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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 20, 2001 on GL
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Monday, August 20, 2001

In Mexico

Beth is washed away down the canyon and out of Edmund's sight. Ed calls out for Beth and goes down the canyon looking for her. Ed is upset, yelling, "It should have been me!" He begs God to let Beth live and take everything from him. He lies down on the muddy canyon floor and cries.

Phil comes in and finds Vargas' girlfriend. He asks where he is and tells her that Vargas lied to him and he has to find Beth. The girl tells him Vargas is gone. Another man, Alcazar, comes out with a cop and threatens Phil. He tells Phil that he was not invited here and he cannot question the women here. Phil asks if he knows where Vargas is. Phil tries to pay the man off but his officer puts handcuffs on him. Alcazar arrests Phil for attempted bribery. Phil apologizes to Alcazar and asks him for his help finding Beth. Phil tells him his story and Alcazar listens. Alcazar doesn't know whether to believe Phil or not. Phil begs for his help.

Phil comes in the canyon with sounds of a chopper above him. He asks Ed about Beth and he mumbles that Beth is dead.

In the Courtroom:

Danny tells the Judge that Carmen is alive and they can prove it. The DA is angry and tells the Judge that they should go ahead with the verdict. Michelle talks to Ross and he asks the Judge to recall Michelle to the stand. The DA tells them that the verdict is in the foreman's hand. The foreman looks down to the paper that has a Guilty verdict on it. The Judge rules that he will hear the evidence. Ross calls Michelle to the stand and Michelle tells her story of Carmen kidnapping her. Michelle tells the court that Carmen's camera is at the bottom of the lake. The DA and Gus are laughing at the testimony and telling the Judge Michelle is making this up. Michelle pulls another camera from her purse and tells the court that when she learned where Carmen was she decided to go there prepared. She taped everything so she can prove that Carmen is alive. The DA objects and the Judge calls the attorneys into chambers. Michelle hugs Danny and hopes the camera has more than just feet on it. The Judge comes back and tells everyone that they will see the tape with the jury present. The Jury comes back in and they start the video. You can see a pair of stilettos on the screen and nothing else and DA Wolfe demands the tape be stopped, saying it doesn't prove anything. The judge agrees but Ross asks him to bear with them and let the tape play. Carmen comes on the screen and the DA tells them it could be from an old home movie. Then the tape has Carmen holding the newspaper about Danny being arrested. Ross tells the judge that proves Carmen is alive on this very day and he wants the case against his client dropped. The DA is ticked but the Judge dismisses the case. Danny hugs Michelle tight and doesn't let go.

In San Cristobel:

Reva is upset. Olivia comes out and Reva leaves Josh in the hall. Josh tells Olivia that Noah left Reva. Olivia tells Josh that Reva may just want to be alone. Josh tells her that he has to be with her, she is in pain. Josh goes in the sitting room with Reva and closes the door behind him. Olivia sits down and tears up. Vreeland comes in and tells Olivia they can finish their business now. Olivia is angry with Vreeland and tells him that something happens and he just walks away. Vreeland tells her the project is dead and he is pulling the plug. Olivia argues that the project is still viable but Vreeland differs. Olivia tells Vreeland that he can't do that. She tells him that he brought the mob in and now he is trying to walk away. Olivia tells him that if he doesn't help her, she will let the mob know whose fault the problem is. Vreeland tells Olivia that she can't expose him without exposing herself. He tells her that he will go on but she will lose her husband.

Reva tells Josh that she isn't going to crumble and break down. Josh offers her a shoulder to cry on. He tells her that he saw Noah risk his life for her, he knows the man loves her so he doesn't understand his leaving. Reva tells Josh that Noah still loves her but she figured out what she wanted too late. Josh doesn't understand after seeing Noah fight so hard for her. Reva tells Josh that she broke Noah's heart because she still loved Josh. Reva tells Josh that Noah saw their feeling for each other every time they were near each other. Noah felt he couldn't compete. Reva tells Josh that when she was in the rubble, she never asks to talk to Noah, she only heard Josh's voice. Josh doesn't understand why Noah would feel that way but Reva tells him she does. Reva tells Josh that she used her blindness to keep her distance from Noah and there has to be a reason. Reva tells Josh that she hates him and their relationship. She hates that everyone sees them as one instead of two people leading separate lives. She wonders if the "always" that is between them is really for always. Josh tells her that the man he is, was built around his love for her. They can't hate what they were, they can only deal with who they are today. Reva tells him the reality is that Noah left her and Josh just closed the doors on his wife. Josh tells her that they can go on with others and be happy. Reva gets up and starts to say something when she faints. Josh picks her up and lays her down on the couch. Olivia and Vreeland come in and see Josh lying over Reva. Josh tells them she fainted and Olivia offers to stay with her while he goes for the doctor. Josh goes to look for medical attention when he remembers the tape and takes it out of his pocket and knows it is of Vreeland and Olivia. He hopes Olivia hasn't done anything she is going to regret.

Reva comes to and Olivia tells her that Josh is gone to get a doctor. Olivia baits Reva about her eyesight and about her playing on Josh. Reva tells Olivia how her eyesight came back in spurts and it was fun watching people when they didn't know she was looking. Olivia asks about Noah. Reva is upset and tells Olivia she doesn't want to discuss it with her. Josh comes back in and tells Reva that the doctors are all busy at the hospital but will come as soon as they can. Cassie comes in and hugs her sister and they cry together. Josh takes Olivia out of the room and into the hall and questions her about the tape. Olivia tells Josh that it is her dictation tape, she tapes all her meetings. Josh tells her it was under the debris from the quake, someone else had the tape and dropped it. Olivia acts like it isn't a big deal but Josh tells her that he is going to listen to the tape. Meanwhile, Cassie feels bad about Noah leaving but Reva tells her not to, Noah left because she was still in love with Josh and she admits that it is true. She tells Cassie that there isn't going to be another Josh Lewis for her but now she has to concentrate on getting herself back and moving on.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Richard and Cassie are talking about Reva and Noah. Cassie is impressed at how much Noah loves her sister and risked so much for her. Richard tells her that if Reva hadn't been going undercover trying to dig up dirt to protect Josh none of this would have happened. Cassie takes up for Reva going after Olivia and tells him if they only had the tape they could prove everything. Richard and Cassie are talking about rebuilding San Cristobel . Dax wants to postpone the election while they work things out. Richard tells him that they have to go ahead so someone can be in charge to make the decisions that have to be done. He tells Dax that the monarchy is dead and they have to go on. Cassie and Richard go in for a drink while Dax is left in the gardens. He talks about SC needing a prince and how he wishes Baby William hadn't died. He goes to the grave and sees something. Dax starts uncovering the crypt and notices that it has been disturbed. An aide comes up behind Dax brushing off the tomb and Dax tells him that Prince Williams grave has been bothered. The man leaves and Dax opens the vault and finds only rocks inside.

Olivia is trying to get Josh not to listen to the tape. He tells her that someone had to have brought that tape into the palace for a reason. Josh tells her that she and Vreeland have done all the dealing and he wants to know if there is anything on that tape that she doesn't want to get out. Olivia tells him that Cassie investigated everything and there records are clean, every penny accounted for. Josh tells her that he has to listen to the tape. He tries to find a tape recorder and when he turns around Olivia is in tears and tells him that she is upset that he doesn't trust her. She gives him a guilt trip about never believing her and how she never comes first. Josh tells Olivia that he doesn't trust her right now and it is killing him, if he plays the tape and proves himself wrong everything will be fine but Olivia thinks it will just make it worse. Josh locates a tape recorder and pops the tape in while Olivia watches. Josh plays the tape and the audio goes in and out. There are only a few words that can be heard and Olivia stops the tape and tells Josh it is destroyed. Josh tells her that the whole project has been tainted because of Edmund and then she told him that Reva was dead and didn't want him to help get her out. Olivia doesn't want to make this about Reva. She tells Josh she just wants to go home and talk things out and work on recovering the project. She tosses the tape in the garbage and asks him to leave with her. He agrees and tells her to go pack and he will catch up with her. Josh puts the tape back in his pocket and when Richard and Cassie come in he tells them about them leaving. Cassie hugs him and thanks him for saving her sister. Josh tells her that Noah took all the risk and admits that he is a good man and wished he could have stayed. Josh leaves. Cassie feels faint and Richard gets her a glass of water. She tells him that her tummy felt weird earlier. Richard goes over her symptoms and smiles he thinks she may be pregnant. Cassie is thrilled.

In Mexico:

Phillip is angry and asks where Beth is. Edmund tells him that she was swept away by the flood and she is dead. Phillip doesn't believe him. Phillip screams out for Beth and notices one of her shoes in a brush pile. Phillip begs Edmund to tell him where Beth is. Edmund is crying and tells him that she is dead. Phillip cries that Edmund killed her and he punches him and grabs him by the neck of his shirt. He starts beating Edmund and tells him that he couldn't control Beth so he killed her. Alcazar came down and stopped Phillip from killing Edmund. He tells Phillip that if Edmund is guilty he will get everything he deserves. When they arrive in town Phillip tells his story and Edmund tells him and ends with how he tried to save Beth. Phillip asks why he shouldn't kill Edmund. Alcazar tells Phillip that the flood is very common in the canyon and he believes Edmund is telling the truth. Phillip yells that Edmund is lying. He refuses to go home until he finds Beth and learns how she really died. Alcazar tells him that he is welcome to stay but he does have children to think of. Phillip tells Edmund he should have been the one to die.

At the Bauer House:

Everyone is celebrating Danny's release, drinking champagne and toasting each other. Frank tells them that they still have to protect Michelle until Carmen is caught. Danny pulls Frank to the side and asks him why he is acting angry towards him. Frank is upset that he punched him and escaped. Danny tells him he had to get to Michelle alone. Frank tells him if he wants to go straight he should concentrate on following the law. Frank punches Danny and Tony comes in ready to hurt him. Danny laughs and tells Tony is it alright and Frank tells them they are even. Catalina tells Tony that the system works and she hopes he sees that. Tony tells her Michelle got Danny off, not the system. Just then Gus pokes his head in to greet the family. Gus comes in and tells everyone that there are so many cops on their side, it isn't any wonder that Danny beat the rap. Danny tells everyone that Gus lost and he is upset about it and then he invites Gus to stay and celebrate his freedom. Gus leaves and everyone claps. Outside, Gus makes a call. Meanwhile, Blake tells Ross how brilliant he was. Ross tells Blake that he has lost his edge and that he feels he is growing old. He tells Blake that she, Danny and Michelle won the case, not him.

Claire congratulates Michelle and Danny but tells Michelle how nuts she was to go after Carmen. Michelle tells Claire that she wouldn't have had to if she hadn't helped the prosecution. Danny tells Michelle how Claire helped him locate her at the airport. Claire tells her that she had to tell him to protect her. Michelle thinks they are very alike when it comes to protecting those they love. Claire offers to go ahead and set up that meeting with him and Alan. Danny is reluctant but Michelle thinks he can do a lot of things for Spaulding. Claire goes to call Alan. Michelle tells Danny she thinks it is a good thing and may turn into something. Claire calls and asks Sally to put her through to Alan. Sally tells her that Alan doesn't have her on the list of people he wants to talk to . Claire is ticked. She goes back to Danny and Michelle and tells them that everything is fine and Danny has an interview first thing in the morning. Claire walks away and calls Spaulding head of security.

Catalina asks Tony why he has been so miserable since he returned from San Cristobel . She asks what Marah did to him this time. Tony tells Catalina that Marah didn't do anything to him. She asks if he ran into Marah and he tells her that he did and she is fine. Danny goes over to Tony and tells him about his interview. He suggests they get Tony out of Infierno and into another job. Tony tells Danny that just because he doesn't want to work in the family business he cannot tell Tony not to.

Danny kisses Michelle and she tells him they are free to start over. Danny is worried about Tony and where his head is. Michelle just wants to focus on the positive and getting on with their lives. She tells him she never wants to set foot on the docks again. Danny tells her that he never thought this day would come, he tells Michelle he loves her and Robbie. He hated thinking that he would lose them but Michelle tells him that will never happen. She tells Danny that it is a shame that everyone had to leave, they have the whole house to themselves. They kiss again and talk about heading upstairs.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Richard and Cassie are talking about the possible pregnancy. Cassie tells him she feels it too. Richard thinks it is great after all they have been through and tells Cassie the doctor will be there soon.

The doctor tells Cassie she isn't pregnant and she and Richard are disappointed. Cassie leaves to see Reva and the doctor comes back in to talk to Richard. He tells Richard that Cassie has a serious condition. The doctor tells Richard that there has been severe scarring on Cassie's fallopian tubes and he doesn't think she will be able to have any more children. Richard thinks they can fix the problem but the doctor tells him that it is irreversible. Richard wants more doctors in but the doctor tells him that he doesn't think it will matter. He leaves it up to Richard to tell Cassie. Richard is upset and doesn't know how to tell her that.

Cassie comes back in to see Richard. He tries to act like things are fine. Cassie hugs him and tells him she is disappointed too but they can try again. Richard tells her that he has something to tell her.

Mrs. Mayhew comes to see Dax in the garden. She talks about her times with Princess Charlotte. Dax tells her that he is working on gathering information on the monarchy for records. He asks about Prince William and his death. She seems reluctant to talk about it but tells Dax that she does have something at home that may shed some light for him. She leaves to get it after Dax tells her it is very important for San Cristobel .

Mrs. Mayhew comes back with a platter that says "waste no tears" in Latin. She tells Dax that the Prince had her do the engraving. Dax thinks it contradicts the entire first engraving. Dax remembers opening Williams vault and the rocks being in it. He jumps up and thanks Mrs. Mayhew and leaves.

At the Bauer House:

Danny is dressed in a nice suit for his interview at Spaulding. Michelle thinks Alan will hire Danny on the spot. Rick thinks it is great that Danny is striking out into the legit world.

At Tower's:

Claire meets with Tobias and tells him that she wants the interview to go smoothly since she is really close with Alan and Danny is close to her. Tobias tells her that he isn't sure that Alan would want a crime boss working security for him. Claire throws up that Tobias botched his last assignment and doesn't need to mess anything else up. Tobias tells her he will handle things with Danny.

Marah walks in looking for Sam. The waitress tells her that some guy came in arguing with Sam and they left together. Marah asks the guys description and thinks it was Tony. She leaves.

Gus comes in and sees Danny. He asks what he is dressed as, Danny tells him that he is dressed as a success, the complete opposite of Gus. Danny heads over to Tobias. Gus meets with a woman who slips him his FBI badge he left in DC. He tells her that no one in Springfield knows he is really still FBI and very much on the case. The woman tells him he can't play the private investigator forever and get away with it. Gus tells her that he could play Santa Clause in that town and the people would buy it. Gus tells the woman that Carmen Santos is alive and he will take her down along with all the other Santoses. Gus tells her that he blew the first case but now he can bring all the mob families in Springfield down at once.

Ross and Blake are talking about his work. Ross tells her that he is taking things easy and cutting back. Blake asks if Ross feels he is losing his spark. He is upset and says he doesn't want to talk about it. Blake tells Ross that he would be a great teacher at the university and he should try that. Ross tells her that is too much work and he just doesn't have the time. Blake offers to call the dean to set up a meeting but Ross tells her no. He tells her that he is just depressed and tired. He leaves to go to the office.

Danny is talking to Tobias about his qualifications when Alan calls. Tobias tells Alan that he is with Danny and things are going well. Danny goes to the bar while Alan tells him that the meeting is unauthorized. When Danny returns to Tobias, the man is mean to him and tells him that he is trying to scam him just as any Santos would. He leaves and Danny glares at Claire. He goes over to Michelle and Claire and tells Michelle that Claire set him up. Now he will be bad mouthed to every legit business in town. Michelle asks Claire why she would lie to them. Claire thought it would work out.

At Infierno:

Catalina is pressing Tony to talk about what happened in San Cristobel . Tony tells her that he isn't interested in talking about that; he is trying to concentrate on how to get Danny to sell him the club. Romeo comes in manhandling Sam and asks Tony what he wants him to do to him. Tony tells Romeo he didn't want him to treat Sam like that, he only wanted to talk to him. Catalina leaves and Sam yells at Tony for Romeo jostling him. Sam tells him that ever since they met things have been heated and he knew it would come to this. He yells at Tony that he wants to settle things now. Sam baits Tony telling him to go ahead and rough him up if that is what he wants. Tony tells Sam that he only wanted to talk to him. Sam is furiously screaming at Tony. Tony tells Sam that he can have Marah, he doesn't want her anymore. Sam wonders why Tony is through with Marah and asks if has anything to do with finding them together in San Cristobel . Tony is upset and tells Sam that he and Marah are from two different worlds and Marah isn't heading in the directing he is heading but if Sam hurts her he will answer to him. Sam tells him it will never work out because Marah doesn't want it. He tells Tony that Marah loves Tony so wherever she goes Tony is with her. Sam says he has only been fooling himself about being with Marah. He likes Marah enough to let her have what she wants and she wants Tony. Tony tells Sam Marah can't go where he is going; she is better off with Sam. Marah walks in and tells Sam and Tony they cannot decide her future. Marah yells at Tony that he can't trade her in like a baseball card. She tells him that she is fine and doesn't need their help. Sam tries to explain but she doesn't want to hear from either of them. Marah tells them she doesn't want anything to do with either of them and she leaves. Sam follows her and leaves Tony very emotional and upset.

Catalina asks about Marah. Tony tells her that he wanted to go after her but he couldn't, Marah doesn't belong there in the family but he does.

Michelle and Danny come in. Danny is upset about the interview and tells Michelle that he misses it there, being the boss. He tells her it isn't easy starting over. Michelle tells him he will make it.

Back at Tower's:

Sam follows Marah into Towers and tells her that all he told Tony was that she still loves him. He tells her that being with her was a dream for him and when Tony showed up the dream was gone and he woke up. He realized what she wanted and it wasn't him even though he thought spending time with him would change things. Marah feels like she used him and Tony. Sam is upset and leaves.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Richard is unable to tell Cassie the bad news. At first it is because she is so upbeat and optimistic, then because Reva interrupts them. Reva tells Cassie she is upset about losing the tape with Olivia on it but says she will prove the woman is dirty another way. Reva leaves and Cassie and Richard talk. He is saddened when he tells Cassie what the doctor said. Cassie doesn't want to believe it. She tells Richard the doctor can't possibly know, he only saw her for a few moments. She wants to take more tests since she is sure something can be done. Cassie starts getting dizzy again and sits down. Richard tells her she has to eat and keep her blood sugar up. Cassie smiles and tells Richard she is a fighter. Richard goes to get her something to eat. Cassie starts researching what can be done for her situation and wonders if she is kidding herself. She throws the medical book across the room and breaks down in tears. Richard comes in with her lunch and steps back out to give her some room to cry. He tells himself that she doesn't have to put on an act for him.

At Lewis Construction:

Tony comes in to talk to Olivia. He tells her they have business and he wants her to listen to him. Olivia tells Tony he is hard to take seriously. Just a few months ago he was a kid sneaking around with Marah and now he is shaking her down. Tony tells her that the harbor project better get up and running within a week; the families need it to do their laundry. Olivia tells him it is impossible but Tony assures her he has faith in her. He knows she doesn't want to upset the partners so she better get things going. He tells her that Carlos and Bernardo aren't afraid to teach her a lesson and they will leave no loose ends. Josh and Billy come in and ask what Tony is doing there. Olivia tells them they were talking about Tony's tax return. Josh apologizes for being rude to Tony and thanks him for what he did for Marah and Sam in San Cristobel . Tony acts like it was nothing and leaves. Billy tells Olivia that they went over the damage on the harbor project and it is too excessive, it is time to pull the plug. Olivia tells them they can't do that. She is sure they can turn it around with Alan behind them. She leaves, telling them she will get the money they need. Billy tells Josh that Olivia has lost her grip on the project and her marriage. Josh tells Billy that Olivia has worked really hard on this project and doesn't want to give up, nothing is wrong. Billy knows something is wrong. Josh tells him that he thinks Olivia is involved in something the records are just too clean. Josh shows Billy the tape and tells him about it and that it is destroyed. Josh wonders why Olivia doesn't want him to listen to it. Billy offers to get a friend of his to fix the tape. Josh tells him to do it, he has to know the truth.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Phillip is thinking about Beth and crying. Alan comes in and Phillip tells him about Beth. Alan is shocked and listens while Phillip explains what happened. Alan wants to launch an investigation. Phillip tells him that they already did that and even though it looks suspicious there is no proof that Edmund caused her death. Alan isn't sure she is really dead but Phillip tells him he checked everything, Beth is gone. Alan tells Phillip that Edmund is responsible and they will make him pay. Phillip isn't worried about Edmund right now, he is only worried about his children and how he is going to tell them. Alan tells Phillip that he isn't alone and he will help him all he can. Lillian comes in and sees Phillip's face and knows something is wrong. She is worried. Phillip tells her what happened and Lillian is disheartened. Her grief is so strong it makes Phillip all that more upset. Lillian thinks she failed Beth because she never was able to protect her daughter. Phillip sent Lillian to get some rest. Alan tells Phillip if he had taken his advice and went back to Beth after Jim died none of this would have happened. Phillip is upset that Alan would try to put this on him. Phillip tells him that he was with Harley and Zach at the time. Alan tells Phillip that Harley is trash and he was holding onto her for nothing. Phillip is livid. He tells Alan that he was the one that did everything he could to keep him and Beth apart. He broke up their marriage and ruined their chances of reconciliation. He tells Alan that he has never been clean or honest about anything. Phillip tells Alan that he is only blaming him (Phillip) because he can't admit that he is feeling guilty about what he did to them. Phillip tells Alan to stay away from him. Alan leaves.

Lillian comes back down and sits with Phillip. She tells him she saw the clock and knew that Lizzie would be back any minute. Phillip tells her that she doesn't have to be there when he tells her but she can come in for support later. Lizzie comes in and talks about her trip. She asks where her mom is and Lillian leaves to fix Lizzie a snack. Lizzie asks about her mom again. Phillip tells Lizzie what happened and they sit and cry together.

Lillian calls and leaves a message for Rick to get over to the Spaulding Mansion for Phillip as soon as he can.

At Tower's:

Olivia meets up with Alan. He asks if she is in another jam and needing his help. She tells him the payoff is worth it. Alan tells her that he wouldn't let anything happen to her but the game they are playing with each other is about to reach a new round. Alan tells Olivia that he wants her and he wants her to start paying up tonight. Olivia doesn't want to go there but Alan demands they do. He tells her he has just made an honest declaration. Olivia asks if he will tell Josh if she doesn't sleep with him. He tells her that is pretty much the case and he wants an answer now.

Gus approaches Reva and gives her his card. She tells him that he isn't very popular in this town. He tells her if she needs a PI, he is there. Gus starts to leave when Reva sees Olivia. She tells Gus she is interested and takes him out on the terrace to talk. Reva tells Gus she has a job for him, a crooked employee.

Friday, August 24, 2001

At Tower's:

Billy comes in to meet his friend. He notices Olivia and asks the guy to meet with him outside.

Alan tells Olivia that he wants her to sleep with him to satisfy her terms of their deal. Olivia tells him she never agreed to sleep with him. Alan reminds her of all the flirting she did with him and she had to know it would come to this. Olivia tells him she will never sleep with him. Alan won't accept 'no' for an answer. Olivia tells Alan she loves her husband and will not cheat on him. She tries to negotiate with Alan but he isn't budging. Olivia tells Alan she will just find another backer but Alan doubts she can. He tells her to try to he will be at the bar. Olivia goes over to a table and starts to calls some people but can't any financers. She finally goes out to the terrace where Alan is. She slaps Alan and then reaches in and kisses him passionately. Olivia tells him that she will go along with his terms but she wants more info. She asks him where and how many times he wants to do it. He tells her they will take it day by day but tonight is a good start. He gives her the number of the suite he keeps there at Tower's and tells her to meet him there. He leaves.

Josh comes in looking for Alan. The bartender tells Josh Alan went to his suite downstairs.

In Alan's suite, Alan has music on and candles lit. He is putting pictures of the family away and checking on the wine. Olivia walks in and shuts the door. She starts undressing while Alan watches. He touches her face and kisses her.

At the Bauer House:

Michelle tells Rick about the interview Claire set up for Danny. They both think Claire had good intentions but it still turned out badly. Danny comes downstairs dressed to go to Lewis. He tells Michelle he is going to propose his services to them. After Danny leaves, Rick tells Michelle that everything will be fine. He is sure that people will give Danny a chance now that he has been exonerated. Rick leaves after getting an urgent page from Lillian.

Danny comes back in and is edgy. He tells Michelle what happened at Lewis and he is sure no one will want his services because of his last name. Michelle tells Danny that things will calm down and people will forget about the trial. Danny wonders how he will provide hope and a future for Michelle and Robbie. She gives him a pep talk and he tells her she is right and he will try again somewhere else. He is trying to be optimistic for Michelle and starts working on a resume. He is having a tough time and thinks he is kidding himself.

At Lewis Construction:

Billy is ready to take the tape to his friend for enhancement. Josh wants to trust Olivia but he has to know if she is hiding something. He gives Billy the go ahead and he leaves tape in hand.

Danny comes in and purposes his international security issues. Josh is surprised and reminds Danny that he is a Santos and admits that he wouldn't feel comfortable with all his finances and security going through him.

Billy comes back with the tape and he and Josh listen to it. Most of it is still fuzzy but there are a few parts where Olivia says something about asking Alan for more money. Josh tells Billy that he is going to go see Alan. Billy tells him he is at Tower's.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Phillip is depressed as he thinks of Beth and looks at pictures of the two of them together. He knows that Edmund killed her, accident or not. Rick comes in and tells Phillip that Lillian called him. Phillip tells him what happened and is short with Rick. Rick tells him he only came there to help him. Phillip tells him he doesn't need him but Rick thinks they both need each other. Rick offers to be there for Phillip but Phillip tells him that he isn't the one he will turn to. Rick reminds Phillip how they all grew up together. He talks about Beth and Phillip, Rick and Mindy and how everything was perfect back then. He wants them to put things aside and realize who they are to each other. Phillip tells Rick that he doesn't have any answers but he feels responsible for letting Beth go to Mexico alone. He knew it felt wrong but he didn't do anything to help her and now she is gone. Rick tells Phillip he isn't responsible for Beth's death. He reminds him that he knows Phillip better than anyone and is there for him. Rick says he needs Phillip too. Phillip finally breaks down in tears and hugs Rick but assures him that this doesn't change anything between them. They talk about what happened with Beth and Phillip tells Rick that he has been having flashes of their life together and then he will remember that she is dead. Rick asks if he can help him but Phillip tells Rick he will be fine.

In Mexico:

Edmund is dirty and upset at a bar. A man comes in and pours a bottle of alcohol all over Edmund. The man tells Edmund the families miss him and request his presence in Springfield immediately. Edmund tells him to leave him alone. The man grabs Edmund and tells him that Carlos and Bernardo want him back now and their plane leaves in two hours. Edmund thinks it is time to go anyway and stumbles out of the bar where he is approached by a hooker who offers to make everything better for him. She tells him her name and he kisses her and tells her that tonight her name is Beth.

At a Church:

Phillip has gone to the chapel and lit a candle. He thinks of Beth and cries.

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