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Passions Recaps: The week of August 20, 2001 on PS
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Monday, August 20, 2001

Hank reminds David that if he really loves Grace he'll leave town and stop disrupting her life. On Warlock Island, Simone voices her disapproval as Kay drenches the signal fire with water to prevent the SOS from going out until Reese's "prophecy" comes true. Meanwhile, Timmy watches helplessly as Tabitha struggles in vain to escape from Norma's net. Ethan notices a wedding ring on his fiancée's finger and asks Theresa what's going on. Sam urges his wife to dismiss David and his phony claims from her mind. Norma turns a deaf ear to Tabitha's desperate attempt to buy her way out of trouble. Watching Theresa squirm, Whitney gets a familiar sinking feeling that her best friend has gotten herself into another jam. Out on the yacht, Sheridan suddenly has another premonition of danger and shivers in fear despite Luis' consoling words. Timmy finally figures out a way to free Tabitha. Bruce blunders into the middle of an awkward scene and nearly manages to make matters worse. Julian warns Theresa not to confide her secret to Whitney.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Ethan hits upon the brilliant idea of getting hitched to Theresa in the resort's 24 hour wedding chapel. Shaken by another premonition, Charity shrieks to Miguel and Kay that they're all doomed to die on Warlock Island. Nearby, Jessica cheerfully introduces her quirky new acquaintance to a shuddering Timmy and Tabitha, who are appalled to discover that Norma has somehow ingratiated herself with the teens. Horrified to stumble over the time bomb ticking down to its last few seconds, Sheridan screams for Luis. Tabitha whispers to Timmy to stick close to Jessica to avoid giving Norma a chance to wield her ax. Simone hisses to Kay that her half-baked scheme to win Miguel has put all their lives in mortal jeopardy. Basil celebrates victory after a tremendous explosion lights up the horizon. Julian attempts to convince Ethan to hold off on the nuptials until they return to Harmony but Theresa finally agrees to tie the knot that very day. Later, an exasperated Julian quietly warns Theresa that she'll go to prison for bigamy if she weds Ethan before he gets their own marriage annulled.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Grace explains to a pained Sam why she insisted that David remain in Harmony. Theresa finally blurts out her secret to an astonished Whitney. Meanwhile, Julian appeals to Bruce to help him find a way out of his marital mess. At the wedding chapel, an amused Chad tries to calm his friend's nerves as Ethan prepares to take a bride. Luis finally surfaces amidst the wreckage of the burning yacht and calls out frantically for Sheridan. Blown away by her friend's confession, Whitney's shock turns to utter disgust when Theresa reveals that she also had sex with Julian. Sam begs Grace not to fall for David's lies. The resort's justice of the peace tells Ethan about the unusual couple he married on the previous night. Luis is rescued by a passing boat but the men aboard warn him that an approaching storm will make it impossible to keep looking for his fiancée. Determined not to leave without Sheridan, Luis dives back into the ocean to continue his search.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Though Simone berates her friend for the selfish behavior which has endangered them all, Kay insists that it will be worth it once Charity is gone and she has Miguel all to herself. Theresa tries to summon up the courage to tell Ethan the truth about her terrible mistake. Timmy and Tabitha stick like glue to the teenagers in hopes of averting any sneak attacks by Norma. Miguel panics when Charity suddenly collapses. The crew of the fishing boat manages to pull a protesting Luis to safety once again and head back to shore. Reese assures the others on Warlock Island that Charity merely overloaded on premonitions and fell into another trance. Julian plays dumb when Ethan repeats the justice's story about the drunken old lech and his much younger bride. Finally eluding the friendly fishermen, Luis returns to the sea yet again to search for his lost love but is fished out once more. Theresa changes her mind and clams up instead of coming clean with Ethan. Kay turns on the crocodile tears to lure Miguel away from Charity's side.

Friday, August 24, 2001

A badly confused Grace tells Eve she must find a way to discern the truth about David. The resort's justice of the peace is taken aback to recognize Ethan's intended from the previous night's debacle. On the island, Tabitha panics to discover that her doll has disappeared. Alone by the fire, Charity sees a vision of three warlocks, who invite the girl to join them in the flames. Julian clumsily covers for the J.P.'s remarks to prevent a clueless Ethan from catching on. Afterwards, Julian corners the justice and utters a thinly veiled threat to scare the man into silence. Timmy and Tabitha are reunited just before Norma can swing her ax into action. Simone and Miguel pull Charity to safety, then listen skeptically as she describes her "visitors." Theresa again rejects Whitney's sage advice to come clean with Ethan immediately. Sam decides to track down the priest who allegedly performed Grace and David's wedding ceremony. The fishing boat finally returns to port with an injured Luis on board. Norma captures Timmy.

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