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Passions Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on PS
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Monday, August 13, 2001

Confidently assuring David that his wife has no scar, Sam instructs Grace to call the man's bluff. Julian hurries an inebriated Theresa into the bathroom as an enraged Luis bangs on the door of his hotel room. Determined to rescue her faithful Timmy, Tabitha battles her way through the flames as the horrified teens look on. Grace and Sam are both startled to discover a small scar just where David said it would be. Ethan confides to Chad and Whitney why he fears for his fiancée's safety in Bermuda. Another explosion rocks the boat, leaving Norma to gleefully celebrate the demise of her enemies, but her joy is short lived when Tabitha and Timmy emerge unscathed from the flames. Eavesdropping on the Bennetts' distressing encounter with David, Ivy salivates to think that Sam will soon be hers. Certain Julian has an underage girl hidden away, Luis searches his future brother-in-law's room. Ignoring Sam's snorts of disbelief, David describes for Grace her family's connection to a special little angel. After Luis departs, Julian coaxes Theresa into his bed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Charity tells Miguel that they are all doomed, and explains her latest premonition. Miguel assures her that everything will be fine, but Charity tells Miguel that she wants them to leave the island as soon as possible. Reese reminds them that they are stranded and must wait for someone to rescue them, which makes Charity even more upset. Miguel continues to try to comfort Charity, and Charity slowly begins to calm down. She's still worried that they are in danger, but agrees to forget about it for now. Later, Miguel invites Charity to move her sleeping bag into his tent, so that she will feel safe. Later that night, Charity sees a warlock in Miguel's tent.

Simone continues to try to talk Kay out of seducing Miguel, but Kay is determined to sleep with Miguel. They overhear Miguel suggest that Charity move her sleeping bag into his tent, and Simone tells Kay there's no way she can seduce him now. Kay reminds Simone that they will be staying on the island for a while, and vows to seduce Miguel before they leave.

Tabby tells Timmy that Charity is right- they are all doomed. Timmy thinks that Norma will only try to kill Timmy and Tabby, but Tabby explains that she's not worried about Norma- she's worried about the warlocks. She tells Timmy that they have to stick close to the kids if they want to stay safe. Later, Reese tries to trap Tabby in lies again, but she and Jessica laugh off all of Reese's accusations. Reese isn't convinced, but Jessica defends Tabby and tells Reese to back off. Later, Timmy and Tabby are terrified when they see the lights that the warlocks are projecting.

Norma assures her "father" that she will take care of Timmy and Tabby before they get off of the island. She plans to kill them as soon as the kids go to sleep. Later, Norma sees the warlock lights, but tells the warlocks that she wants to be the one to kill Tabby.

Luis gets a wake-up call before dawn, but Sheridan doesn't want to leave that early. He finally convinces her to wake up, and they head off to the docks. Meanwhile, June and Basil set up the bomb on Luis and Sheridan's boat.

As Julian gets Theresa to drink even more champagne, she begins to think that he is Ethan. She tries to fight drowsiness, saying that she can't go to sleep until they finish talking about Ethan. Julian tells her that there is no rush, and gets her to lay back down. As she starts to drift off, Julian tries to kiss her. Meanwhile, Theresa dreams that Ethan finds her with Julian in Bermuda, where Julian tells Ethan that he has decided to think of Ethan as his son again. Ethan is thrilled, and he and Theresa head to the twenty-four hour wedding chapel in Bermuda to get married. Julian insists that they use his suite as their honeymoon suite. Later, she wakes up in bed with Ethan and tells him she wants to make love to him again- but it's Julian who responds to her request by saying he'd love to make love to her again, as well. Theresa is terrified as she realizes that she's in bed with Julian, and that her marriage to Ethan must have been a dream.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Luis and Sheridan gear up for a fun-filled fishing trip, blissfully unaware that Alistair's flunkies have sabotaged their boat. Chad and Whitney board the flight for Bermuda and try to reassure Ethan that his fiancée is fine. Meanwhile, Theresa yanks away from Julian and shrieks in dismay to think that she spent the night with the elder Crane. Thinking about her own big brother and his countless flaws, Sheridan tells Luis how much she's always admired the way he's looked after his kid sister and protected her from harm. Out of Whitney's earshot, Chad confides to Ethan how frustrated he's been since the woman he loves made a troublesome promise to her sister. Leaping out of bed and into a robe, Theresa pales to hear Julian describing the ecstasy they just shared. Tipped off by a hotel maid how she heard a young woman crying in Julian's room, Luis again pounds on the door.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Sam confides his suspicions about David to Hank. June begins to have second thoughts about killing Sheridan but Basil reminds her that the die is cast. Meanwhile, an oblivious Luis and Sheridan set sail on the crystal clear waters surrounding the island. Staring at the rings on their fingers, Julian and Theresa are both rocked to think that in their drunken state they might have actually tied the knot before they hit the sheets. Sam asks his contact at the FBI to run a background check on a suspected confidence trickster. At the bed and breakfast, David apologizes to Grace for turning her life upside down. Ethan, Whitney and Chad arrive in Bermuda and are surprised to learn that another contingent of Harmony folks are already in residence. As they cruise the sea, Sheridan and Luis happily daydream about their future as a married couple. Theresa and Julian struggle to recall the entire sequence of events on the previous night. Grace refuses to let Sam force David into leaving town. Julian's friend drops in to congratulate the "happy couple" on their nuptials and announces that he was the official witness during the ceremony.

Friday, August 17, 2001

Although disappointed that the FBI report contains nothing but glowing reports about David, Sam doggedly continues to claim that the famed photojournalist is up to no good. Basil eagerly awaits the explosion aboard the yacht as Luis steers his rented craft towards the reef. On Warlock Island, a shuddering Charity describes for the others her scary encounter with a disembodied head, while Tabitha quietly cautions Timmy that the warlocks are on the move. Hank advises David to leave his brother's wife alone but the stranger reiterates his vow not to depart Harmony without Grace. Ethan, Chad and Whitney come to Julian's door, sending a fresh wave of panic through "Mr. and Mrs. Crane." As the teens search for a way off the island, Charity confides to Miguel that his sister's life has just been altered forever. Though Theresa decides to tell Ethan the truth, Julian nervously convinces his bride to keep mum. Norma plots another nasty surprise for Timmy and Tabitha. Sam urges Grace to believe that their marriage can survive this latest crisis. Norma traps Tabitha in her net.

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