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Gabriel claimed responsibility for clobbering Marcus. Rosa told Mateo that Marcus had tried to rape her. JR revealed to Tad and Dixie that David had been blackmailing him and Adam. Liza and Ryan had sex.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, August 13, 2001

Ryan kissed Liza. They broke apart and Liza gently caressed Ryan's face. As they held each other and kissed again, they fell to the blanket. Ryan and Liza were lost in their kisses. They hurriedly began undressing each other.

Later, Ryan and Liza dressed in silence. As Liza folded the blanket, Ryan walked over to her. He gently touched her face and then moved away as he heard someone approach. Anna and Edmund walked up to them and were concerned about Ryan. They wanted to know how he got out there. Ryan asked if there was anything left of the turret. Edmund told him the only things left were the walls. Ryan replied that it was over then. He told them he didn't mean to, but he had started the fire. He was waiting for Gillian. Anna, Edmund and Liza listened sympathetically.

Tad wanted to know why JR felt it was his fault that David was released. He urged JR to talk to them. As Tad continued to prod, JR became upset and told them he had promised his dad he wouldn't tell. With a little gentle urging from Tad and Dixie, JR finally confessed. He told them he, along with his friends, had broken into David's room and took the drug samples. Tad wanted to know if it was Sweeney's idea. JR nodded yes and said he just went along with it. He explained all that had happened and added that David had threatened to go to the police with the story and ruin JR's life. He hadn't threatened JR directly, but had gone directly to Adam. Tad realized then that David was blackmailing Adam. JR continued to tell Tad and Dixie how David had tricked him into confessing. It was all on tape. Once he had the taped confession, David showed it to Adam. If Adam refused to help him get off, David threatened to turn the tape over to the police and ruin JR's life. JR now realized Adam must have done something to make the case go David's way. Very remorseful, JR apologized. Dixie comforted him and told him she was glad he told them. JR still blamed himself. Tad promised he would make sure David never came near his family again. JR wanted to know if there was some way they could throw David back in jail. Tad told him not to worry - he'd take care of everything. Dixie asked JR to leave the room and wait for her in the lobby. She wanted to have a moment alone with Tad. JR apologized again and said he felt it was his fault that Tad had to hide out. Tad assures him it wasn't, but JR apologized once more as he left the room. Once alone, Dixie told Tad she wished he would get that look off his face. She begged him not to do anything foolish, but just let it go. Tad was angry about what David did to JR. Dixie told Tad it was Adam David went to - not JR. David had used Adam to clear his name. She asked Tad not to go after David. Dixie's first priority was to make sure Tad got cleared and they could have their family life back again - not to hunt down David. Tad promised he would do nothing to risk her and the boys. As he hugged her, the look on his face said something different. As Dixie got ready to leave, Tad told her to bring him magazines, cookies and a helicopter. Dixie said he just needed to stay put and not to climb out the window and hunt David down. She wondered how Adam got to the judge. She didn't condone what Adam did, but would hate for that information about JR to get out. Tad told her to get JR and go to Brooke's. Dixie was pleased JR had talked to them. She said it felt like old times. After Dixie had gone, Tad picked up his drink and sat down in a chair. As he remembered what JR had told him about David, he became angry and crushed the glass in his hand. A few minutes later the door opened and Dixie came back into the room looking for her date book. She noticed the broken glass on the floor and called Tad. When he didn't answer, she checked the bathroom. He was nowhere to be found. Dixie called the guard and he checked the room, too. Noticing the open window, they looked out and saw the fire escape had been lowered. A worried Dixie leaned out the window and said, "Tad, don't be a jerk!"

David arrived at SOS and asked the bartender if Mrs. Martin had arrived yet. Vanessa joined David at the bar and said she hoped it wasn't Ruth he was looking for. Turning to the bartender, she ordered two glasses of their best champagne to celebrate David's victory. She was amazed the judge had settled the case so soon and insinuated that David had the judge wrapped around his little finger - or some other part of his anatomy. David was obviously irritated that Vanessa was there. As they continued to argue, Vanessa wanted to know why they always had to bicker. David ignored her question and asked her if she didn't have a "rich old coot" she could do this with. Otherwise, she could go to Leo, who she had trained to tolerate her a lot better than he could. David walked away from the bar. Vanessa picked up the glasses of champagne and followed him. Handing David his glass, she told him she didn't want him to be alone. He replied he wouldn't be alone for long. Vanessa wanted to know if he came there because Dixie left him a message at the hotel. Then she added, "Oops! That was me." David looked at her in amazement. Vanessa wanted to know when he was going to accept the fact that she was the only woman he could depend on. Vanessa wished they could be closer. Exasperated, David told her for once in her life he wished she'd say what she really means. Vanessa told him she just wanted to be his mother. She wanted a family. David laughed it off and told her to get over it. He told her she could always go to Petey. She told David she was glad to see he and Leo were getting along better. He stated that her little family plan wouldn't work because both he and Leo couldn't stand her. Vanessa reminded David that he had asked for her help. He needed her. By this time, David had enough of Vanessa and got up to leave. He told her after the day he had, he needed a massage and a hot shower. After he was gone, Vanessa ran her finger over her chin and said, "You'll be back, David. You always do come back."

Gabriel ran out of the trees as he heard noises by the boathouse. He shouted out to Rosa. As he ran up to the boathouse, he found Marcus laying face down on the ground. He walked over to Marcus looked around. Noticing an oar, he picked it up and looked at it. Just then Shannon came up and asked what he was doing. She looked at Marcus and accused Gabriel of killing him.

Mateo was on the phone with his mother asking if Rosa was feeling better. When he found out she hadn't arrived home yet, he hung up and called Edmund. He wanted to know if they had seen Rosa or Gabriel. Edmund told Mateo they hadn't and asked if there was a problem. Mateo hesitantly told Edmund he had to fire Gabriel. Edmund asked why. Mateo replied that Gabriel had a thing for Rosa and wasn't handling her relationship with Marcus very well. Edmund promised he'd call if they saw Gabriel or Rosa. Mateo finished a telephone conversation with Philomena when an agitated Gabriel rushed into SOS looking for Rosa. Mateo grabbed Gabriel and noticed the blood on his hand. Mateo and Gabriel struggled. Gabriel kept saying he was looking for Rosa. Mateo asked him how he got blood on his hand and where the blood came from. Gabriel swore he didn't do anything. Mateo looked towards the door as Shannon came in with two policemen. Mateo told Gabriel not to move and walked over to them. Gabriel turned to see a distraught Rosa standing behind him. Gabriel wanted to know if Rosa was ok. He asked what happened. She was upset and told Gabriel she didn't know what happened. Gabriel ordered her not to say anything. Just then Shannon lead the police over to Gabriel, pointed her finger at him, said, "He's the one!" She told the police she had seen Gabriel standing over Marcus holding the bloody oar. He had been threatening Marcus all week. Rosa was shocked and asked what happened. Mateo explained that someone beat Marcus at the boathouse and he was in a coma. Shannon told the police to look at the blood on Gabriel's hand. An officer walked over to Gabriel and asked for his name. Gabriel answered. He stood silently as the policeman told him he was under arrest, read him his rights and handcuffed him.

After hanging up, Edmund told Anna that Mateo had to fire Gabriel for acting inappropriately with Rosa. Anna was disappointed. Edmund added that apparently Gabriel wouldn't take no for an answer. Anna wanted to know what Edmund meant by that. Edmund replied that it sounded like Gabriel was jealous and had gotten out of hand. Anna couldn't believe it because she felt Gabriel was very gentle at heart. Edmund felt Gabriel's earlier life of being caged made him unpredictable and he was very quick to anger. Regardless, he felt they would have to show their support for him. The maid entered the room and told them there were problems - the turret had gone up in flames.

Later, Edmund told Ryan, Liza and Anna the fire was out. Ryan told Edmund he'd pay for the damage, but Edmund said no. He was sick of the place anyway. Ryan felt they probably thought he'd lost it, going to the turret to wait for Gillian. Edmund told him it never goes away. It just gets diffused. Anna said it was lucky for Ryan that Liza happened to drive out that way. She called Liza his guardian angel. Edmund decided to get some clean clothes for Ryan. Anna went to get some food. When they were gone, Liza decided to check her phone mail. She listened to the message and when it was finished, she angrily threw her phone to the floor. She picked up the phone and tried to put it back together as she explained to Ryan the message had been from Adam. She said she lied to herself when she married Adam. She had convinced herself Adam had changed. Ryan apologized for what had happened. He said he might have thought she was Gillian for the first five seconds, but after that he knew exactly what he was doing. Liza stopped him and told him he hadn't taken her anywhere she didn't want to go. Ryan said, "How are we going to......" and Liza finished his sentence, "deal with this?" Before they could answer, Edmund and Anna returned. Liza excused herself and said she had to go home and check on Colby. Just then the phone rang. It was Mateo. He told Edmund that Gabriel was in trouble and they needed to come to the club. Edmund and Anna rushed off and once again Ryan and Liza are alone. Liza asked Ryan not to apologize. Ryan wanted to drive her home, but Liza assured him she could drive herself. As she said good night, Ryan asked her to wait. Liza said she really had to go, but Ryan wanted to talk about what had happened. Liza asked what he wanted her to say. He replied, "Nothing." He said he hadn't done anything like that in a long time. Liza stated that neither had she. Ryan felt guilty for having taken advantage of her. Liza felt she might have taken advantage of him - but she didn't regret one thing about it. She turned and walked out leaving Ryan to think about what she just said.

David was ready for his massage. He was lying on the table covered with a towel. Hearing footsteps, David said he needed a deep massage. The masseuse patted David's shoulder and began to rub his shoulders. Then he picked up the ends of the towel and tightened them around David's neck. It was Tad. He kept his grip on the towel and told David if he ever came around his family again, he'd kill him. Letting go of the towel, he walked out leaving David rubbing his neck.

Anna and Edmund arrived at SOS just as the police were taking Gabriel to jail. They wanted to know what had happened. Mateo told them Marcus and Gabriel had a fight. Someone hit Marcus in the head with an oar and he was now in a coma. Anna wouldn't believe that Gabriel could do that. Edmund told Gabriel to be quiet and he'd hire an attorney. As the police took Gabriel away, Anna looked at the crowd of people and said there had to be more to the story. When no one responded, she said, "Damn this town!" and walked out. Looking upset and rubbing her shoulders, Rosa quietly walked away. Mateo followed her. Shannon walked over to the bar and leaned against it. Looking very smug, she stared off into the distance.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Leo was sitting outside he and Laura's condo, staring off into space. Laura came out with a jacket for him and asked. She th if he was ready for bed. He replied that it was too hot to sleep. Sleep wasn't what she had in mind, Laura replied. She then told him that she noticed that he hadn't been able to sleep the night before and wondered if it had anything to do with the first time they made love. She was concerned that since it had been her first time, that he was unhappy with her. He insisted he was not unhappy. She asked him why he wouldn't come to bed then. He told her that there was nothing wrong but she didn't buy it. She told him that newlyweds were not supposed to be able to keep their hands off each other, and so far, she was the only one unable to keep her hands off of Leo. Leo told her that he was just being responsible, trying to follow doctor's orders. She told him how much she enjoyed it when he kissed her and then asked him what it was that he enjoyed. He told her that he didn't want to talk about sex and added that sex was like happiness; it could not be forced. He told her that they had only made love once and it would only get better. She insisted they go to bed so that they could try again. Leo told her that his head was cluttered with other stuff and wanted to be alone with his thoughts for a while. She told him she would wait up for him and disappeared. Laura came out a short time later with a sandwich for Leo, but he was gone. In frustration, she grabbed a bunch of daisies and started pulling them apart. Brooke came out and sensed that something was wrong. She asked Laura about it and Laura confessed that she didn't think she was making Leo very happy. She added that perhaps Leo now felt stuck with her, since she was no longer dying. Brooke tried to comfort her by telling her all would be okay. Later on, Laura was still up, wondering where Leo was. Brooke came in, after obviously looking for him, and told Laura that Leo had probably gone over to the Quickie Mart to pick her up some ice cream; after all, he knew how much she loved ice cream. Laura didn't believe her mother and told her that she couldn't get pictures of Leo and Greenlee together out of her head. Brooke told her that Leo loved her, not Greenlee, and that any moment he would walk in the door with a pint of Cherry Vanilla.

Greenlee snuck into Jake's apartment wearing nothing but a towel, shoes, and a smile. She was gazing out the window when Jake appeared, also wearing a towel, and surprised her. He asked what she was doing there, she didn't have an answer and he said with a smile that he knew exactly what she was doing. She insisted she was not there to see him, only to shower as her loft didn't have water or electricity yet. He thought it strange that she just discovered, in the middle of the night, that she had no water and wondered again what she was doing there. Greenlee became flustered and once again said she was not there to see him; she knew he didn't want her around because he might fall in love with her. Jake just stood there and listened to her ramblings. Then in order to shut her up, Jake leaned in and kissed her. She stopped him and told him that they shouldn't kiss because he was afraid to fall in love with her. He told her he would take a chance and kissed her again. Their towels fell to the floor.

After making love, Jake and Greenlee lay on the bed, both with smiles on their faces. Jake kissed her shoulder and asked her to 'fess up'; that the reason she came by Jake's was not to shower but to see him. She said to him, "if you think I came down here to seduce you, you don't know me at all." She added that she was only there to use his shower, and that 'his ego was bigger than her trust fund.' She wrapped a sheet around her and jumped out of bed. She ran into the living room to put her towel back on and Jake followed. She told him that she couldn't believe he thought she was just there to seduce him. She ranted on and on and only stopped when Jake admitted that he was more than just a little in love with her. She didn't know what to say and just stood there and stared at him. She asked him why he wasn't worried that she might hurt him and he told her she was worth the risk. They kissed. Outside the apartment block, Leo, who found himself in front of Greenlee's building, had a bird's eye view of Jake and Greenlee kissing. They ended their kiss and Jake told her that he was ready to fall in love with her. They kissed a second time, more passionately, as Leo still looked on. Leo, realizing he had lost Greenlee to Jake, walked away. Brooke then appeared, she knew where Leo must have gone; she looked up and saw Jake and Greenlee and then looked over at Leo walking away, with a pained look on her face.

Back at Laura and Leo's place, Laura went back outside to wait for Leo. She found the jacket he left behind and said aloud "I won't lose you, Leo. I can't."

At the Police Station, officers were bringing in Gabriel and in tow were Edmund and Anna. Derek was there and Anna told him that she knew her brother and he couldn't do what they said he did. Derek turned to Gabriel for answers, but Gabriel just stood there not saying a word. Anna begged him to help himself but he continued to stand there, not speaking. Mr. Dunn, Marcus's dad appeared, turned to Gabriel, and told him that he would pay for what he had done to his son. Mr. Dunn knew he was called 'dog boy' because he had lived in a cage; he also knew that Gabriel had attacked him son before and believed that if Gabriel had been taken care of by the police the first time, Marcus wouldn't be fighting for his life. Anna begged Gabriel to ignore what Mr. Dunn was saying. Mr. Dunn turned to Derek and was about to speak but Derek stopped him and suggested that he be beside his son's hospital instead of trying to do Derek's job. The Commissioner, who was a personal friend of Mr. Dunn's, walked in and heard their conversation and told Derek that he would be overseeing the investigation. Derek was not pleased. Edmund, sensing that something wasn't quite right, excused himself. The Commissioner quietly said to Mr. Dunn that it was terrible what Marcus had been through and he could be assured that Gabriel would not walk. Mr. Dunn mentioned that Marcus was to have seen Rosa that evening and wondered if she could somehow be involved. Anna, who had gone off to call a lawyer, reappeared and told Gabriel that everything would be okay, that he would be able to open up to the lawyer. Gabriel didn't say anything but did notice that Edmund had disappeared and questioned Anna about it.

At S.O.S., Rosa was in deep thought when Mateo appeared to comfort her. He told her that he was her protector ever since their father had died and she could tell him anything and he would not judge her. With tears in her eyes, she turned to Mateo and told him that she had lied to him; everything that had happened that evening was her fault. Mateo asked her what she meant and she explained that she hadn't gone straight home after work; Marcus had slipped her a note and told her they should go to the boathouse. Since he had earlier said that he loved her, and needed her to be with him, she felt that she had no choice but to go with him. She began crying harder and said that if he truly loved her then why had he treated her the way he had at the boathouse. Mateo jumped in and asked Rosa what Marcus had done. Rosa didn't give him any specifics; she just went on to tell him how she wished that she was a little girl again, where things were so much simpler and she always felt safe. Mateo didn't quite know what she was getting at but said that if Marcus had hurt her in any way, she should talk to someone about it. He suggested that she come home with him and talk to Hayley. Derek entered S.O.S. and said that he needed to speak to Rosa. Mateo tried to throw him out but he insisted on Rosa coming down to the station to answer some questions. Rosa agreed and Derek, Rosa and Mateo left.

At the hospital, Edmund appeared with a cup of coffee and located Mrs. Dunn. He introduced himself and proceeded to ask her questions about her husband. She didn't want to give him any information, as she did not know who he was. She then realized he was the host of the Crystal Ball each year and was also Dimitri's brother. Edmund added that Dimitri's wife is the sister of the man accused of harming her son. Edmund insisted that it was not Gabriel that hurt her son and asked her for a list of people that might want to hurt Marcus. She was stunned by his questions and ran away. He was about to leave when he noticed Shannon, in tears, come out of Marcus's room. Edmund approached her and asked about Marcus. The doctors wouldn't tell her anything because she wasn't family. She asked who he was and he just replied that he knew who she was; that she was the person who apparently saw Gabriel attack Marcus. Shannon tried to explain what happened; how Gabriel kept hitting Marcus repeatedly with the oar and she began to cry even harder. She turned to Edmund and told him that Marcus was everything to her. Edmund asked if Marcus was her boyfriend and she asked him why he cared. He handed her a handkerchief and noticed she had a bruise on her face. Edmund questioned her about it and she stood there panic-stricken. She made an excuse and told Edmund she must have bumped into something. She ran away before he had a chance to say anything further.

At the police station, Derek walked in with Rosa and Mateo. Gabriel told Anna that Rosa shouldn't be there. Rosa approached the Commissioner and he told her he had questions for her. He also wanted to know who Mateo was. Mateo explained that he was family and wanted to be there for Rosa. Mr. Dunn then jumped into the conversation and asked Rosa what she knew and told her that he had suggested to Marcus to stay away from 'girls like her'. Mateo didn't like what he was implying and jumped in to protect Rosa. Mr. Dunn asked Mateo why he was protecting his sister and wanted to know why she would need protection. Derek stepped in and reminded Mr. Dunn that Rosa had come down to the station under her own free will and did not need to be harassed by him. Mr. Dunn said to Derek, "I do not take orders from people like you." Derek told Mr. Dunn very quietly that he was aware of Marcus's record; that Marcus liked to beat up women and that even though the records were sealed information had a way of being leaked out. Mr. Dunn took this as a threat and walked away. The Commissioner was beginning to question Rosa but Mateo put a stop to it. He told the Commissioner that since she was not being charged with anything, she was not going to give any information until they had a lawyer. Mr. Dunn accused the Commissioner of letting her walk out without giving a statement. The Commissioner told Mr. Dunn that they already had the person who beat up his son; what more did he want. Mr. Dunn said that he didn't think Gabriel was smart enough to beat Marcus up on his own and probably had an accomplice. He accused Rosa of luring Marcus to the boathouse so that Gabriel could beat him. Gabriel stepped in and told Mr. Dunn that he was a liar just like his son. Rosa then told Gabriel that everything would be okay; that he didn't need to protect her anymore. Rosa stood up and told the Commissioner that she would tell him what happened and would answer any questions he had, then she turned to Mr. Dunn and told him that she wanted him to know what his son had done to her. Gabriel interrupted and told Mr. Dunn that he would tell the story of what happened, not Rosa. Gabriel confessed that it was he who had attacked Marcus.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Early in the morning, Ryan was at his office at WRCW boxing up his belongings. Liza walked through the door, saying she couldn't sleep either. She noticed what Ryan was doing and asked why. Ryan told her "this was a mistake" and said he was leaving his job and this town. He said Gillian was what held him in Pine Valley and with her gone there was no reason for him to stay. Liza asked if she could be his reason to stay. Ryan thought she meant the job and told her she could get anyone to sell ads for the station. Liza quietly said "Stay for me." Ryan was confused and said he didn't know what she was asking him. Liza offered him a 25% raise, a company car and an expense account. He asked why and was told that she wants to make her husband "pay." Ryan was incredulous and asked what she wanted him to do. Liza replied "Ruin him." He wasn't sure that was a good idea and Liza asked him if he could take revenge on the person who killed Gillian would he? Ryan said it wouldn't bring Gillian back. Liza told him they weren't going to mourn forever, he for Gillian and she for the person she thought Adam could be. She reminded Ryan that Adam took his business away from him but Ryan said he didn't care about the business anymore. He only worked to pay his bills and the rest didn't matter. Ryan asked Liza why she wanted him to stay. She told him they helped each other last night through their pain and that the only sanity she's felt since she found out about Adam was when she was making love with Ryan. He asked how they could help each other and she told him they could find something real together. He touched her hair and asked "What are we doing?" While Ryan and Liza were having this discussion Jesse and Gillian popped in. Jesse told Gillian she had done the right thing last night in the turret, getting Ryan to save himself. She said there was no way she could've watched her husband burn to death. She told Jesse that she feels like her task is just a joke and even if she completed it she couldn't go to Ryan since her heart had been given to someone else. Gillian asked Jesse if all the angels were laughing at her stupidity. He told her no, and then Gillian wanted to know if Ryan was going to be with Liza now. Jesse told her that he knows Liza real well and there's no way she'll go after Ryan. "If she does I'll go medieval on her!" Jesse said. Gillian said Liza wants Ryan to become vengeful and that's just not Ryan. Jesse said he'll help Gillian help Ryan and they left WRCW. Ryan asked Liza if she wants Adam to know they're lovers. He said he doesn't want to be with Liza if all she wants is to make Adam jealous. Liza wanted to know if he wants to be with her for other reasons and then became embarrassed. They told each other they have to find a way to go on without Gillian and Adam. Ryan said he has no regrets about last night and that he'll be her friend and more if that's what will help her get through this crisis with Adam. She said it is and they began kissing.

Jake and Greenlee woke up next to each other. He said last night was incredible but Greenlee said now it's morning and they needed to be clear about her being there. Jake wondered why they had to talk at all and began kissing Greenlee. The was a knock at the door and Jake wanted to ignore it but curiosity got the best of Greenlee and she opened the door. It was Roger Smythe. He said he'd checked her penthouse first but since she wasn't there he'd stopped by Jake's to look for her. He asked if he was interrupting anything and Greenlee told him no as Jake came out dressed in a robe. She asked her father why he came looking for her and was told that he was wondering how things were going at Enchantment for her. She told him things were great, especially after he helped her with the inventory problem. Roger said he found a way to make her look even better to Erica Kane. He told Greenlee that he was now a computer nerd and could write programs. He wrote a program for her to use at Enchantment that would take care of any distribution or inventory problems and would make her look like a genius. Greenlee was thrilled but said he should take credit for it. He told her it was his little way of being there for her and his clumsy way of getting close to her. She hugged her father and he offered to drive her to work. Greenlee ran to get her clothes and Roger smiled a sly smile.

Marcus's father began yelling at Anna and Gabriel in the police station. Anna stuck up for Gabriel and begged him to tell the truth and not take the blame to protect someone else. The police commissioner said to put Gabriel in lock up and Anna ran to Edmund. She told Edmund that Gabriel was covering for someone and Edmund said he'd try to find out something. He went to Derek and told him how he'd spoken with Shannon at the hospital and about her bruises. Edmund asked if Marcus had a record and Derek confirmed this but said juvie records are sealed. Marcus's father Mr. Dunn went into an empty room and called his wife at the hospital. He told his wife to bring all of Marcus's things to the station and if anyone asked why she was to say she'd noticed Marcus's watch was missing. He stepped back out into the station. Minutes later Mrs. Dunn arrived and said Marcus was still unconscious. Derek asked why she was there and she gave him the story about the missing watch. Mr. Dunn accused Gabriel of stealing the watch but Derek said they'd searched Gabriel and didn't find anything on him. Mr. Dunn said he'd probably given it to Rosa and demanded they search her. Rosa said she had nothing to hide so a woman officer frisked her and found nothing. Mr. Dunn told them to search Rosa's purse so the officer put her hand into the bag. She pulled out a watch and Mr. Dunn said "That's my son's watch! Is everyone starting to get the picture now or what?" Mateo yelled that Rosa did not steal the watch and Mr. Dunn said she targeted his son. Gabriel said Marcus still had the watch on when he found him and told Rosa to tell everyone what happened before Marcus got hurt. She agreed and sat down. She began telling them that she was crazy about Marcus but she thought he was cheating on her. Marcus told her that he loved her and only wanted to be with her. She said she thought she was ready but she wasn't and when she said no, Marcus wouldn't stop. Looking at Mateo and crying, Rosa told everyone that Marcus tried to rape her. Mr. Dunn called Rosa a liar and said Gabriel put her up to this. He went on insulting Rosa, saying she was "a little tart" who took advantage of a rich kid. When he called Rosa a whore Mateo attacked him and a big ruckus ensued. Cops separated the two men and then noticed that Rosa and Gabriel were gone.

Erica and Chris arrived at Enchantment with Erica berating his driving skills. She needed to go check on something in accounting and gave Chris some papers to put in Val's in-box. She left the office and Chris got on his cell phone, and told someone that Tad was back but now he was worried about Enchantment. He told the other person that Enchantment was clean, no drugs. "If it's not her, who is it?" he asked. Chris hung up as Erica returned. Jesse and Gillian popped in and watched as Erica told Mr. Stamp they're going to go over some inventory, bubble bath from China. He wondered why and Erica said Greenlee was in charge of this and she's not sure Greenlee is always as careful as she should be. Chris said he could handle it and took the inventory sheet and went to the receiving department. Gillian told Jesse she didn't understand why he brought her there. In the receiving room Chris checked off the inventory but was troubled to find only 20 boxes listed on his sheet but 36 boxes had arrived. He opened a box and found a canister filled with plastic bags containing a white powder. "Well hush my mouth!" he said in astonishment. He tasted the powder and declared that it was "no Chinese talcum powder." Chris told the attendant he'd help carry the boxes to Erica's office. He brought a box to Erica and she told him to wait, she'd be right back. He grabbed his phone and told the other person he'd hit pay dirt. He went on to say Erica didn't know anything about it, there was someone else behind it. As he hung up Greenlee strolled in. They traded insults but Greenlee was in such a good mood she told him about the computer program she had. She sat down to install the program while Chris stood behind her and watched. Jesse and Gillian left and she said she still didn't know what was going on. "Show me what to do!" she pleaded with Jesse.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Bianca surprised Laura with an unexpected visit to her condo. Laura wondered why she hadn't come around, and Bianca said that she thought she wanted time alone with Leo. Laura showed Bianca a sexy negligee that she had bought to wear for Leo, but Bianca could no longer keep her feelings to herself. Bianca admitted to Laura that she was not convinced that Leo had brushed Greenlee under the carpet for good. Bianca also said that she didn't believe Leo's heart was free from Greenlee, so he couldn't possibly love Laura the way she deserved. In return, Laura accused Bianca of wanting Leo out of the way so that Bianca could make her move on her. An upset Laura then ordered Bianca to leave the condo. Shaken, Bianca made the decision to visit Greenlee and confront her about her interference with Leo.

Greenlee arrived at Tempo to deliver Brooke some documents from Erica. She interrupted Leo as he flashed back to Greenlee and Jake's kiss. Leo noted that Greenlee had moved, and she reiterated that she had no other choice. A sarcastic Greenlee applauded Leo for making headlines with his perfect marriage. Greenlee also told Leo that she knew he wanted out of his marriage, but he didn't have the courage to follow his heart. An unseen Brooke overheard as Greenlee labeled Leo's marriage as impulsive. Leo defended his marriage and said that he loved Laura. Alone, Brooke encouraged Leo to practice patience when it came to Laura. Thinking proactively, Brooke offered Leo a job at Tempo and called Erica to enlist her help in taking care of Greenlee. At the loft, Greenlee alerted Jake to her discussion with Leo, leading a frustrated Jake to head out to speak with him. Jake confronted Leo, warning him to get his act together before he ended up hurting both Laura and Greenlee. Jake told Leo that he was sending mixed messages to Greenlee and Laura, so he better get it together before he messed up both of their lives. After Jake left, Laura walked into the courtyard and asked Leo whom he was just speaking with.

Ryan and Liza discussed their revenge plot against Adam. Ryan assured her that after Adam returned to Pine Valley, he would be available to her whenever she needed him. Liza asked Ryan not to leave her side in her time of need, and the two of them kissed. A stunned Marian walked in as Ryan and Liza kissed. Alone, Liza revealed Adam's infidelity to Marian, and Liza praised Ryan for saving her. A visibly effected Marian told Liza that she knew what it was like to learn that a man you love was unfaithful. Liza questioned Marian as to what she meant, but Marian quickly covered. Marian then warned Liza to stay away from Ryan for both of their sakes.

At the health club, Marian instructed Mia to leave town, but refused to give Mia more hush money. Mia wondered what Liza would think if she learned that she had a half-sister. Marian begged Mia not to tell her. Marian told Mia that Liza couldn't handle the truth -- that her father had another daughter, whom he deserted. Mia ultimately promised not tell Liza. Alone, Mia remembered the absence of her father growing up. Mia recalled her mother saying that her father was in heaven, when in actuality he was with his other family, Marian and Liza, in Pine Valley. A hurt and angry Mia began punching the bag as Ryan arrived. A tearful Mia turned and Ryan comforted her.

Friday, August 17, 2001

Leo and Laura are at home, after Laura has just returned from shopping. They discuss Leo's job at Tempo, and Laura tells him he can turn it down if he wants. Leo snaps, "I took the job, ok? My decision. Nobody forced me to do it." He apologizes and says he's excited about the job. Laura asks him to be honest with her, even if it will hurt her feelings. She asks him where he was last night. He says he took a walk alone, but he's fine. Laura says, "Wait here. I want to show you something that will help us both let off some steam." When she leaves the room, Leo flashes back to seeing Jake and Greenlee kissing last night. Laura comes out, wearing a short and sexy pink nightgown. She models it for him and Leo imagines Greenlee wearing the nightgown. He smiles, and Laura thinks it is for her. She wants to make love, but her bracelet comes off. Leo picks it up, says the clasp is broken and he is going to take it to the jewelers right now to be repaired. Laura suggests he can give her something better than a bracelet. Leo tells her to stop it. He says, "I feel like we're playing dress up! Pretending to be married, like it's not real." He tells her she's trying too hard, saying "It's not your job to keep things lively. You're not the entertainment committee.... it's just not you. It's you acting like you're trying to be Greenlee or something." Laura says, "I can't compete with her." Leo says, "That's not what I want. That is so not what I want." He says they need to be more natural and spontaneous and adds, "But we have to let each other be free to be ourselves." He embraces her and they begin to make love.

Bianca is over at Greenlee's place, trying to talk to her about Leo. Greenlee is very flip and sarcastic. She is annoyed and irritated. Bianca says Laura's heart is fine, but her marriage is in trouble because of Greenlee. She says Leo really cares for Laura. Greenlee retorts, "You don't have to sell me. I spent the afternoon listening to Leo sing his wife's praises. She's pure. She's fine. She's like morning dew on rose petals. I needed a shot of insulin when he was done." Greenlee says she gave Leo a chance to be with her, but he chose Laura, so she's moving on. Bianca says, "If you love Leo, then why aren't you fighting for him, trying to get him back?" Greenlee then accuses Bianca of wanting to break up Leo and Laura so she can have Laura. Bianca protests, "Laura's my friend and she deserves better than this." Greenlee says if Bianca were a friend, she would help Laura fix the marriage. Bianca says this it's not about her. Greenlee says, "Like hell it's not. You help smash Laura's marriage to smithereens and, there you are, her bestest, bestest friend, helping her pick up the pieces. Before you know it, LesBianca and Laura will be playing house, buying hers and hers towels...You are so your mother's daughter." Bianca says Leo loves Greenlee and wanted to marry her. Greenlee says she doesn't trust him and he's out for money. She tells Bianca how she saw Brooke give Leo a check and thanking him. This disturbs Bianca. Greenlee gets a call and has to go see Erica at Enchantment.

Brooke goes to see Erica at Enchantment. She says that Laura feels threatened by Greenlee and asks Erica to get Greenlee far away from Pine Valley. Erica agrees to help, saying, "Because no matter what our differences, we both will do whatever it takes to help our daughters." Brooke leaves and Erica instructs Val that she wants to see Greenlee. When she arrives, Erica tells Greenlee that, as a part of Enchantment's incentive program, she is going to be transferred to Paris. Erica acts as though it's a great opportunity and Greenlee should be very excited. Greenlee doesn't buy it and says, "I'm not being promoted. I'm being exiled. You want to get rid of me, Erica. I want to know why." Erica says she could fire Greenlee if that's what she wanted. Greenlee says, "Our deal was if I messed up on the job, I had to leave town for good. But I haven't messed up. So you can't send me packing to Siberia." Val comes in with a message for Erica and mentions that Brooke was there. The light dawns on Greenlee. She says, "Your daughter was the reason I was late. She wants me to fight for Leo, trash his marriage, so Laura can get in touch with her hidden lesbian." Erica says, "Bianca and Laura are friends. They are just friends....You have such an amazing amount of gall." Greenlee says, "It's called self-preservation." She leaves, and Erica says it is not her call where she is going to go.

At Tempo, Bianca is looking for Leo and stops in Brooke's office. Brooke says Leo hasn't started yet and invites Bianca to sit and talk for a while. Bianca says Brooke gave Leo a job as part of a plan to keep him with Laura. She says, "Leo is getting jumpy, hanging around the house, feeling trapped. So you throw him a bone. You keep him busy. You distract him and hold on to him for Laura's sake." Brooke replies, "You can't really tell what's going on in a marriage from the outside. As far as that goes, Leo and Laura are still getting to know each other." Bianca says, "If they had 50 years they wouldn't get it right, because this marriage is a deal brokered by you." She says she saw Brooke give Leo a check. Brooke says that was a present to help tide them over. Bianca says, "I don't understand this. Why are you supporting this? Leo doesn't love Laura, not the way she needs to be loved." Brooke is put off and says, "By who, you? I don't want to be blunt, Bianca, but Laura doesn't want you. She wants Leo. Bianca accuses Brooke of buying Leo, but Brooke says when she made Leo an offer, he refused. She asks how Bianca can want Laura to lose Leo and be heartbroken. Bianca says, "I know Leo isn't right for her." Brooke gets angry and says, "You don't have any right to say that and you don't have any right to interfere in her life.... The bottom line is that Laura is still recovering her health and I am not going to have you making problems for them or undoing the progress that she has made. If you cannot be happy for her, if you can't be satisfied with just being a good friend, then I think you should get out of her life for good."

Over at the health club, Ryan and Mia are talking. He asks about her blackmailing Marian Chandler. Mia says, "Marian didn't want me to have what's mine. She wants me to pretend like I was never born. But you know what? I'm here and I'm not going anywhere." She says her mom lied to her, telling her that her father was dead, when he actually deserted them. Ryan tells her about his abusive childhood and says he wished his father had left. Mia is sympathetic and apologizes for punching him. Liza comes in and after a brief word with Mia, asks to speak to Ryan alone. Mia leaves but eavesdrops on their conversation. She said she told her mother about Adam's adultery and she understood. They talk about their relationship, and this upsets Mia. Liza says she feels close to Ryan and he gives her hope. Liza says, "When Adam gets back from his fishing trip, I have a little surprise planned for him....I want the look on his face to match the one on my face when I found out he broke every promise he ever made." She gets a phone call from Adam and tells him she and Colby are having a great time in Hawaii. As she walks off, Mia comes out and confronts Ryan about sleeping with Liza. Mia says, "I thought you cared about your wife. How could you do this to her?" Ryan tells her not to talk to him about Gillian and she has no right to judge him. Mia says, "I just think it's a little soon to be sleeping with someone else." Liza hears this and says to Ryan, "You told her?" Mia, very defiantly, says, "Yeah, he told me. What's it to you?" Ryan says she was eavesdropping. Liza says, "Who the hell do you think you are?" Marian comes in just then and misinterprets the situation. She says, "I'm too late. Liza, please forgive me...I didn't want you to find out like this. I know I should have told you the truth right from the start, but I didn't know how you were going to react when you found out you had a sister." Liza is incredulous, saying, "That's my sister?"



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