One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 6, 2001 on OLTL

The letters from Colin were actually invitations to the reading of his will. Todd returned to help Blair, but found Max already there. John and Rae made up. Everyone was startled when 'Colin' walked into the will reading. Sam hit him, and Lindsay tried to suffocate him. No one was convinced that Troy was really Colin's long-lost twin brother.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 6, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, August 6, 2001

Many Llanview residents received invitations to the reading of Colin's will. At Sam's house, Lindsay was jolted to learn that she, Sam, and Jen had been named beneficiaries of his will. All contemplated their next course of action as Lindsay attempted to sway everyone from attending. Melanie arrived with an identical invitation, and Will received his invite at the loft. In her house, Nora suggested to Sam that Colin had presented a final opportunity for everyone to learn the truth. Meanwhile, inside the Cherryvale Inn, a mystery man arranged the reading of Colin's will.

Gabrielle told Asa that Blair's baby would keep their scheme from being accomplished. But an adamant Asa responded that, baby or not, Gabrielle had to seduce Max. Meanwhile, Todd didn't believe Blair was in pain, so he exited, leaving Blair practically incapacitated. Todd blasted Viki, convinced that Viki had encouraged Blair to put on an act. Viki chastised Todd in return, while a desperate Blair phoned Asa's mansion, looking for Max. Gabrielle picked up the phone but hung up on Blair when she learned of the peril that threatened Blair's unborn child. Later, Blair was still alone and in distress when she saw Gabrielle standing over her.

At the Break Bar, Cristian remained the object of female adoration as they continued to swarm around the computer to catch a glimpse of him on Chad prevented Cristian from almost discovering the website by initiating a conversation about Jen. Cristian told Chad that he had a big date planned with Jen that evening. However, Jen was forced to cancel the date in order to deal with Colin's will. At the start of his non-date with Jessica, Seth felt strange being back in Llanfair. Jessica introduced Seth to Viki, but left out his history as Llanfair's arsonist. Later, Seth surprised Jessica with a kiss.

Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Nora, Sam, Melanie, Will, and Jen planned to attend Colin's will reading, but Lindsay refused. R.J. received a visit from Lindsay, who was panicked over the contents of Colin's will. R.J. told Lindsay that he had also received an invite and convinced her that there was no immediate danger in attending Colin's will reading. Lindsay contemplated leaving town, but R.J. talked her out of it. Nora relived torturous memories of Colin, and Sam attempted to comfort her before walking into Colin's will reading at the Cherryvale Inn. Everyone received a shock when Colin appeared on a video screen -- he had recorded his will.

Max told Al that he was marrying Blair. Al doubted that Max would keep his promises to his new wife and child because he has a bad track record with keeping his word. Max apologized to Al for not being a good father to him but assured Al that no matter what, he had always loved him. Their conversation was interrupted when Gabrielle called with the news that Blair was in distress.

In Todd's limo, Starr remained angry at her mother and told Todd that she never wanted to see Blair again. Uneasy that Blair might have been telling the truth about being in pain, Todd ordered his driver to rush back to Dorian's house. Meanwhile, Gabrielle stood over Blair and contemplated her next move. She ultimately called 9-1-1 to aid Blair.

Max arrived before Todd, thanks to Gabrielle's call for help. However, one of the paramedics noted that Blair was asking for Todd, not Max. Gabrielle played spin doctor and let Max know that she was responsible for saving Blair. When Todd spied Blair in Max's arms, he decided to leave town. He told Starr that they were leaving and never returning.

Jessica pulled away from Seth's kiss and told him that it was too soon for her to be romantically involved with anybody. Al interrupted the awkward moment, in need of some friendly advice from Jessica. Fresh from arguing with Max, Al divulged his issues with his father to Jessica. As Seth eavesdropped on their conversation, she told Al not to give up on Max.

Wednesday, August 8

Antonio paid Cristian a visit and learned that his brother was in love with Jen and might even marry her someday. He thought it was bad news, since it involved the Rappaport family, but also because Jen had lied to Cristian throughout the trial for Colin's murder -- he thought she'd do it again sometime. Cristian realized she was only protecting her family and believed that Antonio was speaking of his own life and past. They were different, he insisted; she was worth it, and he refused to discuss it as he'd had a difficult enough time with Lindsay. He suggested that Antonio meet her, as Lindsay wanted to have a dinner with the families. Antonio agreed and mentioned that he might have an announcement of his own.

Natalie and Al tried to do some homework at the Break Bar as the girls over by the bar ogled Cristian and Antonio on the computer. She was surprised that he and Jessica weren't like the Buchanans that she'd heard about. He admitted that he and Jessica were just friends, though there was someone he liked who was not available.

Larry spoke with Blair once she was stabilized. He wanted to know what her due date was. Blair wouldn't let Larry examine her and suggested that she was just carrying small. Larry thought it could be a sign of early labor but seemed skeptical. He pulled out from under the sofa the disposed padding that Blair wore under her clothes. She told Larry she'd lose everything. She added two months with the padding, and Max couldn't know.

Blair began to get tangled up in her words. He'd figured out that the baby was Todd's on his own, Larry explained, and wondered how she'd explain an eleven-month pregnancy. She planned on going away, she said, but Larry wouldn't go along with her scheme. She suddenly cried out in anguish as the pains began again. In the other room, Max told Gabrielle that he'd be for the baby what he should have been for Al.

Gabrielle was touched and apologized for being angry over Max's planned marriage. She wanted to help in any way that she could, she said as she gave him a hug. The hug once again led to a passionate kiss, and Max broke away. She suggested that they give in to their feelings for each other then the feelings would go away. Max assumed she meant that they should sleep with each other, but before they could discuss it further, Blair's cries interrupted them.

Larry insisted that Blair be taken to the hospital, but later she was back at Dorian's after tests proved negative. She only wanted to stay in the house and wanted Gabrielle out. As Gabrielle made a phone call for a nurse to stay with Blair, both she and Max yelled out in protest. Max decided he would stay with Blair for as long as she needed him.

Everyone was congregated at the Cherryvale Inn to listen and watch Colin on video as he said that one of them had to be his murderer, but they'd all been remembered in his will, and he hadn't forgotten what any of them had done to him. Randall Truitt, Colin's lawyer, appeared and told everyone that he was responsible for putting all of it together and agreed with Sam that there was an estate due to stocks, insurance, and such. He restarted the video, and Colin taunted everyone in his usual fashion.

Colin's left the following in his will: to Jen, he left family snapshots, since she was the one who had destroyed them all; Will received a destroyed stock portfolio, courtesy of some scamming by Colin; Melanie received a book entitled Divorce for Morons; Sam received memorabilia of Nora and Lindsay; R.J. and Nora received the truth -- R.J. got a shirt emblazoned with "Property of Statesville" -- Colin knew that everyone wanted to know how the pair was involved with each other; Lindsay got a syringe -- a fresh one, which provided no evidence; and Nora got another videotape.

After a debate, those assembled for the sharing of Colin's will watched the second tape, where a tuxedoed Colin professed his love for Nora and told her it was not the end, only the beginning. Lindsay began to laugh hysterically while Sam was glad that they were finally all through with Colin. As Melanie wondered who would get the estate, as it hadn't been mentioned at all, a man appearing to be Colin entered the room. He wanted to know what he'd missed. The group was in shock.

Rae trapped John as he was dressing in the police locker room and demanded that they talk to each other. She began to talk non-stop, telling him she wanted some kind of sign on where they stood with each other. He began to kiss her, and the locker was accidentally slammed shut as they leaned against it. He agreed to go back to Rae's place to continue the "conversation," as they both admitted they'd just been very busy. He was unable to get dressed as they didn't know the locker combination, and he was only wearing a towel.

Rae ran off for help, and Antonio walked in, telling John that he'd put in for a promotion. John suggested that there might be some other guys ahead of him, since they'd finished their education. Antonio agreed with something that Cristian had stated earlier -- that he was letting his past ruin his future, and he'd better stop that immediately.

The girls at the computer in the Break Bar had become so loud that Al and Natalie went over to see what it was all about. They could only stare at the computer in shock as they saw pictures of Cristian in his apartment. Cristian ran downstairs and met with a girl outside who told him that everything was taken care of. After he got back inside, Al confronted him and told him what a sleaze he was and that Jen should know. Just then, Will and Jen, who had left the will reading early, arrived.

Thursday, August 9

Sam knocked "Colin" out with a punch, rendering him unconscious. His attorney, Truitt, explained to the startled group that the man out cold on the floor wasn't Colin -- he was Colin's twin brother, Troy. All found it hard to believe that Colin had a twin brother. In another room, Melanie examined Troy and discovered that Troy had a scar in the exact same place that Colin had had one. Melanie's revelation had everyone wondering whether Colin had faked his death. Later, a terrified Lindsay decided to act quickly. She sneaked away and readied herself to finish off an unconscious Troy by smothering him with pillow.

Jen interrupted Cristian and Al's confrontation and asked why they were fighting. Natalie intervened and privately convinced Al to reconsider blasting Cristian for his website in front of Jen. Natalie explained to Al that telling Jen about "" could backfire on him. Cameras caught Cristian in his apartment, discussing details of his surprise getaway for Jen with Leah, the girl who was helping him plan the trip to Cape May. A suspicious Jen confided to Will that she thought Cristian was hiding something. Later, Al watched Cristian hug Leah on the website, and he approached Jen to tell her the truth.

Blair accepted Max's offer to move in. Blair thanked Larry for not revealing the truth about her baby, but he warned Blair that he wouldn't keep her secret if the baby's life became endangered. Meanwhile, Gabrielle pressed Max to sleep with her so they could both move on, and Max had trouble resisting her. Speaking privately to Gabrielle, a suspicious Blair recalled Gabrielle taking her sweet time to get Blair medical assistance. Further, Blair accused Gabrielle of trying to steal Max and warned her not to get in the way of their pending marriage. Gabrielle reluctantly left but not before she stole Blair's keys to Dorian's house.

Friday, August 10

Lindsay decided she couldn't kill Colin but then remembered the way he'd leered after Jen on the tape he'd left and decided that she could kill him after all.

Cristian and Leah finalized plans for a surprise romantic weekend for him and Jen. Jen continued to pressure Al about why he and Cristian had been arguing when she noticed Al looking at the computer monitor with the illegal webcam site of Cristian's apartment.

Just as Jessica was thinking about the kiss she'd shared with Seth, she received a call from Will.

In the living room, Nora, Sam, R.J., and Melanie discussed whether the person Sam had slugged was really Colin or if it was his twin brother, Troy. When Antonio arrived, they told him that Colin might still be alive. Lindsay pushed the pillow over Troy's face.

Jessica and Will had a very poignant conversation. It was obvious that they still loved each other but couldn't get past the problems they'd had. The doorbell rang, and it was Natalie, who told a story about standing at the bus stop down the street and a car driving through a puddle, splashing mud on her. Jessica asked how Natalie had known where she lived, and Natalie said everyone knew where the famous Llanfair was. Jessica took Natalie upstairs to find her something dry to wear.

Jen continued to question Al about what he was looking at on the computer, and he made up a story about a girl having a webcam site, and he was trying to decide whether to tell her boyfriend what she was doing. Jen said that she didn't think it was a very good idea. Will walked in and asked Jen if she had heard from Lindsay or Sam.

Sam and Nora were explaining to Antonio about Colin's twin having walked into the room during the will reading when it was revealed that Sam had slugged him and knocked him out. Antonio went ballistic on Sam about taking the law into his own hands -- again. Nora, of course, tried to defend Sam's actions. Antonio asked who was present, and everyone except Lindsay was accounted for. Nora immediately realized where Lindsay was and said they had to get upstairs. Lindsay was still trying to suffocate Colin's look-alike when he suddenly sat up and grabbed her arm. She actually had the nerve to be offended that he was hurting her.

Natalie questioned Jessica about her date with Seth, and Jessica told her about "the kiss" but insisted that she was just not ready for a serious relationship yet. The phone rang, and it was Seth.

Will suggested that he and Jen go back to Sam's house and wait for their parents, but Jen said she was going to wait for Cristian. Will insisted that Jen could "do better". He tried to convince her that Cristian was a liar and a loser and insisted that she had to listen to him. Jen showed a little spunk and more or less told Will to butt out. After Jen walked away, Al approached Will and said that he agreed with him about Cristian.

Cristian and Leah were discussing payment arrangements. The two of them stepped out into the hall as she was leaving and were still talking about a "romantic weekend" and how important it was that Jen not find out about it. Jen was standing quietly in the shadows and overheard their conversation, naturally getting the wrong signals.

R.J. tried to stall Antonio and the others, but they all went upstairs. Colin's look-alike was still holding Lindsay's arm, and she threatened to scream for the police. Everyone burst into the room, and Colin's look-alike told them that Lindsay had tried to kill him. Lindsay denied his accusations and managed to turn the focus on whether he was really Colin or Troy, as he claimed to be.

Even though the man provided identification, everyone started walking toward him with questions and accusations. Lindsay and Melanie said that Colin had never mentioned a twin brother. Sam wanted to know where he'd been for so many years. Nora wanted him to explain himself. Once again, the focus of attention was taken away from Lindsay committing a crime.

Natalie was making all kinds of adolescent gestures while Jessica was on the phone with Seth. He apologized to Jessica for kissing her and promised that, next time, he would keep his hands and his lips to himself. He asked Jessica if there would be a "next time," and she said that there would. After they hung up, Natalie told Jessica about Cristian's webcam site.

Al told Will he did not like the way Cristian treated his sister. Jen gave Cristian a chance to be honest by asking what he was doing, but because he was trying to keep his plans for a romantic weekend for the two of them a surprise, he blew it by saying that he had to talk to Antonio. Jen hit him with the fact that she had seen the beautiful girl he had been with.

One of the moral dropouts apparently had told the other moral dropout that she would sneak into Cristian's loft. She sneaked up the fire escape and entered Cristian's loft. Jessica pulled up the illegal webcam site and saw Cristian.

Troy explained that he and Colin had never gotten along. He was the good twin; Colin was the bad twin. He was also a doctor. He told Melanie that he and Colin had stopped speaking long before they had gone to medical school, which was where Melanie had met Colin, and that was probably why Colin had never mentioned him to any of them. In the background, R.J. told Lindsay that if Troy was putting on an act, it was a good one, and they were home free.

Sam again asked where he had been for years and why he had shown up at that moment. Troy told them he had been in Africa, treating AIDS patients. He'd received a letter from Colin's attorney informing him of his brother's death and naming him the beneficiary of the bulk of Colin's estate. When Nora asked why Colin would leave his estate to a brother he hated, Troy had no explanation. His first instinct had been to ignore the letter, but his curiosity had gotten the better of him.

Troy suspected that, considering Sam had slugged him and Lindsay had tried to smother him -- of course, it was her word against his, and Lindsay feigned disbelief that he would accuse her -- he probably should have followed his first instinct. Sam said he still was not sure he believed Troy's story. Troy suggested that if they didn't believe him, they should dig up Colin's grave and see if he was still there. Sam thought that was an excellent idea.

Natalie explained to Jessica that anyone who went onto the Internet could pull up the hottiebaresall Web site and see the still photos of Cristian in various stages of undress. She had not shown Jessica the live webcam portion of the site.

Cristian made things worse by continuing to try to hide the plans he had made for a weekend with Jen and made up an excuse that Leah was an old friend who wanted a bartending job. Jen asked him what that had to do with a long weekend that he didn't want her to find out about. She told him he was lying to her just like everyone had said he would, and she wanted to know why. The moral dropout was inside Cristian's loft, waving at the camera, and started to take her clothes off.

Troy told Antonio that if the only way to prove he was not Colin was to dig up the grave, then he would give his permission. Melanie said that would not solve anything because identical twins had identical DNA, and they only had Troy's word that he had been in Africa. Melanie suggested that Troy could be Colin and said it would be just like Colin because he was inhuman. Troy asked what Colin had done to all of them but received no answers. He walked up very close behind Nora and asked what her connection to Colin was.

Will asked Al what he meant that he didn't like the way Cristian treated Jen, but Al said he didn't want to get into the middle of it and told Will to watch out for his sister. Will walked over to the bar and tried to intimidate Seth by telling him to deliver a message to Cristian that if he hurt Jen, he would be sorry. Seth was not that easily intimidated and told Will to deliver the message himself.

Obviously looking down his nose, Will asked Seth if he'd learned to talk that tough on Angel Square. Seth accused Will of being angry because he'd lost Jessica and told Will that Jessica was getting over him much more quickly than he was getting over her. Will asked Seth if he wanted to take it outside, and Seth agreed but told Will he would have to wait until his break in an hour. Will said he was not worth the wait and walked out.

When Natalie suggested that Cristian might be using the Web site to make money, Jessica said he would not do that for money. She said she was going to go talk to Cristian and offered Natalie a ride, but Natalie refused, saying she would ride the bus.

Jen again asked Cristian why he was lying to her and why he was being so secretive. Cristian asked her to go into his loft, and he would tell her everything. When he opened the door, he saw the moral dropout lying under a blanket on the floor with no clothes on.

Nora did not respond to Troy's question about her connection to Colin. He told the entire group that he had done everything he could to prove he was Troy McIver, not Colin, and there was nothing else he could do. Sam said that unless Troy had something to hide, there was something else he could do.

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