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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 3, 2001 on GL
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Monday, September 3, 2001

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, Guiding Light did not air today. Coverage will resume on Tuesday, September 4th. This pre-emption was planned and there will be no lost episodes.

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

At the Springfield PD:

Gus tries to tell Carmen that he isn't with the feds anymore but she tells him that she knows he is undercover. He asks her what she wants and she tells him she wants to stay out of prison. She offers him enough info on the Sandoval's and Machado's to put them all away but Gus tells her that he wants all three families. Carmen tells him with what she has; he will have his career made. Gus insists that he has to have at least Danny along with the other but Carmen won't budge. She tells him that she can give him Maria but Tony isn't into anything and Danny is her son. She tells him that Washington won't be happy that Gus refuses to take down the other two families just because of his vendetta against the Santos clan. Gus makes a call and acts like he is talking to Washington but in reality he called a pizza place. He ends the call and tells Carmen that Washington won't deal without Danny as part of the package.

At the Bauer House:

Danny comes in with a bag of food. He is excited about chowing down since he will be alone tonight. Rick comes in and Danny is surprised. Rick tries to sneak a taste of Danny's cuisine but Danny is protective and tells Rick he isn't sharing. Rick leaves and Danny sits down with his feast. Just as he starts Abuela comes by and asks if she can come in. Danny refuses and asks her to leave. She tells him that Michelle let him in the night before and they helped each other look for him. He asks her to leave again before his dinner gets cold. Maria asks where he got his meal and he tells her that he went to 'Little Cuba'. She takes a sample and Danny tells her not to eat his food. She tells him she is just picking, like they always used to. Tony arrived next and sits down at the table and he too starting picking. Danny can't believe that they are eating his food. Danny tells them to go place their own order. Ray shows up and smells the food and Danny asks if he intends on picking as well. Ray tells him he is starved and doesn't plan on picking. He gets a plate and helps himself. Maria is pleased at the impromptu family meal but Danny is irritated watching as his food supply diminishes. They have small talk and finally get around to asking Danny about the job search. He tells them about his job at Spaulding and tells them that he is completely legit. Maria doesn't look thrilled. Danny asks if she isn't proud of him. Maria tells him she has always been proud of him, even when he wasn't proud of himself. Rick comes back in and notices everyone eating. He asks Danny if he decided to share after all.

At the Debate:

Richard has just shown the picture of Josh giving money to Vreeland and Josh tells everyone it is a forgery. Josh goes to Richard and asks him what he is trying to pull. He thought he was a decent man and now he has stooped too low. Josh is angry and yelling at Richard as is Vreeland. Marah wants Reva to make them stop. Reva tries to calm things but it doesn't work. Josh tells Richard he has never given any money to Vreeland and their harbor project has been clean from day one. Richard doesn't know what to do but goes on to say that he has no reason to doubt the authenticity of the photo. He tells Vreeland they will deal with it more in San Cristobel . Vreeland goes over to Ed who asks him what is going on. Ed tells him the families will be angry and come after him if he doesn't keep the pretense that the money was a bribe and nothing else. Vreeland gets a call and leaves. Reva ends the debate but all the reporters flood over to Josh as he tries to talk to Marah. Cassie and Reva are floored, they looked at the photo right before the debate and it was of Olivia. Reva thinks she may have ruined Josh's life. Josh goes to Richard and asks why he did that. He tells Richard that his harbor deal was clean and Richard knows it. Richard tells him that the deal was not clean. Cassie tells Reva that she has to tell Josh that the photo was really of Olivia. Reva doesn't think Josh will care, he will just think she was trying to bury Olivia. Josh is upset and tells Reva that he doesn't know how this happened. He isn't sure if Richard faked the pictures or if he really believes Josh is corrupt. Reva tells him that maybe the pictures were altered and someone really did pay off Vreeland. Reva asks Josh if his cell phone is on and wonders why Olivia hasn't called him, unless she knew something was going to happen. She tries to plant a seed of doubt by mentioning that she thinks it is odd that Olivia left town today. Josh tells Reva to find another target for her venom. He walks away, angry. Reva knows Olivia is guilty and thinks she has to find another way to prove it.

Marah asks Sam how this could have happened. Sam thinks back to Olivia telling him she was in trouble. Cassie goes to Richard and apologizes but she has no idea how the picture was changed. Richard is upset about ruining Josh's reputation. Cassie says she and Reva checked the photo in the folder, so it had to have been switched by someone there. Cassie and Richard accuse Ed of making the switch. Ed denies everything but wishes he had been responsible. Cassie again apologizes to Richard and he tells her that he is sorry for blaming her. He admits that he wasn't forced to use the picture and now he has to take the consequences. Cassie says they will deal with it together.

Holly asks Reva if she knew what was going to happen tonight. Reva tells her she knew something would happen but not this. She asks Holly not to use the photo of Josh but Holly tells her she has to, all the other papers will. Reva says she has to find a way to clear Josh. Meanwhile Josh is trying to call Olivia. He says he needs her now.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Alan thanks the blond and takes the original disk and photo. He watches as Josh explodes at the debate on television.

Vreeland comes in and tries to deny everything that Richard said at the debate until Alan pulled out the real picture. Vreeland wonders why Alan saved Olivia just to hang Josh out to dry. Alan tells Vreeland that he wants him to resign from the election, leave the country and admit to everything while putting all the blame on Josh Lewis. Vreeland wonders why but Alan refuses to talk any further.

At Infierno:

Ross meets Blake for their date night. Felicia comes over and tells them that her husband was very excited that Ross might want to teach a course at the University. Felicia leaves the table and Ross tells Blake he didn't want to teach and now he has to explain to Clayton why he can't take the job. Blake tells him to go for it, teach the class but he thinks he is too busy. Blake is worried about Ross and tells him that nothing seems to interests him anymore. Ross says he just finished a difficult case. Blake says he didn't take any satisfaction from it. She tells Ross she only wants him to be happy and he should do something. He shows her the antidepressants the doctor prescribed for him and tells her that he doesn't want to take them until he tries inspiration. He tells her he will take the job. Blake is happy.

Rick comes in and sits down just as he gets a call from the hospital. One of his patients was released by an intern even thought Rick had scheduled him for more test in the morning. Rick is angry and learns the intern was Mel Boudreau. Just then Mel walks in and sees her mother, Felicia. Rick greets them both and introduces himself to Mel as her superior. They have small talk and Rick asks to speak to Mel alone. Felicia goes to get their table. He tells Mel that she needs to learn about the chain of command and how to follow orders. She realizes this is about the patient she released and tells Rick she cancelled the test because she feels the man just had heartburn. The rest of the tests were negative and the man was 38. Rick tells her that the man's father died at 37 from heart disease and she needs to consider the family history. He is going to stick to the tests he prescribed. Mel didn't realize the family history and Rick tells her to do what he says for her to do. He leaves.

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Richard and Cassie are on the porch talking. He is worried that he may have ruined Josh's life at the press conference. Richard tells Cassie they will clear Josh but they had to save SC from Vreeland. Cassie tells Richard that they will always be there for each other along with Tammy and RJ and their new baby. Reva tells them to come in to see Vreeland on television. Everyone watches as Vreeland admits to taking bribes and lays the blame on Josh. He withdraws from the election and says he will accept any punishment the commission hands down. He thanks everyone for their time and ends the broadcast. Reva is angry and calls Vreeland a thief and a liar and swears she will make him pay. Reva tells Richard that she and Cassie both saw the photo before the conference; someone switched it with a doctored version. Reva goes to see what she can learn from Gus.

Richard asks Cassie if Josh really suspects Richard would do all of this to frame him. He admits that he and Josh don't really know each other and he may know more than they think. Cassie tells him that he should be concentrating on the fact that Vreeland dropped out of the race and he is now the first president of San Cristobel . Richard tells her they will still be an election but Cassie insists that is all semantics. They talk about how terrible they feel about Josh and each tries to take the blame for the picture. Outside, they hear a pack of reporters yelling questions to Richard threw the door. Cassie hears Holly and lets her in. Holly tells them that she wants an exclusive from the first SC president. He acts very magnanimous about the situation and agrees to talk to the press. He thanks everyone and tells them that if he is elected president he will do his best. They ask his thoughts on the Vreeland situation and Richard tells them not to jump to conclusions until the investigation is over. Richard and Cassie go back inside and a few moments later, Dr Sedgwick is at the door. She tells them that she brought over the test results since the reporter situation is so volatile.

At Company:

Marah and Sam are talking about the newspaper article concerning her dad. Buzz calls them over to see Vreeland on television. Marah is angry but Buzz tells her that everyone knows her dad is innocent. Sam tells Marah that someone had to have dummied up the photos and since it was a digital camera that would be easy to do. He thinks Alan is the only one with enough pull to do it and tells Marah he will see what he can find out.

Outside company, Frank is sitting depressed. Blake comes by and asks what he is doing and they talk about Josh and how Eleni and Marina have been so distant. He tells Blake she and Ross are so much better off because they talk things out. He wishes he did more of that. He tells her that starting now he is going to tell Eleni that he isn't going to be just a spectator in his daughter's life anymore.

Tony comes in and tells Marah he heard about her dad and he is sorry. He offers his help and Marah acts sarcastic. Tony gets upset and tells her to forget it and leaves. Tony is upset outside Company while Marah is upset that she said that inside Company.

At Infierno:

Ed is reading about the debate when Tony comes in with Romeo. Ed shows him the paper and Tony reads it. He is upset that Vreeland did that and more upset that Josh is implicated. Tony sends Romeo to find Vreeland. Vreeland comes on television and they watch as he steps out of the race. Tony tells Ed that Vreeland is dead. Carlos comes in and wants to talk. He, Tony and Edmund go into the office. Carlos tells Ed they are going to send him to Chicago by bus. Ed doesn't want to go but says he will when they threaten him. Carlos is glad to be rid of Ed but is worried about their money and Olivia. Tony tells him he has it covered just as Romeo walks in with Vreeland. He tells them that Vreeland was stashing the cash in a locker and was about to flee the country. Carlos takes the cash and leaves. Tony tells Vreeland that he wants to know if the picture of he and Josh was legit. Vreeland isn't talking until Tony throws him around a bit and then admits that the picture was of he and Olivia and somehow it got changed.

Gus comes in with a female fed. He tells her how great it is for him to hang out there and let Tony think he is pathetic and jobless. The woman asks Gus why Carmen wouldn't agree to give up the other families for her own immunity. She tells Gus not to get greedy and hold out for Danny to be included as well. Reva comes in and asks Gus what happened to the picture. While they are talking, Reva remembers the woman at the debate who picked up the folder with the photo in it. She tells Gus that she thinks she knows what happened and leaves.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Sam comes in dressed as a TV repairman. He cons the servant and gets into the den alone. When the servant leaves, Sam looks around and tries to find what Alan has on Olivia. He knocks over a bust on Alan's desk and finds the digital card he was looking for. The servant calls in to see if Sam is through. Sam tells him he is and leaves with the card.

In San Cristobel:

Dax and Mrs. Mayhew are in the fishing village looking for Prince William. They go into a bar and ask the bartender if he knows the Batiste family. The man doesn't answer him. Just then a young woman enters with a crying infant. Dax asks the guy again and the woman tells them that she knows the family, or at least the son. She tells them how she and Alonzo met and got married on a whim and then he left on his fishing boat and she hasn't seen him since. She tells them that she hasn't had the opportunity to tell him about his child so she is hanging around the islands until he returns. Dax wonders why Alonzo would just take off like that but the girl tells them that he is a free spirit and sometimes does that. Dax and Mrs. Mayhew wonder if Alonzo could be Prince William. Mrs. Mayhew mentions caring for a baby with a birthmark on his chest. The girl tells them that Alonzo has the same birthmark. Dax tells Mrs. Mayhew that Alonzo is the heir. Mrs. Mayhew says no one has seen him for a year and he may not even want to be prince. Dax tells her they will deal with that if they have to later.

Thursday, September 6, 2001

At the Lewis House:

Dr. Sedgwick leaves after tells Cassie and Richard that they cannot have children. Cassie is upset and apologizes to Richard for not being able to give him what he wants. He tells her that he has everything he wants with her, Tammy and RJ. He is happy to have the chance to be a parent at all and if down the road they want to they can always adopt. Cassie doesn't want to adopt, she just wants their child back. Reva walks in and sees how upset they are. They tell him what happened and she offers her help. Richard gets a call from Dax and leaves the sisters alone for a while. Cassie is upset about the baby and Reva is upset about Josh and the photo. Cassie tells her that she should just tell Josh the truth before someone else does. Richard comes back and tells Cassie they need to leave for SC for election night. They prepare to leave and he tells Cassie she can spend some time with Reva while he gets the rest of their things together. Richard leaves and Cassie talks to Reva about her infertility. She tells her that Edmund has finally won.

Reva helps Cassie with her things to the car and she leaves. Reva feels that Cassie is right and she has to tell Josh everything face to face. She goes to leave and runs into Josh at the door. He asks her what she has done to him.

At Company:

Phillip comes in with some of Beth's jewelry that Jim LeMay gave her. He asks Buzz to get it to Susan and he says he will. Edmund comes in and rips the jewelry box out of Phillip's hands telling him he has no right to dispose of any of Beth's things. Phillip asks Edmund if he intends on hocking Beth's jewels. Edmund tells Phillip he is just trying to unload everything. Phillip tells Edmund that he knows he killed Beth and he will keep on until he proves it. Phillip tells Edmund to stay away from him, Beth's estate and his children. Phillip leaves.

Josh meets up with Billy and tells him that the picture of him with Vreeland was phony. Billy tells him he knew that but also thinks Josh should be prepared for the fall of the harbor project. Josh knows that too is inevitable. Billy asks about Olivia and Josh tells him that she is still out of town and he hasn't heard from her. Billy asks Josh if he thinks Alan Spaulding has anything to do with trying to bring down Lewis. Josh remembers finding Olivia in Alan's suite. Billy thinks Olivia may know something about it. Alan comes in and goes over to Josh and talks to him about the harbor project. He comments on how important it is to Olivia and asks where Olivia is. Josh tells Alan she is out of town. Alan notices Gus coming into Company and excuses himself. He goes to Gus and they take a seat right behind Josh and Billy. Alan had approached Gus about hiring him. Alan asks for references and Gus tells him that he just did a job for Reva and although he did the job she wanted, she didn't like the result. Josh overhears it all and when Alan left he went to Aitoro and asks him why he lied to him about what he was really doing for Reva. He demands to know what he was hired to do. Gus tells Josh he will have to ask Reva if he wants any information. Billy manages to get Josh away from Gus and they leave. Outside, Josh tells Billy he is going to Reva's for some answers.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Phillip comes into the den and talks to Alan about Josh and the photo. Phillip thinks Josh is being set up. He thinks about it and wonders if Olivia is the reason Alan is so interested in the Lewis Family. He tells Alan to be careful and not do anything irrational. He wonders what has been going on with Alan lately. He reminds him that he thinks it wasn't the best idea to give Danny Santos a job in security. Alan tells Phillip that if you want to protect something you should hire someone who can think like a thief. Alan tells Phillip he thinks Danny is going straight and he wants to give him a chance. Phillip is surprised but says he will get better acquainted with Danny.

Alan is on the phone with someone concerning the harbor project. He mentions the earthquake but says even if the project fails it could be a tax write off. It could also mean the end of Lewis Construction, which would be good. Olivia barges in flinging the paper around and asks Alan what he did to her. He tells her the proper question is what he did for her.

At the Bauer House:

Ray comes in and sees Danny studying the security logs from the past ten years at Spaulding. Ray tells him that Carmen asks to see a priest and he is going to have to go see her. Danny tells him to be careful and never turn his back to her. Ray leaves and Danny goes back to work.

Phillip comes in and sees Danny. Danny asks if he is there to see Rick and Phillip admits that he came to see him. He starts out with some small talk about growing up with Rick and Michelle and how he can really tells Danny loves her. Phillip says he and his father have an odd relationship so he came there to welcome Danny to Spaulding because he doesn't want anything to go wrong for either of them.

At the Springfield PD:

Gus comes in to see Carmen. He tells her that there is no deal without Danny being implicated as well. Carmen doesn't go for it. Gus tells Carmen that Danny wishes she were dead, so there is no reason for her to protect him. Gus leaves just as Ray arrives. Ray is standoffish as Carmen tells him how she wants to change and how she has been on antidepressants and under a therapists care. She is sorry for everything she has done and wants another chance. Ray tells her that he will give her absolution because that is his job but it takes more than words to make amends. She talks about Danny and Ray tells him to forget it. He tells her that Danny is gone; he has closed the door on his mother forever. Ray tells her he will help her to live a better life but she should forget about Danny. Ray leaves and Gus comes back. Carmen has written down a name of all the people she will tattle on for immunity. Gus tells her it isn't enough and he starts to leave. Carmen calls him back and writes Danny's name on the list and gives it to him.

At the Bus Station:

Edmund is at the bus station bar talking to the bartender. He sees a waitress walk by that he thinks is Beth. It isn't and he feels like he is losing it.

Friday, September 7, 2001

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, Guiding Light did not air today. Coverage will resume on Monday, September 10th. This pre-emption was planned and there will be no lost episodes.

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