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After making love to Leo, Laura ordered Greenlee to steer clear of him. Later, Laura overheard Leo and Greenlee talking and assumed that they were making fun of her. The Pine Valley Hospital board decided to give David his job back after David threatened to sue the hospital for $30 million. Arlene sneaked into Baby Santos' room. She was later forced out of town, but promised that she would return to see her baby soon.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 3, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, September 3, 2001

Ryan walked into a bar and ordered tequila and a draft and told the bartender to run a tab for him. Mia walked up to him and said the tab was on her. Ryan refused and moved from the bar to a table. As the bartender brought Ryan his drink, he glanced over at Mia sitting at the bar. He shook his head and asked Ryan why anyone would turn down a girl like her. Mia walked over to the jukebox and picked out a song. Sidling over to Ryan's table, she pulled out a chair and sat down. She asked him what kind of a deal he got on his hog. She told him she was on a roll and flashed a fistful of bills at him. Ryan cautioned her about flashing that kind of money around in that kind of place. Mia pocketed the money and said she was off to find Liza and her wallet. Ryan warned her not to talk to Liza when she was having an argument with her husband. Surprised, Mia wanted to know where Liza was. Ryan didn't answer her. Suddenly Mia jumped up and gave Ryan a passionate kiss. Astonished, Ryan wanted to know what that was all about. She told him she didn't want the creep at the door to see her. Ryan looked and saw a big, angry guy standing in the doorway looking around. He spotted Mia and came over to their table. He accused Mia of cheating him out of his money and demanded she give it back. When he threatened Mia, Ryan jumped up and grabbed the guy. Mia tried to break it up, but they ignored her. The sound of a motorcycle engine revving caused them both to stop and look at the door. As the guy looked out the door, Ryan punched him and ran out after Mia. Mia pulled Ryan's bike to a stop with Ryan riding behind her. They got off the bike. Ryan was angry with her for stealing his keys and taking off on his bike. She told him she was only trying to save him from a fight. He told her no one would ride that bike but him. Then he asked why the guy in the bar was after her. Mia explained that she had sat in on a poker game and cleaned his clock. Ryan asked if she cheated. She said she won the money straight up. She had been playing with a bunch of stupid, drunken morons. Ryan warned her that if she kept it up she'd get hurt. Mia said it wasn't about getting hurt. She'd been hurt enough in her lifetime. It was about living her life the way she wanted. Suddenly she realized she'd said more than she wanted and started to walk away. Ryan stopped her. He asked her why she went to a bar like that if she wanted to keep her money. She didn't know. She thought maybe she was just lonely. She thought she might find a nice guy to buy a drink - then she found Ryan. Mia was angry with Ryan for not telling her he'd found Liza. Ryan replied that he didn't know he was supposed to tell her. Mia said, "You don't care!" With that, she walked away. Ryan just shook his head. He got on his bike and starting it up he said, "Looks like it's just you and me, baby!"

Jake and Greenlee kissed. Greenlee wanted to know why Jake wanted her when he knew she still cared for Leo. He smiled at her and told her he just wanted her. Greenlee asked him if he had any pride. Jake looked at her and laughed. He wanted to know what pride had to do with it. She responded that she used sex to make her forget about Leo. Jake shook his head and said she was absolutely clueless. He had been nicer to her than anyone ever has been. Greenlee told him to stop because it was making her brain hurt. Jake ignored her and told her it didn't matter how she felt about Leo. To him she was a like a perfect rose and when he made love with her, he was completely lost in her. So if she felt she was using him she should just forget it. He told her they should just do what they do best. Taking her hand, he led her to the bedroom. After making love, Greenlee and Jake sat on the sofa talking. Greenlee told Jake he was complicated. She felt it was weird that one minute they were talking about her feelings for Leo, then making love. She wanted to know what the catch was. Jake replied there wasn't one. He just wanted to prove what's possible for both. He loved being with her. Jake wanted to know why it made her nervous. Greenlee wasn't sure, but it did. Then she smiled at him and said she'd live with it. They snuggled contently together. Jake got a phone call from the hospital and had to go in to work. As he buttoned his shirt, Greenlee wanted to know if his career was the most important thing to him. He told her it was right now and asked if her job was. She laughed and said he saved lives, but she just helped stop dry skin from flaking. Giving her a quick kiss goodbye, Jake told her to be good and not to obsess. As he was going out the door, Greenlee told Jake to 'knock 'em dead." After he was gone, she laid back down on the sofa. Hugging the pillow to herself, she smiled.

Laura stormed into the house with Leo right behind her. She accused Leo of still wanting Greenlee. She said she saw them outside and saw how they looked at each other. She was sure Leo still wanted Greenlee. Exasperated, Leo shouted back that he just went outside to get some air. He never touched Greenlee. She jus showed up. What did Laura want him to do - apologize for something that never happened? Laura said an apology wouldn't make her feel better. He wanted another woman. Leo shouted that she didn't know what he wanted. Suddenly, Laura clutched her chest and grimaced. Leo rushed to her and helped her to the sofa. Leo handed Laura a glass of water and apologized to her. Laura said she was sorry. She was the one who started it. She felt it wasn't fair that she expected him not to talk about Greenlee. Leo assured her again that there was nothing going on between him and Greenlee. He looked at her and said he felt there was more going on than what she was telling. Laura hesitated and finally asked him why he quit telling her he loved her. Leo denied that, but Laura told him his attitude has shifted in the past week and he looked trapped. Leo accused her of not being fair. Laura told him he didn't feel it inside and it was ripping him apart. Frustrated, Leo told her he was doing the best he could to make a life for them. She shook her head and said it wasn't the life he wanted. Leo insisted it didn't matter what he wanted. Laura felt he was measuring everything he did for her. If he really loved her, the words would come. It would show. Leo played with a picture on the fireplace mantel after Laura spoke those words. Laura told him he looked hurt. He said he wasn't hurt. He just hadn't expected things to go that way. He wished he could make her believe he cared. He was with her - not Greenlee. Laura felt that wasn't enough. She said they both knew the only reason he married her was because she was sick. She wasn't sick anymore - just having some episodes. Looking at Leo, Laura asked if he thought their relationship could make it. Leo told Laura he had forgotten something. He told her she was unbelievably strong. She had been through so much. He admired and was proud of her. He told Laura he was glad he was with her and he did love her - even if she didn't believe it. As they hugged, Laura said over and over that she wanted to believe it.

Adam couldn't believe what Liza had just told him and said it wasn't legal. Liza laughed at the thought of Adam thinking something wasn't legal. She told Adam she was sure she could find a moral judge who would agree with her. She would live in the house with Adam and have full custody of Colby. Adam said that wouldn't work and she was asking the impossible. Liza told him he go along with it she'd go to family court and tell them he slept with a judge to get his son out of trouble. If he didn't want a public airing, he'd agree with her. Adam asked if sleeping with Ryan wasn't enough of a payback. He did what he did because of intense loyalty to his family. He never wanted Judge Kaye. Liza told him it wasn't about sex. She started to tell him how she felt on the yacht when she felt faint and unable to breathe - but Adam interrupted her and said what she felt on the yacht was guilt. What he had with Judge Campobello was a business deal. Adam wanted to know when sex is not about sex. Liza explained that she needed to trust him and he needed to change. He insisted he had changed. Liza reminded him he went to David when he told her he wouldn't. Then he had sex with the judge. He was an addict, but not to drugs or alcohol. His addiction was power and control. That was a very powerful addiction. His addiction to power and control made her want to run away forever. She was frightened for him - and for Colby. She told Adam he was a danger to herself and Colby. Real love would have meant that he would let JR suffer the consequences of his own actions. Adam responded that he did it so JR could get into college. Liza asked what if his actions encouraged a lifetime addiction - like himself and Hayley. Adam denied it. Liza told Adam that loving him made her blind to the truth and she couldn't live like that. Adam said he was sorry he hurt her. He believed they could make it past the hurt. Liza felt she wasn't strong enough because she still loved him. She couldn't trust herself. Adam grabbed at her words and felt it meant they would be together again. Liza told him there would have to be changes of epic proportions. She still loved him and wanted their marriage to work, but on her conditions. She would have control of Colby. She would be there to supervise when JR visited. They would go to couples therapy. He would have to agree to it or she would leave on a plane to anywhere. Adam realized if he didn't agree to Liza's terms, he'd lose her and Colby. He finally told her he'd agree to whatever she wanted. Adam told her he was sorry from the bottom of his heart for the pain he caused her. He could not bear to lose his family and their love - now or forever. Adam felt his love was strong enough to make it work. Liza told him words without actions don't mean a thing. She warned Adam that a lot would have to change. If things didn't change, they wouldn't be married in six months.

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

After a night spent sleeping apart, Liza and Adam share coffee in the Chandler mansion living room. Adam wonders if Liza had thought of joining him in his bedroom, but Liza quashes his ideas. She reiterates that she expects Adam to change, and "tow the line" according to her expectations or he will lose she and Colby forever. Adam pleads with Liza to bring Colby back home, as Liza is still keeping her at an undisclosed location. Liza refuses to tell him where Colby is, saying she needs to protect her daughter from Adam's parenting. She reminds him what he's done with his other children, Skye, Hayley and JR, but Adam tells her that Colby is his chance to "get it right." She tells Adam that she wants for him to be happy, but if he's going to make the necessary changes in himself, he needs to do it for himself and not for her or his children. Their conversation is interrupted when the phone rings. Liza answers it and learns that the pediatric specialist Adam has flown in from Switzerland has arrived. She immediately thinks it's for Colby and tries to use it as an example of her case against Adam. He corrects her, telling her that the specialist is for Hayley and Mateo's baby. Liza realizes her mistake and asks Adam what is wrong with Hayley and Mateo's son. Adam tells her of the baby's difficult delivery and Liza decides to go visit Hayley at the hospital. As she's leaving, Adam makes one last plea to see Colby. Liza calls Marian and asks her to bring Colby to see her father. She then leaves to go to the hospital. While Adam waits impatiently for Marian and Colby's arrival, he remembers an earlier conversation he had with Liza regarding JR. In the conversation, Liza wondered aloud if all of Adam's children would grow to have problems with addiction and if Adam was an enabler. Adam then fantasizes about a grown Colby. This Colby tells Adam that she has grown up without him because he didn't change and Liza took her away from him for good. She tells him it's too late for them to be father and daughter and disappears. As he cries out for Colby, Marian and Colby arrive. And the now three or four year-old Colby rushes into her father's arms. Marian takes this opportunity to discuss change with Adam. She reminds him that people can, in fact, change, because she went from being a lush and terrible mother to the person Stuart saw that she could be. She tells Adam that if he loves Liza and Colby, he best take this last chance Liza is giving him and not screw it up!

Hayley and Mateo are at the hospital with their newborn son. They discuss the immense love they already feel for him, and as he falls asleep in Hayley's arms a look of sadness comes across her face. Mateo notices and asks her what's wrong. She admits that she hasn't been totally honest with him about their child. She has allowed Adam to bring in a specialist from Switzerland to examine their child. She's concerned that their son didn't get enough oxygen at birth and might have suffered some brain damage. She tells Mateo that the same thing had happened to Stuart as his birth, and Stuart had a very difficult childhood as a result of being different. Mateo becomes angry that Hayley hadn't discussed this with him, but at that moment Stuart arrives. Stuart enters the room and holds the baby. He presents the baby with a big stuffed lion named George. Hayley and Mateo watch as Stuart tells their son that he has two parents who love him very much. Hayley begins to cry. Stuart asks what's wrong, and she tells him only that she loves him very much and hopes her son grows up to be exactly like him. Adam's specialist from Switzerland enters, quickly followed by Liza. Stuart is concerned about why a specialist was called, but Mateo eases his concern by allowing him to join them in the examining room. Mateo, Stuart and the specialist then leave with the baby. Liza reassures Hayley that her child will be fine. Hayley tells Liza that she doesn't need to put on a brave face for her, because she knows that her father slept with a judge and, thus, cheated on Liza. Liza tells Hayley not to worry, because she'll survive. But, Hayley wants to know if that will be with or without Adam. She asks Liza if she would cheat on Adam to protect Colby and Liza admits that she doesn't know what she'd do if faced with similar circumstances. Nevertheless, she tells Hayley that Adam will have to change, on his own, if he wants to have she and Colby in his life again for good.

Tad and Dixie are at the hospital, where they run into Opal. Opal thought they were still at the islands on their "retreat" and is surprised to see them. Tad tells her about their encounter with Officer Sweeney and that he held a gun to them. Tad laughs at his own story as Palmer, Vanessa and David arrive. Palmer is aghast to learn that a gun was pointed at his niece and that Tad thinks it's funny. While Palmer and Tad have words, Opal and Vanessa take out their claws and argue over Palmer. Joe enters to retrieve Palmer for a special meeting of the hospital board. Joe demands that David leave the hospital grounds at once, but David refuses saying he has as much right as anyone to attend the board's special meeting. David tells Joe that the meeting is nothing more than attempt by the Martin family to publicly lynch him, and that it has nothing to do with his skills in the Operating Room, just his skills "in the bedroom." David looks at Dixie and Tad goes ballistic, grabbing David and flinging him about the hospital patio. Joe pulls Tad and David apart. Vanessa expresses her disbelief that Dixie has failed to support David's cause. Palmer, Joe and Vanessa then leave for the board meeting, followed by Opal, Tad and Dixie. David smirks heartily, while sipping the remainder of his morning coffee.

Outside the hospital board's meeting, Vanessa tatters on to Palmer about how David is too good for Pine Valley's hospital and should likely just open his own clinic. Opal approaches them and asks to have a private word with Palmer. She tells him that he has a "burr under his saddle" as far as Tad is concerned and she wants to know why he's suddenly so hell-bent on making life difficult for him. He asks for a translation since he doesn't "speak cowpoke." Then he tells her that Tad has made life very difficult for Dixie more times than he can count and that he's never been a fan of Tad's. Opal pleads with him to do the decent thing for once in his life and not support David in the impending hearing. He reminds her that David is a part of his family now and "family loyalty" means something to him. As Opal stalks off and Palmer enters the hearing, Dixie and David encounter each other. David apologizes to her for involving JR in the blackmail scheme that kept him out of prison. He tries to get her to understand that he had no other choice because he was facing many years in prison. Tad enters the conversation and is about to get into it with David again, but Dixie holds him off. She tells David she can't believe he would use her child for his own personal gain and she hauls off and slaps him across his slimy, smug face. David reminds Dixie that JR wasn't exactly innocent, and she replies by saying, "At least he's not like you. At least he's not evil!"

They all file into the board's hearing and it begins. Palmer wants to know why David should be permanently dismissed from the hospital when all the charges against him were dismissed in court. Joe retorts that the charges were dismissed on a technicality and it has still resulted in very bad press for the hospital. Palmer then counters that David saved Laura's life and that must surely count for something. Joe pleads with the board to vote for a permanent dismissal because regardless his skill as a doctor, he's a proven menace to the community. As Joe asks the board for a hand vote, an unidentified man enters the hearing. David introduces him to the board as his lawyer. And tells the board, and all present, that he is suing Pine Valley Hospital for $30 million!

When Liza returns home from the hospital, she finds him playing with Colby and an old carousel that used to be Adam's as a child. She tells him that she wants to see their marriage work, and hopes he will change this time, because both she and Colby love him very much.

Mateo meets Chris on the hospital patio. Chris congratulates Mateo on the birth of his son and Mateo gives him a picture. He asks Chris to get the picture to his sister, Julia, who is part of the Witness Protection Program. Chris agrees to help Mateo. After Mateo leaves, Chris calls an unknown person on his cell phone. He tells this person, "I think we've got something we can use."

Mateo returns to Hayley's room to give her the good news that the specialist has declared their son 100% healthy. As they kiss, we see an unidentified woman entering the hospital's nursery. She approaches Baby Santos and is about to pick him up when a nurse catches her in the act. She asks the woman what she's doing in the nursery and who she is. That's when we see that the woman with her hands on Baby Santos is ARLENE!

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

In the hospital board meeting, Palmer yelled at David "You dare to sue the hospital?." David insisted that he had the law on his side. Vanessa acted shocked and said to her son "Oh David, how could you?" David said his being terminated from the hospital was going to ruin his reputation and his lawyer claimed there was no justification for David's termination. Joe Martin said they have plenty of evidence to support it but David claimed it was just a Martin vendetta against him. Tad told him he wouldn't get away with this but David just smugly smiled. The board members argued about the termination and picked up their copies of David's dismissal. Joe said they needed to ratify it before it could be official. David's lawyer said he can't let the dismissal go unanswered, it would be an admission of guilt. David asked if the hospital could afford the fight and the room exploded in arguments. Palmer told them all that the fight could cost close to 50 million dollars and David looked triumphant. Dixie was disgusted while Tad told David he was a liar and that there is no way he can win this. Tad turned to the board members and asked them to show some courage, that it didn't matter if David got the charges dropped against him, he already admitted his guilt. Dixie reminded one of the board members that he himself was on the Fidelity and was affected by David's actions. The man told Dixie no real harm was done. Other board members half heartedly stuck up for David, saying he did bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and his research put their hospital on the map. Vanessa piped in and reminded them that most of all David saves lives. David brightened at this and said "Yes that's what I do. Save lives!." Joe said David was trying to shut down the hospital just to get his own way. Palmer told the meeting that either Joe or David was going to have to "blink first." Tad and Joe were disgusted while David gloated. Joe and Palmer argued about what was best for the hospital and their patients. David brought up his helping Laura DuPres and how Joe almost didn't let him perform surgery but finally did. Tad tried to defend Joe saying Brooke pressured him to let David operate on Laura. Joe said there were extenuating circumstances and David asked "How many Laura's are going to die in this hospital because you won't let me on staff?." He then offered to tear up his lawsuit if the board tore up his termination papers. He gave them 5 minutes to decide. When the time was up David asked "Are we friends again?." Palmer picked up his stack of papers and ripped them in two. Other board members followed until there was a clear majority. David happily picked up his lawsuit and tore it in half. Dixie grabbed Palmer and asked how he could do such a thing. Palmer wondered if she was trying to use him for revenge on David.Tad, Dixie and Palmer began fighting and Vanessa tried to calm them all down. Tad told Palmer that if they went to court David would have lost. Palmer said he wasn't willing to air everything in court and that David will eventually hang himself. Palmer yelled at Joe, and told him he wouldn't keep on "rubber stamping his announcements." Joe was furious and stormed out of the room. Vanessa congratulated David and told him she'd "worked on Palmer all night" for him. David was disgusted at that image and said "Yuck Mother, you've just ruined my appetite!." Dixie came over and told David he ruined his chance at being a good person. She told him he'd never have what she and Tad have, a warm, loving, forgiving relationship that can make it "through even you!." She walked away and David stared after her. Tad and Dixie embraced and David was upset at the sight. Vanessa offered to buy her son a drink and they left the room. Tad asked Dixie if David had gotten to her and she said no, but she hated how he got to the board. Tad said David humiliated Joe and he really hated that. He said this was an obscene joke and wondered how they could teach their kids that good guys win when today the bad guy won? Tad was worried about JR's reaction to today's outcome. He thought he could've stopped David's lawsuit but Dixie told him they should just shut David out. "He's so unimportant compared to everything we have!." Tad says he still wants David to pay. Dixie took Tad's cell phone and tried to call JR at soccer camp. She was stunned to find out he wasn't there.

In Hayley's hospital room, Mateo tried to convince her to sleep. The nurse brought the baby back from his bath and told his parents he had fallen asleep. She told Hayley to do the same and left the room. Mat got Hayley to lie back on the pillows and close her eyes. He told her he was going to get some food and turned out the lights as he left the room.

At Wildwind, Anna was on the phone trying to reach Robin, who is at a conference in NYC. She wasn't successful and was a bit upset. Edmund came in and offered to help her get a hold of Robin. She said Robin is busy and doesn't need her crazy mom calling her. Edmund reminded Anna that this was the news they were all waiting for, her regaining her memory. She broke down in tears and Edmund took her in his arms as Brooke walked in the door. She knocked on the table to announce her arrival and Edmund let go of Anna. He told her to come on in but Brooke said maybe she should come back later. Anna insisted that she stay and Edmund told her that Anna had a major memory breakthrough. Brooke was happy for her, but Anna said some of it was still a little hard to handle. She does remember losing her husband, but has every intention of being all right. Edmund told her she should go to New York to be with Robin and that he'd pay for the trip. Anna got upset and said she was tired of always taking from everyone. She was trained to be self-reliant. Edmund told her that now she has friends to help but Anna said he doesn't know who she used to be. He asked if she wanted to go to Port Charles. She wasn't sure if she did and Edmund told her Wildwind could always be her home. Anna said that's not what she wants for her and that she's strong enough to find something else for herself. Edmund said of course she was as a blinding headache hit Anna and she fell to the ground. Edmund and Brooke took her to the hospital where Jake ushered her into an exam room. Outside the room Brooke asked if he thought it was serious, but Edmund told her Anna often gets these headaches. Brooke offered to buy him some coffee as they discussed his article for Tempo while they wait for Anna. As they headed for the cafeteria they ran into Mateo. After congratulating him Edmund said he hoped the baby looked like his mother. Mat wondered why and Edmund asked if he'd looked in a mirror lately. They sent Mateo home to shower and shave. Edmund and Brooke went to discuss his article. After getting coffee, Brooke began making changes in Edmund's article. They laughed and carried on like old friends.

In the exam room, Anna told Jake he must be done checking her, there was no place left to prod her. She asked if the headaches were stress related and Jake said probably. Anna told him she was going to NYC to see her daughter. Jake said that would be fine as soon as the neurologist reads the test results and OK's it. He said he wanted to keep her overnight but she refused. Jake told her that she's been dealing with a lot and that he'd like her to speak with a psychiatrist. Anna insisted that she didn't have time to whine to a shrink behind a notepad. She said she'd just deal with her headaches and that she must go see Robin. She left the room in a hurry and ran into David Hayward. They both yelled at the other to watch where they were going.

While Hayley napped, Arlene snuck into the room. She stood over the baby just gazing at him when Hayley woke up. Hayley quickly grabbed the infant and glared at her mother. Hayley told her she couldn't be there; if Mateo found her he'd call the police. She also told Arlene that she didn't want her there and reminded her that she promised to stay away. Arlene asked "How could I when my baby had a baby?." She told Hayley that she followed her pregnancy in all the tabloids and TV shows. Hayley threatened to call the nurse but Arlene said her place was with her daughter. Hayley said "You have no place here, just go!." Arlene asked if Hayley and the baby were ok and was told they were fine. Arlene began telling Hayley about her own birth and how, with every contraction, her heartbeat slowed down. Hayley was horrified and believed Arlene was lying to her, but her mother insisted this was the truth. Arlene said the doctors couldn't tell her anything; she could only wait and see if Hayley would be ok. Hayley told Arlene that all the doctors, even the specialist Adam flew in, said the baby was 100% perfect. Arlene was glad to hear the news and said things are so different now days. Hayley insisted that she's never been happier or better and Arlene said that was all she wanted to know and turned to leave. She stopped and told Hayley that she brought the baby a gift and asked if could she leave it. Hayley said it wasn't a good idea but Arlene pleaded with her and Hayley finally nodded yes. Arlene hugged Hayley and the baby from behind as Mateo came in with flowers. He looked at Arlene with repulsion.

Thursday, September 6, 2001

David is sitting in the Pine Valley Hospital ER waiting room, watching as Jake and Anna argue over her pending hospital release. Anna tells Jake she doesn't want to stay overnight in observation to whine about her problems to some shrink. Jake reminds her that she has suffered a trauma and that it is too soon to travel. As Anna disagrees, David steps in, and facing Anna, offers to sign her release papers so she can travel tonight. Jake bodily spins David toward him and asks him what the hell he thinks he's doing. "Taking over this patient's case, Dr. Martin. You got a problem with that?" Anna watches their interaction as she nervously bites her fingernails.

Laura stomps through the halls of Enchantment and knocks on Greenlee's door. "Busy" quips Greenlee "breaking my computer." Laura enters anyway as Greenlee looks up, amused to see her there. "I have something for you" says Laura. Greenlee comments how sweet it was for Laura to bring her a present. Laura produces an earring, demanding to know if it is Greenlee's. She accuses Greenlee of leaving the earring behind last night as she was trying to seduce Leo outside their condo in her nightgown. Greenlee teasingly asks Laura if she owns an eye spy telescope or if she obtained her info from Leo. Laura continues, ignoring Greenlee's questions, and informs Greenlee that they need to lay down some ground rules, that Greenlee doesn't own Laura and she doesn't have Leo!

A flower toting Mateo enters Hayley's hospital room to find his wife standing, holding their son, with Arlene standing right behind her. Hayley looks very uneasy. Mateo, looking furious, asks Arlene what she's doing here. "It's okay, it's okay" says Hayley. "It's okay?" asks Mateo incredulously. Arlene informs him that she came to see the baby. Mateo grabs Arlene by the arm and threatens to throw her out the window headfirst if she doesn't leave. Again, Hayley tells Mateo "It's okay." Mateo reminds Hayley that Arlene isn't supposed to be here, that she's not going to weasel her way in to their life again. Arlene reminds Mateo that she is Hayley's mother and that Hayley needs her mother. "Mateo" pleads Hayley "please don't make her go." Hayley admits that she was just as surprised as Mateo to see Arlene. She explains that she awoke to find Arlene standing over the baby. Arlene just wanted to see the baby and bring him a present. Mateo can't believe Hayley bought that story. Mateo informs Arlene that since she has seen the baby she can go. Arlene whines that she feels that she'll never see them again and Mateo confirms that. Arlene pleads to kiss the baby. "Goodbye little man, be good, let your parents love you," she says softly. Adam enters the room, amazed to see Arlene. "What is she doing here? Get her out of here! How did she get near the baby?" he asks. Mateo tells Adam that it's done -- he has it covered, as he grabs Arlene and drags her toward the door. Arlene stops long enough to congratulate Adam, informing him that they "done good." Mateo drags her out the door. The baby starts to cry and Adam accuses Hayley of being on the verge of tears. "Don't tell me that horror show actually got to you," he says.

Back at Enchantment, Greenlee questions Laura's ground rules. She informs Laura that she hates rules, as she prances from behind her desk to face Laura. Laura states that Greenlee WILL follow these rules. Greenlee mockingly says that she can't believe how strong and brave Laura is. Laura reminds her that she has someone else's heart beating in her chest and Greenlee has no idea about strength like that. "I am transplant woman hear me roar" says Greenlee. Laura tells her to shut up, that she is never to come to her house again and she is never to be where Leo is, never. Greenlee says she didn't know they were living in the fascist state of Pine Valley where her moves are restricted. Again, Laura tells her that she had no right coming to her condo at midnight to talk to Leo. Greenlee denies purposely coming to the condo - she was out for a drive and ended up on Laura's street. Laura doesn't believe that she didn't just find Leo in their courtyard. He was there, just like Mount Everest, retorts Greenlee. Laura accuses Greenlee of being a brat, and Greenlee agrees. Laura can't believe Greenlee likes this quality about herself, but Greenlee assures her that she likes who she is. She asks if Laura likes who she is and Laura assures her that she knows who she is and what is hers. Greenlee muse about Laura's possessiveness and wonders how Leo tolerates it, since he is such a free spirit. "It must get crowed in your bedroom with you, Leo and your colossal expectations." Laura tells Greenlee that she has no idea what goes on in their bedroom. "Quiet, convalescent sex. Boring!" replies Greenlee. Laura accuses Greenlee of being sick, but Greenlee disputes that - saying that she wonders why she can't keep the opposite sex away if she has so many negative qualities. Laura reminds her that she came to tell her to stay away from Leo, that she loves him, they are married and Greenlee doesn't belong in their orbit. She will fight for her husband. Greenlee tells Laura that she wants everything so neat and tidy - that real love isn't neat and tidy, but pretend love is. "You suck!" says Laura. Laura again tells Greenlee that she won't get away with this, that Greenlee will have to walk over her to get to Leo and Greenlee has no idea how hard she will fight for him.

Jake accuses David of being way out of line. David asks him to explain and Jake reminds him that he doesn't have privileges at Pine Valley Hospital; he can't go throwing his weight around. "This is good" laughs David. "You actually haven't heard, have you?" Jake has no idea what he is talking about and David can't wait to tell him that the board overturned his father's decision; he is back on staff with full attending and operating privileges. Jake doesn't believe him and David reminds him that he was exonerated in a court of law, that Pine Valley Hospital was interfering in his right to work and his attorney gently reminded the board of that. Anna continues to nervously watch their interaction. David informs Jake that Joe's personal vendetta against him has been dropped - legally and fairly. Jake mutters some obscenities under his breath and David continues - accusing Joe of thinking that he is God and that Jake and Tad sit at his right hand. Jake informs him that no one will want to work with him. Anna interrupts, stating that if Dr. Hayward is on staff and is willing to discharge her, she'd like to follow-up on that. Jake again states that Dr. Hayward doesn't have privileges and he is personally going to throw him out. Tad and Dixie arrive and inform Jake that for once in his miserable life, David is telling the truth. Tad tells Jake that he witnessed the board's vote. David gloats that he's here to stay and Dixie admonishes him, telling him it's bad enough as it is. Edmund and Brooke arrive and ask Anna what's going on. "War of the Roses," she replies. Jake tells Edmund that he wants Anna to stay overnight and asks Edmund to convince Anna. Anna says that Dr. Hayward is willing to sign her out and Edmund tells Anna he'd trust Jake. Anna reminds Edmund that she hasn't followed doctor's orders for years and she isn't going to start now. She wants to see Robin and tell her that Robert is dead. Anna continues that Robert would support her decision and she doesn't need anyone else's ideas about her.

Mateo leads Arlene to the hospital patio. She accuses him of leading her around like a dog. He asks her if she sits up at night thinking of ways to destroy her children's lives. "You have no idea what I think about or what I've lost," says Arlene. Mateo accuses her of wanting to destroy the happiest moment of her daughter's life because she knows Hayley is susceptible to even her now. Arlene tells Mateo that their son is her grandchild and that Hayley wants her mother. Mateo retorts that his wife and child are off limits, that Arlene is the worst person for the job of mother. He hates this part of her -- her victim act and demands that she just leave his wife and child alone. Adam is in the hospital room with Hayley, looking at a stuffed animal that Arlene brought for the baby. He asks Hayley if she had is checked. She assures her father that her mother is not a baby killer. She is a person, she has feelings says Hayley. Adam disagrees. Hayley admits that she was happy to see Arlene, that she wanted her mom to be there to see her baby. "Then you remembered that your mom makes Joan Crawford look like June Cleaver" says Adam. Hayley tearfully admits that she wants her mother to be someone who she can go to for advice on baby care, but she realizes her mother is Arlene. Adam hugs Hayley, telling her he is so sorry. "She's poison," says. "She wants what you have. She's psychotic. Remember how much she hurt all of us. Hayley admits she thought Mateo would kill her. Adams tells Hayley to let Mateo send Arlene packing and he leaves to help Mateo.

On the patio, Arlene tells Mateo she can't believe how cruel he is, that she is still hurting from her miscarriage. She says that Hayley has everything she is supposed to have. Mateo says that he thinks Arlene's miscarriage was nature's way of relieving her of affecting another soul. Again he tells her never to come near his wife or child. Adam arrives in time to second Mateo's emotion. Mateo asks Adam to get his jet so they can fly Arlene back to where she came from. Adam says he will have his pilot drop her off over the Bermuda triangle. Mateo leads Arlene out of the hospital as Adam says he will call his pilot to have the plane ready.

Greenlee asks Laura if they transplanted a backbone when she got her new ticker. Laura calls her a condescending B and Greenlee advises her not to say the word - it's not allowed in her workplace. Laura tells Greenlee that she can't stand that Laura has Leo. Again Laura warns Greenlee to stay away from Leo, that Greenlee needs to grow up, that she is stupid and pathetic. Greenlee counters that at least she has a life. Laura says that she has the love of her life who comes home to her every night. HA-HA laughs Greenlee - that Leo has a job provided by Brooke to keep his leash nice and tight; soon Laura will see that Leo loves Leo. Laura accuses Greenlee of still wanting Leo. "If I wanted him, he'd be mine," asserts Greenlee. Laura asks Greenlee if she needs proof that Leo loves Laura. That, says Greenlee, "Would be the 9th wonder of the world." Don't come near Leo, Laura repeats with increased vehemence.

Tad warns David not to be too smug, that this fight isn't over, that Joe was right - life is long. David retorts that Joe has been wrong about a lot of things lately. He then turns to Anna and tells her to sign herself out. He leaves, pausing directly in front of Dixie for a few seconds. Jake complains that he doesn't want to work here if David is here. JR calls Tad on his cell phone to say he is okay, and Dixie takes the phone. Edmund disagrees with Anna leaving the hospital, but she insists on seeing Robin, that she doesn't care about what anyone thinks and that this isn't about Edmund, it's about her. He disagrees, saying that this isn't just about Robin. She finally agrees, stating that she can't be someone she's not. Brooke advises Edmund to listen to Anna.

Mateo escorts Arlene onto the Chandler jet, shoving her into her seat. He advises the flight attendant to tell the pilot to fly her 2000 miles away or more. As he buckles her in, she asks Mateo to tell Hayley she loves her and he refuses. She calls him an awful, vindictive man who doesn't deserve what he has. He replies that he earned what he has and asks her what she has earned in her miserable life. He storms off the plane.

Brooke excuses herself so Anna and Edmund can talk. Anna tells Edmund that her leaving is not about him - that she is finally in touch with herself and she like herself now. Edmund apologizes to her stating he didn't want to plug her into a slot in his life. Anna says she loves his kids. But, Edmund says you didn't want to raise them. Sorry, says Anna. She thanks him for everything and they agree to be friends. He tells her to call on him anytime. She kisses his cheek and walks away. Brooke walks over to Edmund and states, "Nothing like a good dumping from a potential girlfriend to make ya feel groovy." They leave together.

Dixie is on the phone with JR. Seems he has some stomach flu and was in the infirmary. Tad and Jake are discussing a way to reverse the decision of the board. Tad leaves to go find Joe and Dixie offers to fill Jake in on the board meeting. David arrives to talk to Jake about a grant he has received to do research and offers Jake the position, but informs him that he must work closely with David. "How does that grab you?" David says to a dumbfounded Jake. Tad finds Joe on the patio drinking coffee and blasts him. How can he drink coffee after the way they treated him in the board meeting. Joe tells Tad that he had to move on, that this isn't Tad's concern. Tad asserts that it is his concern and that they treated his dad like a doormat.

Greenlee accuses Laura of being lame for threatening her, and again Laura tells her to stay away from Leo. At this point there is a buzz and Greenlee answers saying "right on time - send him in." Laura tells her not to take a meeting because she isn't through with her. Greenlee informs her that it is a frightening coincidence that her husband is here to see her.

Back aboard Adam's private jet, Arlene pulls a photo of Mateo and Hayley's baby from her pocket. With her other hand she reveals a tuff of the baby's hair. Looking longingly at the photo, Arlene tells Baby Santos that "Momma" will be back for him soon.

Friday, September 7, 2001

Holding her son, Hayley called the nurse in and asked her if she was always with the baby during his bath. Confused, the nurse admitted that she had left him alone when his "grandmother" had come to visit. Mateo arrived and Hayley told him what had happened. When he appeared relatively unconcerned, Hayley asked him to consider what else Arlene may have done with a pair of scissors and their son. Mateo took the baby from her and joked that he looked "good with a crew cut" but Hayley was far from amused. The nurse left the trip and Mateo placed the baby in his crib. Crying, Hayley wondered what was wrong with her mother and blasted herself for having wanted her in the birthing room in the first place. Mateo assured her that everything was in the past and that they had a future to look forward to but Hayley wasn't so sure. Mateo tried to distract Hayley by asking what sport she thought their son should play but Hayley suddenly asked him if he thought she was fat. Mateo merely replied that all he knew for sure was that they needed an SUV. "You think I'm SUV fat?!" she exclaimed. Smiling, Mateo replied that he assumed that they would be having more kids and held Hayley's hand.

Hayley and Mateo sat on the bed, reading the letters from her fans that suggested baby names. The nurse came in with her food and when Hayley asked when she was being discharged, the nurse merely replied, "I'll let you know" and left. Smiling, Hayley "decoded" that as meaning "a long time." Mateo chuckled and assured her that she would be a great mom because she already knew the double meaning of such motherly statements. He joked that it wouldn't be a problem for them to name their baby and thought back to the childhood dog he had. He told Hayley that he knew right away its name would be "Goofy" but was just unsure of the spelling. Hayley suddenly sat straight up and declared that she knew how they would name their baby. Hayley suggested that they fly out to Texas and have Max help them name the baby. She told him she wanted to leave right away in order to get her mind off of everything that had just happened. Mateo wondered what was scared of and Hayley confided that she didn't want there to be any secrets between them. "Deal," Mateo replied and the pair kissed. The nurse came in and told Hayley that Dr. Clader was discharging her and she would be back with the paperwork. An excited Hayley held her picked up her baby and called him her "own little miracle" as she vowed to always keep him safe.

On the plane, Arlene placed the photo of the baby and his lock of hair in a small album. She called the flight attendant in and showed him the baby pictures she had of Hayley and her grandson. She happily stated that he was a "little looker", pulled out a small bottle of vodka and toasted her grandson.

Arlene continued to cradle the baby album when the flight attendant returned, fastened her seat belt and asked Arlene who the baby in the picture was. "My grandson, Charlie Santos," she replied, and vowed that one day he would know how much she loved him.

Angry, Tad challenged his father to stand up for himself against the board by going against David. Joe remained silent as Tad asked him why he would side with David when they were so close to getting him out of their lives for good. As he closed the door, a calm and collected Joe quickly became angry and hostile. He informed Tad that he had done everything he could but the board didn't back him up. Just as angry, Tad replied that David was rubbing Jake's face in it at that moment and turned to leave. Panting, Joe quickly grabbed his arm and hollered that the "good guys had lost" and suggested that he "let it go." Unmoved, Tad told him that would mean giving up and his father taught him to never do that.

David continued to ask Jake if he would consider partnering with him for the Warnerford Project. Dixie jumped in and replied that Jake was a good doctor because he genuinely cared about his patients, unlike himself. She motioned for Jake to follow her out but Jake only remained still and instead asked David to tell him more about his job offer. Dixie warned Jake that David's proposal was probably a con but Jake repeated his request for him to continue. David told him that he had been applying for the Warnerford Project for years and that if they had a medical breakthrough, it would mean increased finding and support. Jake appeared impressed but not overly convinced. Smiling slyly, he asked David why he chose him and wondered what he wanted. David admitted that he had spoken to everyone and they agreed that Jake had the best qualifications for the position and held up a brochure on the Warnerford Project. Incredulous, Dixie asked Jake how he would be able to work so closely with someone he so despised and Jake admitted that he was thinking the same thing. David held the brochure and asked him to take it, as he reminded Jake that it would be a good job opportunity. As a wide-eyed Dixie looked on, Jake accepted the brochure. Suddenly, he got a page, assured David he would look over it and left. Alone, David tried to talk to Dixie but she wouldn't listen to him and stormed away.

On the phone, Tad screamed at one of the board members to change him mind about the ruling. Joe walked in as Tad hung up and he informed his father that he wasn't giving up. Dixie suddenly came in and told the pair what had just happened. Tad took this as the "first sign" that David was taking over and stormed out to "take care of it." Alone, Joe confided that he was worried over what Tad may do.

Tad caught up with Jake and asked him what he was thinking about when he agreed to pair up with David. Jake informed him that he hadn't agreed to anything yet and explained that it would give him the chance to do the research he always wanted to do. Tad admitted that he doubted David's sincerity in his choice of a partner and Jake became angry. He asked Tad if it was so "unbelievable" to consider that he had earned the position on his own. Tad replied that David had a vendetta against their family and this was merely a step in his plan. Jake's pager went off but before he left he angrily told Tad that he couldn't "be bought." He advised Tad to take his anger from losing against David on someone else and stormed away.

As Hayley wrapped the baby up to leave, the phone rang and Mateo went to answer it. No one spoke on the other line and all that was heard was the keypad version of "The Eyes of Texas are Upon You." A shaken Mateo asked 'Arlene' how she knew but she hung up. Hayley wondered who that was and he quickly told her that it was the wrong number.

At her Enchantment office, Greenlee confessed that Laura's "rules" were new to her and wondered if it was bad that Leo was coming to visit her. Before a shocked Laura could reply, Leo entered the office dressed in a suit and carrying a portfolio. "What the hell are you doing here?" he asked his wife, as Greenlee gave the pair a sly smirk of satisfaction. Laura asked Leo why he was there and Leo held up the papers that he was delivering to Erica. Greenlee jumped in and asked Laura if one of the rules was that they always knew where one another were and a confused Leo asked her what she was talking about. With a nervous laugh, Laura jumped in and told Leo she was going home to make him dinner. As she turned to leave, Leo grabbed her arm and asked her what was going on. Greenlee took her "cue" to leave and left the pair to grab a slice of pizza. Alone, Leo asked Laura what was going on. He wondered why she was following him and Laura replied that she had merely come to visit Greenlee to settle some things between them. Leo wasn't convinced and pulled out the advertisements that he was delivering to Erica. He assured her that she could trust him even though they couldn't control Greenlee with everything that she did. As the pair moved closer to the Greenlee's desk, Laura noticed the intercom button on her phone. She confided that she did trust him and that it felt like a dream that they were together. Leo replied that their love was real and brought her into a kiss. Quietly, Laura slipped her hand behind her back and hit the intercom button.

Greenlee entered her office and Laura crept out from the hallway to the vacant secretary's desk. She thought back to her conversation with Greenlee and placed herself near the phone. Inside the office, Greenlee offered Leo a slice of her pizza but he refused and asked to carry on with their conversation. Greenlee wondered where "the little wife" was but Leo asked her to keep Laura out of it. He wondered if she had only brought him there to see him and Greenlee laughed as she told him to not be so full of himself. She reminded him that she had asked for anyone from Tempo to come and declared that he had been the one to bring her the ads because he wanted to see her. She offered him some pizza but Leo was unmoved. "I know what you're doing Greenlee," he declared, as he stared her down. Greenlee informed him that he wanted her but Leo assured her that he didn't. She only smirked and commented that he was "breaking into a sweat" because he wanted her so badly. She told him that he wasn't getting any satisfaction from his "frigid" wife and challenged him to a bet. Greenlee bet him that she could get him into her bed before his three-month anniversary arrived. Outside in the hallway, Laura switched on the intercom button and held her breath. "You're so good," she heard Leo laugh and told her that she was going to lose the bet. Greenlee imitated a whiny Laura, complaining that she couldn't give him exactly what he wanted. Leo laughed and asked her if that was the best she could do and Greenlee confided that her Opal impression was much better. She continued to mock Laura and told him he was "so going to lost this bet." Crying and visibly upset, a shaken Laura suddenly stormed into the office. Dumbfounded, Leo and Greenlee just stared at her.

On the phone, Tad fought with another member of the board and was hung up on. Suddenly, he heard noises coming from the sunroom and walked out to investigate. "No!" he screamed, as he saw Joe fall to the ground with David hands around his neck.



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