One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 3, 2001 on OLTL

Cristian advised Jen that her mother had been behind the website. Melanie continued to have disturbing thoughts of Colin. Sam tossed Lindsay out of the house after learning of her deeds. Ben situated himself into Allison Perkins' life.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 3, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 3, 2001

Melanie continues to be haunted by images of Colin, taunting her about her relationship with Bo. She surprises Bo with champagne, and they talk. When a delivery arrives for Lanie, Bo is alarmed at her upset reaction; she tells him that it is a wedding gift from her frail aunt, and admits that she neglected to tell her the wedding was cancelled. Bo suggests a visit to her aunt, then gets a call from work and leaves; alone, Melanie rips up the gift card and mutters that it did not bring wedding bells. She later returns the gift, which she had purchased herself in an effort to urge Bo to marry her.

Visiting Rachel, Nora tells her daughter about Troy, and how much Sam worries. Rachel asks Nora where Sam fits into her life, but Nora hedges. When Nora discusses Sam's many fine qualities, Rachel notes that it seems like her mother is falling back in love.

At Troy's loft, Sam and Troy fight, and Troy accuses Sam of wanting to kill him to avenge Colin's actions. When Sam starts to walk away, Troy punches him; they continue brawling but are interrupted by the police, who take both of them to the station for questioning. Antonio reminds Sam of how serious the situation is, while John informs Troy he can press assault charges. Bo arrives. Troy decides not to press charges, in light of the understandable reactions others must have toward him; he leaves, and Bo tries to convince Sam to back off, theorizing that Troy may be just what he appears to be. Sam is still suspicious, however, and vows to find out what Troy is up to. Alone in his loft, Troy gazes at a photograph of Nora.

Lindsay brags to Chris that he will not be able to prove she did anything; Jen overhears enough to believe that Chris is unfairly accusing her mother. Jen asks Chris for the truth; he tells her that he loves her and that Chad was responsible for setting up the website. Jen wonders at his motives, then begins realizing that her mother had the most reason to conspire against Chris. Chris confirms that he is certain Lindsay set him up, but Lindsay asks Jen which one of them she will believe.

Jessica tells Viki that Natalie is homeless, and wants to have her live at Llanfair. Viki initially resists, but when Seth and Natalie arrive, she relents and offers Natalie the carriage house. When Natalie seems surprised and disappointed, Viki wonders at her reaction, but Natalie quickly covers by saying she had never heard of a carriage house before. Seth takes her to see the house; alone, they kiss and laugh that Jessica will never suspect they are together. Seth presents her with a necklace, but while he is putting it on her, Jessica walks in and catches them.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 4, 2001

Cris angrily assumes that Jen has come by to drive the last nail into the coffin of their dead relationship. Antonio is pleased to bump smack into the woman he was admiring at the diner. Todd wonders if Gabrielle has redeveloped feelings for Max. Ben reluctantly turns to Asa for help dealing with Allison Perkins. Jen tells a startled Cris she knows now he was innocent all along. Meanwhile, Lindsay bitterly renews her vow to ruin Cristian's life. Asa relates for Ben how Allison hooked up with Mitch Lawrence years ago. Gabrielle is forced to agree to Todd's terms. Later, Viki drops by to give her brother some unsolicited advice about changing his life. An outraged Carlotta confronts Lindsay about the website she set up. After listening to Viki's story, Todd warns his sister not to forgive Jessica's kidnapper. Cris and Jen are happily reunited. Ben returns to St. Ann's and snoops through Allison's room for a clue to her real motives. Keri Reynolds introduces herself to Antonio, who is embarrassed to realize he just hit on his new professor.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 5, 2001

While Antonio is waiting to meet a professor at Llanview U, he runs smack into the same woman he spied at the coffee shop. He helps her pick up her things, and the two seem to hit it off. He explains how he is waiting for some rookie professor to dupe into giving him "life credits" so he can finish his degree and get a promotion at work. The woman isn't sure that being on both sides of the law would qualify, but she wishes him luck anyway. Antonio is convinced that this "new, rookie" professor is sure to sign his form. He asks the woman to coffee and both having someone to meet first, agree to meet in an hour. It's then the two realize that the "rookie professor" Antonio has been referring to is she!

Carlotta shows up at Lindsay's to give her a piece of her mind. Lindsay tries to blow her off, but Carlotta will not be silenced. She would expect such juvenile behavior from a kid, but not another mother. She informs Lindsay, that if Jen is anything like her mother, she wants her to stay far away from Cristian. Lindsay calls Cris a criminal, attacking Cris' job and artistic abilities. Carlotta warns Lindsay to never show her face in the diner. She would be surprised if Jen ever speaks to Lindsay again. Meanwhile, when Jen finds Cris, he doesn't want to hear what she has to say. He believes that when she kicked him out of her house, that said everything. Jen finally gets a word in and explains she understands why he didn't want to accuse Lindsay and that she knows he is telling the truth. Cris assures her the cameras are gone, and Shawna is 100% clear on his feelings for Jen. The two share a tender kiss as they reaffirm their love.

Gabs is back at Todd's trying to get the sex tape. After trading insults, Todd agrees only to give the tape once she agrees to take down Blair with Max. Before they can work out the details, Viki comes over. Gab makes "nice" to Viki and leaves without the tape. Viki tries to get Todd to understand the benefit of forgiveness by using Allison Perkins as an example. However, as usual, Todd is resistant to any advice from his sister. He doesn't believe that people really change, and screams out, "I hate Blair!" Viki realizes that he is scheming up something with Gabrielle and begs him not to. Todd asks what Allison did to her, and she explains how Allison kidnapped Jessica. Todd is outraged Viki could forgive someone like that. Viki reminds Todd he kidnapped Starr when she was a baby. Of course to Todd that was completely different. Todd has heard enough and barks out a warning to Viki: people don't change-they only fake it, and don't say he didn't warn her!

Back at Asa's, Ben makes Asa swear to keep their discussion private. After he swears, Ben asks Asa what he knows about Allison. Asa confirms what a wacko, and dangerous woman she is. He says that Mitch was the devil. He encourages Ben to keep a close eye on Allison. Ben heads to St. Ann's to do a little investigating. Later, Gabrielle recounts her visit with Todd. Asa doesn't like the idea of working with Todd one bit...

At St. Ann's, Allison is overjoyed as she discusses her impending release with Dr. Wolek. He reminds her that his son is no longer in Llanview, but she knows she could never turn to him anyway. Allison plans to get her own place and a job. Ben is outside the door and hears her tell Larry that she will walk him out. Ben takes the opportunity to snoops through her room. He finds a copy of Viki's book about surviving breast cancer. He picks it up just as Allison walks in!

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 6, 2001

Viki's house
Jess walks in on Larry and Viki talking about her kidnapping and wants to know who Allison Perkins is and what she did to her. Larry leaves, and Viki tells Jess the whole story. Jess apologizes for giving her Mom a hard time for being overprotective and then Ben walks in. Jess leaves, and Viki questions Ben as to where he's been. He tells her out running errands, and asks her for a signed copy of her book. Viki wants to know why, and Ben tells her it is for someone he plans on seeing again.

St. Anne's
Ben pretends to be mentally ill, and Allison is suspicious, so she calls in a nun. When the nun begins to tell Allison he is Mr. Davidson, Ben cuts her off and calls himself "Mr. Dave." He makes up an excuse that gets the nun to leave, and continues the conversation with Allison. Allison tells him she is leaving very soon and plans on going to see someone she owes a lot to. Ben then leaves, and we see Allison laughing at the "Survivor" title of Viki's book, and saying we will see about that.

Cris's apartment
Jenn and Cris discuss Lindsay's evil deeds, and Jenn keeps apologizing for doubting him. Jenn then says she is ready to cut her mom out of her life, and that she is going to get her own place. Cris then asks her to move in with him, and she accepts. Jenn then leaves to pack some things, then Antonio comes by. Antonio is obviously upset from his encounter with Keri, but asks Cris how things are going with Jenn. When Cris tells him the good news, Antonio speculates that Lindsay will find a way out of everything.

Llanview U
Antonio fumbles for a way to make up for calling Professor Keri Reynolds a rookie, and apologizes to her. She accepts his apology, but won't sign off on his credits. They get into a heated argument, and Antonio crumples up his paper and leaves. Later, we see Keri almost reconsider, but then change her mind.

Sam's house
Sam walks in on Lindsay begging Will to come home, and grabs the phone. Sam convinces Will things are fine, then begins to question Lindsay. Lindsay tells him of Cris "accusing" her of setting him up and how Jenn believes him. Lindsay tells Sam she has lost everyone if she loses Jenn, but Sam says she will still have him. They end up in a kiss and Jenn walks in on them, clearly quite stunned.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 7, 2001

Seth is helping Jess move in to the Carriage House and while he is taking a box upstairs, Jess asks Natalie who her secret lover is. Natalie tries to avoid the subject, but Jess continues to pressure her. Natalie finally tells Jess that it is someone she met in the park and that it is not serious. While Jess get Seth a glass of water, Natalie and Seth kiss and Natalie promises Seth that she will sneak out and meet him after Jess goes to sleep. Seth kisses Jess goodbye and Natalie obviously is very jealous. After Seth leaves and the girls go up to bed, Natalie slips outside to meet Seth just as it starts to rain. They slip into the gardener's shed to make love thinking that Jess is asleep, but Jess comes downstairs in search of Natalie and finds the front door ajar. Jess goes in search of Natalie while she and Seth are making love in the gardener's shed.

Jen catches Sam and Lindsay in a passionate kiss and yells at Sam asking how he can kiss Lindsay after what she has done to she and Cris. Lindsay tries to convince Jen that they should discuss this issue privately and not involve Sam, but Jen isn't buying any of it. She insists that they will talk about it, but it will include Sam. Jen proceeds to tell Sam everything that Lindsay had done from paying Chad to put the web cams in Cristian's apartment and setting up the web cam site to taking Jen to Logans Department Store knowing that Shauna and her girlfriend would be there and say things about Cris that were untrue. Lindsay hurls accusations that Cris has lied and that he is no good for Jen. Jen tells Sam that she will not stay there any longer and that she is leaving, but Sam tells her she is not going anywhere. In a fit of anger and disgust over Lindsay's betrayal of their daughter, Sam throws Lindsay out of his house into a driving rainstorm. Lindsay has finally been made to pay for her wrongs by losing her family, but she continues to justify her behavior by professing that everything she did was because she loved her daughter.

Cris questions why Antonio is angry and anti-romance. Antonio explains to Cris about his encounter with Professor Reynolds, describing her as "a totally obnoxious professor." Cris asks why he doesn't just take the class and earn the credits, but Antonio feels that since he has already done the work necessary to get the remaining three credits he lacks while attending law school, that he should not have to take the class. Cris convinces Antonio to show the professor the paper he wrote and to "turn on the Vega charm." Antonio goes back to see Professor Reynolds with a bouquet of wildflowers and his paper in hand. He apologizes for being a jerk earlier and asks her to read his paper. She agrees that he was a jerk and throws the flowers into the trash. She tells Antonio that he should have just been honest with her rather than trying to either bulldoze her or sweet-talk her. She agrees to read his paper and consider giving him the credits he needs. After Antonio leaves, she retrieves the flowers from the trash.

As Antonio is leaving Cris' apartment, they run into R.J. Antonio tries to cover by "warning" Cristian about staying out of trouble, but R.J. reminds him that he has caught Cris and Antonio together twice in a matter of a few days and asks if he should be worried. Cris tries to convince R.J. that he is still on his side and wants to stick it to Antonio and it appears that R.J. buys it. After R.J. leaves, Antonio returns to Cris' apartment and Cris tells him that he should not come around because of R.J. R.J. is standing outside the door trying to hear what is going on.

Nora and Rachel discuss Nora's feelings about having killed Colin McIver. Nora tells Rachel how self-righteous and vengeful she was about Lindsay prior to realizing that it had been her and not Lindsay that killed Colin. When Rachel asks how Nora got past the guilt she felt for killing Colin, Nora explained how she had saved Troy from falling after being shoved over the rail at the hotel and that saving him relieved her of the guilt of having killed Colin. When Rachel questions her mood, Nora, not knowing that Troy is staying in Llanview, says that she is actually sorry that Troy is going back to Africa. Rachel points out that it seems that Nora is intrigued by Troy, but Nora says it is best that Troy is not in Llanview because of Sam's feelings toward him.

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