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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 3, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, September 3, 2001

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, As The World Turns did not air today. Coverage will resume on Tuesday, September 4th. This pre-emption was planned and there will be no lost episodes.

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Barbara wants Jennifer to leave Fairwinds. Jennifer wants some affection from her mother. Barbara tells her to leave and never come back, and says that Jennifer doesn't need her anymore. Jen wonders what this means for Will. Barbara spits that Will needs the mother that she can't be. Jennifer storms out.

Paul finds Rose outside the Lakeview. She's crying, upset that she ruined their date. Paul says he wants to talk to the real Rose D'Angelo. Rose admits that she was embarrassed by her crude New Jersey friends and tells Paul that she's nothing like he thinks she is. She tells him that she is nothing like Lily but can't stop trying to be like her. Rose is still in love with Holden and is trying not to be, and she's terrified that he's dead. She expects Paul to leave after that, but he tells her he can beat her, hands down, and tells her he tried to kill his father.

Lucinda comes up behind Dante with a gun and orders his goons to free Lily, Holden, Luke, Damian and Simon. One of the goons throws a blindfolded Luke at Lucinda, allowing Dante to get the upper hand, threatening to kill Luke. He tells his goons to take Damian outside - they're taking him and Luke with them. Lily flies at Dante and grabs the gun, giving Simon a chance to grab Luke. Lucinda shoots Dante. As Holden tends to Simon's wounds, Lily pulls the bag off of Luke's head, only to find that the child is not Luke!

Craig attempts to repair his relationship with Bryant, promising to recognize all the positive things that Lucinda has done for his son. Bryant insists that Craig give back his Worldwide stock. When he refuses, Bryant accuses him of still trying to stick it to Lucinda. Craig encourages Bryant to express his opinions to him, but asks him not to walk away. They talk about how Bryant's apology in the courtroom nearly cost him Jennifer. Craig advises his son to take charge in the relationship - "Be a man, make her yours!" Bryant leaves.

Katie slips off her wedding ring while dancing with Rose's friend, Bruno. When he asks if she's married, she tells him that she is separated. She agrees to go to his room, but they end up in the parking lot. Katie tells Bruno that she hasn't been completely honest with him. He replies that he already knows, noting the tan line where her wedding ring was. He's open to an affair, he tells her.

Holden thinks he knows where Luke is being held, and he and Lily head off to search for him. Lucinda thanks Simon, and after getting a doctor, they prepare to fly home. Holden and Lily find Luke with a gun-toting Damian. Holden screams that Damian will have to shoot him to take Luke again, to which Damian threatens to shoot Lily instead. He takes off with Luke. Holden and Lily kiss and he promises that they'll find their son. Lily pulls out Holden's wedding ring and puts it on his finger.

Jen arrives home screaming and pounding things. A stranger comes into the room naked and wet. They give each other attitude, but she can't take her eyes off of him when he returns to the bathroom. He later introduces himself as Bryant's cousin, Billy Ross. He's surprised to find out Jennifer is living with Bryant, since it seems like she's never seen a naked man before. She gets a splinter, and when he takes her hand to get it out, sparks fly between them. Billy wants to know why she had been crying and touches her face, just as Bryant walks in.

Paul tells Rose about shooting James to save Emily, and how since then he's been fighting the part of him that is like James. He says he compensates by being overly nice. He says he gets tired of fighting what is inside him, and tells a surprised Rose that he can literally hear his father whispering inside of him to go after Craig. Paul wonders if he is a time bomb waiting to explode and turn into James. A slightly wary Rose surprises Paul when she doesn't take off. They start to get close but are interrupted by Mitzi, who drags them back to the party, where they share a dance.

Bruno wonders if Katie's marriage has problems. He tells her she needs more fun in her life. She thinks of Simon, and Bruno leaves his number and tells her to call when she's ready to forget her husband for a while. Craig shows up and congratulates his sister on sticking to their plan to stop chasing Simon and Carly. Katie wonders if Craig is bonding with Bryant to forget about Carly, and reminds him not to call her. Katie takes off as Cass arrives, warning Craig of problems with the Worldwide stock. Recap --->

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Carly's Apartment:

Jack looked into Carly's window. He started to put a note under the door when it opened. He called out to Carly and the manager walked in. He told Jack that Carly moved out. He said, "a good looking woman like that, probably found a sugar daddy." Jack immediately thought of Craig and stormed out.

Lakeview Hotel Lounge:

Craig wanted to know what Cass meant when he said that there was trouble with the WorldWide Stock. Cass said that Craig bought the stock in his name, but that he used BRO money, so Paul and Barbara arranged for a meeting with a judge. Craig couldn't see how a judge could side with Barbara after she lied in court. Cass reminded him that this was civil court and it was a whole new ball game. Cass said the law might be on her side. Craig asked if Cass knew Rose. Cass said that he had met her. Craig said that Paul was clue less and Barbara wasn't thinking clearly since the accident. He was sure that this all came up at the suggestion of Rose and Lucinda. He said if they want to fight, then he'll give them a fight.

Craig was on the phone when Jack walked in and wanted to know where Carly was. He asked if Carly was upstairs. They argued about Carly. Craig was surprised that Jack didn't know that Carly left town. He was only too happy to tell Jack that Carly wasn't upstairs in his room, that she moved to Chicago. He said that he assumed that she told Jack when she told him about her leaving. Jack asked why she left for Chicago. Craig said she left because of him. Craig asked why he was arguing with him, that if Carly really meant anything to him, he would be half way to Chicago by now. Craig and Jack continued to argue then he told Jack that he'd give a lot for Carly to want him like she wanted Jack. He said he tired to get Carly to want him, but Carly only wants Jack.

Jack was talking to someone on the phone that he asked to tail Carly. He was happy that Carly hadn't noticed that she was being followed. He thanked who ever he was talking to and said to himself "Carly hang on, I'm on my way."

Bryant & Jennifer's Cottage:

Bryant walked in as Billy and Jennifer were talking. Bryant asked if she met his cousin. She said yes that he was there when she got home. She left the room and the cousins hugged and made small talk. Bryant questioned him about being so close to Jennifer when he walked in. Billy said she was crying and he was trying to console her. Jennifer walked back in the living room and Bryant asked if she was OK. He said that Billy told him that she was upset. She said she was looking for him but she couldn't find him. He told her he was at the Lakeview talking to his dad. Jennifer didn't like that and was sarcastic to him about doing what ever Craig wanted. Bryant wanted to know what was going on with her to get her so upset. She didn't want to talk. Billy told Bryant that he was going to leave to give him and Jennifer some time to talk.

Bryant told Jennifer he wasn't going to apologize because he talked to Craig, but that he was there to listen to her now. She didn't want to talk. He said it's not working between them and if she isn't confiding in him, that maybe they need to rethink their situation. He told her that maybe they should call it quits. She asked him if he wanted her to move out. He said no, he wanted her to stay, but he wanted them to talk to each other. She said she wanted to talk about her problem but every time she thinks about it, she starts to cry. He wanted to know what happened that day. She said she saw her Mom and then put her head on his shoulder and he hugged her. They started kissing when Craig knocked at the door. Jennifer wasn't happy about that.

Bryant told Craig he should have called first. Craig said he would have called but it was urgent. He said he has some assets that needed protection and he wanted to put them with his trust fund for safe keeping temporarily. Jennifer wanted to know "what trust fund." Bryant told her they'd talk about it later. She told Craig that Bryant knew that trust fund was blood money from her mom and he wouldn't touch it. Craig apologized and said he thought that Jennifer knew. Bryant asked Craig to leave.

As Craig walked out, he ran into Billy. The made small talk and then Craig asked him to come for dinner the next week and ask Bryant to come with him. Billy thought it was a great idea.

Bryant and Jennifer talked about him keeping the trust fund. She said he didn't need the trust fund when he had a great job with Lucinda. When he didn't reply she realized he lied about that too. She said it was easier to take the money and lie about it. He said he wanted to tell her but she was in such bad shape worrying about her mom. She asked if it was her fault. He said no that it wasn't her fault. She said, "You're just like him." You lied about what you did and when you got caught, you blame someone else. She said, "You're exactly like your father." He told her he's just as angry with Craig as she was for what he did to Barbara, but the trust fund was set up by Lucinda for him. She reminded him that Craig stole that money from her mother to replace the money he stole for Bryant's trust fun. She said he lied to her about it. He said yes that he did but that he didn't agree with her that he should give up $2 million. They continued to argue and then she turned to walk out. As she was leaving she told him that she refused to end up like her mother. She opened the door and Billy was just coming in and asked where she was going. She said she was going home. Bryant was mad and kicked over some furniture.

Java Underground:

Isaac tried to tell Ben there were a lot of girls out there and all he had to do was scoop them up. Lisa laughed at what Isaac was trying to do. Isaac mentioned that he was short handed at the club and Lisa told him she had someone in mind to help him out. Isaac saw Bonnie walk in and was immediately attracted to her.

Isaac introduced himself to Bonnie but she wasn't impressed or interested and tried brushing him off. Jessica walked up and Bonnie introduced her to Isaac. Jessica and Bonnie sat down and Bonnie told Isaac to bring her a drink. Isaac left and told Ben that Bonnie really had a bad attitude and he really didn't like her. Later Isaac overheard Lisa telling Bonnie that she had arranged for her to work at Java. Bonnie said she didn't think waitressing was her thing. Jessica told her that she has to get a job to pay for her bills. Isaac walked up with the drinks and asked to talk to Lisa. Bonnie and Jessica argued about her having to work. Jessica told her to get the chip off her shoulder. It made Bonnie mad but she told Lisa that she'd take the job.

Isaac told Lisa that he wasn't hiring Bonnie. She said no; he wasn't hiring her that she was. She reminded him that he was under staffed. She told him that he is going to give Bonnie a chance. He wasn't happy about it.

The Munson's House:

Emily walked into Hal's patio. She felt uncomfortable about what Craig wanted her to do. She thought about Craig's words telling her to hire Carly. As she started to knock on the door, her cell phone rang. It was Hal calling to tell her that sitter canceled and he had to take care of Parker. He said he was having a food fight with Parker and needed to cancel their date. She looked in the window and smiled as she saw the problem he was having with trying to feed Parker. She opened the door and told Hal she thought she might as well come in since she was already there. He told her that she looked beautiful. She started to leave, but he told her to stay. He cleaned up Parker after he finished feeding him. Emily asked Parker where his mom was. Hal said she was in Chicago looking for a job. Emily thought that was a long commute. Hal said Carly wouldn't be commuting that she and Parker would be moving to Chicago. He told Emily that Carly wanted to get a fresh start for her and Parker. Emily said she packed her bags and was ready to leave several times but there is no place like home. Hal said he couldn't stand the idea of Parker being so far away. Emily started to say she had a job for Carly but she stopped and said she should leave. Hal stopped her and asked to give him a few minutes while he got Parker ready for bed. He said he would fix them something to eat and they could have their date there instead.

Hal surprised Emily by decorating the patio for an alternate date at home since he couldn't take her out somewhere special. She was amazed that he did that all for her. Emily asked if Carly had something lined out or was she just scoping things out. Hal asked why? She said if she is looking for a job, why not look in Oakdale. Emily said she could hire Carly to work at the Intruder. Hal was suspicious and said "but you don't like Carly." She told him she doesn't like a lot of people but that doesn't stop her from working with them. She said she was just thinking that Carly could run a fashion column for her. She wanted to know what Hal thought about that, since he wanted Carly to stay in town. He asked if she wanted to hire Carly so that Parker would be staying closer to home. She said sure. He told her that he knew that's not the way she operates. She told him to forget it. She realized that he figured out that it wasn't her that was really offering Carly the job. She said Craig didn't want Carly to know that he was behind her getting the job. He was hoping that Hal could suggest it to Carly. She said she should have come right out with it, but she knew how he would react. Hal asked her if she was doing Craig's dirty work. Emily denied it, she said she came to have a date with him. She said that she knew Carly needed a job and he wanted Carly to stay in town. He asked her if she thought that Carly wouldn't have figured it out that she was working for Craig. Emily said Carly would be working for her. He said that Craig has ruined every happy relationship in Oakdale. She said those relationships were weak to begin with. Hal said it sounded like she was defending him. She said if he didn't want Carly to work for Craig that was fine but it wasn't any of his business. They continued to argue and she said it was stupid for her to get into it with him. Hal said he was happy until she brought up Craig. He said that Craig was on a mission to get Carly back in town and that the reason Carly left was because of Craig. Emily said "so what" and wanted to know what that had to do with the two of them. She reminded him that they were supposed to be on a date. They continued to argue and Emily got mad and stormed out.

Thursday, August 6, 2001

Well, much to Paul and Barbara's dismay, the World Wide stock stays jointly between Barbara and Craig. The judge came to his decision and reminded them they were assets acquired while they were married and they remain property of the two of them. After the judge leaves Barbara states she wants and appeal and Craig wants five minutes alone with Barbara, which she grants him.

Emily pops over to Hal's to pick her shoes she threw at him yesterday. Hal surprises her by having it fixed. Hal apologizes for getting mad when Emily brings Craig's name into their first date and after Hal is finished, Emily thinks it would be better if they just remain friends and not date because somehow romance and Emily never really mixed. Hal didn't like that idea so he continued top ask her out on another date and Emily accepts. Emily also plugs the job for Carly again stating she didn't it because she is Hal's friend and the mother of his son and wants to help him. Emily also states how she can be nice.

Carly finds Jack at her door begging her to stay with him and Carly says she needs time to be alone and find herself. She doesn't want to go back to Oakdale because she can't find a decent job, and she can't get away from the whispers of her past. She also reminds Jack that their relationship pretty much always ends up in a fight.

Lucinda and Simon return to Oakdale and Simon wants to rush home to Katie, who is stepping on grapes in her bath tub with her New Italian friend watching and flattering her. As Katie is playing with the grapes she starts kissing her new friend and Simon walks in to see the show. He just stands and observes.

Friday, September 7, 2001

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, As The World Turns did not air today. Coverage will resume on Monday, September 10th. This pre-emption was planned and there will be no lost episodes.


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