All My Children Recaps: The week of September 10, 2001 on AMC

Due to news coverage of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this week of shows was preempted for every day but Monday.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 10, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, September 10, 2001

Seeing David with his hands on Joe's neck, Tad raced over to them, pulled David off and punched him in the face. As David staggered, Dixie tried to stop Tad and explained that David hadn't caused Joe any harm -- Joe had collapsed. David was just trying to help. As the medics worked on Joe, they decided they had to move him to the emergency room. Dixie stopped Tad from following the gurney into the emergency room. Dixie told Tad she hated to admit it, but David would be the best doctor to treat Joe if it was his heart. She added that Jake and his mother had been called and were on their way. Just then Jake arrived and after greeting Tad and Dixie, he went into the ER to see Joe. Tad agonized over what had happened. He felt it was his fault because he had argued with Joe before it happened. Dixie told him he could not cause another person to have a heart attack. Tad continued to beat himself up over the situation. Dixie tried to comfort him by saying Joe loved him and would forgive him. There was nothing he wouldn't understand. She said Joe would never blame Tad for this. Jake stepped out of the emergency room looking very somber. Jake told them Joe was stable. His vitals were good and he had no chest pain. It was probably just a scare, but they'd know more tomorrow. They were going to monitor him for the next 24 hours. There had been no damage to his heart. Tad asked if he could see Joe, but Jake said he should wait for a couple of minutes. Going back into the room, Jake checked the chart. David put his stethoscope away and told Jake that Joe was doing good. Jake thanked David and walked over to the bed. He told Joe that Ruth was on her way up. Tad was waiting outside the room and he was a wreck.

David stepped out of the Emergency Room and told Dixie her actions had probably saved Joe's life. Dixie said all she had done was call for help. David said without that, Joe could have died. Then he walked away. A few minutes later, Jake came from the room and told Tad Joe wanted to see him. Apprehensive, Tad moved slowly towards the door. He opened the door slightly and peered into the room. When Joe noticed him, Tad entered the room and sat down in the chair beside the bed. He began to cry and apologized. Joe comforted him and forgave him. Tad kissed his hand and cried. When Tad returned to the waiting area, Jake wanted to know if Tad was ok. He told Tad he hoped it was a wakeup call for him. It was bad enough that Joe had to take Hayward back on staff, but it was worse if Tad was out for Hayward's blood. Tad assured Jake he wouldn't mention David Hayward again. He then asked why Jake was riding him. He thought Jake should know how he felt. He accused Jake of taking a moral dive since David made the great offer. Jake said he didn't know if he'd take Hayward's offer or not, but it wasn't any of Tad's concern. Tad had to go one step further and tell Jake to do it in the Martin way - suck it up and pretend it didn't matter. Let the scum of the earth walk all over you. Jake said he'd dedicated his life to taking care of people. He wasn't going to turn his back on opportunity - even if it did come from David Hayward. Tad shrugged and agreed it wasn't any of his business and he'd stay out of it. He apologized for blowing up. He was just upset about his father. At that point, Jake's pager went off. Checking it, Jake said Ruth was on her way up and he headed off to meet her. Tad stared at Jake as he walked away.

Dixie was sitting beside the bed in Joe's room. She told Joe that Tad wasn't ready to give up his hatred of David. Joe told her it was up to her to convince Tad that the strong thing to do would be to let it go. He needed Dixie to help him see that. Dixie assured Joe she'd try.

Laura burst into Greenlee's office in tears. She accused Leo and Greenlee of having a bet that they won't stay married. She told them she heard them over the intercom. Very upset, Laura wanted to know if she was just a joke. Leo denied everything and tried to tell her that she only heard him laughing because he was laughing at Greenlee's ridiculous ideas. Greenlee told Laura the marriage was a joke. Facing Leo and Laura, Greenlee told them they should both face it and call off their sham of a marriage. As Laura and Leo stared at Greenlee in disbelief, she told Laura how awful it must be not to be able to trust the person you sleep next to. First she told Greenlee to stay away from Leo, and then left him alone in the room with her only to eaves drop on the intercom. Leo tried to explain to Laura what she really heard. He assured her he only wanted to be with her. When she finally calmed down, Leo took her hand and started to lead her from the room. As they approached the door, Greenlee stopped them. Greenlee said she was still playing like they had a bet - honor among thieves. Pointing at Leo, Greenlee told him she was in his head, his blood and inside him. Leo took Laura's arm left. Alone in the room, Greenlee immediately called Jake. When he didn't answer, Greenlee left a message telling him she needed to talk to him. She was on her way home and expected him to be there. Opening the door, she came face to face with Val. He handed her a package and told her it was Erica's daily package. She wanted Greenlee to deliver it to her in person. Greenlee asked why. Val moved slowly behind her and said, "Because she's Erica Kane - and she owns you!" He left Greenlee in a complete frenzy.

As Erica and Bianca entered the Pit, Erica wanted to know what they were doing there. Bianca explained that Myrtle thought Opal needed a change of pace. Lloyd, the bartender, was star struck upon seeing "the Kanes" in his bar. He told them the drinks were on the house. Erica ordered bottled water for herself and her underage daughter. Turning, she spotted Opal and Myrtle and moved over to their table. Myrtle was excited to see Erica and Bianca, but Opal was in a depressed state. Opal was blue over Palmer. Erica, Bianca and Myrtle left the table and discussed Opal's recurring depression. Erica felt she should get over Palmer. They returned to the table to help Opal, who is drinking Long Island Iced Tea. Hoping to cheer her up, they try to start a conversation. Myrtle proclaims "boys" and "girls" and "love life" are off limits in their conversation. Erica was telling stories about her job. It seemed they couldn't get Opal out of her blue mood. Finally, Erica asked her point blank why she was so blue. Opal said she couldn't fathom why she ever married and had a child with Palmer. Myrtle reminded her that discussing her love life was off limits. Opal claimed she didn't miss Palmer. He had tried to control her and even made her wear dirndl skirts. She hated the way Vanessa had Palmer wrapped around her little finger. She felt Vanessa had a hand in the hospital board's decision to let David continue his practice at the hospital. Erica was surprised to hear David had been reinstated. Opal looked at Erica and said she hoped Erica still didn't have feelings for him. Erica felt they should just swear off men. Bianca laughed at that and told her mother she had called Jack thirteen times in one hour and Chris Stamp was running a close second. Erica said she had legal matters to discuss with Jack and Chris Stamp worked for her. Myrtle thought Chris Stamp was quite a man. Noticing the astonished look on Opal's face, they turn to see what has Opal so upset. Palmer and Vanessa had just walked into the bar. Opal eyed Vanessa's jewels. Erica told her they were paste. Vanessa had sold the real ones to buy her clothes. She snidely remarked that you could tell by looking at her clothes, Vanessa had no real taste. Bianca teased them about being catty. Opal stated that Vanessa must have Palmer brainwashed and hog-tied.

Palmer chastised Vanessa for allowing the car to run out of gas. Now they had to wait in the bar for the auto club. Palmer decided to make the most of a bad situation and ordered a bottle of Pigeon Hollow Bourbon. Vanessa tried to order something, but Palmer told her in no uncertain terms that she would be drinking bourbon. Again Vanessa tried to order bitters but the bartender ignored her. She started to tell Palmer about the "hole" they were in, but turned to see he had moved away from her. She then noticed Opal and her friends. Turning back to the bar, she downed her bourbon. Palmer asked Opal if her son was ever going to grow up. He said Tad was causing Dixie all kinds of grief again. Opal said it wasn't Tad's fault, but David's for interfering in Tad and Dixie's lives. As Opal ranted, Palmer said he had to go see a man about a dog. Obviously nervous, Vanessa decided it was better for her if she return to the bar.

Opal and Erica sat back down at their table. Greenlee arrived with the package and handed it to Erica. Erica told Greenlee to wait while she looked the papers over and signed them. She'd have Greenlee take them back to the legal department at Enchantment. Bianca smiled smugly at Greenlee and said it could take awhile. As Erica finished reading over the paperwork, she put it back in the envelope and handed it to Greenlee. She told her to take it back to Enchantment to the legal department - now. Greenlee began to leave, then changed her mind and headed for the bar. She sat down and ordered a drink. Vanessa edged over to Greenlee and asked her what her excuse was for being there. Greenlee rolled her eyes and turned away. She took out her phone and tried to call Jake again. Getting the answering machine, she told him she was at the Pit by the mall and to get over there right away.

Erica told Opal she needed to move on with her life. Opal snorted at that and asked Erica when she had ever moved on with hers. She told Erica that if any of the 347 men Erica had dated or been married to would ever come calling, she'd be swiveling her size zero behind so fast the breeze would knock them over. Erica felt Opal's unkind remarks were a result of too much alcohol. She asked Myrtle for Opal's keys, but Myrtle said she was driving. As Palmer rejoined Vanessa at the bar, Opal looked like she could start a fight. Myrtle tried to calm Opal down, but Opal wanted to give Vanessa a little "itty bitty" surprise. Myrtle and Erica had to restrain Opal to keep her from going to the bar. Opal was getting very drunk. She said they had to get Vanessa (the snake-in-the-grass) away from Palmer "T" Cortland. Myrtle asked, "T?" Opal drunkenly explained the T stood for Tiger - her tiger - her little "lambie tiger." Bianca asked if she begged, would they let her go home. As Myrtle and Erica tried to get Opal out the door, Erica's cell phone rang. There was a problem at the office and Erica needed to take care of it before she went home. She told Bianca to call a cab. After Erica had gone, Bianca walked up to Greenlee and asked, "No room at the inn?" Greenlee retorted, "Isn't this place a little too butch for you, Les-Bianca?" Not letting Greenlee outdo her, Bianca replied, "so many men - none of them wanting you!" Greenlee told her to shut up and started making another phone call.

Leo and Laura raced away from Enchantment in their car. Laura begged Leo to slow down. Leo was clearly angry and wasn't listening to Laura. She begged Leo to slow down again and then noticed they weren't going home. She asked where they were going. Leo replied, "Anywhere!" Leo finally stopped the car and loosened his tie. He was clearly agitated. Laura asked why he had been driving like that. Leo replied that he was angry. Laura then asked why they had stopped. Leo turned to her and suddenly grabbed her and began kissing her passionately. Still kissing, they hurriedly began to undress each other. While Leo made love to Laura, he remembered Greenlee's bet. Afterwards, hot and sweaty, Laura was obviously pleased with their liaison. She wanted to know where that came from. Leo sat behind the steering wheel looking like a man possessed. Laura, happy and satisfied, felt Leo was unbelievable. A haunted Leo can't get Greenlee out of his mind. He saw Greenlee's face in the rear view mirror and heard her tell him he'd really made love to her - not Laura.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

Due to the horrible tragedies befalling our nation today, all soap operas were pre-empted today. Presumably all network programming will resume tomorrow with no episodes lost.

Soap Opera Central would like to extend our deepest, heart-felt sympathies to any and all persons affected by these horrific events.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Due to continuing news coverage of yesterday's attacks against The United States, all regular daytime network broadcasts have been put on hold. Therefore, no soaps will be shown today. It is unclear when programming will resume as normal. However, Soap Opera Central will remain on deck and provide complete coverage as soon as we are able.

Again, the thoughts and prayers of all those involved in Soap Opera Central -- our staffers and visitors -- go out to everyone touched by these horrors.

At this time, one may find comfort in the words of Agnes Nixon, a profilic soap opera scribe and creator of All My Children and One Life to Live.

Speaking of the "kinship of humankind under God," Nixon writes:

The great and the least
The weak and the strong
The rich and the poor
In sickness and health
In joy and sorrow
In tragedy and triumph
You are All My Children

Thursday, September 13, 2001

Due to continuing news coverage of the attacks against America, regular network programming has been pre-empted.

Friday, September 14, 2001

Due to continuing coverage of the attacks against America, all daytime programming has been pre-empted. It is anticipated that regular broadcasts will resume on Monday, September 17th with a rebroadcast of this past Monday's episode. All networks have pledged that there will be no lost episodes. By rebroadcasting Monday's episode, that will allow the shows to be back on the correct day for each broadcast. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for complete details.



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