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Passions Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on PS
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Monday, July 30, 2001

Sam continues to urge Grace to understand that David is conning her. Meanwhile, at the jail, Eve administers a battery of psychological tests to David. Simone hisses a warning to Kay as it becomes clear that her friend is scheming yet again to permanently separate Charity from Miguel. Luis tries to calm his mother's fears as Pilar imagines the worst about her missing daughter. Timmy and Tabitha shake in their boots to realize that Norma is outside their door, waiting for a chance to spring. Theresa finally phones home but refuses to tell her family where she's holed up. Charity confides to Miguel how her premonitions of doom have actually deepened since the wedding that wasn't. Brandishing a gun, Julian tells Rebecca he'll have to find a new way to eliminate Sheridan. Whitney discovers Theresa hiding in her room. Tabitha snickers under her breath when Reese reassures his friends that nothing bad will happen to them on Warlock Island. Sam asks Eve to give his prisoner a lie detector test. Theresa decides to convince Julian to make Ethan part of the Crane clan once more. Timmy and Tabitha become stowaways.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Tabby and Timmy hide from Norma on the boat that is headed to Warlock Island. Tabby doesn't want to get off the boat and face Norma, but she's terrified by the idea of heading to Warlock Island, as well. Before they can escape, the boat leaves the dock, which scares Tabby. She and Timmy decide to ask the captain of the boat to take them back to Harmony after everyone else has gotten off of the boat, unaware that Norma is posing as the captain of the ship. Later, when they arrive at Warlock Island, Tabby and Timmy go to the captain's deck to speak with him, and are shocked to learn that Norma is the "captain." She closes the door and tells them that stowaways must be dealt with properly.

Charity tells Miguel about her latest premonition- Sam, Grace, Theresa, Ethan, Sheridan, Luis, Tabitha, and Timmy all screaming in pain- and it's obvious that this premonition has frightened her. She tells Miguel that she's sure that they are all doomed, but Miguel reminds her that the wedding premonitions didn't come true. He's sure that these latest premonitions won't, either. Reese is glad that he didn't tell Charity about the legend of the two cousins in love with the same guy, and Whitney tries to discourage Kay from any ideas she may have gotten from the legend. Later, when the teens arrive at the island, Charity admits that she isn't worried about her premonitions anymore, and thinks that they are going to have a great time on Warlock Island.

Eve prepares to give David a lie-detector test at the police station. Grace is disturbed by David's calm attitude, and wonders if she really could be his wife, but Sam insists that David is just a con artist. After the lie detector test, David is escorted back to his cell so Sam and Grace can speak with Eve in private. Grace asks Eve to tell them what the test showed, and Eve admits that the test shows that David is telling the truth about everything. Sam continues to believe that David is lying, but Eve tells him he needs to consider the possibility that David is telling the truth. Sam suddenly thinks of a way to prove that David is lying, and brings David back into the office. David is sure that he passed the test, and Eve confirms this for him, but Sam tells him he still doesn't believe him because he has a gut feeling that he is a liar. Sam asks David how he would feel about Sam calling Hartford officials to get a copy of the marriage certificate, and David thinks that this is a great idea. Sam insists that he is bluffing, and tells David that when he gets the proof that David is lying, he'll make sure that David stays in prison for a long time for his crimes. Later, a fax starts to come through from Hartford, and Sam, Grace, and Eve anxiously wait to find out what it says.

Ethan checks his voicemail, hoping to hear from Theresa. He tells Chad that the next time he sees her, he's going to hug her and tell her that he wants to work everything out. Meanwhile, Whitney tries to convince Theresa that she won't be able to get Julian to reinstate Ethan as an heir to the Crane empire, but Theresa insists on trying. She is determined to do everything that she can to make up for her sins. Theresa makes Whitney promise not to tell anyone what she is doing, and Whitney agrees, although she is worried about Theresa being alone with someone like Julian. Ethan and Chad knock on Whitney's door and invite her to hang out with them at the park, and Theresa begs her not to let them know that she is in the room. Ethan hears Whitney speaking to someone inside, though, and asks her if it's Theresa. Whitney tells Theresa that she has to let them in, adding that it's best for Theresa. She opens the door, but decides at the last moment to keep Theresa's secret and tells Ethan that she was on the phone. Theresa hides in the closet, and leaves out the back way after Ethan and Chad leave. Before Whitney can hide Theresa's wedding dress, Ethan and Chad come back into her room, and Ethan immediately recognizes the dress. Whitney apologizes for lying to Ethan and explains that Theresa doesn't want to talk to Ethan yet. Ethan runs off to try to catch Theresa. He returns to Whitney's room later and admits that he wasn't able to find Theresa. He begs Whitney to tell him where Theresa has gone, but Whitney keeps her promise to Theresa.

Luis and Sheridan arrive in Bermuda, where they are sure they will be far away from anyone who may want to break them up. They share an intimate dip in the hot tub, while someone watches them from nearby.

Julian tells Rebecca that he has developed a plan to kill Sheridan- and maybe Luis, as well- while they are in Bermuda. He packs the tabloid, which leads Rebecca to believe that he is taking it so that he can lust after Theresa on the trip. Julian denies this, and says the only thing that matters on this trip is his divorce and his plan to kill Sheridan. Ivy walks in and asks Julian who he's planning to kill now, but Julian lies and says he was talking about killing his marriage to Ivy while he is in Bermuda. Ivy is obviously upset by this news. She and Julian argue, and Ivy tells Julian that he won't get away with divorcing Ivy. Julian reminds her that she is the one who caused this by lying to Julian for 20 years. He happily tells her that she has no one to turn to now, and it seems that his words are really hurting Ivy. A maid interrupts to tell Julian that the plane is ready to take him to Bermuda, and he leaves, telling Ivy that when he comes back, he wants her out of the mansion- and his life- forever. Outside, he calls Alistair and tells him that he has a foolproof plan to kill Sheridan AND Luis, and make it look like an accident. Julian explains that if Luis somehow survives, he will spend the rest of his days completely overcome with guilt over Sheridan's death. Julian is so certain that his plan will work that he tells Alistair that if he fails, Alistair can strip Julian of his share of the Crane inheritance and Julian won't complain at all about it. Later, Rebecca taunts Ivy, while Theresa listens nearby. She learns that Julian is headed to Bermuda, and convinces herself to go there as well so she can talk to Julian. Meanwhile, on the plane, Julian fantasizes about Theresa.

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Rebecca taunts Ivy about being reduced to middle class status once her divorce becomes final. Sheridan and Luis puzzle over the fact that Julian seems to have done a complete 180 on the subject of their marriage. As his private jet lands in Bermuda, Julian reports to Alistair how he plans to make his sister's death look like an accident. Gwen reminds Ethan that his fiancée has been deceiving him all along. Ivy assures Rebecca that the new Mrs. Julian Crane will never replace the real McCoy in high society. As they wait for a fax to confirm David's claim, Grace quietly confides to Eve how she's always feared that a piece of her past would someday upset her happy life with Sam. Ethan finds his mother moping around the estate and offers a grateful Ivy his sympathy and support. Alistair keeps a close eye on an unwitting Sheridan and Luis as they enjoy a romantic vacation in Bermuda. Theresa unburdens herself to a friendly stranger on the flight down to the island. Sam's face falls when he finally reads the fax from the license agency.

Thursday, August 2, 2001

Norma prepares to chop up Timmy and Tabby, but Tabby distracts Norma by dropping a net on her head. They try to escape, with Norma right behind them. She corners them and is about to move in for the kill when Timmy wakes up- it was all just a dream, and Timmy and Tabby are safe- for now- on Warlock Island. Reese spots them and shouts out Tabitha's name, and when he does so, Timmy and Tabby hear a low growl off in the distance. Tabby tells Reese not to shout out her name anymore, but she is glad to be at the teens' camp-site, where she believes she and Timmy will be safe from Norma. She tells the teens that she decided to go with them to the island to protect them. Miguel reminds her that the last time she went with them on a camping trip, they all almost died. Later, Tabby tells Timmy that she can tell that the warlocks are still on the island- they're making Kay's resolve to bed Miguel even stronger, and she can hear them moan anytime someone says her name. She tells Timmy that if they get to Norma, she will become even more violent than she already is.

Sheridan and Luis continue their happy vacation, as Alistair and Julian plan their death. Luis tells Sheridan about the day he has planned for them tomorrow- a day-long boat trip by themselves.

Julian assures Alistair that the boating explosion he has planned will kill Sheridan, and Alistair tells him it had better, because if she doesn't die, Julian will. Julian explains that he has left a brochure about boat rentals in the couple's room, and Luis took the bait and reserved one for the two. Julian plans to kill them while they are on the boat. Alistair warns Julian not to allow himself to get distracted by young women on this trip, and reminds Julian that if he is caught, the murder will be on his hands, not Alistair's. Julian is unaffected by Alistair's instructions, and resolves to bed whomever he wishes to on this trip. He heads down to the lobby, and quickly hides from Luis, who is ordering champagne for his boat ride with Sheridan the next day. After Luis leaves, the hotel clerk tells Julian that a young woman has been asking about him, which pleases Julian.

Theresa arrives at the hotel, anxious to resolve things with Julian. She rehearses her speech in the mirror, but is a bit worried about being alone with Julian because of what happened the last time they were in Bermuda. She finds out that Julian has dinner reservations at the hotel restaurant, and decides to confront him in public. She purchases a risqué dress at the hotel store, and hopes that it's not too tempting for Julian.

As much as he would like to, Sam can't deny the truth any longer- the fax confirms that David and Grace are married. David fills in more of the blanks in Grace's past, but she still can't remember anything. Sam can't allow himself to believe that this is true, and accuses David of somehow fabricating the certificate. David tells Grace to look at her signature on the certificate, and Grace confirms that it is indeed her signature. It also has her correct blood type, and her birth date and middle name (Marie), both of which she never knew before. Sam tries to tell her that they don't know for certain that some of those things, like her middle name, are correct, and tells her that he will call and find out if the fax is real. David calls Grace his wife again, and Sam gets angry and reminds him that she is married to Sam, not David. David say that that's impossible, because in order for their marriage to be legal, David and Grace would have had to get a divorce first- and they didn't. Sam calls the records department in Hartford, and sadly admits that they confirmed sending the fax- and claim that it is absolutely accurate.

Friday, August 3, 2001

The teens set up camp at Warlock Island. Kay tells Simone how she plans to seduce Miguel. Simone does not like Kay's plan so Simone tries to talk her out of it.

Timmy and Tabitha begin to hear voices while looking out for Norma. Tabitha thinks the voices may be the warlocks.

Meanwhile in Bermuda, Sheridan and Luis discuss their fishing trip.

Julian gets a call from Alistair. Julian tells his father that Sheridan will surely die and possibly Luis also. While dining, Julian meets up with three old friends who are also getting divorces in Bermuda. Julian tells his friends about Theresa and has a dream about Theresa in bed with him.

Whitney calls Theresa. When Whitney finds out Theresa is in Bermuda, she tries to talk her into coming back to Harmony and not talking to Julian, but Theresa refuses.

Back in Harmony, Pilar and Ivy talk for the first time since the double wedding. Ivy apologizes to Pilar as she attempts to keep her friendship with Pilar. Pilar informs Ivy that she cannot be friends with her if she is mad at Theresa.

At the police station, Eve tries to tell Sam that David is probably telling the truth, but Sam will not listen. Grace tells Sam he needs to release David from the jail. Eventually, Sam gives in and releases David. Grace informs Sam that she needs time alone to think.

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