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Monday, August 20, 2001

In Malta, the police detective is making Katie and Simon pack and they are being deported. Simon tells the detective that he won't leave until they can talk with Lily. The detective tells them that he will take them to Lily, but they have to leave right after that.

Lily is in a jail cell with Damian. Damian tells her that this is the safest way for them to speak. He tells her that Luke and Holden were safe as long as they were in the dungeon, but now his evil stepbrother has them and he can't say if they are being taken care of. Damian thinks he hears someone coming. He tells Lily that it is too dangerous for them to speak. He tells her that they will have to meet tomorrow night. Lily tells him that she is being held on suspicion of murder. Damian tells her that the both of them will be released. He tells her not to ask how he knows, he just knows. She tells him that they can meet. She tells him about a café that they can meet at. He asks her how she knows this café and she tells him that she has been there before. He tells her that he has to be careful. He adds that he can't trust anyone. She asks what about her. Does he trust her. He tells her that they had shared a bed and she gave birth to his only son. He reassures her that he can trust her. Lily looks guilty. Damian hears another noise and this time someone is coming. Damian lies back on the cot and tells Lily not to betray him no matter how much they offer her. The detective comes in and opens the door for Lily. He tells her that she is free to go. He explains that the Friar slipped in the tub. Lily asks about him being found in the alley and the detective tells her that he must have crawled out there. Simon and Katie come in and tell Lily that they are being made to leave because of her ex-husband. Simon says that he only needs five minutes with Damian and he will find out why he is making them leave. Lily looks over her shoulder at Damian who is all covered up on the cot.

At the courthouse, people start filing out of the room as the police take Julia's crazy friend out in hand cuffs. Jennifer walks out and Bryant stays. Paul tells Rose that he doesn't feel like celebrating since there is nothing to celebrate and asks if she minds if they have dinner another time. Rose is disappointed, but she tells him that she understands. Paul starts to leave and Craig stops him and asks for an apology. Paul turns to him and tells him that he is the scum of the earth and he hopes he rots in hell. Paul stomps out of the room. Craig chuckles as he leaves. Bryant walks up to his father and holds out his hand. The two shake hands and Bryant tells his father that he is sorry for thinking that he was guilty. Craig pulls his son to him and gives him a hug. Jennifer walks in and sees the two hugging and turns and stomps out. Bryant pushes his father away and runs out after Jennifer. Bryant tries to explain that he just said a few words to his father and he took it too far. He says that he told his father that he was sorry for not believing in him. Jennifer says that she refuses to feel sorry for Craig Montgomery. Bryant tells her that he is allowed to have his thoughts about his father. Jennifer tells him that she hopes that he and his thoughts have a wonderful evening and she walks out.

Jack busts into Carly's apartment yelling her name. No one is there. Jack starts to look around and the policeman that is with him reminds him that they were supposed to wait for the bomb squad. Jack tells him to mind his own business. Jack finds Carly's cell phone and sees that she had dialed in 911. He says that she was trying to call for help. Jack looks around some more and finds the picture that Julia left of Carly's Prize (the land that Jack had bought her that Julia took in the divorce). Jack tells the officer to call for back up and he will radio the directions from the car. The officer doesn't follow. Jack yells as he runs out the door, "I know where Julia has taken Carly."

Julia has Carly as gunpoint at the barren land that Jack had bought for her. Julia asks if Carly knows where she is and Carly replies, "Carly's Prize." Julia tells her that she is correct and now that the land has been stripped, there are a lot of sink holes around. She points to a big mud hole in front of Carly. Julia tells Carly to get into the quicksand. Carly says that she will have to shoot her because she is not going to make this look like a suicide. Julia warns Carly not to push her. Carly starts to taunt Julia and tells her that she is tired of her sniveling and whining around. Julia gets upset with Carly and Carly lunges at Julia. Julia pulls the trigger on the gun and a bullet grazes Carly's head. Carly falls down and Julia trips. She drops the gun and Julia falls into the mud. Julia tries not to move and she starts to call to Carly. Carly stirs a little and opens her eyes. She sees Julia shoulder deep in the mud. Julia asks Carly to help her. Carly says that if she just stayed unconscious a few minutes longer she would not have this dilemma. Carly asks where is the gun. Julia tells her that she dropped it. Carly asks where the keys to the car is. Julia tells her that they are in her pocket. Carly says, "Damn!" Carly finds a big stick and goes over to the edge of the mud hole. She tells Julia that she had better not make her sorry for helping her. She puts the stick into the mud and helps Julia out. After she is out, Julia gets all whiny and tells Carly that she is hopeless. Carly tells her that no one is hopeless. She tells Julia to look at her and what she has done to better herself. Julia asks if Carly would help her get better. Carly reluctantly says that she will help her. Julia asks if Jack will help too. Once again, Carly reluctantly says that he will. Julia pushes Carly over and runs for the gun. She points the gun at Carly and tells her to get into the quicksand. Carly is stunned. She tells Julia that she just saved her life. Julia gives Carly a kick and Carly falls into the hole. Carly can't believe how crazy Julia is. Jack comes running up and Julia turns the gun on him. Jack starts to talk to her about giving him the gun. Julia yells at him that he only loves Carly. Jack tells Julia that he still loves her. He takes a diamond ring out of his pocket and shows it to Julia. Julia sees it and says that it is her ring. Jack tells her that he has it with him all the time. Jack says that he still loves her. Julia starts to soften. She says that she always knew that Jack would come back to her. She holds out her muddy hand and Jack puts the ring on her finger. He leans in and gives Julia a kiss. Carly is in the mud sinking lower and lower. Jack tells Julia that she doesn't need the gun anymore and takes the gun from her hand. As soon as he has the gun, he pushes Julia to the ground and tells the police hiding in the bushes to grab Julia. Jack turns and starts to pull Carly out of the mud. Julia shrieks at Jack that she knew he was there for his slut. Julia keeps yelling as the police drag her away. Jack gets Carly out of the mud and holds her close to him. He asks if she is OK. Carly doesn't say anything. Jack asks her please to say something so he knows she is OK. Carly says, "Jack?" Jack thanks God that she is all right. An officer brings Carly a blanket and Jack helps her wrap up. He tells her that an officer will take her home. He asks if she will be OK. She says that she will and if she needs someone, she will call Molly. As Jack starts to walk away, Carly asks him if what he told Julia was the truth. Was he still in love with Julia? Jack tells her that everything he did tonight was because he loves her (Carly). Carly smiles as Jack walks away.

Hal goes to the hospital to see Barbara. Barbara asks him to please go away. He walks into her room and closes the door. Hal tells Barbara that something happened in the trial and he wanted to talk to her before she heard it from the media. He tells her about the mental patient that gave a full confession in court. Barbara starts to cry. She tells Hal that she has gone through so much humiliation and has lost her family and now everyone is going to think she is a liar. Paul walks in and sees his mother crying. He looks at Hal and asks if he had told her about the trial. Hal shakes his head yes. Paul tells his mother that he needs to talk to Hal and asks if she will be Ok. Barbara shakes her head yes. As Paul and Hal leave, tears stream down Barbara's face. Out in the hall, Paul tells Hal that he is afraid that the DA will turn on Barbara and get her for perjury. Hal tells him that he won't let that happen. He adds that he will talk to Jessica and see what she is planning and if she is planning to bring charges, he will rattle her cage a little. Hal starts to walk away and turns back to Paul. He says that he could have stayed out of this mess and let Craig go down for a crime he didn't do. Paul asks why he didn't do that. Hal looks at him and says, "Because I'm not him." Hal walks away and Paul goes back into his mother's room. Barbara is still crying and she begs Paul to get her out of the hospital. She says that she knows that the media will be snooping around and trying to get a look at her. She says that she can hire nurses and doctors to come and be with her wherever he takes her. Paul hugs his sobbing mother.

At the courthouse, court is back in session and the judge dismisses all charges. After the judge leaves the room, Craig and Cass stand up and shake hands. Cass says, "We did it." Craig asks, "Was there any doubt?" Cass and Jessica shake hands and walk out. Sierra walks up to Craig and asks if he would like to go celebrate. Craig says that maybe some other time, he just wants to reflect. Sierra questions, "You, reflect?" He says that if she tells anyone he will deny it. Sierra says that she thinks this trial has changed him, but she is not sure yet if it will be for the better. She walks out and leaves him alone. He walks over and looks at the picture of he and Carly kissing. He sits down on the table with his head down.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Damian secretly listens while Katie & Simon explain to Lily that he is having them deported from Malta. Simon insists that something sinister is going on, but Lily urges them to go. She finally convinces them to let her escort them to the airport, and as they leave, the inspector tosses Damian the key to the cell he's hidden in. At the airport, Simon wants to talk to Lily alone. She wants him to tell Lucinda that she has no news about Holden and Luke. Simon asks if she's seen Damian. She admits that she has, and that she is going to meet him at the café that Dante selected. Katie watches, upset by Simon's closeness to Lily.

Carly, on edge, shows up at the Munson house to see Parker. She vows to her son that they are going to have a normal life from now on. She agrees to have him spend the night where he is, since she doesn't know the condition of her apartment. Jen asks for the details of what happened, and Carly tells her about her ordeal with Julia. Carly apologetically tells Jen that the explosion was meant for her, not Barbara. When conversation turns to Bryant, Jennifer admits that she's angry that he changed his tune about Craig so quickly. Carly advises her to figure out what she wants and go for it, and not worry about anyone else, then leaves.

Craig arrives at the police station with a sincere thank you for Margo. Jack arrives and tells them that Julia was admitted for observation. Craig wants to know how and where Carly is. Craig blames Jack for Julia's crazy actions, and is surprised when Jack agrees. Just as he admits that Julia killed Carly's horse and that she was worse off than anyone thought, Hal arrives. Craig admits that he knew about the horse as well, because Carly told him. He and Jack start arguing about Carly. Hal lays into Jack for keeping Julia's unraveling to himself. He points out that Barbara and Carly may have been saved from the attempts on their lives if they had known. Hal declines a peace offering from Craig, who tells him he owes him.

Simon is horrified that Lily is willing to put herself in danger and set Damian up to be killed. He wants to know how Luke would ever understand that Lily saved him by sacrificing his father. Lily rationalizes because Damian put everyone in danger in the first place. He warns that she has no way of knowing if Dante will release Holden and Luke if she delivers Damian. Before Lily can respond, Simon and Katie are escorted onto the plane. Katie lays into Simon about his relationship with Lily. They kiss and make up, until Simon decides to sneak off the plane to keep an eye on Lily. Katie threatens that she may not be waiting around for him when he comes home. Lily writes a warning note to Damian, then rips it up, remembering Dante's threats.

Margo promises Jack that she will cover for him. Hal asks to speak to her alone, prompting Craig to leave. Hal wonders what Margo will do now that Owen's testimony proves that Barbara lied on the stand. She says that Barbara had a head injury and as far as she's concerned, she testified to the best of her ability, but warns that she can't speak for Jessica. Jack returns, and Hal glares at him and leaves. Margo tells Jack to go home to Carly. He says that Julia wasn't going to stop until she destroyed everything that he and Carly had - and she just may have succeeded. Julia laughs to herself in a padded room.

Carly arrives at her apartment. When her police escort leaves, she loses it when she remembers Julia's attack on her. A knock on the door scares her. It's Craig. When she finally breaks down, he hugs her until she's calm. He tells her the charges were dropped and that he couldn't stop worrying about her when she was in danger. He stutters and stammers, and finally tells her he's in love with her. Carly throws him out. Recap --->

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Police Station:

Margo was as happy as she could be when she walked in to work. One of the police officers told her "congratulations." She said the congratulations should go to Hal, he was the one that cracked the case and got Craig out of jail. She told him to tell the Commissioner that she was on her way. As she headed to her office, Jessica called out to her and asked if she could speak with her for a minute in the interrogation room. Margo walked in and closed the door. Jessica apologized for going after Craig so hard. Margo graciously accepted her apology and they hugged. There was a knock at the door and when Jessica opened it, she was surprised to see it was Duncan. Margo asked Duncan if he was going to be in town for awhile. He said it just depends. Margo said OK, but for him not to leave without saying goodbye. Duncan and Jessica discussed Bonnie and he finally told her that he didn't know where she was. He said he thought Bonnie was heading back to Oakdale. He told Jessica that he introduced her to a Duke and they seemed to be getting along, but then Bonnie disappeared. Jessica was worried where Bonnie was.

Lakeview Hotel:

A black woman gave the desk clerk a bad time. She said she had been kept waiting for over an hour for a massage. She said her name was Bonnie McKechnie. He apologized and she told him to fix the problem.

The Munson House:

Emily walked in and asked Hal what was the sweet smell. He thought she was referring to his cooking and told her it was his Mom's fried chicken recipe. She said no, that it was the "Sweet Smell of Success." She went on and on about all the congratulations that she had gotten regarding her story in the Intruder. Hal told her he knew she always had it in her. She said if success made her feel so good, she didn't need a man. She told him now that she doesn't have to worry about the strangler any more; she and Daniel were moving out and getting out of his way.

As Emily went upstairs to pack and Hal left the kitchen area, Bryant walked in. When he didn't see anyone, he started to write a note to Jennifer. Jennifer walked down the stairs and said they needed to talk. He suggested that they so somewhere else. Later when they walked into their cottage, Jennifer told him that they had promised each other that they wouldn't let their parents come between them again. She said she was sorry for the way she acted when he hugged Craig. She asked him if he still wanted her to move in with him. He said definitely and they kissed.

Emily kidded with Hal about getting a Pulitzer Prize for her story. Hal told her until she got her Pulitzer, that he wanted to give her a Badge of Courage for the work she did. He gave her his old detective badge. As tears filled her eyes, she said she couldn't accept it. He said she earned it. She told him she was touched, it was really special to her. Emily wanted to know if there was any chance that he and Barbara could get back together. Hal smiled and said he wasn't waiting for her to knock at the door. Just then, there was a knock at the was Margo. She said she had official business. He wanted to know what the problem was. She was kidding with him and acted as if she were going to arrest him for doing police work. She said she warned him that if he crossed the line there would be consequences and told him to check out the large manila envelope she laid on the table. The envelope had his gun and shield in it. She told him "congratulations chief of detectives." She smiled as she said that the commissioner thought it would be best if he re-instated him and she couldn't argue about that. She told him she would see him bright and early in the morning...and then left.


Barbara's new home is the Fairwinds, where James Stenbeck used to live. She and Paul checked out the house. She thought that the house was wonderfully secluded and that she could do all her work there away from people. She said she wouldn't see the world and the world wouldn't see her. Paul asked what about family and the people that love her. When Paul tried to get Barbara to give Will a chance to see her, she said that Will's mother doesn't exist anymore. Barbara said she thought the house was beautiful and said she feels energy and could do great things there. She said she was going to name her Spring line "Fairwinds" and she may start to get into the home furnishing markets also. Paul wanted to know when she was going to have time to live. She said she would be too busy creating. Paul said he thought she was trying to bury herself so she didn't have to face the world. She told him that he didn't live in her shoes or see what people are thinking when they look at her. Paul told her that she would soon be able to have plastic surgery. She said she couldn't contemplate going through several painful operations. Paul said he wasn't going to stop trying to change her mind about not shutting Jennifer and Will out of her life. She said she would scare Will with the way she looked now and that Will and Jennifer was better off without her. Barbara asked Paul to move in the house with her for a while. She told him that he would have all the privacy that he needs and that he could have a wing of the house to himself. He said he would move in as long as she needed him.

Java Underground:

Lisa asked Isaac how Ben was doing now that Lien left. He told her that Ben was OK. He said that Ben's problem is that he works too fast with women, that he needed to take his time and really get to know the woman before he got too serious. Lisa told Isaac that he is a man that's never been in love. She asked him how he was ever going to find the right woman when he is stuck on the job day and night.

The TV Station:

Molly told Nick to cut out all the close-up pictures of Barbara's face. She said it was the studio's policy to not exploit or capitalize on the pain of others. Kim walked in and Nick said he had to show her the sports tape she wanted him to edit. As they walked off, Abigail walked in to see Molly. She showed her the wedding invitation that she got in the mail. On the front of the invitation, there was a picture of Jake with Molly's arrest photo. Jake walked in and said he was going to see what he could find out about the invitation. He tried to convince Molly that everything was going to be OK. Molly asked Abigail to check and see if anyone else got the wedding invitation. Molly was sure that Nick was responsible. Jake said he was going to have a talk with Nick.

When Abigail returned, Molly asked her if anyone else got the wedding invitation. Abigail told her that everyone she spoke to got one. Molly asked her to send everyone on the wedding list an email and tell them that the invitation was a huge joke. Abigail said she would and hugged Molly before she left. Kim asked Molly if it was Nick, how could he have gotten Molly's guest list. Molly said she didn't know, but maybe he broke into her computer. Molly told her that she was sure it was Nick and she was going to continue to protect herself and her family the best way she could.

Java Underground:

Jake met Nick and wanted to know if he sent out the invitations. Nick tried to convince Jake that he didn't have anything to do with them. He apologized for what he did in the past but continued to deny having anything to do with was going on with Molly now. Nick said his job was a big break for him and asked why would he do something to mess that up for himself.

Lisa walked up to Jake and told him not to worry about the ridiculous invitation that came in the mail. She said that his and Molly's wedding was going to be the best wedding of the decade.

After Lisa left, Nick said he's made mistakes in the past but he had nothing to do with the mug shot weirdness that was going on. He said that Jake is taking it out on the wrong guy.

The TV Station:

Molly put the wedding invitation in the shredder. Jake walked in. Molly wanted to know how he got Nick to confess. Jake told her that Nick said he didn't do it. Molly said she wouldn't expect anything else from him. Jake said he's not 100% sure that Nick did it. Molly wondered if it wasn't Nick, then who could it be. Jake said he will figure it out, but it would just take some time. After Jake left, Molly got on the phone and called Hal. When she realized he was reinstated, she tried to hang up the phone, but Hal wanted to know what she needed. She told him someone was trying to make her life a living hell. Hal asked her for some details. Molly said she thought he'd never ask, then she turned and looked at Nick as he was busy working in the next office.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Craig confronts Barbara at Fairwinds and claims that if she had simply believed him, she would never have been at the boathouse to suffer the consequences of Owen's bomb. As they argue, Paul interrupts and orders Craig to get out. Before he leaves, Craig announces that he's suing them both and vows to ruin them. To upset Paul further, Craig makes a remark about Paul's father James. Later, James confronts a stunned Paul and warns him about Barbara.

Impressed by the flowers he sent, Rose tells Lucinda that she's having dinner with Paul. Lucinda worries that Craig could use his shares in Worldwide to oust her at the upcoming board meeting and convinces her to ask Paul to take control of those shares and vote "the right way."

Jack pays Carly a visit. Though she thanks him for saving her life, she blasts him for leaving her at the swamp with only a blanket. Though he defends his actions, Carly explains her feeling that everyone who wanted them apart has won. He promises that he'll always love her.

Told by the desk manager at the Lakeview that her credit cards are no good, Bonnie threatens to disrobe if he doesn't let her back into her hotel room. She eventually removes her robe and shocks Lisa who finds her naked in the lobby because she couldn't get what she wanted. Lisa runs to Jessica and Duncan with news about her god daughter. Fed up with her actions and noting that she doesn't have access to her trust fund for a few years, Duncan and Jessica tell Bonnie that she'll be staying in Oakdale and needs to get a job much to Bonnie's dismay.

Friday, August 24, 2001

Rose dropped by Fairwinds to welcome Barbara to her new home but Barbara was less than welcoming to her, especially when Rose admitted knowing about Craig's devious actions concerning the World Wide stock he bought with Barbara's money. Later, Rose found Paul outside in the gazebo where she thanked him for the flowers and they arranged to have dinner together.

The Commissioner and Internal Affairs began their investigation into Jack's questionable actions when he withheld important evidence about Julia's criminal activities. He and Margo worried that he could possibly lose his job. They were surprised when a preliminary decision was reached rather quickly--since Jack withheld crucial evidence, he was suspended for 30 days without pay pending further investigation. He was directed to turn in his badge and gun effective immediately.

Craig ran into his little sister Katie and they shared a friendly drink together and reminisced about old times and their love lives. Craig advised Katie to give up chasing Simon and make herself a little less available if she really wanted him.

Hal dropped by Carly's house and gave her advice on she and Jack's ongoing relationship problems. Hal was surprised when Carly informed him she was contemplating taking Parker and starting life anew in another town--possibly Chicago. He chastised her for running away from her problems but she countered that people would always be whispering about her and it wasn't fair to Parker.

Rose warned Craig to drop his civil suit against Barbara and Paul Ryan or else but he brushed her off and didn't take the warning seriously.

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