did it but he tells him he didn't. He thinks back and realizes Tony must have been responsible. Marah comes over and hugs Sam asking him how he did it. Sam tries to tell her the truth but finally relents and tells her that they have to keep his involvement between them because those mobsters could threaten his life. Alan is watching and getting angrier by the minute. Marah kisses Sam.

Alan leaves, passing Reva on her way in and lets her know that Josh has been exonerated. Reva can't believe it and wonders how the mobster got in the photo. She goes in and Marah tells her the great news. Reva tells the kids she is going out of town but will be back. Olivia tells Reva that they will all help out with the kids and be a big happy family. Reva reluctantly thanks her. Reva leaves but watches through the window as Josh and Olivia stand side by side in front of the media.

In San Cristobel:

Dax tells Mrs. Mayhew to talk to Richard about adopting the baby. She says she will try. Mrs. Mayhew tells Richard about a young girl, Camille, who married a fisherman on a lark and ended up learning she was pregnant after he left. The man went off to sea and joined the merchant marine. She had the child and now can't support him. She wants to return to the states but her parents won't accept the child and the father doesn't know about the baby. Mrs. Mayhew apologizes for being so forward but suggests Richard and Cassie adopt the baby. Richard says he confided in her about Cassie's infertility and that she doesn't want to adopt. Mrs. Mayhew says Cassie may change her mind. Richard says Mrs. Mayhew thinks that this child came just at the right moment to heal his wife's broken heart but he is afraid it will only prove to her that she is inadequate. Mrs. Mayhew apologizes and leaves. Later, Richard called for Dax. He tells Dax about the young woman and that he can't stop thinking about her. He thinks he should help the girl and asks Dax to get Mrs. Mayhew to set up a meeting at the palace. He tells Dax he hopes he is doing the right thing. Dax tells him he is sure he is.

Thursday, September 20, 2001

At an Inn:

Reva is looking around at antiques that adorn the room and speaking to the owner. The owner tells her that all of the things are available for the right price. Reva looks at a painting and finds it interesting. She thinks it has an aura to it. She tells the innkeeper how her mother have the gift of 'seeing things' and used it to help others even though she could never help herself. The innkeeper says the 6th sense is inherited and asks Reva if she ever had visions. Reva tells her that she has always had a strong connection with her children and ex-husband. She tells the woman about her rocky life with her kids and men and doesn't think that is an indication of her having the gift. The innkeeper isn't fazed and tells Reva she may just need more time to develop it. She tells Reva to enjoy her stay and she is there if she would like to talk. Reva goes to take a nap as she stares back at the painting. She wakes up thinking someone is with her, the curtains move and Reva calls out to her mom.

In Chicago:

Buzz catches up with Holly and tells her that he is there to rescue her. She tells him that she wouldn't mind his company but he shouldn't get any romantic ideas. They have a seat as the pianist starts to play. They look over and notice that it is Edmund on the piano. They laugh as he plays his lounge act and Buzz goes over to taunt him. Holly and Buzz sit at the bar and pick on Edmund as he plays. They look over and see Richard on television talking about the future of San Cristobel. Ed is furious at Holly and Buzz and hates seeing Richard in control.

Ed leaves the bar and makes it to the river. He walks over the bridge talking to himself and to Beth. A woman comments on his sad state and tells him to go ahead and jump if he wants to. Edmund looks over and sees a dark haired woman who looks like Beth.

In San Cristobel:

Richard and Tammy are talking in the garden. He asks her if she would like a new sibling. She wonders if her mom is pregnant but Richard tells her she isn't. Tammy thinks that would make Cassie very happy. Dax tells Mrs. Mayhew that Richard is considering the adoption, he can tell. She tells Dax that Richard wants a democracy anyway. Dax tells her that is only because of Edmund, if another heir was to come forth Richard would feel different and he could act as Regent for the baby if Alonzo doesn't want to rule. No one must know that Alonzo is the true prince until after the baby is adopted. Dax tells Mrs. Mayhew he will take care of the adoption business himself and Cassie will do what Richard wants. Dax interrupts Richard who is showing the stars to Tammy. Mrs. Mayhew comes in with Camille and the baby. Camille tells Richard she trusts him more than anyone on the island and would have voted for him if she were a citizen. She loved SC and thought she loved Alonzo but in reality she only knew him 5 days when she married him. She would still do anything for him but she is not cut out to be a fisherman's wife. She wants to get back to the states but she told her parents she was a nanny and she cannot take the baby with her. She admits that she isn't the mother type. Richard says she has a large problem. Camille says her son deserves so much more than she can give. He deserves to be loved. Richard says yes. He stares at the baby and cannot seem to stop looking at him. Camille continues to talk and starts to cry. Richard hands the baby back to her and tells her that she needs to try to care for the baby. He tells her she has to contact Alonzo and tell him about the baby as well as dissolve their union. Richard is sure she can leave the baby with social services until Alonzo decides if he wants the baby. Richard offers to buy her a ticket to the States after she does all of this. He tells Mrs. Mayhew to take Camille and the baby home. Dax tells Richard he just let his wife's happiness walk out of the garden. He saw Richard with the baby and knows he felt something. Richard tells him that he just had a normal reaction to the baby. Dax says the baby resembles him. It would be a godsend for Cassie to hold a baby that resembles the one she lost. Richard should let her hold the baby and look into the eyes that look like his. Dax is sure that Camille would be happier if they adopted him. Cassie comes in and hugs Richard. She was thinking about the election and the fact that no matter how many children visit the museum, their child will never see it. Cassie buries her face in his shoulder. Richard tells her there is something they should discuss. He tells her that he has been watching how she is coping with the loss of their son. She feels terrible that they cant have a baby. Richard starts to tell her more when the press comes in and tells Richard that he won the presidency. Everyone is happy and Richard and Cassie ask for a moment alone and leave. Cassie is happy that Richard has the sparkle back in his eyes. Richard just wishes Cassie did as well. Cassie tells him she can be happy without having another child and hugs him.

At Infierno:

Danny comes in to see Tony. He talks about his new job and how great things are going. Danny loves the respect that comes along with his new life and feels powerful. Danny is really happy. They talk about Michelle and Robbie and Tony tells Danny that Josh was cleared. Romeo tells Danny that Tony didn't take any credit for his part and he isn't happy about it. Danny wraps things up and tells Tony he is heading home. Just as he leaves, Carlos shows up wanting to talk to Danny. Carlos congratulates Danny on his new life but reminds him that he can't just leave the family. Carlos tells Danny he had a deal with him and will honor it, but he didn't deal with the other families. If he does one more favor, they will leave him alone. He has access to Spaulding's finances; Carlos wants Danny to relieve them of $25 million.

At Company:

Meta, Claire and Michelle are at Company waiting for the guests to arrive at the baby shower. Meta wonders what time the guests will arrive. Claire thinks they are just being fashionably late. Meta doesn't think anyone is coming. Just then, Maria arrives with gifts, saying her invitation must have been lost in the mail since she is the baby's great grandmother. Claire tries to get rid of Maria but she isn't leaving. Michelle starts to open her gifts. Meta gives her a framed picture of Maureen. Maria gives another customer her camera and asks her to take a picture of all of them. Michelle thinks it is about time to leave and she and Meta start to gather their stuff just as Carmen arrives, with gifts.

Friday, September 21, 2001

At the Inn:

Reva is hearing noises when the lights go out. She asks if Sara is there trying to tell her something and if she is there because she knows that mess Reva has made of her life. Reva reflects on how she is at a crossroads in her life with her children grown and her being further apart from Josh than ever now that she messed up his life. She feels on her own for the first time and wonders if her mom is trying to tell her where to go from here. She begs her mom to talk to her. She hears noises and chimes and sees the book in the corner flip pages. She goes to look at the book and the lamp above it comes on. Reva is spooked but goes ahead and reads the passage. It is about the past never dying and not even being truly past. She isn't sure what Sara is trying to tell her and asks her to tell her more plainly. Just then there is a knock on the door. She goes to the door to find only Daphne, the Innkeeper. She tells Reva she has a few extra candles in case the power goes out. She asks Reva if she is acting so nervous because she has been speaking to the dead. Reva is taken aback that Daphne knows this. Daphne explains that the Inn was built on an Indian burial ground and is full of spirits. She watches Reva's reaction and asks her if the ghost she was in contact with was someone she knew. Reva tells her that she isn't being haunted; it must just be the room. She goes on to tell Daphne that she thought her mother was there but that she has been gone for many years. Daphne tells Reva that time is relative. She goes on to explain a little quantum physics to Reva that basically boiled down to the past never really dying. She thinks that Reva's past may just be ready to revisit her. Daphne talks about time travel and the past and Reva is getting a little spooked. She tells Daphne to let her know when she finds the porthole there are some things she would like to change in her past. Daphne tells her that if she changed one thing it would change everything from the point on. It could fix one thing, only to make something else bad. Reva is skeptical about time travel. She asks Daphne how much the painting would be. Daphne was thinking of selling it and is amused that Reva wants it. They exchange offers on paper, they both wrote $500. Reva thinks it is a coincidence but Daphne thinks it is kismet and that she and Reva can tune into each other's thoughts.

In San Cristobel:

Richard and Cassie are in the garden toasting to the presidency. An aide comes in and tells them the press is getting restless. They tell the aide to bring them in and Cassie tells Richard she wishes she had good news to tell them about them having a child. She is upset that she will never get to say that now.

Richard talks to the press about the renovations on the palace and tells them it will now be the presidential home and belong to the people as the White House belongs to all Americans. Cassie tells the reporter that it will be open for visitors every day. The lady asks about any plans for children. Cassie is upset but Richard covers and tells them that they have everything they want right now and are very content with the two children they have. The press leaves and Richard comforts Cassie. He mentions adoption but Cassie is against it. He tells her if they love a child it will be theirs and biology doesn't matter. Cassie says she doesn't want to adopt a child and not love it the way it deserves to be loved. She doesn't want to talk about it anymore and goes to rest. Dax comes and Richard tells him that Cassie said no. Dax thinks with time Cassie will change her mind but Richard isn't convinced. He asks Dax to find the baby a good home. Richard leaves and Dax tells himself that he has to convince Cassie; the true heir has to be living in the palace.

Cassie is in her robe in the garden when Richard comes down. She tells him that she couldn't sleep. She tells him that she loves their home and him and they have two children. She is lucky and she is going to have to start acting like it. She tells him she is sorry for spoiling his night. He tells her she didn't spoil anything and kisses her. She asks if she can make it up to him and he is more than willing to let her do that.

In Chicago:

Ed calls the woman Beth again as she helps him up off the bridge. She talks with a Country accent when she asks him who Beth is. He can't believe she is there and goes on to ask where she has been. The woman checks on Edmund and makes sure he isn't dizzy. She starts to leave and he asks her not to go. The woman helps Edmund back to the hotel. They enter the bar and Ed asks if she has amnesia. He tells her about the accident and asks if she is ok. She tells him she isn't Beth and they talk for a while. The woman tells him that her name is Lorelei and she is from Virginia. She came to Chicago to become an actress and that is her story. Lorelei doesn't like that Ed keeps staring at her but he can't stop. He tells her she looks like Beth but she is nothing like her. He asks her to stay with him but she declines. He offers to get her a room in the hotel but she declines his help. He tells her if she doesn't need his help she should give him his money clip back. The woman reluctantly hands it over and asks him how he knew she lifted it. He tells her he thinks on his feet. Lorelei thanks Ed for the coffee and goes to leave. Ed gives her some of the money back and thanks her for helping him. He goes to the piano and starts to sing, "I've got you under my skin." Lorelei comes back and watches it.

At Infierno:

Danny asks Carlos if he wants him to steal $25 million from Alan. Carlos says it isn't him or the three families, but higher than that. Danny tells him to forget it; he won't let himself get pulled back in. Carlos says he should think of it as a redistribution of wealth. Danny wants to meet these people because he thinks it is Carlos and Machado jerking his chain. Carlos denies it. Danny asks him if he is a third rate messenger for some other bosses. Danny tells him there is no deal without a meeting. Carlos tells him to do what he is told or else. Carlos suggests that Danny take a little money from each Spaulding account and put it in a Swiss bank account. Danny asks if he is supposed to just sit around after that and wait for Alan or Phil catch on. He doesn't want to live the life of a criminal. He tells Carlos he doesn't have that kind of access to the financial part of Spaulding but Carlos is confident that he can do it. Danny tells him that he will think about it. Carlos gives him 24 hours.

At Company:

Meta tells Carmen to leave or she will call the police. Carmen says that the police know where she is; she is out on bail. No one believes her until she shows them her ankle monitor. Carmen tells them she is only there because she truly wants to be there for her family and little Robbie. She tells Michelle not to fear her. Michelle tells her that her baby isn't there and Carmen will never see him so she should just get out! Claire tells Carmen she doesn't deserve to see the baby after all she has done. Carmen reminds Claire that she helped her. As they argue, Meta and Michelle are in another world talking about the cake and the Reardon recipes. Carmen continues to tell Claire that the only reason she did was due to being on bad medication. Carmen rushes over to Michelle and begs to start over for Robbie's sake. She tries to hand her a teddy bear she brought for Robbie but Michelle isn't interested. Carmen offers to spend the rest of her life making things up to her and Danny. Michelle isn't buying the bad medication story. The only thing she thinks of when she sees Carmen is calling 911. She tells Carmen she belongs behind bars and she will never let her be in the same room with Robbie as long as she is still breathing. Carmen says she is sorry to hear that and leaves. Outside, Carmen says she will have her grandson and her family back.

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