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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, July 30, 2001

Craig is confronted by Margo and Jack at the police station about where he was and who he was with when Barbara was attacked. He lies once again about being with Sierra. Carly is at the police station because she has already confessed that she was with Craig. She tells him that he doesn't have to cover for her and that she has told them that they were together. Craig tells his side of the story about he and Carly being in the parking lot in his car and they were just talking. Margo tells Jack that Craig's story matches Carly's and she leave to go and call the judge to get Craig released. Jack starts to taunt Craig and Craig starts telling Jack all the things that Carly had told him about Jack, like he is too controlling and she has to sneak around. Carly tells him to shut up and that he is twisting her words around. Craig doesn't stop and when he starts in again, Carly slaps his face. Then, Carly marches out of the police station. Margo walks in just in time to see the three into it and she walks over and tells Craig that he is free to go and she adds that if they are going to show any more fits of testosterone, they can take it outside. Craig walks over to Jack and tells him that Carly deserves more than dinner at Mabel's. Jack reminds Craig that Carly keeps coming home to him at the end of the day. Jack leaves and Margo walks over to Craig. She tells him that Carly is nothing but conniving and she doesn't know why he keeps bothering with her. Craig laughs and says, "Because I like it." Margo rolls her eyes and walks away. Craig follows her and tells Margo that Carly is the prize and she will be his prize.

Emily is waiting for Hal at his house. When he comes in and sees the pile of library cards he asks Emily if she has started looking through the pile yet. Emily says no and she is acting very nervous. She tells Hal about someone breaking into her car at the hospital. Hal gets upset and tells Emily that she is off the case and he doesn't want to endanger her life. There is a knock at the door and Hal makes Emily hide around the corner until he knows whom it is. When he opens the door, there is a man standing there. The man asks if he is Harold Munson. Hal says that it is close and who is asking. The man gives Hal an envelope and tells him that he has been served. The man walks away and Hal closes the door. Hal starts to read the contents of the envelope and he tells Emily that he has to appear in court for Craig's trial. He tells Emily that he doesn't think that he can get on the stand and testify when he feels that Craig is innocent. Emily gives him a pep talk and tells him that he must do what he thinks is right and she understands that Barbara is the woman that he loves but he can't help put an innocent man in jail.

Simon and Katie are tied up in the cellar of the opera house. Simon is digging around Katie's cleavage to try to get her cross on her necklace so he can pick the lock on their handcuffs. By the way, he is digging in Katie's cleavage with his face. Katie is writhing on the floor in ecstasy. Simon tells her to get serious. Katie tries to compose herself but she can't help it. Finally, Simon comes up with the cross in his teeth. Katie is sad that the event is over. Simon gives the cross to Katie and instructs her on how to pick the lock. She gets the cuffs unlocked and then Simon turns to unlock her cuffs and has a second thought. He tells Katie that she will be easier to handle if he keeps her in the handcuffs. Katie says that he had better be kidding. Simon unlocks her cuffs and then she falls on top of him and they share a kiss. Simon finally pushes her away and tells her that they have to be ready if the guards come back. They hear someone coming and they scramble to act like they are still tied up. The guard comes in and tells them to be quiet and that they are making too much noise. The guard turns off the light and leaves. After he is gone, Katie and Simon hear the church bells ringing. Simon tells Katie that is wondering if Holden and Luke heard the church bells and maybe escaped to the church. Katie says that she hopes that Simon is right then Holden and Luke would be in the safest place ever. Simon then gets up to work on reopening the hole that Holden and Luke and Lily escaped through. He tells Katie to stop sitting there looking perky and help him. She looks at him with a mad look on her face and says, "I told you to never call me that." Then she smiles and he helps her up off the floor.

At the church, Holden and Luke are in the bell tower and they hear someone coming. Holden hides Luke around a corner and he pulls out a gun. Luke says, "Daddy?" Holden tells him to be quiet. The trapdoor opens and a man in a brown robe walks in. Holden pops out and points the gun at the man. The man tells him to not be afraid; he is in the house of the Lord. He introduces himself as Friar Dominico. Holden tells the Friar that he and his son are in danger and they need to get to the American Embassy. He asks the Friar for help. The Friar says that he must talk with his superior first. He tells them that they must be hungry and he will bring them food. He steps closer to Holden and asks for the gun. Holden tells him that he needs the gun to protect his son. Luke reminds Holden that he had been mad at Damian for having a gun and he had said that only weak people need a gun. Holden looks at the boy and tells him that he is right and he hands over the gun. The Friar starts to leave and Holden asks him not to betray them. The Friar turns and looks at him and leaves.

Lily is holding Senora Cordina at gunpoint and she demands to see Damian. The lady tells Lily that it is impossible for her to call Damian. Lily yells at the lady and tells her that she will call Damian. Senora Cordina turns to leave the room and Lily follows. Before Lily gets to the door, Senora Cordina closes the door and locks it. Lily runs to the door and tries to open it. She yells for the lady to open the door and that she just wants her son and husband back. Lily backs up and points the gun at the door. She pulls the trigger to try to shoot the lock. But the gun has no bullets in it. She screams and drops the gun. Lily falls to the floor on her knees and starts sobbing. She hears the church bells and she looks up to heaven and says that it is so hard to keep faith in finding Luke and Holden. Then she hears someone unlock her door. She jumps up and grabs the gun. She points the gun at the door and yells out that she has a gun. No one enters the room. She walks over and opens the door. No one is there. She runs down the hall and she can't find anyone. When she comes back to her room, she sees something in front of her door. It is Luke's passport. She falls to her knees again. She looks at Luke's picture in the passport and tells him how much she misses him. She vows to go to the ends of the earth to find him. When she rises, a piece of paper falls out of the passport. She picks the paper up and reads that it is a note from Damian. He tells her to be very careful and to meet him at the opera house in the Grimaldi box tomorrow night. He warns that there is much danger. Lily has a flicker of hope.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Arriving at the Mona Lisa, Ben tells Lien that today's injection was her last one. To Lien's surprise, Tom meets up with them. Ben tells her that it's an important occasion, and he wants the important people in her life there. As she steps away to greet Curtis and Isaac, Ben confesses to Tom that they are celebrating more than Lien's recovery - he's going to propose. Tom thinks that they haven't been together long enough to think about marriage. They are interrupted by the arrival of the rest of the Hughes family, who toast to Lien's health. Curtis spills to a concerned Isaac that Ben is going to propose. Tom questions Lien about her feelings for Ben. She skirts the issue until he flat out asks her if she's in love with Ben. Isaac tells Ben he's about to make the biggest mistake of his life.

Jen tells Hal that she's going to visit Barbara. Hal tells her to call first, then relates Barbara's frosty reception when he went to see her. He tells her that Barbara's injuries are emotional as well as physical. Jen admits she misses being able to talk her problems through with her mother. Hal offers to help and she tells his about how Bryant received his trust fund filled with money that Craig stole from Barbara. She doesn't want Bryant to keep the money, but is worried that he'll resent her if he gives it back. Hal says that it's Bryant's responsibility to make the decision about the money, not hers. He says it's a no-win situation. Jen still wants to visit her mother, but Hal again tries to talk her out of it.

Bryant tells Sierra how devastated Jen's family is after Barbara's accident. She states that Craig is not responsible, but Bryant wants to let a court decide. Sierra tries to persuade him to stand by his father. Then she stuns him by asking him to return his trust fund, warning him, "Don't make the same mistake that I did. Don't let Lucinda's money control your life." Sierra feels that her son should live like any other normal person, but Bryant retorts that he can't, being the notorious Craig Montgomery's son. She wonders how money will change that. "It'll buy me a lot of therapy," he wisecracks. He wants to use the money to help Jen's family, but Sierra tells him not to justify his trust fund with unwanted charity, then states that he sounds just like she did when she married Craig.

Jessica arrives to take Barbara's deposition. She informs Barbara & Paul that Craig has an alibi for the attack on Barbara the night before - Carly. Paul insists that Craig and Carly are working together. Jessica explains that they have to consider other possibilities for what happened at the boathouse, since a jury will. She tells them that their strongest option for the case would be to have Barbara testify in court, letting the jury see her injuries. Barbara is horrified, saying it will be too traumatizing. Jess says that Craig will be the one who's traumatized when the jury sees Barbara walk into the courtroom.

Isaac blasts Ben for including Curtis in his 'rush to the altar'. He wonders how Curtis will feel when this blows up in Ben's face. Isaac advises Ben to back off and let Lien get used to enjoying life again. Lien refuses to define her relationship with Ben to her father, then asks Isaac why there's tension between him and his brother. He implores her to tell Ben now if she feels she needs space. Lien tries to talk to Ben, but he gathers everyone around, then asks her to marry him. She looks horrified.

Sierra tells Bryant that her money forced Craig to feel that he always had to prove something. Bryant reveals that the real problem between him and Jen is that Jen thinks that Craig stole his trust fund from Barbara. He makes the decision to keep the trust fund, which thrills Lucinda, who has just arrived. Sierra continues to voice her dissatisfaction, causing Bryant to sign the papers and leave. Lucinda asks Sierra if she's trying to ruin Bryant's future. Lucinda's already done that, retorts Sierra. Lucinda tells Sierra that had she been in Oakdale through Bryant's problems with Craig, she would see that her son has earned his trust fund. Sierra accuses her of using Bryant for revenge on Craig and tells her mother that she's sickened that Bryant is following in Lucinda's footsteps. Bryant shows up at Jen's and promises her that everything will be better soon. He lies that he turned down his trust fund and got a job with Lucinda. After skirting Jen's questions about the job, he wants to sign the two of them up for membership at an exclusive club. She wonders how he can afford that if he just got the job.

Jess promises protection from harrassment and urges Barbara to tell the jury what Craig has cost her. Barbara responds that her disfigured face is worth a thousand words. Paul insists that his mother will not testify, since Cass' cross-examination will upset her too much. Barbara decides to go to court because she'll never forgive herself if she crumbles. Cass walks in, and Jess walks him out when Barbara gets hysterical. Jess reveals to Cass that Barbara's going to testify. He can't wait to cross-examine, but Jessica states that the jury will really love seeing him badgering the disfigured victim. She offers a deal - Craig pleading guilty to aggravated assault and battery, with a maximum of five years. Cass laughs at the offer, but Jessica wonders whether Craig even stands a chance after his burned, battered wife takes the stand. Barbara wants to know why Paul is so dead set against her testifying, and he reveals that he knows that she didn't actually see Craig at the boathouse. He feels that he coerced her into remembering, and is afraid that Cass will destroy her on the stand. He pulls out divorce papers that he had drawn up for her. Recap --->

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Java Underground:

Ben proposed to Lien in front of her family. She was surprised and said she didn't know what to say. Ben said he felt that it was right for them to be married. Lisa and Curtis urged Lien to give Ben an answer. Lien finally said "yes" that she would marry Ben. Ben put the ring on her finger.

Tom asked Lien what she was doing saying yes to Ben when she doesn't love him. She said in time that she would love him.

Tom told Ben he's worried about the two of them. Then he told Ben that Lien knew about the shots she was getting when she accepted the proposal, knowing that Ben saved her life. Ben was furious that Tom told Lien. Tom said he was sorry, but that he had to tell her because she had the phone in her hand and was about to call John and ask him to give her the shots. He said if John found out about what they had done, it would be the end of both they're careers.

Barbara's House:

Jennifer wasn't buying that Bryant could already get a membership at the Country club when he just started working. He spun more lies about Lucinda putting a good word for him and she stopped asking questions.

The Hospital:

Barbara looked at herself in a mirror when the guard told her that Carly Tenny was there to talk to her. Barbara turned out the lights and turned her back to the door. She told the guard to send Carly in. Carly told her that she would have come sooner but that Jack had been keeping her updated on her condition. Barbara wanted to know why she was there. Carly told her that she wanted to tell her the truth. Barbara told her that she didn't know what the truth was. Carly said that none of the stories that Paul told her are true. She said all she did was draw a few sketches because Craig told her he needed help to keep the company afloat and there was never any master plan to take her company away from her. Barbara said she might have believed her if she didn't already know her too well. Carly told her she was wrong, that she doesn't want her job and she definitely doesn't want Craig. She said that Jack is the only one she wanted. Carly asked her to take her off the witness list because she wasn't involved and she doesn't know anything. Barbara told her if she wasn't involved then she shouldn't worry about being a witness. Barbara told her that even if she doesn't go to jail, everyone would see the truth about what kind of person she is, once she is questioned on the witness stand. Carly wanted to know what good it would do to make her look bad on the witness stand; everyone in town already knew what she has done. Barbara told her once she has to tell all that has happened between her and Craig, then Jack would see her for what she really is and she will lose Jack. Carly said how could you do that to Jack when he saved her life. Barbara said she is saving Jack from her. She asked Carly what she would do if she lost the one person that means the most to her. She said Jack would never want her after Carly takes the witness stand. She told Carly that she would lose Jack, just like she lost everything because of her and Craig. Carly lost her temper and walked around where she could see Barbara's face and gasped. Barbara grabbed Carly's scarf and began choking her. Carly pulled away and Paul came in the room. Paul asked what was going on and Carly told him that Barbara tried to kill her. Paul told the guard to take a good look at Carly's face and not to let her near her mother again

After Carly left, Paul told Barbara that Jennifer was in the hall waiting to see her. Barbara said she didn't want to see her, she couldn't bear for Jennifer to see her now the way she looked. Paul tried to talk her into changing her mind, but she told him to tell Jennifer that she was asleep. Jennifer was upset and didn't believe that she was asleep since she heard voices through the door. She and Bryant left.

Paul told Barbara that he thought that she should let Will and Jennifer in, that they can't wait to see her. He asked her to call Jennifer and tell her to come back. Barbara said she couldn't see them yet. She couldn't take looking into their eyes when they see what she looked like. Paul told her that Jennifer thinks that all of this was her fault. He asked Barbara to call Jennifer and tell her that she loves her. Barbara said that Jennifer knows that she loved her. Paul asked why is it that she will be able to go in public and testify when she won't even let her family see her. She said that when she will be in public, she will have her face covered but she can't have her children look at her now. Paul said that Will and Jennifer loves her and want to see her. She told him that he was all the family she needed now.

Country Club:

Jennifer and Bryant watched all the people having fun in the Country Club swimming pool. Jennifer was still sad because Barbara didn't want to see her. Bryant tried to convince her that it wasn't that Barbara didn't want to see her, but that she had gone through so much and she was just too tired to talk. Jennifer felt better and thanked him for trying to make her feel better. He asked her to move in with him. Jennifer said she couldn't leave her family now. She told him that she's not turning him down, but to wait and ask her again at another time.

Lakeview Hotel Restaurant:

Cass told Craig that the cops now think that he and Carly hired someone else to kill Barbara. He also told Craig that Barbara would take the stand to testify. He said that the prosecutor wanted the jury to see what she looks like. Cass told Craig of the plea bargain Jessica offered. He told Craig if he pleads to aggravated assault and battery, he'd be out of jail in 5 years. He told Craig to give it some serious thought. Craig asked how could he go to prison for 5 years for something he didn't do? Cass told him that he might be able to talk Jessica into shaving a year or two off the sentence. Craig asked Cass if it were him in his place, would take the deal. Cass told him "no" not if he were innocent. Cass said if they go to trial, he'd have to do more than discredit Barbara's testimony. He said he would have to convince the jury that there were questionable motives for Barbara wanting Craig to suffer. He would have to paint her as a jealous conniving woman that was manufacturing lies to get even with the man that broke her heart. Craig said that sounded about right to him. Craig told him to do what he had to do.

Carly met Molly at a table near where Cass and Craig were sitting. She told Molly that she was served a subpoena and had to testify at Craig's trial. She told Molly that she hates Craig and hates Barbara even more. She turned her head and saw Craig and Cass. Carly told Molly that Barbara threatened to make her life a living hell. Molly asked her about the kiss between her and Craig. Carly told her that she has to be so careful because if there is one more story between her and Craig, Jack could leave her for good. Molly asked if when she is on the witness stand, and they asked if she has any feelings for Craig, how is she going to convince anyone that she has no feeling for Craig, the way she was looking at him. Carly said she didn't want to talk anymore about Craig. Molly's phone rang; it was Craig asking to speak to Carly.

Carly wanted to know how he got Molly's cell number then asked what he wanted. Craig told her about the plea bargain, but that he's not accepting it. He reminded her that no one could find out about their kiss or they would be going to prison. He told Carly not to volunteer any information. He asked if she could lie under oath. She said "like a pro." Craig wanted to know if she could convince the jury that she didn't desire him. She said "without a sweat." He asked her about the kiss. She asked, "what kiss?" She told him she had to leave. He told her to get some acting tips, that he didn't believe a word she said.

Cass told Craig that if the jury saw him looking at Carly like he was looking at her then, that he was going to jail. Cass warned Craig that Carly could put him in Prison.

Thursday, August 2, 2001

While talking with Molly outside the Lakeview, Carly spots a security camera and realizes that there might be a tape containing the moment she kissed Craig on his wedding day. Rose pleases Paul when she hands him photos of Carly kissing Craig. . He later complains to Rose that he fears Craig may get off. Thrilled that they could send Craig to prison, he quickly kisses Rose in thanks. She enlists Molly's help in retrieving the tape from the landlord but then asks Lisa who won't help. Carly tries to trick Rose into helping her, lying that she lost a bracelet outside.

Paul's not happy when Jessica reports that she has offered Cass a deal for Craig. He guesses that Carly's hiding something based on her desire to talk with Barbara. As she considers Bryant's request to move in with him, Jennifer is bothered when Paul lets slip that Barbara may move in with him.

Emily's unaware when the mystery stalker breaks into her house and grabs a telephone cord to strangle her. However, the stalker's efforts are spoiled when he or she stumbles over one of Daniel's noisy toy trucks and goes running. Emily calls Hal with her suspicions. Hal arrives and in doing so he scares off the mystery person. He realizes the intruder unplugged the phone but left the cord on the floor. He later urges Emily to stay with him.

Friday, August 3, 2001

Paul was thrilled when Rose presented him with the still photographs of Carly and Craig's lip lock taken from the hotel videotape the night of Craig and Barbara's wedding. Deciding to keep Carly in the dark about the photographs, Rose acted as though she was unaware of the video's content. She then lied to Carly by telling her that the hotel keeps their videotape for one week and then shreds them. Carly was ecstatic and she and Molly happily celebrated.

Hal went to the police station and suggested to a skeptical Jessica that she and the police department needed to follow up on his information about the bomber if they wanted to find the real culprit. Later, Paul dropped by the station to give the photographs of Carly and Craig to Jessica, who decided it was best to surprise Carly on the stand with them.

Unbeknownst to Emily, someone followed her to the offices of The Intruder. Suddenly the power went out and the prowler appeared at the door to Emily's office. She tried to lock the door before he could open it and screamed when he broke the through glass, grabbed her neck, and began to choke her! Luckily she was able to escape and set off the fire alarm.

Sierra was astounded when Craig told her he was contemplating taking a plea bargain with the D.A. rather than take his chances in court. He argued that five years in prison was better than life. He came to his senses in the end and told Cass that he could not confess to a crime that he did not commit. After Cass left the apartment, Sierra and Craig shared an intimate moment when they reminisced about their lovemaking a few nights earlier.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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