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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on GL
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Monday, August 13, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Reva is yelling for help but no one hears her. She takes a piece of wood and begins to bang on a pipe hoping someone would hear but no one does. Noah and Josh are trying to move the debris but more keeps falling. Noah thinks he hears something and tells Josh that Reva is sending them a signal; she is alive. Just then, Tony comes in and sees what is going on. Tony is upset, thinking Marah is trapped and soon learns that it is Reva. Josh asks what he is doing there and he tells him he has business and he wanted to see Marah. He asks where she is and no one answers. He asks again and Josh tells him she is safe with Sam. Olivia comes in and tells Richard she was at the Harbor and it is all but destroyed. She goes to Josh and tries to apologize for her words earlier. Noah calls Josh over to find a way to talk to Reva. Josh suggests walkie-talkies. They put one on a rope and start lowering it down the hole while Noah talked into it. Noah hands Josh the walkie-talkie and tells him to talk while he gets the rope down further. Josh calls out to Reva to talk to him; they know she is down there. He continues to talk and Reva hears him. She reaches out for the radio and whispers into it, "I hear you, Bud." Everyone applauds and Richard leaves to tell Cassie.

Tony asks Olivia where Sam and Marah are; Olivia tells Tony to try Marah on her cell phone. Tony calls Marah's phone but she doesn't answer. Eventually a maid picks up the phone and tells Tony that the people that were there have left and must have forgotten their phone. Tony realizes that Marah may be trying to get back to her mom, which means her life is in danger.

Sam and Marah are lying unconscious on the remains of their boat. Sam finally comes to and realizes the boat had beached and he really isn't sure where he is. He goes to Marah and checks her over and tries to wake her. He seems very upset and when she finally comes to he is grateful she is alive and he tries to make sure she is alright. She has a cut on her forehead and Sam thinks she may have a slight concussion but promises to take care of her. He tells her to rest and he will find out where they are. He goes outside and tells her that they are on one of the small islands outside of San Cristobel. Marah is still worried about her mom. Sam says they have to concentrate on getting out of there. He finds bottled water and some food. He gets some flares and tells Marah he is going to set them off and build a signal fire that someone will see and they will be back in San Cristobel before they know it. He leaves.

Sam comes back and tells Marah the fire is doing well and things will work out. They are lying in what is left of the boats cabin. Marah tells him she is scared. He tells her that he is scared too.

In Mexico:

Edmund has built a fire and Beth makes a comment about his adeptness of survival skills coming from when he hid out from the law. She tells Edmund to get out of the shelter. Edmund tells her, he made the shelter, she can get out. She tells him she will but she doesn't. Edmund tells her that he was only trying to keep her alive and then away from the feds. They argue back and forth and Edmund laughs. He tells her that they are arguing like an old married couple and in fact they are. He tells her she can't let go of him anymore than he can let go of her.

At the Airport:

David arrests Danny and accuses him of trying to skip town. Danny is shouting out to Michelle. Frank comes in and tells Danny that he isn't going anywhere. Frank tells David to let Danny go. Franks says Danny and Michelle want to believe Carmen is alive but he is a cop and can't let Danny get on the plane. Danny accuses Frank is picking his job over Michelle's life.

At Laurel Falls:

In the shack, Michelle confronts Carmen and tells her that she isn't stupid and she figured out her plan to have her killed in Canada. Michelle tells Carmen that the endless misery Carmen put she and Danny through is finally over and Carmen will rot in jail. Carmen laughs and tells Michelle that will be over Michelle's dead body. Carmen says she won't be turned over to the authorities after all she has been through. Someone up there gave her another chance. Michelle tells her that Danny hates her. Carmen says she will prove to Danny how Michelle has poisoned him against her. She goes towards Michelle but Michelle pulls a gun on her and threatens to kill her herself. Carmen doesn't believe her and then looks at the gun and tells Michelle the gun is a fake, she can tell by the trigger guard. Carmen and her henchman ties Michelle to a chair and she orders the guy to dispose of Michelle's car. The man leaves and Carmen tells Michelle she has big plans for her but wants her to spend this night in fear. She leaves and locks Michelle in the shed.

At Company:

Blake is complaining to Holly about Ross. Holly tells her she is trying to be a drama queen and she should just forget it. Ross is sitting at a table and Blake goes over and kisses him. He tells her he is busy and will talk to her later. Doris arrives and sits down with Ross. Blake sees it and starts complaining to Holly again. She tells Holly she thinks the flame has gone out on their relationship. Gus comes in and talks to Doris and Ross, both of whom give him the cold shoulder. Gus tells them he resigned from the FBI and came back to watch the rest of the Santos trial play out, since he knows Danny is a murderer. Gus leaves the table and Doris talks over plea bargains with Ross. They get the details ironed out right before she gets a call about Danny being arrested. She hangs up and tells Ross that the deal is off and his client is back in jail.

Gus goes over to Blake and asks her why she lets Ross cuddle up to another woman. Gus makes comments about Ross being boring and stale and their relationship must be on life support.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Reva speaks to Josh through the radio and everyone is happy to hear she is alive. Noah is a little upset when Reva demands Josh keep talking to her instead of putting someone else on the radio. He walks away while Josh talks to Reva. Olivia is upset that he did but Noah tells her Reva will ask for him if she wants to talk to him. Josh asks if Reva is okay and if she has enough air. She tells him she does. Josh promises to get her up there soon. He tells her that Marah and Sam stole a boat and came after him to help her. Reva tells Josh that she is fine and she doesn't think anything is broken but she has a bump on her head. Josh asks about her sight and she tells him she can see but her view right now stinks. Richard is on the phone when Cassie comes in. He tells her where the radio is and she runs to talk to her sister. Reva finally gets around to asking about Noah and Cassie tells her that they are all fine. She tells her that she loves her and Reva tells her to get her a nice hot bath ready. Reva tells Cassie that she knows Josh won't let her down. Josh tells Reva they are going back to work and he sits the radio down so they can hear if she calls out for them. Cassie is worried that they won't be able to get Reva out but Josh says he will find a way somehow. Olivia is muttering in the corner about what men see in Reva, Cassie hears her and looks like she could kill Olivia. Cassie tells Olivia that Reva is a good, honest woman unlike some. Cassie can't believe Olivia is acting like this. Olivia tells Cassie that all she wants is a life without her and Reva and to be left alone with her husband. Cassie tells Olivia that after her sister is back up there they will finish this and Olivia losing her husband will be the least of her concerns. Noah picks up the radio and talks to Reva. She tells him she was wondering where he was. He tells her they are going to get her out. Steam starts going in on Reva and she tells Noah that the steam is cutting off her air. Noah tells Josh and Josh tells the men to shut the equipment down. He tells everyone to go shut down all the steam valves as well. Noah asks if Reva is okay and she tells him that the steam stopped, her skin in tingly but she feels okay. Noah tells her to hang on. Josh, Richard and Noah discuss their alternatives of getting to Reva. Everything has risks; possible collapse and suffocation are the greatest. The men lower Josh down into the hole to survey the risk. Noah tells Josh to go ahead and call Reva and let her in on what is going on. Josh calls and tells Reva they are delayed because of the debris and are going to have to come to her from a different angle which means it will take a bit longer. Reva is scared but Josh tries to lighten the situation with jokes. He tells Reva they will get to her and she will be okay. Olivia is watching the whole thing and isn't happy.

Marah and Sam are still stranded on the island. Marah is worrying about her mom. Sam tells her that she is the one that got Josh to her; Reva will be fine. He holds Marah cuddled up under a blanket but they are still cold and wet. Marah hopes they get through this alright. Sam tells her that they just have to get through the night and when daybreak comes they can do more. They start playing around asking each other their favorite meals and favorite vacations, etc. Sam apologizes for bringing her down there during an earthquake. She tells him she saved her; he shouldn't blame himself. Marah tells Sam he is the best friend she could ever have. She tells him she notices everything he does for her. She kisses him and the kiss continues until Marah hears something and runs out to see Tony calling out for her. He hugs her and kisses her until Sam comes out of the wreckage with no shirt on. Marah asks what Tony is doing there. Tony tells her that he was worried and he saw the fire from the beach. Marah realizes he came there through a storm in a speedboat for her. Sam is flippant with Tony and Tony gets hostile. He starts to leave and Marah asks Tony to help them, they are stranded and her mom was in an accident. Tony tells her that her mom is alive. Marah is happy and runs and hugs Sam, which makes Tony upset. She asks him for a ride back to SC and he tells her that he will wait for them on the beach. He leaves and Sam tells Marah that Tony did what she wanted. He came all the way to SC and risked his neck to get to her. Now she has everything she planned on. Marah tells Sam the only thing she can think about now is her mom. She doesn't want to be selfish and think about her love life right now. She tells Sam they need to go. Sam follows her to the beach.

In Mexico:

Beth and Edmund are talking by the fire. She wishes he would give up on them but he tells her he intends on telling her how much he loves her until she finally gets it. Beth goes to lie down away from Edmund. She tells him that she is done, she sees reality and their life together is over. Edmund takes the deed book and gives it back to Beth. He tells her he doesn't want the deed; it was never about that. Beth tells him to take it since she knows he is in debt. He tells her he will manage somehow. Beth can't believe he didn't have something stashed away but Edmund tells her that Richard was thorough and all Edmund really cared about getting back was her. Beth tells him to take the deed and they are done. He tells her that he only wants to get her out of there and home to her kids. They will take off at daybreak before it gets too hot. He tells her he had such hopes for them. Beth tells him she did as well. Edmund lies down opposite Beth and talks about his dreams for them. Beth tells him it doesn't change anything. Beth tells him she was happy right where she was with him, she didn't think of a future. When she was a girl and felt trapped with Bradley and she had to dream her way out but with Edmund she was satisfied with the here and now. She didn't have to dream, she was living the dream, she had everything plus she had magic. Edmund tells her he knows what she means. She has had other loves but he hasn't. She is the only one that he has ever loved. Beth tells him the magic is gone. Edmund tells her that magic is still there, she just has to believe in it. He doesn't want her to stop believing in magic or in herself because of him. He tells her he still believes in her. Finally he bids her goodnight and they both try to get some sleep.

Later, Edmund is asleep when Beth gets up. She checks her watch and decides to head out on her own after making sure the deed was left for Edmund.

At Millennium:

Rick tells Phillip that he doesn't want to argue with him anymore. He wants their friendship to be like it used to be. He reminds Phillip that things happened in the past and they should have grown to be wiser and learned from them. Phillip tells Rick they should have but apparently they didn't. Rick gets a page from the hospital and tells Phillip he is there if he wants to finish their talk. Phillip tells him they are finished. Rick leaves and Phillip goes for another drink when he gets a call. Tobias tells him that Beth wasn't on the plane. Phillip tells him he knew Vargas was lying but he couldn't prove it. He leaves to meet Tobias.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

With great glee, Carmen sets up a video camera and boasts that she's going to tape her final hours on earth so that she can watch the tape every November 4, in honor of Mick's death and November 14, in honor of Danny trying to kill his own mother. She then decides to move her from the cabin to the docks, unaware that Michelle has secretly scribbled Robbie's name in hopes that Danny will spot it. Claire runs to Rick to seek his help in trying to find Michelle. Ross confronts Danny in jail and complains that his attempt to leave town has put his current case in jeopardy. Danny warns him and Frank that he feels Michelle is in danger. Frank advises him that Michelle was not on the flight to Canada. Rick arrives in time to hear Danny tell Frank that he now thinks Michelle is at the cabin at Laurel Falls. Rick convinces Frank to escort Danny to the cabin before his trial continues. When they arrive, the cabin is empty. Claire guesses that Rick is the father of Harley's unborn baby and admits she thinks he's going to make a great dad. When Vreeland shows up at the Reva rescue site, Cassie pulls Richard aside and reminds him that Reva has the audio tape of Olivia. Noah is lowered to strap a harness to Reva and she remembers the audio tape. An aftershock suddenly threatens the rescue project.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

In Mexico:

Beth is breathlessly trudging through the desert. She needs water and fears that she has gotten into something she may not be able to handle. She wishes she were home with her children and is getting upset and disoriented. She isn't sure which way is the right way to go. She lies down in an empty canyon just as Edmund catches up with her. She looks frightened. He tells her that he was worried when he woke and she was gone. She tells him that she just wants to get home to her loved ones. Edmund tells her that she is heading in the wrong direction; she is headed further into the desert. Beth tells him she doesn't believe him and he tells her that she really doesn't have the luxury of risking that. She tells him she can take care of herself. Edmund tells that he can get her back alive but if she is willing to die just to prove she doesn't need him, she should remember that her children are waiting for her in SF and they won't care how she gets home. He tells her that she should just pretend he is a stranger and let him help her out. Edmund pulls out and energy bar he has in his pocket and shares it with Beth who gobbles it down. Edmund lights up a cigar and then burns the deed he has with him. Beth tells him that he never ceases to amaze her. Beth thinks they should get some rest until the sun goes down and they can start walking again then. Edmund hears thunder and gets worried and tells Beth they have to keep moving. Beth thinks her plan is best but Edmund explains that they could drown if they don't get out of there, the canyon will fill with water.

In San Cristobel:

Another tremor comes and Noah holds on to Reva. She thanks Noah and tells him that she realizes he risked his life for her and she is only glad he wasn't hurt. Noah tells her he did it because he loves her. Reva tells him she knows he loves her; she never questioned that. Noah isn't so sure. He tells her he loves her more than his own life and coming down there to save her was easy. She hugs Noah and he tells her everything will be fine.

Josh tells the crew they have to get Reva out before any more damage is done. Josh calls down to Noah and Reva and asks if they are alright. Reva tells him they are fine. Josh tells them they are almost ready.

Richard assures Cassie that the children are physically okay; he sent them to the north wing of the palace, which is stable. He tells her that they are probably scared though. Cassie can't wait for Reva to come up and everyone is safe. Just then Sam, Marah and Tony come in. Josh is angry with Tony for bringing Marah there but Sam covers and tells Josh that Marah was intent on coming and Tony's boat was the fastest way. Olivia pulls Sam to the side and asks him what really happened. Sam tells her about the accident and tells her that everything was fine until Tony showed up. He hates that out of all the people in the world to see his signal flare, it had to be Tony. His appearing put an end to anything that would ever happen between he and Marah. Olivia tells him to stop fighting it; he has no idea what it is to have to compete with the mere thought someone. Sam tells her he is finding that out. Meanwhile, Marah thanks Tony for saving her and he tells her that he is going to leave now that she is safe. He wishes her mom luck and he leaves.

Josh and the guys are ready and Noah secures the harness onto Reva. He calls up and they start pulling Reva up. Reva gets to the surface and hugs Josh, thanking him. Olivia is upset as she watches them. Reva wants them to get Noah out ASAP but there is another aftershock and Noah falls while being pulled up. Reva goes to the hole and Josh and Cassie have to stop her from going back down to Noah. Everyone continues to pull and finally get Noah to the surface. They all get out of the palace just as another tremor makes the foundation collapse.

At Millennium:

Ross comes in and asks Rick where Danny is. He tells Rick that both Danny and Frank are missing; they never made it to court. Rick tells Ross the "Carmen is alive" theory and tells him that Danny and Frank went looking for Michelle. Ross wants to know everything Rick knows. Gus comes over and hears the conversation. Gus hands Rick, Ross and Blake one of his new business cards, he is now a private investigator in Springfield. He tells them he is going to focus on missing persons since that is his specialty. Gus goes over to the bar while Rick goes on to tell the rest of the theory. Ross is worried, he thinks if Danny doesn't show up for court it will take the jury less than ten minutes to convict him.

Phillip comes in and meets with Carlos Sandoval. Phillip tells him that he knows he had something to do with Edmund getting to Mexico and he is looking to make a deal with him. Phillip tells him he is worried about Beth and he needs to find her. Carlos tells them they can work something out. He tells Phillip that his business is based on favors. If Phillip is asking a favor of the Sandoval family, he can expect to repay it sometime in the future. Phillip admits that he is desperate and he agrees to the deal.

Ross goes to make a call while Blake goes to the bathroom. Gus sits down with Rick and tells him he wants to give him a message to get to Harley since Gus can't get through to her. Rick tells him to wait in line; Harley left town and wants to have the baby by herself. Gus wants to know why she left town. Rick says she had her reasons. Gus goes back to the bar and thinks back to the last night he was with Harley and he touched her face.

Ross tells Rick that the jury has a verdict. He and Rick are both worried as they leave for the courthouse. Gus follows them.

At Laurel Falls:

In the shack, Danny is looking around for clues while Frank tells Danny they wasted their time and they have to leave. Frank tells him he will get some cops on the place to look it over. Danny tells him that they can't help since they don't now Carmen like he does. He knows they were there. Danny looks down and sees where Michelle wrote "Robbie" in the sand. He points it out to Frank. Frank sees it but still says he needs to get Danny back to jail. Danny tells Frank that he knows where they are. Carmen took Michelle to the docks. Frank tells him that he will get some cops to look into it and Danny finally gives in. Frank turns and Danny knocks him out telling him he has to do it his way.

At the Docks:

Carmen is still emotional about her memories of when she was shot there. She tells Michelle that at least she will have the good memories of her death on video. Michelle asks Carmen how she faked her death and then lived all that time. Carmen tells her that she will tell her only because it will give her something to think about as she is dying. The fact that Carmen was able to survive and she will not. Pedro wants to hurry but Carmen assures him that the only person that could save Michelle is Danny and he is in jail. Carmen goes on to tell Michelle that Danny shot her and she was sure she was dying. Her son held her in his arms and was fading out. When Danny threw her in the ice-cold water she came to. Danny was upset when he was wrapping Carmen in the chains so they were loose and she floated to the surface. After Danny and Michelle left, Pedro came out from where he was hiding and pulled her out. He brought her back to Laurel Falls and paid Jennifer Tarver, the intern, to come and save her life. They told her she would be very well compensated and Tarver was more then willing to help. Michelle asks where the intern is now. Carmen told her they needed a body to put in the water. Michelle tells Carmen she is sick and she hopes her torturous death on video is enough to satisfy Carmen because Danny will never come back to her. Carmen is sure it will take time but she will have her son back. Carmen gets the camera and is taping as Pedro wraps Michelle in chains. Michelle is screaming for him to stop as Danny shows up and greets his mother. Carmen looks surprised.

Friday, August 17, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Everyone arrives in the sitting room, which is still standing to celebrate getting Reva out alive. Reva thanks everyone and gives hugs all around. Cassie comes in with Marah, Sam, Tammy and RJ. They are all happy to see Reva. Dax comes in with two bottles of wine that survived the quake. Everyone celebrates and Reva asks Noah to step out with her to somewhere private.

Richard and Cassie are playing with the kids and kissing. Olivia sees them and tells Josh they should take note and do the same. She wants to kiss and make up but Josh is still a little standoffish. He tells Olivia he cannot forget that she was willing to put the harbor project over a human life. She asks him if what is bothering him is that she put it over another life or that she put it over Reva's life. Josh tells Olivia he is tired and hungry and doesn't want to talk about it. Olivia thinks there marriage is important and they should talk. Josh agrees but tells Olivia this isn't the time or place. Olivia asks Josh if she has to put her life in danger to get his attention. She tells him that no one likes it because she knows what she wants and goes after it.

Noah and Reva step out into the hall and she kisses him. She tells him that she was afraid she would never see him again. She thanks him for everything and tells him she wants to marry him right away. Noah looks at her and finally says, "Goodbye, Reva." She doesn't think he understood her but he tells her he did. She tells him she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. He tells her that he believes she loves him but not in the right way. He tells her when she was stuck and they were talking on the radio it was Josh's voice who carried her through. Reva tells him she was only talking to Josh about the kids; he is the one she loves, the one who risked his life to save her. Noah tells her he doesn't blame her for any of this, he thought he could change things but when he went down in that hole to save her he already knew they couldn't be together. Reva doesn't understand. Noah tells her he is going to ask her a question and wants an honest answer from her. He tells her he knows she loves Josh and he understands that as well but is she in love with him. Reva admits that she is and probably always will be but it isn't the same as what she feels for Noah. Noah thanks her for her honesty and tells her that she gave him a precious gift. She taught him how to love with his whole heart and he will always love her for that. He tells her that the problem is that she is not able to make the choice and he she can't. Reva is crying and asks Noah where he will go. He smiles and tells her anywhere he wants to but wherever it is he will be thinking of her. She asks if he will ever come back and Noah tells her if she ever needs him he won't be hard to find. Noah kisses Reva and walks away. Reva is sobbing when Josh walks in. She tells him he's gone.

In Mexico:

Beth tells Edmund to leave because she is staying in the canyon. It starts to rain and he warns her of the flash floods that occur in places like that. He tells her that he won't try to talk her into not getting the divorce; he only wants to get her to higher ground. She tells him to save himself; that is what he does best anyway. She isn't going anywhere with him. Edmund tells Beth she will die if he leaves her there. Beth tells him she will wait out the storm alone. Edmund argues that she should do it for the children. Who will explain to them why she refused to go on living? He tells her he wishes he could change the past but she shouldn't die because of that. He tells her she doesn't need shelter from a storm this is a virtual death trap. The water starts rising and Edmund wants to get out of there. Beth tells him to go ahead. Beth finally agrees to go with him. She starts up the canyon but is pulled back down by the current. Edmund holds onto her hand but the current is too strong and Beth is swept away by the water.

At Millennium:

Phillip reluctantly agrees to Carlos deal and goes to shake hands. Phillip gets a hard grip on Carlos and tells him he wants to know where Beth is and if he got Edmund into Mexico. Carlos tells him that he only helped a friend out a bit. Phillip asked if Vargas is also on Carlos' payroll. Phillip tells Carlos that he is going to Mexico and he better have Vargas cooperate with him. Carlos tells Phillip that Edmund was supposed to be back long before now, something must have happened.

At the Docks:

Danny tells Carmen they have come full circle. Carmen asks if he is going to shoot her again. Danny demands she leave Michelle alone but Carmen isn't listening to him. She asks if he and Pilar mourned her. She tells him she knows his shooting her wasn't his fault it was all Michelle's. Danny tells Carmen to let Michelle go. Carmen tells Danny he is unreasonable, Michelle killed his brother. Danny tells her he loves Michelle; she is the mother of his child. Carmen says they can start over after Michelle is gone. Carmen thinks Michelle has poisoned Danny against her. Danny says Carmen is the one who is poison. He tells her the police are on their way but Carmen doesn't believe him. Pedro is holding Michelle tightly. Danny walks over and overpowers Pedro and tells Michelle to run. She does but Carmen grabs her and holds her tight. Danny picks up the video camera and starts to bash Pedro's head in. Carmen tells him he holds the key to his freedom, the tape can prove she is alive and all he has to do to gain his freedom is to walk off the docks alone. Danny tells Carmen the killing has to stop. He didn't want to kill her, he begged her to hold on while he got help but she didn't. He tells her the memory of shooting her has haunted him ever since. Carmen is in tears and asks Danny if he missed her. He tells her that he hated that he hurt her, she is his family even now but so is Michelle and now they have the opportunity to fix things. He tells her to let Michelle go and they will figure out where to go from there. He tells Carmen she has to love him enough to let Michelle live. He calls her mama and reminds her of things they did together when he was a young boy. Carmen is crying but refuses to let Michelle go. Danny tells Carmen the three of them will figure out where to go from there, everything can be different. Carmen says Michelle hates her and things can never be right with her in the picture. She tells Danny he has to choose between Michelle or his freedom. Danny tells her there is no choice to make and he tosses the camera into the water. Carmen can't believe he did that and asks Danny if he is willing to go to jail for a Santos killer. Danny tells her it is over now as they hear sirens approaching. Carmen runs telling Pedro to kill Michelle. Danny goes to Michelle and lies on top of her covering her.

At the Courthouse:

Gus comes in and asks Ross where his client is. He tells Ross that he is guilty and he has came to enjoy the verdict. Rick confronts Gus and they start arguing loudly until the Judge brings the court to order. The judge asks where Danny is and Ross tells him he is still in transit. Doris insists he is missing and tells the judge he is considered an escapee. The judge tells Ross he isn't going to wait any longer and he calls for the jury to be brought in.

The jury takes their seats and Ross is worried because they won't look out him. The judge asks if they have a verdict and they tell him they do. The foreman goes to read the verdict and just as she is about to give it Danny, Michelle and Frank come in. The judge orders Danny arrested. Michelle tries to tell the judge that Carmen is alive but Doris thinks they are lying. Danny tells the judge that he shot his mother and thought she was dead but she isn't she is alive. Michelle tells the judge it is true and they can prove it.

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