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Gabriel and Rosa hid from the police. A man Warren Dunn had hired later found Rosa and Gabriel huddled in bed in their motel room. Edmund and Anna tricked Shannon into revealing that she'd clobbered Marcus, but Warren threatened to destroy her family if she opened her mouth again. A devastated Laura ran away after finding Leo and Greenlee together. Liza demanded Mia take a blood test to prove that they were really half-sisters. Mia asked Marian questions about Larry Colby. Adam caught Liza in bed with Ryan. Liza later collapsed as Adam and Ryan fought.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 20, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, August 20, 2001

Turning his attention from Marcus's room, Edmund noticed an Emergency Room nurse. He approached her and began to compliment her how she handled the patients, as well as the mundane jobs. She asked what he meant by "mundane." As an example, he mentioned taking care of the boy in the coma, plus making an inventory of his personal effects. She explained that they had been very busy when the boy was admitted and didn't have time to take an inventory. Edmund said he knew Marcus had a favorite gold watch and wanted to know if she had seen it in his personal effects. At first she wasn't sure, but with some prodding from Edmund, she finally said she believed it had been there. Overhearing Edmund question the nurse, Derek demanded to know what was going on. Edmund said he was trying to stop Mr. Dunn and the police commissioner from putting Gabriel and Rosa away. Derek reminded Edmund that Mr. Dunn was a player in town and it only stood to reason that he would pull strings with the commissioner since his son was in a coma. He reassured Edmund he intended to do his job, no matter what. Edmund asked if Derek thought Gabriel and Rosa were guilty. Derek responded that it was beginning to look that way. Edmund told Derek the nurse had seen the watch among Marcus's possessions. Derek didn't believe she could say she positively saw it. Right now, Derek felt the best thing would be if Rosa and Gabriel would turn themselves in. Edmund informed him that Anna had guards searching Wildwind. Edmund planned on staying right where he was and do what he could. Derek felt Edmund could not be objective in his search and told him he needed to convince the kids to turn themselves in before some eager policeman shot them. He then excused himself and left. After Derek had gone, Edmund turned to see Mindy coming from Marcus's room. He approached her and sympathized with her on how difficult it was to see Marcus that way. Then he introduced himself and told her he'd like to ask her some questions on youth and how they handle violence today. The idea of doing an interview for Tempo appealed to Mindy and she sat down with Edmund to answer his questions. Edmund continued to "interview" Mindy about Marcus's sporting history. He stated he had heard rumors that Marcus had kind of a temper. Mindy agreed and said Marcus wasn't afraid to go up against anyone. He had more yellow and red cards in his career than any other player in Pine Valley history. Mindy related that Marcus had been a champion wrestler, but suddenly quit. Just then Shannon approached them and demanded to know what she was doing. Edmund asked Shannon why Mindy shouldn't talk to him. She didn't answer Edmund directly, but told Mindy that Edmund was tight with the people who hurt Marcus. She had heard Edmund had been trying to get people to "diss" Marcus in order to get those people off. Then Shannon turned on Mindy and wanted to know why she was even at the hospital since Marcus couldn't stand her. Mindy started to walk away, then turned back and told Shannon maybe it was a good thing Marcus didn't like her. When Mindy was gone, Shannon turned to Edmund and told him to give it up. No one would say anything bad about Marcus. Everyone loved him and wanted to be close to him. Edmund asked Shannon if she and Marcus were a couple. He asked if Marcus was the one who gave her the bruise. Not getting a response, Edmund tried another tactic. He said he'd heard that her dad had given her the bruise. If she would let him, he'd like to help her. They could go to the police and have her dad put away so he couldn't hurt her again. Shannon shouted, "NO!" After her outburst, Edmund tried to soothe Shannon by telling her he could make it so her father couldn't hurt her anymore. Shannon brushed off Edmund's concerns and told him to find Gabriel and Rosa and to leave innocent people alone. She went back into Marcus's room. Derek returned and told Edmund he'd spoken to the nurse. She had seen the watch and it could be Marcus's or a patient's. Edmund asked Derek if he had ever heard any reports of violence coming from Shannon's house. Derek said no. Edmund told him that Shannon had bruises and felt Marcus had beaten her. Edmund pleaded with Derek to find who had done this. Derek said Shannon would testify she saw Gabriel with the bloody oar and Rosa had Marcus's watch. What Edmund needed to do was get those kids in. Until then, Derek felt they had nothing more to say to each other. Shannon kept her vigil at Marcus's bedside. Outside the room, Edmund told Derek he would go home and try to help Anna find Gabriel and Rosa. Derek assured Edmund he would do what he could to find the guilty person. After Edmund had gone, Derek stared into Marcus's room deep in thought.

Inside the mausoleum, Rosa appeared cold and frightened. As she paced back and forth past the burial vaults, she heard someone outside the door. Ducking behind a vault, she waited as the door opened. Gabriel came in carrying food and water. Rosa came out of hiding to meet him. He urged her to eat, telling her she needed her strength. She was too scared to eat and told Gabriel she had never been so scared in her whole life. Gabriel put his arm around her to comfort her. Sitting together on the floor, Rosa apologized to Gabriel for not trusting him when he tried to warn her about Marcus. Gabriel felt she was a good person and that's why she believed Marcus. When Rosa began to tell him what Marcus had said and done to her, Gabriel shouted at her to stop. He didn't want to hear it. Rosa apologized and told Gabriel she just wanted him to know she was glad he had tried to help her. She felt everyone was wrong about him. He was a good person. Gabriel wondered who would want to hurt Marcus bad enough to kill him. Rosa reminded him there had only been five people there - Marcus, Gabriel, Rosa, Shannon and whoever wanted to hurt Marcus. Rosa felt the police would realize they had made a mistake accusing them. Gabriel reminded her that he had blood on his hands and Shannon had seen him with the oar. Mr. Dunn believed they were guilty. The police would listen to him because he was such a powerful person. Gabriel felt they couldn't stay there anymore. Rosa believed Mateo and Edmund would find out the truth, but finally agreed with Gabriel that they had to leave. Before leaving Rosa asked Gabriel to wait while she went to Maria's grave and asked Maria to take care of their mother and for her guidance. Then, taking Gabriel's hand, they left.

Stunned, Liza asked Marian to repeat what she had just said. Marian repeated that Mia was Liza's half-sister. Ryan thought that was why Mia was blackmailing Marian, but Marian said that she wasn't being blackmailed. Liza was shocked and thought that Mia was Marian's child. Marian sadly informed Liza that Mia wasn't her child, but her father's. Liza turned to look at Mia, then turned back to Marian and accused her of lying. Marian stated it was true. Liza was incredulous and told Marian she was the one who ran around and partied. Her father stayed home and read her stories every night. Mia piped in that he must have missed one night. Angrily, Liza told her to shut up. She felt Mia just wanted Marian's money. Mia responded that she only wanted what was rightfully hers. Liza shouted that she wasn't getting one cent and she should just go back from where she came from. Marian was upset that Liza had to learn about Mia that way. Liza still couldn't believe it. Ryan felt the three of them needed to go someplace quiet to talk. That made Liza angrier and she accused Ryan of being taken in by Mia. Ryan tried to defend Marian, but Liza cut him short and said Mia didn't even look like her father. Liza thought perhaps she looked like her mother. Who knew what type of low-down piece of trash she was. This infuriated Mia. She shoved Liza and told her she could say whatever she wanted about her, but leave her mother out of it. Liza refused to get into a fistfight. She said she wasn't raised that way. Marian said they could talk another day, but right now they needed to go home and think things through. Liza left in a huff. Marian turned to Mia and asked if what she wanted was to really hurt Liza like she'd been hurt - she'd succeeded. With that, Marian left. Ryan tried to explain to Mia that Liza was hurting and just needed a couple days. Mia didn't care about Liza's pride. She began to punch and kick the punching bag. Ryan watched as she took her frustrations out on the punching bag. When she had had enough, she sat down with her head in her hands. Ryan sat down beside her and tried to comfort her. Mia told Ryan what her life had been like. Ryan shared bits of his life with her. Once they were both feeling better, Ryan offered her the master suite on the yacht for the night.

Liza and Marian arrived at Marian's house. Liza wanted to go home to Colby, but Marian convinced her to stay and talk. Liza didn't want to talk about Mia, but the conversation went that in that direction anyway. Liza wanted to know if Marian had any proof about Mia's claims. Marian told Liza that Mia's mother had contacted her a long time ago, after [Liza's] father's death. Marian could tell the woman was telling the truth. It seemed she really knew and loved him. It gave Marian comfort to know that someone had really loved him since she had hurt him so badly. Liza's father was a wonderful man. Marian asked Liza to forgive him this one last mistake. A tearful Liza put her head in Marian's lap for comfort. Marian brought in a tray of tea while Liza searched for a picture. As Marian poured the tea, Liza returned with a photo of her father. She remembered her father and found it hard to believe that he could have a daughter across town and they never knew. She was very upset that he'd lied to them and compared his actions to those of Adam. Marian cautioned her to be careful with her feelings now and not do anything she would regret. Liza stared quietly off into the distance.

Leo and Laura shared a passionate kiss. Breaking apart they smiled as they looked into each other's eyes. Laura told Leo she was going to try to be what Leo wanted. Leo assured her he had what he wanted and was happy. He told her she needed to stop worrying. Laura told Leo she loved him more than anything in the whole world. They kissed again. Taking Leo's hand, Laura began to lead him towards the bedroom. Suddenly they heard banging on the door and Greenlee shouting furiously at Leo. Greenlee continued to knock and shout until Leo finally went to the door. He asked her what the hell she was doing there. She was very angry and insisted on coming in. When Leo tried to stop her, she told him she'd make sure all the neighbors heard if he didn't let her in. Seeing Laura, Greenlee told her she needed to borrow Leo but would bring him back in one piece. Greenlee didn't care where they had to talk, but she let him know in no uncertain terms that she would have this out with him NOW! She told him Laura could go or stay. Fearing the stress it would cause Laura, Leo told her it would be best if she left them alone. Obviously upset, Laura stared at Leo and Greenlee. Then she told Leo he was right and that he should handle Greenlee. She was going to lie down. Once Laura was out of the room, Leo told Greenlee if it wouldn't upset Laura, he'd kick her butt out. Greenlee responded that she wasn't thrilled to be there either, but since he got her shipped off to Paris, he needed to fix it. Leo didn't know what Greenlee was talking about. Greenlee didn't believe him. She thought it was a strange coincidence that Brooke would show up at Enchantment and five minutes later Erica was sending Greenlee off to Paris. She blamed Leo because he couldn't get over her. He insisted he was happily married and would be glad to see Greenlee shipped anywhere. Greenlee insisted that she was finally happy, too, and she'd be damned if she was going to lose everything she'd worked for just because he couldn't stop wanting her. She thought it was about time he finally told her the truth. Leo took the challenge and told her if she wanted the truth - she'd get the truth. Greenlee told Leo to be a man and tell the truth. Leo blamed everything on her - that she had tried to ruin his life. He wanted to know if Jake was getting sick of her already. Greenlee told Leo he was jealous. She accused Leo of trading one check writer (from Paris) for another (Brooke). He was just getting paid for his services. Leo retorted that the best woman had won and she just couldn't take it. Greenlee raised her hand to slap his face, but he grabbed her arm. They stared angrily at each other. Unknown to them, Laura was watching from the hallway. Leo let go of Greenlee's arms and told her to get out. Greenlee replied that she wouldn't let him win. She was staying in Pine Valley and living her life. Suddenly Laura burst into the room and shouted for Greenlee to leave and to stop talking to her husband that way. She started to have trouble breathing and had to grab the back of the chair for support. Leo rushed to her side, as Laura shouted again for Greenlee to leave. Greenlee picked up her purse and asked Leo if he was going to "fix" it. He said yes. She threatened that he'd better or she'd be back.

As Greenlee was leaving, she stopped and looked back at Leo and Laura's house for a second. Inside Leo helped Laura to the sofa. Laura told Leo she was ok - just angry. Once he got her comfortable, he got up saying he was going to let her rest. She grabbed him and begged him not to ever leave her. Leo sat down and hugged her. As Laura clung to Leo, Greenlee watched through the window. With tears in her eyes, she turned and walked away.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

At Marian's, Liza asked what proof Marian had that Mia was her sister. Marian said that she was relying on instinct that Mia was related. Liza was also relying on instinct and her instinct was telling her to run Mia out of town. Marian told Liza that she knew about Mia shortly after Liza's father died. Mia's mother had contacted her and she was not capable of taking care of Mia herself; she also wanted to attend the funeral. Marian didn't want her to attend the funeral. Liza interrupted her and asked if she gave Mia's mother money to keep her away. Marian confessed that she had given her money but not as a bribe, to simply help her out. Liza insisted that Mia's mother was running a scam and Mia was continuing it. She asked how much money Marian had given her. Marian didn't reply but did say that she didn't want anyone to know about the affair and tried everything to keep it quiet. Liza still wasn't convinced of Mia's paternity so Marian pulled out a birth certificate. Liza reviewed the paper and told Marian that it could have been easily faked and she was going to prove that Mia was lying. She walked out.

Edmund arrived at Wildwind and wondered aloud where Anna was. The housekeeper appeared and advised him that Anna was on the grounds somewhere searching for Rosa and Gabriel. Edmund ran off in search of Anna.

Anna appeared at the mausoleum with Rosa and Gabriel. Gabriel was upset that she had found them and insisted that she let them run again. She told him that she had to help them both but he did not understand why. She told him that since he was her brother, she would do anything to protect him. She asked them where they were headed when she ran into them and Gabriel told her only that they were leaving. She asked again what their destination was and Gabriel told her that it would be better if she did not know. She insisted that he trust her. She told them to stay put and she would go get blankets and some food. She exited the mausoleum leaving Gabriel and Rosa alone.

At the main house, Anna was throwing together blankets, water and some food into a large bag. She heard the front door and tossed the bag out of site. Edmund entered and began quizzing Anna on her whereabouts. She told him she had been out searching for Rosa and Gabriel but had been unsuccessful. Edmund was suspicious and asked Anna why she had entered Wildwind through the kitchen instead of the front door. She made up an excuse that she was hungry. She went on to add that Gabriel was very resourceful and they had probably already left town. Trying to avoid Edmund's suspicious glances, she asked him if he had any leads and he told her that he had tried to get information from Shannon but she was not very cooperative. As he was speaking to her, he was trying to walk past her to see what she appeared to be hiding, but she kept moving back and forth to prevent him from passing. He talked then about Derek and the progress he had made and casually walked by Anna, to find the bag she had been filling. He picked up the bag and asked where Gabriel and Rosa were. Anna told him that she wasn't about to say anything; she had to protect her brother since the police weren't about to. Edmund told her that he needed to protect Rosa, she was just a child in his mind and wouldn't fair well as a runaway. Anna asked him if he thought she might do better in prison. She grabbed the bag and tried to leave. Edmund told her that there were cops everywhere and they were all carrying guns; some were rookies and anxious to look good in the Commissioner's eyes. They might do anything to catch Rosa and Gabriel. He added that Gabriel was a very reactive person and if he should lash out at one of the officers that might be 'trigger happy', he and Rosa could be hurt. Edmund pleaded with Anna to take him to them. He would do everything in his power to help them. Anna understood everything that Edmund was saying but told him she couldn't do what he wanted. She explained that Gabriel trusted her and if she went back on her word, then he might never trust her again. She made Edmund promise to trust her, that she would keep them safe. The door bell rang, it was Derek with 2 police officers. He informed them that he had a search warrant and that officers were combing the grounds looking for Gabriel and Rosa. Derek told them that it would be easier on them if they just told him where the kids were. Derek added that the kids were in even more trouble than before. The D.A. had decided to tack on 'attempted murder' to the list of charges against them.

At the mausoleum, Gabriel and Rosa were waiting on Anna. Gabriel wondered what was taking Anna so long and expressed to Rosa that something must have happened to Anna and that they should run. Rosa told him she knew the real reason for him wanting to run; it was because someone actually cared about him and wanted to help him and that scared him. He disagreed and told Rosa that he only wanted to run because he didn't think Anna would be able to help him. Rosa then replied that he had a family now and families helped members that were in need. Gabriel asked her if that's what her family was like. She smiled and said, "did you get a load of my brother." She added that when Edmund and Anna make a promise, he could trust it. Gabriel thought about what she said and agreed to hang around for another day.

At Dixie's, Dixie, JR and Jamie were discussing Tad and how much they all missed him. Tad appeared and Dixie ran to hug him. JR yelled out, "Tad, watch out." Chris was behind Tad and JR didn't realize he was one of the good guys. Tad explained who Chris was and it was because of Chris that he was able to come and visit. Dixie excused the boys by asking them to get Tad and Chris something to drink. Tad told Chris that he should sit down and relax. Chris replied that he was not about to relax until he had Tad back safely in the hotel; he didn't know for sure if they had been followed. Tad was upset that he had to be cooped up in the hotel for such a long time and jumped all over Chris. He then calmed down and apologized for 'freaking out.' Chris excused himself to make sure they had not been followed, leaving Tad and Dixie alone. The boys reappeared and began to horse around with Tad. Chris came back in after checking out the grounds and Dixie asked him if everything was all right. "Everything is fine," he told her. She was wondering about Chris so she asked him if he had any family and he replied jokingly that the Bureau didn't issue kids to agents. Besides he added, he was on the road all the time and couldn't see putting a wife and children through that. He didn't want to discuss the subject anymore and told Dixie he was going outside to check the yard again.

Tad had just finished polishing off a plate of food and Dixie and Jamie left the room in search of more food. That left Tad and JR to talk alone. JR confided in Tad that he felt very sad that Tad couldn't come home and it was all his fault because he chose to hang around with the wrong crowd. Tad told JR that everything happens for a reason, that JR was meant to meet the people he met and how his meeting them was part of a larger scheme that no one had any control over. JR was confused and asked Tad if he meant that it was good that JR got involved with drugs. Tad assured him that was not what he meant. He meant that by meeting up with those people, they were able to then meet Chris and Chris and the Bureau were now involved in finding who the supplier was; and that was a good thing. Dixie and Jamie reappeared with more food and they all sat, ate and chatted for a while. Chris returned from outside and advised Tad that it was time to leave. He said his 'goodbyes' to the boys and they disappeared to their rooms. Tad turned to Chris and told him that he wanted to come home permanently and that Chris should rap the whole situation up as soon as possible. They turned to leave.

Ryan had offered Mia a place to crash and they arrived on The Fidelity. She checked out the place and looked as if she was unimpressed. Ryan suggested that she not look down on the place since he had given her a room free of charge. He went on to suggest that she consider cutting Liza some slack. Liza was upset that her father had lied to her and unfortunately it was Mia that was paying the price, since she was alive and Liza's father was not. Mia turned to Ryan and told him that she didn't like Liza's attitude and if she kept it up, she would regret being born. Ryan told her he wasn't about to council her regarding her sibling rivalry with Liza. Mia scoffed and told Ryan Liza was no rival; that she was just a speck that Mia could take care off. Ryan laughed and asked Mia if she had any idea who Liza was. He then told her that Liza and Adam owned half of the known world and could make her life a living hell. Mia wondered why Ryan was on Liza's side and asked him point blank if he was sleeping with Liza. He didn't respond and she went on to ask if it was 'pity' sex or just 'comfort' sex. He ignored her and turned to leave. Since he was giving her a place to stay, she agreed to drop the subject but then started in again on how mad she was at Liza. She was so mad that she wanted to break something. Ryan asked her where she learned to fight and she explained that her uncle taught her when she was younger. He owned a boxing club and she always wanted to learn. She started punching him and suggested he fight back. He taunted her and she took a big swing at him. He ducked and unaware that Liza had just walked in, she punched her right in the face. Ryan was shocked and asked why Liza was there. Liza replied, "I'm here for blood." Mia, thinking that Liza wanted to fight, lunged at her and told her to take her best shot since she was out for blood. Liza stopped her and told her that she wanted a blood sample, not to fight. Mia refused and Liza offered her $50,000 for the sample. Mia ran out of the room. Ryan turned to Liza and asked her what the hell was wrong with her. He understood that Adam had destroyed her faith and she didn't want to believe that her father could cheat. Liza stopped him and told him that her father never cheated. Ryan continued and told her that Mia might be telling the truth. Liza kept interrupting, telling Ryan that Mia was nothing but a liar and a cheat. They tossed words around and then Mia re-entered the room. She explained that she needed time to cool off so she wouldn't knock Liza's teeth out. Liza glared at her. Mia added that she would agree to the blood test, if Liza were willing to cough up more money. Liza wasn't surprised that Mia asked for more money and asked how much. Mia replied, "100 grand would be nice." She could pay off some gambling debts. She added that she couldn't wait to see Liza twist in the wind when she found out that Mia was actually her sister. Liza glared even harder and turned to leave. She advised Ryan to make sure Mia didn't steal anything. Mia didn't understand why Liza would care and Liza told her that since Adam owned the boat, to consider Liza her landlord. Liza stormed out and Ryan turned to Mia and told her that the last thing she wanted to do was make an enemy in Liza.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Early in the morning, Liza pounded on the door to Mia's stateroom on the Fidelity. She screamed and hollered until Ryan showed up. Liza told him she'd brought the $100,000.00 check and wanted Mia's blood for the DNA test. Ryan opened the door and Mia was gone. Liza was furious and asked Ryan if he was hiding Mia somewhere. Ryan told her to search the yacht while he waited. When Liza returned she told Ryan that Mia was no where to be found. Liza paced back and forth wondering where she could be. They tossed out some possibilities, Ryan thought Mia went to her job but Liza believed Mia had skipped town. Ryan commented that the two women are a bit alike and Liza went nuts. Liza became furious with Ryan, thinking he believes everything Mia says. Ryan interrupted her and said he wasn't taking her sister's side in this. Liza reminded him that Mia is not her sister. Ryan took Liza by the arms and told her to open her eyes. He told her the room they were in was where he slept with his wife and held her in his arms. He told Liza that when Gillian died, he died too and when he was in the fire at the turret, he thought he'd die and be with Gillian forever. Liza asked why he fought his way out of the flames and Ryan said because Gillian told him it wasn't his time. Liza said when she found him after the fire she should've taken him to the hospital rather than take advantage of him. Ryan said he was sorry that all these bad things are happening to Liza but that she had to quit dragging him into feeling things, he wanted to just be numb. Liza said he made her sound so horrible. She apologized for dragging Ryan into her messed up life. She said she knew what kind of man Adam was and she let him do this to her and it's her own fault. Liza said she was angry and frustrated and was dumping all of this on Ryan and decided to leave. He grabbed her arms and said "You still don't get it do you?." He told her to wake up and see how lucky she is, but Liza said she was not lucky at all. Ryan said Gillian had hurt him once too, by sleeping with David Hayward. Ryan couldn't forgive her so they wasted alot of time not being together. He said if she came to him right now and said she had lied to him and cheated on him he'd tell her it didn't matter. Ryan told Liza not to throw her life with Adam away and to quit involving Ryan. He told her he's not mad at her but would like her to leave him the hell alone. She asked if there was anything she could do for him before she left and he said yes, "bring Gillian back to me." Liza sadly left the yacht as Ryan found a wedding picture of him and Gillian.

Chris Stamp stood on the porch of Erica's house and looked in the window. He sat down on the steps as Gillian and Jesse popped in. Gillian told Jesse she didn't trust Chris, she thought he was spying on Erica. Jesse said he was just trying to find things out and told Gillian to pay attention to everything. Jesse left as Chris rang the door bell and Bianca opened the door. She let him into the living room and asked him what he'd done to make her mom so mad. He thought this was funny and yelled up the stairs to Erica to hurry up. Bianca was a bit shocked and asked him how long he's had a death wish. When Erica came down she was fuming but Chris plied her with compliments and she calmed down. They did argue about her being on time and then she told him she was furious with him for not showing up last night when she needed him to drive her to a benefit. He asked if he was supposed to be on call 24/7 and Erica told him yes. Chris said no way, he has some life of his own to live. He asked if she was going to fire him but she didn't answer him. He went to the car to get his CD's out and when he returned she told him she was not firing him. Erica said he seemed to be honest and direct and she admires that in a person. He said he has one more surprising quirk, he's a great cook. Chris offered to whip up breakfast and went out to Erica's flowerbeds to pick some wild herbs he saw growing there. Erica followed him. Bianca came downstairs looking for her mom. She walked around calling out for Erica when Gabriel put his hand over her mouth. Rosa came in and Gabriel apologized for having surprised Bianca like that. They told Bianca they're on the run and she offered to hide them at her house. They said no, they didn't want to put her at risk. Chris and Erica started to come back inside so Bianca pushed Gabriel and Rosa into a closet. Chris offered to make an omelet for Bianca but she turned it down. Erica asked her what was wrong but Bianca said nothing. Erica pushed and Bianca made up a story about hearing a song that brought back memories. Chris and Erica headed into the kitchen and Bianca opened the closet door. She told them she thought of a place they could hide out and the three of them left. A little while later Erica and Chris returned and Erica told him the omelet was amazing. She looked around for Bianca but realized she had left. She was worried about Bianca's sadness and Chris told her it was probably just some teenage stuff and reminded her that Bianca was a terrific kid. Erica decided to work from home so she'd be there when Bianca returned and sent Chris away. After he left Erica wondered about what Chris was trying to pull over her eyes and what kind of snow job he was pulling.

On the porch Jesse and Gillian watched as Chris made a phone call to someone. He told the other person that Tad was a loose cannon and that Erica's too smart and will "figure this out." Gillian asked Jesse why Chris is lying to Tad and Erica and Jesse told her to keep watching and she'd figure it out.

At Wildwind Edmund asked Derek how long the cops were going to stay on his property. Anna said no one was hiding there but Derek told another officer to call the station and have them send 5 more uniformed officers and the canine unit. Edmund stopped him and said he'd tell Derek where Gabriel and Rosa were hiding. Anna asked in horror "What are you doing?." He apologized and said he just couldn't keep lying. Anna got very upset and argued with him and Derek butted in saying if Gabriel didn't hurt Marcus, the person who did is still out there and may go after Gabriel. Edmund said they were not armed and that the last time he saw them was last night in the stables. Derek took the officers out and Anna said to Edmund "Brilliant!!." Edmund said he hoped they have enough time to get away and gave Anna a wad of cash to give her brother. She left to tell Gabriel and Rosa to run. Soon a furious Derek returned, and he yelled at Edmund for lying about Gabriel's whereabouts. As Edmund denied this Mr. Dunn burst in. Anna demanded that he leave the premises but he ignored her. Mr. Dunn demanded that Derek "find the delinquents." Edmund suggested that he go to the hospital to check on his son. When Mr. Dunn didn't move, Edmund told him to get off his property or he'd be escorted off. Mr. Dunn told Derek he hoped the Commissioner made it clear to him that his job was on the line here. He said he was going to go find his son's attackers on his own and left Wildwind. Derek asked Edmund to make Gabriel and Rosa turn themselves in. Anna asked if they did would the commissioner close the investigation. Derek said "It could go that way" and Anna said "That's why we did what we did." Derek said they were taking advantage of his friendship and took the officers and left. Edmund turned to Anna and remembered that Mr. Dunn said there was an eyewitness to Marcus's attack. They thought he meant Shannon. Edmund believed Anna could get information from her and they came up with a plan.

At the hospital Shannon stood outside Marcus's door. Dr. Joe came out and she asked how he was doing. Dr. Joe said he didn't know if Marcus would come out of the coma. Shannon went inside and sat by Marcus's bed. Outside Edmund and Anna prepared to execute their plan. Anna was dressed as a doctor, she was going to impersonate her sister Alex. She went into Marcus's room and said hello to Shannon. Shannon asked what she was doing there, she had read in the paper that Dimitri and Alex had gone to Europe. Anna said since she was a neurologist she'd been called back to consult on Marcus's case. She told Shannon that she thought Marcus would come out of the coma and Shannon was stunned, since Dr. Joe had just said he might not ever wake up. "Dr. Marick" said Dr. Joe hadn't seen the latest scans. Shannon was encouraged and Anna said she needed to check Marcus. Shannon left the room and ran into Edmund. A few minutes later "Dr. Marick" asked Edmund to come inside and after a while they both came back out of the room. Edmund told Shannon that Marcus had woken up and told them "everything."

At the Pine Cone Motel, Bianca rented a room under a fake name and ushered Gabriel and Rosa into the room. Rosa didn't feel well and went into the restroom. Gabriel told Bianca he shouldn't have dragged Rosa into this, it was too much for her. But Bianca told him Rosa wouldn't be there if she didn't believe in him.

Outside the motel, a thug called Mr. Dunn and said "I found them, do I deal with them now?." Mr. Dunn told him "All in good time."

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Outside room six at the Pine Cone Motel, a man placed a phone call to Warren Dunn to inform him that he'd tracked down "the Devane kid and Miss Tamale." Warren asked that the man "stick tight" because both Rosa and Gabriel "come from families with very powerful connections." Inside, Bianca tried to find out why her friends were on the run from the law. Rosa softly and hesitantly told Bianca that Marcus had tried to rape her. Rosa swore Bianca to secrecy. Bianca promised that she would not breathe a word of what she was told to anyone. Rosa lamented the fact that her running away was probably tearing her mother's heart out. Bianca promised her friend that she'd visit Isabella and assure her that she was okay. After Rosa left, Gabriel offered to run Rosa a hot bath to help soothe her. Later, Rosa sat on the bed and listened while Gabriel read her a passage from a Bible he'd found in the nightstand. Gabriel explained that his mother had read him passages from the Bible when he was a child. After he finished the reading, Gabriel vowed that he would not let anything bad happen to Rosa. Rosa slipped under the covers, but before closing her eyes to go to sleep asked that Gabriel not leave her alone. Rosa's sleep was plagued by visions of the violent encounter she'd had with Marcus. Rosa woke up screaming and Gabriel raced to her side. As Gabriel sat on the bed next to Rosa, the door to the motel room suddenly swung open. The man who had spoken to Warren Dunn earlier stood in the doorway with a camera. "You're under arrest!" the man shouted as he snapped off several photos of the pair. Liza dropped by SOS and ran into her mother. Liza stunned her mother by ordering a mid-day martini. Between sips, Liza told Marian that she planned to have a blood test run on Mia to disprove her claims that they are half-sisters. Marian was stunned that Liza was willing to pay $100,000 for the blood test. The topic quickly changed from Mia to Adam and Liza's plot to enact revenge on her unfaithful husband. Liza explained that the revenge plot had been scrapped because Ryan didn't want to be involved in the scheme. In the background, Mia listened closely to the conversation. Liza, however, remained determined to work on her own to get back at Adam. "Do you think it's wise to throw it all away because of your pride?" Marian asked her daughter. Liza insisted that she was not acting out of bruised pride, but rather reacting to a lying, cheating husband. Marian gave Liza an angel pin, one that had been given to her by her late husband, Larry Colby. Liza was touched and thanked her mother for the gift. Liza decided that she had to go and talk to Ryan. Seconds after she left, Mia pulled up next to Marian and asked to talk to her. Marian accused Mia of eavesdropping, a charge Mia denied. Mia questioned why Marian had never asked her to prove herself by taking a blood test. Marian explained that Mia was the spitting image of her father; she even held her head the same way. Mia asked Marian if she could tell her something about her father, as her mother had never once mentioned anything about him. Marian claimed that Mia's sudden interest in something other than money was a "refreshing change." Mia had to excuse herself to field a call. She stepped aside and told the caller that they'd picked a bad time to call. Adam wasn't the least bit concerned about poor timing and asked to meet with Mia. Mia told Adam that she was staying aboard the Fidelity. "Has the grieving widower moved you in already?" Adam sassed, hinting that he thought Mia and Ryan were carrying out a relationship. Adam asked to meet Mia on the yacht in a little while. Mia tried to tell Adam that she couldn't meet him there - at least not now - but he refused to listen to her. Adam reminded Mia that she owed him a great deal of money to cover her gambling debts and subsequently hung up the phone. Mia returned to the bar and told Marian that she'd been on the phone with a "bill collector." Mia took a few moments to blast the way that Liza was treating her. Marian asked Mia to give Liza some leeway because she and Adam were going through a difficult time.

Greenlee burst into Leo's room and demanded him to call of his hounds, Erica and Brooke. Leo again explained to Greenlee that he had played no part in Erica's decision to ship her off to Paris. He told Greenlee to hit the road because he had work to do. Greenlee looked around the office and chuckled. "Did the little woman tell mommy to give you a job?" she sneered. Leo again ordered Greenlee to leave his office, but Greenlee refused. She announced that she would remain in Pine Valley no matter what. Leo told Greenlee that Erica had every right to ship her off to another country - it was in her contract. Saying that Greenlee had "signed [her] life away," Leo said that Greenlee was "a poser" and "stupid." Greenlee quickly reminded Leo that he had landed a job given to him by his wife's mother. Leo nodded and said that that makes him "an idiot." Greenlee stood toe-to-toe with Leo and insisted that he was not over her. Then, the pair gave into their passion and kissed.

At the hospital, Shannon's mouth dropped upon learning that Marcus had regained consciousness. Edmund nodded, saying that Marcus had told him and Alex everything. "Alex" appeared at the door and asked to speak to Edmund in private. Suddenly, Shannon broke down. "I didn't want him to die or anything," she sobbed. Edmund coaxed Shannon into telling him the whole story. Shannon explained that she had followed Marcus and Rosa to the boathouse on their "date." Edmund nodded understandingly and got Shannon to admit that she was "jealous" of their relationship. Shannon explained that she and Marcus had been together the night before. Marcus, she said, wanted to have sex with Rosa, but Rosa hadn't been ready and fought him off. After Rosa ran off, Shannon said that she had moved forward to confront Marcus. Saying that he was "disgusting," Shannon soon found herself on the receiving end of another of Marcus' assaults. Fearing that she'd be hurt badly, Shannon reached for the closest thing she could find to fight him off - the oar. Shannon said that she'd hit Marcus as hard as she could, but insisted that she hadn't wanted him to die. Edmund took the sobbing teen in his arms and offered her comfort. Later, Jack was called to the hospital to speak to Shannon. Jack was surprised to learn that Shannon had agreed to recant her statement that she'd seen Gabriel clobber Marcus with the oar. When Jack walked over to Shannon, Shannon flinched. She remembered her last encounter with Bianca's uncle and questioned why Jack would want to help her. Jack said that while he hated what Shannon had done to his niece, he hated what Marcus had done to Shannon even more. As they talked, Christine Dunn, Marcus' mother, arrived at the hospital to visit her son. She saw Jack questioning Shannon and quickly ducked around the corner to call her husband. There, she said that "that tramp" was talking to someone and implicating Marcus as an abuser. She also asked Warren to show up as quickly as possible and to bring an attorney with him. Edmund and Anna rounded the corner and put a halt to her phone call. They escorted Christine back to the waiting area and demanded to know why she was asking her husband to consult an attorney. Christine looked angrily towards Shannon and called her a liar, implying that she's been lying since she first learned how to speak. Shannon insisted that she had to come clean because Marcus had woken up and told Edmund and Dr. Marick the truth. Christine turned to "Alex" and asked about her son's condition. Anna said that Marcus had not woken up and instantly Shannon realized that she'd been tricked. Still, Shannon said that she'd been telling the truth about what had happened. She pulled her hair back and showed a bruise that she claimed Marcus had given her. Christine snarled at Shannon to "shut up." Shannon ducked out and rounded the corner. As she did, she ran into Warren Dunn. Warren looked down at Shannon and asked her why she'd gone against their agreement to keep quiet about what had really happened to Marcus. Shannon nervously explained that she'd been tricked. Warren ordered Shannon not to say another word about what had happened to anyone. "Your father's livelihood depends on me," Warren said condescendingly. He then called Shannon's family "parasitic." However, Warren assured Shannon that if she went back to their original plan, everything would be okay.

Ryan sat alone in his stateroom aboard Fidelity. A knock sounded on the door and Ryan told whoever was on the other side to go away. Liza allowed herself into the room, explaining that she wanted to thank Ryan for helping her come to an understanding about her situation with Adam. In turn, Ryan apologized to Liza for having told her that he wanted her out of his life permanently. Liza showed Ryan that angel pin that she'd been given earlier by her mother. After telling the pin's story, Liza told Ryan that she wanted him to have the pin as a gift. Ryan refused, saying that the pin was too precious to Liza. Liza, however, insisted. Ryan thanked Liza with a hug. Ryan thanked Liza for everything she's done, calling her "an amazing woman." Again the pair embraced. This time, however, the hug turned into something more passionate. After a kiss, the pair fell into bed. As they made love, they were unaware that Adam had walked into the room. Seconds later, Liza and Ryan stopped what they were doing and looked towards the door. Adam stood motionless, still in a stunned silence.

Friday, August 24, 2001

Hayley and Mateo are at home. Mateo gets off the phone and says Edmund got a confession out of Shannon about hitting Marcus. The charges against Gabriel and Rosa will be dropped as soon as Shannon gives her statement to Derek Frye. Hayley says she's got some good news-the doctor said she's ready to go into labor anytime now. Mateo starts to hyperventilate and Hayley instructs him how to breathe. He tries to get Hayley to sit down, but she says the doctor told her to be active to jump start labor. They talk about their plans for the baby. Hayley has been keeping a journal throughout her pregnancy. Mateo says, "What I'm afraid of is that this baby's going to be here and we're still not going to have a name." They sit down with the jar of names from SOS. They draw a name. It's "Regis." They both react with distaste. Hayley says, "We can't name this baby sounds like a what will we call him for short? Reege? Reegie?" They decide to wait until the baby is born to pick a name. Mateo leaves to go to the police station to be with Rosa. After he leaves, Hayley has a contraction.

In the park, Laura and Brooke are sitting on a bench. Laura is showing off a nameplate she got for Leo's desk at Tempo. Laura wonders if Leo would have taken the job if they weren't married-he's never been tied down to a regular job before. Brooke assures her that Leo is really getting into the job and he enjoys a challenge. Laura says she wants to give Leo his present in private. They prepare to go, and Myrtle and Bianca show up. Bianca is guarded and uncomfortable. Brooke says they have to leave and she and Laura go. Myrtle comments on how good Laura looks. Bianca confides in her that Leo married Laura to save her and "now Laura is well, and Leo is stuck. Everyone knows he's still in love with Greenlee." She says when she tried to talk to Laura and Brooke about this, they both accused her of trying to break up the marriage because she is jealous. Bianca shows Myrtle a locket her father had given her mother, which Erica gave to her when Travis died and she always wears.

At the Tempo office, Greenlee is kissing Leo. He pulls away and Greenlee says, "Tell Erica that you've changed your mind, that you don't want me shipped off to Paris.... or I'll kiss you again. I'll wear down your resistance until you're powerless. I'll do it in front of your wife." Leo says, "That's your game, right? Zapping Laura where it hurts the most. Erica offers you this great gig, but instead of popping champagne corks, you crash my space-mine and Laura's." Greenlee retorts, "You're the one who wants me to disappear. You can't handle how much you want me, or the fact that I've moved on with Jake." Leo says, "If you're so moved on, why are you in my face every five minutes? I didn't fix it so Erica would air mail you overseas." He accuses her of trying to sabotage Laura, and says Greenlee disgusts him. Greenlee tells him to take it back. As Laura comes up to the door and overhears, Leo says, "I don't hate you. You know I don't." Laura is disturbed by this and leaves before they see her. Brooke comes in and is not pleased to see Leo and Greenlee together. Leo tells her about Erica's transfer of Greenlee and asks if she had anything to do with it. Brooke denies it and Greenlee leaves. After she goes, Leo says he knows Brooke was behind it and adds, "Don't deny it, Brooke, just undo it. Tell Erica to back off, and I want everybody off Greenlee's back, including you." Brooke confesses and says she did it to protect Laura and lessen her stress level. Leo says Laura has nothing to worry about, and Greenlee has been through a lot and shouldn't be pushed aside. Brooke agrees to tell Erica not to transfer Greenlee. Brooke asks if Laura gave him the nameplate. Leo says she didn't show up. He goes to look for her and returns empty-handed. Brooke calls Zora and gets off the phone very upset. Laura did not take her medications with her and she cannot miss any doses or it can totally screw up her heart. She was supposed to take a dose a half hour ago. Leo calls her on her cell phone.

At the park, Laura stumbles in obvious distress. She sees Bianca and Myrtle, but they leave before she can get their attention. She lies down on the bench, gasping for breath. Later on, Greenlee shows up. Laura's purse and her stuff, including Leo's nameplate are there, but there is no sign of Laura. The cell phone in Laura's purse rings, and Greenlee, after looking around for the owner, digs the phone out and answers it. It's Leo, asking if it's Laura.

On the yacht, Adam walks in to the stateroom to find Ryan and Liza in bed together. Adam explodes in rage and tries to strangle Ryan, who pushes him away. Adam accuses Ryan of seducing Liza to get back at him. Liza gets out of bed and puts on a robe. She says, "Ryan didn't seduce me. I seduced him. I wanted him." Adam, shocked, says, "How could you?" Liza shoots back, "How could you? My wedding vows were already broken by you." She confronts him with his infidelity with the judge who dropped David Hayward's charges. Ryan leaves them alone, and runs into Mia in another room, where they talk about life and survival. Adam tries to defend himself to Liza, telling her about Hayward blackmailing him with a video of J.R. confessing to robbing Hayward's room. Adam says, "My son, J.R. was about to go to jail. The boy needed my help." Liza says, "You know what he needed? You know exactly what he needed? He needed to know that there were consequences to his actions. He needed to know that mistakes are something you're responsible for. But we haven't set very fine examples for him, now, have we, Adam? Control is your drug of choice. No matter what, you'll sacrifice anything to get it. This time you sacrificed us." Adam is abashed and tells Liza they can get past this and their marriage can still work. He says, I know I hurt you and I know you wanted to get back at me, so you used Ryan this once." Liza says, "It was more than once. I didn't know you were coming home tonight. I thought this evening was just an evening for me and Ryan." Adam says Ryan means nothing to her and he's the only one she loves. He grabs her and tries to get her to say how many times she slept with Ryan. Liza says he's hurting her and to let her go. Ryan comes in, pulls Adam off her, and they start to fight. Liza tells them to stop, and suddenly, faints dead away and falls to the floor. Adam rushes to her.



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