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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 13, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, August 13, 2001

Bryant takes Jennifer to their new house. He has her blindfolded until they get inside. After they are inside, he takes the blindfold off and she thinks the place looks great. They sit on the couch and start to make out. When Bryant starts to get carried away, Jennifer makes him back off. He tells her that he wants to give her the grand tour and show her the bedroom. She tells him that she wants to stay and look around the living room some more. She starts to make some small talk about the fireplace. Bryant tells her that they can just take their time and this place is a place that will take them away. Jennifer says that it will take them away from the trial. Bryant asks, "What trial?" Jennifer tells him that he is a smart man. She tells him that she is ready to take that tour and they go to the bedroom. He shows her the view of the lake and he tells her that she can smell the roses at night. He adds that this is all her room. She asks if it isn't his room too. He says that he will be camping out in the living room until she is ready to share the room with him. She gives him a big hug.

Hal takes breakfast to Barbara. When he first walks into the room, she tells him to leave. He says that he thought that they could have some breakfast together. She comments that she is not worth looking at. He tells her that he doesn't care what she looks like. As he is standing there, they start to talk about the trial. Barbara starts to go over the events of the night of the explosion. She tells Hal how the events have rocked her world. She tells him about the blinding light and then the load noise. Hal asks if she remembers the noise or the light first. She says that it was the noise and then the flash and then she saw Craig's face. Hal tells her that Craig was not there when the explosion went off. Barbara glares at him and asks him if he thinks that she is lying. He tells her that the person who set the bomb is a psychotic and he is still out there and will probably come back to try to get her. She looks at Hal with fury in her eyes. She flings her arms out and knocks some items off her side table. Hal rushes over to pick everything up and Barbara starts yelling, "Don't hurt me!! Don't touch me!!" Hal gets her to settle down and tells her that he would never hurt her. She apologizes to Hal and tells him that she has a problem with people rushing toward her. She adds that it scares her. He gets her to settle down and warns her again about the other person that they are rushing to try to find. He tells her that he has to go to the trial and he will see her later. As he gets to the door, she tells him that she hopes Craig and Carly burn in hell. Hal looks at her and leaves.

At the courthouse, Lucinda and Rose come walking in and Rose is all excited. She tells Lucinda that Carly is in for a big surprise today. Rose adds that Carly is going to find out that she (Rose) really does have a brain. Lucinda starts to question her and Rose tells her that she wants to keep it a surprise. Paul walks in and Rose yells across the room at him. He walks over to the two women and tells Rose that he really owes her one. He tells her that he will take her out for dinner. She asks if they could go tonight. He looks at her and says, "Tonight?" She laughs and says, "Or whenever." He tells her that he has to go into the courtroom now, but he will talk to her after the trial is over.

Everyone files into the courtroom and Carly takes the stand. She is sworn in. Jessica starts to question Carly about her relationship to Craig. Carly confirms that Craig had given her a place to stay and was paying her bills but they were never lovers. Jessica questions Carly again, "You and Mr. Montgomery never had a romantic or sexual relationship?" Carly tells her that is right, never. Jessica walks over to her desk and pulls out a file. She tells the judge that she has some new evidence to enter into the trial. Cass objects. He tells the judge that he won't have time for a rebuttal. The judge tells Jessica that he wants to see what she has. Cass and Jessica walk up to the judge. The judge looks at the pictures and says that he will allow this evidence into the trial. Cass goes back and sits down next to Craig. He asks Craig if he believes in God. Jessica walks over to an easel and pulls the cover off. There is a blown up picture of Craig and Carly kissing at the Lakeview. Jessica tells the jury that this picture was taken just a few minutes before Craig Montgomery was to marry Barbara Ryan. She turns to Carly and asks her to identify the two people in the picture. Carly, with her mouth wide open, looks at Craig and then looks at Jack. Jack looks disgusted.

Paul leaves the courtroom and calls his mother. He tells her that they are showing the picture of Craig and Carly kissing as they speak. Barbara tells Paul that she owes it all to him. She tells Paul that she loves him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Emily asks Hal if Barbara lied on the stand and insists that he tell Jessica. Hal says she didn't exactly admit that she lied, and there's no way she'll ever tell anyone she did. When Hal says that Barbara has been through hell, Emily insists that she has too, and the psycho that attacked her is still out there somewhere.

Carly sits on the stand horrified as Jessica asks her if she'd like to change her testimony. Carly insists she didn't have a sexual or romantic relationship with Craig. When Carly says it was just one kiss, Jess makes her read the timestamps on a few of the pictures, proving the kiss lasted for three minutes. Jack stomps out of the courtroom as Rose & Paul smile smugly. Craig insists that Cass establish that Craig initiated the kiss and save Carly's reputation. Cass instead says that he has no questions and requests a recess.

Carly runs out of the courtroom after Jack. As she passes Emily and Hal, Emily gleefully announces that she can't wait to publish the photos of Carly and Craig. Hal lectures Emily on using her paper to keep people from getting too close to her and warns her that he lost Barbara by pushing her away. Emily tells him what she needs is for him to tell Jessica that Barbara lied. When he refuses, Emily tells him off.

Molly insists to Jake that Carly was never involved with Craig, but people won't let her forget her past. She correlates that with Nick's arrival bringing her past back to haunt her. Jake promises that he'll keep Nick from causing her any trouble. She leaves for the station. Craig chews out Cass for throwing Carly to the wolves. Before going to talk to the press, Cass tells Craig that his defense strategy has been all wrong - he should have proved Craig too stupid to pull off the explosion.

Lucinda, Rose and Paul gloat to Craig about finding the photos. They leave to celebrate at Lucinda's. Paul is grateful to Rose. Lucinda pulls him aside to tell him about Rose's birthday next week. When she's alone, Lucinda thinks out loud that Paul could be very useful.

Nick shows up at the station while Molly's working. She freaks and yells for security. Kim shows up and explains that she can't fire Nick because he hasn't done anything wrong. Kim reminds Molly that she of all people should know the importance of a second chance, stating that giving Molly a break is one of the best things she's ever done. Kim tells Molly that she takes her concerns seriously, and if Nick steps out of line, he's gone. Nick apologizes to Molly, who threatens that she'll bring him down if he crosses her. He asks her to forget about the past. Molly wonders why he keeps sending her reminders if he wants to forget. He denies sending her anything. Molly tells him that he nearly destroyed her and that will never happen again. Nick promises to prove that he's a different person now.

Sierra approaches Craig in the courtroom and tells him that just when she thinks he can't do anything else to hurt her, he finds something new. She tears into him for sleeping with her & never mentioning he was just with Carly, and for kissing Carly minutes before marrying Barbara. She can't believe that she advised Barbara to marry Craig. The conversation turns to whether there's hope that anyone will believe Craig's innocence now. Craig states that ironically, Hal believes him innocent. Sierra hurries outside and interrupts Hal, telling him he may be Craig's last chance. Hal refuses to help Craig, even when she offers to pay him. After she leaves, Emily snarls that nobody told Sierra that Hal only protects Barbara. Hal warns that if Emily insists on going after her attacker, he'll come after her again. Hal tells Emily that he's not putting Barbara's welfare ahead of hers, and reluctantly agrees to team up with her again. As they leave the courthouse, someone follows them.

Carly arrives home to find Jack packed and ready to leave. She tries to explain how upset she was at the wedding because of him arriving with Julia. She says Craig found her at a weak moment, and she was shocked when he kissed her. Jack says that what really hurt was that, yet again, she didn't trust him enough to tell him the truth. He says that he'd rather have the public humiliation he endured today than the private humiliation she subjected him to. He wonders if Craig got a good laugh every time Jack threw their relationship in his face, and if Carly was sleeping with Craig all along. Jack tells her that she never trusted him enough to tell him the truth, not about this and not about being married to Winston Lowe. The difference now is that he doesn't trust her anymore either. She wonders where that leaves them. "It doesn't," he retorts. Carly begs him not to leave as he walks out the door. A few minutes later, Margo shows up and arrests Carly.

Molly arrives home, upset about her run-in with Nick. Jake tells her he was about to watch a security tape that Margo gave him. They see someone put the package on the desk, but they only see the person's gloves. They realize that the person didn't come in the front door, and that whoever it is must live in the building. Recap --->

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Craig's Hotel Suite:

Cass argued with Craig about all of his lies. He told him if he continued to lie, he could get another lawyer. Craig told him he would tell him the whole truth. Cass wanted to know how he could believe him. Craig said he wanted to testify on the stand. Cass said he never puts his clients on the stand unless it's necessary and in Craig's case, it's absolutely necessary. Cass told Craig all he wanted from him when he is on the stand are straight facts. They discussed the picture of Craig and Carly kissing and what Craig should say in the courtroom to diffuse the damage that picture has caused. Cass said he needed a character witness and suggested Sierra. Craig didn't want to have Sierra on the witness stand. He said she had been through enough. Cass said he would ask her anyway. Craig asked him not to pressure her if she didn't want to. After Cass left, Craig got a phone call from the City Times and the reporter asked him what he thought about Carly's arrest. Craig hung up the phone and left the hotel. When he returned, Craig left a phone message for Cass, telling him to meet him at the police station in the morning to help Carly.

Lucinda's House:

Lucinda was enjoying her glass of champagne, which made Sierra mad that she was celebrating the fact that Craig was on trial. Lucinda couldn't understand how Sierra could defend Craig. She said she thought Sierra normally had sound judgment except when it came to Craig. She listed all of Craig's crimes. When Sierra said she lied to the police to give Craig an alibi, Lucinda said she was shocked and wanted to know why she would do that. She told Lucinda because she knows that Craig isn't a killer. They continued to argue as Sierra left in anger.

Bryant walked in excited and told Lucinda how great she was. He said that the cottage she had for him and Jennifer was perfect and Jennifer loved it. Lucinda told him that his mother wasn't as happy with her as he and Jennifer were. She said they had a falling out about Craig. She told Bryant about the picture of Craig and Carly kissing. Bryant said he wasn't surprised. He was upset though when she told him that the kiss took place on Craig and Barbara's wedding day. Lucinda told Bryant she couldn't understand why Sierra continued to stand by Craig. He told Lucinda not to argue with his mom about Craig, that it only made her want to defend him more. Lucinda said he was probably right.

As Sierra started to walk back in the house, Cass stopped her and talked to her about Craig. He asked her to take the stand in Craig's defense. Cass told Sierra that she could be a big help to Craig if she told the jury what kind of man that she knows Craig to be. She told him that she knows that Craig could never kill anyone, that he's not a killer. Cass told her he only wanted the truth from her.

Sierra walked in as Lucinda and Bryant were talking. She told them that she was going to take the stand as Craig's character witness and she didn't want to hear a word from them. Lucinda wanted to know why. She said that Cass asked her to and she suggested that Lucinda stay home if it would upset her to see her defending Craig. Lucinda said OK, she wouldn't argue with her. She said Sierra had to do what she had to do and there would be no arguments from her. She said that she disagreed with her but it didn't mean she didn't love her. She kissed Sierra and left the room. Sierra was surprised at Lucinda's actions and asked Bryant if he had anything to do with it. He told her that he thought that Lucinda was just tired of fighting with her. Sierra told him that she was tired of fighting too.

The Police Station:

Lopez brought Carly in for booking. Jack told him to take the cuffs off and wanted to know what the charges were. Lopez told him that Carly was being charged with accessory before the fact. Jack said he would handle it. Carly denied being involved in a murder. Carly continued to beg Jack to believe her that she was not guilty. Jack told her to get a lawyer. They argued about her relationship with Craig. She accused him of hating her. He said he doesn't hate her, he loved her but because of all the lies she has told him, he couldn't help her. Carly asked Jack if he wanted her to beg him. Jack said she was being arrested for a serious crime, there was nothing he could do now. He said if she had only trusted him enough to tell him about kiss, he might have been able to put out the fire. He started to fingerprint her as Craig walked in. Jack wanted to know what he was doing there. He said he wanted to bail out Carly. Carly told him to leave, and that it's because of him trying to help her is why she is in the trouble she's in.

Jack put Carly in her cell and she told him she was scared and she didn't know what to do. After he closed her cell door and walked out, he could hear her call out to him. He felt terrible but walked away.

The Munson House:

Hal and Emily discussed the facts about the bomber. Emily wanted to keep what ever they find between the two of them. Hal got a call to pick up Parker because Carly was being arrested. As Hal and Emily talked, the bomber was outside watching through the window and listening to what they had to say. Hal left to pick up Parker. The bomber hid as Hal opened the door to leave. After Hal left, the bomber started to open the door, but he heard a car drive up.

It was Margo; she wasn't happy to see Emily there. They snapped at each other about the murder case. Emily accused Margo of not knowing what she was doing and that it was stupid to arrest Carly when the real criminal was running loose. Emily sarcastically told Margo that she really made a smart move locking up a dangerous gold digger while the real criminal was still out and trying to kill her. Margo said she was following up on some leads, but she was leaving since Emily thought that she had bungled the case. Emily wanted to know what Margo knew. Hal came downstairs after putting Parker to bed. Margo told Hal she wanted to talk to him alone. He told her that Emily was up to speed on everything. Margo said she got a court order to cross check the list of names that Hal gave her. There were 5 names of persons that checked out books about bombs and had been on the same drug they found from Emily's attacker. She gave Hal the list of names. The three of them went over the list of suspects. Only one fit the situation, Owen Devor. When they read that he was in the psych ward, they said that it was impossible for him to get out because that ward was always locked. Margo called the hospital and found out that Owen had been released 2 days before the bombing at the boathouse. Margo read the list of facts that they had on Owen. He had applied to the CIA, FBI and Special Forces and had been turned down more than once. He had applied 43 times to the CIA and was admitted to the psych ward after his last refusal. They knew he had opportunity, but Hal wondered about the motive, why would he want to harm Barbara? Margo said she would call Owen in for questioning and get a warrant for his arrest. Hal said he and Emily would go to the hospital and if the doctors wouldn't cooperate, maybe they could question some of the patients. Emily realized that Owen was in the hospital the same time as Julia and she was still there. Hal said maybe that she is the one that could tell them everything that they needed to know.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Margo is outraged when Jessica announces that she has no plans to issue a subpoena for Owen Dever. Margo then reminds her she has arrested Carly on less evidence but Jessica makes no attempt to listen to reason.

Hal and Emily decide to question Julia about Owen but Dr. Michaels tells them that Julia will not see them. When Julia learns from Dr. Michaels about the reason behind their visit, she becomes anxious and turns to the nearby nurse with the announcement that it's time to follow their plan. Frustrated, Hal and Emily decide to break into Owen's place where they are stunned to find he has created a shrine in honor of Julia. As Hal realizes that Owen probably was trying to kill Jack, not Barbara, at the boathouse the night of the explosion, Owen arrives.

Though Jack's upset, Craig pays for Carly's bail and offers her a ride home where he tries to chat about their relationship. She wants nothing to do with him and sends him to court. Letting slip that Carly gave Craig insurance settlement money after Margo pleaded with her, Molly offers Jack sympathy over his failed relationship as he stews that he has no idea about the truth behind Carly and Craig's relationship. As Craig's trial continues, Cass begins the defense's position and questions Sierra who insists Craig took no money from her while they were married.

Jessica forces her to reveal that Craig took money from Bryant's trust fund. Craig is next on the stand and while he admits that he used BRO money to try to take over Worldwide, he denies having an affair with Carly.

Carly gets the shock of her life when Julia shows up on her doorstep.

Friday, August 17, 2001

Katie and Simon discussed the state of their marriage and the fact that they still hadn't made love yet. Simon liked the idea of maintaining the "mystery" of their relationship by taking things slow. Katie on the other hand, accused him of being afraid to make love to her because deep down he knew that they were right for each other. They were interrupted by the police who had a present for them--plane tickets to America and a police escort to the airport.

Owen admitted setting the bomb in the boathouse to a very surprised Hal and Emily. When further questioned, he admitted that he did it for Julia.

Jessica's questioning of Craig continued on the witness stand. As his testimony was nearing completion, Hal burst into the courtroom and informed Cass of his recent discovery regarding Owen and the bombing. The judge allowed Cass to call Owen to the stand where he admitted to the shocked courtroom that he set the bomb on behalf of Julia. In a somewhat bewildered state, he announced that the bomb had not been meant for Barbara--it was meant for Jack and Carly.

The Malta authorities questioned Lily about the death of the friar and locked her in a cell. She was shocked when she realized that Damian was in the cell with her hiding under a blanket.

Julia pulled a gun on Carly and viciously punched her in the stomach when she tried to scream for help. Carly was horrified when she realized that Julia was behind the bombing of the boathouse. Julia threatened to kill Jack and Parker unless Carly went with her, which she did reluctantly. Julia took Carly to a piece of property that she had owned. She explained that deforestation on the land had turned up patches of quicksand. Julia motioned to one particular patch and hinted that it would be Carly's final resting place.


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