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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 27, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, August 27, 2001

Molly calls Hal to find out what happened when he went to talk to Nick. Hal tells her that the guy adamantly denied that he had anything to do with the mug shots that are being sent around Oakdale. Hal tells her that there is nothing more that he can do. Molly starts to ramble about going down the aisle at her wedding wondering if this guy is going to pull something else. Jake walks into the room and starts to kiss her neck. She hangs up from talking to Hal and Jake asks her whom she was talking with. Molly tries to lie and she says that she was talking about plans for the wedding. Then she looks at Jake and tells him that she can't lie. She tells him about calling Hal and getting him to go put the squeeze on Nick. Jake tells her that she is crazy and she gets mad at him. He then tells her that she is intense and that makes her even madder. Finally he gets her to cheer up and she tells him that she has to go into work for the late night news. He tells her not to worry that everything is going to be OK.

At WOAK, Nick gives Kim his resignation. She tells him that she will not accept it and rips it up. Nick tells her that he can't go on any longer with Molly. He tells Kim that Molly had the police get involved with the mug shot business. Kim sees Molly walk by and she grabs her and makes her come into the office with Nick. Kim tells them both that she wants them to work this whole mess out. Kim leaves the two alone. Nick asks Molly what he has to do to convince her and she tells him to leave town. Nick walks out and leaves Molly alone. Molly looks at the wedding invitation with her mug shot on it and says, "Well, it is worth a try." She throws the invitation into the trash and walks out. Nick comes back in and picks the invitation out of the trashcan. He looks at it and says that he is going to prove to Molly that he didn't have anything to do with this.

Lucinda sees Katie at the Lakeview and asks her about Lily. She asks if Simon is still helping Lily. Katie says that she is sworn to secrecy and she can't tell her anything. Katie walks away and then looks back and sees how sad Lucinda is. She goes over to her and tells her that she will tell her what is going on, but she can't tell anyone or act upon the information. Lucinda swears on her mother's grave that she won't. Katie tells her about Lily seeing Luke and he is still alive. Lucinda is so happy she almost starts to cry and then she asks Katie where it was that she said Lily and Simon was. Katie says that she didn't say and she warns Lucinda not to act on anything or she could interrupt everything. Lucinda can see the young woman is upset and she tells Katie to go home and not to worry. Katie flashes her a look as to say she had better not do anything. Katie leaves and Lucinda pulls out her cell phone. She calls her butler, Matthew, and tells him to wake up the maid and get her to pack her bags and call the pilot and plot a course to Malta.

In Malta, Lily opens her door at the Villa and Signora Cordina is standing at the door. She accuses the woman of eavesdropping. The woman says that she was only cleaning. Lily starts to drill her about who she works for, Damian or Dante. The woman denies working for either one. Lily warns her that she will not rest until she finds her husband and child and takes them back home. The woman runs away from Lily. Lily goes back into her room and someone grabs her and puts their hand over her mouth. Lily turns and gets away from the intruder. When she turns she sees that Simon is in her room. She is shocked and asks him how he got back to her. He tells her about getting off the plane and leaving Katie on and that he gave her strict orders to go back to Oakdale. Lily tells Simon that she is sure that Signora Cordina works for either Damian or Dante. Simon asks what she has planned. She tells him that she is supposed to meet Dante at the café and she has made a plan with Damian to meet him there also. She tells him that she doesn't think that she can go through with setting up Damian, but she wants Holden and Luke back. Simon asks if there is a way to get a message to Damian. She says that she could possible get Signora Cordina to deliver a message, but she doesn't know whom exactly she works for. Simon asks if there is a word that only she and Damian would know that would warn him. She thinks for a minute and says that there is a message she can send him. She sits down and writes out the note. She gives it to Simon and he reads it. The note says that she is looking forward to meeting him at the café and she hopes that they will have the same ambiance as the Café Rigoletto. Simon asks about Café Rigoletto and Lily says that he will understand. She adds that he has to his life depends on it. There is a knock at the door. Simon hides and Lily opens the door. Signora Cordina is there and Lily asks if she would please deliver a note to Damian. At first, the woman says that she cannot do this. Lily begs her and she gives in and says that she can't promise but she will try. Lily says that she will wait for her response. Lily closes the door and tells Simon that all they have to do now is wait. Simon says that they can't wait. He adds that the woman may come back with Dante. He says that they will go to the café and wait.

Damian is at a church and he is praying. The inspector comes in and tells Damian that he would like to go ahead of him to the café and check things out. Damian tells him that he trust Lily. He adds that she will not betray him. The inspector offers Damian a gun and Damian says that he will not need it. Signora Cordina comes in and gives Damian the note. Damian reads the note and looks up at the inspector. He tells him that he will take that gun after all. He tells the inspector that Lily has mentioned Rigoletto and that was the scene of a bloodbath. The inspector gives him the gun and says that he will send his men ahead of Damian. Damian tells him no, he will go alone. The inspector says that he will say a prayer for him and that he hopes to see him soon. Damian puts the gun in his pants and leaves.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

At WOAK, Nick is investigating the wedding invitations when Carly comes in looking for Molly. Kim walks up and informs her she's not welcome. Carly tells her to back off, she's had a tough time lately. Kim tells her to try walking in Barbara's shoes. Carly protests that she didn't do anything to hurt Barbara. Kim wonders who it was kissing Craig moments before the wedding then. Carly says she came to tell Molly that she's leaving town.

Molly arrives at Jack's hoping he'll help her get proof that Nick is harassing her. Jack tells her he's been suspended, and can't do anything as a cop. He's willing to help, and reassures her that he won't get in any trouble. Molly tries to convince him to get back together with Carly, but he says there are too many injuries on both sides. He leaves to talk to Nick.

Bonnie thinks that Jessica's idea for her to get a job is beneath her. They argue, and Duncan arrives to try to smooth things over. Bonnie sweet talks him, then begs him to take her back to Europe with him. He refuses, telling her that time with her mother will do them both good. He leaves, telling them both to play nice. Lisa arrives and agrees to hire Bonnie. After seeing her insult a customer, Lisa thinks Java Underground may be a better place for Bonnie to work.

At Java Underground, Isaac, Ben and Curtis bond as they talk about Ben's sorry love life. Isaac tries to set Ben up, but he ends up striking out with a woman who's about to become a nun. Isaac vows to find Ben the perfect woman.

Rose meets up with Craig, telling him she wants him to drop the lawsuit against Barbara and Paul. Craig refuses, bitter over how they ruined his reputation. He insists that they owe him and they're going to pay. Rose hands him a lawsuit that Lucinda had drawn up against him. Craig doesn't believe there are grounds for Lucinda's suit. Rose reminds him of Lucinda's breakdown at the board meeting, then pulls out a bag of chocolate truffles and announces that she has proof of his involvement.

Molly shows up at Carly's and informs her that she just saw Jack. She comments that they both look miserable. Carly thanks Molly for letting her stay at the apartment and tells her that she's moving to Chicago. Carly vows not to let her life revolve around Jack anymore because she needs to concentrate on Parker. She's sure that they can start over away from Oakdale, where Parker won't be known as the son of the town tramp. Molly says that all of Carly's problems are Craig's fault, and wonders if there's a way for Carly to start over in Oakdale. She says that she'll take care of everything and hurries off.

Jack arrives at WOAK and threatens Nick. Nick protests that he didn't have anything to do with Molly's wedding invitations. Jack tells Nick to consider him his shadow and promises to hunt him down if anything happens to the McKinnon family. Kim interrupts them and Jack leaves. Nick tells Kim he's found the stationary store that printed the invitations. Kim gives him time off to prove his innocence and wishes him luck.

Rose tells Craig how she saved a chocolate after seeing what they did to Lucinda. She didn't go to the police because she was sure he'd go to jail for the explosion. She threatens civil court, where you don't need as much evidence. Craig doesn't take her seriously and starts to walk off, when she reminds him it was she who produced the pictures of him kissing Carly, and pulls out the note that was with the chocolates. Rose tells him that even if he avoids the lawsuit, his daughter will be hurt when she sees how Craig used her against her grandmother. Craig agrees to drop the lawsuit. After Rose leaves, he calls Cass, telling him that it's more important than ever to hold onto the Worldwide stock. Recap --->

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Bryant & Jennifer's Cottage:

Jennifer was sleeping on the sofa when Bryant walked in from a run. She woke up and asked if he had been working out. He said he was trying to burn off some energy. Jennifer was surprised that she had slept so long. Bryant said it's not how long she slept but where she was sleeping. Jennifer knew what he was referring to and reminded him that he had told her that she could take as much time as she needed before having sex with him. He said it was very hard for him because she is a beautiful woman. He wanted to know if she had second thoughts about living with him. She told him no. He wanted to know why she was holding back. She said she had the right to say no. He told that he has always respected her and that no other guy would have...he stopped before finishing what he was going to say. She asked if he meant that no other guy would have put up with her that long. She was upset and he tried to apologize and said he didn't mean it. He said he loved her. Jennifer told him that he thinks that it's never been the right time for her, but when she thought it was, he wasn't ready. They continued to argue about her not wanting him to touch her. She said she'd know when it's the right time for her. She told Bryant that she was scared that she would need him too much. He said he wanted her to need him. She said everything is so messed up in her life and she is afraid if they do have sex, she would be giving him everything she had. He calmed her down and they kissed. When they lay down on the bed, she jumped up and told him she couldn't do it now. Bryant was mad and Jennifer asked him to say something. He said he couldn't believe that she did it again and left.

Lakeview Hotel Restaurant:

Craig was sitting at a table when Sierra walked in. She said she came to say goodbye. She was on her way to Montego. He thanked her for her help in supporting him. She said she always knew he was innocent. He thanked her for being a rare friend. She said she needed for him to call Bryant and apologize to him. He said that he didn't think Bryant wanted to hear from him. She said that Bryant made the first move by hugging him after the trial was over. Craig said a hug doesn't make a relationship. She continued to pressure him to call Bryant again. He asked Sierra what was he going to do without her around to give him advice. She told him that maybe he should find someone else, like Carly. He said Carly doesn't want him around, she pushed him out of the door when he went to her apartment and told her he loved her. Sierra thought it was bad timing, since it was just after the trial was over. He agreed that maybe his timing was off. Sierra said to trust her, and that she knew that Carly would forgive him. She advised him to be a friend to Carly and when she was ready to reach out to someone, he'll be there for her. She again asked him to make amends with Bryant. He said he was going to miss her, they kissed and she left.

Molly saw Craig and sat down with him at his table. She told him that Carly was moving to Chicago and it was all his fault. She said he was the only one that could make her not leave. He said he would do anything for Carly but the last time he saw her, she shut the door in his face. She said he owed it to Carly to help her get a job, or anything so she wouldn't have to leave town.

Carly's Apartment:

Carly made hotel reservations at a hotel in Chicago. She talked to Parker and asked him if he was sad because she was leaving town for a few days. He nodded his head yes. She said she was going to find a new place for them to stay where they could be together all the time. She told him he would be staying with Hal while she was gone and she was going to make everything just fine for them.

Carly asked, "who is it " when she heard a knock at the door. Craig told her it was he. She told him that no one was home. She was mad when she opened the door because he spoke loud enough for the neighbors to hear him. She asked him what he wanted. Craig told her that he wanted her to stay.

Al's Diner:

Emily wanted to know why Hal didn't mention anything about the "power suit" she was wearing. Hal said it was very powerful. She said she had a meeting with the Bureau Chief of the Reuters News Service. Hal congratulated her. She was so excited. She said that they might want her to do an in depth series on how they caught the real culprit. She told him that she might need to collaborate with him in case she forgot some details. He said as long as he was and unnamed source. She wanted him to get credit for his part but he said he would pass, getting his job back was enough for him. He didn't think she should share the spotlight with anyone else. She thanked him for inspiring her to go after the story.

Carly walked in with Parker in her arms. She saw Hal and Emily talking and sat down at a near by booth. She listened to them chat and could see that they had a connection that was more that just them working on the case to find the bomber. Hal said a few months ago, he would never have believed that they would ever be palling around together. He told her that now that the story is over, they would be going back to their respective corners, her as a reporter and him at the police station. Emily said she guessed it was the end of a wonderful partnership. He said there was no reason they couldn't meet for coffee sometime. Parker ran over to Hal and Emily said that was her cue to leave. Carly told her not to go, she said she knows she owed Emily for getting her off the hook of being Craig's accomplice and she was grateful. Emily was very appreciated of what Carly said. Carly asked Hal if she could speak with him for a min. Emily offered to buy Parker a banana split at another table so that they could talk.

Hal asked Carly if she heard of Jack's suspension. She said no, but she thought that she and Jack should stay clear of each other. She asked Hal to watch Parker for a few days while she looked for an apartment for her and Parker in Chicago. She asked Hal how were things were with him and Emily. He denied anything was going on. Carly told him that she could see that Emily was crazy about him. Carly told Hal she knows love when she sees it. She told Hal to ask Emily on a date. She said he should accept that Barbara won't come back and he shouldn't pass up something real for something that may never happen.

As Carly left, Emily asked Hal what she wanted. Hal said that Carly just gave him some food for thought. Emily said she had to leave and Hal told her he wasn't ready to say goodbye yet. He didn't want to say goodbye before he told her how great she was when he was hurting because of what was going on with Barbara. She told him that he already thanked her and she had to get to her meeting. He said that she wasn't making it easy for him. She wanted to know what he was trying to say. He finally asked her out to dinner. She said sure, they could meet for a burger now and then. He said no, not for a burger, he wanted to take her to a fancy restaurant for a real dinner. Emily wanted to know if he just asked her out on a date. He said yes, it's a date. She asked "what about Barbara." He told her that he would always love Barbara but that Barbara told him that she doesn't belong to him any more. Emily said she had to get going but before she left, she accepted his dinner invitation and told him to call her, as she patted him on his cheek. He asked Parker if he wanted to go for a ride, and he went on to say that it turned out to be a very nice day.

Jake and Molly's Condo:

Mary brought the twins in the living room, all ready to take them to the park. Molly was making sure that they had all the toys etc. that they would need. Mary assured her that she had everything and that it wasn't the first time she took them to the park. After Mary and the twins left, Jake asked Molly what was wrong. She looked worried but said she didn't know. Nick was listening out side the door. He heard Abigail and Adam walking toward the door and backed away. Jake insisted that Molly tell him what was wrong. She told him about Carly moving to Chicago. She blamed Craig for making Carly move. Adam and Abigail walked in laughing while Adam was taking movies of Abigail. Molly wanted to know what was going on. They said they signed up for filmmaking and he was giving Abigail her first screen test. Abigail said that they each had to make a film by the end of the semester on video. While they were talking, Nick was outside the door listening again. Molly wanted to know what Abigail's topic was going to be about. She said that she wanted to interview kids that lost a parent and the different ways that they handled grief. Molly said she thought it was a great idea, but she just remembered that there was something she had to do and left.

After Molly left, Nick knocked on the door. Jake told him that isn't a good idea for him to be there. He said he wasn't there to cause trouble, that's why he waited until Molly left. . He said he dug up some information that he thought that Jake would be interested in. He found out who had been harassing Molly. He gave Jake the name of the store that had the invitations made. He told Jake to check it out and that he is glad to able to show Molly that he isn't the jerk that Molly thinks he is. Jake told Adam and Abigail he'd be back in a few min. Adam thought that story would make a great film.

Jake ran in the apartment calling for Molly. She wanted to know what was wrong. Jake told her that Nick had been there earlier. Molly was worried, but he told her that that wasn't the problem. He said that Nick gave him the name of the stationary store where the invitations were printed and it was Mary that had them made. Molly couldn't believe that it was "their Mary" that had done it and looked shocked.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

After confronting her, Mary confesses her attraction to Jake and her attempts at discrediting Molly. She wonders if they can ever forgive her - Molly answers by kicking her out on the spot. Donna stops in to make arrangements for the wedding and decides she will be the kids new nanny. Molly apologizes to Nick and talks him into staying on at WOAK.

Carly is off to Chicago, and Craig is determined to keep her in town. Carly again tells him off and as much as he wants to help she'll have nothing of it. Craig then talks Emily into agreeing to make a job offer from the Intruder. It MUST be right away! But, it's not to be known that Craig is behind it. Emily says she won't lie to Hal, but, it would be nice if Parker remained in town close to his dad. Craig thinks Carly would make a good fashion critic.

Sierra says goodbye to Bryant. She offers advice about Jen.

Rose and Paul go out on their date. Rose cry's when Holden is discussed as she explains the sordid past of her Lily and Holden.

Friday, August 31, 2001

Rose and Paul grow closer over dinner as they exchange compliments. Mitzi spoils the moment when she interrupts and announces that she's gathered everyone there for a surprise birthday party. . Embarrassed by Mitzi's surprise, Rose urges Paul to leave but he insists on staying and later hands her a present of his own.

Katie catches the eye of Bruno Portolano, an Italian friend who flew everyone there for the party. Katie hesitates when Bruno asks if she's married while she tries to remover her wedding ring behind her back.

While Jennifer surprises her mother with an unannounced visit in her home away from the rest of the world, Bryant chats with his father about his troubled relationship with Jennifer. Refusing to face her daughter, Barbara asks her not to seek advice from her anymore since those days of "passion and poetry" are gone for her and hesitates when Jen asks to give her a kiss before she leaves.

Bryant resents it when Craig "trashes" Lucinda and asserts that she has done more as a grandparent than he as a parent.

Lily arrives at the Cafe Dell'Arte and incurs Dante's wrath by coming alone. She assures him that Damian will soon be there. Dante's thugs grab Simon as he spies on them. When Dante reveals Holden as his prisoner, everyone starts shouting. Simon rushes to protect Lily but Dante stabs him in the stomach. Damian arrives and offers Dante the Grimaldi Empire in return for everyone's lives. Instead, Dante orders his men to kill everyone. Lucinda stops things when she pushes her handgun into Dante's throat and vows to kill him.

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