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Monday, August 6, 2001

Tom walked downstairs and overheard Lien talking on the phone to someone at her old firm in Washington, DC. She told them that she knew it was a wonderful offer, but she had made commitments in Oakdale. She then told them that they were not business commitments, and she did appreciate the offer. She hung up the phone, and Tom walked in and said that it sounded like a wonderful offer. She told him not to start in on her.

Tom reminded Lien that she didn't have to marry Ben. She told her father that Ben had saved her life, and she wanted to pay him back. The doorbell rang, and Lien went to the door. Ben was there, and she gave him a deep, long kiss. Ben said that he should go out and return again. Lien told him to enter. Tom left the two alone.

Ben told Lien that he knew that she knew what he had done to save her life. He told her that if she wanted to back out of their engagement, he would understand. She told him that she wanted to marry him, and she wouldn't be backing out. They started to kiss again, and Ben's beeper went off. Ben told her that he had to go, but he would be back later, and they would talk about the wedding plans.

After Ben was gone, Lien lost the smile on her face and said, "Why did you have to do that?" Tom walked in, and Lien said that she didn't want to go another round with him. Tom reminded her that she would be cheating Ben if she thought she could learn to love him.

At the hospital, Barbara was dressed in black with a big hat and veil. Ben took her some painkillers to take with her and she refused. She told him that she wanted all her wits about her. Her security guard started to push her out of the room, and she told him to stop. She said that she only wanted Paul behind her. Paul pushed her out into the hall, and Barbara told him that she wanted to make a stop first. Paul asked where she wanted to go.

Barbara told Paul that she wanted to stop and see Julia. She added that they had a lot in common, and she wanted to inform Julia about what she was going to do. Paul pushed Barbara into the psychiatric ward. Julia was glad to see Barbara. Barbara said that she was going to go to court and would use the witness stand to expose Carly for the self-indulgent slut that she was. She told Julia that she would get revenge for them both.

At Hal's house, Emily was in her robe, and she was serving coffee to a junior detective. Hal walked in and asked what was going on. The detective told Hal that Emily was trying to get information from him, but he kept telling her that all the information was classified, and he was not on the case. Hal dismissed the detective, and Emily yelled as he left that if he changed his mind, all he had to do was call. She said she would be at Hal's all day.

After the detective was gone, Jennifer walked in and asked what was going on. Hal told her that Emily was trying to obstruct justice. Emily asked Hal where all the names of the suspects were, and he informed her that he had turned them over to the Oakdale police so they could do their job. Emily couldn't believe he had done that after all the work they had done. There was a knock at the door, and Emily told Hal that she'd known the detective would have a change of heart.

Emily opened the door, and Nancy and Kim were standing there. They both raised their eyebrows, and Kim asked, "What is this?" Nancy informed her that Emily had been spending a lot of time with Hal. Emily told Nancy to stop talking about her like she wasn't in the room. Emily left to go dressed, and Hal told the ladies that he and Emily were investigating the explosion together, and after Emily's attack, she'd needed a place to stay.

Kim told Hal that she had a police scanner, and she knew about Emily's attack. Kim told him that she would like to report on the incident, but if he thought it was not a good idea, she wouldn't. He told her that he would appreciate it if she didn't report where Emily was staying. Kim and Nancy told Hal that they'd stopped by to get some of Barbara's things to take to her. The ladies got what they were after and left.

Emily walked down, and she was dressed and had her suitcase with her. She told Hal that she was leaving, and he told her that she was going to stay with him. He reminded her that someone was out to get her, and they knew where she lived. She decided to stay with Hal a little longer. There was another knock at the door, and the detective was back. He handed Hal a big white envelope and told him that he didn't know if it would help, but he had gotten some information for them.

After the detective left, Emily grabbed the envelope and looked through the contents. She told Hal that it was all medical lingo, and she couldn't make heads or tails of it. She said that the only thing she could tell was her attacker had O-positive blood. Hal told her that it was not about the blood; it was what was in the blood. Hal looked at the report and told Emily that the attacker had been on a psychotic drug. Emily told him that if they had their list, they could probably narrow it down. Hal looked at her and said, "Let's go get our list back."

At the courthouse, people were starting to arrive for Craig's trial. Molly was there with her camera crew, and she told the cameraman to be ready when Mr. Montgomery entered. When Craig and his lawyer walked in, all the media raced to ask their questions. Molly was there first, and she asked if he was sticking to the comments that he'd made during their last interview. Craig told her that he was not changing a word. Cass told Molly that that would be all the questions they would be answering.

Cass dragged Craig off to a corner and told him that he would not speak to the media until after the trial was over. As they were talking, Carly walked in, and the media raced to ask her questions. Cass rolled his eyes and commented on the red dress she was wearing. Craig was staring at Carly, and Cass told him that was the last time he would look at Carly. He added that if Craig looked at her like that in court, the jury would surely find him guilty.

As the trial got underway, Jessica started her opening statement. She told the jury how Craig was obsessed with money and power. She went over his history with marrying Sierra, Lucinda Walsh's daughter, and how Craig had become a part of their family and tried to take over Lucinda's business. She went on to talk about Craig pursuing Barbara Ryan because she was a very rich woman. She held a picture of Barbara in front of the jury and reminded them what Barbara had looked like. Then she said that Barbara would show them what she looked like after the explosion.

Paul wheeled Barbara into the courtroom, and all eyes were on Barbara. Cass got up for his opening statement, and he ended by saying that he would prove that the prosecution couldn't prove Craig's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. He added that he understood that someone had to pay for what had happened to Barbara, but they had the wrong man, and they would prove that. The judge said that they would take a ten-minute break. When Cass sat down beside Craig, Craig told him that he had done a good job. Cass said that he didn't think the jury had even heard him because they had been looking at Barbara the whole time.

Molly walked up to Carly and asked if she was doing okay. Carly said that everything would be all right because the security pictures of her and Craig kissing were buried and would not surface. At the front of the courtroom, Jessica was looking at the picture of Carly and Craig kissing. Jack walked up behind Jessica and asked her if there was anything that he needed to know before he took the stand. Jessica closed the file folder and said that she had everything she needed.

After the break, Jack was called to the stand. Cass questioned him about his life before he was an Oakdale detective and about his personal life. Cass had Jack point out his girlfriend. Jack pointed to Carly and said that he was involved with Carly Tenney. Cass questioned Jack about how he felt about Craig Montgomery, and Jack said that he didn't like Craig. Cass questioned Jack about the night Barbara had called him and wanted to meet him. He asked Jack why he'd wanted to meet Barbara at the boathouse and not at the police station. Jack said that he'd wanted to make Barbara feel comfortable, and since Craig's sister, Margo, was the chief of police, he hadn't wanted to meet her at the station.

Cass asked if Jack had questioned anyone else about the explosion. Jack said that he hadn't. Cass said that he had nothing further. Jessica called Barbara Ryan to the stand. The courtroom started to buzz. Paul wheeled Barbara to the front of the courtroom and helped her to the stand. The bailiff swore Barbara in then told her to state her name. Barbara said, "My name is Barbara Ryan."

Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Lien was staring at her engagement ring when Ben arrived excited about planning the wedding. He told her that everything inside him was telling him that it was right. She informed him that she was having second thoughts. Ben refused to listen to her, telling her that he had given her an out, and she had chosen to marry him. She had confused their friendship for something else, she said. He blamed Tom for her change of mind.

Lien apologized and told Ben that what she felt for him wasn't enough. Ben grew angry when Lien told him that he had ambushed her by proposing in front of her family. He yelled that it was not his fault and wondered what her answer would have been if he'd waited for a couple years or asked her in private. Lien asked to be the one to explain to Curtis. Ben agreed and stormed off, ignoring Tom as he entered. Lien cried in Tom's arms, and father and daughter agreed that she should take the job in DC.

Hal pulled Margo out of the courtroom, saying he had proof that Craig might be innocent. Emily explained that her attacker hadn't fit Craig's height or blood type, according to the lab results. Emily and Hal shared what they'd uncovered and their theory that there was a nutcase out there, responsible for the attacks on Emily and Barbara. Margo wanted to know how Hal had gotten the lab reports and angrily informed him that it had become inadmissible in court. She wanted to know if Hal could link Emily's attack to Barbara's. He said he could if she returned the files to him. She entered the courtroom without answering him.

Jessica told the jury about Barbara's medical condition. Barbara testified about how her family and friends had warned her not to marry Craig and about his unwillingness to sign a prenuptial agreement. When Jessica asked if theirs had been a happy marriage, Barbara told the jury that Craig had stolen millions from her corporate account. When she had confronted him, she'd told him the marriage was over, meaning that he would lose access to her money. She testified that she had been scared, and Craig had been angry. She told of the events leading up to her arrival at the boathouse. She stated that when she had gone into the boathouse, she had seen Craig waiting for her.

Barbara said that she didn't remember what she'd said to him but went into great detail of the explosion -- blinding light, glass cutting into her, and how she'd thought she was going to die then and there. She said that she had been in the dark for a long time, until she'd heard Paul's voice calling to her, when she had woken up from her coma. When asked about Craig taking control of BRO while she had been in the coma, she snarled, "He made his whore the designer," while glaring at Carly. Cass told Craig that he was going to have to go after Barbara with a vengeance, judging by the jury's reaction.

Cass cross-examined Barbara, making her admit that money had been an issue in her previous marriage as well. He noted that the profit margin at BRO had been diminishing under Paul's leadership. Cass spun a different tale than Jessica had -- Craig had invested money from BRO and quadrupled it -- for his wife. He started to ask questions about the night at the boathouse -- he asked what Barbara had been wearing and what route she had taken to get there. She couldn't answer and got more upset.

Barbara finally lost it, standing to face the jury and screaming that what she remembered didn't matter. What mattered was what Craig had done to her. She took off her veil, showing horrible burns. Everyone stared in shock and horror at Barbara's face. Barbara was horrified when she realized that Jennifer was in the courtroom and had seen her injuries. Bryant took Jennifer back to his house, trying to calm her. She admitted her jealousy that Barbara only seemed to want Paul around. Bryant asked her to move in with him. She agreed.

Carly told Jack that there was not a jury that wouldn't acquit Craig after Barbara's performance. Molly and Carly were secretly thankful that there weren't any pictures of Craig and Carly's kiss. Margo gave Jack the lab report. Lucinda told Craig that she hoped he finally paid for all the things he'd done. Craig stunned the courtroom when he made Cass stop discrediting Barbara.

Craig tried to apologize to Barbara, who told him to "go to hell." After being accosted by a photographer, Barbara told Paul that she never should have gone into the courtroom. Molly advised Carly not to explain herself or defend herself on the stand and to be brief. Jessica smiled to herself as she looked at the pictures of Craig and Carly.

Wednesday, August 8, 2001

At the Munson house, Jennifer and Bryant talked about living together. Jennifer said she would have to get a job to help with the living expenses. Bryant told her she didn't have to do that. He said that he had to leave and was going to check on some places for them to live.

Hal was mopping the floor when Jennifer walked in the kitchen. He told her that mopping was therapy for him. Jennifer complained that Barbara had shown her face in front of the courtroom crowd but had still pushed Jennifer away. Hal tried to convince her that Barbara was not herself and that she had to heal on the inside as well as the outside. He told her that Barbara did love her very much. Jennifer told him she knew changes were inevitable, and she was ready to strike out on her own. She told Hal that she was moving in with Bryant.

Hal talked about how bad he'd felt when Nikki had left and said Jennifer wanted to leave too. He tried to change her mind about moving out. Jennifer said she was not changing her mind. She said that Bryant loved her, and she was not throwing that away like Barbara had when divorcing Hal. Hal told Jennifer he was going to miss her around the house.

Bryant knocked at the door. He and Hal discussed the living arrangements between him and Jennifer. Hal wanted to know where they were going to live. He said it was not far from town and that he had gone there, hoping that Jennifer would go with him to check out the place. When Jennifer went to her room to get her purse, Hal warned Bryant that if he ever harmed Jennifer, he would wish he never had. Bryant said he understood.

At Lucinda's house, Lucinda and Bryant talked about Craig. He told her that he'd never be like his dad. He said he wanted to have a life with Jennifer. Lucinda asked if Jennifer had changed her mind about him using his trust fund. Bryant told her that Jennifer didn't know. Lucinda told him that Jennifer was smart and would want to know where he was getting the money for them to live together. Bryant said he'd told her he was working for WorldWide.

Lucinda said she wouldn't lie for him, but she wouldn't tell Jennifer either. She tried to convince him that it would be less taxing on him if he really did work for her instead of lying about it. Bryant told Lucinda that he'd think about working for her, but at that moment, he was going to find a place for Jennifer and him to live. Lucinda told him that she knew of a place that was out of the way on a dirt road but was close enough to town for them. He said it sounded perfect. He ran off to tell Jennifer about it.

In the church tower, Luke asked Holden if he thought they had peanut butter in Malta. Holden knew that Luke was hungry. They wondered where the friar was and if he was part of the game. The friar returned and told them a friend was arriving that night to help them. He took them bread and cheese. He offered it to them, but Holden wouldn't let Luke eat it even though Luke said he was hungry enough to eat a moose.

Holden asked how a friar that lived in poverty could have a gold watch that was worth a lot of money. The friar told Holden that he had a keen eye. He said that a patron had given him the watch as a gift of gratitude. Holden didn't believe him and wanted to know who he really was. The friar said he and his friend could help Holden. Holden said they didn't need help from a liar.

When Holden told Luke they were leaving, the friar tried to stop them. Holden and the friar fought, and the friar fell down the stairs. Holden told Luke that the friar didn't have a pulse. He told Luke that it wasn't really a game, that everything that happened was real. Luke said he'd thought so but hadn't wanted Holden to worry. Holden told Luke that the friar was one of the bad guys and had probably planned to try to get a ransom for them.

Luke asked why Holden wanted to stay there when the friar's friend was arriving soon. Holden said he was counting on that, and when he got there, he was going to get a surprise. Luke wanted to know how they were going to surprise him. Holden said he would put the friar's robe on then he would get some answers from the friar's friend.

On the opera house balcony, Lily found that it was Dante that had sent her the note to meet him and not Damian. She was angry and wanted to know where Luke was. He told her Luke and Holden were in a safe place. She didn't believe him and said if he knew where they were, he wouldn't need to meet with her. Dante told Lily he had lots of people looking for Luke and Holden, and they would find them very soon. He said that Luke was a Grimaldi and would inherit everything, and he would get nothing.

Lily was shocked the situation was all about money. She told him that Luke had more money than any child alive, and there was nothing that the Grimaldi empire could give him that he didn't already have. Dante said that one day Luke would be curious, and things could change. He said the only way to make sure that things didn't change was to get rid of Luke. Lily told Dante to name his price; she would give him anything to spare Luke's life. He wanted to know how far she would go to save her son. She said she would do anything. He told her she was a brave woman.

Lily said she wasn't brave, just a mother that loved her son. She said his own mother had to love him that way too. He said his mother was a whore, a rich man's concubine. Lily told him she was sure that his mother still loved him. She begged him to save Luke's life. He said his mother had never cared for him. When Dante had a knife at Lily's neck, she begged him for her life and told him that Damian would hunt him down for killing her. She said that Damian would give him everything to save her and Luke. That was what Dante wanted to hear.

Lily realized that it wasn't her or Luke that Dante wanted; he wanted Damian. He said that he would find Holden and Luke, and he would deliver them to her only if she delivered Damian to him. Dante told her that she had one week to get Damian to meet him. He said it was Damian's life or Luke's life. Lily wanted to know why she should trust Dante, but she said she would do what he wanted. When he started to leave, she asked about Simon and Katie. He said they were useless, and he would let them go when he got Damian.

In the opera house storage room, Katie asked Simon what was going to happen to them when they left Malta. Simon told her that they had other things to worry about, specifically trying to get away from the men that had them imprisoned. He told her to try to break through the wall, and he would listen for the men when they returned. As Katie continued talking, saying that he would probably leave her behind and not keep his promises to her, he began kissing her.

Katie wanted more kisses. Simon told her when they got out of the wall, they would be leaving together. He said when they get back to Oakdale, they would take it one day at a time. They heard Lily screaming. Simon told Katie to not be jealous because he wanted to help Lily. Katie pounded on the door to get the attention of the guard, She told the guard that Simon had left and hadn't taken her.

When the guard had his back to a closet where Simon was hiding, Simon grabbed him and pulled him in the closet. Katie listened as they fought. Simon stepped out and had the guard's gun. He said they had to leave in a hurry. As they ran in the hallway, several gunshots were fired.

Thursday, August 9, 2001

Reunited with Katie and Simon, Lily explained her confrontation with Dante and his demand for Damian in order to save Luke and Holden. Katie described in great detail Simon's heroics. The three agreed to start their search in the morning, but Lily couldn't wait and decided to go check out the church.

Holden donned the dead friar's robe then smashed a bottle to make his own weapon before leaving Luke behind in the church tower. Luke grabbed his father and pleaded with him not to leave him. Dante arrived, and though Holden managed to get the upper hand, Luke panicked and Dante's men grabbed him. As things settled down, word arrived that Lily was on her way.

Molly was taken aback to see that Nick Scudder, an old boyfriend for whom she had gone to jail for driving a getaway car, was working at WOAK. She surmised that he was behind the numerous copies of her mug shot. Abigail spotted the mug shot tee shirt and considered postponing college to stay home to protect her mother. Jake saw through her reasoning and convinced her otherwise.

Lien informed Isaac that she had decided not to marry Ben. He urged her to reconsider and then admitted that he had warned Ben that she might not be interested in marrying him. Curtis overheard them, and Lien tenderly informed him of her decision to leave town. She also stated how a lot of people were unhappy about her leaving, including her dad, who hadn't said much about it. He just supported her. As Ben stewed about Lien hurting him, Isaac and Curtis convinced him not to let her leave upset but to share a last dance with her before she and Tom went to the airport.

Friday, August 10, 2001

Molly told Jake her suspicions about her old boyfriend Nick's sudden reappearance in her life and the resurfacing of her old mug shot. She also was honest with Kim, who was doubtful that Nick was the culprit but assured Molly that she would have a talk with Nick the following day. Kim gave Adam an internship to work at the station for part of his college credits.

Jack tried to reassure Carly that everything would go well in the courtroom the next day, and together they practiced her testimony. Much to Paul's dismay, Barbara insisted on being in the courtroom for Carly's testimony. So it wouldn't be a surprise to her in the courtroom, Jessica showed Barbara the photograph of Craig and Carly kissing on her wedding day. Barbara was stunned but gloated that Carly would soon get what she deserved.

Cass admitted to Craig that he was worried that Carly's testimony in court the next day could possibly be damaging to their case. Craig told Cass not to worry -- everything was under control.

Lily continued to search for Luke while Dante held him and Holden at knifepoint in the next room. Luke escaped from one of his captors and ran to his mother but was dragged away before he could reach her. As Lily was running to find her son, Dante stopped her and put a knife to her throat. He refused to tell her where he was taking Luke until she helped him kill Damian.



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