One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 20, 2001 on OLTL

Cristian denied having any knowledge of the website. Natalie and Seth were exposed. Asa recorded Max and Gabrielle sleeping together. Will decided to leave town. Nora and Matthew went to Chicago. Troy decided to remain in Llanview.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 20, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, August 20, 2001

In his hotel suite to return the talisman he dropped, Nora is alarmed when Troy absent-mindedly closes the door, barring her exit. Seeing her reaction, he apologizes, and he and Nora discuss Colin. He offers her an explanation into Colin's behavior, blaming himself for failing to check his brother's actions, but Nora adamantly assures him that he is not to blame, then leaves. When Troy follows her out to the staircase, trying to explain further, Nora has a memory of Colin falling, and forcibly tells Troy that she is leaving. Before she can go, however, a woman ascends the stairs, accusing "Colin" of cruelly using her, and pushes him. Nora watches in horror as Troy loses his balance and falls, grasping desperately at the banister.

At Llanfair, Viki has a hallucination of Niki Smith, angry at being accused of stealing Jessica. Ben rushes to her side, and Viki tells him of her history with Allison Perkins. When she mentions Rae's visit, he tells her that she will not have contact with Allison. As she is about to tell him more of that part of her life, the doorbell rings; it is Larry Wolek, reluctantly delivering a letter given to him by Allison, who he had met earlier at St. Anne's. Viki refuses at first, but then reads the letter, which asks Viki to visit and forgive. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Allison discusses forgiveness with a nun.

Cristian and the others, barring Lindsay, are stunned when Will accesses his internet site. Sam demands an explanation, but Cristian can only deny knowledge while the online evidence against him mounts. Carlotta rises to his defense, then she and Antonio leave; outside, Cristian asks Antonio to investigate the matter. Back inside, Jen asks for time alone with Cristian, and her family leaves. Lindsay, however, lingers outside the door to eavesdrop.

At school, Seth and Natalie cover about being alone in the elevator. Natalie is surprised to hear that Seth and Jessica have a date at the Palace, and when Seth leaves for a moment, she asks Jess about such an expensive venue. Seth returns and asks Natalie if she has a problem with his dating Jessica, and she denies it. Jessica leaves; alone, Natalie and Seth smile conspiratorially about "getting" Jessica.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Certain her daughter has given Cris the heave-ho, Lindsay gleefully reports success to Chad. Meanwhile, Cris swears to Jen he would never hurt her by entertaining other women in his loft while transmitting the images to the world wide web. As they mull over the evening's strange events, Carlotta and Antonio wonder who would stoop so low as to frame Cristian. Jessica fills Al in on her plans for the night, while across town Natalie and Seth lock lips once again in their room. Frozen at first by the memory of Colin's fatal fall, Nora finally springs into action and pulls Troy to safety. Gabrielle explains to Asa how she blackmailed Blair. Natalie assures Seth they'll soon be rolling in dough once they have Jessica just where they want her. Max walks in on a "fight" between Asa and his wife as Gabrielle threatens to leave. Lindsay's jaw drops when Jen announces that she believes fully in Cris' innocence. Nora tells a grateful Troy she now understands that he is nothing like his evil twin. Gabrielle begins to put the moves on Max but is frustrated when he fails to take the bait. A suspicious Cris corners Lindsay. Nora wishes Troy well as he prepares to leave Llanview.

Wednesday, August 22

Jess knocks for Seth, who's preoccupied with Natalie and when she doesn't get an answer she turns the doorknob and starts to go in. Just then Seth emerges, quickly closing the door behind him. She explains that she's brought dinner but Seth is adamant about not inviting her in, stating that his apartment is a mess. Jess thinks it's because she lives at Llanfair but Seth disputes this as they enter into a discussion over whether his being poor bothers her. She insists on seeing his place and walks in as Natalie hides, first spying the shirt that she gave to Natalie and then getting distracted by spotting an old picture of herself. Seth lies and tells her he found it while helping Renee clean up at the Palace. He finally persuades her to leave but returns for his "wallet" so that he can kiss Natalie goodbye. She can't wait to see Jessica's face when she finds out what they've done to her, she says as she rips the photo.

Max bids Gabrielle goodbye as he tells her she must leave to get away from Asa's abuse. He's not prepared to give his all to her because of Blair and the baby, he tells her. She can't believe he's really telling her goodbye and only wants a kiss. Max refuses, stating that it would cause too much trouble but he does offer his help to her. She thinks that he will be a great father and husband and would just like a celebratory kiss instead. Again he pulls away from her as she keeps trying to convince him. Finally he grabs her and gives her the long awaited kiss and tells her not to go. She suggests they go elsewhere so that they won't be seen and she has the perfect place. Asa is awaiting their arrival at the cabin, set up with his video camera outside of the bedroom. Max and Gabby end up on the poker table but Gabby wants to make love the "right way" and wants to head to the bedroom. Max wants to know what she's up to.

Nora bids Sam farewell at the airport as she and Matthew are heading to Chicago. She feels better about Troy and has made peace with Colin, she tells him. Nearby, Lanie welcomes home Bo who is returning from a special assignment. Lanie fills him in on the Troy/Colin situation and Bo expresses his concern for Nora. Lanie appears disturbed but they run into Nora and Sam on their way out and stop so that Bo can check on her himself. Bo announces that he will do a background check on Troy and they head out. Nora and Sam continue their conversation, Nora stating that she wants to tell Sam how she feels. Even though she hasn't any memory of their time together, she has the feelings now that she's free of the whole Colin ordeal. Matthew interrupts to show his new toy from Marianne, urges his mom and dad to kiss, and they do. The flight is announced. Later in the evening, Lanie has a nightmare that she is sleeping beside Colin who taunts her with the fact that Bo only thought about Nora upon his return.

Randall tells Troy that Colin has made him a very rich man while R.J. stops by their table to order them out of his bar. Randall introduces the men but R.J. only wants them out due to what Colin did to Nora even though Troy tells him that the two of them have reached an understanding. R.J. prefers to hold a grudge, Nora is the one who is nice, he states, and he can't look at him because he has the same face as Colin. In fact he suggests plastic surgery, threatens Troy and tells him to go back to Africa. Troy tells his lawyer he wants Colin's money wired immediately to him because it's payback time.

Cris tells Lindsay he knows it was her behind the web-cam though she denies it. He suggests that she's afraid of losing her daughter and did it to break them up and of not respecting her. They found her in the apartment and the door had definitely been locked, he informs her, so she must be guilty of breaking and entering. He won't allow Lindsay to split them up and she even humiliated her daughter on top of it. He will find proof and as they argue, Jen returns. They cover up and Jen thanks her mother for standing by Cris and tells her how wonderful she is. Once the pair leaves, Lindsay calls Chad and tells him she wants to bring Cris down. When he states that he's no longer prepared to help her out, she threatens to go to the police and inform them of certain activities he's been participating in of late. He agrees to help out after all, as Cris returns to the bar and asks him what is going on. Lindsay offers to take Jen shopping for a new start.

Thursday, August 23

St. Anne's

A skeptical Max questioned Gabrielle as to why she was so insistent they make love in bed. He reminded her that in past times they gave in to their passions no matter where they were. However, Gabrielle covered to Max by saying she wanted it to be perfect because it could be the last time they made love. A triumphant Gabrielle finally succeeded in getting Max into the bedroom. A thumping sound alerted Max, but Gabrielle distracted Max long enough to prevent him from discovering a clumsy Asa. Gabrielle and Max made love for the camera as Gabrielle secretly struggled with unresolved feelings for him. Gabrielle and Max were basking in the afterglow as an unseen Todd made a surprise appearance and quietly removed the videotape from the camera.

Viki clutched the letter from Allison in her hand as she contemplated what to do. However, Ben believed that Viki didn't owe anything to Allison, and he reminded her that she was a criminal who had kidnapped her baby. Alone, Niki appeared to Viki and suggested that Viki may fear Allison because she reminded Viki of her past as Niki. Viki argued with Niki, proclaiming that she was in control and Niki was just in her mind. Niki maintained that Viki needed her help to deal with Allison. Ben interrupted and asked Viki who she was talking to, but she covered to him. Viki thought she excised Niki's presence by agreeing to see Allison. Viki conveyed her decision regarding Allison -- surprising both Ben and Rae.

In Logan's, Al admitted to Jen that he knew about the website and explained his reasons as to why he kept mum. Jen thanked Al with a kiss on the cheek, and Lindsay became intrigued at the prospect of matching Jen with Al. At Break Bar, Chad instructed Mollie and Shawna on their roles in Lindsay's plan. Meanwhile, Antonio and Cristian worked to find out who was responsible for making Cristian famous on the web. R.J. indicated to Cristian that Chad has access to the entire building. Cristian then guessed that Chad put the website together. Certain that Lindsay hired Chad to do the dirty work, Antonio and Cristian looked for clues to implicate her. Unaware of the developments, Lindsay privately celebrated after Shawna, as per Lindsay's plan, intentionally implied that she slept with Cristian for all to hear -- especially Jen. An upset Jen rushed off, but Lindsay remained certain that she had done Jen a tremendous favor.

Friday, August 24

After a night of passion, Gabrielle awakens next to Max. She obviously has second thoughts about the plan to frame Max. She tells Max that everything has changed and that she will stay in Llanview with Asa and that although she will always have very deep feelings for Max, she will move on with her life without him. Later when Asa has joined her at the lodge, he asks to view the tape. Gabrielle tells him that she does not have the tape. They frantically look around, but cannot find the tape anywhere.

Seth visits Jessica with a bouquet of daisies. While Jessica goes to find a vase, Seth and Natalie kiss. Will brings Jessica roses and tells her that he is leaving Llanview and they talk about the all the good times they had and they talk about losing Meagan. Will and Jess share a very emotional embrace and they vow to always remember each other and Will leaves. Seth comes back and finds Jess crying. She tells Seth that Will is leaving Llanview and Natalie overhears. While Jess goes to wash her face, Seth tells Natalie that he is afraid their plan is going too easily. Jessica overhears Seth's remark and asks what has been too easy.

Blair is at the Palace Hotel to plan her wedding when Dr. Larry Wolek sees her. Blair assures Larry that she is taking good care of herself and he again tries to convince her to tell the truth about the baby. Renee joins Blair to plan the wedding and Todd shows up. Blair asks Todd how he could leave her lying in the floor in pain, Todd says she had Max to take care of her. Blair figures out that Todd came back to Dorian's house to help her, but Todd denies being concerned. As Todd continues to torment Blair about her upcoming marriage, Max joins them. Todd then removes the videotape from his brief case and puts it into a VCR for Max and Blair to view.

Melanie enters the living room to find Bo dressing for their wedding. She starts to hurry around to get ready when Colin tells her that Bo will never marry her. She awakens as Bo comes in to give her coffee and realizes she has had another nightmare.

Sam goes to the Palace to show Troy documented evidence of all the bad things Colin did to the people in Llanview. During the course of conversation, Troy tells Sam about Nora saving him from falling over the railing at the Palace. He is very surprised that Nora had not told Sam about it. Troy thanks Sam for showing him the papers and when Renee tells Troy that he is all checked out, Sam assumes that he is leaving Llanview and wishes him luck in whatever he plans to do. Later, at the hospital Bo has brought Melanie to work and is kissing her goodbye when Sam comes to tell them that Troy is leaving Llanview. Melanie is very thankful that he is leaving and Bo says Nora will second that. Melanie catches Bo's remark and gives him a very puzzling look. While twisting her engagement ring nervously, Melanie says that maybe things will get back to normal again. While Melanie, Bo and Sam are talking; Dr. Wolek comes in to tell them that they have gotten approval for the free clinic they have been trying to get. Just as Larry is telling them that they received a major contribution, Julia Michaels, the new hospital administrator comes in and Larry introduces her. Julia tells them that the benefactor is also heading up the free clinic and has just joined the staff at the hospital. When Melanie asks who it is, Troy walks in and says that would be him.

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