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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 10, 2001 on GL
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Monday, September 10, 2001

At the Springfield PD:

Carmen is dressed and putting on makeup when Gus comes in. She tells him she is ready to go and he tells the female guard to get her another nice orange jumpsuit for her. Carmen demands to know what he is doing since she relented and gave him Danny along with the other families. Gus tells her that Washington has a problem with her sudden turn about and they wonder what caused it and if she really intends on turning in her son. Carmen tells him that she wants out of there and she has already signed off on her promises. Gus tells her the feds don't trust her and she will have to tell him why she changed her mind and what she has on Danny. Carmen tells Gus she learned that Danny has given up on her and that he has chosen Michelle over his family time and again. She loves Danny but he betrayed her and his brother by turning on them in favor of an outsider. Carmen feels that Danny is no longer her son, he sold his soul to the Bauer's and that is that. She is sure that baby Robbie will be different and will need her. Gus reminds her that Robbie has a mother. Carmen says Michelle is no match for her and the baby will be raised a Santos.

At Company:

Danny comes in dressed in his business suit and Buzz is impressed. They talk about Danny's new job and Buzz congratulates him. Michelle comes in and they talk about actually having a normal life. Danny working 9 to 5 while Michelle raises their kids. Danny thinks it feels different having all this peace and quiet in their lives. They take a seat when Ray comes in. Ray tells them that he is on his way to see Carmen in jail. He is determined to save her soul. Buzz makes a comment about Michelle and Danny entering the boring couple world. Michelle sits back and daydreams about she and Danny turning into Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. It is a cute little daydream with all the problems of ironing and cooking and cleaning up after her man. Back in reality Michelle smiles and tells Danny their life will never be boring.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Olivia is mad at Alan for putting Josh in the photo with Vreeland. He tells her that he helped her out of her problem but if she wants to do the noble thing she can go to Josh and admit that she was the one in the photo. Olivia thinks Alan wants to destroy her husband. She tells Alan she slept with him once but she doesn't want him, she wants her marriage. Alan tells her that all is fair in love and war. He knows how ambitious Olivia is and tells her that he still has the original digital card with her photo. She tells him to destroy it. He smiles and tells Olivia that she just asked for another favor and wonders how she will repay him this time. She asks him what she wants and shoves him back onto the couch. She tells him never to hurt her husband again or he will make her hate him. Alan tells her to run off and try to save her marriage but not to come to him for help anymore. Olivia leaves and Alan is very angry. He throws a glass to the wall and curses her but he is sure she will be back.

At the Lewis House:

Josh tells Reva she single handedly ruined him and his life work. He demands she tell him what she had Gus do for her. Reva tells him that she was trying to help him by exposing corruption. She, Cassie and Richard knew money was changing hands in the harbor project and wanted to prove it. She tells him she got the proof but the photo was doctored. Josh tells her that Olivia warned him about her and now he knows that she is just jealous and now that Noah left her she is trying to destroy his marriage as well. Josh knows she hates Olivia and since she could undermine their relationship, he thinks she has decided to go after their company. Reva tries to tell him that Olivia was in the photo originally, she saw it but Josh doesn't believe him. She tells him that there was also a tape but she lost it. Josh tells her he found the tape but there was nothing incriminating on it. Reva is surprised and admits that she never got to listen to it. Josh tells her that he loves and trusts Olivia. He will not have Reva interfering with them any more. He tells her he will make arrangements with the kids to see them but he wants her out of his life. Josh leaves.

At Josh and Olivia's:

Olivia comes in, hugs Josh and tells him that she came as soon as she could. She was in London trying to drum up support for the project. Josh tells her that someone is out to get him. He tells her about his talk with Reva and she tells him that Reva is just jealous and she hasn't done anything wrong. He tells her that he told Reva to stay out of his life and to stop attacking his wife. Olivia is happy that he went to bat for her. She hugs him and tears up. She begs Josh to trust her and tells him everything will be fine if he does. He tells her he does and they kiss.

At Infierno:

Alan comes in to find Reva drinking alone. He asks her about Josh and she asks him about Olivia. They trade words and Alan asks Reva about her relationship with Josh. Reva tells her that Josh isn't interested and she is moving on without him. She leaves and Alan tells himself that he isn't going to stand for that.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Due to the horrible tragedies befalling our nation today, all soap operas were pre-empted today. Presumably all network programming will resume tomorrow with no episodes lost.

Soap Opera Central would like to extend our deepest, heart-felt sympathies to any and all persons affected by these horrific events.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Due to continuing news coverage of yesterday's attacks against The United States, all regular daytime network broadcasts have been put on hold. Therefore, no soaps will be shown today. It is unclear when programming will resume as normal. However, Soap Opera Central will remain on deck and provide complete coverage as soon as we are able.

Again, the thoughts and prayers of all those involved in Soap Opera Central -- our staffers and visitors -- go out to everyone touched by these horrors.

At this time, one may find comfort in the words of Agnes Nixon, a profilic soap opera scribe and creator of All My Children and One Life to Live.

Speaking of the "kinship of humankind under God," Nixon writes:

The great and the least
The weak and the strong
The rich and the poor
In sickness and health
In joy and sorrow
In tragedy and triumph
You are All My Children

Thursday, September 13, 2001

Due to continuing news coverage of the attacks against America, regular network programming has been pre-empted.

Friday, September 14, 2001

Due to continuing coverage of the attacks against America, all daytime programming has been pre-empted. It is anticipated that regular broadcasts will resume on Monday, September 17th with a rebroadcast of this past Monday's episode. All networks have pledged that there will be no lost episodes. By rebroadcasting Monday's episode, that will allow the shows to be back on the correct day for each broadcast. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for complete details.

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