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Passions Recaps: The week of September 3, 2001 on PS
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Monday, September 3, 2001

Timmy is convinced he can use the glowing scepter to escape from the pit. Despite Tabitha's protests, Timmy grabs the scepter to cast a spell.

Miguel and the others try to find a way into the cave to rescue Charity. Meanwhile, Charity reels after the warlocks reveal Tabitha is a witch and they want her destroyed. The warlocks threaten to kill Charity and her friends if she doesn't use her powers against Tabitha. The warlocks show a horrified Charity a vision of an impending funeral.

In Bermuda, several Harmony residents grieve for those lost at sea. A frustrated Gwen reads Julian the riot act. Julian plots to stay married to his new wife, Theresa. Suspicious of Julian's strange behavior, Rebecca closes in on his secret as she decides to question the Justice of the Peace.

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Although alarmed by the vision of Kay caressing Miguel, Charity tells the warlocks she can't destroy a harmless old woman like Tabitha. Rebecca seductively attempts to coax cogent information about Julian out of the resort's justice of the peace. Meanwhile, Julian orders up another case of champagne as he plots to lure his young bride back into his bed. Gwen warns Theresa she will make her pay dearly if Ethan doesn't survive his ordeal at sea. Sam is jolted when Grace again defends David. Theresa dissolves into tears after Julian announces that a body has washed ashore from the sunken rescue boat. Grace tears into Ivy with a vengeance when she catches Sam's old flame eavesdropping on the Bennetts' private conversation. Trapped in the pit, Timmy and Tabitha squeal in horror as Norma begins pitching buckets of man-eating bugs on top of them. Later, Timmy's desperate attempt to cast a spell causes the hurricane in Bermuda to abruptly change course and head straight for Harmony. An exhausted Chad, Ethan and Luis finally make their way back to the hotel.

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Rebecca's magic touch sways the dazzled justice of the peace, who promises to tell her anything she wants to know. As Whitney happily embraces Chad, Ethan wonders where his fiancée has gone. Meanwhile, Julian coaxes an emotionally drained Theresa into bed and eagerly crawls in next to her. Dreaming about Ethan, Theresa begins to respond to her lecherous husband's caresses. With the man-eating bugs piling up around him and Tabitha, Timmy waves the scepter in a desperate attempt to bring enough rain to drown the insects. As Miguel and the others continue their search, Charity finally agrees to do the warlocks' bidding. Bruce interrupts Rebecca's tete-a-tete with the JP and quietly warns the man not to breathe a word about Julian's marriage. The warlocks show a dismayed Charity the tragic fate which befell Sheridan.

Thursday, September 6, 2001

After tumbling into the gorge, a panicked Kay cries for help but Miguel is reluctant to cut short his search for Charity. Hank reminds his brother and Grace that they belong together. Down in the pit, Tabitha fears that Norma has triumphed but Timmy stubbornly repeats his incantation in hopes that enough rain will fall to drown the bugs. Still dreaming of Ethan, Theresa happily reaches out to embrace a leering Julian. Despite dire reports from the local constabulary, Luis refuses to believe that Sheridan is truly gone. Unable to locate Julian or Theresa, a fuming Rebecca begins to suspect hanky panky. The residents of Harmony batten down the hatches as the hurricane starts to bear down on New England. Worried about the kids, Grace entreats Sam not to let their daughters ride out the storm on Warlock Island. A chambermaid at the resort tells Ethan she saw Julian heading to his room with a pretty young brunette in tow. Annoyed to watch her original scheme fail, Norma goes to Plan B and rolls a large boulder towards her victims. Miguel finally manages to pull Kay to safety.

Friday, September 7, 2001

Tabitha and Timmy, Charity, Miguel, Reese, Jessica, Kaye and Simone

The hurricane rains start to arrive as a result of the spell Timmy cast with the scepter. The ground becomes so wet it is like quicksand and Timmy and Tabby are swallowed up by it. They slide down and down....Miguel, Reese, Simone, Jessica and Kaye continue to look for Charity who is deep in conversation with the Warlocks. Charity calls out to Miguel. The Warlocks tell Charity that they will let her leave as soon as she frees them by killing the witch Tabitha Lennox. The Warlocks tell Charity that they will kill her and her friends if Miguel takes Charity before she kills Tabitha. Suddenly, the Warlocks and Charity disappear. When Charity reappears, she is by the edge of a sinkhole. Miguel and the gang find her and Miguel rushes to her side. Charity doesn't remember too much and Reese begins to wonder where Tabitha and her doll are. At that precise moment, Tabby and Timmy fall smack on top of Reese. Miguel asks Tabitha where she was and Tabitha explains that she and Timmy were washed away by the torrential rains caused by the hurricane-like storm going on. Miguel says that the weather is supposed to be clear and Reese accuses Tabitha of casting a spell to bring on the hurricane. At this point Charity remembers her conversation with the Warlocks and accuses Tabitha of being a witch....

David and Grace

In the meantime, Grace is in a shed collecting supplies for the emergency shelter at the church. David arrives to help. They engage in a conversation and their hands touch. They look into each other's eyes and Grace tells David that she doesn't remember him at all. David tells Grace that deep down in her heart she knows that they were once together and assures her that he will help her remember her past. David tells Grace that she's the only one he loves and has ever loved. They are startled by a loud noise and when David goes to see what it is he discovers that a tree fell down against the door of the shed. David and Grace are then trapped together inside the shed...

Sam and Ivy

Sam begins a heroic attempt to attach the beacon so that he, TC and Hank can navigate their way to rescuing the kids on Warlock Island. Ivy wants to help but Sam insists that she can't help because her privileged upbringing has sheltered her from handling such situations. Ivy insists that she can weather a hurricane after weathering her 20-year marriage to Julian. Sam climbs the pole to attach the beacon and drops a piece as he attempts to secure the beacon to the top of the pole. Ivy insists on carrying up the piece to Sam and on her way down gets struck by lightening. Ivy manages to hang on to the Ladder, secured to the pole, while Sam tries to unhook his safety belt to rescue her.

Julian, Teresa, Luis, Ethan, Chad, Whitney, Rebecca, Gwen

Meanwhile, inside Julian's hotel room, a sedated Teresa is dreaming that she is with Ethan and a ready to go Julian is desperate to experience honeymoon bliss with Teresa. He keeps getting interrupted, however, by the ringing of the telephone. Whitney is trying to get through to Julian to warn him that Ethan, Luis and Chad are alive and on their way up to his room (to find Teresa) with Rebecca and Gwen in tow. When a frustrated Julian finally answers the telephone, Whitney blurts out her news. A panicked Julian envisions a mob consisting of Rebecca and Gwen, Ethan, Luis and Chad, all ready to burn him at the stake. Rebecca and Gwen are convinced that Teresa is cheating on Ethan with Julian and both Luis and Ethan are concerned that if Teresa is in Julian's room, she is in danger. Both Luis and Ethan insist that the only way Teresa could be in Julian's room is if she was lured in there by Julian or drugged, or both. Julian desperately tries to hide Teresa, in the armoire (she won't fit), in the bathroom (he's sure everyone will look there first) or somewhere else, while Luis attempts to hack open the door with an axe.....

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