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Monday, July 30

Brandishing a wooden stake, Jamal forces Gabi to release Alison. Afterwards, Gabi shows Jamal the file from the adoption agency which proves that the two of them share the same father. At the lighthouse, Eve fears for her unborn child's safety but Ian has great difficulty believing Lucy and Kevin's wild tale about a vampire stalking Port Charles. Jack howls in pain to see "Livvie" encased in a coffin. After looking more closely at the young woman in the casket, however, Jack realizes that the corpse resembles his girlfriend but is not Livvie. Meanwhile, a panting Livvie urges Caleb to sink his fangs into her flesh and make her truly his. Ian and Eve finally agree to take Kevin and Lucy to the old monastery to seek Michael's evil twin. Remembering the fate which befell his first Olivia, Caleb pulls back from Livvie's embrace and told her they must wait to consummate their love. Jack finds the vampire's diary and reads how Caleb killed his intended bride. Jamal reminds Gabi what a good person she once was and could be again. Mistaking Michael for Caleb, Jack attacks the priest when he enters the cellar.

Tuesday, July 31

Jamal struggles to come to terms with the knowledge that Gaby is not only a vampire but is also his long-lost sister. Meanwhile, Gaby wishes Caleb would return and help her deal with the truth about her biological family. Kevin, Ian, Lucy and Eve are horrified to find Jack squeezing the life out of Michael in the basement of the monastery. Alison and Jamal discover Chris lying semi-conscious on the floor of his smoke-filled laboratory. After Jamal extinguishes the fire, Chris explains how his brother locked him in and is startled when Alison reveals that Jack is not the only bloodsucking vampire in town. With the hospital short-staffed again, Karen regretfully informs Frank that she'll have to cancel yet another date to work extra shifts. Eve finally convinces Jack that he has the wrong twin in his powerful grasp. Later, Michael admits how Caleb killed the first Olivia and is now planning to construct a new family with Eve's baby and Livvie. Gaby hands in her resignation at GH. Lucy tries to reassure a shaken Eve, who wonders how to fight the evil presence which desires her child. Jamal and Alison help Chris capture Gaby and lock her in the electrified cage. Desperate to save his daughter, Kevin offers his own blood to Jack.

Wednesday, August 1

by Jill

Kevin tries to persuade Jack to make him a vampire too, thinking that by joining forces with him they could better defeat Caleb. Jack told him that could not do that to him, and as they talked Lucy walked in and overheard their conversation. In horror, she pleaded with Kevin not to do it, that they would find another way to get Livvie back. Jack interrupted them and told Kevin that this is something that he needs to do alone, and that it may be the last thing that he can do for Livvie. Kevin admitted to Jack that he had misjudged his character.

Lucy told Kevin that she had faith in Jack, and with that and some more good hunches, they would find Livvie. Kevin coldly told Lucy that he couldn't rely on her next hunch when his daughter was in danger. Lucy reminded him that she knew what it felt like to have a child missing. Knowing that he had hurt her, Kevin then apologized to Lucy and they agree that they need to go back to Port Charles to regroup and get a plan together. On his way out of the basement, still very angry about the situation, Kevin knocked off a picture of Olivia and it shattered to the ground.

Ian confronted Michael and asks him if he had true feelings for Eve. Eve heard Ian's accusations and stopped the conversation. She then defended Michael, and blamed Caleb for all of the evil things that have been happening. Ian questioned Eve's loyalty and told her that he thought that he knew her better.

Michael knelt to pray in the sanctuary, asking for help with Caleb, and also guidance for himself. He then admitted that he had fallen in love with Eve. Eve pulled open the door just as he was confessing his love for her. She quickly shut the door and went to find Ian. Her looked at her, and then apologized. He then told her that he was just trying to keep his family safe, and that they needed to go someplace far away. They where not going to tell Michael, nor did they owe him any explanations. He paused expecting Eve to start yelling at him. Instead, Eve drew him close and told him that she would follow him anywhere, and that she trusted him with all of her heart.

As Livvie slept, she smiled and called out Jack's name. She awakes to find a red rose and a love note from Caleb. After reading the note, she commented to herself that she will need to say good-bye to Jack. She walks around and then looked at a picture of the villa where she was staying which was hanging on the wall and proclaimed that this is her home now. She then sat down with paper and pen and began to write Jack a good-bye letter. As she writes she has flashbacks of the tender times that she and Jack shared, and that she knew that she truly loved Jack. At the same time Livvie is writing her letter, Jack is sitting on the steps of the Monastery pledging his love to her, and telling her that their love will bring them back together, for it is much stronger than Caleb's spell.

Caleb walks into the room where Livvie is sitting and asks if she found his note. She told him that it was thoughtful of him. He then took the letter that she had written Jack and asked her if she was writing him a love letter. She replied that she guessed she was, she only remembered sitting down.

Jack told Kevin and Lucy that he was going to stay at the Monastery a little while longer and began searching for more clues to Livvie whereabouts. He looked through more of Olivia's things, and then the picture that Kevin had shattered on the floor caught his eye. Under Olivia's picture, he saw another photograph that was identical to the picture of the villa that Livvie had looked at.

Thursday, August 2

In the lab where Gaby is being held, Jamal told Chris that Gaby is his sister. Gaby tries to talk with Jamal and told him to let her talk to him alone.

Alison is sitting in her apartment looking on her computer for information on vampires when she hears a noise outside. She is visibly startled and she tries to convince herself it's garbage cans. As she tentatively heads towards the door she hears a very "sick" Jack calling for Jamal.

Livvie is in Caleb's house thinking of her wedding day as Caleb walks in, they talk and end up kissing. She keeps telling him that everything is perfect but finally told him one thing could make this better. As Caleb is leaving the room Rachel appears.

Back in the lab, Gaby convinces Jamal to talk alone and Chris leaves the room. Gaby continuously brought up how they are family and how she tried to fight being a vampire. She continues on about how she has changed since she learned she was adopted and his sister. She told Jamal that she doesn't want to remember her first conversation with her brother to be like this.

Alison returns to her apartment with the rest of Jack's blood supply. She tried not to get sick as he's feeding. Jack is now back together and explains to Alison of the search for Livvie and shows her the picture he found. He explains that it was behind the coffin and we see that it's a house with a French saying on it.

Livvie is greeting her mom telling her she couldn't get married without her. She then asks Rachel if it's right for her to marry Caleb. Rachel convinces Livvie that its right and that Livvie's known it since she met him. Livvie continues on that she's not sure, that she feels as though she doesn't have a choice..that she's drawn to him. Rachel continues to talk good about Caleb saying that Jack can't give her what Caleb can. Caleb is seen behind the wall listening to the conversation and to himself says, "After tonight it won't matter who came before, once we're married there's no going back for all of time".

Alison is looking at the picture as she told Jack that Jamal is with Gaby. She also told him that Gaby and Jamal are related and that Gaby is a vampire. Jack becomes worried and reiterates that she can't be trusted.

Gaby is continuing to sweet talk Jamal into letting her out. Jamal refuses and Gaby changes gears and starts to threaten him. She says she's going to dance on his grave, but not before she breaks his heart. She happily explains that as soon as she's out she's going to see Alison. Jamal starts to become irate and told Gaby to leave Alison alone. He then leaves the lab. Chris returns to the lab and as he is unpacking some medical supplies, Gaby loosens her shirt to become more appealing and told Chris she wants to bargain with him.

Michael is praying for the courage to walk away from Eve as Caleb enters and starts to taunt him. Michael tries to gain any information from Caleb he can and Caleb replies that he hasn't turned her yet and he not about to tell Michael where she is. Michael replies that her family was here and saw Caleb's shrine to his last bride. Caleb is upset and says "They shouldn't have touched her! They'll all die. I'll have to find a new place for her." Michael says he already gave her a proper burial. Caleb becomes enraged and reams into Michael. Michael talks about how this will happen to Livvie. Caleb told Michael that Livvie already knows all about him and she's not afraid, she wants this. He then asks Michael to be the best man. Michael unsuccessfully tries to talk him out of it and refuses to be the best man. Caleb reveals to Michael that he's allowing Livvie to believe that her mom is with her. Michael then attempts to attach Caleb and he is overpower. A laughing Caleb lets Michael know that Livvie will never get away.

Chris refuses to bargain with Gaby and she figures out that he just wants the fame and the money. She starts to tell him that Fame and Money would be even better if he were around FOREVER to enjoy them. Chris is visibly intrigued.

Jamal returns to the apartment and told Alison what happened at the lab as Jack returns and told Jamal that Caleb has Livvie. Alison shows Jamal the picture Jack found and Jamal is able to translate the words into ....... Wedding House. They surmise that Livvie is there and that she is going to marry Caleb soon.

Livvie and Rachael walk into the gathering room dressed for the wedding. As they continue talking about Caleb and the wedding, Rachel continues to talk Caleb up to Livvie.

Caleb tries to convince Michael that this is all over. Michael told him not to underestimate the other Love for Livvie. Caleb says that after the wedding night, Olivia dies and will become "reborn."

Friday, August 3RD

Ian and Eve's place:
Eve walks downstairs and asks Ian why he is packing his medical bag, he replies that he wants to make sure they have enough of everything and continues on that they are going to leave. He told her how his father taught him how to fight everything except women and vampires so he's going to have to leave. Eve surmises that they are going to Rome Island and Ian agrees that that is the only place they can be safe. As they are bringing the rest of the bags downstairs Eve starts to wonder when and if they will ever be back, but she refuses to let anything happen to her baby and she swears she won't loose another one. As they are ready to go out the door, Eve is having a hard time leaving, she went to retrieve her purse, and doubles over in pain as she starts to yell, "The baby, it's too soon", she went on to swear she can't loose another one as Ian drops the bags and rushes over. He picks her up and carries her out the door.

Alison's Place:
Alison is on the computer looking for the "Wedding House" as Jack is starting to go into a rage becoming irritable with Jamal and Alison because he doesn't know where Livvie is and he becomes hungry again. Alison states she isn't having any luck finding anything about the house as Jack stands next to her feeding. Alison becomes visibly disgusted by his feeding and Jamal starts to argue with Jack about the amount of blood he has been consuming. Jack states that he needs all of his strength to get Livvie back when Alison states she found something on the computer. She found that the house is in the mountains upstate. As they talk about how far that is Jack starts to turn over furniture, wrecking the place scaring Jamal and Alison. Just as Alison states that she can get the plane ready we see Jack vanishing from the room, to both Alison and Jamals astonishment.

Kevin's Office:
Kevin is in his office going through papers he took from the monastery trying to find Livvie as Lucy comes through the door with food. They talk for a moment about finding Livvie as Victor knocks on the door and comes in. He is upset and told them that he went to Abe's grave to place some flowers and the coffin was dug up and the body was gone. Kevin immediately says that Abe left on his own and prepares to tell Victor everything. Victor is astonished that he didn't realize vampires were around. He went to explain that in Europe he became suspicious that about the stories and was skeptical that they were only stories. Kevin then told him that it's worse, Caleb has Livvie. Lucy interrupts and told them that in order for Livvie to become Caleb's' bride, Caleb must 'turn' her.

Wedding House:
Livvie and Rachel are talking about the wedding while Rachel continues to make Livvie completely realize that Caleb is good for her. Rachel then mentions the gift Caleb left for Livvie. Livvie opens the box to see a beautiful necklace and puts it on. Rachel is putting the final touches on Livvie, straitening her veil and commenting on how beautiful the necklace is and how lucky Livvie is to have Caleb.

Caleb is dressed for the wedding as he talks to an off screen character about how he is so please he could make it. We then see Abe dressed for the occasion as he states that with all the weddings he's presided over this will be the best. Rachel and Livvie make their way to the balcony and Rachel and Abe leave. Caleb is continuing to sweet talk Livvie of the benefits of the afterlife. He told her that to be his wife she must become as he is and leave her world and enter his, cross over to the other side. He makes her look into his eyes and told her that unless she is honestly willing, this can't happen. He asks her if she understands and she replies "I must die". Caleb continues talking with Livvie and brought up the child he has picked out for them and told her about how wonderful Livvie's rebirth will be. Livvie begs him to turn her and he reiterates that she will have to leave the mortal life and everything in it. He continues that their child will join them soon. Livvie replies that she wants to spend eternity with him.

Kevin's Office:
Jamal and Alison show up telling them about how Jack vanished and that they know where Livvie is. Alison has the plane ready to go and Kevin refuses to let anyone go with him. Lucy reminds him what she's like in situations like this and he agrees that she can come.

The ceremony has already started and as Abe questions "If there is anyone who knows why they shouldn't be married, speak now or forever hold your peace" Jack breaks through the door screaming for Livvie.

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